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Health Care Delivery Systems Research Paper

… The best practices principles identified by the World Health Organization are: (1) The partnership or collaborative arrangement demonstrates a clear added value; (2) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has a clear goal that concerns a priority area for WHO; (3) The partnership or collaborative arrangement supports national development objectives; (4) The partnership or collaborative arrangement ensures adequate participation of stakeholders; (5) The roles of partners are clear; (6) Pursuit of the public health goal takes precedence over the special interests of participants; (7) The structure of the partnership or collaborative arrangement corresponds to the proposed functions; and (8) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has an evaluation or self-monitoring mechanism.

8. Key Strategic Planning Elements in Healthcare Systems Management

The strategic planning elements most frequently utilized…. [read more]

Healthcare Issues, Systems, and Policies Essay

… By inundating members of both houses of Congress with lobbyists, that sector (just like the investment and banking sectors) employs approximately six lobbyists per legislator (Kennedy, 2006).

The relationships and tacit mutual understandings that are generated through this political lobbying process routinely produce legislation that is economically beneficial to the industries represented by lobbyists and (in effect) also stifles any legislative changes that would limit or threaten the profitability of the healthcare and health insurance industry. In addition to the direct effect of premium increases on healthcare costs, the complete dominance of private healthcare by the health insurance companies (and certain inefficiencies in Medicare and Medicaid) contributes indirectly (but substantially) to the cost of healthcare by encouraging providers to increase their fees for services, since…. [read more]

Health Care Industry in America Essay

… American physicians feel that American health care does not work well and needs rebuilding (Blendon, 2001).

From the consumers' point-of-view, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction in the quality of health care (Davis, 2006). A variety of studies have revealed that U.S. consumers are not satisfied with the quality of communication between themselves and their physician especially in regard to making health care decisions but the one area where American consumers express satisfaction in is the area of the timeliness of their treatment. Here Americans were satisfied in their ability to see a specialist or obtain elective surgery but they still complained about being able to readily obtain care on nights and weekends.

The overall level of dissatisfaction and the empirical evidence that seemingly…. [read more]

Health Care Disparities Race Related Research Paper

… Their health conditions as compared to that of white women are quite adverse. One of the examples of their unfavorable health conditions is the high maternal mortality rate. The maternal mortality rate is highest among western nations. African women die four times more during child birth as compared to white women. This is because the colored, especially those belonging to low income families, do not have an access to the facilities that are necessary to get positive birth outcomes.

Medical Errors:

The medical errors in United States health care system cause about 44 to 98 thousand deaths. In addition to that, these errors also incur a loss of dollar 25 billion each year. Unfortunately due to high racial discrepancies most of such disadvantages are tolerated…. [read more]

Health Care System Evolution Organizational Analysis and Continuum Essay

… Health Care System Evolution, Organizational Analysis and Continuum of Care

The objective of this work is to examine the evolution of the health care system and how health care delivery systems have influenced the current health care system in regards to Medicare/Medicaid. This work will conduct an organizational analysis for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including the stakeholders impacted by this component and how they are affected. Finally, this work will examine the continuum of care for Diabetes care program in the United States including the services provided and how these fit in the continuum of care. This work will examine how the equity contributes or fails to contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources and will examine the future trends of…. [read more]

Veterans Healthcare System Term Paper

… Veterans Healthcare System (VHA)

The objective of this work is to examine the Veterans Healthcare System (VHA) the largest fully integrated system in the United States in a systematic assessment. This work will first, identify the organization's mission and conduct assessments as follows: (1) Environmental assessment; (2) Organizational assessment; (3) Human resources assessment; and (4) Political process assessment. Following these assessments, a SWOT will be conducted for making a determination of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and to ensure the organization is capable of remaining viable in the future. This work will identify key implementation issues and suggestion evaluation of strategic effectiveness in a conceptualization of the overall strategic planning-process, which intends to identify and analyze alternate strategies.


The Department of Veterans…. [read more]

Healthcare Coordinator Interview Research Paper

… This effort is not new. Many up-gradations are made in the past as well and the success of up-gradation is dependent upon how clear the decision makers are in their vision and goals likely to achieve from the new system.

There is always a possibility to learn lessons from the old systems and efforts which posed certain challenges while being implemented. An example is about VHA. It is better to involve the old team in the new process so that their experience can add value to the new system and they can play an active role in preventing the loopholes that were experienced in the previous systems which were elevated to adopt technological innovations. Keeping in view the efforts and technological advancements, it is assumed…. [read more]

Consultant of Healthcare Industry Research Paper

… Consultant Evaluation/Healthcare Industry

You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the health care insurance industry. A group of 20 doctors are considering forming a new medical group and have asked you to prepare a report on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars. Prepare a report for the management team of the doctor's group on your proposed $100 million expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives including the financial, legal, alternative health care models, reinforced by your knowledge of strategic planning and capital budgeting.

The benefits of this proposal are truly overwhelming. One of the most major benefits of the…. [read more]

Security in Healthcare Essay

… Also, while wireless systems (WiFi) are a wonderful technological tool, Glaser reminds readers that these systems provide yet another way for hackers to invade private medical files. Yet another concern Glaser mentions (41) is the fact that physicians are now communicating with other physicians through Internet-based systems and while "improved care" may result from these devices, they may also become "a means for inadvertent and inappropriate release of patient identifiable health information."

Virginia Sharpe writes in The Hastings Center Report that among the virtues of electronic records is the ready access to personal healthcare by doctors and other medical professionals during emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina. For example, the Veterans Health Administration (where she is an employee, or was at the time of her article)…. [read more]

Health Care Industry Has Undergone Essay


The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality is a federal agency under Health & Human Services working to improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of health care. AHRQ gathers information in surveys; funds research projects and provide evidence-based practice guidelines for health care practitioners. The AHRQ's Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) program provides a national benchmarking database (Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 2002). The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's mission is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for all Americans. AHRQ supports research that helps people make more informed decisions and improves the quality of health care services.

AHRQ does this by improving care safety and quality by developing successful partnerships and generating the…. [read more]

Greening of the Health Care Research Paper

… (2) To comply with applicable environmental and worker safety laws and regulations.

(3) To practice wise resource management by conserving limited resources, and reuse and recycle materials when possible.

(4) To consider the life cycle cost of materials and procure less hazardous or environmentally preferable and recycled content products.

(5) To look for opportunities to reduce pollution and risks by managing the types and quantities of materials we procure, store, handle, and ultimately dispose of. (Reno VA, nd, p.1)

III. Deloitte Reports on 'Going Green'

Deloitte reports that going green in a formal manner involves: (1) the supply chain; (2) education of staff; and (3) support of the effort. (2009, p.1) It is necessary, according to Deloitte to do the following when beginning a green…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Issues and Implications Essay

… ¶ … Healthcare Policy Issues and Implications

The Impact of Healthcare Financial Policy Reform

The current precarious and unsustainable economic state of the American healthcare system is substantially attributable to the fact that for-profit health insurance companies dominate the industry (Kennedy, 2006). In that respect, it is incredibly ironic so many individuals (particularly in public office) blame the public programs (i.e. Medicare and Medicaid) for being "bankrupt" when they manage to administrate healthcare for approximately one-tenth the cost extracted (as profit) by the private healthcare industry. While administration of those public programs costs only approximately two or three percent of their total revenue, the private health insurance industry extracts more than thirty percent of the $2.2 trillion spent annually on healthcare in the United States…. [read more]

Health Care United States' National Healthcare Expenditures Term Paper

… Health Care

United States' national healthcare expenditures cover for the following services: dental services (provided in offices of dentists and clinics of dentists and operated by a doctor of dental medicine, a doctor of dental surgery, or a doctor of dental science), durable medical equipment (covers retail sales of items like: contact lenses, eyeglasses, other ophthalmic products, surgical and orthopedic products, hearing aids, wheelchairs, medical equipment rentals), home health care (covers medical home health care provided by public and private non-facility-based home health agencies, sales or rentals of medical equipment billed through these agencies), hospital care (covers all types of services provided by public and private hospitals, including: room and board, ancillary charges, resident physicians services, inpatient pharmacy, hospital-based nursing home and home health care),…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform and Electronic Medical Essay

… "Planes and tanks and guns are a cost of war. So is taking care of the men and women who fight our battles (AP, 2014)."

What are your constituents most concerned about regarding health care reform?

The constituents in Vermont are definitely appalled at the lack of healthcare that has been given to our Veterans. Not providing this population with adequate healthcare after they return home to their families is both morally wrong as well as an ineffective policy. If many of these soldiers were provided adequate care, then they could return to the workforce as civilians and led relatively normal lives. Instead they are ignored and neglected by the ill equipped Veterans Administration (VA). The VA has been the subject of many scandals in…. [read more]

Health Care Reform Term Paper

… Health Care Reform:

For quite some time, the debate on the health care reforms has been centered on a number of key issues. These key issues have included the question on whether there is an essential right to health care, who should have access to health care, the circumstances that grant access to health care, the method of government support for health care, the quality achieved for the figures spent, the sustainability of the expenditures and the role of the federal government in bringing about such change.

Given the fact that health care in the United States is offered by many separate legal entities, health care facilities are mostly owned and managed by the private sector. Apart from programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, Children's…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Ways the Healthcare Reform Bill Thesis

… Healthcare Reform

Ways The Healthcare Reform Bill May Affect The Average American

Many of those who disagree with the proposed Healthcare Reform Bill actually agree that America's current health care system needs reform. Amidst concerns and challenges that counter and compliment the contemporary health care reform bill being considered by Congress, one primary question arises, the primary question this mixed methods research paper addresses: How may the current proposed Healthcare Reform Bill affect the average American?

In addition to accessing information through the literature review, this study conducts a 15 question survey via a questionnaire the researcher created. Ultimately, as the research paper answers the primary research questions and three relevant sub-questions, it stimulates more questions regarding the proposed Healthcare Reform Bill that only time,…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Initiatives in California Term Paper

… The point of programs like this isn't just to use state and federal money to help those who can't help themselves vis-a-vis health care coverage; it is to "…decrease the hospital emergency room use," according to the California Healthline (November 5, 2012). The LIHP program is only available to people without children whose income is less than $7,500, the California Healthline explains. Interestingly, when presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke about why he would like to remove the Affordable Care Act from federal law, he said there is a healthcare service that is available to everyone everywhere -- the emergency room.

Other recent health reform initiatives signed into law in California include: a) AB 1453 (protects consumers from "junk insurance" and requires insurers to offer "minimum…. [read more]

New Mexico Veterans Affairs Term Paper

… New Mexico Veteran's Affairs Healthcare System

Business Concept

The New Mexico Veteran's Affairs Healthcare System (NMVHCS) is a provider of healthcare to American veterans and their families throughout New Mexico and Arizona, due to their membership in the Veteran's Integrated Service Network (VISN) 18, which spans those states in addition to Texas. The NMVHCS is funded through the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs, and was established to provide veterans with healthcare throughout the three-state region. The service concept of the NMVHCS is to give veterans the opportunity to obtain premium healthcare at minimal cost to themselves and their families. In addition, the (VISN) 18 network makes specialists available network-wide for veterans and their families in need of care.

Current situation

Today the NMVHCS actively seeks…. [read more]

Varying Differences of Universal Health Care Capstone Project

… ¶ … Universal Health Care

This project explores several published articles that report on results from research conducted on Online (Internet) and Offline (non-internet) on the benefits of Americans receiving/participating in Universal Health Care (UHC). The articles, however, vary in their definition in implementing UHC. The Democratic government suggests that UHC is more effective than Private Insurance Carriers (PIC), and advocate the use of supplementary coverage for the millions of previously and otherwise rejected un-insurable Americans. Other articles define UHC differently and therefore, offer different results?

This project examines UHC research in relation to several other research articles to suggest that all areas of UHC should be studied in order to fully understand how UHC will influence (impact) and better the lives of all Americans,…. [read more]

Governmental Healthcare Centers Concentrate Introduction Chapter

… A concomitant consequence of this law was to "entrenched the hospital and physician-centered model of Medicare by limiting insured health services covered by the five governing principles of the Act -- public administration, universality, accessibility, portability, and comprehensiveness -to medically necessary hospital and physician services" (Romanow & Marchildon, 2003, p. 284). With respect to accessibility in particular, Romanow and Marchildon emphasize that the vagaries of the CHA with respect to the delivery of health care services has created a privileged system in some territories and provinces. In this regard, these researchers report that, "Although the CHA has never blocked the provinces from providing a broader range of services under their respective health plans, it has meant that both hospital services and primary care physician services…. [read more]

Canadian Health Care System Research Proposal

… Canadian Health Care System

There are hundreds maybe even thousands of different opinions and studies that have been done over the years, on the advantages and disadvantages of Canada's health care system. The disadvantages tend to focus on the significant problems throughout the system. The one that tops most lists, as one of the biggest problems, is the waiting time for medical care. To focus on this problem and to explain some of the measures that have been and still need to be completed, we first need to understand the basics of the Canadian Health Care System.

Canada's health care system has been a work in progress since its inception. Reforms have been made over the past four decades and will continue in response to…. [read more]

New Initiatives Future of Healthcare Thesis

… Healthcare

Dan Hall, a self-described veteran of more than a couple of decades as a healthcare employee states the following in regard to the healthcare industry in America, "I have always been struck by the Tale of Two Cities story of healthcare in America. By that I mean it is the best of times for some, and the worst of times for others" (Hall, 2008, pg. 34). By that, Hall means that concerning technological capabilities, advanced microsurgery, interventions accomplished by nanotechnology, a plethora of pharmaceuticals and imaging systems that are 'amazing' America offers the best of times. He also realizes, however that "accessing the system is fraught with problems" (pg. 34) which makes it the worst of times for individuals counting on Medicare or Medicaid…. [read more]

Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors With Mandatory Reporting Systems and Computer Technology Term Paper

… Healthcare: Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors


Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors with Mandatory

Reporting Systems and Computer Technology

To combat the current crisis of deaths due to preventable medical errors the health care industry and lawmakers have taken two approaches. The first is the implementation of a system of mandatory reporting systems. The solution is to crate an atmosphere in hospitals that fosters less blame, not more, according to the IOM report. A blue-ribbon pane appointed by the IOM argues that the failure to acknowledge and analyze mistakes deprives hospitals of important information that could help prevent similar mistakes in the future. However, many in the healthcare industry argue that mandatory reporting of errors will foster an atmosphere of lawsuits and backlash…. [read more]

FY2012 President's Budget for Health Essay


An additional site that I found when researching this topic is that of What is public health?

All of these sites have something that they can add to the basic answer of what health is. The fist site of the American Public Health Association has an about us section that contains a PDF file entitled What is Public Health? this article does a good job of defining public health as prevention along with Policy Development and Population Health Surveillance. This site also does a very good job of explaining why public health is important to all of us.

The second site of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services does a good job at explaining how it is that this department carries…. [read more]

Health Care Leadership Case Study

… ¶ … Health Care Leadership

Over the last several years, a variety of health organizations have been facing a number of different challenges. Part of the reason for this, is because rising costs can have a dramatic impact upon the ability of a hospital to remain open. Evidence of this trend can be seen by looking no further than a study that was conducted by Boston University. They found that between 1980 and 1997 there was a reduction in the total number of available beds nationwide by 660 thousand. The reasons why various facilities were closing were: mainly associated with the high costs and declining profits margins they were experiencing. As a result, researchers determined that there were a number of criterion that help to…. [read more]

Universal Healthcare in United States Essay

… ¶ … healthcare in the United States. Specifically it will discuss the pros and cons of universal healthcare, and why it is time to implement such a program in the U.S. Universal healthcare is the norm in most industrialized nations around the world, and yet, America lags far behind in providing healthcare coverage for all her citizens. If the time has come for change in America, then part of that change must be in the form of universal healthcare - it is time for a change, now.

It is not difficult to agree that health care costs are rising, and rising sharply. Two authors note, "Health-care costs are rising at three times the rate of inflation, and have been for the past five years. CEOs…. [read more]

Veteans Health Veterans Health Administration Essay

… Ponders had demonstrated that fragmentation was one of the most fabulous threats to a healthcare lattice's capability to transport value management. Various administration and third gathering reports had reliably inferred that the VHA would have done well to make basic updates to make a more patient-responsive and productive framework.

Kizer's crew chosen to gap the nation into 12 territories. Many brand new cooperative outpatient facilities could be assembled to diminish the firm's dependence on clinics, and each patient could be appointed to an essential conscientiousness M.D. Matching patients with experts could personalize regard and furnish a purpose of contact for veterans attempting to pilot the framework, and extending the scope of group facilities could prepare most patients to accept management within 50 miles of their…. [read more]

Pulmonary Therapist the Health Care Field Research Proposal

… Pulmonary Therapist

The health care field is continually advancing in technology and the opportunities available and anyone interested in pursuing a career in a medical area must keep abreast of these changes. Since I have long been interested in being part of this revolutionary care, I look forward to attending the University of Central Florida in the Cardiopulmonary Sciences. The time I spent with Dr. Gutierrez in James Haley veterans Hospital only strongly confirmed my desire to pursue this career.

With the backing of Steve Shideler (MSHS, RRT), program director and instructor of UCF Cardiopulmonary Sciences Program, I had the opportunity to meet and job shadow Charles J. Gutierrez (PhD, RRT, FAARC), assistant chief, neurorespiratory care at James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa. During…. [read more]

Federal Role in Healthcare Research Paper

… The recent and Veteran's Administration debacles proved that government is too lumbering and inept to get the job done, and in fact both of those services should be farmed out to the private sector so that people, especially veterans, get the healthcare that they need. The recent VA reform bill did this in part but it should be done in full for veterans and regular folks alike. The premiums of private citizens should be indexed based on income with regular working people paying the full price. However, the system can be scaled and adjusted to help those that cannot afford the full premium.


In the end, the current economic and political climate in Washington DC is going to preclude any real progress. The…. [read more]

U.S. and Norway Healthcare Systems Term Paper

… The Norwegian system of allocating scarce healthcare resources based on need results in long waits for services. Norway has a small private sector for those people that can pay afford to pay for healthcare to receive more immediate healthcare services. Both systems therefore have an inequality in the distribution of care.

Norway taxes its residents heavily for all public services and then decides what to spend on healthcare. In the U.S. The healthcare system is funded by through a combination of government and private insurance but the taxes paid by U.S. citizens is much lower than what Norwegians pay. Despite the differences in funding, the U.S. And Norway both face similar issues in their healthcare systems with the increase in life expectancies of their respective…. [read more]

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