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Japan and the United States Term Paper

… The result was a rapid growth in GNP and a swift rise as a major world economic power (CIA, 2004a). However, Japan must import much of its basic needs. It does not have the land to grow all the food needed for its population and has few natural resources for raw materials and fuel (CIA, 2004a). The United States is the most significant world economic force (CIA, 2004a) but has built its economic base more gradually, over several centuries. It has a wider range of incomes among the population with significant number of both wealthy and poor families (CIA, 2004a).

Politically, the two countries have some similarities and some significant differences. They both use a parliamentary form of government. However Japan also has an emperor…. [read more]

United States Healthcare Programs Essay

… But the other side of that issue is that according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study the potential of ACA is great, and "…the new markets [set up through exchanges] would be worth $50 billion to $60 billion in premiums in 2014, and as much as $230 billion annually" by 2019 (Business Insider).

In conclusion, it is embarrassing and even offensive to see how far down the list of nations around the world that the U.S. is to be found when it comes to the quality of healthcare Americans are stuck with. The right wing rhetoric about healthcare becoming some kind of "socialism" has apparently been effective up to this point, but when the ACA becomes fully implemented it will go a long way towards universal health…. [read more]

Globalization's Effect Term Paper

… The United States has been a leader in encouraging the cross-border deals for the advancement of domestic opportunities. While there are numerous opportunities to derive from the inter-relations of business opportunities with other countries, the United States often faces fundamental challenges in balancing the interest of the national security with the national economy. The September 11, 2001 attack has made the United States to implement stricter control in the foreign direct transaction. (Travalini, 2009).

The review of the literatures explores the impact of globalization on the security of the United States to enhanced greater understanding on steps that the country will take to enhance its national security.

Effect of Globalization on the National Security of the United States

The United States has experienced both positive…. [read more]

USA Hegemony Term Paper

… S. kept Haiti economically and politically isolated for decades and refused any diplomatic recognition until after the Civil War. In more recent history, Jean Bertrand Aristide, a Catholic priest and advocate of liberation theology, was overthrown twice in military coups in 1991 and again in 2004, which had all the classic hallmarks of CIA-style covert operations. Not surprisingly, Haiti remains one of the poorest countries in the world, dominated by a corrupt and repressive oligarchy that the U.S. has helped to install and maintain over many decades.

Michael Doyle counters Rosato in asserting that Kant's Perpetual Peace between democracies is real, as is their tendency to be war-prone with authoritarian or non-liberal states. Not all groups within democracies are liberal or democratic, of course, but…. [read more]

Japan Tsunami Disaster March 2011 Essay

… Three Important Lessons

Three important lessons that might be learned from the incident that occurred at the nuclear plant in Japan following the earthquake tsunami in 2011 include first, that it is critical that officials at nuclear plants be honest about the state of the nuclear plant stability following such an incident. The second lesson is the importance of honest and open communication between major actors in such an incident to ensure that the status of such an incident is known to all actors so that everyone involved can take the necessary precautionary steps. The third lesson is the importance of keeping nuclear facilities upgraded and in proper working condition in lieu of shutting down facilities that are not operating safely. There is also a…. [read more]

Postwar Relationship United States Japan Essay

… S. In the postwar years. The most salient example of the United States all but bullying the Japanese into handing over their land can be evinced in the scandal regarding Article Nine of the Japanese constitution, a clause that that was inserted to allow for a commitment to peace. When a Japanese judge ruled that U.S. occupation of both the mainland and Okinawa were in violation of the article and a threat to peace in the country, U.S. bureaucracy determined a way to continue its dominance and disrespect the Japanese right to govern the land, as the following quotation from McCormack's article succinctly demonstrates. "…the appeal process was short cut short by having the matter referred directly to the Supreme Court, and MacArthur then met…. [read more]

Healthcare Spending the United States Essay

… The Medicare and Medicaid programs are also reformed and designing Insurance-like setups that would help people getting direct access; thus, cutting down the expenses on healthcare programs.

Moreover, insurers and healthcare providers are directly dealing with each other and making new payment models thus sharing the risk of healthcare coverage. This has also increased the level of employers' interest in workers' healthcare. These shifts are improving the healthcare system but the economic downturn has increased. However, these changes will make significant improvements in healthcare till 2014. (Matthews, 2011)


Currently, the condition of U.S. Health Care System is worse than any other industrial countries. Expenditures are high and health outcomes are quite poor. But since the Healthcare Reform Law 2010, the future of healthcare in…. [read more]

USA and Japan Term Paper

… USA and Japan

According to John Hunter Boyle's Modern Japan, the American Nexus Japan has established itself as the America of the East. The reason that Hunter argues this is that Japan's robust economic status, referred to as the Japanese Miracle, is a direct result of the relationship between the nations that was established following the end of World War II. In other words, out of conflict grew a nexus that Japan still benefits from today.

According to Boyle, the Japanese Miracle refers to the Japan's staggering post-World War Two economic growth. The reason why this time period is referred to as a miracle is due to the suddenness of the economic growth. Boyle examines the various theories of what caused this unheralded economic growth.…. [read more]

United States Has Become Preoccupied Essay

… But, America is making its best effort to educate common people as they should understand the laws and regulations to follow and to elect the right person as their representatives (Kurth, 2009).

Military development:

The innovation in military is changing the way of war of America. As American economy is re-creating itself, the America's military has also started taking advantage of the technology. In 20th century, there was no other power to match America's military power.

United States consider the military power as an essential element of its national strategy and it is viewing military as a key to achieve the objectives in globe. United States military instruments serve several crucial purposes such as to facilitate the Beijing's integration into cooperative security oriented processes and…. [read more]

United States Trade United States' International Term Paper

… United States Trade

United States' international trade in goods and services for the month of October 2007 reported a $57.8 billion deficit. The deficit emerged due to the $141.7 billion exports and $199.5 billion imports. It seems that the U.S. trade is on an ascending direction, given the fact that October's deficit is $0.7 billion more than the $57.1 billion deficit in September. Compared to September, U.S. October exports were $1.3 billion more, while the imports were $2.0 billion more (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007).

Another characteristic for United States' trade in the month of October was the fact that the goods deficit increased $0.9 billion to September to $66.8 billion. Also, the services surplus reached $8.9 billion after a $0.2 billion increase. In October 2007,…. [read more]

USA vs. India Work Place Term Paper

… Considering the past practice also, there have been changes in style. As an example, one can see clearly that Birlas and Tatas have always managed their own business activities in a style different from each other. Apart from them, new organizations like Infosys have come up, and they have tried to reach the target of excellence in a professional manner, and clearly there a tendency for organizations to reach professionalism. (Outlook for Professional Management in India)

The large organizations are finding that in the present cutthroat situation, there is the requirement of professional managers. The Indian markets are now opening up, and this is making everybody conscious that one requires competence to ensure growth and also survival in the present scene. It is well-known that…. [read more]

US Decline Term Paper

… US Decline

The decline of the United States

The Romans.

On them I impose no limits of time or place.

I have given them an empire that will know no end."

The Roman poet Virgil (70 -- 19 b.c)

It is a poignant historical fact that great empires decline and dissipate into ruins and dust. This was the fate of the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the Islamic Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Numerous historians have noted the cyclical nature of the rise and fall of these societies. The question that is central to this paper is whether the new "empire" of the Unites States is also to follow the path of decline and destruction that has been the fate of previous "superpowers" like Rome…. [read more]

USA - The World's Police Term Paper

… .. In terms of power and influence, it is not comparable to anything known in modern history.' It must be true to state that it indeed is a hyper-puissance, a 'hyper-power' for short. [Dobbins, McGinn, others]

The problem with United States of America is that it usually bothers and harasses other countries but it does not conquer them. It attempts at calling the shots and more than once bends the rules for them, but it does not go to war for the sake of land or honor. The last time one can remember the U.S. actually conquering some country was in the Philippines and Cuba a hundred years ago. This says much about the change from a traditional behavior to one of a great power…. [read more]

Trade Between the United States Term Paper

… Financial services are also a burgeoning part of the Japanese economy. Japan boasts some of the world's largest banks, and they fund a variety of projects and services around the globe. They are also branching out into other areas, such as investment in film and television (i.e. Sony Pictures in the U.S.), and in outsourcing, especially in the financial and information technology service sectors.


Because of the long trade deficit between the two countries, the United States has enacted trade sanctions against many Japanese imports. This is one reason so many Japanese manufacturers have moved some of their operations to the U.S. For example, Subaru manufactures cars in Indiana, and Honda manufactures many their cars and other products in eight plants across the…. [read more]

United States Had Waited One Year Term Paper

… ¶ … United States had waited one year to enter World War II, or had entered the War one year earlier. When Hitler's Nazi troops invaded Poland in 1939, World War II began in Europe. Yet the United States did not enter the war until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The outcome of the war is well-known; it dragged on until April 1945 in Europe and August 1945 in the Pacific. However, there is still the conjecture that the U.S. could have changed the fortunes of war had they entered the war earlier, or waited to enter it.

What if America had entered the war a year earlier, in 1940? There are many scenarios applicable here, from the war ending earlier,…. [read more]

USA and China Term Paper

… ¶ … United States and China

The John King Fairbank book - the United States and China: Fourth Edition Enlarged - is a very well written book that covers everything about the history of China (religious, political, social) that an alert reader would want to know. The author's narrative is well crafted, which makes reading more enjoyable than some books that offer historical accounts. Indeed, for a person who is planning to attend the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (or just visit China out of curiosity), reading Fairbank's book would provide ample perspective and knowledge of this huge nation of 1.3 billion citizens.

China has not been kind to its own environment, which is not unique among nations but has caused a major ecological change to…. [read more]

1980 United States Mens Hockey Team Term Paper

… United States Gold-Medal-Winning Hockey Team in 1980

They called it the "Miracle on Ice" because in sporting language, it was a miracle. How else does one describe the fact that a bunch of college students - having been well trained in the matters of playing ice hockey but not having skated together for that long - taking on and beating a hard-core team of professional Soviets? And all of this took place on the high-visibility stage of the Winter Olympics, for the world to see and for non-believers to rub their eyes in disbelief. ABC sportscaster Al Michaels was so excited when the clock ran out on the last game, which lifted Team USA into the "Gold" stratosphere, he yelled, "Do you believe in miracles?"…. [read more]

Japan's Economic Crisis Term Paper

… The main targets of privatization include the Narita and Haneda airports, the Japan Highway Public Corporation, Japan Oil Corporation, the Urban Development Corporation, the Housing Loan Corporation (which at present controls the majority of mortgage loans) along with state run universities and postal services. The latter is a major target as it is said to control the world's largest pool of savings.
Tax changes include the provision of tax breaks to business and stock market investors. Employers are also set to benefit through plans to make job related training expenses tax deductible.
The draft plan also calls for the privatization of Japan's employee pension scheme. This news will be particularly pleasing to foreign and domestic fund managers as the pension scheme, currently run by the…. [read more]

United States vs. Robert J. Stevens Dog Fighting Thesis

… Court Opinion

United States v. Robert J. Stevens

Appellant was found guilty of violating sec 48 of chapter 3, part 1, Title 18 of the United States Code, which prohibits the interstate or foreign distribution of depictions of animal cruelty and the production of such depictions meant for such distribution, following the purchase of three video depicting dogs engaged in fights and other vicious behavior by law enforcement agents.

The appellant claims that the wording of U.S.C. § 48 is too vague to be constitutionally allowable, as it places a significant abridgment on his First Amendment right to free speech. Specifically, the appellant argues that the statute is overbroad because it reaches individuals who took no part in the underlying conduct (of engaging in and/or…. [read more]

UAE HRM the Urbanest Company Essay

… What else should the Urbanest team consider when planning the HR activities in Dubai to launch its business? In particular, how else can the business evoke the required behaviors in its workforce to achieve the mission and vision?

The company needs to have a vision statement for the UAE in the UK and Australia can be adapted. Our vision us to create unique student living experiences in the world's major university cities. This vision statement can inspire people to excel in their jobs because they see their company as unique and worth working for.


The Urbanest company is in the practice of expanding into the UAE. The expansion is more complex because the different countries in the UAE have created free zones within their…. [read more]

Conservative American Presidents Term Paper

… A comment from conservative Republican Representative Newt Gingrich of Georgia, quoted December 27, 1984, in the "Christian Science Monitor" by historian Allan J. Lichtman, who wrote: The near extinction of liberal Republicans has not united the party, only shifted rivalries to the right. Without Reagan to pull the Republicans together the question is when will the GOP's moderate, conservative and radical right factions begin squabbling over the post-Reagan succession (Dansker 212).

The similarities between the terms of early presidents like Harding shows how differently each president reacts to and manage the many emergencies and issues that arise. Each man faced fiscal crisis, world issues, and internal staff struggles and scandals, yet one rose above them, and the other succumbed to them. The office of the…. [read more]

United States Entry Into World Term Paper

… And World War I is also the first American war with seventy-two percent of Army ranks forming men joined under compulsion as at wartime, totaling filling about three million of them and depending on whom American waged and won the war. (Venzon, 58)

American entry into the war is considered a remarkable one, as, in November 1916, Woodrow Wilson was reelected president, with the slogan in the air that, he kept Americans out of war, though it was broken after five months. Wilson insisted on trading with all nations that waged the war, but England and France imposed a blockade on Germany. England destroyed the North Sea with mines. All of this violated neutral rights, yet the United States continued to trade almost with both…. [read more]

North Korea's Provocation Term Paper

… S. which has enabled them to counter most of the fears and threats that North Korea has posed. North Korea recently had made severe accusations against the South Korean Government and their media has been equally participative in putting allegations that South Korea has threatened that they would take special actions against North Korea. In the past few months North Korea has been stating serious threats and has been provocations by their nuclear projects. The new leadership has instigated a new kind of approach which has established a profound authority and has been backed up by the support of USA.

North Korea has stated that they will act soon and has named many countries which could be targeted by them. North Korea has been facing…. [read more]

North Korea Political Position Research Paper

… S. Options. CRS Report for Congress.]

Proliferation to the states

Us representatives stated that North Korea have to develop the further nuclear artillery within the red-line to all states. For instance, after the China's nuclear test in 1964, the United States share their nuclear powers with and technologies with India but after that sharing United States have their own thousands of nuclear arsenal and up till after the establishment, these weapons are nonproliferation according to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty[footnoteRef:10]. [10: Ibid. ]

In 2002, the CIA stated that North Korean agency provide WMD technology practices to other recipients either of other states or non-actor states. CIA also reports that North Korea nuclear agency just provides the ballistic fissile material, components or expertise of missiles not…. [read more]

International Economics US Direct Investment Into Foreign Essay

… International Economics

US Direct Investment into Foreign Countries

Foreign Direct Investment or FDI is the process of domestic investment dollars entering into foreign markets. The types of available direct investment options include long-term capital infrastructure, building and land purchase for industrial use, and investment into the developing the revenue behind hard assets like film financing. An example of FDI is the recent decision rendered by the Chinese government that eased FDI into the country for development of private hospital infrastructure. A scenario where a U.S. domiciled private hospital invests into constructing medical buildings within the borders of a foreign land as an affiliated hospital is an example of U.S. Foreign Direct Investment into a Foreign Country.

FDI into the U.S.

The reverse of U.S. FDI…. [read more]

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East Term Paper

… U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East

Just as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor forced United States into World War II, the attack on the World Trade Center during 9/11 forced the United States to find active and strategic ways to fight terrorism. With terrorism being born and bred in the Middle East every day, the United States needs to take a strong and effective stance on extremist and fundamentalist forms of terrorism. The best way for the United States to achieve this is by looking at the successful actions of its past when it comes to tricky foreign policy relations.

While many historians will attempt to compare and connect the Chinese revolution with the Russian revolution, that impulse is understandable, but misguided. "The…. [read more]

United States Automotive Industry Research Paper

… The automobile industry of the United States is saturated by a large number of well-established local and international brands. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are the local automobile giants whereas Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, and Hyundai; the big five international brands have more than 80% share in this industry. All these local and international brands are competing with each other on the basis of technology, exterior design, performance, prestige, price, fuel efficiency, and environmental impacts of their automobiles.

In order to attract customers from the potential markets, these competitors are expending a huge amount from their budget on their marketing and promotional activities. Advertisements are done on all the electronic, print, and social media in which target customers are directly addressed and persuaded using different…. [read more]

World War II Life on the Home Front Term Paper

… World War II -- Life on the Homefront

As World War II was beginning to emerge, the world was being reshaped. The war began in 1939 and ended in 1945 with more than fifty countries at war (PBS). All of these countries experienced a different outcome during and before the war. Life was especially life-changing in the United States and in Great Britain. With the home front being a different encounter for each respective country, the events witnessed and experienced would shape not only the lives of the people directly involved, but the future of each country was molded once again.

The United States tried as much as it could to stay out of the war. However, on December 7, 1941, all of that changed.…. [read more]

Turkey Reflects US Economy Term Paper

… Turkey Reflects Us Economy

Turkey and the U.S. Economy

Economy is the undisputed force that both unites and separates global entities. Countries are economically united in the meaning that they share similar goals, such as reducing the national debt, or the governmental deficit, improving the population's living standards by increasing their wages and pensions, keeping prices under control or strengthening the national currency.

States are economically different as they possess dissimilar resources on which to base their economy. For instance, some countries possess significant crude oil natural resources and the revenues coming from this industry gather up to 60-80% in the national gross domestic product. Other countries possess rich and fertile soils that make the agricultural industry vital to the national economy. David Ricardo's theory…. [read more]

United Parcel Service (UPS) Strategic Research Paper

… The company has acquired sufficient vehicles and airplanes that satisfy the demand for its services. This has ensured that the items to be delivered in different destinations are delivered on time boosting the levels of customer satisfaction in the business. This has acted as a major distinctive competitiveness for the company amidst the high competition that it faces from other players (Selig, 2008).

In addition, safe deliveries have made the company be recognized globally. The excellent reputation has enabled the company to acquire competitive advantage. Safety is a major factor in the transport industry that cannot be underestimated by the company. UPS has valued the need to ensure that the items that it transports are safe. The company is proud of its safe deliveries: the…. [read more]

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