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Steroids Research Paper

… Bacterial infections can also result from steroids abuse causing pain and abscess formation where injection needle is injected by the use. Endocarditis is another bacterial infection which causes fatal inflammation of the internal lining of human heart (NIH, 2001).


Many case reports and studies show that steroid abuse can cause irritability and aggression among users. The users are likely to get into physical fights, use force or commit robbery or stealing. However some researchers suggest that people use the excuse of link between steroid and aggression to steal and rob.Anabolic steroids have been stated to cause other behavioral effects such as euphoria, increased energy, sexual arousal, mood swings, distractibility, forgetfulness, and confusion. These users can also become a threat to…. [read more]

Steroids -- Cause and Effect Term Paper

… Steroids -- Cause and Effect

The cause in terms of why people -- especially those involved in athletic competition -- would take a drug as dangerous as anabolic steroids is easy to understand: athletes want an edge, they want to have a body that is more powerful and can propel them to victory, winning, and personal pride. The effects of anabolic steroids in the short-term can seem positive for the user; however, in the long run the effects of anabolic steroids are highly negative, and this paper brings to light the reasons why steroids are dangerous and can lead to serious physical and mental problems for the individual.

What are steroids? What are the different types of steroids?

First it should be established that not…. [read more]

Athletes and Steroids Historical Issue Essay

… Steroids help in treatment of appetite related conditions. The treatments of these conditions require proper diagnosis, followed by right treatment from a qualified doctor who gives the right prescription (Magdalinski, 2008). Those need to use steroids for non-medical cases use dubious means to acquire them. Some countries banned the use of steroids, and therefore the black market helps to penetrate them to individuals. Their peers and friends introduce teens to steroids usage. Unscrupulous businesspersons promote steroids trade by recruiting agents who help to promote their use. Some athlete coaches entice their trainee in to steroids use and help them acquire the drugs. Steroids business involves an extraordinarily wide network that offers powerful mechanisms in the promotion of their use.

Steroids have extremely adverse effects to…. [read more]

Use of Steroids in Athletes Term Paper

… Steroids Among Athletes

Steroids are a class of prescribed drugs, used to treat abnormally low amounts of testosterone, body wasting in the case of AIDS and other disease conditions involving loss of body mass (National Institute of Drug Abuse 2006). Anabolic steroids contain hormones or hormone-like substances, used to boost strength and muscle growth (Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence 1998). Steroids were first developed in Europe in the 30s to treat undernourished patients. They were also used for healing after surgery. Weightlifters began using them for competitions in the 50s in order to enhance their performance. The popularity and use of steroids thus spread among athletes throughout the world. Today, at least one in 15 male high school seniors in the U.S. Or half a…. [read more]

Steroid Use Controversies of the Sports World Term Paper

… Steroid Use

Controversies of the Sports World

Tough Choices: A Book about Substance Abuse

Use of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Adolescence: Winning, Looking

Good or Being Bad?

Athletes and Steroids: Playing a Deadly Game

Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Admissions before BALCO grand jury detailed

Romanowski: I broke RB's finger, took steroids, damaged brain

The Demonization of Anabolic Steroids I: What Makes These Hormones

So Evil?

What are Steroids?

Types of Steroids

Who Uses Steroids?

Reasons for Steroid Abuse

Performance Enhancement in Sports

Increasing Muscle Size

Problem Behavior

How Are Anabolic Steroids Used?

The Effects of Steroid Abuse

Masculinization in Women

Effect on Men

Cardiovascular Diseases

Liver and Skin



Telltale Signs of Steroid Abuse

Use of Anabolic Steroids in Baseball and Pro-Football

Jason Giambi

Bill Romanowsi…. [read more]

Use of Anabolic Steroids in the Sporting World Essay

… ¶ … Anabolic Steroids in the sporting world

Anabolic Steroids

Steroid usage has become increasingly common in today's society, as "the number of professional athletes who have come to rely on performance-enhancing drugs including anabolic steroids and human growth hormone has grown" (Becker & Scheufele 445). Not only is the use of performance enhancing substances fairly routine in the world of professional and Olympic-caliber sporting competition, but usage is also increasing in rank amateur levels, such as those involving athletes in both high schools and colleges. There are a variety of reasons why people opt to take steroids, and most of them are related to a perceived benefit that will aid them in competitive situations. However, a thorough analysis of existing literature unequivocally indicates that…. [read more]

Steroids Should Not Be Banned Essay

… ). Psychologically, steroids contribute to severe depression before and after use, as well as schizophrenic like symptoms (hearing voices, etc.). A number of steroid users had suicidal tendencies, too, even years after discontinuing their use. While it is true that use of anabolic steroids can increase muscle mass and improve athletic ability -- more the edge for those already at the high end of their profession- there are also other consequences. Steroids can cause cancer, especially liver cancer; they damage the liver and kidneys, often causing toxins to build up because the liver and kidney cannot flush them- thus having the opposite effect on the quality of life on the athlete. Depending on the metabolism of the individual, steroids can also cause sterility and impotence…. [read more]

Anabolic Steroid and Performance Enhancing Multiple Chapters

… , 2007).

High school athletes already realize the health risks that they are taking and now teachers and students are being made aware of the issues (Liberatore, 2009). However, mandatory drug testing has still not been instituted by most states (only now being done in New Jersey (Sysol, 2008) and is not a consideration as yet on the federal level. Although studies have demonstrated that high school athletes continue to use these drugs to artificially enhance their play, the issue of mandatory testing remains in its infancy (Sysol, 2008).


The following study was conducted using survey research in which high school athletes from one school district were asked to evaluate their known and suspected knowledge of high school anabolic steroid and PED use. 613…. [read more]

Steroid Use in Sports Term Paper

… ¶ … steroids in sports. The author works to explore the topic and brings to light several cases in which it has been a problem. Steroid use in sports is not just a problem in the professional circuit, but has crept its way into high schools and colleges across the nation. The author explores the use of steroids in that environment as well and suggests solutions to the problem.

Children across the nation are conditioned their entire lives to want to excel in sports. Watching their parents watch them from the stands encourage children to try even harder the next time. They hear their parents brag about their last game over dinner, or at a party and they learn that excelling at sports gets their…. [read more]

Steroids Are Being Essay

… Unfortunately, steroids are quite easy to get. Like most things in life, they can be purchased online without many questions and with very little fanfare. Because they are acquired so easily, and because "all" of their "idols" use them, it can be very hard for young men to understand the risks and the dangers of using steroids until it is too late for them to save or protect their health and their relationships with others.

There is another theory at work in the steroid abuse problems, as well - control theory. This theory, developed by Reckless in 1973, states that people do what they want to do most at any given time, as opposed to being controlled by stimuli that come from external factors. Social…. [read more]

Steroids in Professional Sports Essay

… That approach is most consistent with our valuation of personal freedom and autonomy. Steroids do not magically improve athletic ability without very hard work; in fact, they do the exact opposite: they allow athletes who already devote their lives to athletic training to work and train even harder and to improve their performance as a result of being able to work that much harder. The use of steroids in professional sports should be required to be monitored by physicians but not prohibited. More generally, professional athletes should not be promoted as role models for children, based on behavior that has absolutely nothing to do with…. [read more]

Athlete Who Uses Performance Enhancing Substances Essay

… Drama

Athlete who uses Performance Enhancing Substances

There have been several court documents that have shown that Barry Bonds tested positive for three types of steroids throughout his career. Among other evidence that has been made public there was a positive test for amphetamines in 2006 in a urine sample Bonds gave to Major League Baseball. There were doping calendars that his agent had maintained with the initials "BB" and a handwritten note seized from his house labeled "Barry" that appears to be a laundry list of steroids and planned blood tests (Court Documents Show Barry Bonds Tested Positive for 3 Types of Steroids, 2009)

According to his ex-girlfriend because of the steroids his body had grown thicker, his back was pocked with acne, his…. [read more]

Steroids Essay

… Steroids

The term "steroids" can refer to a wide range of drugs that are taken to improve muscle building and athletic performance. Anabolic steroids are the most common type, and are basically compounds that resemble testosterone (Drug Slang terms for steroids include roids, pumpers, juice, juicers, and terms that make them sound more like other medicines and supplements like weight trainers and strength enhancers (ONDCP). Steroids are classified by the federal government as a Schedule III substance, meaning that they have a lower potential of abuse than other drugs (Drug They do not fit into other categories like uppers, depressants, or hallucinogens, though they can have effects similar to all of these drugs.

Steroids can be taken orally or injected ( They can…. [read more]

Athletes as Role Models Research Proposal

… '

What the media tells us and presents to us

Of course, no athlete really stands for and symbolizes anything other than a combination of genetic gifts, skill, and hard work. The idea that the athlete symbolizes higher moral values is a projection of the media. It is not enough to generate interest in an athletic story, beyond a narrow fan base, to merely focus on wins and losses. Instead the media must tell a striking parable about an athlete, such as the tale of Tiger Woods' purity and dedication -- a story which took an unexpected turn when Woods' marital infidelity was revealed.

What the media doesn't tell us and present to us

Inevitably, a one-sided portrait emerges of athletes. And perhaps with even…. [read more]

English Topic Steroid Essay

… However, this process is not possible and athletes who want to use steroids simply need to accept that it is probable for them to be negatively affected consequent to consuming substances enhancing their abilities.

Steroid use is essentially a form of cheating when considering athletes who use them. Because of their effectiveness, steroids create an inequitable advantage for individuals using them and virtually come against one of the most important rule in sports -- the one relating to how contests need to be fair. This made it possible for many athletes today to turn to steroids because they have trouble keeping up with contestants using artificial substances in order to improve their abilities. Cheating is normally considered to be wrong, but when considering the fact…. [read more]

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Term Paper

… Steroids in Sports - Dangerous Practice, Bad Example for Youth, and Just Another Way to Cheat

Throughout the vast, diffuse worlds of amateur and professional athletics alike today, champions; ex-champions, and (mostly0 would-be champions of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; at competitions from local Olympic tryouts to the World Cup, compete fiercely to be top of the sport: win first place; bring home the pennant, hoist the Wimbledon Cup, wear Olympic gold, not silver or bronze, which in today's mercilessly cutthroat ambience of 'winners' and 'losers', makes one practically just another also-ran. Unfortunately for athletes; sports; and fans especially, here steroids often enter the picture. Steroids can damage long-term health and even cause death; set a horrible example for youth (and everyone); and give a…. [read more]

Anabolic Steroids Medical Issues Article Critique

… Also side effects of the steroids recede as the athlete stops their use (Dhar, Stout, Link and et al., 2005). The health benefits and side effects of every drug differ depending upon the individual health status and the type of organ the drug effects. Therefore, proper monitoring can help in avoiding or decreasing the deleterious effects of the anabolic steroids.

Despite athletes may get awareness about all the medical issues and adverse affects, they will always try to make themselves better in order to compete and maintain their bodies. So the doctors should do research on different types of anabolic steroids. They should test their potency, efficacy and harmful effects and after considering all these factors they should suggest proper dosage for the right use.…. [read more]

Sports and Steroids Thesis

… Sports and Steroids

Steroids and Their Effects

Steroids or anabolic steroids are drugs containing hormones or similar substances, which are used to increase strength and grow muscles (Donald & Talmadge 1998). When first developed in Europe in the 30s, they were used to treat under-nourished patients and induce their healing after surgery. It was in the 50s that competitive weightlifters discovered steroids to improve athletic performance. Athletes of other sports took after them, so that gradually, at least one out of15 male high school seniors in the U.S. has used the drugs. Some of them just want to increase strength and size, while others want to grow up faster to catch up with peers. Anabolic steroids can be bought over the counter in some countries,…. [read more]

Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Teenagers Term Paper

… ¶ … Anabolic Steroids on Teenagers

The Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Teenagers: Article Review and Critique

Although many of the current media reports and the increased attention from governing bodies where sports are concerned may seem to imply otherwise, the use of performance-enhancing drugs (generally steroids) by athletes is not really seen to be a new phenomenon, and many of these steroids have very adverse psychological effects on those that take them (Kindlundh, Hagekull, Isacson, & Nyberg, 2001). According to the article by Kindlundh, Hagekull, Isacson, and Nyberg (2001), these effects can include aggressiveness, an increase in sexual desire, and an increase in masculine behaviors, as well as hallucinations, sleep disorders, anxiety, confusion, euphoria, and paranoia.

The study that they performed looked at competitive…. [read more]

Professional Athletes Do Not Deserve Such High Salaries Term Paper

… Athlete Salaries: The Price of Gladiator

The early Greeks and Romans gave us the image of the heroic gladiator, a tall, muscular and physically fit man who towers in height above the average man; a man who, in as few as three moves, can break the neck of man and ferocious beast alike. They are the heroes of Virgil and Homer, and they are the men endowed with superhuman powers that mesmerized and entertained thousands during the Olympic Games of old (Garland, Robert, 2005, p. 24). They were the ancient day celebrity (Garland, Robert, 2005, p. 24). They evolved into the modern day athlete; boxers, football players, baseball players, and other athletes who stand as overpaid, overrated, modern day gladiators. Today's "gladiators" are overrated, overpaid…. [read more]

Anabolic Steroids. This Drug Has an Effect Term Paper

… ¶ … anabolic steroids. This drug has an effect of the dihydrotestosterone or the testosterones on the body and is more commonly known as the "steroids" and the technical term used for them is "anabolic-androgen steroids (AAS)." The word anabolic has been derived from the Greek word "

" anabole which means "something which is thrown up" and androgenic is the word that is derived from the word

Andros which means "of a man" + -? -genes, "born" (Grace et al., 2003).

These steroids or anabolic drugs are known to have virilizing and androgenic characteristics because of which they cause the development of masculine characteristics such as: the growth of body hair, deepening of the voice and testicles (Grace et al., 2003).

The drug actions…. [read more]

Community Prevention Drug Use Among High School Thesis

… Community Prevention

Drug use among high school athletes is often a problem in relation to the pressure to perform while also coping with other factors such as peer group, home life, and school work. The temptation to use steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs therefore increases concomitantly with pressures from the social and private lives of the athletes. In order to help curb this problem, I would therefore propose a community prevention program that focuses on preventing drug use in high school athletes in Boise High School, Idaho.


Risk factors include: a difficult home life, where there is for example constant discord between parents, or between the parents and children; parents and family members who use drugs; friends who use drugs; and the availability of…. [read more]

Nutritional Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Teenagers Term Paper

… Nutritional Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Teenagers

The use of anabolic- steroids is commonly known for its alleged ability to enhance performance sport. There is a general tendency to accept its "....positive skeletal muscle-enhancing effect"; although this aspect has not been conclusively proven. (Wichstrom, and Pedersen 5) More controversially, the use of steroids, especially among teenagers or adolescents, has been shown to have possible negative health implications. These include, among others, the risk of coronary heart disease, liver disease, testicular atrophy, prostate cancer, and breast enlargement in men and decrease in women. (Bahrke et al., 1998) There are also psychological side effects relating to steroids that can exacerbate physical ailments as a result of the use of this substance. These aspects in turn have an…. [read more]

Steroid Use in Baseball Term Paper

… ¶ … new steroid and drug policy in baseball.

It will cover how the use of steroids affects the game, the players, and the public. Baseball players who used steroids hit center stage earlier this year when several players testified before a Congressional panel. In addition, Major League Baseball (MLB) instituted new policies with "stiffer" penalties for players who test positive for steroids and other banned substances this season. However, these penalties seem minor compared to others in the professional arena, and they still do not solve the larger problem of why players feel compelled to use performance-enhancing drugs in the first place. Baseball must look at the reasons behind drug use to finally solve the problem for the last time.

Baseball players are using…. [read more]

Athlete Concerning Intimidation, Eligibility Case Study

… He had to heighten his draft prospect for he had no intentions of going a head in his education which was even known by the coaches. The staffs arranged for Rudy his classes which evident violation of ethical values and he is never been held responsible for his action even after obtaining (DUI) falsely. These were not enough he went and advertise himself in college without considering the other team mates. At the games in the field he gain superstars type calls from referees which was malicious and he was physical in his type of play which was not being permitted to do so.

It is very important that our children are given teaching while they are still in elementary leagues to cub out chances…. [read more]

Anabolic Steroids Ergogenic Aids Are Devices, Drugs Term Paper

… Anabolic Steroids

Ergogenic aids are devices, drugs, procedures and other substances that are constantly used to increase energy level in an individual and increase his/her performance. Mostly these substances are used by sports persons who want results but instead of facing the other competitors on fair grounds they stimulate their muscles so that their metabolism does not work normally and thereby winning tournaments with ease. Ergogenic aids are prohibited in almost all sporting ventures with strict punishments attached to those found using them. Some of the substances that are regarded as energy complements are sold as food supplements (health supplements). Sometimes sports personalities use these substances without their knowledge; they might buy food supplements that contain some of the prohibited substances and end up being…. [read more]

Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Sports Research Paper

… Those who are in the professional level and win get more lucrative contracts and are then offered highly profitable endorsement deals (Freudenrich 2). Michael Jordan was a basketball player for the Chicago Bulls but his streak on the court led to many such deals so that even some twenty years after retirement he still pulls in millions of dollars a year through Nike shoes and other endorsements. In winning, there is a great deal of money to be made which is another source of pressure for athletes.

The steroid controversy is far from over but there are becoming more stern restrictions against the use of performance-enhancing drugs in competitive sports. One of the sporting world's most famous names and indeed the most famous bicyclist in…. [read more]

Has the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs of Professional Athletes Negatively Impacted Athletes and Sports? Term Paper

… Sports - Steroids in Sports


Pharmaceutical performance enhancement in sports and military combat has existed about as long as recorded history. In many cases, ancient athletes and warriors used some of the same stimulants and medicinal herbs commonly at issue today in connection with professional sports. In principle, it is immediately obvious why drugs taken immediately before competition to provide a momentary advantage would be anathema to the spirit of athletic competition (Bettman 2008; Stern 2008). Likewise, it is perfectly understandable to prevent irresponsible drug use by minors.

It is not immediately apparent, logically, why professional athletes should be prohibited from using drugs that enhance performance only indirectly, such as in conjunction with long-term training. It may be that the…. [read more]

Legal Implications of Steroid Use by Amateur Term Paper

… ¶ … Legal Implications of Steroid Use by Amateur Athletes Today

Scarcely a day goes by when Americans are not confronted with headlines or commentators announcing the latest scandals of amateur or professional athletes being discovered taking steroids. Given the enormous amount of attention directed at this trend in recent years, many observers are left wondering what all of the fuss is really about. In order to discern the facts, this paper provides a review and discussion of the scholarly and peer-reviewed literature concerning steroid use among amateur and professional athletes, followed by an analysis of the salient issues. A summary of the research and recommendations are provided in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Background and Overview.

The use of various performance-enhancing drugs by competitive…. [read more]

Enhancements in Sports Term Paper

… Steroid Use in High School Students

The problems associated with the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs - notably steroids - in professional and amateur sports are threatening to damage the reputation of players, teams, leagues, and those officials whose duty it is to present honest athletic competition to the public. The evidence is very clear, when it comes to the negative affects that steroids have on the human body, but that hasn't stopped athletes from using steroids to gain a competitive edge. But the most shocking aspect of the steroid issue is the growing evidence of usage by high school students. Schools and parents need to find solutions to this problem, before athletes become addicted to these substances and ruin their health - and the…. [read more]

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