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Virtualization Analyzing the Benefits Term Paper

… Virtualization

Analyzing the Benefits and Value of Virtualization

The value of virtualization continues to increase for enterprises today, as many seek to reduce the costs associated with their IT infrastructures. Virtualization is beyond a series of technologies however; it is a foundation for making businesses more efficient, productive and profitable (Creeger, 2008). The intent of this analysis is to determine of hardware virtualization helps businesses and organizations become more effective at cost management, improve systems performance and scalability, and make the entire area of systems management and administration for more effective. Software virtualization's many advantages including reducing capital expense (CAPEX), streamlining IT infrastructure to be more agile and capable of responding to changing market conditions, and greater security and stability for future application development (Park,…. [read more]

Virtualization Technologies Research Paper

… ¶ … Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization refers to a methodology of partitioning the resources of a computer into different implementation environments particularly within data centers. This is achieved through application of one or more technologies such as software and hardware partitioning, quality service, emulation, time sharing, complete or partial machine simulation amongst other applications Golden, 2007.

The use of virtualization technology for high performance technology computing applications is however limited despite existing potential for providing resource guarantees to its users and improving resource utilization. The wide spread usage of virtual technology include server consolidation, supporting multiple operating systems, system migration, secure computing platforms and kernel development and debugging. It is important to note that though the usage of virtualization technology may present similar operating environments to…. [read more]

Technology Business Processes Technology Mediated Essay

… This could help Spotify to make inroads in the American music consumer market at a juncture when it has achieved something of a singular set of agreements with man industry partners. As our research shows, these terms may have a limited shelf-life. Millan (2011) reports that there are some entities in the record industry that have objected to Spotify's merging of streaming and internally maintained media files. Millan goes on to report that "from a small office in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify quickly spread its tentacles across Europe. But during the past couple of years, the company has been caught in a web of bureaucracy. Record-label executives have expressed concern that Spotify's free offering devalues music and doesn't drum up significant revenue." (MIllan, p. 1)

This…. [read more]

Technology for Management Essay

… Technology in Management

The Fargus Benevolent Fund is a regional specialty insurance company providing weekly-premium health insurance primarily to lower-income customers. They currently operate on a large mini-computer system that they have had for 18 years (with upgrades). All computing is handled at the home office where the mini resides. Agents in multiple cities keep many records themselves in paper ledgers and periodically mail or fax reports to the home office. The system tracks customers, payments and benefits and also performs organizational administrative computing such as payroll, commission tracking, GL and AP. The mini will continue to be supported by its manufacturer for some time, and the software works adequately for what it does. However some executives in the organization want to totally revamp the…. [read more]

Virtualization and Biometrics Article Review

… Virtualization and Biometrics

As Etzioni asserts the strict definition of biometrics is the science that involves the statistical analysis of biological characteristics. A (slightly) more pragmatic definition is: biometrics n. The application of computational methods to biological features, especially with regard to the study of unique biological characteristics of humans. As with many terms, the computer industry has adopted the word and subtly changed its meaning. Biometrics has thus become synonymous with the verification of peoples' identities using their unique characteristics.

A biometric is a technological advancement used as a means of proving you are who you claim to be, just like a PIN or a password, but the crucial difference is that the biometric is personal identifyer rather than assigned information or permissions. Some…. [read more]

Technology and Innovation Market Position Value Case Study

… Technology and Innovation -- Market Position Value

Despite being the second or third to market in an industry based on increasing returns, it is possible to catch up to the first mover in terms of installed base. Of the many factors that go into this strategic decision to attempt and catch a first mover in terms of installed base, the most significant is the extent to which the expertise and knowledge the later entrant can scale and capture customers at a faster pace than the first mover (Shane, 2008, pp. 297 -- 298). In conjunction with the depth of expertise and knowledge the alter entrants to a market with increasing returns have, the ability to monetize intelligence and insight quicker than the first mover is…. [read more]

Hypervisors Analysis of Virtualization Term Paper

… Hypervisors

Analysis of Virtualization Hypervisors

Enterprises are seeking to gain greater control over their information technologies (IT) costs and long-term risks, often alleviating how dependent many of them have become with hardware-based systems and platforms. Coupled with the need for getting greater operational efficiency from their existing enterprise system investments and time-to-market advantages of cloud computing, virtualization continues to experience significant market growth. Estimates by research and advisory firm Gartner state that virtualization adoption driven by cost reduction, greater consolidation of IT infrastructure, and the speed and cost of advantages of cloud computing are catalysts making virtualization software sales grow at 35% a year through 2017 (Zhang, Chen, 2013).

The cost and time-to-market benefits of virtualization are accentuated by how quickly the applications and software…. [read more]

Networking System Support Virtualization Research Proposal

… Networking, System Support, And Virtualization

Network Security refers to any activity designed with the aim of offering protection to the network. The issue of network security and its importance proves to be a crucial issue in relation to ensuring security in the technological market. This relates to the emergence of numerous issues that would affect network and data through malicious attack on the integrity, usability, and reliability of the data and the operating system. Effective and efficient application of the network security should focus on the elimination of a variety of threats and prevent them from invading the network and relevant data. This research aims at examining the need for network security. The research would also illustrate on the way networking security offers protection to…. [read more]

Virtualization Server Virtualization Technologies Term Paper

… And should disaster strike the data center itself, one can always move those virtual machines elsewhere so long as you can re-create the network addressing scheme. Having that level of flexibility means a disaster recovery plan will be easier to enact and will have a much higher success rate. With a move to virtual machines, you are that much closer to enjoying a full-blown cloud environment. This technology may even reach the point where onecan deploy VMs to and from your data center to create a powerful cloud-based infrastructure. But beyond the actual virtual machines, that virtualized technology gets you closer to a cloud-based mindset, making the migration all the more easy (Rouse 2007).

There are also some significant disadvantages to file server virtualization. It…. [read more]

Disaster and Technology Research Paper

… Mass media aid in dissemination of information about public safety, public healthy, and disaster assistance. For example the local news media in Miami did incredible task of preparing the surrounding area for the Hurricanes landfall in 1992.Predictions about where the hurricane's would make landfalls was emphasized and prepared the views for it which eventually resulted to saving many lives through network coverage (Wright,2010)

Some of the ways that technology should be used by international organization during an international disaster to improve command and control and communication involves:

Information gathering

Processing and analysis

Early warning and emergency communications

Information gathering

Technology should be used in information gathering this will enhance accuracy of the information. This can be done by using personal computers, television, monitoring equipment, a…. [read more]

Comparing Virtualization Software Solutions Essay

… Their website provides an easily-used comparison table to provide quick comparisons of their products at the feature level. The VMWare vSphere Essentials suite supports full virtualization, operating system virtualization, hardware assisted virtualization, x86 and x64 virtualization types.

The Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition can be deployed only on a SaaS-based platform, which presents specific security risks relative to on premise options where the virtualization software would stay behind the firewall. This has implications for social network auditability and security over the specific configuration deployed (Burrus, 2010). The VMware vSphere Essentials can be deployed only on premise, ensuring a higher level of security while reducing the overall need for external auditability and outside the firewall activity that could compromise the overall network (Burrus, 2010).


Both…. [read more]

Information Technology Refuting the Claims That Windows Thesis

… Information Technology

Refuting the Claims That Windows-based systems are not as Secure

As Linux or Apple Mac systems

The evaluation of one operating systems' level of security relative to another is often evaluated from the number of patches completed in response to severity from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) database, or from customers making it widely known there are security holes and shortcoming in new products (Buckler, 3). There are also the architectural analyses of the Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple operating systems, each being evaluated in terms of their relative level of security and stability (Parnas, 112). In fact the truest answer to which operating system is the most secure is found in the combing of these factors and evaluating these…. [read more]

New Generation Technology Research Proposal

… New Generation Technology

CRM at Dell:

Driving Greater Accuracy of Build-to-Order

Selling Strategies with Better Customer Relationships

Your class #ID

Dell Inc. is today a $61B manufacturer of PCs, servers, laptops and tablet PCs, in addition to servers and network storage systems. The company operates in over 50 countries and has distributed its sales forces across the government, enterprise, small & medium business, and state and local government markets. Dell has succeeded in growing profitably and consistently across the last decade due to their highly efficient and unique supply chain that fuels their build-to-order production system and selling strategies globally (Gunasekaran, Ngai, 2009). Dell also has successfully been able to create highly collaborative workflows throughout its supply chains and have successfully transformed knowledge into a…. [read more]

Computer Technology Assessing the Evolution Thesis

… Computer Technology

Assessing the Evolution of Computer Technology

The advent of the reduced instruction set (RISC) microprocessor and memory platforms set the foundation for exponential increases in processor and memory performance over the last twenty-five years. The previous generation complex instruction set computer (CISC) series of algorithms and memory management approaches set constraints on processing power that did not fully take advantage of the available computing hardware at the time. With RISC-based approaches to microprocessor and memory design, the everyday concepts of virtual memory mapping, pre-emptive and cooperative multitasking, and the rapid gains in virtual memory performance are all being driven by the lessons learned in RISC programming and development. RISC microprocessor development has also led to the development of the dual core technologies (Vanhaverbeke,…. [read more]

Network and IT Technologies Case Study

… 2008).

Increasing communication satisfaction also has a direct effect on employee motivation, according to the findings of another study (Chiang et al. 2008). Essentially, employees who are more satisfied with the level of communication within their organizations respond more positively to other motivating factors than do employees who rank their satisfaction with organizational communication lower, as well as exhibiting a generally higher level of satisfaction (Chiang et al. 2008). The increased communications capabilities of the proposed changes to Knobs R. Us' network and technologies will thus provide direct and indirect motivation and satisfaction to the staff members of the organization, which will also make them more responsive to the motivational forces brought by increased quality of service and profitability in a cycle of ever-improving motivation,…. [read more]

Analytical Report on Employment in the Information Technology Field Research Paper

… Information Technology Employment

Employment in Information Technology

The Prospects for Employment in the IT Sector: a Report

Employment in the Field of Information Technology

What is the future for employment in the IT sector in 2010? This report examines what to expect of the IT technician's prospects in hi-tech job market in today's economy. IT has been an expanding employment area for two decades: Can that continue, even as IT investment shrinks? What we found and report here is that demand for many IT skills will increase well into the next decade, although at a slower rate than previously. This projection should continue to comfort IT students and students who are thinking of growing into IT careers, not to mention techies with visions of career…. [read more]

Advances in Technology Have Transformed Essay

… ("2011 IT Security Practices," 2011) ("Enterprise security best practices," 2011)

However, the problem is that most companies will over rely on these applications. This is troubling, as hackers have become more sophisticated and can sometimes circumvent these procedures. Once this happens, is the point that the firm will face increased risks. To deal with these challenges there needs to be some type of backup protocols that will mitigate these kinds of threats. ("2011 IT Security Practices," 2011) ("Enterprise security best practices," 2011)

SSH key rotation is when former employees could use their old user name and password to gain access to sensitive information. When this happens, the risks of security breaches will increase exponentially. To deal with these kinds of challenges, there needs to be…. [read more]

Analyzing Technology for Decision Making Essay

… Technology for Decision Making

Information is of key importance in any company. For any organization to succeed, high quality information has to be produced. Decision Support Systems (DSS) are information frameworks that are based on computers. The manner in which they are designed helps administrators to choose one solution to a problem from a variety of solutions. A DSS is an interactive information system that is based on computers that has people, models, procedures, databases, software, devices and telecommunications. These help those involved in the decision making process to solve business problems that are semi-structured or unstructured. Sensitivity analysis is useful for analyzing information. This helps us to settle on the right decision. In this paper, two methods of decision making will be deeply discussed.…. [read more]

Information Systems Virtualization Term Paper

… VMware

In recent years, there has been rapid growth as it relates to computer technology and the software and hardware available to consumers. VMware is one of the technologies that have grown in popularity over the last few years. The purpose of this discussion is to examine VMWARE and the wave of desktop virtualization. The research will describe the manner in which management benefits from VMWARE and it's usage within the organization and how the organization as a whole benefits from VMWARE technologies. Let us begin our discussion by defining the term Virtualization.


Bielski reports that Virtualization is just one aspect of a larger effort to manage both capacity and performance at a time when information technology (it) professionals desire to have information systems…. [read more]

Particulars of Key Virtualization Essay

… ¶ … Particulars of Key Virtualization

There are a multitude of different types of key virtualization. It is important to realize that although there are a number of different types of virtualization, they all operate under the same basic principle. For the most part, virtualization technologies encompass an abstraction layer so that individuals can access resources from different places -- and even integrate them, in some instances -- without physically moving them from a particular location. Still, there is a multiplicity of virtualization types and points of comparison and contrasting between them.

One of the forms of key virtualization that seems to be gaining in popularity is data virtualization. Data virtualization leverages the aforementioned abstract layer to access data in different locations from a centralized…. [read more]

Governance Primary Causes of Information Essay

… Such specifications are found within the budgetary allocations of a project. A good and equitable budget summed with equitable management results in a successful project.

Skill implementation and awareness

Many projects fail because they do not live within the required skills and expertise from the expatriates. Skill is necessary when bringing success to every project. Skills are pleasant to growth and development of a project. In most cases, skill manifestation is found within the success of a project. Therefore, it is essential to have equitable skills and expertise when implementing and working out on IT projects within an organization. Many IT projects require experience and expertise. Failure to have enough expertise will lead to intensification of challenges that do not usher in resolution measures. In…. [read more]

In What Ways Will Computer Technology Impact the Practice of Operations Management Term Paper

… Computer Technology and Operations Management

Modern technology has greatly changed operations management in the modern business world. Efficiency and effectiveness of operations, production, and functions has improved exponentially due to ever evolving computer technology. Across all industries within the business world, observable improvements are evident, and examples of enhancements to operations due to computer technology will be examined through this discussion.

The technology itself that is used in businesses to manage operations can be complex, and therefore systems have been developed and implemented that aid businesses in the management of their computer technology. An example of this is "sBusiness," which includes services that aid businesses in gaining the most they can out of computerized technologies used for operations management (Bolka, 2002). The need for this…. [read more]

Enterprise Saas ERP System for Workforce Dynamics Business Proposal

… ¶ … Enterprise SaaS ERP system for workforce dynamics and better capital expenditure (CAPEX) saving and improved security: A proposal

The recent advancements in Information Technology coupled with the various inefficiencies and risks associated with the implementation of the traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has led several experts to suggest the need for small and medium business adoption of a cloud-based ERP system. The impact of cloud computing has been indicated by the work of Goel, Kiran and Garg (2011) to be great. This proposal presents a ubiquitous cloud-based ERP system for increased mobility and better capital expenditure saving among other potential benefits.

The problems with the traditional ERP systems

The problems with the traditional ERP systems includes; Complicated setup processes, too much room…. [read more]

Grid Computing/Database Technology Term Paper

… Provisioning, resource pooling, self-adaptive software and unified management are also key attributes of grid databases (Oracle 10g: Infrastructure for grid computing, 2003). Provisioning of things such as server requests, data, and computations requires a grid service broker than understands resource requirements and resource availability across the grid. Resource pooling is also required to achieve better resource sharing. The pooling of individual disks into storage arrays and individual servers into blade farms gives the grid runtime processes the ability to optimize the associations between service consumers and service providers. A critical grid infrastructure requirement is self-adaptive software that automates maintenance and tuning tasks traditionally performed by IT. Further, IT professionals need unified management so that they can treat groups of systems as a single logical entity…. [read more]

Mobile Computing: A Disruptive Innovation Term Paper

… The use of cyber-foraging servers running Web Services that can quickly parse the taxonomies of consumers around them and deliver advertising content of interest and value is being piloted globally today by Google, Microsoft and others. This approach to selectively providing content is also delivering performance gains in the from of additional funding for middleware research and development, as companies including IBM, Oracle and others seek to create a highly differentiated and valued user experience by analyzing ePC profiles of consumers then selectively providing content of interest all in real-time. This equates to the flexibility of users being able to determine just what specific areas of their taxonomy they are interested in receiving data and potential advertising specials on or not. This model also allows…. [read more]

Emerging Trends for Cloud Computing Facilitated by Advanced Biometric Technologies for Enhanced Security Thesis

… Cloud Computing

Emerging Trends for Cloud Computing facilitated by Advanced Biometric Technologies for Enhanced Security

Author (I will fill this part )

Affiliation (I will fill this part )

An organizations' greatest asset is its information and knowledge. The integration and refinement of biometrics technologies into the process workflows of homeland security and defence agencies globally is the objective of this analysis.

Inherent in the development of a biometrics-based access strategy for cloud-based resources is the need for compliance to global standards and U.S. Federal mandates as well. The influence of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 for information management [7], the Federal Information Processing Systems standard (FIPS200) [7], in addition to the Federal Rules of Evidence and CFR Part 1250 compliance are included…. [read more]

Vose, D. ). Risk Analysis Annotated Bibliography

… Section 404 has been specifically discussed that outlines the internal control assessments required of the firms. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also requires publicly traded companies to comply with Treadway Commission's Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO). The case of Motorola IT governance model is taken to demonstrate how compliance with SOX can be ensured for data and IT security by organizations. The article observes that SEC fails to provide specific guidance on IT security; rather it leaves room for interpretation by firms. There is brief mentioning of SOX acts that outline compliance related issues such as Sections 302, 404, 409, and 802 of SOX 2002. The article concludes with an observation that firms with least effective IT security made decisions related to IT governance at…. [read more]

Capacity Planning and Performance Modeling Case Study

… Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring

The need for computer capacity evaluation and continual monitoring is even more important when an enterprise is transferring its computing power to cloud-based systems. This transition from on-premise to cloud-based computing introduces exponentially greater levels of variables and performance issues that can have an immediate and significant effect on any enterprises' ability to perform even the most fundamental it tasks (Read, 2010). Computing power transitioned to the cloud must be done with a deliberate strategy of ensuring a high degree of scalability, security, and a clear strategy of single- versus multitenancy, or the allocation of specific dedicated memory and processor resources for specific tasks (Rasin, 2010). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate those areas of cloud-based systems' computing…. [read more]

Emc Corporation Analysis Essay

… The greatest innovations EMC has designed and launched all come from their discussions with customers about future IT infrastructure needs, which are increasingly reflecting a cloud-based focus (Horsburgh, 2003). The ability of companies to create competitive advantage as part of their core competency is critical to long-term profitable growth and financially strong performance over the long-term (Atuahene-Gima, Wei, 2011).

What are some characteristics of a relationship management structure for dealing with IT's internal business partners? You might want to define the organization, its function, and its value to the enterprise.

The relationship management structure within EMC is predicated on making knowledge the competitive asset most valuable over time, far surpassing the value of hardware or even systems. The focus on making knowledge the most valuable…. [read more]

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