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War Against Iraq Term Paper

… David Kelly, who was the leading scientist in the Ministry of Defense." (Ali, 9) This started a judicial enquiry which is the treatment for such case favored by the rulers of Britain. Even before the war started, there was. More than two-thirds of the British population now believes that Tony Blair had lied to a lot of unease within the armed forces. The author is also seeing a diminishing popularity of President Bush in his own country. The author feels that one day the children of the Iraqi and Americans who have died due to this war will ask the question as to the cause of death of their parents. They will get only one final answer - the politicians lied. The author is going…. [read more]

War in Iraq Focuses Term Paper

… Hence, the war against Iraq is unjust not because there exist no legitimate reasons for the waging of war but because a war is ethically incorrect. War aims at destroying not only the people, but also the economy, trade and family ties of a country too. "Today, comparisons of the Iraq war to Vietnam are growing louder and steady reports of American troops killed on the battlefield are having a corrosive effect on public opinion of President George W. Bush" (Lester). Thus people should become familiarized with the future prospects of war and try to condemn it as much as possible.

War In Iraq

Ajami F. Prediction About The Effects Of War With Iraq. Feb. 2003. Available on the address Accessed on 11 Nov.…. [read more]

War on Iraq, and Considers Term Paper

… Obviously, the transition to democracy in Iraq was not, is not, smooth. To let people loose, who had previously - all of their lives - been told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, was always going to be a shock for them, particularly when there are millennia-long disputes between different factions in Iraq, which had always been kept (more or less) in check by the previous dictatorial style, and when there is no obvious replacement, bar an occupying power, which the people are not sure, based on past experience, whether to be friends with or not (Dawisha, 2004).

War against terror vs. The U.S. grab for oil

Many conspiracy theorists are being joined by a great many more level-headed,…. [read more]

War in Iraq the Top Term Paper

… Most Sunni Arabs are suspicious of the squads, since they are largely composed of Shiite and Kurdish rivals "eager to exact revenge for decades of suppression under Hussein, a Sunni Arab (McDonnell, Moore pp).

The Dawn article is written by a staff correspondent, and concerns the problems the United States is facing due to the increased attacks. It strongly suggests that the steady increase of terrorist attacks in Iraq is adding to the problems of President Bush, who, the article says, "is being criticized for allowing the war to continue for so long" (Iraq 1 pp). The article reports that Bush completed his 100 days into his second term on Friday, and is facing a "precipitous" decline in support for his social security plan (Iraq…. [read more]

War on Iraq United States Term Paper

… When I say I am against war, I mean I am against deceptive foreign policy of America, its imperialistic attitude, its Manifest-Destiny ideas and its claim of being the champion of freedom and justice. Over the past two decades, American foreign policy has given rise to more conflicts than it has resolved, infuriating its own public. Oklahoma attack is one good example of negative impact of America's foreign policy on its own citizens. When Bush Senior declared war on Gulf region, I thought it was probably to liberate Kuwait but over the years, it has become clear that United States is intensely driven by a desire to prove its supremacy and not by those noble dreams of freedom. And if we pay attention to the…. [read more]

War in Iraq the Conflict Term Paper

… War in Iraq

The conflict between Iraq and a coalition of thirty-four nations led by the United States of America is generally referred to as the 'Persian Gulf War', the 'Gulf War', the 'War in the Gulf', the 'Iraq Kuwaiti Conflict', the UN Iraq Conflict', the Desert Storm', the '1990 Gulf War', and so on. The war started when Iraq invaded Kuwait during the month of August 1990. When this happened, the immediate result was that of the passing of various economic sanctions on the part of the UN, or the United Nations, against Iraq. By the month of January 1991, hostilities had commenced in full swing, and what resulted was a complete victory for the coalition forces, which in turn forced Iraq out of…. [read more]

War in Iraq Term Paper

… 2), a statement that should leave no room for surprise when countries are attacked. Critics note that Bush's war on international terrorism begins to resemble "a moral crusade in which good is facing off with evil." (Barry & Lobe, p. 2). In fact, Bush labeled the alliance he said exists between al-Qaeda and some other countries as an "axis of evil" (Barry & Lobe, p. 2), possibly terms designed to remind us of the Axis-allied Japanese attack.

Great Britain along with the United States and a few other allies wanted the United Nations to pass a second resolution that would have authorized armed action against Iraq. However, key members of the U.N. Security Council, including Russia, France and Germany, protested and wanted the U.N. inspectors…. [read more]

U.S. War Against Iraq Term Paper

… S. national security, but international security as well. Mosqueda argues further that U.S. views atrocities based on their own standard: if countries and governments commit atrocities parallel to U.S. objectives, they are supported and encouraged to continue these violent attacks and political instabilities. An example of a political leader who became a willing victim to U.S. government's design is Saddam Hussein, who used to be an asset for the U.S. government, where "Hussein could gas his own people, repress the population, and invade his neighbor (Iran) as long as he did it with U.S. approval."

In effect, Mosqueda's article is an example of an argument that is based on historical analysis, using trends and patterns of international political mobilizations of the United States to predict…. [read more]

U.S. War in Iraq Essay

… U.S. War in Iraq

No War in Iraq

The United States should not have gone to war with and occupied Iraq. The reasons America should not have gotten involved in this armed conflict are because Iraq presented no true threat as a world power or as a terrorist country, very few oil profits were gained in this venture, and a number of moral violations were actuated by the U.S. during this epoch. The U.S. claimed that it was getting involved in the war against Iraq because it had the potency to be a global menace. Furthermore, the perception was that the war would yield more amounts of oil and profits from oil for the U.S. Neither of these premonitions would come true, while there is…. [read more]

Invasion and Occupation of Iraq Term Paper

… "

However, it is important to note that ever since the 2000 elections in America that ultimately led to the election of George Bush, the American administration had been showing a great inclination to get rid of Saddam Hussein. George Bush and his neo-conservative group have been promoting their personal ambitions under the umbrella of National Security and democracy. Their global political and economic aspirations have been very well documented by John Sfakianakis (2003). He writes, "It is not just that U.S. energy policy interests converge on Iraq. A group of neo-conservatives have been empowered since 11 September 2001. This group, headed by Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, his deputy Paul Wolfowitz and Defence Policy Board chairman Richard Perle, are trying to take advantage of…. [read more]

Iraq War as the End Term Paper

… Did the United States have proof of a program in the making? Governmental reports sited Saddam's efforts to search out specialists. "Iraq retains its cadre of nuclear scientists and technicians, its program documentation, and sufficient dual-use manufacturing capabilities to support a reconstituted nuclear weapons program. Iraqi media have reported numerous meetings between Saddam and nuclear scientists over the past two years, signaling Baghdad's continued interest in reviving a nuclear program." (Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs) But those same reports never mention a successful implementation of Iraq's nuclear program.

If the recent war was not about weapons of mass destruction, then what other motivation could there have been for the United States to bring down the Iraqi dictator? "Is the coming war with Iraq about…. [read more]

War in Iraq: An Application Term Paper

… In Coser's view, whether or not conflict is a good thing is dependent upon which parties are in conflict and the reasons behind it. The motivations behind conflict are as important as the conflict itself, if not more important (Conflict, 2003).

This is applied to the war in Iraq by looking at the motivations behind Saddam Hussein's regime in comparison to the motivations behind what the Iraqi people do. Unfortunately for the people of Iraq, it appears that Hussein's motives are not good ones. He is not looking for a form of conflict that can cause the society to change and grow into something better. Rather, he is looking for the kind of conflict that only comes from one person telling a country what it…. [read more]

U.S.-iraq War Aftermath Term Paper

… As stated by reporter Brian Knowlton, "[h]is statement (Dr. Kay's statement, head of the survey team), however, referred largely to Iraq's potential, capacities and purported intentions to develop banned weapons, not to any weapons that were ready for use against American troops or others."

This article illustrate how the Bush administration have much to prove, and is pressured to prove that indeed, the war that cost thousands of innocent lives is justified by the recovery or discovery of these alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD).


Knowlton, B. "U.S. Inspector sees much to pursue in Iraqi weapons search." 5 October 2003. The New York Times Online edition. Available at…. [read more]

War on Iraq Long Road Term Paper

… Johnson's article presents a clear illustration of the after-effects of the offensive attack against Iraq. Through this article, readers become informed about the two sides of Iraqis inside Iraq: one group who wants independence with U.S. assistance, and the other group who wants independence without U.S. assistance. Although Iraqis do not approve of Hussein as their leader, neither do they want their nation be commandeered by Americans, since they know the cultural and religious differences that Americans and Iraqis have. This Newsweek article presents the "human side" of civil society-led insurgencies, a more dangerous and serious problem than the issue concerning Saddam, since Iraqis themselves are now expressing their disapproval of U.S. intervention in rebuilding Iraq through violent means/methods.

Beyer, L. "Inside the Kingdom." September…. [read more]

War in Iraq and the Media Thesis

… Iraq War

The war in Iraq was undertaken on the basis of questionable intelligence, and the degree to which it should have been accepted remains controversial. Another issue that has been raised is how complicit the news media was in the lead-up to the war, with some charging that the news media did not do their job and that journalists did not raise enough questions or challenge the Bush Administration on the claims it was making. Elements in the media indeed became cheerleaders for the war in its early phase, and many to this day may not have done enough to set the record straight or to make up for failing to show more doubt about the rationale for the war.

Of course, whatever the…. [read more]

US War in Iraq Term Paper

… War in Iraq

To the hard-core right-wing son of a life-long Republican who waves a flag on the Fourth of July but is thoroughly uninitiated in matters of American foreign policy, there a war going on in Iraq and that's about all that matters. "The world is better off without Saddam Hussein," this person says, parroting President George Bush. "I support the president and our troops," he tells anyone who asks for his view. His car is American made, he hates unions, he despises rap music and he rages against immigrants who come into America with no "green card."

Then there is the 9-to-5 blue collar worker who is not affiliated with any political party, who finished high school (barely) and is totally disinterested in…. [read more]

Iraq Reconstruction of Iraq: UN Term Paper

… S. foreign policy, especially when dealing with prisoners-of-war (POWs). Recent reports of Iraqi prisoners abuse by the military created outrage among Iraqis, which further worsened the already poor efforts of the U.S. government's reconstruction program in the country (Ensor & Mount, 2004). The UN can remedy this problem of weak foreign policy by taking over the U.S. government's job, replacing it with a 'neutral' institution that will serve as intermediary not only between Iraq and U.S., but among other nations as well. U.S.'s weak international relations will also be remedied with UN's international network with other countries, drawing support for the Iraq reconstruction program not only with U.S.'s ally counties, but also countries sympathetic to the plight of the country (Iraq) and its people.

It…. [read more]

President Bush's War on Iraq Term Paper

… Support for an Invasion

National Security Adviser Condoleessa Rice is a strong supporter for a possible war with Iraq. Rice is concerned about Saddam Hussein and the destruction he is capable of.

At the University of Virginia, The College Republicans support President Bush's policies and are distributing pro-war pamphlets.

They are holding a rally in an attempt to draw attention to a possible war, while gathering support for their cause (Lamesa, 2002).

Democrats verses Republicans

Many prominent Democrats oppose a war with Iraq. Senator Edward Kennedy feels the Bush administration hasn't proved the United States is in enough danger to warrant a pre-emptive strike and war. Representative John Lewis of Georgia thinks President Bush is concentrating more on a possible war, than dealing with matters…. [read more]

Iraq the American Public Term Paper

… Don't we have an obligation to ensure that such a thing never happens again. To this, I answer Yes. We should do whatever we can to prevent another attack like the one that brought down the World Trade Center. However, you don't vacuum the living room carpet when the kitchen floor needs a good scrubbing. Sure, the carpet might look nicer after, but your kitchen floor will still be dirty. So, too, Iraq might seem a bit "cleaner" sans Saddam...but what of our kitchen -- have we fixed that?

The terrible truth is that we have fixed close to nothing when one considers the supposed goals of the war with Iraq -- for, with the exception of the overthrow of Sadaam, the United States is…. [read more]

U.S. War in Iraq Essay

… U.S. War in Iraq

Ever since the tragic events of 9/11 more than 10 years ago, the American involvement in the Iraq war has been hotly debated. Some argue for the maintenance of peace and security in the country, while others maintain that the United States is far beyond its ethical boundaries in both entering and perpetuating is presence in the country. When critically investigating the reasons for the United States entering the war in the first place, the evidence tends toward the second view. The United States began its involvement as part of the "war on terror," citing several reasons for its continued presence in the country. These reasons, however, appear to be thinly veiled attempts to cover the basic lack of ethics involved…. [read more]

Iraq War: Humanitarian Intervention? Term Paper

… "

Essentially, as Falk cautions, the United Nations must be involved and thoroughly supportive of any humanitarian intervention in order for it to succeed. But even United Nations support cannot guarantee success: The intervening nations must make sure they have viable successor plan in place if they are to wage war on Iraq for humanitarian reasons.

The United States and Britain would be hard pressed to justify a humanitarian war in Iraq without United Nations support, but if they go forward, as they probably shall, they must at least plan for a successor government in Iraq first that eliminates as many political factions and strifes as is possible under the circumstances.

Wartime effect of Human Shields

One of the most complicated situations arises in war…. [read more]

Articles About the U.S. War Term Paper

… S. As "trigger happy," President Bush's statements as "rhetoric" and refers to "America's helter-skelter race to war."

Hugh Winsor's article "The experts' case against waging war on Iraq," published in The Globe and Mail, takes a largely negative view of the proposed war on Iraq. This Canadian article deals largely with the foreign policy abilities of Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. While noting Chretien's tarnished reputation as a diplomat, the article also provides an insight into intelligence and security experts opinions on the proposed war in Iraq. In large, the experts are against military action in Iraq.

First, Winsor notes the experts' opinion that Iraq does not currently propose a threat, which is in direct opposition to the U.S. And Britain's assertions. The experts argue…. [read more]

Iraq the War Term Paper

… For instance, Bennis notes that the Bush administration had planned early on to occupy the sovereign nation in an overt take-over. Bennis cites the obvious economic benefits to the United States of such a take-over, such as access to or control over oil reserves and their related profits throughout "Understanding the U.S.-Iraq Crisis." Most critics of the U.S. war in Iraq suggest that at least part of the motives for the invasion was to secure financial gain. The Bush administration cleverly clouded its intentions by claiming to deliver a message of freedom and liberty, to purport protecting the Iraqi people from terrorist regimes, and to promote peace. Such assertions seem laughable today in light of the current conditions in Iraq, and few can comfortably say…. [read more]

Iraq War in 2003 Essay

… Such views have been constantly challenged, with degrees of success and failure. And even at the height of the Bush Administration's militarism, John Ikenberry, writing for the influential foreign policy journal Foreign Affairs, cautioned against "a neoimperial vision in which the United States arrogates to itself the global role of setting standards, determining threats, using force, and meting out justice."

So, the views of the Project for the New American Century represent only one facet of American political tradition.


Bumiller, Elizabeth and Eric Schmitt, "On the Job and At Home: the Influential Hawks' 30-year-old Friendship Evolves," New York Times, September 11, 2002, available at . (Accessed: December 4, 2010).

Donnelly, Thomas. Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and Resources for a New Century, available at…. [read more]

Political Science War in Iraq Term Paper

… That the United States covets Iraqi oil is no secret. Hiding under the guise of justice and freedom only demonstrates hypocrisy. If the U.S. government were truly concerned with the welfare of the Iraqi people, it would foster programs of education and ease sanctions, instead of waging war. I implore you to explore alternate modes of helping the Iraqi people, for war will certainly not accomplish anything of lasting value.

Furthermore, waging war in Iraq is not a popular notion worldwide. The United Nations is split on the issue, as three of the big five nations oppose military intervention. France, Russia, and China all oppose a U.S.-British war; we need to work with our allies and make a concerted effort to compromise on issues as…. [read more]

Iraq War- Why America Term Paper

… If anyone had ever paid a visit to Iraq, he could see how poor the country was and how it lacked basic amenities. America could have sent humanitarian help to the country if it was sincere in its desire to help the people there. Instead what it did was attack the poor country and Iraqi civilians simply to prove a point i.e. America can attack any region anytime it pleases and doesn't even need to give a reason for its attack.

The pictures released last week have created given rise to extreme fury and passionate debates around the world regarding America's double standards when it comes to human rights violations. If Saddam was hurting his own people, America wanted him out of the country- captured…. [read more]

Hour Deadline for Saddam Term Paper

… Since Saddam came into power, the people of Iraq have been in fear. In a dossier presented by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in December of 2002, Saddam is said to have masterminded "the widespread and systematic torture of his political opponents and other citizens to hold on to power." The dossier lists intelligence material, firsthand accounts of Iraqi victims of torture and oppression, and reports by non-governmental organizations that show Saddam's inhumane treatment of his people, and the fear tactics used to force his people into compliance (Sardall, 2002).

Opponents of the war suggest that there have been no weapons of mass destruction found. Yet as even Blix pointed out, "If they do not exist, credible evidence to that effect should be presented" (Wardell, 2003).…. [read more]

Current Events and the War Term Paper

… We must become more vigilant in our guard and not become relaxed just because the big part is over. We must train the soldiers that are there to trust no one and to take all advances as possible attacks. The world is watching and we must lead by example and that includes not being duped into a false sense of security because we are bigger and stronger. The Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan is a classic example as is Viet Nam that small nations do not necessarily mean easy nations. As the reports continue to come in about casualties of American soldiers the American public is losing sympathy for the citizens of Iraq. It is important for the media to be responsible and remind the…. [read more]

Iraq War Term Paper

… C., that every major move Bush makes in terms of publicity or PR or policy, is orchestrated or at least partially tweaked by Rove.

According to Time Magazine (Elliott, 2003), on May 1, 2003, Bush landed "in flying gear on the deck of the aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln" - which had a huge banner reading "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." Bush strolled across the deck of the carrier and made a speech in front of proud sailors. "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended," he declared to the troops assembled. The war, he continued, had been carried out "with a combination of precision and speed and boldness" which the Iraqi forces did not expect; "the world had not seen" such precision, speed, and boldness, he boasted.…. [read more]

War in Iraq Facts Term Paper

… War in Iraq

Facts: When a knowledgeable person hears the statement "the war in Iraq," most informed observers now see that there is a civil war in Iraq between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims. This is a bitter ethnic rivalry that has existed for centuries. The Kurds are another ethnic minority in this stew. It is also clear that there are numerous al Qaeda extremists in Iraq that have been recruited, trained, and sent to Iraq to kill Americans and conduct terrorist-style suicide bombing incidents that slaughter and maim scores of innocents.

This paper is focused on the American's five-year involvement, during which the true cost of the war approaches $2 trillion (health care for injured; interest on money borrowed to finance the war), over…. [read more]

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