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W Vs. Four Seasons Essay

… ) but also offers the St. Regis, which is more of a direct competitor to Four Seasons. SPG seeks to offer a streamlined, simple loyal program, offering no blackouts, immediate access and rewards ranging from flights on 30 airlines to rooms. The size of the company and the presence of another major luxury brand within the company enhance the value of this offering. Four Seasons does not have a loyalty program, which is fairly normal for the luxury hotel business (Levere, 2007). Four Seasons had toyed with the idea of a broad loyalty program but has yet to implement it and there is apparently a small, hidden loyalty program accessible by invitation only. This is in keeping with the philosophy that all guests receive great…. [read more]

Westjet vs. Air Canada Why Westjet Will Win Dissertation

… ¶ … airline industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years due in part to the horsewhipping it experienced following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The ongoing global economic downturn and high energy prices have added further constraints to airline performance. In this environment, it is not surprising that airlines that are agile and nimble in their response to changing market conditions will enjoy a competitive advantage, and this has certainly been the case with WestJet's performance compared to the struggling Air Canada airlines. By providing the flying public with no-frills, low-cost regional and international alternatives, WestJet has not only survived during this turbulent period, it has also gained market share from Air Canada, continuing the bleeding of this former industry leader. The…. [read more]

Benefits of Year-Round School vs. A Regular Calendar Research Proposal

… ¶ … Round School vs. A Regular Calendar School Year

The Benefits of Year-Round vs. Traditional Calendar Year School

Continued interest in improving educational achievement has prompted school districts across the nation to consider alternatives to the traditional nine-month school calendar. Educators are exploring year round education, which means that schools will continue to operate on a 180 day system, yet they will spread these days out differently with shorter breaks between each term. The most popular example of year round education is the 45-15 plan.

This has students attending school 45 days and then getting three weeks (15 days) off. The normal breaks (holiday, spring) are still built into this calendar. Is the year-round school schedule more beneficial to student academic achievement vs. The…. [read more]

Leasing Assets vs. Buying Essay

… ) It defines ways of handling computer equipment leases, says Greg Uchimura, manager of cost accounting at GTE Data Services in Temple Terrace, Fla." (Alexander, 1999)

Additionally, the question of leasing vs. buying or owning is different based on the country one is engaging. For instance, in Sweden, according to Lind, Lundstrom, (2010), "During especially the last two decades, there has been a more intense discussion about owning vs. leasing in all three levels of the public in Sweden: the central government, the regional authorities (county councils) that are responsible for health care in Sweden and the local authorities (municipalities) that, for example, are responsible for day-care centers, schools and homes for the elderly." (Lind, Lundstrom, 2010)

Additionally, when speaking with regard to owning vs.…. [read more]

Corporate Worship vs. Private Research Paper

… 40).

The distinctions between corporate worship and private prayer are also found in other passages, including Act 2:42. Indeed, according to Bailey (1983), "The famous listing of early Christian concerns in Acts 2:42 includes the apostles' teaching and fellowship, the breaking of bread, and the prayers. In this list the word 'prayers' is a synonym for community worship" (p. 146). In this regard, Acts 2-42 states that, "They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" (New International Version). This description of the Christian community serves to communicate the actual social reality that existed at this point in time. According to Cameron and Miller (2004), "Although the notion that one might find concrete data on the…. [read more]

American Tax System Term Paper

… Registration is a very simple process. Special rules apply to non-residents" (Film New Zealand)

In conclusion

Hong Kong seems to be the simplest and the fairest for both individuals and corporations. It encourages prosperity and investment. While rates aren't as low in New Zealand the tax system is simple. South Africa's system is broken because of such high variations in income levels caused by long years of apartheid and reform is needed on almost every level. Reform is also needed in Mexico to encourage foreign trade and investment.

We have compared the American Tax system to four other systems. We have explained the tax systems of South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand and Hong Kong. We have seen how they compare to the United States tax…. [read more]

Seo This Literature Review Looks Literature Review

… He found that the company itself and its industry were larger determinants of future growth than anything other factor. In his conclusion, Klimaz (2000) talked about the limitations placed on researchers and their inability to adequately study the firms many times. He saw this as a problem as did many other researchers (Clark, Dunbar & Kahle, 2001; Dawson, 1987; McDonald & Jacquillat, 1974).

Despite the issues common to researchers, there is the problem of actual firm underperformance and the reasons it exists. The crux of this paper is SEOs, but it is interesting how the performance of seasoned issues closely mirrors that of initial issues of stock. Speiss and Afleck-Graves (1995) analyzed 1274 firms that had issued stock between 1975 and 1989. They found that…. [read more]

Impact of Social Media on the Advertising Competitiveness of Small Businesses Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Social Media on the Advertising Competitiveness of Small Businesses

Limitation and Delimitation


Results and Major Findings


Word of Mouth

Communicating with Customers


Implications of Study in Organization

Attracting New Customers Right When They want to Make a Purchase

Helps Businesses Engage their Customers

Helps the Organization to Outsmart their Competition

Enables an Organization to Offer a Range of Incentives

Few other Outcomes

Understand the value of social media on your brand and your solutions and how to measure it

Align your company in ways that best engage your buyers and subsequently allow you to deliver value

Understand that value in today's social media dominated world is not an event, but a collection of ongoing relationships



Nowadays, marketing has…. [read more]

Wards Cove Packing Company Term Paper

… What I found to be a little unfair is the company's policy of keeping the non-cannery workers facilities separate from the cannery workers facilities. Showing the cannery employees that the non-cannery workers have "perks" is rather unprofessional.

Here you have cannery employees doing the "dirty work" and have no perks to show for it. However this issue could be debatable. In any field that a person works in there are additional "perks" for employees that are more qualified such as being an executive in a business. Also we could assume it is more affordable for the company itself to house the non-cannery employees rather than having the expense of having the employees traveling back and forth.

From reading this case, I have found no link…. [read more]

Zone vs. Paleo Diets Essay

… These "unfavorable" carbohydrates include grains, breads, pasta, rice and other starches. It is generally higher in protein and fat than traditional diets, which draw 75% of calories from carbohydrates. Sears concentrates on the amount of protein the human body needs as determined by size, age and activity. It is only then that the amounts of fats and carbohydrates can be determined for consumption. The Zone diet allows high-fat ice cream. Sears says the fat slows down the absorption of carbohydrate but recommends only half a cup as dessert.

This diet is linked to human evolution, drawing back to 100,000 years when human diet did not include grains, bread, or pasta.

In those thousand years, human beings consumed only lean protein and natural carbohydrates, like fruits…. [read more]

Archaeology: Absolute vs. Relative Dating Essay

… ” On their parts, “the Talmudic rabbis, Martin Luther and others” in the religious setting, “used the biblical account to extrapolate back from known history and came up with rather similar estimates for when the earth came into being. The most famous came in 1654 when Archbishop James Ussher of Ireland offered the date of 4004 B.C”. Views like these were what the major worldviews in the past were based upon.

Today, that has been laid to rest by evidential scientific-based facts that have proven that the age and formation of the earth are quite different from what people in the past took it to be. While there are still arguments as to the years of existence, the consensus, however, remains that the earth…. [read more]

Compare Canada to Australia Term Paper

… Australia vs. Canada: Two vast nations, vast differences, and similar languages and conflicts

Their specious, surface images in the international public eye could not be more diverse. Canada is often schematically depicted as a friendly land of stoic Mounties, clear views of mountaintops and uncluttered city streets, crisp air -- and the home of Anne of Green Gables. Australia travel advertisements show a land of sunny beaches, strange wildlife, and strange English expressions such as to throw another shrimp upon the Barbie, and feature upside down seasons of blistering heat -- and the home of the rustic Crocodile Dundee. Yet both of these nations do speak the Queen's English language, and both were once a part of the British crown. Both have experienced profound internal…. [read more]

Business Culture and Expansion Trends Research Paper

… , Mrs., Miss plus the complete name is deemed respectful; sincerity is considered the very best policy hence no overselling is required; it is considered inappropriate to speak in a loud tone as well; politics, sports, and weather condition are great conversational subjects, and could be fiercely discussed and in order to be a great conversationalist, it is important remain present and notified on crucial subjects; it is also recommended to avoid complicating New Zealand and Australia as part of one nation, as they are 2 unique nations. If you are not knowledgeable about New Zealand, hang around prior to your journey to find out about the history and culture (Trevor-Roberts et al., 2003).

c. Religion.

In New Zealand, simply over half of the populace…. [read more]

High School Sports Impact on Student Academics Thesis

… But the NCAA reserves the right to overrule principals' decisions. The NCAA's modest response followed meetings with national education groups, including AASA. The Minnesota Association of School Administrators has submitted to AASA for consideration a resolution that states it is not the NCAA's role to dictate course content to high schools.

The U.S. Department of Justice also has challenged the NCAA for automatically rejecting courses involving special education services. Some students who had attained acceptable college entrance test scores despite their disability were not allowed to participate as freshmen because they had taken high school courses involving special education assistance. The NCAA argued in several court cases that it does not have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. After months of…. [read more]

Asthma and ER Utilization Term Paper

… Asthma is more prevalent among African-Americans. The incidences were almost twenty two percent higher than Caucasians. On average, in every state in American, blacks suffered from asthmatic attacks almost eight percent more than whites did. The Hispanic population also suffered a greater number of attacks. (CDC, 2001)

Geographic disparities play an important role in the negative impact of asthmatic attacks. In poorer states, where more residents have difficulties in accessing health care have a greater incidences of asthma. Climatic conditions and states with greater polluting industries pose a greater risk for complaints with asthma. The states of Arizona, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming have higher percentages of asthma complainants than…. [read more]

Jesus' Christian Life, Prayer, and Teachings Dissertation

… Prayer brings redemption. Solomon averred that as soon as he asked for Wisdom, it was bestowed upon him. David, similarly, was given fortitude through the Spirit of God (Psalms 118, 131). Every martyr obtained strength to resist tyrants, and overcame dangers and death through prayer. The above are all examples of this "communication" with God in the true spirit of how Prayer was intended.

St. John Chrysostom weighs in again: "He who uses this great weapon knows not death, leaves the earth, enters heaven, and lives with God. He falls not into sin; he loses affection for the earth; he makes his abode in heaven; and begins, even in this life, to enjoy the conversation of God. How then can you disquiet…. [read more]

Veterans and Retirees Is Government Research Paper

… $38.9 billion is estimated to be received in FY 08 rather than $36.9 billion.

The 2006-2011 strategic plans for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) outline the government's commitment to veterans. A goal of the VA is to "deliver world-class service to veterans and their families through effective communication and management of people, technology, business processes, and financial resources" (Department of Veterans Affair, October, 2006).

The VA had significant quality issues until Dr. Kenneth Kizer was appointed Under Secretary for Health in 1994. Dr. Kizer "decentralized the VA's cumbersome health bureaucracy and held original mangers more accountable. Patients records were transferred to a system-wide computer network" (Waller, 2006). The VA has become a healthcar model (Longman, 2005; Waller, 2006).

In 2007, the VA received a…. [read more]

Global Warming and Decreased Crop Production Term Paper


This work in writing will make a review of the literature related to global warming and expected decreases in crop production. This subject is of particular interest due to the impact that decreases in crop production will have upon the entire world.

As global warming causes the Earth's average temperatures to rise, crop production will experience a decrease.


Various methods have been used in measuring the effect of climate change on agricultural crop production yield rates. Three approaches most commonly used in research are the: (1) crop yield analysis; (2) Spatial analysis; and (3) Agricultural systems analysis. (Smit, Ludlow, and Brklacich, 1988) the crop yield analysis makes estimation of the effects of alteration to environments upon the productivity…. [read more]

Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine Term Paper

… Fahrenheit 911 & Bowling for Columbine

Vs Fahrenhype 911 & Celsius 411

The Docudrama Films Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine vs. The Docudrama Films FahrenHype 9/11 and Celsius 41.11 - The Temperature at Which the Brain Begins to Die and their Comparative Influences on the Reputation of Docudrama as a Film Genre

Two successful award-winning docudrama films, Bowling for Columbine (2002) and Fahrenheit 911 (2004) directed by the left-leaning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who also directed the earlier, equally successful, docudrama Roger and Me (1989), have, in my opinion, in general positively impacted the reputation of docudrama as a film genre, based on a combination of their hard-hitting impacts and their entertainment value, even if not on their absolute accuracy. In comparison, two strongly…. [read more]

Rabies in the State of Florida Thesis

… Rabies is a deadly viral infection that has a history of more than four thousand years. The disease is generally known to be transmitted through animal bite or scratch. The disease is mainly found in wild animals, primarily mammals. Almost all mammals can be subjected to be infected by rabies. Although rabies originates in wildlife species, it can however be transmitted to domestic animals and human beings by bite and scratch. This is commonly possible due to abundance of stray animals in areas of human settlements.

As far as Florida is concerned, raccoons have so far maintained a consistent record of carrying rabies. After raccoons, foxes and bats have the highest rate of carrying rabies. While after its initial discovery in Florida, the state government…. [read more]

Sales Promotion Techniques Used in the Clothing Retail Industry in India and Challenges Ahead Term Paper

… Sales Promotion Techniques Used in the Clothing Retail Industry in India and Challenges Ahead

The Nature of Competition

Buyer-Seller Relationships for Promotional Support in the Clothing Sector

Long-Term Impact of Loyalty Programs on Consumer Purchase Behaviour and Brand Loyalty

Impact of Loyalty Programs on Repeat Purchase Behaviour

Consumers' Perception Regarding Quality, Fashionability, Product Assortment,

Extent and Quality of Customer Service, Convenience of Location,

Payment Options, Featured National Brands and Store Layout

Push and Pull Techniques in Sales Promotion

Personalized vs. Generic Buying

Effectiveness of Different Types of Sales Promotion

Competitive Strategy

Industry Context

Rationale in Support of Selecting Six Exclusive and Multibrand Clothing


Chapter 3. Research Design and Methodology

Research Questions and Objectives

Research Approach and Strategy

Research Philosophy

Research Methodology

Exploratory Research

Descriptive…. [read more]

Treatment of Women in Mad Essay

… A lot of feelings are unspoken, so that's kind of been fun to play with" (Hardy). A high concept film is not played largely "in the eyes" of a character. The fact that negotiations -- very public negotiations -- for a third season of Mad Men did not begin until the second season had concluded is telling. The threshold for syndication of a television show is often the attainment of a third season (Hardy). As Kevin Baggs, Lionsgate's president of production and programming, said, typically "the money truck would be backing up" (Hardy). As Hardy points out, "with only 13 episodes a season as opposed to 24 for a typical broadcast-network show, Mad Men still has a ways to go." Baggs' assessment is that it…. [read more]

How Effective Is the Influenza Vaccine Among Children Term Paper

… ¶ … Children


How Effective is the Influenza Vaccine among Children?

The purpose of this paper is to discover and discuss the effectiveness of the Influenza vaccine in children. Children and the elderly are the two age groups, which experience most of the complications of an influenza infection, which can reach epidemic proportions. Efforts to contain the spread are mainly on widespread vaccination, undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.. Internationally recognized bodies recommend immunization of healthy children as a public health measure (Jefferson, 2009).

Success of Vaccination

Vaccination is a generally highly effective preventive strategy, some of which have become real successes (Watson, 2001). Vaccines have been in use for smallpox, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps and rubella. Others…. [read more]

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Annotated Bibliography

… Arnold, T., & Shelbourne, K. (2000). A perioperative rehabilitation program for anterior cruciate ligament surgery. The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 28, 1-16

Rehabilitation is crucial for postoperative knee injury. Describing their somewhat innovative preoperative program that had been conducted at their clinic during the last 10 years, the researchers detailed the 4-phase structure that they used to restore patients to activity quickly and safely and to reduce post-operative swelling. Methods included mental preparation for cure, aggressive swelling reduction, hyperextension exercise, and gait training, and program started instantly after injury occurred. Post-operative goals were to control swelling whilst endeavoring to attain full kneecap motion. The program's goals were to shift to sport-specific exercises once quadriceps-strengthening goals had been accomplished.

Bandi, M., & Volpi, P. (2006). Comparative evaluation…. [read more]

Economic Social Ethical and Environmental Sustainability Thesis

… ¶ … Chocolate Value Chain

Analyzing the Chocolate Industry Value Chain

The chocolate industry value chain is one of the most global in scope, encompassing the growing and harvesting of cocoa beans throughout Africa, Asia, South and North America, with processing centers in over 100 different countries of the world (Delfosse, 2009). To the extent that industry's value chain is tightly synchronized across all suppliers and there is a minimum acceptable level of quality, the entire industry can continue growth. It appears from the results this industry has been able to accomplish in terms of growth over the last twenty four months that the industry appears to be recession-resistant (Delfosse, 2009). According to DataMonitor global market research estimates, the global chocolate industry grew at an…. [read more]

College Calendars Research Proposal

… Marketing Plan

To everything there is a season, time for every purpose under heaven"

Ecclesiastes 3 (Blue Letter Bible, 2009).

The Marketing Plan's Starting Season

The "season" to plan the marketing strategy for the Miami University Calendars (MUC) began under the encouraging eye of the researcher's marketing instructor. Prior to the next season, soliciting sponsorship, the researcher, one of a team of six junior students currently enrolled in a basic marketing class at MU, researched particular details as to how to best develop a business plan. Considerations for this plan, the researcher learned, will include: a. The number of calendars to be fabricated; b: The poses and people for the monthly pages; c: The calendar's exact start date (year), price, distribution, and promotion strategy; d:…. [read more]

Business Plan for Sleep Lab Business Plan

… Business Plan for a Sleep Lab

National Institutes of Health - National Center on Sleep

Disorders Research

Necessity of Sleep Reviewed

Sleep Industry

Types of Sleep Lab Business Structures

Mission Statement

Keys to Success

Market Analysis




Business Plan for a Sleep Lab

National Institutes of Health - National Center on Sleep Disorders Research

According to the National Institutes of Health 2007 Fact Book the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR) "...plans, directs, and supports basic, clinical, and applied research, health education, and training in sleep and sleep disorders. It oversees developments in its program areas; assesses the national needs for research on causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sleep disorders and sleepiness; and coordinates sleep research activities across several Federal Government…. [read more]

Session Long Project Case Study

… economy class?

First class targets passengers can afford to pay more money for greater amenities such as more comfortable seats (or seats that totally recline on long flights), food, and bonuses like specialty drinks. Comfort, luxury, and privacy are prioritized by first class travelers. Business class is often a second-tier class and its name implies it is populated by businesspeople traveling on the company dime. These travelers fly frequently and want additional amenities, particularly those that speed their travel time and waiting in line. "International airlines are locked in a technology-led competition to provide the best business class seats and win the largest share of big-spending corporate travelers" (Rothman & Jasper 2011). Economy class is the cheapest of all three, and is populated by travelers…. [read more]

Drug Rehabilitation vs. Imprisonment for Non-Violent Drug Users Capstone Project


Why Rehabilitation Is Favored Over Imprisonment

When an offender is convicted of a non-violent drug offense the decision on whether to incarcerate the offender or rehabilitate the offender will often arise. Rehabilitation is the favored sanction for a non-violent offender and the benefits of rehabilitation outweigh the benefits of incarceration. While the combined cost of rehabilitation has been estimated to be higher than those of incarceration, an offender will be required to contribute to the cost. On the other hand, an offender who is incarcerated will not make any significant monetary contribution to the cost and as a result the cost will remain entirely the burden of the government and the taxpayers. Prison overcrowding has been a problem on the system for…. [read more]

Comparing the Motivational Techniques of Generation X And Y Thesis

… ¶ … Motivational Techniques for Gen X and Gen Y

Motivational Techniques and Strategies for Gen X and Gen Y Workers: Implications for Management and Leadership Strategies

Strategies for sustaining and growing the commitment and productivity of Gen X and Gen Y workers is drastically different, and made more complex by the compounding effects of variations in management styles. Active vs. passive management-by-exception styles and the combined effects of transactional and transformational leadership styles each are interpreted significantly different. The values, perceptions and predominant career and life considerations of Gen X and Gen Y are so different a management strategy designed for one will be largely ineffective on the other (Arsenault, 2004). The research, analysis and recommendations provided in this analysis indicate that Gen X…. [read more]

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