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Use of Force in Law Enforcement Thesis

… ¶ … Force in Law Enforcement

The controversy swirling about Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a respected Cambridge professor who happens to be an African-American, and Sgt. James M. Crowley, a police officer who arrested him at his home after someone called the police and said someone was breaking into it, is just one example of the wavering gray area which officers have to tread when deciding when to use force or not. When harangued because of his mistake, the officer took offense and the conversation became heated, setting off a controversy which reached the White House. President Barack Obama made the remark in a news conference that the police acted "stupidly" and the incident became a national issue. The New York Times reflected that…. [read more]

Forces of Healthcare Essay

… It also introduces programs for the disadvantaged population to obtain healthcare coverage that will help pay for their care. Even though the legislation is not yet completely understood, it affects consumers, businesses who provide health benefits to employees, insurance companies, and health institutions.

Technology has become a major force in the development of the healthcare system. Technology delivers cure, medications, diagnostic procedures, and health information to professionals and consumers (Singh, 2013). Technology helps to provide early treatment, intensifies accuracy percentile in surgery and operations process, stores detail of data for more accurate patient care, medicinal administration, and provides higher competency. Technology has shaped the way that healthcare gets delivered to millions of patients. It has helped in delivering medications to patients through intravenous injections where…. [read more]

Forces Leading to Changes Literature Review

… Many large banks in the U.S. led to huge government bailouts. This happened first in the year 2008 when there was a huge credit crunch and a global banking crisis. Governments of several countries around the world were forced to bailout, nationalize or arrange fire sales for several major banks in their countries. On the 29th day of the month of September, 2008, governments of several countries around the world, beginning with the Government of Ireland, began providing wholesale guarantees which underwrote banks in order to avoid panic which would lead to bank-runs. This led to the banking industry being referred as 'too big to fail' and led to huge discussion on the moral aspects of these actions that were undertaken Gorton et al. 300()…. [read more]

Forces Leading to Changes in the Banking Industry Term Paper

… Forces Leading to Changes in the Banking Industry

Forces Leading to Changes in the Banking

Since the study is carried out to investigate past event that may have contributed to changes in the banking industry, it is imperative the study will use secondary data. Secondary data as defined by Trzesniewski, Donnellan and Lucas ()

is data collected for other use other than current use. The secondary data collected are fine tuned to suit the current needs.

The key elements to be considered are the changes in the banking industry and the factors that likely triggered those changes. The factors leading to these changes may be spontaneous or induced by economic players/agents. Spontaneous factors include the recession, technological advancements and changes in tastes and preferences. Induced…. [read more]

Porter's Five Force in Auto Industry Term Paper

… Porter's Five Forces In Auto Industry

Industry definition

Industry profile

Industry structure

Future outlook

Porter's Five Forces Strategy Analysis as it applies to the Auto Industry

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Threat of New Entrants

Bargaining Power of Buyers

Threat of Substitutes

Competitive Rivalry in the Industry

The American Auto industry is about to lose some of its key players; Detroit. This follows an ultimatum issued by Congress for a lifetime change in their business operations. While previous fiscal or monetary policies have played an integral role in the demise of Detroit, it is evident that the auto industry has not paid any attention to the prevailing market influences. The market is demanding vehicles that are fuel efficient, environmentally safe, and reasonable prices. The automakers must…. [read more]

Force: Examining the Most Relevant Article Review

… Pape finds that ultimately all suicide terrorists are inspired by a certain level of logic which pushes to coerce modern liberal democracies to engage in more significant territorial concessions; additionally, terrorism has been on the rise because scholars have found that there is in fact a benefit to suicide terrorism and that there is a strong cause and effect to suicide terrorism. Pape's article pushes for administration of policies which push for terrorists to better understand the ideologies of the decades past and to truly understand how new policies based on more nuanced comprehension of what terrorism is and what it means need to better shape homeland security, rather than offensive military maneuvers (Pape, 2003). In a similar fashion, Cronin argues that we must look…. [read more]

Force: Symbolic Rape in William Essay

… Yet the girl does not seem so young that she is utterly ignorant of the consequences of her situation. She is old enough to go to school, and when she finally speaks she can form words. "Stop it! Stop it! You're killing me!" she says to her father. She is not delirious and clearly seems to know where she is and what she is doing. The simple act of opening her mouth takes on a kind of terrifying significance it might not otherwise, based upon the girl's reaction. On a second reading, the reader may wonder if there is something about the doctor's manner that is off-putting.

While it may seem like an overstatement to call the probing a 'rape,' it is not insignificant that…. [read more]

Violence Legitimate Force and Illegitimate Essay

… Even then they feel proud to be a part of an armed community willing to fight against the State. They believe that it is the right thing to sacrifice their life for. They do so because they want to build a more just and equal society for all the citizens (Vardalos, Haig, Karzai, Letts & Teixeira 2011).

Violence has been observed to bestow clear adaptive profits and advantages to the successful party. It is never completely eccentric, individual or particular. It is always with another party in a way or other. Violence does not randomly target anybody and has always some meaning or significance for the actor. In the same way, violence is not at all senseless to the injured party or viewer. In short,…. [read more]

Use of Force Essay

… ¶ … force has been adopted and vilified in various circumstances by commentators, states, and international organizations. In most cases, the states determine the appropriate situations with which the use of force is applied on a case-by-case basis and how to apply it. For example, one of the fundamental provisions in the United Nations charter states that all members shall avoid from the threat or use of force against the political independence or territorial integrity of any state in their international relations. States have used force when they are at war, on the brink of war, for political and economic potshots, and when one state is unaware of the clandestine activities of another state. The application of the use of force has mainly been characterized…. [read more]

Force Police and Other Protectors of Society Term Paper

… ¶ … Force

Police and other protectors of society are in a precarious position of being responsible to protect society, at the cost of utilizing violence to do so. Violence, may in fact be a strong word, the preferred phrase is use of force, a phrase which denotes that the use of such force is reasonable and necessary in some moral sense. In Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Guidebook on Democratic Policing the dilemma of the intense pressure that police face in protecting the public, under the dichotomy of following "all laws, constitutions, criminal codes, police acts, and International and national (and human rights) standards in the process," is made absolutely clear. (2006, p.17)

Many argue, without a full knowledge of the…. [read more]

Use of Force and Discovery Term Paper

… Force & Discovery

Use of Force and Discovery

Use of Force: What has the United States Supreme Court ruled regarding the use of force?

In Tennessee vs Garner, the U.S. Supreme Court held that when the suspect flees or forcibly resists arrest, the officer might use all the means at his disposal, including the use of force. In the case of Tennessee vs. Garner, the officer used deadly force against a suspect despite being reasonably sure the suspect did not pose an immediate danger to the police, the suspect did pose a potential danger. Also, in Graham vs Connor the court looked at Graham v Connor and determined the use of a police service dogs on a misdemeanant was reasonable under the circumstances

According to…. [read more]

Forced Labor Term Paper

… The federal agency received information in 2012 that a man from Long Beach had been operating a prostitution network, which included and/or was based on forced labor. More precisely, "The complaint alleges that victims advised detectives that Porter operates a prostitution ring in the Orange County area and that he meets potential victims by placing ads on and The victims claimed they responded to Porter's ads and believed they were entering into a monogamous relationship with Porter" (FBI, 2013). This type of approach is very common among prostitution networks whether it involves women or children. The internet has become from this point-of-view one of the most effective means through which such actions can be carried out,

A detailed description of the case suggests…. [read more]

Forces Analysis: What Industry Definition? Essay

… Q2. Draw your recommended positioning diagrams for Snapple at the end of the case. Discuss them.

Early on, Snapple positioned itself as an 'edgy' brand, with an emphasis on its wholesome naturalness. It deployed quirky advertising campaigns and sought endorsements from offbeat celebrities like Howard Stern. However, the actual product is not clearly defined. Many other companies sell natural beverages, such as fruit juice drinks and iced teas, with similar flavor profiles. Snapple is not positioned as either a bargain product, or in the high end of the market. Rival, high end fruit drinks might include personally blended smoothies while lower-end products might include Hawaiian Punch and Juicy Juice. Snapple was able to increase its market share so quickly because of the relative novelty of…. [read more]

Force That Gives Meaning Today Term Paper

… " More and more energy is devoted to covering up the lies and contradictions that "mount over time in the drive to sustain war" (p. 63). The last thing the government wants is for artists, musicians, and disc jockeys to question the wisdom of the war or start portraying the enemy as human beings.

The government places greater and greater emphasis on the injustices the enemy has carried out in order to keep people indignant and supportive of the war. Hedges gives the example of the Palestinians and Israelis: "They each believe they are the only real victims. There is a celebration of suicidal martyrdom and justification of the tit-for-tat killing of noncombatants" (p. 92). From babyhood the children, who grow up to become suicide…. [read more]

Forces of Change Research Term Paper

… Forces of Change"; Research How to do a force field analysis

There may be different methods available for taking decisions and the important point is to use the proper method for taking the decision and this depends on the situation. There are different methods of decision making for business and force field analysis is an important method for taking decisions. The method of force field analysis understands the positives and the negatives of taking a decision. The first help it provides is through telling the individual using the method of the correct decision to take under the particular circumstance. After taking the concerned decision, then it helps the individual to know as to the factors that have to be strengthened if the decision has to…. [read more]

Force Management Challenge -- Army Essay

… It is in this stage that military spending decisions are made, and it is in this stage that Congress must be made to understand the importance of military disruptive technology and must be convinced to stand up to the protests of their constituents about spending on "Star Wars" technology.


The development of military disruptive technology has strategic, tactical, and operational components. For instance, Mitchell argues that "almost all foreseeable military disruptive technologies are linked to power storage and generation" and that nearly "all foreseeable military disruptive technologies are being kept from the battlefield by current power and energy production capability," and that the Department of Defense and the United States government are "pursuing better power generation and storage devices" (2009, p.62 ). One of…. [read more]

Use of Military Force in Mexico Term Paper

… ¶ … Military Forces in Mexico

American Military in Mexico

Mexico is embroiled in a drug war and a prolonged battle with the drug cartels. The country is the largest producer and the biggest supplier of marijuana, cocaine and met amphetamines to the U.S. Statistics show that 90% of these drugs are supplied to the U.S. from Mexico. [Colleen W. Cook, Oct 2007] There are seven main drug cartels in the country with Gulf, Juarez and the Sinaloa cartels controlling the major share of the drug trafficking market. Drug related crime and violence are on the rise in Mexico with the drug cartels actively involved in human trafficking, auto theft, violent sex crimes, and committing brutal crimes such as killing children and beheading people. Reports…. [read more]

Police Use of Force Essay

… " (U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, 1999, p.24) Beech reports that while a good understand of this is critical applying a definition to the term is difficult. However, ethical behavior on the part of police officers is not so difficult to understand since they are only to use the amount of force necessary when making an arrest. For example, when the police officer has the subject being arrested handcuffed and contained and the subject is no threat to the police officer or the public and the police officer places both hands around the neck of the suspect and chokes the suspect simply because the police officer does not like something the suspect says, this would constitute police use-of-force in violation of criminal…. [read more]

Use of Police Force Thesis

… ¶ … Police Force

To diffuse tense situations, to catch criminals, to protect the public and to protect themselves, police are endowed with power to use force. It is essential to properly train, monitor and carefully review the performance of the police force on a regular basis. A proactive approach such as the implementation of the 'Personnel Early Warning System' is the key in early detection and prevention of police abuse. Force when used in appropriate measure helps enforce law and order while its misuse erodes the basic pillar of our Law Enforcement system

The Use of Police Force

Police are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining Law and order in the society. For this cause, they are empowered to use force as and when…. [read more]

Use of Force Thesis

… Excessive Use of Force by Police

The excessive use of force in the police force has been the subject of debate for many decades. The problem relates to the fact that the police is often obliged to use some extent of force to ensure the safety of the public. Being involved in a highly stressful job situation however means that judgment may be impaired in terms of what type of force is appropriate for the particular situation faced at the time. Police officers could also make errors in judgment, for example mistaking a gesture of surrender for the intention of force. Tragedy could then result. When investigating the various types of force generally used by police officers, trends can be established and the excess of…. [read more]

Microsoft Bong and Google Essay

… Microsoft is primarily used throughout enterprises, where Chief Information Officers (CIOs) manage these platforms to avert risk first and make them flexible for internal users later. Google is quite the opposite, having started as a personal productivity platform, then emanated into the enterprise through their marketing efforts (Iyer, Davenport, 2008). As resistance to change is a major impediment to getting new users within companies to adopt technologies, Google has the edge from this product usability standpoint. Google also has the edge from an overall integration standpoint of their systems into enterprise applications, as Google engineering has developed a series of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that enable their core search engine to be used as part of enterprise workflows (Cho, 2009). All of these factors taken…. [read more]

Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance Research Paper

… Forced Compliance

Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance:

The article presented for the purposes of this paper, below, is written by two Stanford University scholars and focuses, as one can see from the above title, on "Cognitive Consequence of Forced Compliance." While the title sounds very academic, and is deeply pensive, one must ask exactly what this essay aims to do, and whether these concepts are as hard to understand and as complex as they may seem at first glance. Indeed, in order to answer these queries, one must summarize the various parts of the article, all of which is rendered below.

The article begins by asking a very important question, one which will shadow its entire analysis, and which states: What happens to a person'…. [read more]

Forced Labor and Slavery Develop Essay

… Africans were characterized as innately inferior to whites as a way of justifying slavery and because the practice of slavery had become so interlinked with the African slave trade.

In the Southern colonies, there was particular pressure to use enslaved labor as a means of remaining profitable. Bacon's Rebellion created a fear of the possibility of rebellion of lower-class whites. Virginia and later all of the Southern states "passed laws defining slaves as chattel property whose status was both lifelong and hereditary" (Davis 2012). While there were some attempts to enslave Native Americans, this proved difficult since Native Americans found it easy to escape and hide in the forests they knew better than whites. Africans were accustomed to the tropical climates and hard labor. Southern…. [read more]

Using Force Field Case Study

… Additionally, these forces inter-relate in another way. One pushing force generally occurs, and then a pulling force comes along and adjusts for it. As long as there is a pulling force to adjust for each pushing force, the organization will be able to advance. When there are pushing forces that do not have pulling forces to offset them, that is where stagnation and other problems can occur. The driving and restraining forces have to be in balance and inter-related or there is not going to be a significant forward motion made in any organization.

I gained a number of insights from the analysis, including ways in which my organization could be more effective. While we do have solid management support, there are areas where the…. [read more]

Business How Forces Essay

… As consumers pay more, they may purchase fewer products, which impact the overall economy. As such, the ideas of all parties will affect the overall relationship between business, government and society.

Measure the importance of law and government regulation as a force guiding business behavior.

Government involvement in a market economy is necessary only when the industry is systemically important to the overall functioning of the economy. These systemically important institutions, if default occurs, could threaten the economic system of America. These industries, including energy and banking require extensive government oversight in addition to intervention if needed. In many instances, little government involvement is beneficial to the market economy as it allows competitive forces to dictate operating results. The lack of government intervention, the private…. [read more]

Airbus and Boeing Porters Essay

… , n.d., p. 7). Within the airframe manufacturing industry, a secondary buyer also emerges, the airline; "major airlines and the largest leasing companies often place orders for dozens of planes at a time. One company's order can make up approximately 15% of all of Boeing's or Airbus's commercial airframe orders in a single year" (Chapter 12: Industry Analysis, n.d.).

A fourth force is the bargaining power of suppliers. Within the airframe manufacturing industry, the oil industry has a major impact on the manufacture and use of airframes as all airframe firms must accept and adapt to changes in fuel pricing (Sinha et al., n.d., p. 8). Increasing airfares to compensate for the continued rise in fuel prices often results in decreased air traffic. While no…. [read more]

United States Automotive Industry Research Paper

… The automobile industry of the United States is saturated by a large number of well-established local and international brands. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are the local automobile giants whereas Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, and Hyundai; the big five international brands have more than 80% share in this industry. All these local and international brands are competing with each other on the basis of technology, exterior design, performance, prestige, price, fuel efficiency, and environmental impacts of their automobiles.

In order to attract customers from the potential markets, these competitors are expending a huge amount from their budget on their marketing and promotional activities. Advertisements are done on all the electronic, print, and social media in which target customers are directly addressed and persuaded using different…. [read more]

Blue Nile Porter's Five Forces Essay

… Blue Nile simply needs to become much larger and much better if it wants to survive in the long run.

5. Blue Nile has a couple of strengths from which it derives competitive advantage. The first of these is the company's brand, but a more important strength is Blue Nile's supply chain structure, as this allows it to be cost competitive even with larger firms. The main weakness of Blue Nile is that the company is relatively small, and a large segment of the jewelry market either has not conceived of purchasing online or still does not trust it: Blue Nile's reach is still too small to make its own case.

There are significant threats to Blue Nile. Most of these come from competitors, but…. [read more]

Force of the Winds Essay

… ¶ … force of the winds is the major cause of patterns produced on the ocean surface. They are then modified by the effect of the Carioles Force due to the earth's rotation. Like gyres, the ocean floor dictates their characteristics (Gardiner, 2010). On question 2, swells, breaking surf and tsunamis despite all being products of the ocean activities, the tsunamis prove more violent in terms of force and speed (Crouse, n.d.). On question 3, the paper illustrates that tidal patterns will vary depending on their location in the ocean as there exists varying gravitational forces that changes from the equator towards the poles, hence the characteristics and types of tidal patterns (Lee, and Normark, 2009, p. 223). On question 4, pelagic and benthic survival…. [read more]

Situational Analysis Five Forces Term Paper

… ¶ … five force analysis of a company called the Solar Bird feeder. The writer explores the meaning of a macro environment for the industry and uses this case study to illustrate the elements of a five competitive forces analysis.


Many elements go into the development of products and services. One of the first steps to good business planning is the analyzing of many factors that will have an impact on that product or service. Whether the impact will be direct or indirect that factor needs to be addressed so that proactive steps can be taken to incorporate it into the final plan. A key factor in the planning of business is the study of the Macro environment. The macro environment is a…. [read more]

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