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Birth Control and Abstinence Research Paper

… Although a lot of other methods discussed above can have high success rates if used as they should be, they cannot succeed frequently. Their success depends on the sort of birth control used. The practice of abstinence, however, guarantees that a female has no chance of becoming pregnant as no opportunity is provided to the sperm to join with an egg (Macones).

As far as the benefits of sexual abstinence are concerned, it surely protects people against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some STDs spread in the course of oral-genital sex or even via close skin-to-skin contact with no real penetration of male penis into female vagina. Herpes and genital warts spread in the same way. It means that if one avoids all types of intimate…. [read more]

Birth Control Term Paper

… Research is on-going to refine and invent more types and safer birth control methods. It would be fair to say that without the pioneering spirits of our great-great grandmothers, this may not have been the case.

Personal Stand on Birth Control believe that birth control is a private matter between partners. I believe that any type of birth control which prevents conception is moral and acceptable. I do not, however, believe that abortion or the "morning after" pill is morally acceptable forms of birth control.

Abstract of Birth Control - Then and Now This paper traces the history of birth control from ancient to modern times. Several types of birth control devices and concoctions are described and the attitudes of different groups of people concerning…. [read more]

Vaginal Births and Support Capstone Project

… , 2015). Additional articles note the need for support in all forms for better health outcomes. “To end preventable maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality, every pregnant woman and newborn need skilled care at birth with evidence?based practices delivered in a humane, supportive environment” (Chaturvedi & Raven, 2015, p. 144). Nonpharmacologic methods including support are beneficial during labor (Chaillet et al., 2014). Stress plays a part in rates of caesarean births (Ko, Lin, & Chen, 2014).

Develop Recommendations for Change Based on Evidence

Recommendations are as follow: promote continuous support to woman in labor through family members and nursing staff. Nurses can educate expectant mothers on how to breathe. Family members can provide physical comfort and emotional support. Doctors and other members can…. [read more]

Cesarean Section Rate Essay

… It is certain that along with the problem is a great deal of uncertainty on how this problem will ultimately be resolved. What is certain is that the nurse practitioner is in a unique position to positively affect the rate of women giving vaginal birth rather than having a cesarean delivery and with this known arises certain recommendations based on the literature reviewed in this study.


The literature reviewed in this study has emerged to indicate that a study should be instituted that examines this matter and that the study be qualitative in nature as this will include the need to understand certain social phenomenon that contribute to this specific choice among doctors and expectant mothers that demands to be disseminated along with the…. [read more]

Risks of Epidural Anesthesia in Normal Vaginal Delivery Outweighs the Benefits Research Paper

… Risks of Epidural Anesthesia in Normal Vaginal Delivery Outweighs the Benefits

Impact of Epidural Anesthesia on the Health/Medical State of Mother

Impact of Epidural Anesthesia on the Health State of Baby

Impact of Epidural Anesthesia on the Psychological Well-being of Mothers

Social Disadvantages of Epidural Anesthesia for Mothers and Babaies

Anesthesia is a part of general medicinal practices that are commonly employed in present times. Its vital purpose is to reduce the pain/discomfort during surgery or any pain inflicting procedure under medical scenario. Furthermore, Epidural anesthesia is one of the most familiar types of anesthesia that are being performed currently. It plays a significant role in reducing pain experienced by women during labor and childbirth; however, it encompasses several risks that cannot be disregarded at…. [read more]

Mothers and Childbirth The Importance of Continual Support for Improved Outcomes Capstone Project

… This includes better and spontaneous vaginal birth, shorter labor periods, being less likely to have caesarean birth, instrumental vaginal birth, lower incidences of needing to use analgesia and use of regional analgesia, and fewer incidences of negative feelings about childbirth (Bohren et al., 2017). The evidence found literally nothing negative about having consistent support in place for women. In this case, the evidence based interventions that will be used will revolve around implementing a source of consistent support for the mothers—be this support in the form of a friend, relative, or members of the clinical team.

Develop Recommendations for Change Based on Evidence

Based on the rigorous research that was conducted by Bohren and colleagues, the answer is clear: making a…. [read more]

Infant Mortality Health Care Disparities Term Paper

… It was concluded in the study that, "newborns discharged early had significantly lower socioeconomic status than newborns with longer stays" (Malkin et al., 2000). This demonstrates the apparent group involved in the shorter hospital stays, of which, proportionately, more blacks belong to than whites, and the hindrance of medical insurance and Medicare in providing optimal postpartum care to mother and child, resulting in increased mortality rates.

The statistical findings and related data analysis of several prominent groups has determined that racial and socioeconomic factors consistent with race do influence the higher infant mortality rates in black babies as compared to white babies. The problem is identified, as are related effectors, such as low birth weight, health care delivery and access, and managed health care budgets.…. [read more]

Perinatal Loss Support at Time of Diagnosis Capstone Project

… Perinatal Loss Support at Time of Diagnosis

The magnitude of perinatal loss measured by statistics is significant. The magnitude of the impact and consequences of perinatal loss on the parents who experience it is an area which merits more detailed investigation. Adaptation to the loss of a pregnancy at any gestational age is a crisis to any parent, many of whom have had little experience coping with death. Approximately 25% of all pregnancies end in some type of loss (i.e., miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or neonatal death) (Woods & Esposito, 1987).

The interventions by health care professionals provided to bereaved parents must be delineated and defined from the beginning of suspected or actual diagnosis to best meet the individual needs of grieving couples. An understanding…. [read more]

Risks of Epidural Anesthesia in Normal Vaginal Delivery Outweighs the Benefits Research Paper

… Risks of Epidural Anesthesia in Normal Vaginal Delivery Outweighs the Benefits

Epidural anesthesia refers to an anesthetic procedure delivered through a catheter (small tube) into a space outside the spinal cord known as the epidural space. The main use of the catheter is to aid in infusing a solution, which usually contains a local anesthetic and a narcotic. The local anesthetics commonly used are bupivacaine and ropivacaine. These anesthetics when mixed with a required dose of the narcotic fentanyl, makes the appropriate solution used in the procedure. When the solution passes through the small catheter, it blocks the nerve roots found in the spinal cord, and the sympathetic nerves in the epidural space. Depending on the placement of where the catheter is, epidural analgesia may…. [read more]

Diagnosis of Back Pain in Middle-Aged Female Essay

… Stiffness, or myalgia; exhibits full ROM; no numbness or tingling in extremities; no sciatica; no varicosities

Denies strenuous exercise

Denies abdominal pain; abdomen soft, non-tender; no enlargement or palpable mass

Teaching & counseling indications

Evaluate if muscular strength is adequate to picking up children

Differential Diagnosis

Positive Data

Negative Data

Reproductive tract problems

PPTL after 3rd pregnancy / delivery

Denies abnormal PAPs STDs or female problems

Perimenopausal - Change in menses cycle, with heavier bleeding and cramping; dysmenorrhea 1-2 days before cycles begin

Three unremarkable vaginal live birth deliveries; natural childbirth, episiotomy for 1st and 2nd births

Two older sisters had TAH for female problems

Denies painful intercourse (other than past 2 weeks); no recent change in coitus habits

Denies yeast infection or cervicitis

Both…. [read more]

Postpartum Teaching Essay

… ¶ … birth places a tremendous emotional and physical strain on a woman. Postpartum teaching can alleviate many of the stressors associated with motherhood, and help the new mother ease her transition from the hospital to home. Moreover, postpartum teaching can help a mother prevent many problems ranging from constipation to postpartum depression.

Postpartum teaching consists of multiple levels of learning: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. This report will address postpartum teaching on each of these three main levels. The following teaching project will include assessments of the learner, the teacher, and the resources required for the session. Also, the teaching project will include a thorough teaching plan detailing cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning objectives. A subject and content outline plus a rationale for the teaching…. [read more]

Antenatal Education Systematic Review Dissertation

… However, recently, studies have shown an increase in knowledge as a result of these antenatal education classes. These studies have also highlighted the importance of using a wide range of techniques in the classes to improve the health and well-being of the pregnant mother Su et al., 2007a ()

The impact of antenatal education classes on maternal emotional states as one of the psychological well-being factors is an important consideration in understanding the effect of these classes Schachman et al., 2004.

Maternal emotions can influence the health and social well-being of the mother and the baby thus is important in both the behavioral and psychological well-being of the fetus and the mother as well Malata et al., 2007.

One important question to understand is the…. [read more]

Sexual Transmitted Disease Term Paper

… Sexually Transmitted Disease

Sexual Transmitted Disease

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) refers to illnesses or infections that are spread through human sexual behaviors and are also known as venereal disease or sexually transmitted infections. These diseases usually occur through a variety of ways including anal sex, vaginal intercourse and oral sex with the most common means being through sexual intercourse with an infected person.

There are various types of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, and HIV / AIDS. However, the main causes of sexually transmitted diseases are viruses, parasites, and bacteria. While these diseases affect both men and women, they are usually severe in women than men.

Though most of these diseases are treatable, some of them still lack effective…. [read more]

HIV Prevention Term Paper

… HIV Prevention

It is a myth that only homosexual men and promiscuous women are susceptible to contracting HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This very serious disease does not discriminate. In fact, HIV can be contracted by anyone. Because it can happen to anyone, HIV should be understood by everyone. Everyone can do something to help stop the spread of HIV.

HIV is a wide-spread disease that continues to spread rapidly, with statistics in the millions. It has killed twenty-five million people from all over the world, and over forty million people currently have HIV or AIDS. In the past few years, millions of people have contracted the disease. Of the forty million that are infected, about seventy percent live in Sub-Saharan Africa. While the majority…. [read more]

One on One Nursing During Childbirth Essay

… ¶ … Nursing through Stages of Labor and Delivery:

For many women and families, labor and delivery is usually a time of excitement and expectations that is coupled with anxiety, uncertainties, and fear. This is largely because childbirth represents a huge transition in a woman's life that involves becoming a mother and learning and growing in the entire process. Actually, the experiences of labor and delivery remain in the woman's memory for the rest of her life. As a result of the experiences, the care and support that women receive during this period is quite critical and important. The main objective of caring and supporting women during this process is to provide a positive experience for the mother and her family. Moreover, the care and…. [read more]

Contraceptive Devices Review of Contraceptive Methods Term Paper

… Contraceptive Devices

Review of Contraceptive Methods

What type of contraceptive device would be appropriate for a woman who says she is too forgetful to be trusted to take birth control pills, or use a diaphragm? And this is a woman who doesn't trust the so-called "rhythm method" nor does she ever want to have an abortion; so, what's the best advice a person could give her? This paper reviews alternatives to the methods mentioned in this paragraph, and looks into possible side effects and also into their effectiveness in providing reliable protection from pregnancy. There are in fact several workable and reasonably dependable methods to prevent pregnancy, and those will be reviewed. And for the contraceptive device that this writer believes is the best for…. [read more]

Use of Epidural Anesthesia in Labor Research Paper

… Epidural Anesthesia…

Use of Epidural Anesthesia in labor

"Epidural Anesthesia: Restrictions and Unintended Medical Intervention with Use"

"Epidural Anesthesia: Restrictions and Unintended Medical Intervention with Use"

The utilization of epidural anesthesia during labor has increased exponentially over the last 30 years. The practice offers individuals increased comfort and reduced pain during delivery and is a very popular option for women and for the doctors and nurses who aide in their deliveries. "In the United States, epidural anesthesia has become the most commonly employed tool to manage the pain of labor. Indeed, 71% of a representative sample of women in America who used pain medication during their vaginal birth labors reported having had an epidural" (De Sevo, M. & Semeraro, 2010, p. 11). Epidural anesthesia is…. [read more]

Control of Reproduction and Sexually Transmitted Disease Thesis

… ¶ … Human Reproductive Health and Sexuality

Ethical Sexuality:

There are moral issues that apply to human sexuality just as there are moral issues that apply to most other human interactions where choices and actions taken by one person affect others. While it may not presently be reflected in the law, there is certainly a moral obligation not to carelessly transmit known sexual diseases to others, especially to the extent that entails deceiving them or purposely misrepresenting one's health.

In principle, if it could be proven that one individual transmitted a sexual disease to another despite being aware of the risk and despite being asked about his or her sexual health, there may very well be a basis for a civil lawsuit. Unlike the common…. [read more]

Human Papilloma Virus Essay

… The following statistics reveal necessary information pertaining to the prevalence of the infection among teenagers in UK. The data indicates those females are more inclined towards having infectious diseases and develop cancers. The contributing factor chart identifies important information of the factors involved in transmission and development of the virus initiated diseases.

Rates of HPV related cancers



Cervical cancer


Anal cancer



Vulva cancer


Vaginal cancer


Penile cancer


Oral cavity



Pharynx (excluding nasopharynx)



Factors contributing to cervical cancer (cofactors)

Smoking prevalence (%)

women 31.1

Total fertility rate (live births per women)


Oral contraceptive use (%)


HIV prevalence (%), adults (15-49 years)


The following statistics reveal necessary information pertaining to the prevalence…. [read more]

Female Genital Mutilation and Violence Against Women Thesis



Violence against Women


While the population for this study is women worldwide, since gender violence is a matter for all women, that particular focus for this research is the topic of Female Genital Mutilation. Certain cultural pockets both in Africa and the Mid-East have practiced what is know culturally as female circumcision, but also now referred to as of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), usually by those who do not practice it. There are variations as to how and who performs these surgeries; frequently they are preformed without anesthesia and by unlicensed surgical practitioners, often by midwives or other family members. It is a tradition that usually goes back many generations and its origins are often quite difficult…. [read more]

Risk Assessment of Four-Year-Old Girl Case Study

… The above factors are generally very important in how the child fares as she develops. However, in this case these fail to be as important as they would usually be because the child was born without limbs. This will obviously present her with ongoing physical and emotional challenges that most of us cannot even begin to imagine.

There were no obvious risk factors for such a disability, at least as presented in this case study. One of the most common reasons that children are born with missing limbs is that the mother used Thalidomide. However, this seems very unlikely to be the case given that the drug was withdrawn before the girl's mother became pregnant. Other common causes for severe birth defects, such as maternal…. [read more]

Signs, Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis Essay

… Infection through bodily fluid exchanges may occur by having unprotected sex with an infected person. In this case the saliva, vaginal secretions and semen act as carriers to the HBV (Copstead & Banasik, 2010).

Signs and Symptoms

The recognizable symptoms and signs of HBV include: dark urine, joint pains, Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or sclera), abdominal pains, fatigue, weakness, fever, appetite loss, Nausea and vomiting, (Mayo Clinic, 2011).These symptoms and signs are not necessarily observable in the early stages of infection. However, as the infection continues to spread in the person's body some of the symptoms and signs are likely to come out clearly (Mayo Clinic, 2011).


Having chronic HBV can lead to serious life threatening complications such as; cirrhosis, liver cancer, failure,…. [read more]

Staff Nurse in Obstetrics Essay

… ¶ … staff nurse in Obstetrics and Gynecology ward who works in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. In my area of practice, there are no patient educators role. Every year, a great number of antenatal patients come with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, also referred to as GDM and therefore I feel that there is a need to educate the patients about this condition and its management so that complications of the disease cannot does not put the pregnancy, the mother and fetus at risk. I decided to do an educational resource about how to manage gestational diabetes effectively and safely. The purpose of this educational resource is the devision of a leaflet, in English and Arabic. Since it is the obligation of the nurses to make…. [read more]

Treatment for Emergency Medical Conditions Research Paper

… [Doug Laube, MD, Former President, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists], (American College of Nurse-Midwives, 2012, p.1) It is reported as well that average costs for "…vaginal birth are approximately 50% lower than those for cesarean birth." (American College of Nurse-Midwives, 2012, p.1)) It is reported that the Office o technology Assessment analyzed nurse practitioner and nurse midwife practice at two different points in time and found that they provided medical care that was equivalent to or exceeded physician care at lower total cost." (American College of Nurse-Midwives, 2012, p.1)) Other options have been researched in this study as well including the legislation of alternative emergency treatment for women in labor and delivery and termination of labor and delivery services at the medical facility in…. [read more]

Individual Critique of a Quantitative Essay

… The former controlled for the number of possibly confounding variables and made the two study groups as homogenous as possible and the latter ensured that the control group did not have a negative "care omission" effect -- that is the removal of a support person. One inevitable weakness of the study is that women in the control group are made cognizant of the benefit of a support person, which may prompt them to recruit someone for their own birth. Another weakness is the likely variation in the doula training provided by the one research assistant. Providing four hours of training to 300 women over the course of four years inevitably introduces a source of variation.

The study found that support from a female friend or…. [read more]

Group Dynamics: Working Essay

… The patient's partner had some concern with using a midwife initially. But I was able to express to him my credentials and instill confidence in him about the process. Sometimes people need to understand that being a midwife today is not something medieval and that midwives are well-versed in contemporary techniques of childbirth. It is essential that midwives are not offended, but are able to deal with such criticisms in an effective manner. The family and the treatment team are all part of the same team, not adversaries.

Influencing factors

Without a doubt, the most profound influence upon my actions as a midwife is my background as a nurse, and the stress this places upon putting the patient first, before my ego. But this also…. [read more]

Genital Herpes Term Paper

… Genital herpes is another type of sexually transmitted disease. This disease is caused by the herpes simplex viruses (HSV) type 1 and type 2, however, most of the genital herpes recorded today are caused by HSV type 2 (Division of STD Prevention, May 2005).

Genital herpes can affect both men and women population and is highly contagious. A person with genital herpes can be found suffering from pain and sores, particularly in the genital area. Medical professionals have disclosed that the virus that is causing such disease can enter one's body through small breaks in the skin or in the mucous membranes. Although research based information disclosed that genital herpes can only be transferred through sexual interaction (because the virus dies quickly when outside the…. [read more]

Market Orientation and Healthcare Case Study

… Market Orientation and Healthcare Case Study

What do you think about the Market Orientation of the community hospital?

The market orientation of the hospital shows how powerful creating marketing strategies and services based on demographic and psychographically-based segmentation. The hospital broke out of the traditional approach to segmented marketing by getting beyond just publishing their literature in the different languages however. They focused on getting actual members of the communities, fellow Koreans, Middle Eastern, Muslim (Middle Eastern, Pakistani, and Indian), and Hispanic healthcare professionals to host the events. This underscored the commitment the hospital has to these specific nationalities and made the services being offered less sterile and remote, more personal and focused on individual needs. By doing this, the hospital was providing services entirely…. [read more]

Ancient Egyptian Gynecology Term Paper

… These paintings show that two midwifes participated in a woman's labor. One attended to the mother while the second attended to the unborn child.

Pregnant women and new mothers in ancient times believed that the best way to learn was under the supervision and expertise of seasoned midwives. Even today, many pregnant women seek out experienced midwife but most women use the assistance of midwives with the advancement of science and technology.

Egyptian women often visited Mammisi, houses of birth, when seeking divine help in their pregnancies.

The Ebers Papyrus states, "Nothing is more lawful than one's mother milk." This supports evidence that ancient Egyptian women were strongly encouraged to breastfeed their infants for three years.

It also states, "To bring forth the milk of…. [read more]

Nice Guidelines -- Midwives Essay

… Elicit reflexes should be checked, but only if there are concerns. The baby's weight should be noted and also his or her cry. All NHS National Screening Committee assessments should be carried out as recommended, particularly assessments for neonatal jaundice.

In general, midwives and new mothers should work together to develop a postnatal care plan with the woman. This should include: relevant factors from the antenatal, intrapartum and immediate postnatal period; plans for the postnatal period names, roles and contact details of any and all healthcare professionals involved. In the instance of women who are obese, midwives should offer individualized care because of the increased risk of thromboembolism. NICE guidelines suggest that every woman be given a copy of 'Birth to five' and the personal…. [read more]

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