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Walmart Ethical Issues at Wal-Mart Case Study

… Walmart

Ethical issues at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer within the United States and it is an epitome of corporate success within the country. The organization has also strives to increase its global presence, but has been met with limited success. The primary reason for their failure within the global community is represented by the company's inability to adapt to the local markets, but their emphasis to implement the unchanged American model.

Aside from its business dimension, Wal-Mart is also noteworthy at an ethical level. Throughout the years, the company has often been subjected to accusations of poor treatments towards its staff members, but also towards its customers. At the level of the customers, the primary accusations included the company's lack of commitment to…. [read more]

Walmart SWOT Wal-Mart: SWOT Tables Essay

… Synopsis:

Considering the SWOT Tables constructed above, it is clear that while Wal-Mart remains a powerful corporate entity, it is not without its array of challenges. It is thus that we consider a number of the forces described above with a bit more scrutiny. Here, we consider the economic dimension first. Today, as the article by Carvin (2011) indicates, Wal-Mart is the top-earning firm on Forbes Fortune 500 list, but it has suffered some of the blowback form America's sustained economic recession. According to Carvin, "sales at Wal-Mart U.S., which is the company's largest business, slipped 0.5% to $71.1 billion. Comparable-store sales fell 1.8%." (p. 1) This suggests that on some level, the company has struggled to adapt to changes in a global market where…. [read more]

Wal-Mart SWOT Internal Analysis SWOT

… In an article in the Wall Street Journal, John Jannarone reports on a study which compared prices on a diverse basket of products: it found Wal-Mart is 19% more expensive than Amazon [AMZ]. Jannarone writes (Denning, 2012):

"Wal-Mart is losing business to rivals of different shapes and sizes. Customer traffic at U.S. stores has declined for five straight quarters. Meanwhile, sales have surged at discounters like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Stores [FDO]. A recent study by Wells Fargo [WFC] showed that those chains often charge less than Wal-Mart, though they carry a much smaller selection of items."

Although Wal-Mart has a sophisticated web presence and unique features such as ship-to-store available to consumers, the company only holds a small fraction of the online market…. [read more]

Wal-Mart's Annual Report: The Role Essay

… The current ratio for 2010 is .87% which implies that the company has $.87 in current assets for each $1 in current liabilities. Similarly, the current ratio for 2009 in which the current assets were $4,894,900,000 divided by the liabilities of $5,553,900,000 was .88%.

The divided ratio is calculated by dividing the company's total debt by the total assets, which is $977,770,000 divided by $1,707,060,000 that equals 57.3%. In 2009, the total debt was $963,500,000 and total assets were $1,634,290,000 that made the debt ratio to be 59%. This implies that the company's overall debt ratio reduced in 2010 from 2009, that makes Wal-Mart in an improved better financial position. The 2010 return of equity for Wal-Mart can be determined through dividing its net income…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Corporation Mission and Vision Capstone Project

… What is also evident is that their intensive investments in analytics and logistics-based technologies are having a major impact on streamlining their complex and often costly logistics processes. Of the many investments the company has made, their leadership in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and systems (Krotov, Junglas, 2008) have revolutionized the entire area of global logistics management including the development of more effective in-warehouse performance and processing (Wal-Mart Investor Relations, 2012). These investments in RFID have also given the company a strong value proposition for attracting 3rd party logistics providers to partner with the company in regions of the world Wal-Mart is interested in expanding into (Sodhi, Son, 2009). As of the close of their latest full fiscal year that results are available, Wal-Mart…. [read more]

Walmart Role of Ethics Essay

… S. And abroad.

Evaluation of financial performance

Wal-Mart has performed well during the last two years and company's net sales along with the operating income have increased during the last two years. Wal-Mart's net sales for fiscal years 2011 and 2012 were $418 billion and $443 billion respectively. Gross profit of Wal-Mart also increased from $103 billion in 2011 to $108 billion in 2012. The operating income of Wal-Mart's three main business segments i.e. Wal-Mart International, Wal-Mart U.S., and Sam's Club Segment remained $25 billion in 2011 and $26 billion in 2012. Thus, an increment of approximately $1 billion in operating income of the company took place during the fiscal year 2012.

Wal-Mart's credit rating is also maintained well during the past two years whereby…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Case Issues: CI#1: Consumer Term Paper




The Wal-Mart Stores have been severely criticized for their intense desire to present customers with the cheapest products on the market and in order to do this, they tend to neglect the quality and safety of the merchandize.


Communities generally object to the opening of a Wal-Mart store in their region. Citizens fear the impact the store will have on their lives and the environment, while local entrepreneurs fear the possibility of going out of business.

CI#3: EMPLOYEE TURNOVER large majority of Wal-Mart employees is dissatisfied with the wages they register and the benefits, including health care, they get and the conditions they work in. This generates massive personnel fluctuations.


Wal-Mart Essay

… Wal-Mart has obviously shown due diligence of this issue since the government has begun to really look at the numbers and as consumers have begun to challenge such practices by voting with their dollar but the situation will not likely get better any time soon as the problem is a larger one that also has to do with economy and health care delivery in general (Geisel, 2006).

Recommendations to Wal-Mart would include many actions they are already actively pursuing, including expanding health care coverage eligibilities yet they are also unlikely to respond by raising wages, outside the entry level regional wage base, which would be another way to increase eligibility, or work more workers full than part time, as the costs of benefits are very…. [read more]

Employment Discrimination at Wal-Mart Foundation Essay

… But more than a handful of young ladies sewing garments in a classic version of a sweatshop are caught up in the Wal-Mart debacle. More than one million workers are employed at Wal-Mart, the majority of whom are women (Gary, 2011, Jay, 2011).

Part and parcel of the workers' rights violations at Wal-Mart is the patent discrimination against women workers. "In 1999, women constituted 72% of Wal-Mart's hourly employees, but only 33% of its managerial employees" (Bhatnagar, 2004). Employee grievances of any type at Wal-Mart appear to result in punitive managerial actions, up to and including dismissal. But grievances related to sexual discrimination in wages and promotions are treated particularly harshly, such that, a female employee at Wal-Mart who grieves her situation may find herself…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Analysis Industry Information in Completing Thesis

… Wal-Mart Analysis

Industry Information

In completing an analysis of the Big Box Retailing industry of which Wal-Mart is the most dominant participate, the key factors of the industry's growth potential, industry profitability, degrees of risk in the industry's future, and how this industry is confronting the current economic challenges in the retailing environment. As an industry, Big Box Retailing is considered to be in the mature phase of its product lifecycle (Sampson, 2008). Many research firms and the Department of Commerce consider the Big Box Retailing industry one of three industries that comprise the U.S. General Merchandise Stores Sector. According to industry analysts real sector revenue increased 14.1% over the last five years. Of the three industries that comprise this sector, the Big Box Retailing…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Background, Mission, Vision Today Thesis

… Wal-Mart

Background, Mission, Vision

Today Wal-Mart is the world's largest retailer, a true economic force and a cultural phenomenon, as well as a lightning rod for controversy. It started due to the simple vision of its founder, Sam Walton: to offer shoppers the lowest prices, lower than they would get anywhere else. This simple strategy shaped the company culture and driven its growth. It also made the company mission to be: "To help people save money so they can live better." (Wal-Mart, 2009, p.2; Wilbert, 2006, p 1).

In 1950, Sam Walton opened his first five-and-dime, with the vision to keep the prices always as low as possible, aiming to gain from high volumes and not large margins. During the beginning of the 1960s, he…. [read more]

Wal-Mart My First Impression Essay

… Wal-Mart

My first impression of the Wal-Mart website is that it is cluttered. There is no central focus to draw my eyes, only a cacophony of different offers pulling my attention in different directions, and yet not pulling my attention anywhere. If I came to the Wal-Mart website looking for a specific item, there is no search function nor menu on the immediate opening screen. Indeed, there is no search function anywhere on the front page -- the usual departments one might expect from a retailer are not present. I wonder if the presentation of the front page would be different if I had an account. At present, unable to find what I am looking for, I would not be inclined to start an account…. [read more]

Wal-Mart One of the Key Changes Essay

… ¶ … Wal-Mart

One of the key changes in the 21st century is globalization. This has had a profound effect on retailing, particularly for organizations like Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the 3rd largest corporation globally, the largest private employer in the world (2 million employees) and the largest retailer in the world with revenues nearing $450B (Wal-Mart, 2013). When a company is this large and has millions of employees, they are clearly in the public light. Numerous books have been written about the company, there has been enormous media attention, and even though the company is a megacorporation, it must remain somewhat sensitive to the public perception of its operations.

The social initiatives put forward by Wal-Mart are often aligned with the concept of utilitarianism and…. [read more]

Is Walmart Good for America? Term Paper

… Wal-Mart Business Ethics Case Study

Ethical Issues at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is one of the nation's largest and most profitable retail business organizations, largely as a result of its ability to provide consumer goods at such a low price that they can not be matched by competitors. In some respects, this may seem to benefit society by virtue of increasing the standard of living through the increased availability and affordability of those goods. However, there is substantial evidence that the presumed benefits to society are illusory. That is because in order to offer consumer goods at such low prices, Wal-Mart has, according to many reports, exploited employees, violated the law, discriminated against women, knowingly hired illegal workers, heavily promoted the outsourcing of labor, and contributed to…. [read more]

Walmart and Unions Case Study

… Unionization at Wal-Mart

What are the advantages and disadvantages to Wal-Mart in working with unions?

The greatest potential advantage for Wal-Mart in working with unions is the ability to control one of the greatest series of costs they perennially face globally. There are the salaries that are paid to part-time workers that are often below industry average, yet the lack of unionization saves the company billions in added costs per year. These two aspects of salary and healthcare expense is what Wal-Mart typically gets cited for by their critics in government, academia and throughout independent research firms. Working with unions to keep them out of their stores is a major advantage for Wal-Mart. Additional advantages include not have to cede or give up any seats…. [read more]

22 Walmart but We Do Give Them a 10 Percent Employee Discount Case Study

… ¶ … Wal-Mart: But We Do Give Them a 10% Employee Discount discusses the issues that Wal-Mart faces everyday in their course of doing business. The author identifies the major ethical and moral issues that can be seen in the way that Wal-Mart chooses to do business. The author discusses both sides of the argument that surrounds this way of doing business. One Wal-Marts side they are just trying to sell products to their customers at the cheapest prices possible while making as much profit as possible. The employees on the other hand often feel as if they are being taken advantage of because they make low wages, have very expensive health insurance benefits and are unable to form unions.

Ethical Issues Facing Wal-Mart

The…. [read more]

Ethical and Legal Issues Term Paper

… Indeed, most online businesses are only keen to adhere to the minimum legal requirements, and hence few go beyond the set legal limits. A quick check reveals that to confirm the age of the buyer, most online businesses only demand that the said buyer ticks a box, whereby in so doing they verify that they are of a certain age. In that regard, as much as this is a legal issue, it could also be regarded an ethical issue.

When it comes to enforcement of contracts, it is important to note that unlike is the case with traditional approaches to business; ecommerce presents numerous challenges when it comes to the enforcement of legal contracts. Contract law, in basic terms, seeks to address both the formation…. [read more]

Business Ethics of Walmart Research Paper

… Wal-Mart's business ethics are subject to considerable debate. Ultimately, the ethics of Wal-Mart depend largely on the viewpoint taken. From a deontological point-of-view, Wal-Mart succeeds largely on its ability to execute very well within the confines of our ethical prerogatives. From a consequentialist point-of-view, Wal-Mart's outcomes for the United States are terrible, leading one to conclude that the company lacks fundamental ethical goodness. However, in our society weight is generally put on the deontological perspective, meaning that Wal-Mart is essentially an ethical company. The complaints typically directed at Wal-Mart with respect to its ethics are the product of a misguided interpretation of our society's ethical norms. This paper will show that from a deontological perspective, Wal-Mart behaves ethically.

The deontological argument holds that Wal-Mart's actions…. [read more]

Walmart We Have Recognized Research Paper

… As Dube, et al. (2007) point out, raising the wages would be most beneficial to the poorest employees: "workers in families with total incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level," (p. 3). Furthermore, by raising its wages, Walmart would be releasing taxpayers from the burden of supporting those who would no longer need to be supported by food stamps and welfare. "Wal-Mart workers' reliance on public assistance due to substandard wages and benefits has become a form of indirect public subsidy to the company," (Dube & Jacobs, 2004, p. 8).

Therefore, the best strategy for Walmart is to provide workers with (a) a living wage; and (b) benefits. The company will not appreciate these recommendations, because it has built low cost labor into its…. [read more]

Cheap: High Cost Essay

… It also contributes to the discount culture.

Dan Halpern in his article Citizen Walmart discusses the store's foray into the supermarket business. It is well documented that many of the goods sold by the chain are produced overseas by workers making minuscule wages. In order address this issue Wal-Mart began an initiative to double the amount of local produce the company sells in the United States. This effort is explained by company executives as an effort to bring customers the best value (42).

Halpern insinuates that this altruistic sentiment is grounded in selfish desires. Buying produce locally would improve efficiency and hence increase profits. This would also improve the company's image and as a consequence improve profits. It would also promote growth, and growth translates…. [read more]

Mission of the Organization? Sam Essay

… I would take Branson's style of management and operating environment as example, particularly since Branson's treatment of employees is Christian-based and exemplary of the way the bible recommends that the master should treat his workers (caring for the worker, according him respect, and caring for him just as he does for the self). Branson, as he himself writes, is careful to apply the Golden Rule at all times and to all workers regardless of capacity or rank. He attributes his success to his Christian principles, and it is for this reason that it impels my interest as suitable model for Wal-Mart to learn from. Indeed, Branson's Virgin has an almost diametrically opposite operating environment to that of Wal-Mart.

Their credo is on making the employee…. [read more]

Business Ethics Pattern of Ethical Essay

… And so forth; these are all options. The devil is of course in the details, the practical application and implementation details. How one manager defines gender-neutral pay or a fair competitive wage will differ from another's, particularly if they feel that there is a potential conflict with their own compensation objectives. For example, any manager who is told he or she will get a bonus for cutting costs is not going to be very receptive to the notion of giving their minority employees pay raises or increased work schedules just to achieve parity with other employees.

My Decision

I don't think that there is an easy answer in many instances for the challenges that Walmart faces. There is a certain amount of number crunching that…. [read more]

Strategic Issue Facing Costco Term Paper

… ¶ … PEST Analysis of Costco

Although Walmart continues to dominate the warehouse club sector, Costco is fast becoming a major player as well. In fact, Costco has expanded its operations into a growing number of other countries in recent years and current signs indicate the company is well situated to continue this growth in the future. Nevertheless, Costco is confronted with some significant challenges as it applies its business model to other cultures where consumer tastes vary widely and legal requirements differ. In this environment, identifying potential threats as well as opportunities for growth for Costco represents a timely and valuable enterprise. To this end, this paper reviews the relevant literature to provide an overview of Costco and the sector in which it competes,…. [read more]

Target & Walmart: Financial Statement Analysis Research Paper

… 93

2015 = 63,278,000 / 65,253,000 = 0.97

ii. Target 2016 = 14,130,000 / 12,622,000 = 1.12

2015 = 13,624,000 / 11,736,000 = 1.16

Working capital

Working Capital = Current Assets -- Current Liabilities

i. Walmart

2016 = 60,239,000-64,619,000 = - 4,380,000

2015 = 63,278,000-65,253,000 = - 1,975,000

iii. Target 2016 = 14,130,000-12,622,000 = 1,508,000

2015 = 13,624,000-11,736,000 = 1,888,000

Inventory turnover ratio (if applicable)

Inventory turnover ratio = Cost of Goods Sold or Net Sales / Average Inventory

i. Walmart

2016 =…. [read more]

Process and Standard for Performance Appraisals Essay

… ¶ … Standard for Performance Appraisals

Performance management is a systematic process of continually monitoring employee performances to set expectations for employee within a workplace. On the other hand, performance appraisal is a developing capacity to perform periodical rating performances in order to reward employee performances. Managing employee performances is an integral part of the performances appraisal, and performances management is as important as managing organizational financial resources. In a contemporary business environment, setting performances goals and expectations is critical to enhance organizational objectives. Legal and regulatory requirements are critical to guide effective performances planning. In the United States, legal issues guiding the process and performance standard vary from state-to-state. Nevertheless, principle of equity and fairness is a fundamental aspect of performance appraisal principle. (Rao,…. [read more]

Economic Social Ethical and Environmental Sustainability Thesis

… ¶ … Chocolate Value Chain

Analyzing the Chocolate Industry Value Chain

The chocolate industry value chain is one of the most global in scope, encompassing the growing and harvesting of cocoa beans throughout Africa, Asia, South and North America, with processing centers in over 100 different countries of the world (Delfosse, 2009). To the extent that industry's value chain is tightly synchronized across all suppliers and there is a minimum acceptable level of quality, the entire industry can continue growth. It appears from the results this industry has been able to accomplish in terms of growth over the last twenty four months that the industry appears to be recession-resistant (Delfosse, 2009). According to DataMonitor global market research estimates, the global chocolate industry grew at an…. [read more]

Free Markets Perspective, Examine Essay

… Political compe-tition and political contribution within nations encourage eco-nomic expansion and a stable international social and economic order. Only a framework of this kind can make sure the supply of necessary information by independent media and associations. Consensus and commitment by the politi-cal, economic and social actors to the reconciliation of interests in both the national and international context are the prerequisites for affluence for all (Guidelines for Prosperity, Social Justice and Sustainable Economic Activity, 2009).

Question 2


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the accountability of an organization for the impacts of its choices and activities on society, the environment and its own affluence, known as the triple bottom line consisting of people, planet, and profit. Not only do accountable, sustainable and translucent approaches…. [read more]

Organizational Leaders Produce Results Through Emotional Intelligence Thesis

… Organizational Leaders Produce Results Through Emotional Intelligence

Organizational Development deals with various aspects of workforce management including motivation theories, leadership, hire and fire, and employee training. With the constant ongoing evolutions in the current corporate scenario issues related to employee motivation, hierarchal levels, delegation of responsibility and decentralization of the organizational sectors have attracted a great deal of debate from various circles of the management sciences discipline (Bennis 1969). Management of human resource is therefore a tricky job and therefore requires an effective leader in order to deal with the pertaining issues.

We know that leadership is the demand of the day. Everybody aspires and struggles to get to a high position in big organizations. We should remember that today, organizations do not want managers…. [read more]

Sam Walton Term Paper

… ¶ … Walton

Business Ethics:

Business ethics is the discipline of ethics which looks at ethical rules and principles in a business perspective, the different moral and ethical problems which can crop up in a business environment; and any specific responsibilities and requirements that apply to persons engaged in commercial activities. The people interested in business ethics evaluate different types of business activities and questions if the conduct is ethically right or wrong. Business ethics is a type of applied ethics, a discipline of philosophy. Therefore, it takes the ethical concepts and principles developed at a greater theoretical, philosophical stage, and apply them to particular business circumstances. (Business Ethics)

Speaking in general terms, business ethics is a normative discipline, wherein specific standards are assumed and…. [read more]

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