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Walmart's Comprehensive Management Plan Essay

… The evaluation also includes the title of the job and a simple description of the employee's roles and duties within the organization. In this stage, the human resource department will identify the type of people to be hired for the job and the training requirements for that particular job. The job analysis process can be conducted by direct observation of workers in the company, information in the training manuals, and information from interviewing job holders.

Developing Job Description and Job Specification:

Job description will provide the actual specifications on how a certain employee will fit into Walmart Company and portray detailed explanation of the job's roles and responsibilities without referring to other job descriptions. On the other hand, job specification refers to the specific details…. [read more]

Walmart Role of Ethics Essay

… S. And abroad.

Evaluation of financial performance

Wal-Mart has performed well during the last two years and company's net sales along with the operating income have increased during the last two years. Wal-Mart's net sales for fiscal years 2011 and 2012 were $418 billion and $443 billion respectively. Gross profit of Wal-Mart also increased from $103 billion in 2011 to $108 billion in 2012. The operating income of Wal-Mart's three main business segments i.e. Wal-Mart International, Wal-Mart U.S., and Sam's Club Segment remained $25 billion in 2011 and $26 billion in 2012. Thus, an increment of approximately $1 billion in operating income of the company took place during the fiscal year 2012.

Wal-Mart's credit rating is also maintained well during the past two years whereby…. [read more]

Walmart I) What Major Threats Essay

… With such a negative image, the company might find it difficult to attract customers, yet this issue is easily overcome due to the existence of price sensitive consumers, which still pursue the company, regardless of its reputation. Evidence of this stand the increasing revenues and profits of the corporation, which continue to thrive despite the economic crisis.

This brings one to the final threat for Wal-Mart, namely the recession, which creates more price sensitive consumers, for which the low retail price implemented by Wal-Mart is still insufficient to cover for their basic needs. In such a setting, the company is continually forced to seek new methods of lowering prices, and is still unable to help those people save money and live better.

Despite these threats…. [read more]

Walmart's Greenwash Sustainability Campaign and the Environment Book Review

… Walmart's Greenwash: How The Company's Much-publicized Sustainability Campaign Falls Short, While Its Relentless Growth Devastates The Environment"

The objective of this study is to explain which statistics from page four that was most surprising or troubling and why. This study will additionally answer as to why Walmart chose sustainability as a corporate strategy and will name three things that the report claims the news media and environmentalists have not paid enough attention to. Finally, this study will explain how Walmart contributes to climate change in ways that are not accounted for in Walmart's own reports.

Troubling Statistics

The most troubling statistics on page four of the reading in this study entitled "Walmart's Greenwash: How the company's much-publicized sustainability campaign falls short, while its relentless growth…. [read more]

Walmart the Decision SWOT

… Management and the employees both have a stake in the ongoing stake in the company. The employees in particular could be subject to layoffs if the company was to struggle.

The list of external stakeholders is larger. Some of the major external stakeholder groups are the suppliers, the logistics partners, China, the United States (given the company's contribution to the GDP and to the balance of payments), competitors and non-customers. A company as large and ubiquitous as Wal-Mart has significant impact beyond its immediate surroundings. Suppliers often become highly dependent on Wal-Mart because they depend on the volume. They are forced to adopt he same high-volume, low-margin tactic that Wal-Mart utilizes for itself. Logistics partners are another form of suppliers, and their input is critical…. [read more]

Walmart's System of Inquiry Essay

… A system, of rewards and incentives can be instituted, and deviations checked in a covert and dignified manner where employees, violating one or other of the ethical requirements, will be informed so in a respectful yet firm manner.

Part II: The System of Inquiry

Our three basic Ethical beliefs

Respect for the individual

Service to our customers

Striving for excellence (Walmart: Global Ethics Office)

Leading with integrity in our workplace

1. How many incidents of physical harassment have been reported on this premise within the last month?

2. Has any employee reported an allegation and felt that they were punished for doing so?

3. Has anyone reported a claim via the Helpline and felt that this claim was later inadequately addressed?

4. Has any employee…. [read more]

Walmart Library Wal-Mart Essay

… 3 billion, measured as the total cost to use alternatives, if the public libraries did not exist. The cost is $449 million."(Griffiths et al., 7) This suggests an opportunity in the creation of a new library that could bring untold educational fortunes to the city.

This also represents an opportunity for Wal-Mart that might help to mitigate the implications of the concerns cited in the "Weaknesses" section. Particularly, this partnership points to an opportunity for leadership in improving its role in community affairs. To this end, one SWOT analysis offered on the Wal-Mart corporation provides reinforcement to the notion that while the corporation benefits significantly from its scale and the affordability of its products, such strengths "are offset primarily by Wal-Mart's poor public image. This…. [read more]

Walmart Sustainability Essay

… Wal-Mart has taken on the mantle of the environment not out of a sense of goodwill towards the environment, but because it has found that a lot of the things that will improve its environmental outcomes will also reduce its costs. The company hit upon this congruence at some point, and has become creative at finding ways to reduce waste. The key equation is that waste = money has brought Wal-Mart to realize that there is a lot of waste within its system.

As a result, Wal-Mart works with suppliers to streamline their packaging. Less packaging tends to mean less waste diverted to landfills, and less petroleum used in the creation of plastic, but it also means more product can fit onto a truckload, thereby…. [read more]

External and Internal Environments Term Paper

… are present in all the target markets where McDonald's operates. These top-notch competitors serve the same consumers around the Globe and offer similar products and provide highly efficient customer services. In the presence of this threat, it is harder for McDonald's to attract all the potential consumers towards its products. Some competitors also offer these products at comparatively lower price than McDonald's which makes it easier for them to attract consumers with low and middle level income groups.

The second major threat for McDonald's is the uncertain business environments of target countries. The economic conditions, governmental behavior, political instability, consumer preferences, technological environment, and environmental protection policies of these countries need to be considered while formulating all business and functional level strategies. McDonald's has to…. [read more]

Strategic Research: Analysis of Walmart Research Paper

… Strategic Research: Analysis of Walmart

According to the official Walmart website, their mission statement is the following, "We save people money so they can live better" ( However, according to the researchers with, the greater vision that overlaps with that mission statement is "If we work together, we'll lower the cost of living for everyone…we'll give the world an opportunity to see what it's like to save and have a better life" ( Thus, the company has certain policies in place to foster these objectives. For example, their open door policy means that all managers have to keep their doors open to the needs and questions of employees of all levels at all times ( Furthermore, the sundown rule means that questions from consumers,…. [read more]

Wal Mart's Business Environment Essay

… During this process, is when the firm will reduce their costs by having trucks supplied with merchandise that is going to various locations within the area. This helps Wal Mart to maintain price controls and limit the impact of commodities on their bottom line results. ("2011 Annual Report," 2011) ("2012 Annual Report," 2012) ("Annual Report," 2011)

While Costco and Target, will use similar models to a certain extent. In the case of Costco, they are installing energy efficient meters that will control usage and have installed alternative power sources (such as solar cells). This helps the company to keep their costs low for operating each location. At the same time, they are utilizing supply chain management to quickly resupply various stores. ("2011 Annual Report," 2011)…. [read more]

Walmart Ethical Issues at Wal-Mart Case Study

… Walmart

Ethical issues at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer within the United States and it is an epitome of corporate success within the country. The organization has also strives to increase its global presence, but has been met with limited success. The primary reason for their failure within the global community is represented by the company's inability to adapt to the local markets, but their emphasis to implement the unchanged American model.

Aside from its business dimension, Wal-Mart is also noteworthy at an ethical level. Throughout the years, the company has often been subjected to accusations of poor treatments towards its staff members, but also towards its customers. At the level of the customers, the primary accusations included the company's lack of commitment to…. [read more]

Walmart Internal an Internal Analysis Essay

… Stories such as that reported on by Gogoi here demonstrate that there is a critical need for regulatory oversight of labor and human rights on an international scope.

According to Gogoi, interviews with over 90 employees at the JMS Garment Factor in Bangladesh, which had been tapped as a supplier of Faded Glory brand school uniforms sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores, revealed the facility to demonstrate the major features of a sweatshop. Gogoi indicates that "a report from SweatFree Communities, an anti-sweatshop activist group based in Bangor (Me.), found that workers at the factory work up to 19-hour shifts to finish Wal-Mart's orders under tight deadlines; are made to stand for hours as punishment for arriving late to work; and are frequently subject to verbal…. [read more]

Walmart Strategic Management at Wal-Mart Essay

… Alternately, the text by Habbershon & Williams (1999) defines the Resource-Based View (RBV, p. 1) for the purposes of the present discussion. The text indicates that "the RBV isolates idiosyncratic resources that are complex, intangible, and dynamic within a particular firm." (p. 122) This isolation allows for the identification of those features that might provide a firm with greater competitive advantage.

In the case of Wal-Mart, changes to its supply-chain management which might greater seize the advantages of its considerable technological capabilities are called for. One possible approach is underscored in the article by Chen & Hasan (2008), which addresses the relationship between supply chain strategy and the capacity of a company on Wal-Mart's scale to absorb rapid shifts in demand. Chen & Hasan recommend…. [read more]

Walmart Wal-Mart's Domestic and Global Essay

… Indeed, this instability denotes that bribery is an inherent and necessary aspect of conducting business in the North American country.

However, the U.S. Justice Department argues, acquiescence to such corruption only functions to improve the influence of inherently corrupt, unequal and unethical political systems. According to the Virginian Pilot (2012), "ultimately, bribery strengthens corrupt foreign governments, drives up the costs of goods for U.S. consumers and damages America's image abroad." (Virginian Pilot, p. 1) In many ways, Wal-Mart has been a major contributor to this trend by seizing on the opportunities made available by corrupt governments to operate with relative impunity.

In a certain regard, this behavior does contrast what would appear to be Wal-Mart's more responsible behavior in the domestic context. Here, we find…. [read more]

Walmart SWOT Wal-Mart: SWOT Tables Essay

… Synopsis:

Considering the SWOT Tables constructed above, it is clear that while Wal-Mart remains a powerful corporate entity, it is not without its array of challenges. It is thus that we consider a number of the forces described above with a bit more scrutiny. Here, we consider the economic dimension first. Today, as the article by Carvin (2011) indicates, Wal-Mart is the top-earning firm on Forbes Fortune 500 list, but it has suffered some of the blowback form America's sustained economic recession. According to Carvin, "sales at Wal-Mart U.S., which is the company's largest business, slipped 0.5% to $71.1 billion. Comparable-store sales fell 1.8%." (p. 1) This suggests that on some level, the company has struggled to adapt to changes in a global market where…. [read more]

Engineering and Sustainability Consortium Clarifies Goals Thesis

… ¶ … Engineering and Sustainability

Sustainability Consortium clarifies goals, Walmart relationship (Arizona State University): This article details a consortium of scientists, researchers, and engineers from a variety of research institutes that is trying to develop a Sustainable Product Index for a wide variety of common products. The consortium has been working closely with Wal-Mart, but stressed that their efforts are aimed at the retail world at large, and are not simply meant to help this retail giant. Their main goal is to develop scientific methods for measuring the sustainability of products, which could be used (with continual adjustment) well into the future. The creation of an index of many current products would have immediate benefits.

This article relays some important news in he world of…. [read more]

Internal and External Environments for Amazon Term Paper

… These would be aimed at countering threats of new entrants and reducing the intensity of rivals. Using any of these moves would allow the company to expand its operations and market presence. The possibility of entering into new industries or creating competition barrier is increased with such ventures.

Threats and opportunities

New entrants, competitors, lawsuits, tax legislation, and online security are some of the threats faced by Amazon. Opportunities for Amazon are retail sales increase, physical presence, online payment systems, growing tablet and eBook sales. Amazon is facing pressure by state governors and traditional store to collect internet sales tax on its products and services. If the company complied with these requirement, the price of its products and services would increase adversely. This would affect…. [read more]

Water and Plastic Bottle Burden Research Paper

… Water and Plastic Bottle Burden

Where to Turn for Safe Water

The first time sustainability was defined by a global institution was in 1987, when the Brundtland Commission, with a grant through the United Nations, outlined what was meant by the term. The principle of sustainability, according to the commission, implies meeting the needs of present without compromising future generations from meeting their needs. There are myriad facets related to the issue of what a sustainable society is, with the debate often weighed down by partisan rhetoric. There are, to be sure, many practical and convenient ways in which human society can reorient itself towards a better and healthier lifestyle, more in line with global perceptions of sustainability. This does necessarily mean abandoning technology, as…. [read more]

Walmart Attributes Thesis

… ¶ … Wal-Mart's Products, Services, and Social Responsibilities

Wal-Mart's Social Responsibility

Most corporations understand that there exists a level of social responsibility, and Wal-Mart is certainly no exception. The company has quite a large corporate footprint in American business, and realizes that be cause it has been so successful, it must become socially and environmentally aware of its impact. Over the past decade, Wal-Mart has grown exponentially as a company and now has stores in every U.S. state and dozens of other countries abroad. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers and even helps to support many local economies. But Wal-Mart is also viewed as a major obstacle in the fight to reduce consumption in the U.S., and has been the target of many smear…. [read more]

Walmart Stores, Inc. Under Attack 2006 Case Study

… Wal Mart, Inc.: Under Attack

This analysis focuses on the intricacies of the Wal-Mart business model. The aggressive nature of the company's dominance when it moves into a new market is analyzed in terms of the negative causation that it represents. The overall corporate culture is viewed through the framework of overall attitudes groups and individuals have directed towards Wal-Mart. Specifically, this discussion reviews the core competencies and principles that drive Wal-Mart's corporate culture and the determining factors that have driven Wal-Mart for the past several years.

Additionally, this analysis discusses the problems that Wal-Mart's culture, towards its employees and competition has created and the increasingly negative attention these problems are bringing for Wal-Mart. As a result, this discussion presents several solutions that Wal-Mart could…. [read more]

E-Commerce Walmart and Business Term Paper

… Using e-business, companies can pay their suppliers almost instantly. (Rekha, 2007)

E-business, however, reduces the level of reliability as the system depends a lot on things that have a probability of crashing. As a result, backups are made to ensure that important data is not lost. (Rekha, 2007)

The advent of e-commerce has also brought in a security risk. As huge sums are transferred via internet, there is a chance of theft and hacking. (Rekha, 2007)

Effects on Retailing

Retail businesses have also benefitted from e-business. As the cost of supplies is reduced, the retailers can offer a lower price to customers online and can therefore get more customers and profits. (Steel & Daglish et al., 2014)

In addition, the retail businesses can provide the…. [read more]

Walmart Strategies to Change Public Perceptions Term Paper

… ¶ … Wal-Mart's reputation, and the actions that perpetuate this image.

PR strategies to remedy the problem

Strategies such as the letter campaign in California, as well as nationwide advertisements.

The effect of the above strategies

Little has changed in Wal-Mart's basic system of practices. Until this occurs, the corporation will not be able to improve its image for the public.

As a result of various discriminatory actions against workers, and a number of lawsuits as a result of these, the public perception of Wal-Mart has been increasingly unfavorable. Furthermore the company has reportedly been guilty of exploitative actions in order to keep their prices as low as possible, and below cost in some cases. According to McKay (2004) Wal-Mart's aim is to monopolize the…. [read more]

Walmart and Unions Case Study

… Unionization at Wal-Mart

What are the advantages and disadvantages to Wal-Mart in working with unions?

The greatest potential advantage for Wal-Mart in working with unions is the ability to control one of the greatest series of costs they perennially face globally. There are the salaries that are paid to part-time workers that are often below industry average, yet the lack of unionization saves the company billions in added costs per year. These two aspects of salary and healthcare expense is what Wal-Mart typically gets cited for by their critics in government, academia and throughout independent research firms. Working with unions to keep them out of their stores is a major advantage for Wal-Mart. Additional advantages include not have to cede or give up any seats…. [read more]

Walmart and the Death of Downtown Term Paper

… Wal-Mart and the Death of Downtown

In all cities and towns all over both the United States and Canada something is dying, or perhaps already dead and that something is downtown and cultural heritage being replaced by something generic and that comes in a big box - that something is 'Wal-Mart'. While Wal-Mart has brought lower prices to these communities, Wal-Mart has also brought decay, decline, and crime. These lower prices have come with a high price tag to communities and society as this work in writing intends to show.


Guelph is located in Canada and in the middle of the 1990s Guelph's downtown was up against some tough market pressures "typical of small city cores across North-America." (Bennett, 2003)…. [read more]

Walmart: Visionary Company Essay

… Wal-Mart's mission and vision take the needs and concerns of most of its major stakeholders into account, but fails to meet the needs of many other stakeholders. While the company will always have its critics as the result of its size, its mission is straightforward and has proven valuable to the majority of its stakeholders. The mission is encapsulated on the Wal-Mart website as "saving people money so they can live better" (, 2010).

The Wal-Mart mission derives from a core philosophy of Sam Walton, that lowering the cost of living for customers will allow people to save more and live a better life. This comment highlights the way in which Wal-Mart intends to meet a key perceived need of one of its major stakeholders,…. [read more]

Walmart Economic Trend General Environment Case Study

… Wal-Mart Economic Trend

Economic Trends

There are a number of different factors that will affect the economic trends of Wal-Mart over the next three to five years to include: interest rates, unemployment rates and inflation rates.

Interest Rates

When looking at the effect that interest rates will have on Wal-Mart, it is clear that it will have a dramatic impact on the company's bottom line. What happens is when interest rates are increasing; the overall amount of lending standards will become tighter. This makes it more difficult for consumers and businesses to arrange financing for large purchases / equipment. At which point, many businesses will begin to layoff workers and economic activity around the country will slow. (Seabury) This will have a positive impact upon…. [read more]

Total Environmental Impacts Essay

… Total Environmental Impacts

Man has been in a close connection with the environment since the beginning of time, as every action that he or she performed depended on the natural surroundings. The damaging of the environment has never posed a serious threat for man until the last centuries when people began to observe the impacts that their actions had. In these last hundreds of years the environment has been severely damaged because of the industrial revolution and of the fact that the number of increased due to the more favorable conditions.

Mankind has walked the earth for tens of thousands of years, but has always had a non-significant role similar to other species. Evolution is a strong characteristic that man possesses and because of it…. [read more]

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