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America Should Have Universal Healthcare Thesis

… Added jointly, the removal of this approximately $160 billion of tax spending, the decrease in the costs of hospital emergency accommodations (which are at present subsidized out of the national budget), and the elimination of the enormous financial supports to insurers in the new Medicare drug receipts would make available a big part of the supplementary funding desired for the MUS to have coverage the entire populace (Forman, 2007).

There are 80 million baby boomers now from ages 42 to age 58. All are eager to cash in tens of thousands of dollars in retirement fund and healthcare reimbursement from the next generation. These people are not going away. In four years, the most elderly boomers will be qualified for premature Social Security benefits (Ahking,…. [read more]

Benefits of Adopting a Universal Healthcare System in America Research Paper

… ¶ … Universal Health Care System

Americans erroneously believe that the reason we spend more on health care is because we have the best health care system in the world. It would not be wrong to state as a matter of fact that we spend more on health care than any other developed country in the world. We do spend twice as much on health care as the Japanese, but there are really very few who would argue, without a doubt, that our health care is better (Mahar 20). Or let us take a closer look to home: If one were to ask any Canadian what is the main difference between Canada and the United States, two countries so close geographically-speaking yet so different ideologically-speaking,…. [read more]

Universal Healthcare the Pros and Cons Thesis

… Universal Healthcare

The Pros and Cons of Universal Healthcare

Michael Moore's film, Sicko, did a great deal to raise awareness about the issue of health care in the United States. Showing the differences between healthcare systems in Canada, France, England and other countries where the government offers health care to all, the movie made many ponder why the United States does not have universal health care. But there are many on the opposite side of the coin. As of late, it is hard to miss their commercials on news channels, the soulful stories of Americans who, with universal health insurance, would still be very sick or dead. These commercials are most likely a reaction to U.S. President Barack Obama's recent release of his health care…. [read more]

Universal Health Care Essay

… According to CNN, 49.9 million people, or 16.3% of the U.S. population lack health insurance, (Christie, 2011), a circumstance which many people see as a national disgrace.

Providing universal health care would also encourage patients to practice access preventive care. Many Americans who are uninsured or who have insurance but face high deductibles forego doctor visits for minor health problem or preventive medicine. This results in health problems that could be caught at an early stage or prevented altogether going untreated until they become major health problems. With universal health care, routine physicals and mammograms are just two procedures that could prevent major problems and save lives (Messerli, n.d.).

With universal health care, people with pre-existing conditions could get health coverage. Also, people would find…. [read more]

Universal Healthcare Today's Hot Debate in Political Thesis

… Universal Healthcare

Today's hot debate in political circles seems to be focused on universal health care and whether such a policy is viable for implementation in the United States. There are comparisons to other country's universal or 'one-payer' plans that are used by both sides to justify reasons for and against the implementation. One recent article espouses, "universal health care would mean something akin to socialism, making people more dependent on handouts, expanding the clumsy hand of regulation, and hobbling individual choice" (Menzel, Light, 2006, pg. 37).

Since socialism is such a dirty word in American society, conservatives and moderates alike immediately balk at anything closely associated with the use of such language, especially among those who are most likely to pay for a universal…. [read more]

Universal Health Care the Overall Purpose Term Paper

… Universal Health Care

The overall purpose of this paper will be to take a quick look at the present state of the healthcare system in the United States, and in an effort to improve that system, define what exactly constitutes a better health care system, what would be included in that system, the role of the parties involved in the new system, political and sociological factors that will be involved in enacting the changes presented, and ultimately, a comprehensive summary of this new, universal healthcare system.

Present State of United States Healthcare

In order to have a proper starting point for the construction of a new healthcare system for the U.S., and to ultimately create the proper universal healthcare system, the present state of the…. [read more]

Varying Differences of Universal Health Care Capstone Project

… ¶ … Universal Health Care

This project explores several published articles that report on results from research conducted on Online (Internet) and Offline (non-internet) on the benefits of Americans receiving/participating in Universal Health Care (UHC). The articles, however, vary in their definition in implementing UHC. The Democratic government suggests that UHC is more effective than Private Insurance Carriers (PIC), and advocate the use of supplementary coverage for the millions of previously and otherwise rejected un-insurable Americans. Other articles define UHC differently and therefore, offer different results?

This project examines UHC research in relation to several other research articles to suggest that all areas of UHC should be studied in order to fully understand how UHC will influence (impact) and better the lives of all Americans,…. [read more]

Universal Healthcare in United States Essay

… ¶ … healthcare in the United States. Specifically it will discuss the pros and cons of universal healthcare, and why it is time to implement such a program in the U.S. Universal healthcare is the norm in most industrialized nations around the world, and yet, America lags far behind in providing healthcare coverage for all her citizens. If the time has come for change in America, then part of that change must be in the form of universal healthcare - it is time for a change, now.

It is not difficult to agree that health care costs are rising, and rising sharply. Two authors note, "Health-care costs are rising at three times the rate of inflation, and have been for the past five years. CEOs…. [read more]

U.S. Universal Healthcare Can it Happen Term Paper

… ¶ … universal healthcare in the U.S. And the hurdles that the process must overcome in order to make it possible. Universal healthcare is not a new idea in the United States, Congress and the people have debated it for decades, and a final decision about it always seems far from reach. The case for universal healthcare is convoluted and surrounded in controversy, but in an industrialized nation such as the U.S., that prides itself on its world leadership role, the country is far behind in healthcare, and that is a sad statement for the American people.

The United States is one of the most powerful and modernized nations on earth, and yet, her citizens are not guaranteed the right to good health and healthcare.…. [read more]

Health Care Policy the Government Essay

… It is the will of the people that drives the decision to implement healthcare on a national level. The labor movements in countries often are the driving force behind the push for universal healthcare. There is currently not the will of the people or the labor movements in the United States to influence public policy and, therefore, there has been no healthcare reform as of yet.

Baker, S. (14 March 2012). Survey: Public opinion on healthcare mandate subject to change.

The Hill. Retrieved from:

Glaser, W.A. (2000). How other countries do it. HealthPAC Online. Retrieved from:

Question 4

A society that has an unhealthy populace cannot compete economically with other countries. It is well-known that those who receive health care are generally in…. [read more]

Health Care Debate Essay

… Health Care Debate

Over the last several years, the issue of universal health care has been continuously brought to the forefront. This is because the overall costs have been consistently rising, which has been having ripple effects across the entire industry. A good example of this can be seen by doing a comparison of costs going back to 1970. In a study conducted by the Kaiser Foundation, they found that health costs have risen dramatically between 1970 and 2006. Where, costs were $356 per person in 1970 and accounted for 7.2% of the total GDP spending. In 2006, this number accounted for 15.3% of the total GDP spending; and it is expected to increase dramatically by 2018, where spending will account for $13,100 per person…. [read more]

Healthcare Discussions Laziness? What About People Term Paper

… Healthcare Discussions

Laziness? What about people who are working two part-time jobs and don't have health insurance at either occupation? What about someone beginning his or her own business, who can't afford the prohibitive rates private insurance charges for monthly premiums? What about people who are refused coverage or who are only given prohibitive monthly premiums because they have a 'preexisting condition' because they have the audacity to, for example, get cancer and survive, for which they are rewarded with health care premiums, co-pays, and bills that are through the roof, for only minimal care?

It is in private insurance's financial, profit-making interest to provide as little coverage as possible, and to insure as few truly ill, hard-working people as possible. Healthcare cannot be run…. [read more]

UK Healthcare Term Paper

… According to Enthoven, the focus was directed towards enabling private practice to develop and forcing more elderly people to independent private nursing homes, where they had to pay from own resources until their money ran out. Within this approach, the goals of the government as addressed by Enthoven were:

To improve its ability to control the NHS financially by separating 'health' from 'social' care and to continue offering 'free' if services were provided by the NHS staff based on 'means tested' access.

To increase the efficiency of the NHS by improving both productive efficiency and allocative efficiency.

According to Le Grand et al., (1998), the basis of the development of the 'internal market' involved the introduction of competition via the establishment of more and smaller…. [read more]

Healthcare Plan Review Essay

… Regarding the types of evaluation plans that exist, there are actually a decent number of them. The types include context evaluation, formative evaluation, process evaluation, impact evaluation, outcome evaluation and performance/program monitoring. One of those styles, which would be the formative evaluation, is one of the more pivotal and important types of evaluation. This is true because the style entails looking at a healthcare program while it is in its more nascent stages. It allows for testing before the program is mass-marketed or used with any frequency. It is important that everything be fine-tuned and adjusted as much as is possible before the program is fully launching. Using a probationary and/or pilot launch to test efficacy and efficiency is often very prudent (MUSC, 2014).

Conclusion…. [read more]

United States Has the Most Expensive Healthcare Literature Review

… ¶ … United States "has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, [yet] 47 million Americans have no health insurance. Healthcare is the country's largest economic sector…. Four times larger than national defense… yet millions cannot afford to take care of their health needs" (Farrell, 2009, 1). Despite being an international leader in science and technology, what has happened to the entire healthcare system in America? Fifteen years ago the subject was at the forefront of the new Clinton Administrator, but now, despite technological advances and increased modernization, America finds hospital emergency rooms stretched far beyond any reasonable capacity, the inability for many doctors to afford adequate malpractice insurance, costs for procedures escalating, and even those with insurance unable to afford the basic standards…. [read more]

Rural vs. Urban Health Care Disparities Dissertation

… Health Care Disparity in Maryland

Context of the Problem

Unsettling Disparities Occur

Approximately 1,600,000 individuals who live in Maryland either do not have access to healthcare as they cannot afford insurance and/or are underinsured.

In "Health care reform: a vital issue for Maryland's nurses," Anne S. Kasper and Leni Preston (2008) stress this unsettling fact, as they point out that Maryland ranks number 24 in the United States in the number of uninsured residents. Fifteen percent of Maryland's population, almost 800,000 people, in fact, is not insured. The significance of the fact relating to those who do not have access to healthcare, Kasper, and Preston (2008) assert, increases as this magnificent number of individuals without access to healthcare does…. [read more]

Swedish Health Care System Essay

… If an individual is ill for more than 14 days, he or she will receive a slightly lower compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. After an individual has been sick for longer periods of time, their illness is assessed at various intervals for any change in their status and their payment is then adjusted according to their illness.

Most of the health care in Sweden is provided in health care centers staffed by doctors, nurses and other allied health staff. The fee chargeable in most centers ranges from SEK 100 to 200 depending on the county where the care is provided. There is however a maximum of SEK 300 in the case of specialist visit. The hospital stay fee per day is given as…. [read more]

China Preventive Health Services Research Paper

… " (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010)

It is additionally reported that on a national basis, Americans use preventive services "at about t half the recommended rate. An estimated 11 million children and 59 million adults have private insurance that does not adequately cover immunization, for instance. Cost sharing, including deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments, has been found to reduce the likelihood that preventive services will be used." (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010)

The work of Maciosek, et al. (2008) relates that a greater level of use of preventive services in health care in the United States could well serve to save lives and to do so with very little in the way of cost for such services. Preventive services that…. [read more]

Future of Health Care Term Paper

… The cost for this style of medical care delivery is very expensive. It is important currently and in the next fifteen years to develop a health care system that allows for the uninsured to receive care at costs that can be afforded and if not afforded then absorbed by the taxpayers. Over the next decade and a half it will become vital to promote and develop programs that allow for goods a services to be delivered even to those who are not insured (Kohler, 2001).

The St. Louis area is fraught with rising medical care costs. Those costs are forcing companies to either raise the employee premiums or stop offering insurance all together. In the future years to come there has to be a method…. [read more]

Global Health Care Term Paper

… Martens, Pim. (200). "Health Transitions in a Globalising World: Towards More Disease or Sustained Health?" Futures, Vol. 34, Issue 7, p. 635+

In this journal study, Pim Martens argues that the concept of 'transitions' is useful for addressing and defining the current and future health status of the world as directly related to the process of globalization. Martens begins by a discussion of the current factors that affect human health and then discusses the health transitions evident throughout history. Next the focus is on trends and developments in health and disease among various populations of the world. He measures these trends according to the following three suppositions of future ages:

the age of emerging infectious diseases the age of medical technology the age of sustained…. [read more]

Obama Care Plan Health Term Paper

… According to Congressional Budget Office the plan will help reduce deficit by a startling $138 million over ten years (Health Care Reform, 2012). Although the statistics are subject to debate but the new plan ensures that costs are not distributed evenly but the plan actually helps in curbing the overspending crisis currently present in this particular industry. By cutting on the deficit our modern citizens can use money from bank at lower prices and bridging the deficit will help in improving the economic and employment status in the country.

Another extension of this argument is that Obama's plan helps curtail overpayment to insurers. In Bush's administration overpayment was of such nature that insurers were being subsidized for which the economy got nil benefits in return.…. [read more]

Universal Healthcare Universal Health Care Thesis

… In other words, this country cannot provide for its citizens, but has no problem providing for strangers across the world who are also helped by non-governmental organizations. [10: Glow, J. "What countries have universal health care?" (2007). AOL. Retrieved July 4, 2011, .]

To further cement the necessity for universal health care in the United States, one only needs to look at some statistics. According to the Connecticut Coalition for Universal Health Care, there are a few important reasons why one must acknowledge this necessity, and it provides these quite effectively as a list of myth vs. fact. The first myth is that the United States has the best health care system in the world. The Coalition refutes this fact by stating that the country…. [read more]

Canadian Health Care System Research Proposal

… Canadian Health Care System

There are hundreds maybe even thousands of different opinions and studies that have been done over the years, on the advantages and disadvantages of Canada's health care system. The disadvantages tend to focus on the significant problems throughout the system. The one that tops most lists, as one of the biggest problems, is the waiting time for medical care. To focus on this problem and to explain some of the measures that have been and still need to be completed, we first need to understand the basics of the Canadian Health Care System.

Canada's health care system has been a work in progress since its inception. Reforms have been made over the past four decades and will continue in response to…. [read more]

National Health Care Reform the History Term Paper

… National Health Care Reform

The history of national health care legislation is one that is mired with political controversy and frustration since as long ago as the 19th century. Healthcare, mildly stated, is a very personal issue -- especially when, in this day and age, about half of the bankruptcies filed are a consequence of medical bills; of those, 75% of filers had health insurance (Pibel 2006). In the last year and a half, Americans have seen the controversy and the frustration, but national health -- or universal health care as it's been aptly named -- has been a topic for over 150 years. In 1854, the Bill for the Benefit of the Indigent Insane, was proposed and it proclaimed that it would set up…. [read more]

Future of Health Care Delivery in the United States Case Study

… ¶ … Future of Health Care Delivery in the United States

What are your three most important recommendations?

My three most important recommendations for the future of health care delivery in the United States would be that there needs to be an increase in the quality of care, a decrease in the cost of care and an increase in the use of technology in order to facilitate the first two recommendations happening. It is important to leverage the technology that is available in order to facilitate improvement.

A high-quality health care delivery system must focus on improving health outcomes in the population it serves, supplementing episodic care and production of services with an epidemiological perspective and disease prevention strategies. In order to do this, information…. [read more]

Big Health-Care Dilemmas by Karen Tumulty Time Article Review

… ¶ … Big Health-Care Dilemmas

by Karen Tumulty Time; June 5, 2009

According to Karen Tumulty's article, successful U.S. healthcare reform may depend substantially on five major issues that she characterizes as "dilemmas." Specifically, they are concerns over: (1) government takeover of healthcare; (2) the current economic challenges faced by the nation; (3) the feasibility of universal coverage; (4) defining the healthcare services that would be included in coverage; and (5) the need to reduce the costs of healthcare irrespective of other issues.

Critics of the Obama administration's stated objectives for healthcare reform warn that the concept of a government-administrated public option is tantamount to a gradual transition to a single-payer plan such as those of Canada or Britain. They also regard such a plan…. [read more]

Public Healthcare Legislation the Public Option Thesis

… Public Healthcare Legislation

The Public Option and the Obama Healthcare Package

America's healthcare industry shows us one of the most revealing contradictions in the country's economy. Even though America claims itself to be the world's most advanced superpower, it is still unable to provide its entire population with healthcare and even worse, the quality of its healthcare overall is declining in many ways that will be discussed here. Though many democratic nations provide all of their citizens with healthcare access, the United States instead tries to concentrate the control of medicine into the hands of big businesses like the insurance industry or the pharmaceutical companies. The result is that the United States has a healthcare industry with a reputation that is getting worse, with large…. [read more]

Sleeping Under a Rock Research Paper

… Traditionally, health care data was kept by written and typed records but the increased need for the sharing of information and the need for efficiently doing so has led to the development of sophisticated, computer based, record-keeping systems. Pressure is being applied to the information technology industry to develop a uniform system that is universally accessible while still maintaining the privacy expectations of the patients. Presently, proprietary programs are easily obtainable but jurisdictional disputes still plague the operation of the system that creates a breakdown in the quality of services.

There is a breakdown in the delivery of health care in the United States relative to who is going to control how health care services are going to be delivered (Roland, 2009). This battle largely…. [read more]

Nationalized Health Care v. Private Term Paper

… Yet, they disagree on the best ways to address the rapidly escalating health care spending; privatizing advocations encourage a free market competition approach, but public health care proponents stress the ultimate demise of a free market system in provision. Ultimately, the government needs to embrace the fact that while capitalist approach is the foundation of the United States' success, its commitment to preserving a democratic republic demands universal single-payer, not-for-profit health care system. The current health care struggle between private and public funding throws millions of Americans into poverty, leaves many more uncovered, and denies the heart of government's role: providing a safe and secure society for its citizens.

Appleby, J. "More Insured Workers Unable to Pay Medical Bills." USA Today. 29 April 2005.

Bodenhimer,…. [read more]

Health Policy Analysis: Nursing and Medicaid Term Paper


Medicaid Policy Analysis

The Plight of the Poor and Medicaid Policy Framework

Visible and Vocal Advocate

Inherent Inequality in American Democracy

Eligibility, Physician Behavior and Low-Income Population Access to Care

Questions Addressed in this Study

Analysis & Evaluation


The objective of the following work in writing is to examine Medicaid policy and to answer questions including those of: (1) What necessitated or facilitated the creation of the policy? (2) What was the policy attempting to accomplish? (3) Who had input into the development of the policy? (4) Was public comment solicited prior to the finalization of the policy? (5) for Whom Does the Policy Advocate? (6) What Purpose Does the Policy Serve in…. [read more]

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