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Values and Morals Capstone Project

… Moreover, the word "maslahah" means "benefit or interest," and this suggests that the public interest must be protected. Hence, believing in maslahah means doing what is in the best interest of the public. Taken at face value, this should be the rule of thumb when a person is going into the accounting field; if it is not in the best interest of the public, or of the client, or of the company, than it is unethical and should be avoided (Yunanda, 131).

A peer-reviewed article in Accounting Education: an international journal points out that an Ethics Education Toolkit is available courtesy of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). The Toolkit is designed to stimulate discussion and debate regarding ethics education, and this is necessary because…. [read more]

Values and Virtues Essay

… For example, if a man values fidelity in a relationship, it is not important that he is faithful. Therefore, virtues are what form the basis of the good character and values is what supports the good character of a person (Ethics, Virtues and Values).

Many people believe that virtues cannot be acquired. They are of the view that virtues are characteristics that are inborn in people and cannot be amended in anyway. However, to change oneself for the better is also a virtue. One should make a list for himself of the virtues that have made successful lives. Once the list is ready, one should follow them strictly (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, S.J. & Meyer, 1988).

Case study

Although there are set standards of what good…. [read more]

Values Conflict Universities Essay

… The individual who is helping the person cheat is actually doing themselves a disservice. The individual studied, took the time to learn, and is now allowing a classmate to effortlessly reap the benefit of his work. This concept seems counterproductive to me, and as such, I have not participated in any form of cheating. All of my work has been conducted under the guise of honesty as this principle guides my overall decisions in life.

As the example illustrates, there is very little power or authority difference. It can be argued, that I had the power, as I had command of the course material and its subsequent concepts. My personal values however, would not allow an individual who didn't take the time to read and…. [read more]

Value of Hawaii Hawai'i Is an Island Essay

… Value of Hawaii

Hawai'i is an island that has somewhat controversially and unusually entered its status as American state some 50 years ago. Indeed, many of the current economic and social problems currently experienced by the state have been ascribed to its difficult relationship with the United States and the circumstances surrounding its integration as a state of the country. In the book The Value of Hawaii: knowing the past, shaping the future, edited by Craig Howes and Jon Osorio (2010), the various authors offer highly divergent viewpoints of the problems facing Hawai'i, as well as potential solutions to these problems. What unites these authors is a basic understand that, to effectively function in the future, it is vital to remember the past and use…. [read more]

Value Added Analysis Case Study

… That is three pieces of paperwork. If this process was automated, a quick search function would make the matching process much quicker, especially if each PO comes with an order number that is used for all of the different forms. There is more paperwork absurdity if at this point the pay clerk notices that the PO is missing. The PO should never be missing, and if it is this should be noticed immediately by the receiver. Moreover, if the PO is missing, the request should be sent to the same person who initiated the order. At present, this is not the case, thereby causing further delays. Additionally, the request should not require a formal form -- that only slows the process down, and that form…. [read more]

Values Portrayed in Popular Music Thesis

… This is focused on differentiating themselves from others in the music industry competing for the 'most popular' monetary and iconic status. Involved is a complex orchestration so to speak that results in harming the views, values, vision, and ultimately the methods that will be utilized in the lives of these individuals to attain their prescribed goals. Indeed, erroneous value assignation resulting from the impact of music in the contemporary society simply sends these individuals reeling down the wrong road from the very beginning of their lives. That surely sounds too dramatic it might be said however; it is dramatic that so many young individuals get completely off track because of the music they have chosen or have been assigned socially to identify with as their…. [read more]

Value of Life? Essay

… 11-12). These provide us with a more-ranging perspective, but may not utterly avoid the subjective stance.

Objectivists have the opposite stance to subjectivists. They believe that meaning is inherent in transcendental values that exist extraneous to us, either because they are grounded in God or because they exist in other transcendental conventions. Morality and creativity may be two such examples. They do not depend on our say-so but are rather imposed on us as a wiser more objective way of ensuring value and purpose in life.

Objectivism usually joins up with subjectivism in that it mingles sentiments such as affection, cognition and feelings, with following the 'right path'. This can be captured by Susan Wolf's pithy slogan: "Meaning arises when subjective attraction meets objective attractiveness"…. [read more]

Value A."suppose Your Bank Account Essay

… 46











Asset Turnover (Average)












Return on Assets %












Financial Leverage (Average)












Return on Equity %












Return on Invested Capital %












Interest Coverage


The paper demonstrates the application of present value in the determining the viability of a project. The first part of the paper compares the PV of different projects and based on the PV of the projects, the…. [read more]

Value: Problem Solving Article Review

… Students were provided ten long blocks and one-hundred flattened blocks, with instructions to approach the problem in two different ways. Initially students were made to find all three-dimensional combinations resulting in 124 cubes, and subsequently asked to formulate combinations of blocks corresponding to each of the three digits in the numeral 124, thus representing the total volume.

3. 26 Wheels problem

Students in this exercise were asked to compute the total number of wheels associated with six vehicles (cars), added to the remaining number 2. They were then asked to pictorially associate on paper the significance of each digit in the numeral 26 to the actual number of wheels in the set. Researchers observed that a majority of the students in the study were unable…. [read more]

Value of Money Essay

… This can help a financial manager explain why some so-called discretionary funds should be redirected from present-day expenses to savings. This is an important lesson, because many people assume that they can begin their retirement savings when they make more money, without considering that inflation costs and other cost-of-living adjustments (growing children, college accounts, increased health expenditures) may already require devotion of those extra resources, and that the later they wait to do their saving, the greater the amount of present-day dollars that they will have to save in order to have the same amount of money at a projected target date. A financial manager must be able to explain this concept to people, and to get them to buy into this concept without feeling…. [read more]

Value PV = $15,000 Essay

… At any point below 45% on the horizontal axis, this project will have a positive net present value. Once the x-axis has been crossed, the project will have a negative NPV.

B. The internal rate of return on this project is 4%.

If the discount rate is 1%, the NPV is $65,358

If the discount rate is 4%, the NPV is $7,593

If the discount rate is 10%, the NPV is -$91,777

If the discount rate is 18%, the NPV is -$197,892

The curve in this case intersects the x-axis at 4%. This is consistent with the IRR that was calculated and with the fact that at a 4% discount rate the NPV was near zero. For discount rates above 4%, the project had a…. [read more]

Value Added Teachers School Systems and Their Ratings Research Paper

… Value Added Teachers

Aldama Elementary is located in Los Angeles county, in the Los Angeles Unified School District. By looking at the school's STAR results over the last five years, it can be seen that Aldama is improving their test scores (See Table 1). In English, their scores have risen from 328.5 to 343.3, from 2006 to 2010. Math saw a similar rise from 350.6 to 361.9 during this same period. Science has seen the biggest improvement for Aldama, with scores rising from 308 in 2006, to 348 in 2010. These are very similar results to the four other schools researched. Each of these saw improved test scores, and all also saw the most significant improvements in science, over five years. Despite these improving test…. [read more]

Value of Managerial Accounting in an Organization Thesis

… Value of Managerial Accounting in an Organization

Managerial Accounting, simply put, is the procedure whereby we can classify, calculate, assess, understand, and transfer all the relevant data that is needed to help a company attain its short-term and long-term objectives. Managerial accounting can also be called cost accounting. The primary distinction between the concepts and practice of managerial accounting and financial accounting is that the former is chiefly designed to assists the administrative units within the company to make assessments/conclusions and overall control over the company, while the latter is mainly a source of reference and information for peripheral bodies, like stockholders and brokers, outside the company.

The four characteristics that distinguish managerial accounting form other formats of accounting are:

Managerial accounting reports and analyses…. [read more]

Value of Maintaining Natural Ecosystems: Preservation Term Paper


The objective of this work is to compare and contrast the practices of Preservation and Conservation as they relate to the maintenance of ecosystem. The concept of 'natural regulation' will be discussed and examples from Maryland will be provided.

The difference between what constitutes conservation and what constitutes preservation is a difference often misunderstood by many. This work seeks to establish precisely what the difference between conservation and preservation is through examining information related to the forests in the State of Maryland.


The work of Patrice Jastrzembski entitled: "Maryland's Forests: Conservation vs. Preservation" relates that there is discrepancies over the word conservation in terms of its definition. It is generally agreed among that…. [read more]

Values Driven Organizations Term Paper

… Values in Justice System Organizations

To create a balanced and violence free society it is essential to give importance to values in organizations that deal in justice. A good justice system ensures security and peace in society. A good justice system can help in preventing crimes and violations and without proper values they cannot perform their core functions. A number of organizations play their part to prevent injustice in the society. These departments or organization may include:



Correctional Facilities

Non-government Organizations

Core Values

Some of the important core values that can be part of the justice system are:

Aim of Justice and Peace: This core value lends a hand in the maintenance of a just, peaceful and safe society. Justice and peace are…. [read more]

Value of Money Term Paper

… Value of money represents the amount of goods, products and services which consumers can buy with one unit of the currency. The greater the value is, the more products it can buy, therefore being a strong currency. On the other hand, if one unit of the currency can acquire for the consumer a reduced amount of goods and services, the currency is weak. Economically, the value of money is referred to as the purchasing power of money and it can be measured in absolute and relative quantities.

The value of money is different from one time to another, varying based on numerous economical components and events. For instance, the amount of products that we currently buy with one U.S. dollar is highly different from the…. [read more]

Value-Based Management (Vbm) Term Paper

… Giving employees autonomy and the authority to make decisions is an important step in allowing them to internalize the goals and learn the techniques of VBM.

This section will analyze the VMS strategies and methods by examining Quadrant Holding, a holding company whose major shareholders are the company's management and institutional investors. Due to several industrial acquisitions over the past few years, Quadrant has developed into a large plastics processing group (Quadrant, 1999). Its major business is

Symalit, which specializes in products for the automotive industry. Its GMT composites (glass-mat reinforced thermoplastics), which are produced in Switzerland and in Germany, are replacing metallic parts in many industries. Symalit also extrudes advanced engineering semi-finished and finished products from fluoroplastics. Other activities of Quadrant are in general…. [read more]

Value Congruence: Baby Boomers vs. Millennials Essay

… I was also demonstrating my value for freedom in wanting to be informed about what was happening in my environment, but my value for respect was stronger and I decided not to ask any more questions at the moment.

While my supervisor and I got along well during the orientation period, I felt my enthusiasm started to wear off as I was not given any interesting work to do. When I asked my supervisor to give me some work, he would ask me to look around and pick up whatever I liked. At other times, he would ask me to organize the file cabinet or assign me a similar task. This would disappoint me as I felt he did not trust my capabilities. I did…. [read more]

Value Chain in Social Media Essay

… Ascertaining the specifics of these companies' primary activities is somewhat more difficult. Both Brandwatch and Radian 6 could call the gathering of information from social media their inbound logistics activity, but the specific operations in place at the companies used to aggregate and analyze data to produce useful information for their clients is highly proprietary and likely significantly differentiated (Brandwatch, 2012; Radian 6, 2012; VBM, 2012). Ouutbound logistics offerings seem to differ between the two companies slightly, with Radian 6 offering more integrated and immediate information retrieval by clients (this would be the "transportation of the product" that outbound logistics usually consists of and Brandwatch seeming to focus on higher-order business aspects and thus longer-term deliverables ((Brandwatch, 2012; Radian 6, 2012; VBM, 2011). Marketing and…. [read more]

Value Driven Healthcare Term Paper

… Value Driven Healthcare:

Thoughts on Roadmap Document:

The Roadmap for Implementing Value Driven Healthcare in the Traditional Medicare Fee-for-Service Program is a document that provides a comprehensive pathway on the adoption of value-based purchasing by hospitals. The paper recognizes that value-based purchasing is the fundamental principle for providing the shift by Medicare from paying health care providers depending on their volume of services. The efforts will be accompanied by future attempts to relate payment to the quality and efficiency of the provided health care services. In addition to acknowledging the importance of value-based purchasing, the paper also explains some of its aspects like effective resource utilization analysis.

Some of the important elements of value-based purchasing that are discussed in the document include payment for quality,…. [read more]

Values and Ethics Term Paper

… Values and Ethics

Values, morals, and ethics are part of a system on which people base their conduct related to themselves or other people. Their actions are based on this code of conduct that incorporates a series of values, morals, and ethics that people consider to be the most suitable for them and for the situations they are confronting with.

The set of values that a person chooses to follow helps one make decisions about right and wrong, and figure out which decisions have greater or lesser importance and implications. Values are considered to be more personal and specific than morals and ethics.

Morals are more generally accepted. They refer to a wider range of actions. Mainly, morals tend to bring to attention right and…. [read more]

Value Chain Analysis Research Proposal

… Value Chain Analysis

Wal-Mart derives value throughout its value chain. Among primary activities, Wal-Mart derives substantial value from its inbound logistics. The company's two-tiered network of distribution centers allows for relatively full truckloads to be delivered. At their distribution centers, they are able to transfer goods directly from one truck to another, eliminating the need to hold those goods in inventory. In the early 90s, this advantage was giving them a COGS for inbound logistics of 3.7%, versus 4.8% for their competitors.

Wal-Mart also derives value from marketing. The company has eliminated sales promotions, which allows them lower everyday costs. In purchasing, they use their buying power to leverage their suppliers into better costs. Moreover, their buyers operate in a direct, matter-of-fact manner, without forging…. [read more]

Value Chain Model Assessment for Lockheed-Martin Term Paper

… Value Chain Model Assessment for Lockheed-Martin

The intent of this memo is to evaluate how Lockheed Martin contributes to its external value chain, including how the company's heavy reliance on program management influences its execution of value chain strategies. As the majority of Lockheed Martins' revenue is generated through longer-term projects, their reliance on project management in conjunction with value chain integration is a critical series of business processes for the company. Figure 1 illustrates Porters' Value Chain Model first introduced in Dr. Porters' book, Competitive Advantage (Porter 1985).

Porter's Value Chain Model (Porter 1985)

The primary activities of Inbound Logistics, Operations, Outbound Logistics, Marketing and Sales and Service form the primary activities of any value chain according to Porter (1985 followed by the support…. [read more]

Values Ethical Behavior Is Guided Term Paper

… Values

Ethical behavior is guided by our value system and our moral prescriptions. When behaviors do not correspond with a preestablished set of values and morals, those actions can be considered unethical. However, morals and values are not always formally written. Institutions often compose their specific set of ethical guidelines for employee behavior but most social values are implied, not overtly stated.

Values provide the overall framework from which to establish ethical codes. For instance, if a firm values the bottom line above all else, it will base its ethical code around profit. If a firm values environmental stewardship over everything else, then its ethical code will censure behavior like toxic waste dumping. A firm that values a diverse workforce will ensure that minorities are…. [read more]

Value Compass Term Paper

… Value Compass

Total Quality Management

Total quality management developed mainly in Japan with assistance from practitioners and experts mutually coordinating efforts from the U.S. And Japan. Whereas there have been dissimilarities amid their perspectives, these suppliers shared between themselves while the TQM management values progressed, and all six recognize the four main ethics mentioned in Table 1 (Dobyns and Crawford-Mason, 1991; Cole, 1989).

The first quadrant of TQM has been that the chief aim of the corporation has to be to gratify consumers. The second quadrant highlights that quality is the yield of a structure that encompasses the merchandise's look, function, and anything and everything essential to produce a merchandise to gratify the consumers. The third quadrant of TQM affirms that the public is crucial…. [read more]

Values and Beliefs: Transformation Term Paper

… Even on a micro-level, a person leaving a small, racially distinct area may experience changes in beliefs and values after moving to take a job in a hospital in a large, ethnically diverse metropolitan hospital, for example. There, circumstances, experiences, and the beliefs of colleagues may slowly transform personal beliefs about difference, especially under the influence of a dominant ethic that pervades the organization, itself (i.e. hospital policy, "mission," etc.) and enforces specific codes of behavior.

The Nature and Value of Difference

Not only is it important, especially in the "people fields" (medicine, education) to understand the nature and value of difference with regard to values and beliefs, with regard to the people one serves and works with, but it is also important to understand…. [read more]

Values Often a Company's Mission Statement Term Paper

… Values

Often a company's mission statement or code of ethics provides a framework for employees to base difficult decisions. In many cases, employees from various backgrounds will ascribe to an organization's code of ethics not necessarily because it corresponds to their personal beliefs, but more so because decisions can be easier with clear rules and guidelines. However, tricky situations such as those discussed in the text require an employee to incorporate his or her personal values into the decision-making process. A code of ethics is not always enough and cannot possibly cover all ethical conundrums. The examples given in the text did not change my personal values but they did make me more aware of what my personal values are.

Keeping Information Confidential" illustrates the…. [read more]

Value Chains Porter ) Term Paper

… Value creation involves focusing on offering everyday low prices, and making it easier to shop at Wal-Mart. The Rollback program was first introduced in 1992 to create the image that Wal-Mart is continually finding ways to roll back its prices. This means that Wal-Mart is not resting on its "everyday low prices" but trying to offer a low price that tends to stay low. The ability to keep the prices low makes people smile, which is how the cheerful Wal-Mart mascot of a smiley face came about.

When Wal-Mart customers enter the Wal-Mart stores, they can expect to be greeted by a Wal-Mart associate with a warm welcome. This is part of the whole customer shopping experience.

Wal-Mart associates are trained to make their customers…. [read more]

Value of Performance Evaluations Research Paper

… Instead, they are context-dependent, so that employee perception of the evaluation process depends upon the larger work environment. This is critical because employee response to the appraisal process is now considered an important component of the evaluation process., "Research has broadened the traditional conceptualization of performance appraisal effectiveness to include and emphasize ratee reactions. Second, the influence that the feedback environment or feedback culture has on performance appraisal outcomes is an especially recent focus that seems to have both theoretical and applied implications" (Levy & Williams, 2004).

Emerging Components in Performance Evaluation Research

Performance evaluations and the research surrounding them historically focused on supervisor perceptions. Recent changes have begun examining employee response to the evaluations, which has helped develop what is known about performance evaluations.…. [read more]

Values Portrayed Reality TV Essay

… An important fact that needs to be added here is that often reality shows are licked with documentaries. There is a great difference between the documentaries and reality TV shows. Documentaries are where the reactions of the people are seen when exposed to certain situations. In the case of reality TV shows, the scripts are made up and the stock characters are used. In order to make sure that the situations are more interesting, the situations and the characters are contrived. The videos related to the subjects are heavily edited and changed in order to increase the level of interests shown by the viewers. The more interesting the content of the show, greater are the profits earned by the show (Murray, and Ouellette, 2009, p.…. [read more]

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