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Use of Force and Discovery Term Paper

… Force & Discovery

Use of Force and Discovery

Use of Force: What has the United States Supreme Court ruled regarding the use of force?

In Tennessee vs Garner, the U.S. Supreme Court held that when the suspect flees or forcibly resists arrest, the officer might use all the means at his disposal, including the use of force. In the case of Tennessee vs. Garner, the officer used deadly force against a suspect despite being reasonably sure the suspect did not pose an immediate danger to the police, the suspect did pose a potential danger. Also, in Graham vs Connor the court looked at Graham v Connor and determined the use of a police service dogs on a misdemeanant was reasonable under the circumstances

According to…. [read more]

Discovery of the Structure of DNA by Watson and Crick Research Paper

… Discovery of the Structure of DNA by Watson and Crick

Arguably, one of the greatest discoveries of human kind has been DNA. This is because its structure holds the key to human evolution, as it is the basic foundation for how all life is created. Simply put, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a double helix formation that contains the elements of: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. It can be located in: the nucleus and the mitochondria of a cell. Where, it will contain all the genetic information that is critical in the functioning of our cells and organs in daily life. This is significant, because the discovery has allowed scientists, to be able to answer numerous questions about the origins of human kind and it has…. [read more]

Math Resource Critiques Essay

… Mathematics: A Critique of Two Products

Jump Math


Jump Math refers to an educational resource primarily to be harnessed by teachers which covers the curriculum needed for students from grades one to eight. It uses a pedagogical method referred to as "guided discovery" or "micro-investigation" which supports the student making small discoveries or steps, learning basic concepts one at a time which they can then build on. "Students learn and understand mathematical concepts by answering questions and working independently to challenges, while being strictly controlled by the teacher and receiving support at all times" ( Essentially the method believes in the balance of the student engaging in exploration, with assessment and evaluation: discovery is safe because the teacher is always there to help aid…. [read more]

Columbus's Description of the Discovery Essay

… Although the natives are characterized as 'natural' and 'friendly' they are clearly seen, on a sliding scale of humanness, as more primitive and thus less advanced the European Christians. Columbus carefully notes their darker skin and painted, savage appearance, and with a somewhat cool, implied assessment of the threat that they pose to him notes: "They do not carry arms and have no knowledge of them, for when I showed them our swords they took them by the edge, and through ignorance, cut themselves. They have no iron; their spears consist of staffs without iron, some of them having a fish's tooth at the end and others other things. As a body they are of good size, good demeanor, and well formed" but do not…. [read more]

Luigi Persico's "Discovery of America" Was Placed Term Paper

… Luigi Persico's "Discovery of America" was placed at large stairway of the east facade of the Capitol and after considerable protests from the masses it was removed permanently in 1958 (Jaffe, 2008). The first look at the statue without going in to historical perspective depicts a hostile scenario between the studious man holding a spherical object high above the bowed and perplexed women, inappropriately dressed and tribal. Historically it represents the American hero that everyone in America agrees upon; someone who is accepted across various regions and ethnicities. Christopher Columbus was the earliest "founding father" for American Nation, being remembered due to his goodness, solemnity and inventiveness besides librating Native Americans from their barbarian ways (Brown, 2007) the removal of statue represents a gradual change…. [read more]

Discovery of a Cure Term Paper

… Trained sales personnel are required to introduce the drugs to the doctors and a marketing campaign on a global level is also required to introduce the drug to the people who really need it. Advertisement campaigns will differ significantly between regions based on the population and the knowledge of the product, the disease and the treatment available that they have.

The industry is very competitive and the constant stream of new and innovative products in the market requires that innovative method for marketing this product is constantly sought. Labor costs are also high in this industry due to the expertise requirements and the intense competition between various companies to attract and retain the best individuals for the company. Finding marketing personnel who understand the region…. [read more]

Product Liability Jonathan Swift's Use Essay

… " This group of beings is held in high esteem for their simplicity and natural approach to life and society.

As the story progresses, Gulliver eventually becomes so ashamed of his humanity he almost begins to act like a horse. Gulliver tries to transcend his conditioning and vows to change his way. His eventual elimination of some of his bad tendencies through imitation of the Houyhnhnms cannot save him from his destiny. Gulliver is eventually exiled away from this land on the grounds that his combination of greater intelligence than Yahoos and lesser virtue than Houyhnhnms makes him dangerous and he should not be permitted to stay..

At the conclusion of the story, Gulliver is presented with an interesting challenge. Gulliver is awake and understands…. [read more]

Discovery of a Time Capsule Essay

… Discovery of a Time Capsule

Impact of the 1960s

The sixties were ruled by the youth, as 70 million kids from the post-war infant advancement became young adults and young people. The motion far from the conservative fifties carried on and at some point led to advanced point-of-views and genuine modification in the cultural textile of American life. Not content to be photos of the generation ahead, young individuals desired modification. The modifications had an effect on education, values, and way of lives, laws, and home entertainment. Numerous of the advanced concepts which started in the sixties exist today (Bradley & Goodwin, 2010).

Since I grew up in the sixties, I had the ability to mature in a community where various cultures live harmoniously. Prior…. [read more]

Age of Discovery Term Paper

… ¶ … Age of Discovery:

The so-called "Age of Discovery" occurred between 1450 and 1650, roughly beginning during the early years of the Renaissance Period in Europe and ending with the "Age of Reason." During this two hundred year span, European explorers from countries like Great Britain, Spain, France and Portugal extensively traveled to the "New World" or North America in search of new trades routes that might lead them to vast resources of gold, silver and spices for the ever-expanding economies of their native countries.

One of the most famous of these explorers was Christopher Columbus who with the financial assistance of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492 to "discover" the Americas. Currently, there is much…. [read more]

Self-Discovery in Their Eyes Were Watching God Term Paper

… Self-Discovery in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Hurston utilizes the literary techniques of characterization, figurative language, narrative style, and voice to demonstrate Janie's emotional maturity in Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Huston develops Janie's character by allowing her to find her voice

Janie learns that things are not always what they seem

Janie find her voice through her relationships

Janie learns to accept confrontation as an exercise in building character

Janie learns that we can learn about ourselves through tragedy

Life's experiences make us spiritual creatures as we approach death

The novel can be seen as a tragedy but we should also look at Janie as a hero in that she does not crack under the pressure of life. Instead, she continues to learn from…. [read more]

Pseudoscientific Discovery or Product New Evidence Term Paper

… ¶ … Pseudoscientific Discovery or Product

New Evidence of Aliens Discovered near Area 51! (Lincoln County, NV - May 20, 2008).

Local resident Seymour G. Pruett, 73, and his wife, Selma, 71, were driving their four-wheel drive vehicle alongside the road adjacent to the infamous Area 51 maintained by the U.S. government recently when they discovered what they believe to be incontrovertible proof of alien presence in the United States today. Mr. Pruett enthused, "We got it all right! We got it right there in the back seat and no 'gubmit' bureaucrat can tell us we've been out in the desert too long now!" Mr. Pruett pointed to an ancient camera in his backseat which he claimed contained actual pictures of aliens in the Area…. [read more]

Watson and Crick and the Discovery of DNA's Structure Essay

… However, Watson's account of getting privileged early access to Pauling's own three-strand structure model -- which he manages to see because a draft of Pauling's paper had been sent to Pauling's son Peter, whom Watson knows as a fellow American in Cambridge -- also demonstrates some of the other larger themes of the book. Upon looking at Pauling's model, Watson is able to tell that it contains a fundamental error -- "Pauling's nucleic acid was in a sense not an acid at all" -- in much the same way that Franklin was able to spot the fundamental error of Watson and Crick's three-strand model (Watson 160). The difference, though, is that Watson does not inform Pauling of the error, as Franklin had informed Watson and…. [read more]

Hernan Cortez With the Discovery Thesis

… Hernan Cortez

With the discovery of the American continent and its riches, the Europeans were determined to take advantage of the new land. Hernan Cortez, a troubled Spanish in search of glory, had been the first to break the peaceful relationship between the Europeans and the American continent. One of the first major clashes between the two had turned out as a result of the divergences between the Aztecs and the Spanish conquerors.

People have been trying to gain as much land and riches as they possibly could ever since the early ages. This act has triggered the process of globalization because of the frequent interaction between nations that man has made with time. After the great conquests done by the early empires the world…. [read more]

Galileo His Discoveries and the Conflicts With the Church Term Paper

… Galileo's Discoveries And Conflicts With The Church

Galileo was an Italian astronomer, mathematician and physicist, who originated the scientific revolution of the 17th century, in Italy. Prior to Galileo's work, physics and astronomy were intertwined with traditional philosophy. Galileo, instead, linked mathematics with these sciences. Galileo's major contribution to science includes: the correct definition of uniform acceleration, the setting of laws of falling bodies, the development of the mathematical theory of projectile motion, the expression of numerous ideas regarding sound, light and heat, the determination of the relationship between mathematics and physics, the role of experimentation, and the challenges of infinitesimals in the analysis of matter and motion (Drake).

Yet, it would be his support of Copernican astronomy and his theory that centered on an…. [read more]

Bryan University's E-Discovery Program Resume

… Although the legal profession is famously slow to change, more and more of the work that is done by lawyers and paralegals requires sophisticated technology. Bryan would provide me with a 'virtual' way of learning about the expanding role of IT and how to use various forms of technology more effectively through the discovery process. The legal profession cannot afford to tread water technologically, nor can I.

As someone who is working full time, one of the obvious concerns of any worker is the need to strike an effective work-life balance. All of my jobs have been studies in multitasking: I have been forced to handle multiple duties, as well as balance my commitments at home with my work. I understand the need to prioritize…. [read more]

Moby Dick and Nature Term Paper

… His incontestable character strikes the imagination of the atypical power. Throughout the novel, Harman highlights Ahab's restrained awareness through constantly calling the reader's attention to the similarities between Moby Dick and Ahab. Overlooking the similarities between Moby Dick and Ahab triggers readers to mistakenly view that Moby Dick personifies some grand evil in the world or some indifferent, damaging force of nature against which Ahab is fighting (Melville 4).

Both Moby Dick and Ahab are cruel towards each other. For instance, before Moby Dick bites off Ahab's leg, Ahab seizes a line-knife from his destroyed whaleboat and stabs Moby Dick. Ahab and Moby Dick demonstrate corporal animosity towards each other. Moby Dick experiences sudden passionate corporal animosity towards people trying to destroy him, specifically the…. [read more]

Foundationally Promising Research Discoveries of the Twentieth Term Paper

… ¶ … foundationally promising research discoveries of the twentieth century is Stem Cell Biology. Only announced as a possible scientific breakthrough in late 1998, significant research has begun on stem cells, yet even the announcement of the potential benefits by the National Academy of Science that comes with the then recent isolation of human stem cells did little to curb potential controversy and conflict.

Shannon 9)

Within the recent elections the issue of stem cell research has come to the forefront of consideration by voters, experts, opponent groups and proponent groups. The most substantial challenge to the recent federal rulings against stem cell research, by the Bush administration, is the passing of proposition 71 in California, which will create, and fund a 3 billion dollar…. [read more]

Sharp Force Trauma Macroscopic Evidence on Bone Morphology Term Paper

… Sharp Force Trauma Macroscopic Evidence on Bone Morphology

Reviewing the literature is of utmost importance. Without a comprehensive review of literature on the subject, readers of a study are left with a lack of understanding or with a misconception that the results of the study or the subject being studied exists in a kind of bubble and has no relevance to other areas of study that are along the same basic issues. In order to encompass the entire issue, some of the areas that surround forensics and pathology must also be addressed before bone morphology is specifically discussed.

This is done to give an overview of the issue and to show the different ways that are used in order to ensure that crimes are solved…. [read more]

Global Terrorism Is a Systematic Research Paper

… To achieve its goals, the group uses series of force, which include bombing, and hijacking of planes.

"AI Qaeda seeks to destroy the U.S. For what they feel is oppressive foreign policy. They are also against Israel. AI Qaeda has been linked to various terrorist attacks in the world including the 2001 attack against the World Trade Center in New York.." (Jack, Bailey, & Matt, 2012, p. 238).

The group has also been linked to hotel attack in Yemen in 1992 as well as bombing of strategic places In Saudi Arabia between 1995 and 1996."AI Qaeda has declared a holy war, or "Jihad, against the U.S. AI Qaeda is also heavily involved in terrorist activity at present in Iraq." (Jack, Bailey, & Matt, 2012, p.…. [read more]

Law Enforcement Essay

… Such is the case here.

All occupants of vehicles are considered seized under the Fourth Amendment, according to Brendlin v. California (2007, 551). This traffic stop became a bit more problematic when the officers ordered the occupants to show their hands, thus revealing an active suspicion of a possible danger to the officers. The order to show their hands though, would be consistent with the need of officers to ensure a minimal protective posture against harm during routine traffic stops as discussed in Knowles v. Iowa (1998, 525). Given this jurisprudence, it is unlikely that the officer's request would be found unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment.

The question of excessive privacy intrusions during a traffic stop was also examined in Knowles and the justices found…. [read more]

Motivation: Relatedness Using the Jigsaw Term Paper

… "The main station for relatedness is social interaction. A feeling of relatedness among students may operate as an inspirational resource when kids have to face task or complications. In times of stress, kids who experience reliable others as "backing them up" react with more vitality, versatility, and beneficial activities.

Group activities (collaboration), relatedness and group motivation

Collaboration is the "mutual involvement of members in a synchronized attempt to fix a problem together." Collaborative communications are recognized by distributing objectives, balance of structure, and a higher level of settlement, interaction, and interdependence. Group activities are particularly valuable for improving undergraduate studying. Nonresponsive feedback, on the other hand, can be detrimental to undergraduates studying in collaborative situations. Collaboration can have highly effective results for undergraduate studying, particularly…. [read more]

Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: How to Transform Showroom Visitors Into Customers

American Used Cars

Finding and Filling Used Car Buyers' Needs

Personal and Private, yet, Public Sales' Persuasions

Difficult, yet Simple Significant Details

Today and Tomorrow's Timeless Truths

Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: How to Transform Showroom Visitors into Customers," depicts the title for this MBA project and embodies the hypothesis: While deeming potential used car buyers to be hesitant "one chance customers," when a seller gains insight into buyers' habits, he/she enhances understanding of a customer which amplifies positive customer engagement, and in turn, increases the likelihood that a showroom visitor will become a satisfied customer.

Components contributing to and/or influencing customers' general buying habits, as well as, customers'…. [read more]

Enhance Satellite Communication Research Paper

… Components of Satellite Communications

Use of Satellite Communications

Advantages of Satellite Communications

Disadvantages of Satellite Communications

How Satellites Work

Enhancing Satellite Communication

Satellite Communication:

Satellite communication can be described as the use of artificial satellites to offer communication connections in different points on Earth. This type of communication plays a crucial role in the telecommunications systems across the globe since there are nearly 2,000 artificial satellites around the world. These satellites orbit the Earth transmitting analog and digital signals that contain data, voice, and video from one or various locations globally. This type of communication is based on two main components i.e. The ground segment and the space segment. While the ground segment is made up of fixed or transportable transmission, reception, and additional equipments,…. [read more]

Steroid Use Controversies of the Sports World Term Paper

… Steroid Use

Controversies of the Sports World

Tough Choices: A Book about Substance Abuse

Use of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Adolescence: Winning, Looking

Good or Being Bad?

Athletes and Steroids: Playing a Deadly Game

Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Admissions before BALCO grand jury detailed

Romanowski: I broke RB's finger, took steroids, damaged brain

The Demonization of Anabolic Steroids I: What Makes These Hormones

So Evil?

What are Steroids?

Types of Steroids

Who Uses Steroids?

Reasons for Steroid Abuse

Performance Enhancement in Sports

Increasing Muscle Size

Problem Behavior

How Are Anabolic Steroids Used?

The Effects of Steroid Abuse

Masculinization in Women

Effect on Men

Cardiovascular Diseases

Liver and Skin



Telltale Signs of Steroid Abuse

Use of Anabolic Steroids in Baseball and Pro-Football

Jason Giambi

Bill Romanowsi…. [read more]

Use of Emerging Technology Thesis

… The Scientific, Commercial and Creative Prospects in Carbon Nanotube

Most simply phrased, the carbon nanotube is a form of carbon. The
most recently uncovered of eight carbon allotropes, this is a molecular
configuration of the basic element and is categorized as a member of the
fullerene family. The fullerene allotrope has itself only recently been
added to the list of known configurations. A spherical manifestation of
the element, this molecule is similar to the tubular form in its linked,
hexagonal structure and hollow walls. (Wikipedia, 1)
The carbon nanotube eluded full exploitation for so long perhaps
because of its novel structure, even more certainly, for lack of the proper
magnification technology to fully explore its possible applications.
Cylindrically shaped, carbon nanotubes are so named…. [read more]

Borrowed" Material Interestingly Case Study

… Hence, this helps to estimate the total project effort: duration, scope, issues, risks, communication, and expectations. Additionally, the produce also needs to ensure that he has a road map of the work for a set timeframe to ensure that the project resources are assigned correctly once the project actually begins.

2. Using sites offering various pictures under a free license. Several sites exist to assist with Sam's problem, such as Creative Commons, which has royalty-free pictures. It is a great tool to use when time is a premium. Additionally, Copyright laws stipulate, "The U.S. Constitution and the Federal Copyright Act give "copyright" protection to "authors" for their "original works," such as photographs. Among the protections that copyright owners have are the exclusive rights to: Make…. [read more]

Upton Sinclair's the Jungle Book Review

… It is a striking contrast to the reader to know that these horrible incidences are going on, but that no one in charge cares. This essentially shows the Marxist influence on Sinclair style. From this perspective, Sinclair is trying to be as honest as possible to expose the exploitation of lower class workers under an unrestrained capitalist society. He was even open about subjects that would've horrified the public because of their own connection to it. Sinclair discussed the negligence of the quality of the meat that was sold to the public in order to show in an honest truth what the public was consuming. He describes that "in the barrels would be dirt and rust and old nails and stale water -- and cartload…. [read more]

Use of Animal Testing Term Paper

… Animal testing is a much discussed matter at the moment and its controversy is mainly owed to the fact that a certain part of the general public supports the concept, while another is against tit Even though itmight be regarded by some as being cruel animal testing is beneficial for humanity as a whole, as it provides scientists with solid information related to drugs, their efficiency, and the effects that they have. The world of medicine owes a great deal of its discoveries to experiments that have been performed on animals. (Shank, Greek, Nobis, Swingle-Greek, 2007)

While some believe that animal testing is a rather new way of experimentation it has been performed for thousands of years, the earliest reports going back as far as…. [read more]

GIS Client / Server Systems Case Study

… This particular tool provides the agency's officers, including managers and technical staff, "with a readily accessible tool to run queries and reports and generate maps vital to the efficient management of drinking water programs under the Safe Drinking Water Act" (ESRI, 2014). As the author further points out, in addition to accessing high-resolution imagery, employees of the agency can also integrate the said imagery "within all ArcGIS Desktop products as well as via the EPA's EnviroMapper and ArclMS Web viewers" (ESRI 2014). This way, real-time solutions are created for an otherwise complex process.

The U.S. Department of the Interior

Developed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (a U.S. Department of Labor department) in collaboration with several other agencies (such as the U.S. Forest Service),…. [read more]

Civilization Historical Analysis the Daring Essay

… While Portuguese made huge profits by trading precious metals and other condiments such as Chocolates, Tobacco and others to various countries around the world. This accumulated wealth later on financed the luxurious lives of Monarchs and the holy war. Such infuse of sudden wealth and precious metals could not last forever hence later on resulting in inflation, poverty and public liabilities.

In my view the intentions of Columbus were fair and ideological, aimed towards the betterment of the Christian religion and to decrease the dependence on the then Muslim enemy. Although such a motivation could not translate in to results later on as Columbus found the "New World" though it was never his intention. After his death the prime motivation by all the countries making…. [read more]

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