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United States Steel Corporation Research Paper

… United States Steel Corp v. Commissioner

In United States Steel Corporation v. Commissioner, the court was called upon to determine that appropriate way of allocating additional income to a corporation with wholly-held foreign subsidiaries. This is a critical question, particularly in a global economy, when businesses may have dual motives for the creation of wholly-owned subsidiaries, and the reduction or avoidance of taxes may be among the taxpayer's legitimate goals in forming those corporations.

Petitioner United States Steel Corporation, the world's largest producer of steel, wanted a way to develop iron ore found in Bolivar, Venezuela and transport it to the United States for processing into steel. United States Steel Corporation organized Orinoco Mining Company, a Delaware Corporation, to develop the deposits, and then Navios…. [read more]

Steel Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … steel industry from 1875-1920 in the Great Lakes region

Foundation Course

Steel Production

The Great Lakes Region


The Steel Industry from 1875 to 1920

Expansion of Trade through Canals

Contribution of the Great Lakes Region to the Iron and Steel Industry of the United States of America

The history and the development of the steel industry from 1875-1920 in the Great Lakes region.

The Iron and Steel sector of the United States of America is associated with the manufacturing and molding of steel into basic shapes and forms. These forms and shapes of steel can further be used to create other products. The iron and steel sector…. [read more]

Corporation the Role of Corporations in Modern Term Paper

… Corporation

The Role of Corporations in Modern America from the Great Depression to the Present

As early as 1920, President Calvin Coolidge was able to declare that the "chief business of America is business"(Bryant 1999). Beginning in the 1920s, after World War I, corporations were able to offer vast array of consumer goods to ordinary, middle-class Americans, spanning from automobiles to washing machines, radios, and refrigerators (Bryant 1998). Despite the stock market crash of 1929, the story of American business has continued to be one of increasing size and growth. Ever since the Great Depression and World War II large American corporations have continued to extend their outreach into every facet of modern commercial society. Although the federal government has attempted to regulate corporate practices,…. [read more]

Steel Girder/Concrete Slab Bridge Repair Methods Term Paper

… Steel Girder/Concrete Slab Bridge

Repair Methods

Steel Girder / Concrete Slab Bridge Repair Methods

America's roads, highways and freeways invariably require bridges to cross over canyons, rivers and other uneven terrain, and as strong as the bridges may seem to be at the time of their construction, the best of engineers have not yet been able to build corrosion-proof bridges. There are numerous studies that have been conducted as to how to best repair the damage to concrete slab / steel girder bridges, and their results, taken in their entirety, provide solid background for further research into these issues.

When is it time to apply repair technologies to an aging bridge? An example is provided by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign engineers. Bernhard, et al.,…. [read more]

Humana and Tata Steel Case Study

… Humana and Tata Steel


The intent of this analysis is to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Humana Corporation. With 11.7 million members and a health network that is one of the largest in the U.S., Humana has a strategically diverse set of services that span two business divisions, one dedicated to government accounts and a second for commercial. Both of these divisions actively participate in government-sponsored programs that support the three core businesses of company including Medicare, tricare and Medicaid (White, 2007) (Lee, 2008). Humana continues to be one of the leaders in defining how the Internet can be used to streamline the claims process, integrating automated systems and processes throughout their two divisions and three core businesses.


Diverse and…. [read more]

Toyota Corporation Company Essay

… Currently, the world market for cars is in oversupply and hence car producers are having hard time in determining the models that the consumers want. On this, Toyota is no exception; it is facing the same problem. The company markets its products mostly in Japan and U.S.. Therefore, it is facing the challenges of economic fluctuating and political conditions in the course of its marketing. This is one of the reasons which are making the company to start shifting its marketing attention to the emerging market in China. In addition, variation in exchange rates has also led to the car market worldwide to be reduced.

Secondly, Toyota needs to keep manufacturing new cars for the purpose of retaining its operational efficiency (Toyota, 2012). Car manufacturing…. [read more]

Nebosh Unit Essay

… Another important universal responsibility of commercial shopping centres involves training staff in emergency evacuation procedures. Emergency evacuation plans must be clearly communicated and displayed in order to clearly demarcate emergency exit areas. Fire safety equipment should be tested regularly under an appropriate maintenance contract. Without a top-down enforcement from senior management there is often a passive attitude in regards to conducting due diligence in fire safety and related OHS matters.

Legal Considerations

There are severe liability issues that senior management is taking too lightly. The HSE conducts three main forms of regulation - guidance (not compulsory, but aimed at helping businesses comply with the law), approved codes of practice (emphasis on best practices and ways businesses can avoid dangers due to not providing relevant provisions…. [read more]

Industrialization on the United States From 1870 Essay

… ¶ … Industrialization on the United States from 1870 to 1940

American industry changed significantly after the Civil War. The widespread utilization of machines to replace hand labor as the main means of manufacturing increased production capacity greatly. Inventors developed new products, and businesses made these products in large quantities. Investors and bankers supplied the financial resources that business leaders needed to expand their operations. The expansion of the railroads made the distribution of goods and raw materials over a wide area possible. Many of the big businesses we see today developed up as a result of these and other advances.

Between 1870 and 1916 more than 25 million immigrants entered the United States. This plus natural growth caused the U.S. population to more than…. [read more]

US Decision to Enter World War I Term Paper

… World War I, like all wars tend to, had a devastating effect on all the parties involved. The War in question began in Europe, resulting from a dispute between just two countries. The rest of Europe became involved through various alliances, loyalties, and enmity, respectively. The involvement of the United States lasted only months, from 1917 to the end of the War. The country's initial declaration of neutrality for the majority of the War ended when the country's economy was seriously threatened by Germany's warfare practices (Feldmeth).

In addition, there were a number of reasons for the eventual involvement of the United States in World War I. Some of these, as cited by Hugh Rockoff, include the fact that the United States felt their affiliation…. [read more]

Nucor Corporation Steel Industry Term Paper

… Based on the company policy, Nucor maintains that the senior officers would only receive their base payments if Nucor performs under expectation.

Moreover, senior officers are being paid less than other industry executives, and supervisors are paid the same bonus as other lower level employees. The identified HRM issues could have impact on the Nucor strategic growth. Nucor should implement the following recommendations to address these issues:

First, Nucor should pay its senior officers based on the industrial rate. If Nucor does not implement the recommendation, the skilled and talented employees may cross to other companies, and this may affect the company strategic growth.

Moreover, bonus being paid to the supervisor should be above the other lower employees. Supervisors contribute to the smooth operations of…. [read more]

Nucor Corporation Assessment

… Nucor

There are several trends in the steel industry. The industry has become a global commodity business. Firms have long competed on the basis of price, and now there is significant global overcapacity. Among private companies, there is a trend towards successive waves of consolidation (China Daily, 2009), as is common in mature industries. However, many steel firms around the world are government run or benefit from strong government subsidies, since steel is considered to be a fundamental industry, important for national security reasons. The overcapacity and fact that a large portion of the global industry is under government control means that there is significant price competition in the marketplace. The claims of price dumping are hypocritical for a nation that bails out its banks…. [read more]

Nucor Discuss the Trends in the Steel Research Paper

… Nucor

Discuss the trends in the steel industry and how it may impact Nucor's strategy.

The time span of the case study includes the most turbulent years of the global steel industry where mergers, acquisitions, consolidation and price fluctuations redefined its landscape several times. While there are many excellent strategic frameworks available for analyzing markets and their dynamics, the Porter Five Forces Model is particularly well suited to this industry given the intense competitive rivalry the case study alludes to. The Porter Five Forces Model (Porter, 2008) also is useful for seeing how the trends in the steel industry interact and influence each other throughout the time-period of the case study.

Figure 1, Porter's Five Forces Model, illustrates how the five forces interact with each…. [read more]

Nucor the Steel Industry Assessment

… Nucor

The steel industry is faced with a number of trends. Most prominent of these is that Asian steel makers have doubled their production in the past several years, while producers elsewhere have only seen incremental increases. As a consequence, there is overcapacity in steel production in many areas, and this has depressed steel prices on the world market. As a function of not only the depressed prices but also of the commodity nature of the product, the steel industry is moving towards models such as the micromill model that allow steel firms to make use of innovative technology in order to reduce production costs. The final trend, ongoing for a few decades, is towards commoditization. Steel companies have a difficult time deriving differentiation in…. [read more]

Government Intervention in the Steel Term Paper

… This was followed by successful lobbying by the steel industry for steel cartels during President Roosevelt's "New Deal" program.

During World War II, the government policy had turned in favor of labor unions and the U.S. steel industry quickly unionized to win government contracts. After the war, the industry continued to depend on a "trigger price policy" that automatically triggered import quotas whenever the price of imported steel fell below a certain level.

Over the last two centuries, the U.S. steel industry and its lobbyists have used all the arguments in the book, ranging from "infant industry" argument in the nineteenth century to a "senescent industry" argument (i.e., that the industry was old and creaky and "stuck" with outdated equipment) in the post World War…. [read more]

Gillette Company's Global Strategy Term Paper


Today, the Gillette Co. (the "company" or "Gillette") is an $8 billion manufacturer of male and female grooming products, alkaline batteries and manual and power toothbrushes, and markets these products globally. The company has five business segments: Blades and Razors, Duracell, Oral Care, Braun and Personal Care. The Blades and Razors segment is the primary business in terms of share of sales and profit, representing 42% of total company net sales and 68% of total operating segment profit from operations in 2003. As of December 31, 2003, Gillette had manufacturing operations at 32 facilities in 14 countries, and the company's products are sold in over 200 countries and territories. The company's largest customer is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. together with its affiliates;…. [read more]

U.S. History Midterm Exam Essay

… 2. Describe how the United States went from isolationism to an internationalist and interventionist foreign policy. You should discuss the 1870-1945 period and focus on the following topics in your response. Why did America's stance change over time?

• Expanding into foreign markets

• Imperialism

• World War I, the Fourteen Points, and the League of Nations

• 1920s-1930s isolationism and trade

• World War II, getting in, fighting it, and planning the postwar world

Regime change is not new in U.S. foreign policy, and in fact it started with the coup against the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893. Its central thesis is that, far from promoting democracy abroad, the United States has reacted many times against the threat that democracy poses to American investments and…. [read more]

Labor a Cost for a Corporation? Term Paper

… ¶ … labor a cost for a corporation? Explain.

To be able to estimate the cost of projects that is to come up in future is crucial for the continuance of any business. The people, who calculate the cost, prepare the cost data that proprietors or executives require to make a tender for an agreement or to find out whether a new project that has been planned will be able to generate profits. They even find out which ventures are generating a profit. Not considering the industry where they are engaged, the assessors tabulate and evaluate data on every factors that is able to affect the costs like materials, place, needs for special equipment as well as computer hardware and software. (Cost Estimators)

Labor is…. [read more]

Business in 2009, Heartland Payment Essay

… Organizations like Heartland, which are very attractive targets for hackers, need to have security analysts that are aware of changes in the threat and are able to adjust their security policies rapidly." (Haskins, 2009) This is an obvious sign that IT personnel had become lax and failed to update their security policies on a regular basis (much less understand the nature of the threat). If there is some kind of annual review, this will force IT staff members to evaluate the threat and make adjustments to the firm's strategy. Over the course of time, this will reduce the chances of some kind of major security breach from occurring in the future. (Haskins, 2009)

These recommendations need to be implemented as soon as possible. This is…. [read more]

Chevron Corporation Thesis

… Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) is one of the world's leading producers of oil and gas products, and has created one of the most advanced exploration, production and distribution networks globally in existence today. Chevron has operations that encompass the entire oil and natural gas industry value chain, from exploration and production to refining, international or global marketing, and logistics. At present Chevron Global Marketing operates in 26 nations of the over 100 nations the company has field, exploration and processing facilities in. At present Chevron's global brand is comprised of the Chevron, Texaco and Caltex (DataMonitor, 2008). Chevron Global Marketing pays a critical role in the development of key initiatives in emerging markets, including the definition of marketing throughout 3rd world nations including Kenya and Uganda…. [read more]

Mondragon Cooperative Corporation's Basic Principles Essay

… The Industrial Outlook:

The Mondragon Corporation's companies "manufacture consumer goods, capital goods, industrial components, products and systems for construction, and services to business" (Eroski Contigo, 2009). Quite a vast collection.

"For their part, the 12 technology centres, with a workforce totaling 742 people and an overall budget of 53.7 million euros in

2009, continue to play a fundamental role in the development of the sectors in which they focus their activity" (2009 Mondragon

Yearly Report).

Surely upon entering any Mondragon office setting would seem similar to walking into an IKEA store or a Costco store and not getting easily sidetracked. But what would one come across in one of these affiliates?

In capital goods, MONDRAGON posted a turnover of 976 million euros in 2009, and…. [read more]

Risk Assessment Is an Integral Essay

… As such, during the year of the tsunami struck, General Motors overtook Toyota as the number 1 auto manufacturer in the world. The crisis in Japan, due to globalization helped the American auto industry while harming the Japanese economy. This same circumstance can occur with our company as well. Competitors will be quick to take advantage of the company's weakened state. As such, proper metrics should be put in place to allow for a continuation of operations in the event of a sudden disaster. This allows the company to better serve its customers while not relinquishing vital market share. As such, it will be important to have a comprehensive and crisis management plan to help protect constituents in the event of physical or personal lose.…. [read more]

Management Technologies in American Corporations Essay

… The unlimited capacity to store and deliver knowledge has created a new dynamic in the business world. It also has increased the demand for these new technologies, creating an environment of constant change and instability in the business world. This is not to say that this instability is necessarily a bad thing. By referring to the new dynamic as unstable, I mean that the advent of new technologies requires companies to constantly be looking to employ, or else they will, "fall by the wayside."

New technologies, internet and digital in particular, allow small companies to grow overnight, and can also plunge large companies to bankruptcy. Symonds (1971) stresses the increasing importance of information to the success of a business, "No businesss, however small, can be…. [read more]

Merger Activity Due in Large Term Paper

… ¶ … merger activity due in large part to the internationalization of trade, the globalization of the transportation industry and innovations in telecommunications. Mergers have been used for a wide range of purposes, including achieving a synergistic effect, breaking up corporations that have become too large and unwieldy, and to help companies expend their market share in other regions. Over time, merger activity tends to assume a pattern of waves that can be attributed to several known factors such as severe economic shock or lax government regulatory polices, but a wide range of other factors have also been shown to contribute to the cyclical pattern of wave mergers, an issue that is the focus of this study. The primary aims of this study were to…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Corporation Term Paper

… In the east, it starts with Gisborne in New Zealand and covers the world to reach Western Samoa. These two countries are the closest neighbors on either side of the International Date Line. (Fascinating Mcfacts about McDonald's International) Thus, it is clear that the objective of the founder in terms of spreading the enterprise across the world has been fulfilled. The products have however remained mostly fast foods.

Business Description a Major products

The greatest achievement of the founder of the company was to make one complete unit from his suppliers, employees, and franchisees into one complete system that could be used for feeding people. This was finally calculated down into a science and the cooking in a McDonald kitchen is not left to chance.…. [read more]

Intercultural Issues in Offshoring of Hyundai to the U.S Literature Review

… ¶ … SHORING of HYUNDAI to the U.S.

Intercultural issues in offshoring of Hyundai to the U.S.

Off-shoring is a business practice that has taken root with the light of technological innovations and globalization of the world's economies. Globalization of the economy has seen leading multinational corporations stem and establish themselves as conquering empires in the economic sector. Several inbuilt and small organized corporations have been able to expand and venture into new worlds, which they would, otherwise have not managed in the previous times (Matthews & Thakkar, 2012). The companies and business establishments that used to operate within the local markets has been able to engage in the vast world economies; by expanding their operations to other physical locations of the world. Most off…. [read more]

Unionism in the United States Term Paper

… Since the early years of formation, the influence of unions has declined, and corruption and racketeering have become issues unions have to contend with. Labor racketeers became more and more common in union organizations, with many establishing unions via paper in order to extort money. Of course legislation was passed including the Landrum Griffin Act to defeat corruption, which opened the door for government interference in union affairs. Among the legal initiatives passed including rules as to how union officers may be elected and removed and how funds should be handled (Freeman, 1945:39).

Unions in Modern Society

The influence of and need for unions in modern society is rapidly declining. There are those that would argue that unions are an archaic practice with no place…. [read more]

Ethnic Entrepreneurship Personal Characteristics of Turkish Entrepreneurs in the UK Term Paper

… Ethnic Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship studies have consistently pointed out that opportunity recognition has been an essential characteristic of all entrepreneurs. In fact, the most commonly cited definition of entrepreneurs uses opportunity recognition as its benchmark. For instance, Bygrave and Hofer (1991:14) give the following definition of entrepreneurs:

Who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it;" (Bygrave and Hofer 1991:14).

Similarly, Shane and Venkataraman (2000:218) in their management review also defined opportunity recognition as a benchmark of entrepreneurship. They write:

We define the field of entrepreneurship as the scholarly examination of how, by whom, and with what effects opportunities to create future goods and services are discovered, evaluated, and exploited;" (Shane and Venkataraman 2000:218).

Two distinct attributes of opportunity recognition have been the…. [read more]

United States Army Do to Improve Term Paper

… ¶ … United States Army

Do to Improve on Enforcing Hearing Protection Standards

To Reduce Hearing Loss Among Soldiers

Nearly one third of the close to thirty million Americans with hearing loss today can attribute their disability to what has been deemed as 'toxic noise.' With a loss of hearing, humans cannot fully function in their environments. The working surroundings are by far the biggest culprit to the problem as many Americans have lost their hearing while working in steel mills and mines. "According to OSHA enforcement policy, employers must record work-related shifts in hearing of an average of 25 dB or more at 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 hertz in either ear. In January 2001, OSHA proposed changing this trigger for a recordable injury to…. [read more]

Rights vs. National Laws Term Paper

… "Of course, no one expects Congress to obliterate the states, at least in one fell swoop. If there is any danger, it lies in the tyranny of small decisions -- in the prospect that Congress will nibble away at state sovereignty, bit by bit, until someday essentially nothing is left but a gutted shell."[8]

Personal and state granted liberties were also debated as Department of Justice claimed that Brady Act was based on benign motives. Some naively assumed that this legislation was meant to reduce gun related crimes in the country but research proved that there had been no significant change in crime rate with this legislation. University of Maryland criminologist David McDowall concluded that 'waiting periods have no influence on either gun homicides or…. [read more]

Urban and Redevelopment Planning a Comparative Study of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Term Paper

… ¶ … United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi and Dubai

A Comparative Study: Emirates of Abu Dhabi

It has often been recalled throughout history that it is said that the Phoenix will rise from the ashes if the saying has only predicted the Phoenix rising from the sands of the Desert then surely it would be proclaimed that the Phoenix was indeed the nation of the Arab Emirates. Dubai was a small fishing village in the 18th century and home to the Bani Yaw tribe however, history places civilization in this area during the first millennium BC. The museum in Dubai contains a collection that was excavated from Al-Quasais and another excavation yielded a caravan station that was from the sixth century AD in the expatriate…. [read more]

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