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Nano Technology and World Research Paper

… Consequently, there have been calls for the regulation of the nano industry including the publishing of safety precautions to help those involved in the industry (Bowman and Hodge 2006). Further suggestions were also made to include nano particles in the European Union chemical policy framework.

The emergency of new technology may passively contribute to unemployment in the industries that produce goods rendered obsolete by the nano technology. The technology is highly efficient and able to address multiple issues now handled by human effort through activities.

The Future Trend and Expectations of Nanotechnology

The nano technology promises a number of radical changes in various sectors. It is predicted that computers will become faster. This will enhance greater development in the information sector. It is possible that…. [read more]

Technology and National Security Essay

… ¶ … Technology of National Security

The threat of a nuclear attack and other forms of mass destruction raise legitimate and serious concerns in today's world of proliferation and the war on terror. North Korea's recent announcement of its plans to further test its long-range ballistic missile, the Taepodong-2, only increases these fears, as the missile is expected to eventually -- or presently -- have the capacity to strike the west coast of the United States. But though the threats of these attacks might seem to be on an increase in the current period due to rising instability and technological advancements, the advancements and developments of defensive technology have at least kept pace with, if not surpassed, the gains made in offensive weapons of mass…. [read more]

Using Technology to Support Teaching and Learning Term Paper

… Technology and Learning

Introduction- From the late 20th century on, technological growth has become so robust that in the last decade there have been vast changes to the educational and business environment based on it automation, cloud computing, new memory chips, and operating systems that take advantage of the new electronic collaboration many enjoy (Vizard 2011). Too, when we think of how technology can transform society, it is also useful to consider new ways of utilizing technology for learning. Of course, there are issues educators face when introducing new technologies in the classroom; namely the failure to fully utilize and/or creatively utilize new technology in the delivery of education. Facilitating learning in a technology-rich environment offers the potential to move participants to higher levels of…. [read more]

Technology Proposal a Vendor Upgrade From Ex Libris Voyager to Ex Libris Alma Term Paper

… Technology Proposal

Social Networking and Web 2.0 Technology Proposal

Creating greater opportunities for communication, collaboration and education with employees, greater coordination across departments and more effective curation of collections, social networking and web 2.0 technologies have the potential to significantly improve the value of the library to all stakeholders. Social networking systems in libraries have led to higher levels of patron satisfaction, more effective aligning of collections to the interests of every patron segment, and greater internal collaboration as well (Dickson, Holley, 2010). The downsides of high training costs, lack of adoption, security concerns and integration of cataloged books need to be addressed in any new social networking platform used in libraries (Rutherford, 2008). Changing any organizational culture is the most difficult task involved in…. [read more]

Organizational Technology Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … Technologies and Strategic Planning for the Organization

The objective of this work is to explore and define plans for organizational technology including managers and individuals in the use of new and emerging technology.

An organizational technology strategy should include the goals of providing timely access to information and should seek opportunities to improve work processes. Further, technology projects should have an emphasis on data integration. Technology strategies for the organization should include the deployment of secure and reliable information systems. The organizational technology strategy should deliver the services in a responsive and cost effective manner and leadership should actively lead information technology strategy planning and deployment across the organization.


Accountability and review are both extremely important components in a successful…. [read more]

Emerging Technologies Term Paper

… Technology

Emerging Technologies

The shift in the teaching and learning model is steadily evolving as technology evolves (Reid, 2003). Students are becoming more and more responsible for discovery and self-learning while teachers are assuming more of a facilitator role. Occupying a seat in a physical classroom is no longer necessary. With online access and a computer, students have unprecedented opportunities to earn a degree.

According to Kilmurray (2003): "The innovation brought about by e-learning does not follow the model of traditional, instructor-directed classes. The opportunity provided by e-learning is a different learning environment in which instructors can employ new learning models and new instructional practices."

Until two decades ago, the primary educational delivery model for collegiate professorial staff was basically the traditional lecture (O'Malley and…. [read more]

Technology in Education Assessing Three Essay

… Social networks are also redefining the dialogue companies have with their customers, often bringing a level of clarity, communication and honesty that has never been seen before (Bernoff, Li, 2008). The egalitarian nature of communications that social networks enable are just the beginning of how potentially valuable they are for creating highly collaborative experiences for students (Custin, Barkacs, 2010). The future of collaboration platforms and social networks will be the foundation of innovation for the next generation fo educational technologies, reshaping individualized learning strategies at a level not seen before (Najjar, 2008). The customization of social networks for learning purposes is already occurring and will gather momentum as instructors create portals that behave more like Twitter or's Chatter application with real-time streaming updates. The…. [read more]

Technology Effect and Emerging Technologies Essay

… Smartphones: Emerging Research Tool for Social Scientists

The Smartphone is reported as useful to social research scientists and specifically in the area of behavioral research in the work of Raento, Oulasvirta and Eagle which states as follows: "The device is willingly carried by a large fraction of people in developed countries, integrates a number of technologies for automatic observation, can be programmed to interact with the user, and can communicate with remote researchers. This allows unobtrusive and cost-effective access to previously inaccessible sources of data on everyday social behavior, such as physical proximity of people, phone calls, and patterns of movement.." (2011)

Summary and Conclusion

The Smartphone is both useful and destructive depending upon how the use of the Smartphone is approached. Certainly, it would…. [read more]

Emerging Trends for Cloud Computing Facilitated by Advanced Biometric Technologies for Enhanced Security Thesis

… Cloud Computing

Emerging Trends for Cloud Computing facilitated by Advanced Biometric Technologies for Enhanced Security

Author (I will fill this part )

Affiliation (I will fill this part )

An organizations' greatest asset is its information and knowledge. The integration and refinement of biometrics technologies into the process workflows of homeland security and defence agencies globally is the objective of this analysis.

Inherent in the development of a biometrics-based access strategy for cloud-based resources is the need for compliance to global standards and U.S. Federal mandates as well. The influence of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 for information management [7], the Federal Information Processing Systems standard (FIPS200) [7], in addition to the Federal Rules of Evidence and CFR Part 1250 compliance are included…. [read more]

Technology and Logistics Essay

… Technology and Logistics Development-A

Technology and logistics

The development of technology is affecting the global economy making the market structures in terms of consumer needs hence forcing the productions to start operating at the global scale while adopting the new management forms based on a collaborative links within the present highly competitive environment. The excellence of the global logistics through good management has provoked a revolution in both manufacturing as well as, shipping enabling most companies to focus on the managing logistics from the perspective of supply chain. The firms are still trying hard to seek for the competitive advantage based on complex strategies such as acquiring new emerging technologies for information processing to continue helping in the management of the global logistics. The aim…. [read more]

Technology in Emergency Management Term Paper

… According to Fincher, "This emergency notification method is far more comprehensive than other alternatives. The result is an informed public, armed with precisely the information its members need to respond in the desired manner. It also keeps citizens out of harm's way so that first responders can do their jobs" (2004, p. 31). The foregoing assessment of the importance of an interoperable communications network by Fincher (2004) is consistent with Davis (2007) who advises, "Communications networks that allow emergency managers to talk to police, fire and other first responders within a city or region have become important since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks" (p. 3). In addition, emergency managers also use geographic information systems on a routine basis (Wayne, 2003).

Organizations Responsible for Emergency…. [read more]

Technology in Healcare Assuming Role Essay

… The use of wireless technology in high-risk specialties such as obstetrics has become increasingly vital: fetal monitoring through wireless cardiotocography has reduced complications and the technology "have potentials for being adapted for other multi-patient monitoring applications" (Igbokwe 2007).

Of course, it is not enough to merely introduce wireless technology to a hospital. The way that information is stored must also be accurate and easily searchable. First and foremost, electronic health records must be comprehensive as well as "available at the point of care and accessible throughout an entire institution (Spiegel 2004). In addition to physicians entering the records themselves there should be standardized, mandated "computerized reporting of lab records" so no information is lost (Spiegel 2004). There should also be "computer-based procedure reminder systems," which…. [read more]

Technology to Enhance Learning Classroom Applications Term Paper

… Technology to Enhance Learning: Classroom Applications

Recent Experience with Classroom Technology

I once attended a continuing education lecture in the area of psychology where the lecturer made use of a multiple choice clicker. He used a multiple choice clicker in order to measure class opinion and performance on certain questions. Although the class was probably small enough for all students to participate in discussions, the clicker still added value to the lecture in my opinion.

The clicker was useful because it allowed people who were too shy or unsure to express their opinions. In doing this, it created much more class participation than would normally occur in a continuing education class. Also, the multiple-choice format of the clicker questions allowed the professors to control the…. [read more]

Technology in the Classroom Research Paper

… 19).

Another reason those opposed to technology in the classroom offer is the availability or lack of availability to each student in the classroom. For many classes that are integrating technology in the classrooms, budgets don't allow for each student to have access to his or her own computer. As such, students are being required to share, which prohibits each child from deriving everything intended through the online curriculum. Moreover, scheduling and rotating students to access available computers can be disruptive and an overall disturbance to the flow of the classroom day. More time is spent shuffling students around which could be better used in more productive ways (Tiene, 2001). If this is indeed the case, then the class is being divided and not integrated,…. [read more]

Technology in Education for Purposes Essay

… The instructor teaching this course clearly had a very solid foundational of expertise with physics and was able to demonstrate how even the most complex concepts could be broken down into manageable, understandable parts. The highly collaborative nature of the smart board helped as she literally pulled apart complex concepts to show how they were interrelated to each other. The skill set from a technology standpoint this instructor showed included advanced experience with the Macintosh operating system and its many applications, in addition to how a given series of mathematics and physics applications could be quickly modified to show concepts. The supporting VPN-protected network with access just to the smart board content worked reliably and was immediately viable on student's iPads and tablets. The database…. [read more]

Future Technology: The University Essay

… The Pew Internet and American Life Project reports similar trends, particularly among students 18 -- 29-years (Smith, 2010). Further, projections suggest that by 2015 mobile tablets will overtake desktop usage (IDC, 2011) and 80% of all people accessing the Internet will be using a mobile device (Ericsson, 2010). Consequently, mobile technology figures prominently in the future of higher education, particularly in its integration into teaching and learning.

The story of mobile learning is no longer a narrative about devices -- iPods, phones, tablets, PDAs, or similar "always connected" wireless machines (Johnson, et al., 2011). A NESTA Futurelab report asserts that learning activities incorporating mobile technology will move further out of the classroom and further into the learner's physical and virtual environments, amplifying learning to be…. [read more]

Technology in Instructional Delivery Essay

… Instructors for Capella's online learning system are composed of faculty members seconded to function as instructors for the e-college and teachers who have vast experiences in teaching using the online mode of delivery. Regardless of the instructors' experiences, all of them underwent rigorous training and were intensively taught about Capella's online learning system -- getting around the system, knowing the technical specifications of the system, how modules are going to be delivered to the learners, and other feedback mechanisms needed to ensure that learning indeed takes place through the online learning mode. Basic computing skills are required of the instructors, which means they must be familiar and in fact, 'intimate' with different modes of interaction using the Internet. This includes conducting or facilitating online discussions,…. [read more]

Technologies New Technologies Emerge Rapidly Enough Term Paper

… ¶ … Technologies

New technologies emerge rapidly enough to warrant daily dissemination of news and information, but so prolific is the high tech industry that each among the plethora of technology news web sites offers readers a different flavor or focus. However, recent headlines reveal several core trends in gadgets, software, and wireless communications. Privacy and personal data protection issues seem central; from "Jitterbug" keyloggers installed in ordinary keyboards to Internet data tracking devices to the announcement by the American State Department that all new passports will contain Smart Chips. While information espionage raises neck hairs, most technophiles enjoy hearing about the latest handheld gizmos including "smart" phones, PDAs, IPods, and multi-function gaming devices. Another major issue in the ever-changing world of technology relates to…. [read more]

Information Systems Integration of Emerging Computer Term Paper

… Information Systems

Integration of Emerging Computer and Internet Technologies: The Information Systems of Today's Virtual Organizations

Today's leading business organizations are characterized by, primarily, their flexibility to provide products and services through their brick-and-mortar and virtual stores/offices. That is, a business's survival depends mainly on the accessibility of the products or service that it offers, and this only becomes possible when the business is able to reach its consumers through the traditional media and/or the Internet. Indeed, Internet and technologies related to it have become rampant and necessary, that the creation and development of further technologies is encouraged, to widen the scope of accessibility and reach to the business's target market.

Because of the increased use of Internet- and computer-mediated technologies, information systems in business…. [read more]

United Technologies Research Paper

… Innovative Management From United Technologies

United Technologies

Due to intensified competition and the expansive market share, firms are exploring new strategies and approaches with a view to remain productive and increase their profits. This has led to evolvement of innovation approaches by companies which broadly focus on technology, process, product and management. Management innovation entails the implementation of new management practices, innovative ways of executing activities that leads to effective management and shift from conventional management skills Tyagi, 2000.

Innovative management strategies are a major key component to companies in relation to growth in profit, revenues, market share, employees' management and competitive advantage. This is can be further supported by various studies that have shown deemed innovation management as a perquisite for enhancing value of…. [read more]

Technology and Academic Success Research Paper

… The most widely known potential technology offers is through learning tools such as the internet and online databases and the access to enormous information quantities. As the systems continue being sophisticated, technology will pave way for navigation among the sources of information at very low costs. In future students will be in a position of accessing online libraries, holding discussions online and also be able to view paintings found in museums anywhere in the world. This will create an opportunity for students to access a lot of information and thus improve their academic success. An important thing about technology is the fact that it transcends the limits of space and time for education activities among students. A state that has extensive distance learning programs for…. [read more]

Technology, a Very Familiar Phenomenon Term Paper

… Nanotechnology and genomics are devised and used by humans and there would be certain constraints and limits for their usage. Everyone is not free to use them, not even superpowers.

Although the above mentioned two debates have a gap of forty years between them, but the concerns and criticism is almost the same. The two debates are highly comparable; only excluding the terms of artificial intelligence, robotics and genetics which were not devised in 1960's. The role of Mesthene in the former is performed by Brown and Duguid in the latter one, who said that social reforms and technological advancements go along, while Bill Joy takes the role of McDermott in the latter, who is opposed to too much advancement in technology as it may…. [read more]

Technology and Society All Print Research Paper

… In fact, employers have the right to monitor email and phone calls in their location or using their own telephones and computers, and also to monitor the activities of employees with hidden cameras and other spy devices, so workplace privacy can hardly be said to exist at all.

Corporate Marketing, Public Relations and the New Social Media

All of the new social media on the Internet like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter are providing businesses with new and useful information every day, as well as marketing tools that they could not obtain anywhere else. At the same time, they can also damage the brands, images and reputations of companies almost overnight and on a global scale. If marketing campaigns can rapidly go 'viral' then so…. [read more]

Caribbean Use ICT Research Proposal

… The studies of Wolcott, et al. (2008), Camacho and Dirckinck-Holmfeld (2009), and Steinfield, et al. (2012) provide the findings that top management plays an important role towards the implementation of ICT in organizations. Zarei, et al. (2011), Oh, et al. (2009), and Saarenketo, et al. (2008) assesses an empirical approach to the top management in such a way that it can lead to the implementation of ICT. Bidarian, et al. (2011) provides the conclusion that involvement of management provides support that is important for the success of ICT adaptation in SMEs. Harbi, et al. (2009), and Hacklin, et al. (2009) evaluate that the top management in SMEs take decisions regarding adaptation of ICT but Ollo-Lopez and Aramendia-Muneta (2012) argue that the CEO of SMEs can…. [read more]

Technology Is Always Challenging Essay

… (2001). CSWF position paper on Internet text-based therapy. Retrieved January 28, 2004, from

Coleman, M. (2000). Online therapy and the clinical social worker [Social Work Practice Update]. Washington, DC: National Association of Social Workers.

Donath, J.S. (1998). Identity and deception in the virtual community. In M. Smith & P. Kollock (Eds.), Communities in cyberspace (pp. 29 -- 60). London: Routledge.

Grebel, H., & Steyaert, J. (1995). Social informatics: Beyond technology -- a research project in schools of social work in the European community. International Social Work, 38, 151 -- 164.

Meier, A. (2000). Offering social support via the Internet: A case study for an online support group for social workers. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 17(2/3), 237 -- 266.

Roosenboom, P. (1993). The…. [read more]

Technologiies Emerging Technologies Scenario Senior Case Study

… The firewall blocks all the outside interferers from accessing the company resources. The primary objective of a firewall is to control the outgoing and incoming traffic and analyze the data packets and determine which traffic should be allowed to pass through the network based on the predetermined rules. The firewall is very useful for medical center to monitor the data that pass through the central database. The strategy will be used to protect the unauthorized access to patient's information as well as protecting the emerging technologies of the Medical Centers.

Moreover, the hospital needs to implement a strict policy of keeping patient's data anonymous. The organization needs to enforce policy to define the category of person who could access the central database. The medical center…. [read more]

Technology and Trends Emerging Technology Research Paper

… ¶ … Technology and Trends

Emerging Technology Trends in e-Business and Supply Chain Management

Transforming the accuracy, agility, profitability and speed of e-business and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, emerging technologies are making it possible for enterprises to design highly supplier networks that are more responsive to customers than ever before. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how technology adoption in e-business and SCM are leading to enterprises becoming more customer- and demand-driven than ever before (Barrett, 2007). Both e-business and SCM technology innovations are combining to create real-time analytics, order capture, pricing, production and fulfillment systems. Today new business models exist because of the accumulated effect of these innovations. This paper evaluates their impact on e-business and SCM systems and strategies.

Emerging…. [read more]

Technology in Use in 1910 Term Paper

… (UMSL, n. d.)

A web-based architecture must be capable of serving as the connector between subsystems. Nowadays and in future the time factor appears to have shifted from the pace of software execution to the time taken for completion of a dependable working application or project. This aspect is going to drive the future of web-based applications. The same architecture gives consistent interfacing to the data over different platforms, save for minimal differences in the layout of each browser. Moreover with the gradual acceptance of the Unicode encoding scheme, it is anticipated that increased automatic encouragement for multilingualism will be ushered in. (Chandrinos; Trahanias, n. d.)

Since the web is a widely distributed environment, extension of a digital library with fresh materials as also the…. [read more]

Organizational Technology Value and Strategy Essay

… 2007). On the whole, organizational management becomes easier and more efficient through technology.

5. Relate how technology can propel an organization's global expansion strategies.

With newly emerging advanced technologies, a number of corporations can now think of going global (Brooks 2013). Ways of communicating and garnering information online have now made the international market accessible to many. Irrespective of the global expansion approach, successful implementation is reliant on adequate planning, preparation, personnel readiness and technological readiness including implementation of appropriate systems and processes. Through technology, the firm (i.e., Lloyds) can garner information on the targeted foreign market's cultural tastes and requirements, and tailor their offering accordingly (Talbott 2014).

Furthermore, technology can aid in surmounting the challenge of long-distance selling. For instance, organizations can adopt "end-to-end"…. [read more]

Use of ICT Book Report

… ¶ … Communication Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Computers, global telecommunications and the Internet have all fundamentally changed the manner in which companies of all types and sizes operate and market their businesses today. In fact, information and communication technology (ICT) have been responsible for fueling the globalization of the marketplace and these same forces have contributed to the resurrection of the travel and tourism industry following the major downturn the industry experienced following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Today, the tourism industry is the largest industry in the world and the hospitality sector that is supports has enjoyed the results of this upsurge. Some hospitality organizations, though, have benefited from their ICT initiatives in more significant ways than others, but it is…. [read more]

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