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Community Policing Is a Philosophy Essay

… The program offers career orientation practice, leadership occasions, and community service actions. The main goals of the program are to aid young adults choose a career path within law enforcement and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities and the nation (Law Enforcement Career Exploring, 2011).

Agencies from federal, state, and local levels manage the Law Enforcement Exploring programs throughout the United States. The preponderance of the community programs are administered by local police departments, including Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, and State Police. In addition, numerous federal agencies offer their support. "The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Federal Air Marshal Service, U.S. Army Military…. [read more]

Community Watch Impact on Colleges Universities Research Proposal


Community Policing Neighborhood Watch Programs

The work of Godfrey (nd) entitled: "Assessing the Success of Community-Policing (Neighborhood Watch Program)" states that communities are turning to "community-policing neighborhood watch programs to deter crime in their neighborhoods. This includes the location and elimination of drug houses so that citizens can enjoy peace in their neighborhoods." (Godfrey, nd) Godfrey relates that community policing is a practice that was "developed in the 1970s, a product of the experimentation of rank and file police officers at the street level." (Godfrey, nd)

Major Principles of the Program

The major principles which are stated to distinguish community policing from convention law enforcement are those as follows:

(1) Crime prevention;

(2) Problem-solving; and (3) Partnerships. (Godfrey,…. [read more]

Volunteers in Community Safety Case Study

… Volunteers in Community Safety

The percentage of youth offenders in the UK has skyrocketed in the recent years. One of the main reasons for this saddening statistic is the increase in the number of drug/alcohol abusers among the youth. As a youth offender's officer, I deeply feel that there is a need of intervention so as to save the future of today's youth. This is paramount since as has been evident in certain countries such as New Zealand that there are always a relatively small number of hard-core young offenders who are in fact repeat offenders. This small group of repeat offenders has been observed in the past to possess very lengthy careers in crime and they have also committed a surprisingly disproportional level of…. [read more]

Community Health Nursing Lansdowne, Phila-Delaware Case Study

… They have put in place workable mechanisms aimed at dealing with various communicable and contagious diseases.

The genogram for the Community's Social Relationships

Creating a Community genogram to present the data collected in the Assessment

Provide a short interpretation of the genogram, including the health indicators for this community

The color-coded lines in the genogram show the different kinds of relationships that exist among families and households in the borough of Lansdowne. It also shows ho family ties affect the health status of individuals in the community.

Formulating a community diagnosis of Lansdowne

Community diagnosis is the process or situational analysis that public health practitioners undertake as a way of identifying and analyzing the factors that affect health in a given community. The public health…. [read more]

Community Policing Efficacy the Violent Research Paper

… 4-5). Standard policing (professional law enforcement), which entails responding to upsurges in criminal activity by increasing the number of patrol officers, decreasing response times, instituting random patrols, increasing pressure to solve crimes, and arresting more offenders, has been shown to be largely ineffective in deterring crime. The evidence though, has revealed that two criteria produce the greatest benefit to controlling crime: (1) increasing the diversity of approaches and (2) using crime analysis to focus on high crime areas.

Community policing incorporates a diversity of approaches, by spreading the responsibility for crime control among all interested parties. The community policing strategies that seem to have the greatest empirical support (weak to moderate) are: making connections with members of the community, police engaging citizens in a respectful…. [read more]

Community Policing in the Modern Society Term Paper

… Watch groups are established to lessen crime and enhance the quality of life by working together and in conjunction with the police. Watch groups have not only acted as platforms for citizens to provide their concerns and suggestions regarding security in the community but also help in promoting a greater sense of responsibility, security, and personal control. In essence, the watch groups help the police by becoming the additional eyes and ears of police officers and lessen the burden of these officers ("Neighborhood Watch Manual," n.d.). Notably, the watch groups reduce officers' burden by providing volunteer support to law enforcement agencies throughout the year. These volunteers play a crucial role in helping these organizations and preparing for law enforcement initiatives in the community. Since their…. [read more]

Community Resources and Education When One Thinks Essay

… Community Resources and Education

When one thinks of educational reform, people think of what teachers, principals, and other educators can do for students. However, the reality is that educators can only drive a small portion of education reform and can only institute some change in an educational system. Parents and other community members, who have high stakes in the outcome of the educational process, have to be involved. However, while school systems have traditionally said that they need parental involvement, they have not always been welcoming to parents who want to try to get involved. Instead, they have sometimes been uninviting locations, seemingly hostile to parents who want to get involved in the school and make real changes in how the schools are run. Furthermore,…. [read more]

Safety in the Workplace and How to Deal With Law and Management Research Proposal

… Safety in the Workplace and How to Deal With Law and Management

The overall management and litigation structures in offices all over the world regarding the security and safety of the employees are evolving still. Especially in the past 5-6 years with the September 11 attacks brewing and subsequent attacks in Europe, the overall litigation and management in the workplace have grown more complicated and more comprehensive. However, in this paper we will deal with the aspects that impact the daily life of employees in the workplace as well as their personal lives and patterns of behavior. The paper will be focusing on the management techniques that the manager needs to master in order to deal with the overall negativity of the employees as well…. [read more]

Community Nursing the Service Learning Research Paper

… Problems associated with validity are usually increased in survey designs because they evaluate subject's values as well as beliefs (Bouma, 2004). Contemplating, the aims and outcomes of this research, Yin (2008) argues that it must be practicable to streamline case studies towards hypothetical propositions. Nevertheless, this ought to not extend to incorporate communities as well as the aims of the study should be to relate and structure theories and not to evaluate frequencies. On the other hand, this researcher feels that social sciences lacks fixed specifications and there are a number of factors which might influence the outcomes of the study and because of this it really is unrealistic to guarantee that future scientific studies on this particular problem will produce exactly the same outcomes.…. [read more]

Community Nurse Diabetic Clinic Thesis

… Community Nurse Diabetic Clinic

One of the hallmarks of economic progress is ironically the fact that certain kinds of diseases become far more common. Diabetes is one of these diseases. The causes for diabetes are complicated, including genetic as well as environmental factors: It is linked to the abundance of food in modern American society, culinary traditions brought from cultures of origin, lack of easy access to healthy foods to many working-class Americans, lack of education about diabetes, and lack of access to health care by many Americans.

The problem is so complex -- and the personal consequences for those individuals with diabetes -- that it can seem overwhelming. Where does one start in trying to address the problem of the widespread nature of diabetes?…. [read more]

Community Oriented Policing New Term Paper

… When a community will successfully reduce crime within its circle it will allow them to allocate more police resources to services that have the greatest impact on the quality of community life." (Kelling, 4-5)

The policy of a mandatory arrest will discourage crimes among the communities and will help in developing a stronger sense of security. Moreover, it will help the police to practice crime reduction more freely and more with ease without any distraction.

On the other hand, it may raise concerns relating to the individual freedom and the legal protection given to a citizen. In addition to this some of the police officers may misuse this privilege.

Statement of the problem and the purpose of the study:

The fear of crime and the…. [read more]

Safety Managers Program Term Paper

… These top leaders certainly possess the authority to pass down the authority for the employee safety and health, but they will still be responsible. The authority should ideally be delegated right down, and may be to the level of the first line supervisor, or the shift supervisor or even the team leader. This type of delegation enables the leaders directly in touch with the employees realize that they are also responsible for providing a safe and healthful environment for working along with enforcing the required standards of safe behavior.

The enforcing of safety requirements is a line function and is not a staff function. The importance of safety and health at work for all individuals through research and prevention is a national promise and the…. [read more]

Community Profile Research Community Diversity and Crime Term Paper

… Community Profile

Research Community Diversity and Crime

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn covers a total land area of 70.61 square miles. It lies at 40.65N latitude and -73.95W longitude. The total population calculated at the time of the 2000 census of Brooklyn was found to be 2,465,326 and hence its population per square miles is 34,914.68. The average household belongs to the middle class with a low average income which at a local level is calculated to be $32,135 and $41,994 at the national level. The average age of a citizen in Brooklyn, NY is about 35 years. Brooklyn constitutes a wide range of people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The Whites form the largest part of the population followed by the Blacks. These two form…. [read more]

Community Partnership Term Paper

… Community Partnership

The notion that the community has a role to play in the education of youth is long standing in United States. From Dewey's concept of community schools at the turn of the 20th century to calls for community control from parents and community activists in the late 1960's, community involvement has been a central theme in educational reform. Today, community involvement has taken a new significance in configurations and discussions in of school improvement. Federal, state and local educational legislation; political slogans; professional addresses; and casual conversations about schooling are likely to include references to the role or responsibility of the community (Sanders, 2005; pg: 1)."

One of the main focal points for improvement for the American Education Board as well as the…. [read more]

Community Analysis: Columbus, Ohio Research Paper

… They promise to bring a higher standard of living, attract residents with higher incomes, and lead to the establishment of more services for all of the residents.

Community Resources

An assessment of community resources for help and family's to achieve the optical level of wellness focus is on Mount Carmel Health System. Their won the largest hospitals in Central Ohio and there are few services, either general or specialty that cannot be found on the campus. Residents who have Health Insurance or who receive assistance by way of Medicare or Medicaid have easy access to the services at this facility and will not be the focus of the study. The study will address resources that are available for those who do not have access to…. [read more]

Halfway House Programs: Community Resistance Essay

… Additionally, people living in the community are not aware of the overall safety and efficiency of halfway houses. This is an important factor, which may contribute to substantial resistance to the agencies (Sechrest, 1991). Research suggests that the media does not accurately establish the safety of having the halfway houses in the community. In addition, owing to the several studies that claim the insecurity of these houses, the community is correct in resisting. This is because the people serving under the programs can escape and harm the community in the process.

Possible Solutions to avoid Resistance

As stated earlier, some of the agencies establishing halfway houses may face resistance from some communities, which is valid. Therefore, there is a need to provide some solutions or…. [read more]

Health of a Community Essay

… Free and unbiased health insurance counseling is provided at many occasions through a dedicated team of volunteers (Lundy & Janes, 2009).

Ethnicity, race and immigration status are also influencing attributes that creates an unconstructive impact on to the members of the community on a broad spectrum. Historical facts and figures elucidate the piece of information that Gainesville has been dominated by the majority racial communities, thus it is imperative to note that racial and ethnic discrimination has been present within the city and its dwellers. Furthermore, the discrimination existed for the people with reference to their ethnicity, race and immigration status when the access to health care was concerned (Lundy & Janes, 2009).

Finally, exploring the socio-demographic factors that take account of income, educational level…. [read more]

Community Organizing Term Paper

… Org

Community Organization: Glendale, New York

In her textbook, Cities, Change and Conflict: A Political Economy of Urban Life, Nancy Kleniewski discusses the nature of urban life and the possible conflicts that arise when people live very closely together. She approaches the subject with the notion the strategy can used to create harmony within the urban setting. This paper will examine the community of Glendale, New York, which is located within Queens, New York. This paper will look at the strengths and resources the community of Glendale, New York has to offer its inhabitants. This paper will also discuss the possible weaknesses within these public services and look at possible problems being caused by these weaknesses. This will include looking at the needs of the…. [read more]

Safety and Security Plan Term Paper

… School Safety and Security Plans

Improving Safety and Security in America's Schools

Scarcely a month goes by in the United States today without a headline reporting the latest school shootings. In response to the unfortunate circumstances of September 11, 2001 and the tragedies that have occurred on school campuses throughout our country, schools, private corporations and government agencies have all taken a pro-active stand on developing safety and security plans to protect their employees, visitors, students and others. The purpose of this study is to provide a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning safety and security plans in order to determine what is needed and desirable in such plans so as to identify deficiencies or opportunities for improvement in a specific school…. [read more]

Sports Tourism Assessment

… Sports Tourism: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Having a sport mega event in Belfast, Northern Ireland is something that would have to be carefully considered. It may or may not work, depending on the type of the event and other factors. The best way to determine whether an event of this type would work in Belfast would be through two avenues: a SWOT analysis on the area as it pertains to a sporting event and a study of volunteerism in the area in order to determine whether it will be difficult to find enough volunteers to contribute to the event. These volunteers do not necessarily have to be fans of the sporting event, but it would be more likely that they would help out if they had…. [read more]

Fire Fighter Safety Keeping Our Own Term Paper

… Firefighter Safety

The job of a firefighter is to do everything professionally possible to protect lives and property. And while the safety of the public is a primary concern, a firefighter's own safety is also of great importance, since his or her effectiveness in responding and putting out fires is paramount in terms of protecting communities and forests. Getting safely to the scene of the emergency, and using techniques and strategies that are well-grounded while at the scene, are concepts that are addressed in depth in this research paper. The recent tragic deaths of five firefighters in southern California brings to the table a whole host of questions about the safety of firefighters in wildland fire situations, and this paper addresses some of those.

One…. [read more]

Education Campus Security and Safety Thesis

… Education

Campus security and safety is an important issue in postsecondary education. The Department of Education has made a commitment to assist schools in providing students nationwide a safe environment in which to learn and to keep students, parents and employees well informed about campus security. These goals were established by the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. The Department of Education is committed to ensuring that postsecondary institutions are in full compliance with this Act, and enforcement of the Act is a priority of the Department. Compliance with this act, which is now known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, or Clery Act, provides students and families, as higher education consumers, with the information…. [read more]

Dpscs Maryland Department of Public Case Study

… The PSETC security plan will have to include a plan for how to react to an emergency if one occurs on the campus. Such emergencies include natural weather events that could put the facilities and the occupants in risk as well as a terrorism risk as well. Each potential scenario should be identified, planned for, and practice drills be run on a regular basis.

OSHA Standards and Violations

OSHA standards can be a complicated policy to understand, implement, and take corrective action for. It is necessary for the organization to have a small team of employees dedicated to ensuring OSHA compliance. This would represent the ideal way to ensure that the PSETC maintains compliance at all times in their operations. All the employees should receive…. [read more]

My Ideal Community Term Paper

… Dream Community

Unlike the popular Disneyland ideal of "Celebration U.S.A.," the Walt Disney World ideal 'planned community' in central Florida, which boasted a virtually all-white and middle-class population in a land of suburban sprawl and draconian rules governing the behavior of residents, (including forbidding the town's dwellers to complain about the mosquitoes, according to Frantz and Collins, 2000, study of the city) my ideal community would be racially diverse, and boast not of its wealth, but of a common educational and institutional framework. Cohesion would be created not by laws and regulations, but by a commitment to the community on the part of residents, and incentives through tax breaks and shared values.


The town would be racially, ethnically and culturally diverse, and boast of…. [read more]

Team Organization Community Organizations Essay

… There has been deep compassion in service delivery, integrity as well as value for life within The Salvation Army and this has willfully created the connection linking spiritual life as well as social life. The systems has been seen as stable and growing in both evaluation as well as monitoring component which has not been doing well for some time now. They have tried to minimize the project cost, this is because of the manner in which they have designed their implementation procedure with the help volunteer caregivers living in their personal communities.


The Salvation Army has an incredibly proficient, decidedly professional, greatly experienced program administrative team in whom they have invested their time, energy as well as resource. On the other hand, the…. [read more]

To the Public Safety Department of Drexel University Essay

… ¶ … Public Safety Department of Drexel University:

Drug and alcohol addiction at school and in the workplace can have a devastating effect upon the persons suffering from these addictions, their loved ones, and also their colleagues. Despite efforts to raise awareness about their dangers, binge drinking and drug use remain tacitly accepted on many college campuses, including Drexel's. Although this may be tolerated with a shrug of 'kids will be kids,' the behaviors students engage in while young can set the tone for their behaviors later in life. There needs to be a change in the culture of college campuses, regarding the normalization of alcohol and drug abuse. This culture change must be generated from both above (the administration) and also below (the students,…. [read more]

Event Coverage Story Pitch Article

… ¶ … Manhattan Community Board 4 (MCB4) public hearing on the District Plan for the proposed Hudson Yards Business Improvement District. The meeting took place July 31, 2013 at Roosevelt Hospital with 70 people in attendance. Supporters and opposition of the business development projects were in attendance, and with so many projects on the table there was a definitely a lot to discuss on the table.

For over three hours, speakers discussed a number of issues in great detail. A number of potential projects were brought to the forum, each getting unique attention from both supporters and the opposition. Yet, it was issue 37, or the business improvement district for the Hudson Yards, was really center stage. The plan regards a southern portion of Hell's…. [read more]

Incorporating Restorative and Community Justice Into American Sentencing and Corrections Article Critique

… Restorative Justice




In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. This paper will thus critique this particular emerging intervention and focus on answering questions like: What is Restorative Justice? What is Community Justice? Should Restorative and Community Justice Be incorporated into the Criminal Justice System?

In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. Regardless of the enhanced attention provided recently to the concept of restorative justice, the principle still stays rather bothersome to specify as many feedbacks to criminal habits could fall under the supposed corrective umbrella. The…. [read more]

Wildland Recreation Management National Fire Plan and Community Preparedness Thesis

… National Fire Plan & Community Preparedness

What is National Fire Plan

Importance of Community Preparedness

Fire Wise

Recent Efforts and Challenged

Political Considerations

Current Applications

Year Implementation Plan

Project Wildfire

Developing Community Plans

Future Issues and Concerns

Lack of Concern and cooperation in some communities

Making the Message Personal

Lack of Personnel and Resources

Need for Education and Efforts to Foster Social Responsibility

Common elements of Success

Overcoming Obstacles

Fostering Higher Levels of Supp

National Fire Plan & Community Preparedness

Every year millions of dollars of property and thousands of acres of U.S. forest succumb to fire damage. As the population the United States increases, more people are moving into fire-prone areas. This places their lives and property at-risk; it also increases the likelihood of…. [read more]

Disaster Preparedness Plan Safety Term Paper

… Disaster Preparedness Plan-Safety

Disasters included/Excluded from Consideration

Personnel and Their Duties: Authority and Responsibility

Personnel Internal and Response Team

Interfaces to Persons both Internal and External to Your Operation

Response Plan and Procedures

Scenario of Events

Requirements for Response Team Activities

Communication and Documentation

References to Supporting Literature

This work will demonstrate the disaster preparedness plan for Asamado Airport, located on the outskirts of Anyname, Illinois, a rural airport in a largely agricultural community adjacent to the Chicago suburbs which house thousands of meeting sites as well as many homes and other destinations. Asamado is currently a non-towered airport with two paved runways that is experiencing increased traffic patterns due to the increasing dependence of the American public on General Aviation, as apposed to commercial…. [read more]

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