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Value Chain in Social Media Essay

… Ascertaining the specifics of these companies' primary activities is somewhat more difficult. Both Brandwatch and Radian 6 could call the gathering of information from social media their inbound logistics activity, but the specific operations in place at the companies used to aggregate and analyze data to produce useful information for their clients is highly proprietary and likely significantly differentiated (Brandwatch, 2012; Radian 6, 2012; VBM, 2012). Ouutbound logistics offerings seem to differ between the two companies slightly, with Radian 6 offering more integrated and immediate information retrieval by clients (this would be the "transportation of the product" that outbound logistics usually consists of and Brandwatch seeming to focus on higher-order business aspects and thus longer-term deliverables ((Brandwatch, 2012; Radian 6, 2012; VBM, 2011). Marketing and…. [read more]

Media Audiences Marxist Media Theorists Essay

… However no little has been done to actually understand the notion of Mediatization but some media researchers have come up with some terms concerning Mediatization and ways of developing a concept that is more coherent to understand the term Mediatization as being social and culture.

The term Mediatization is used in describing the media's influence over research. Some people argue that media is not analytic concept however it is an ambiguous term that is used to refer to an increasing cultural as well as, the social significance of mass media plus other forms of communications which are technically mediated. From this perspective, it is clear that media plays a significant role in production and circulation of interpretations of the science Lundby, K. (2009).

The term…. [read more]

Media Influence on Values Deeper Essay

… The greatest concern has been the influence of media on children. Studies have shown that this influence has steadily increased as various types of media have become more sophisticated and available to the American public (Clark, 2011). On the one hand, this availability and greater affordability have been beneficial in enhancing children's learning, educational enrichment, opportunities, participation and entertainment. But on the other hand, media also increased children's exposure to violence, sexual immorality, poor health habits, and persuasive advertising specifically aimed at children (Clark).

Not Almighty

While the power and influence of media cannot be denied, there are other stronger and deeper factors that deflect its influence and power. Foremost are media literacy and parental involvement (Clark, 2011). If a child or student is thoroughly…. [read more]

Media Ownership Concentration Thesis

… The AT&T Wireless acquisition of T-Mobile was shot down because of the power the new company would have wielded and similar action must be taken in the entertainment and fashion publication industries.


Lee, S. (2013, August 15). 'Duck Dynasty' premiere recap: Wait, did I just cry? | PopWatch | Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch Blog | PopWatch | Retrieved October 5, 2013, from

Mongretta, E. (2013, September 25). Miley Cyrus Disses Taylor Swift In 'Rolling Stone' -- " Calls Her Vanna White - Hollywood Life. Hollywood Life - Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics. Retrieved October 5, 2013, from

Pearson, C. (2013, October 5). Fashion And Eating Disorders: How Much Responsibility Does Industry Have?. Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington…. [read more]

Media Communications Representation of Characters Research Paper

… However, the image is not sustained much and Charlotte tried to convince Samantha that Charlotte loves the man and that marriage is their ultimate destination to be happy. Such representation of image and women's role indicates towards 'patriarchic' symbolism.

Findings and Conclusion

Ideals of image vary from time to time and place to place, this is supported by theory of social constructivism that revolves around social groups giving meaning to words, symbols, and mutual interaction. Modern industrial society has been consumed by 'wave of media advertising' whereby images of 'lifestyle' and 'feminist' women are represented. In case of Sex and the City, New York was represented as a place where women came to seek their ideal life-partners. All characters heavily indulged in beautifying their bodies…. [read more]

Media Technology A-Level Coursework

… Media Technology

Explain the concepts of agenda-setting and framing. In your explanation, identify a specific example of each from the news site I've reproduced on the last page of this exam, and explain how it is an example of the concept in question. (If you feel you cannot find an example for one of them, explain clearly what might count as an example.)

Framing presents a meaningful but fractured paradigm for communication scholars (Papacharissi & Oliveira, 2008). Framing has direct implications for how people perceive news stories and other items that they do not encounter directly. Furthermore, framing can also sets the agenda that the news is trying to portray. In the sample front page provided in The New York Times, there are several examples…. [read more]

Media Exposure in Body Image Research Paper

… When become part of the statistical analysis, the media exposure measures did not appear to have substantial connections to internalization of the thin suitable (projected idealized figures). Total TV exposure and dramatization exposure appeared to have considerable connections to internalization of the thin suitable however their effect appeared to be eclipsed by various other aspects. This outcome contributes to the concerns about the importance of total TV exposure vs. exposure to certain categories, and their association with girls' approval of slimness (projected idealized figures) as a social and cultural worth. Nonetheless, the absence of proof of a connection in between genre-based exposure and some thin-ideal truth shows needs to be seen thoroughly due to the manipulated nature of the exposure measures. The absence of a…. [read more]

Media Worlds Term Paper

… Media Coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election

The diverse and sometimes ugly stories, attacks and sundry reports that have been published in print and broadcast in the media (including electronic media) thus far in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election campaign reflect just how divided the nation is. These stories and ads in fact say as much about the sorry moral state of America -- and about how out-of-control the issue of politically motivated money is -- as they do about the campaign or the candidates. It is the opinion of this writer that there has rarely been a time in recent American history when conservatives and progressives have been so bitterly divided, and have attacked one another with such meanness and fierce antipathy -- in…. [read more]

Media Is an Extremely Powerful Essay

… Bibliography

Croteau, D., & Hoynes, W. (2001). The business of Media. California: Pine Forge Press.

Daily Source Org. (2005-2012). Current problems in Media. Retrieved May 2, 2012, from Daily Source:

Part Two

Media is produced primarily to serve public interest. One can say, the media content, in one way or another, reflects the culture and norms of the country it is produced in. In this globalized world making one's tradition popular is difficult, luckily media has given people the opportunity to show and promote their culture via movies, video games and social networking sites (Croteau & Hoynes, The Business of Media, 2001). But recently this trend has turned the other way round and it is now the media that shapes one's culture. The culture…. [read more]

Media in America Term Paper

… Americans who want to shape their own values may attempt to limit their reliance on the mass media, and make up their own minds on the most important issues in their own lives.

In conclusion, it is clear the American mass media influences values in many ways. By choosing what Americans see, read, and hear, the media places constraints on information, and leads Americans down definite pathways. Americans are highly influenced by the media they choose, and do not choose, and so, American values are now dependent on information provided by others. As the media becomes more liberal, so does the information they produce, and public journalism will continue to attempt to influence how people behave and act.


Arant, M.D., & Meyer, P. (1998).…. [read more]

Values of Media Term Paper

… Values of Media

Life in North America has become divided into sleeping, working and watching TV. This has turned into a TV culture in which the make-believe stories that are projected from the TV have become what define us. TV replicates as well as shapes our cultural expectations and norms. It has brought about upheaval in many, if not all areas of life. There aren't many people who can say that their work, family life, leisure time, and school have not in some way been influenced by television (Bolen, 2006).

It is apparent from the statistics that TV is a leading force in our world although this is quite a recent phenomenon. The era of TV has brought with it a change from the written…. [read more]

Media in "The Cultural Logic Term Paper

… Media

In "The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence," Jenkins describes the two "seemingly contradictory" trends in American media (33). Those two trends include new media democratization and consumer empowerment on the one hand, and corporate conglomeration of mainstream media on the other. Another way of framing the dichotomous trend is in reference to excess fragmentation vs. excess homogenization. Jenkins also points out that convergence is not an "endpoint" but a process that reflects how consumers interact with technology, with information, and with each other. The convergence of media is dependent on and akin to a convergence of technology, in which one device serves a multitude of functions. The smartphone is the quintessential example of the converged media device. In some ways, media convergence signals the…. [read more]

Values Portrayed in Popular Music Thesis

… This is focused on differentiating themselves from others in the music industry competing for the 'most popular' monetary and iconic status. Involved is a complex orchestration so to speak that results in harming the views, values, vision, and ultimately the methods that will be utilized in the lives of these individuals to attain their prescribed goals. Indeed, erroneous value assignation resulting from the impact of music in the contemporary society simply sends these individuals reeling down the wrong road from the very beginning of their lives. That surely sounds too dramatic it might be said however; it is dramatic that so many young individuals get completely off track because of the music they have chosen or have been assigned socially to identify with as their…. [read more]

Media Essay

… Hoynes, Crouteau, and Milan (2011) report that the pervasiveness of the media in the lives of individuals today and the significance of those media results in it being "surprising to realize that the mass media are relatively a new phenomena. Most forms of mass media are still in their infancy.' (p.7) The media product is stated to be such that different readers or viewers have differentiated interpretations. The active creation of meaning is referred to by sociologist as the "social construction of reality" which means, "while realities exist, we must negotiate the meaning of that reality." (Hoynes, Crouteau, and Milan, 2011, p.8)

The social process or the process of socialization teaches the individual to perform their "social roles as friend, student, worker, citizen…" and in…. [read more]

Media Artifact in American Culture Essay

… For example the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been using Twitter to provide updates regarding the H1N1 situation, while the U.S. Army utilizes its Twitter to recruit soldiers (Case and King, 2011, p. 97). In the same vein, JetBlue uses Twitter as part of its corporate communications function, while companies such as K-Mart, Sears and Dell use Twitter to answer customer service questions (Kulviwat and Sledgianowski, 2009, p. 81). The responses such corporations, for example, receive can either be attributed to extremely good content and marketing tactics, or to the capacity for Twitter users to become interested in creating a more unified space for themselves through their aligning with such promotions in a manner attributed to the previously-noted Symbolic Convergence Theory. Whether…. [read more]

Media Influence and Political World Thesis

… Media Influence and the Political World

The work of Croteau and Hoynes (2003) entitled: "Media Society: Industries, Images and Audiences" states that if one is to better understand media then it is important to understand "the political environment in which they operate. This becomes obvious when we consider the drastic differences between media in a democratic society and those in totalitarian nations." However, it is the position of the writer of this work that even in democratic societies media influence may be characterized by the promotion of a "narrow set of government-sanctioned images and messages." (Croteau and Hoynes, 2003)

When such as this occurs in a democracy then the audiences in the democratic nation, just as those in other nations must become "...adept at reading…. [read more]

Media Literacy Essay

… Media Literacy

Thinking about Media Literacy

Media literacy- it hardly seems like a person in this day and age would need to take a course in media literacy. After all, the average person is inundated by almost all types of media. People use the internet, cell phones, text messages, television, radio, and print media to stay in constant communication with the outside world. In fact, in terms of using media, today's people have more media access than people of any prior time. Since, theoretically, I can start a blog that rivals the readership of established news outlets; it may seem like an odd time and place for me to study media literacy. However, media literacy is not about understanding how to physically use the various…. [read more]

Media Bias in America Term Paper

… Media Bias

Knowledge is rarely neutral, often consciously shaped by these special interests and then unconsciously imbibed from our earliest childhood experiences as cultural "normality." More ominously, manipulation, misinformation, and deception are inescapably entwined with one's belief in the "truth." Propaganda also impacts on the level of public discourse by positively as well as negatively influencing the democratic process. Propaganda is thus common to how image makers influence, how educators teach, how sellers sell, and how elites govern."

Richard Alan Nelson

Political Media Bias

Without a doubt, political media bias exists, and has for a very long time. In fact the basis of the prolific media in the early development of the nation was simply as a voice for the varied political ideologies to demonstrate…. [read more]

Media Censorship the Maneuver Term Paper

… S. And UK have appreciated the significance of awareness of the media and provided several monetary and organizational backup instead of media control. A fastidious thought process is an important aptitude for every citizen in a democratic setup, in case they are assessing an advertisement on TV, an action picture, or a news report based on a politician's address to the public. Instead of taking recourse to control or ranking schemes reacting to the supposed impact of aggressive or other upsetting messages in accepted culture, decision makers located in UK and USA entrust to rendering media awareness an important part of every youth's education process. (Heins; Cho, 2003)

In case New York Times or Barnes & Noble releases some writing that several of the citizens…. [read more]

Media Influence and Its Effects on Society Research Paper

… Media Influence on Society

In a matter of a few centuries, the availability of information to the average person in society has grown exponentially. Until the advent of the telegraph in the middle of the 19th century, even the most significant world events typically took weeks or more to become known outside their immediate region. Printing presses were tremendously expensive, rare, and prohibited by law in some parts of the world. Even paper was too expensive to produce for anyone outside of the wealthier classes to have access to it. Before that, the average person knew only what happened in a very small local area and many people living in relatively undeveloped border regions may not have even been sure what country they lived in,…. [read more]

Media Criticism Killing the Messenger: 100 Years Term Paper

… Media Criticism

Killing the Messenger: 100 Years of Media Criticism contains a collection of fifteen essays on media criticism. A UC Berkeley Graduate School Dean at the time of publication, Editor Tom Goldstein's selections span several centuries, focusing on the American press in particular. Goldstein is keenly aware of both the power of the press over a society and of the lack of adequate self-criticism among media professionals. Killing the Messenger was published in the 1980s, long before the first "Survivor" episode hit American airwaves to spark off a wave of reality television shows. Killing the Messenger also hit the presses decades before the 2000 presidential election or September 11 and therefore predates the current media crises facing the United States. Nevertheless, Goldstein's collection of…. [read more]

Media and Monopoly in 1983 Term Paper

… "Mass Media and Society." 25 Aug. 2000. Virginia Commonwealth University 31 Oct. 2003.

Marin, Brian, "Environment and Public Health." 2001. University of Wollongong. 31 Oct. 2003.

Media Reform Information Center. 31 Oct. 2003.

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The Media Monopoly by Ben H. Bagdikian." EServer. 31 Oct. 2003.

Media Reform Information Center. 31 Oct. 2003.

Miller, Mark Crispin. "What's Wrong With This Picture?." The Nation. 20 Dec. 2001. 31 Oct. 2003.

Croteau, David and Hoynes, William. "Mass Media and Society." 25…. [read more]

Values Portrayed Reality TV Essay

… An important fact that needs to be added here is that often reality shows are licked with documentaries. There is a great difference between the documentaries and reality TV shows. Documentaries are where the reactions of the people are seen when exposed to certain situations. In the case of reality TV shows, the scripts are made up and the stock characters are used. In order to make sure that the situations are more interesting, the situations and the characters are contrived. The videos related to the subjects are heavily edited and changed in order to increase the level of interests shown by the viewers. The more interesting the content of the show, greater are the profits earned by the show (Murray, and Ouellette, 2009, p.…. [read more]

Media in the Courtroom High Essay

… Just the opposite, they "saw only the best highlights from the arguments, the most compelling of the witness testimonies and a host of evidence (only some of which was ever admitted in court and presented to the jury)," and then followed the lead of TV commentators and talking heads in deciding that she was guilty (Ferguson 2011). Then Americans sat in their living rooms, pieced together everything they saw, and convicted Casey Anthony in the court of public opinion. Perhaps she really was guilty, but few of the TV viewers had seen all the evidence and heard all the arguments that the twelve jurors had. Rightly or wrongly, after considering all this evidence they decided that they could not find her guilty beyond a reasonable…. [read more]

Media and Communication in Canada Term Paper

… Media and Communication in Canada

Description of media system

In the history of mass media in Canada there has been a position that it has been susceptible to the dominance of American media. "Canadian mass media began from a need for national communication and yet now serves as a fragmenting, regionalizing entity." (the Bonding and Fragmenting of Canada - in terms of Mass Media) This is a problem that remains even today as there is still no national newspaper though there have been attempts by Globe and Mail to be national newspapers. Instead of a national newspaper the country has a number of papers in regions which are owned by individuals. The effect in terms of money may be the same, as "The result is…. [read more]

Media Influence on Eating Disorders and Why Thinness Is so Sought Term Paper

… Media and Eating Disorders

Media, both electronic and print, tends to clouds one's judgment of reality. This is what cultivation theorists maintained, propagated and argued for. Even though theorists such as George Gerbner, did not include print media when he expounded his cultivation theory, we cannot deny that in today's world, print media has just as profound an impact on our perceptions as electronic media. Both print and electronic media have been criticized 'for depicting thin woman as ideal' (Holmstrom, 2004) and it is widely believed that these unreal images of women feed a female's insecurities about herself and usually have a damaging impact. In this paper, we study how media contributes to the culture of thinness and the role it plays in mounting cases…. [read more]

Media Asia Essay

… Reading this article, I learned a lot about the multiple facets of media, and how they manifest throughout any society. For example, there are the ways media impacts the viewer or consumer, and the way the disseminators of media capitalize on consumer demands. The article also raises interesting questions related to the directionality of media. For example, do consumers play an active role in determining content, or are consumers passive? Do factors like these change from place to place? Finally, the author does a good job using examples from Chinese television and cinema to make his case. These examples show how globalization has become a far more complex and organic process than what has been previously assumed by postmodern scholars, who presume Western cultural imperialism.…. [read more]

Media Injustice Essay

… " (Chiyamwaka, p. 1) Economic interests play a big part in the allegiance of these and all media outlets.

These economic interests also play into a sort of sensationalism that glorifies violence and atrocity. For instance, the media's proclivity in the event of tragedies such as the Boston Marathon bombing has been to extend the fame and visibility of the perpetrator while paying precious little attention to the victim's story. According to Glazer (2013), "it is the media's responsibility to report on stories in a manner that reminds us that the victim really matters, and the accused should be forgotten." (Glazer, p. 1)

As a counterpoint, there are grass-roots efforts at bringing media into a more democratic space through the use of independent social media.…. [read more]

Media Impact on Perception Essay

… It has the double effect of making viewers expect too much from attorneys and too little from the Court system.

Court Television Shows

Many Americans get their peek into a "real" court of law through court television programs, which run at the same time of day as talk shows. The Department of Justice study pointed out the importance of "…programs like "Judge Judy" or "The People's Court" as sources of information" about courts. (7). These programs often depict civil law courts instead of criminal law courts. They are usually small-claims courts without juries, with the presiding judge making determinations of law and fact. These judges are selected by producers for their strong personalities and The judges in court television programs often decide cases based on…. [read more]

Media the Two Media News Outlets Research Paper

… Media

The two media news outlets that I am going to evaluate are the Onion News Network, which a cable television program based on the Onion website, and WikiLeaks. The Onion is a satire-based program, so the stories covered are fictional, but serve the purpose of shedding light on issues in American city. WikiLeaks is a website that serves as an outlet for leaked documents. The site's content consists of information that was not intended for the general public audience, and in releasing this information the website is providing information for the public about what occurs among power brokers in politics and business behind closed doors.

Postman and Powers (2008) argue that news media must be viewed critically. The point out that the mainstream media…. [read more]

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