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Universal Design for Learning and Collaborative Teaching Term Paper

… Universal Design for Learning and Collaborative Teaching

Introduction Universal design

Universal design for learning is the overall rubric which includes within its ambit the questions, concerns, problematic and potentials of collaborative and inclusive teaching methods and practices. Universal design refers to the inclusion of all students at various levels and abilities and it aims for the optimum maintenance of a heterogeneous classroom, with the collaborative teaching processes that this demands.

The essential starting point in the understanding of universal design centers on the inclusion and accommodation of heterogeneity in the teaching environment in non-traditional ways. "In today's schools, the mix of students is more diverse than ever. Educators are challenged to teach all kinds of learners to high standards, yet a single classroom may include…. [read more]

Size/Cooperative Learning and IT's Effects Term Paper

… African-American students seem to profit more from the SAGE experience than white students when compared with non-SAGE students. The achievement gap between African-Americans and white students widens each year (Smith, 2003).

It has been noted that class size initiatives have enjoyed wide spread support from parents, teachers, and the general public. People will still believe that smaller class sizes are a good idea and teachers report experiencing lower levels of stress and job dissatisfaction with smaller classes. This is primarily because they are better engaged with each student, and therefore, student motivation increases and discipline problems decrease. Parents believe that a teacher's individualized instruction leads to improvements in a child's academic performance. This is apparent because teachers with smaller classes have more time to…. [read more]

Teacher Motivation Research Proposal

… Teaching is one of the professions that many and indeed probably even most people enter with a large measure of idealism. They seek out education as a profession not for the salary or the benefits (despite the belief of many non-teachers that teachers are primarily motivated by the long vacations) but because they feel that teaching is their vocation, their calling. And yet despite this initial strong motivation to teach, many teachers leave the profession after a short time, often after only a year in the classroom. For example, about twenty percent of new Vancouver teachers leave the profession after their first year (Richmond, 2005), which is about middling, with some regions losing up to fifty percent of their novice teachers after their first year…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan the Design Essay

… ¶ … Professional Development Plan

The design of professional development should be a result of a district's professional development planning process. It is best done as part of a comprehensive district plan in which the planning process includes, at a minimum, a collection of needs assessment data, i.e. student and teaching staff needs; root cause identification; proposed activities; identification of resources; and proposed evaluation of the impact of planned activities/approaches. Hence, this professional development planning process is dynamic, reflecting teaching staff and student performance benchmarks of increasing rigor as skill levels are attained. Enhanced teaching and learning is the foundation upon which individuals and districts should plan the content of all professional development.

Mindset, Learning Environment & Differentiation


Create a warm and inviting environment…. [read more]

Thematic Ed Thematic Teaching: Geography Essay

… " (Heilman, p. 18)

And to a large part, this points to the central objective of the transformation suggested to our department here. Namely, we must engage our students by taking steps to remove the tedium that prevents the desire for comprehension. Through the collaborative formulation of new values and strategies reflecting the thematic emphasis of multiculturalism, we may significantly improve the degree of connection felt between students and instructors, students and their fellow classmates, students and their course content and, most importantly, students and the larger world into which they will one day enter.

Works Cited:

Adams, D.M. & Hamm, M. (2005). Redefining education in the twenty-first century: shaping collaborative learning in the age of information. Henry C. Thomas.

Association of Zoos & Aquariums.…. [read more]

Classroom Environment Design Term Paper

… Secondary Classroom Environment Design

Classroom Environment Design: Secondary Education

The objective of this work is to design a secondary classroom environment. This work will include a statement of which child development theory best represents the needs of the grade level with an explanation of why this theory is believed to be superior to other theories. This work will additionally provide clear indications that the plan takes into account the child developmental stages and variations that may exist among students of the same chronological age.

In the secondary teacher's initiative of classroom environment design it is critically necessary to remember that students are a diverse group of learners and that the classroom is not only a learning environment but as well is a social environment. It…. [read more]

ESL Writing Teaching Writing Skills to English Research Paper

… ESL Writing

Teaching Writing Skills to English as a Second Language

English as a second language (ESL) is a necessary subject in the United States because it is difficult for people entering the United States to succeed unless they have a basic understanding for the primary language. Therefore, ESL is taught in adult classes, certain businesses will help employees learn English, and elementary and high schools also teach a more in-depth version of the course. It is hoped that when a student leaves high school they will be proficient in the language, as are all of the native speakers, so that they can compete in the job market.

However, certain issues exist that can make it difficult to teach the language to people who have…. [read more]

Popularized Social and Cultural Trends Thesis

… But even this assumption has given way to other kinds of considerations as new forms of affordable, interactive technologies are finding favor across socio-economic, gender, racial and other classes (Morrissey and Manning, 2000). The fact is that access to new forms of learning is being seen by students and teachers alike as a very desirable way to learn more than what schools have to offer. (See

A related problem is connected to the cost factors for governments as they struggle to pay for American and other national educational directives and systems. Continuing and/or nonstop learning through programs in communities is expensive. It requires large amounts of time and money as well as psychic energy, and these resources are becoming difficult for individuals and governments…. [read more]

Special Education the Role Term Paper

… Special Education

The Role of Special Education in Dealing with Students with Impairments and a Critical Insight over Preparing for Collaborative Team Teaching

Special education refers to the mode of education given to the students with impairments in order to meet their unique educational needs. The programs designed under the curriculum of special education are intended for capacitating the students in terms of educational, vocational and social potentials. There are several types of impairments that are identified as imposing interference with the conventional mode of education. The present study will limit its discussion with autism spectrum disorder, physical and health disabilities, deaf culture, speech and language disorder, emotional and behavior disorder and cognitive impairment. In addition, the study will focus on the required modifications in…. [read more]

Communicative Language Teaching Essay

… Description of the exam, Cambridge FCE

The University of Cambridge's Local Examinations Syndicate's First Certificate in English is taken by many thousands of students every year and enjoys widespread acceptance by nations and companies alike with respect to demonstrated language proficiency (Broughton, Brumfit, Flavell, Hill & Pincas 1990). According to the University of Cambridge, the First Certificate in English is also recognized by the following major organizations, among many others:

1. Hewlett-Packard


3. IBM

4. Sony

5. Bosch

6. DHL

7. Credit Suisse

8. Motorola

9. Siemens AG (Cambridge English: First for Schools 2011).

In fact, more than 12,000 education institutions, employers, government agencies and other organisations worldwide accept the Cambridge English certificate (Cambridge English: First for Schools 2011). Furthermore, the Cambridge English…. [read more]

Experiential Learning in Online Environments Research Paper

… Experiential Learning in Online Environments

Technological innovations have introduced a number of online learning opportunities in recent years, and educators continue to search for better ways of delivering high quality educational services in online environments. Although online environments provide a number of advantages for both students and teachers, there are also some constraints involved in their use, particularly with regards to experiential learning activities. Most young learners today are computer-literate and many prefer to learn by doing rather than watching or listening, making the need for authentic experiential online learning activities more important than ever. To determine how experiential learning opportunities can be incorporated into an online environment, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature followed by a summary of the research in…. [read more]

Comparison of Learning Between USA and France Term Paper

… ¶ … Adult Learning Styles in the United States and France

Today, the United States and France enjoy a longstanding relationship based on many of the same fundamental principles of democratic thought and pluralism, and both countries are among the leading economies of the world. There are some distinct differences involved in how educational services are delivered and received between these two countries, though, that can affect the effectiveness of one educational approach over another that must be taken into account in curricular development initiatives. Not surprisingly, there is a growing body of research concerning how such differences can be identified and what learning styles are most effective in different cultural settings, and researchers such as Geert Hofstede and educational theorists such as David Kolb…. [read more]

Learning Style Preferences and Perceived Effectiveness of Internet Courses Term Paper

… ¶ … rise of the Internet has greatly impacted all areas of society, particularly higher education. Colleges and universities are finding that to stay relevant to their traditional students they have to create online and distance learning programs quickly and effectively to stay up with their learning needs. Eighty-seven percent of four-year colleges offered distance-learning courses in 2004, up from 62% in 1998. According to International Data Corporation, 25% more colleges and universities added distance learning programs between 1998 and 2004. In 2004, 2.2 million degree-seeking students were enrolled in distributed courses. By early 2008, one out of 10 college students will be enrolled in an online degree program, Boston-based market research firm Eduventures estimated last year.

This radical change in education has presented these…. [read more]

Learning Styles and Comprehension of Secondary Special Education Students Term Paper

… ¶ … Multiple Instructional Strategies Used to Teach students to Each of Their Learning Styles Improve Their Reading Comprehension Levels Significantly More Than Students Who are Taught Using the Traditional Instructional Strategies?

It was proposed recently by Keer (2004) in the work: "Fostering Reading Comprehension in Fifth Grade by Explicit Instruction in Reading Strategies and Peer Tutoring" British Journal of Educational Psychology (2004) 74-37-70) proposes assessment and use in an approach as to teachers and learning styles differentiation in a down to earth manner while addressing the needs of teachers in their practice of incorporation through "informed decisions" as to areas/units possible for incorporation of learning styles.

A study in Belgium, "Fostering Reading Comprehension in Fifth grade by Explicit Instruction in Reading Strategies and Peer…. [read more]

Learner-Centered Curriculum' in TESOL Term Paper

… Since it is a fact that all individuals use language to communicate with each other, the communicative language teaching method utilizes communication methods to teach a language effectively, by eliminating the various complex rules of grammar and syntax that are used in the traditional methods of teaching a language, and using, instead, real-life situations and communications in that context. (Communicative Language Teaching)

However this does not mean that grammar is totally eliminated, the emphasis is rather on learning to communicate a message to another person using the new language that is being learnt. For example, the student is expected to practice a real life situation such as buying food at the market. The student will, by this method, learn to communicate his thoughts and feelings…. [read more]

E-Learning Master's Degree Program in Teaching Literature Review

… ¶ … E-learning master's degree program in teaching at a University and the important Characteristics of a successful e-learning master's in education degree program.

E-learning is gaining great popularity worldwide for its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and speed of knowledge transfer.The number of students enrolled in e-learning classes has more than doubled in the past three years, from 670 students during the 2005-2006 to1350 students during the 2007-2008 academic year.This growth has meant more -and different - classes are being offered through e-Learning This is a great opportunity for students who are juggling work and family obligations. Some who have started their degree on campus are finding the online option a great way to finish - rather than postpone - their academic goals ( Mclaren 2010).Carnevale (2005)…. [read more]

Successful Steps to Transition Through Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Thesis

… Self-Advocacy

Steps to Successful Transition Through Self-Advocacy Towards Self-Determination

The inclusion of disabled individuals in the general social, educational and occupational contexts which are welcoming to mainstream populations is a goal which appears to parallel the progressive orientation of our culture. Modern education shows evidence of the trend toward change, facilitating the increasing integration of individuals who are physically, emotionally or learning disabled into public and private schools. This trend has been a decidedly positive one, with legal, economic and educational strategies coming together to present an effective and productive change in the way that we contend with disabilities. Inclusive practice, which submits that educational institutions should be considered responsible for helping to assimilate disabled students into mainstream population classroom settings and for providing them…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation Methods for Instructors Essay

… As compared to the traditional evaluation method, this evaluation technique requires more subjective judgment because they usually incorporate fewer questions. In this case, instructors need to decide how to grade students since there are no clear right and wrong answers ("Performance Based Assessment," 2010). Actually, this method has been criticized that it could be harmful and will not improve schooling.

The third alternative to the traditional performance evaluation method in the classroom is 360 degree feedback. This appraisal method that has mainly been used in the workplace can be used by instructors since the process of learning needs to be collaborative between instructors and their students. The 360 degree feedback could be helpful in evaluating student performance since it provides feedback that enables the learning…. [read more]

Action Research the District Essay

… Action Research

The District is revising its teacher evaluation program and is looking at the possibility of 35% of the evaluation done through student achievement. Teachers will then need to create student growth objectives (SGO) which will require a pre-assessment do set up benchmarks. Problematically, the District delayed the implementation and chose not to create universal assessments, which then hinders both benchmarking and final analysis of SGOs at the end of time period in question.

Significance -- In order to have any meaningful summative assessment goals, one must have both an adequate benchmark (where the student began) and a summative assessment at the end of the prescribed time period. Goals for the curriculum period thus need to be based on agreed upon standards from the…. [read more]

Vail (AZ) School District's Online Curriculum Resources Term Paper

… ¶ … Vail (AZ) School District's Online Curriculum Resources

Founded in 1903 as a one-room school house, the Vail School district now serves over 9,000 students. Last year 9 of 10 schools received the highest label "Excelling" offered by the Arizona Department of Education. (the last was labeled "Highly-Performing.) Why is this little district just south-east of Tucson, AZ performing so well?

A quick search on the district website ( offers some insight into the programs and curriculum they use so successfully. First the "Mission" and "Guiding Principles" ( of the district highlight the districts charge to provide quality education. The district values small class size, small schools, continuous improvement and "community," defined both within the school and in cooperation with outside members including parents,…. [read more]

Program Evaluation Design Constructive, Practical Term Paper

… As the interrogations your evaluation panel and stakeholders support would influence the procedure you employ to collect data, you should finalize which inquiry to ask prior to selecting your procedures. (Cronbach, 1980, p.107)

Apart from that, comprising a particular intention and use, your utilization must also reveal the phase of your program development. For instance, you must choose whether you are performing an outcome evaluation, a process evaluation or both of them. Varied designs and diverse types of data are required to be collected by Process evaluations and outcome evaluations considering regarding the stage of your program's growth in making these conclusions. You might want to assess modifications in the intermediary or long-term results just in case you possesses well set-up program. But the evaluation…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Overarching Goal Essay

… ¶ … overarching goal of this study was to develop an improved understanding concerning assessing and developing the survey research methodology within an educational setting in general and the use of the survey research method to determine attitudes and behavioral intentions of the students in a university setting regarding their acceptance of e-learning in particular. The first part of the study presents the breadth component which is used to identify the differences between three important research paradigms which are defined, compared, and contrasted with various types of research methodologies with a particular emphasis on survey research methodology, using a selected bibliography to evaluate the methods.

Identifying Constraints to e-Learning for Rural Nigerian Students

The Breadth Component


This study is organized into three parts. The…. [read more]

Principals Role in an Effective Dual Immersion Program Literature Review

… Curriculum

The Principals Role in an Effective Dual Immersion Program

This introductory literature review will provide a preliminary overview of relevant literature as it pertains to the challenges that affect the principal's role in student success, effective teaching practices and accountability. The literature review will provide information on (a) promoting collaborative problem solving and open communication, (b) collecting, analyzing and using data to identify school needs, (c) using data to identify and plan or needed changes in the instructional program, (d) implementing and monitoring the school improvement plan, and (e) using systems thinking to establish a clear focus on student achievement goals.

Schools across the country are struggling with severe issues ranging from indiscriminate eruptions of violence and collapsing facilities to staff deficits and never…. [read more]

Why School Boards Will Be Obsolete in 2025 Essay

… ¶ … School Boards will be Obsolete by 2025

Global Trends

As early as 1948, the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared that, "Everyone has a right to education."

Universal basic education by definition must provide minimum education.

All citizens should have easy access to universal basic education and it should be free.

In the twenty-first century, nations will become both more competitive and yet more interdependent, and their future ever more dependent on the knowledge, skills and resourcefulness of its people, creating new opportunities and difficulties for education.

Globalisation brings with it a mix of opportunities and threats for every nation, culture and educational system.

The removal of barriers and new technologies will create new possibilities for intercultural exchange and dialogue.

There…. [read more]

Transformative Adult Education Thesis

… Transformative Adult Education

Did you notice any common themes in the three articles or conflicts and tensions in the ideas expressed by the different authors of the articles?

What is the purpose of adult education? Is it to help the individual pursue a more fruitful economic life? Is it to help the learner realize personal goals, such as achieving a sense of personal fulfillment or finding a 'voice' in defiance of social and community-imposed norms? Is it to show disenchanted adult learners that the educational process can 'work for them'? Or is it to act as a medium of political change in a community? While most educational theorists grant that adult education has the potential to create changes within the individual and society, whether the…. [read more]

Martin Luther and My Interpretations Term Paper

… " (Faber, 1998)

Today, research covering the effects of diversity in the classroom show how and why effective teaching can be linked to the ability of instructors to incorporate diversity into their classrooms. These studies repeatedly show that there is a direct correlation between a child's attitude towards his or her race and ethnic grouping and other cultural groups from as early as the preschool years. In other words, young children develop their stereotypes in the classroom or in the home environment at very early ages.

Teachers can therefore help reduce or hopefully even eliminate negative stereotypes by being diversity conscious themselves. Through the use of culturally sensitive class initiatives for example, teachers have an opportunity to establish more positive examples for their students. "Researchers…. [read more]

Tale of Excellence Term Paper

… Tale of Excellence

The World Around Us: A Fifth Grade Unit Plan for Social Studies

Research has shown that formative assessment is beneficial to both teachers and students. The World Around Us is a unit plan for a fifth grade social studies class. The unit contains three cross-curricular lesson plans. Each one includes a description of a plan for formative assessment that the teacher can use immediately to inform instruction. Elements of effective assessment design are discussed. The three lesson plans are shown to incorporate some of these elements. An analysis of students' learning demonstrates the effectiveness of the lesson plans and the formative assessments that were designed for each one.


The World Around Us is a fifth grade social studies unit designed to…. [read more]

Community College Students Term Paper

… It is extremely surprising to me that readers today might find this article to be new or innovative, and in fact I found it to be almost humorous and absurd how these everyday technologies were being treated like alien concepts -- it almost read like satire. By 1999 when this article was written, use of computers and the Internet in an education setting should have already been the standard. Even in the 1980's, many classrooms found it to be standard to have access to at least one computer for student use. By the 1990's, The Internet was well established and part of mainstream culture. Today, it is considered to be the norm to have access to e-mail, Instant Messenger, and the Web -- many people…. [read more]

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