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Organization Climate vs. Organizational Culture Essay

… Organizational Climate & Organizational Culture

Climate and culture describes the environment in which a leader leads (U.S. Army, 2011). Hence, both environments have long-lasting effects on individuals, albeit morale or performance. An institution shapes the culture of major elements that are predicated on a macro level. Conversely, direct leaders shape the climate (command) of units and organizations, thus focusing on a micro level. Importantly, leadership at either level conveys the overall organizational culture, which is then disseminated to the individual units that shape the respective climate. Depending upon the leadership, levels may be either align or be misaligned. With respect to the Army, a differentiation between culture and climate is paramount to understanding the dynamics of various roles.

Organizational Culture

Military culture shapes its soldiers.…. [read more]

U.S. Military Organizational Culture the Competitive Edge Essay

… U.S. military organizational culture

The competitive edge that the U.S. military continuously enjoy is greatly linked to its strong corporate culture in the entire nation. U.S. military was built on three fundamental beliefs of significant capabilities in both defense and power projection. Consequently, these principles of operation have enabled U.S. military to instill a unique culture amongst its branches like the Continental Navy, Continental Army, and the continental Marines. As a basis for their integrity, the military organization advocates for strong military values that include strength, alertness, and defensive capabilities at all times. In light of customer service, the company exists to serve its country, support the friends of the nation and its structures, and give back to the local community through security services. Finally,…. [read more]

Organizational Approaches, it Is Easiest Term Paper

… The company is an active participant, though a series of community engagement programs. These are subsequently detailed on a separate page that mentions that the company has a "culture of community." Such actions of engagement with the community include The Home depot Foundation, commitment to the military and community involvement.

The involvement with the community is a large part of the organizational culture at Home Depot because the notion of community was fundamental for the idea of business ever since its creation three decades ago. Each Home Depot store caters to its community, so it is only natural that it should also be involved in other actions within the community.

Another important element of the organizational culture at Home Depot is its focus on relationships.…. [read more]

Organizational Theory #1 Create Essay

… Unity and balance can come from the right combination of differentiation and integration of the organization's operations. Subdivisions and functional departments each concentrate on a particular aspect of the business and therefore must be coordinated to produce a formal structure. Mechanistic structures are designed to cause people to behave in predictable ways. Organic structures promote flexibility and quick responses to changing conditions. To be successful organization must strike a balance between these two (Jones, 2010).

Differentiation is not limited to large organizations, but it can play a more important role in larger organizations because of their complexity. Ultimately, differentiation is good for any organization since it defines roles and tasks. Integration pertains to the overall coordination of those tasks to reach company objectives. Span of…. [read more]

Organizational Theory and National Security Essay

… Organizational Theory and National Security

Articulating a defense strategy towards homeland security involves an implementation through a complex chain of international and national security institutions. The defense department (like DHS) is not a business entity but an organization that institute policies for the betterment of the country's security. Unfortunately, theorists have closely equated organizational theory and business theory in some instances. Organizational theory focuses on the way people congregate every day to work on a mutual goal to create a public or private good (Dunphy, 2010).

While there are more schools of thoughts used to explain economic systems, this also applies to organizations. Military officers tend to have a single viewpoint towards the definition of organizations. This is because military officers think in a uniform…. [read more]

Organizations the Structure Essay

… The second reality of this type of structure is that it is flexible. "The British advantage [lies] in a tradition of flexibility, based upon the fact that throughout the colonial policing campaigns of the past they had been forced to make do with only limited resources" (Cassidy, 2005). This flexibility of force can be seen in the training that the soldiers receive. The individual is not stuck doing one specific job. People cross-qualify to add redundancy to a small force. Unlike the U.S. military, people are able to pick up where another, even someone with a different primary job title, is absent. Other organizations can learn that they need to be efficient and well-trained. Also, "research indicates military teams perform more successfully when team members…. [read more]

Human Trafficking National Security Implications Research Paper

… " (Siskin and Wyler, 2010, p.37)

There is also a question whether all types of trafficking should receive an equal focus. Stated is that while the TVPA defines trafficking "broadly to include problems such as forced labor, sex slavery, and domestic servitude…some argue that the U.S. government anti-trafficking efforts have a bias disproportionately focusing on sexual exploitation at the expense of other forms of trafficking." (Siskin and Wyler, 2010, p.37) Also stated is that too much of the funding to combat trafficking in the U.S. has been "directed to NGOs focused on the rescue of women and children from the commercial sex industry." (Siskin and Wyler, 2010, p.37)

Also reported is that the UNODC states that the most common form of human trafficking is sexual…. [read more]

Decision Making and Organizational Culture Term Paper

… (Hulpke, 2005)

For example an organization like Google or Microsoft may start off as very irreverent, cutting edge, and holistic in terms of the individual makes decisions, but grow increasingly hierarchical as the company ages. (Carrabre, 1997) As the organization matures, the decision making process grows more standardized and operating procedures that 'work' are set in stone.

Other times, organizations with different cultures might have to merge. An educational institution with an academy culture like Harvard University might have to adopt more corporate strategies of valuing profits and measurable performance over long-term research goals, to benefit from a proposed endowment.

Nothing is impossible, however, even such a merger, or set in stone. What is key is that an organization must change to thrive and live…. [read more]

Military Employee Stress Thesis

… Military Employee Stress

The objective of this work is to compare, contrast and synthesize and evaluate the principles of societal development including an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress. In order to understand the effects of how societal development in the workplace has affected the family unit, an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress will be conducted. Additionally, this work will compare, contrast and evaluate the work of Weber, Durkheim, Spencer and Marx, the four social theorists upon whose work this study will be based and upon which the integration of current information meaning included in scholarly journals written by experts on family dynamics will be applied to the findings from actual application.


The objectives of the 'Breadth' portion…. [read more]

Military Organization Managing the Fire Thesis

… Military Organization

MANAGING the FIRE WITHOUT and WITHIN Military Organization Problems

The physical and mental welfare of men and women in the military is a fundamental concern in its management. That welfare necessarily requires sufficient funding for these soldiers, and provision for adequate diagnostic equipment and treatment of known and unknown physical and mental health problems. These health problems include operational stress, medically unexplained physical symptoms of certain disorders, suicides and the lack of an effective tool to measure family readiness in confronting deployment stress.

This paper seeks to determine the causes and solutions to the problems encountered by the management of military organizations in funding, medically unexplained physical symptoms of disorders in trench warfare, incidence of suicide and the psychological effects of routine military…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Organizational Behaviour the Contemporaneous Business Term Paper

… Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behaviour

The contemporaneous business community is being constantly marker by new features which generate change and force companies to develop along and adapt. One such change is the increased focus on the human resource, which is no longer seen as the force operating the machines, but has become the company's most valuable asset on their path to organizational success. Given this understanding of the staff, the company increases its efforts to offering a maximum satisfaction on the job and motivating employees. And to such extent has this motivational strategy been used, that some initial incentives are now a constant in the life of an employee, in the meaning that they are given, not expected and regarded as incentives. Such an example is…. [read more]

Organizational Climate Compare and Contrast Essay

… 2. Compare and Contrast situational awareness with situational understanding.

Situational awareness is the awareness of environmental elements with respect to time or space. It is to be aware of what is happening in the environment to understand how information, events, and people's own actions will affect goals and objectives, whether it is in the future or immediately. The widely accepted definition of situational awareness is the Endsley's definition, which is the perception of elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future.

There are three levels of situational awareness, which are perception as level 1, comprehension as level 2, and projection as level 3. Perception is the first…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior: Past Present Essay

… The contingency approach likewise stresses the situational nature of human behavior, and believes that managerial approaches must be tailored to the emotional makeup of the employees, the needs of a specific objective, and the character of the organization as a whole. POB stresses the need for creating a positive workplace culture as well, to enable workers to flourish.

Q4. Organizational culture

An organizational culture can give members of an organization an identity, facilitate the honing of a collective commitment to excellence, promote the social system's stability, and shape behaviour by helping workers make sense of their surroundings (Kreitner & Kinicki 2007). Organizational cultures are often divided into different overall categories: collaborate, control, create, and compete cultures. Different organizational cultures are generated by the needs of…. [read more]

Military Diversity in the Armed Research Paper

… S. Armed Forces. Created by 2009 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (Trevor & Ernes, 1998), the Military Leadership Diversity Commission issued its findings and recommendations on how the departments of defense can promote the representation of females, the youth, and diverse races within the military, during the times when the entire nation faces high expectations of becoming diverse.

The U.S. Armed Forces Reputation with regards to Diversity

Currently, the U.S. military is working hard to create an inclusive force that reflects ethnic and racial diversity of every population within the United States. Consequently, a congress chartered commission reported the achievement of the diversity goals within the lower ranks of military leadership hence the commission expects further improvements within the uppermost ranks of…. [read more]

Cultural Values and Ethics Term Paper

… Although I highly value the trust and intimacy that exists between friends, I was unable to lie to a commanding officer because I value my army career.

My career choice as an in-service recruiter and career counselor was influenced by a whole set of personal, organizational, and cultural values. First, I value stability, hard work, and success. Rather than leave the armed forces to pursue a career in the civilian sector that would have offered perhaps more money and freedom, I elected to remain in the army. This decision was based on my valuing commitment and stability as well as steady progress. Second, as a committed army officer, I found that I was uniquely able to help young recruits discover their own personal values when…. [read more]

Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Thesis

… Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Between Senior Navy Leadership and Junior Personnel at Mobile Mine Assembly Group


Mobile Mine Assembly group

A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning

Anticipating the Need to Change, Problem and Area for Improvement

Impact of Organization's Culture

Client and Practitioner Considerations

Diagnostic Process and Data Collection

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Institutionalization Action Plan and Timeline

Action Plans, Strategies, and Techniques

Specific Intervention Analysis

Today's managers are complex individuals, who must possess vast skills and expertise in order to develop the best courses of action, through which companies respond to the emergent challenges. Examples of challenges to which the modern day leaders must respond to include the intensifying forces of…. [read more]

Military Practices Term Paper

… The worst part is that these followers of the religion (which is a right in itself), are sentenced as per Constitutional Law, under Article seventy of the Military Penal Code that considers this refusal as the "insubordination during a period of general mobilization (Greece has been in such a situation since the invasion of Northern Cyprus by Turkish troops in 1974)" (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round). These conscientious objectors are punished for following the teachings of their religion "of five years' deprivation of civil rights" (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round) thereby disallowing them to work as employees as civil servants and depriving them their birthright to vote or to become a part of the parliament (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round).

Furthermore, these…. [read more]

Alignment of Organizational Components, Mission and Strategy at Kraft Foods Case Study

… However, there are also some limits and constraints, the culture may be enhanced with the use of more strategies to support risk tasking through the recognition of innovation and symbolic and real rewards provided. Internal focus in the existing intellectual capital, and increased use of suggestions schemes, tools such as innovations workshops, using employees from different areas within the divisions, and the use of scenario planning based on future customer forecasts, may all add value to the existing processes.



Kraft has faced challenges in the past, with a lack of real innovation and focus. The current divisional structure is helping to overcome these challenges, increasing the focus that is paid to the individual brands. Empowering divisional managers to make decisions may also help…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior (Psychology) Applied Comprehension Organizational Psychologists Term Paper

… Organizational Behavior (Psychology)

Applied Comprehension

Organizational Psychologists continually seek the creation of relevant approaches for the application of organizational psychological principles. Central to the application of Industrial Organizational psychological principles, as an emergent approach, has been the elevation of consultation psychology as a primary approach for the application of organizational psychology. Theoretically, the tension between business, clinical psychology and Industrial or Organizational Psychology has occasionally thwarted the effective application of psychological principles that could otherwise guide the successful resolution of issues between people and systems.

This paper will review the role that consultation psychological services can play in organizations, particularly as it may apply to facilitating organizational movement towards increased strategic success. As a case example, this paper will use a mental health organization to…. [read more]

Organizational Ethics Values, Ethics and Norms Term Paper

… Organizational Ethics

Values, ethics and norms are part of every society regardless of what culture, religion or geographical boundary it belongs to. These values define how society's draw their lines between what are right and what is wrong. These values and ethics may be written, verbal or implied. It is a general misconception that value and ethics mean the same. As a matter of fact, value and ethics are both two entirely different terms. However, they both are closely interwoven and interdependent on each other. As mentioned earlier values are norms that define something desirable or undesirable. On the other hand, ethics refer to adhering to actions that are in compliance to desirable social values. Values may be individual, social as well as organizational. In…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Facing the Army Leadership Today Term Paper

… They are Larry Welch, a former Air Force chief of staff, and John Harvey, a retired Nay admiral and nuclear-trained surface warfare officer." (ABC 7, 2014). Significantly, both the Air Force and the Navy nuclear forces recently endured instances in which there was cheating on crucial examinations utilized to determine competence for important positions. These instances were reported in the media, and the armed forces has responded by investigating these allegations -- which is the first step towards prevent further instances of unethical behavior.

Another point of interest related to these two occurrences of unethical behavior is that "Neither of those fields was directly involved in significant ways in either of the wars since 2001" (ABC 7, 2014). This point takes on even greater imminence…. [read more]

Role of the Military: Changing Views Research Paper

… This man, the son of a potter, through all the changes in his fortunes always led an infamous life. Nevertheless, he ac companied his infamies with so much ability of mind and body that, having devoted himself to the military profession, he rose through its ranks to be Praetor of Syracuse. (pp. 55-56)

Not satisfied with this lofty position, Agathocles went on to seek higher office by using violence to achieve his objectives, going so far as to use the military to assassinate the entire senate of Syracuse to assume power himself. As Machiavelli confirms:

Being established in that position, and having deliberately resolved to make himself prince and to seize by violence, without obligation to others, that which had been conceded to…. [read more]

KBR Management and Planning Essay

… Among them, the last decade would bring scrutiny for potential legal violations in the area of accounting. Like so many major corporate names of the previous decade, Halliburton would be accused in 2002 of financial reporting malfeasance. To this end, Taub (2002) reports that tnergy services specialist Halliburton Co. reported that the Commission has initiated a preliminary investigation into the company's accounting treatment for cost overruns on construction jobs." (Taub, 1) This underscores an even greater public concern, which relates to Halliburton's heightened role in the political and military affairs of the last decade under the Bush Administration.

As a result, KBR is under great scrutiny to ensure that its behaviors conform with the expectations and legal parameters that have become increasingly stringent during the…. [read more]

US Military Involvement in the Korean Conflict Research Paper

… Korean Conflict

How did the Korean conflict begin? What were the dynamics behind this war? How and why did the United States get involved? How was the Korean conflict linked to the Cold War? These and other issues will be addressed in this paper. Thesis: The Korean conflict was indeed the first battle of the Cold War, and the United States, although it was thoroughly unprepared when it went into battle, came out a winner even though the end was a virtual standoff.

Background on how the U.S. become involved in the Korean conflict

In the book, Truman and Korea: The Political Culture of the Early Cold War, author and professor Paul G. Pierpaoli Jr. explains that after World War II the Soviet Union emerged…. [read more]

importance of critical thinking to military decisions Essay

… From the broad conceptual bases of theory comes the next step in the Army Problem Solving Process: inferences. Inferences are the conclusions drawn from available evidence and information. While the Army Problem Solving Process is somewhat linear in its approach, the Paul-Elder method is not, which is why inferences can be made at any stage in the decision-making process. When applied to the Army Problem Solving Process, inferences arrive at a time immediately prior to the selection of a course of action and before the execution of a decision.
The ultimate purpose of problem solving in the military setting is to take action. The action taken must reflect the goals of a specific mission or objective. Within this framework, a decision maker needs to consider…. [read more]

FedEx Was Founded by Fred Essay

… It is not surprising that FedEx emphasize intrinsic motivation. Smith's military background fosters that sort of culture, where pay might suck and working conditions are terrible but everybody works as a team, with tremendous loyalty and has a high level of motivation. These facets Smith tried to carry over from his time in the Marines to his company for a reason -- they can be quite powerful. While FedEx does not have bad pay or terrible working conditions, having a culture that fosters a high level of intrinsic motivation is something that Smith long recognized would provide a competitive advantage.

Areas of EQ Embraced by the Organization

Emotional intelligence is a concept that relates to one's ability to deal with emotional situations, or to recognize…. [read more]

Leadership Practice Concepts Term Paper

… Army Comradeship: Important to Military Institution

Army Final Paper


Perhaps there is no organization in the world that is as disciplined, motivated and sophisticated as the United States military. Divided into different service groups, namely, the army, the air force and the navy, this organization consists of the best trained men and women. Not only are these individuals trained to fight and defend their nation's freedom, they are also taught to serve and answer the call of duty during disaster and rescue operations. They represent a new breed of talented people whose flexibility can be mobilized at any given time and place in accordance with a clear and specific objective. The United States army is a bunch of people who can…. [read more]

Assessing Corporate Culture Marines Term Paper

… Marine Corporate Culture

Assessing Corporate Culture (Marines)

In Warrior Culture of the U.S. Marines, Marion F. Sturkey reminds the world that no one joins the Marines, they become Marines by surviving the basic training that sculpts the mind and body (Sturkey pp). An individual earns the title and enters the Brotherhood of Marines, and therein lies his strength, and in return, the strength of the Corps lies in the individual (Sturkey pp). The character is defined by three constant Corps Values, honor courage, and commitment (Sturkey pp).

Honor requires the ultimate standard in ethical and moral conduct, and a Marine must never lie, cheat, or steal, must adhere to a code of personal integrity and be accountable for his actions, and above all, must never…. [read more]

Leadership Donald Rumsfeld's Tenure Essay

… In Rumsfeld's DOD, trust was in short supply and distributed very selectively (Woodward, 2004).

Rumsfeld's communication style paralleled his in-group/out-group organizational style of leadership. Because of all the media scrutiny, oppositional politics both inside the DOD and within the wider federal government, bureaucratic oversight, and the very real concern about information leaks, Rumsfeld held his cards close to his chest. On Ratzburg's internal-external dimension, Rumsfeld used obstructionism to limit access to the information he and his closest subordinates held and to stymie his critics both within and outside of the department (2002). The secretary is notorious for his convoluted, oblique responses to questions from the Washington press corps.

Another characteristic of Rumsfeld's leadership and communication style is the lean channel of communication (Clement, 1994). While…. [read more]

Organizational Theories as a Product Term Paper

… ¶ … Organizational Theories as a Product of an Evolutionary Process

In analyzing how contemporary organization theories are a product of an evolutionary process, the progression of theories can't be viewed in isolation, they must be seen as influenced by the broader demographic, economic, sociological and more immediate knowledge management and managerial trends within organizations. The progression of top-down organizational structures that were heavily influenced by both the military chain-of-command concepts (Mutch, pp. 751-769) and the bureaucratic approach to management have dramatically changed as organizational theories have transitioned over the last century. From theories that were centered purely on the creation of closed-loop systems that had as their catalyst military chains of command to the more contemporary theories today that stress agility and responsiveness, organizational…. [read more]

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