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Victorian Literature Was Remarkably Concerned Term Paper

… " The constant movement of passion is not troped as an imaginative freedom, but rather as its own form of routine -- like the "ebb and flow / of human misery" in Arnold's "Dover Beach," the tidal image here is one of senseless repetitiveness. In "Dover Beach" it is the senselessness that Arnold emphasizes, where Victorian religious doubts render the landscape into a melancholy locus where the only human meaning must be consciously constructed. But here, the "ebb and flow" of the emotional life of youth is understood as meaningless in a different way: the crux is clearly located in the word "expense." Arnold is clearly allowing the word to play with a double-meaning, one of which is concrete and financial, and the other of…. [read more]

Victorian Women During the Victorian Age Term Paper

… Victorian Women

Women during the Victorian age had little choice over their fate once they became marrying age. In most cases, men married these women because of the property they owned and to have and raise children. Once wed, the women lost all ownership of their goods as well as any legal rights. On the other hand, if a woman did not get married, she had few choices other than becoming a governess, domestic helper or, in the worst case, a prostitute. Even when men kept mistresses, they still expected their wives to be faithful. If a woman took a lover, and it was discovered, she would lose any standing in society. If a man divorced his wife, she no longer had any right to…. [read more]

Literature and the City the Presentation of London in Three Novels by Charles Dickens Essay

… London and Dickens

The City of London in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations, David Copperfield, and a Christmas Carol

The Dickensian city, while a reflection of social injustices, is not strictly limited to depicting humanity in the light of such suffering. For Dickens there is a wider hope -- a higher heaven than Victorian socialism can afford. Socialism is the economist's hope for heaven on earth. Dickens connects his London characters to another heaven -- this one attained by uniting oneself to the sufferings, not of the poor, but of the Christian Savior. It is no coincidence that in David Copperfield, the eponymous hero should fall in love with a girl named Agnes (who embodies all the virtues of meekness like the spiritual Lamb for whom…. [read more]

Richard Hughes: A High Wind Term Paper

… Messinger, drowns. Just about the time Tony is about to die in Brazil, he is rescued by a strange and very eccentric recluse named "Mr. Todd"; this recluse, who has apparently lived in the jungle (away from society) for 60 years, loves to have the works of Charles Dickens read to him, and this becomes Tony's life.

There are indications that this story was Waugh's way of condemning British society, that the trusting Tony reflects the "old" British society, who takes his wife's word that she is up to only honorable things, and the affair Brenda has with Beaver is the "new" British society, a lying, cheating society capable of infidelity and cruelty. This "new" British society was also capable of cold-hearted behavior, such as…. [read more]

William Wordsworth and a Vindication Term Paper

… ¶ … William Wordsworth and "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" by Mary Wollstonecraft. Specifically, it will compare and contrast the works and discuss how they related to modern culture and society. Wollstonecraft and Wordsworth are both fairly contemporary writers who lived within fifty years of each other and wrote in the Romantic style. While their works seemed topical of the time they were written, it is startling to see how closely they mirror our modern world, especially considering they were written over 200 years ago. This indicates that society and culture will always decry "progress" and change, no matter when or how it occurs.

According to the text, Mary Wollstonecraft was the product of an abusive home, and her sister married an abusive…. [read more]

Walker Evans the Emergence Term Paper

… S. Resettlement Administration and during the Depression, recorded the social conditions. It is during this second period, from 1931 to 1935, that Evans mastered his skills and developed a full "palette " in a salon where when one goes into it gives feeling of as if entering into a shaft of light (Cosmo Polis, 2000).

At the salon are many of Evans's most attractive pictures, starting with the architectural wonder of Maine Pump, with its counterpoint of Gothic lines. A cupolaed wooden awning with a gingerbread, scalloped frieze shelters the slender black pump and its wooden sluice; while some grey cupola peaks in a spindle; and the canopy is bracketed to a pointed archway over one of two adjacent doors of the home. There could…. [read more]

Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Term Paper

… When he drinks, Tom can give himself permission to not think about life, and permission to not feel responsible for his mother or sister. In a way, Amanda and Laura are using Tom as a surrogate until another man can come along and rescue them.

In one of the most pivotal scenes of the play, Jim who has been invited to dinner as a potential suitor for Laura, finally understands why he was invited. He explains to Amanda that he plans to marry soon, then he quickly leaves. Amanda lashes out at her son, who leaves to go to the movies. "She screams after him that he can go to the moon since he is nothing but a selfish dreamer anyway. The final scene is…. [read more]

Housing Price Dynamics Within a Metropolitan Area Research Paper

… Housing Price Dynamics within a Metropolitan Area

One of the most dramatic features of the current recession is the impact that it has had on housing prices. Rather than viewing houses primarily as homes, many Americans have long considered houses to be their largest financial investments. In addition, real estate had been a fairly secure financial investment for a significant period of time. In fact, in many areas real estate was not only a secure investment, but one of the safest speculative markets, because of rapid appreciation. Between the late 1990s and the mid 2000s, real residential property prices appreciated by over 80% in the United States (Guerrieri, Hartley, & Hurt, 2009). This rapid appreciation of housing prices does not even convey the entire story…. [read more]

Ageless Benefits of Pure Dark Chocolate Research Proposal

… Chocolate Health

The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate may well be one of the rare consumables that belies the old assumption regarding that which is healthy and that which is enjoyable to eat. The conventional logic suggests that these two qualities rarely intersect. However, the larger body of research concerning the intake of cacao indicates that indeed there are uniquely beneficial health properties that might be associated with the consumption of certain types of chocolate, offering justification for further investigation of claims to the point. Before entering into this assessment, it is important to reflect briefly on the history of chocolate as something of importance to cultural and culinary history.

In the text by Coe & Coe (2000), the authors provide an exploration of…. [read more]

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