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Iraq Research Paper

… Iraq is one of the most renowned countries in Western Asia, partly due to the recent war that took place there and partly because of the fact that it is positioned in the Ancient land of Mesopotamia. In spite of its power, its stability has been threatened through the years because of religious tension and because its leaders have trouble promoting a single type of political ideology.

Iraq's capital is in Baghdad and it contains around 7,216, 040 people and it is the largest city in the 31 million people country. Arabic and Kurdish dominate most of the country, with minorities representing a very small proportion of the country's inhabitants. "Today more than three-quarters of Iraqis are Arabs, at least 15% are Kurds, and the…. [read more]

War and Death Research Paper

… War and Death

When considering the causes and outcomes of war, oftentimes it can be helpful to compare and contrast seemingly disparate cases, because this comparison can often reveal underlying processes, strategies, and assumptions that would have remained hidden otherwise. This is why, for example, one may consider the United States' more recent occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan alongside its actions in the Korean War; though these cases are separated by a substantial expanse of time, examining the causes behind these conflicts as well as the effects reveals that the conception of warfare as a means of statecraft has not changed substantially in the intervening time. This leads one inevitably to reconsider the state of South and North Korea's relationship today, because these two actors…. [read more]

War on Terror and Human Essay

… Among the techniques that were spelled out in the memo were, in hindsight, clearly indications of human rights violations. For example, one memo outlined approved tactics to use against suspected terrorists: "walling… a facial hold, a facial slap, cramped confinement… and the waterboard" (MacAskill, p. 1).

The waterboarding form of torture was described in detail in one of Bush's memos: "the individual is bound securely to an inclined bench, which is approximately four feet by seven feet. The individual's feet are generally elevated. A cloth is placed over the forehead and eyes. Water is then applied to the cloth in a controlled manner… produces the perception of 'suffocation and incipient panic'…" (MacAskill, p. 2).

As for Yoo, he believed that "…the candid approach would be…. [read more]

War Why a Military Presence in Afghanistan Essay

… War

Why a military presence in Afghanistan will fuel conflict and turmoil within the country

Why the people of Afghanistan will be better served with a military presence within the country

Concluding Remarks

The war in Afghanistan has been a contentious issue for both developed nations and those around the world. The middle east, and in particular, Afghanistan, has had a profound impact on global prosperity and the resultant quality of life for all stakeholders involved. As such, this conflict has major implications for developed countries. Currently many individuals within Europe and American want their respective troops out of Afghanistan. A survey of over 1000 individuals showed that nearly 68% thought that troops should be removed from the territory (BBC news, 2008). I believe these…. [read more]

War on Terror Has Changed Term Paper

… Terrorist organizations can potentially be found anywhere in the country at any given time, which is why having ears and eyes in every American metropolis is valuable to the nation's overall intelligence gathering efforts. The FBI is an important ally to police departments in this area, as local police departments inherit technology developed by the FBI first. Police then dispatch that intelligence technology around their jurisdiction, and therefore reinforce the nationwide efforts on this front.

The final policy recommendation to counter-terrorism units is to teach the various forms of terrorism that may occur, including exceptional situations which may involve biologic, chemical, or even nuclear threats to American lives. It is also clear that automatic weapons, random explosives, suicide bombers, and hostage taking are all tactics…. [read more]

War Without Victory Nominally Research Paper

… The goal of the war was not the destruction of Iraq, but simply getting Iraq out of Kuwait. However, President Bush was determined to have a quick and decisive victory in the area, not the drawn-out fighting that had plagued the United States in both Korea and Vietnam (PBS, 2010). This desire for a clear-cut victory may have resulted in him allowing Hussein to remain in power, which only delayed further problems for the United States in the region.


There are some arguments that the Persian Gulf War was not a political failure. For example, many people suggest that deterrence was ineffective completely in preventing the Persian Gulf War. However, that view takes a limited approach to deterrence. Deterrence does not only apply to…. [read more]

War on Terrorism Term Paper

… War on Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the most foundational threats that the world has ever seen. Terrorism is also a difficult threat as it is rarely if ever linked directly to a source nation, that has an official role in terrorist acts or movements. For this reason the "war on terror" is a war unlike any other war. The invasion and subsequent war in Iraq, despite its early connections to acts of terrorism has proven to be a war wholly ineffective in curbing, controlling or eradicating terrorism and it may in fact be feeding the idealism that is needed for acts of terrorism to take place. Many even claim that the war itself was begun as a persuasive tool for political reasons and was…. [read more]

War Term Paper

… The fear of the Founding Fathers over demagoguery was becoming true in Clinton's thrust on public approval and his oft-repeated calls for public opinion.

Most Federalists considered the concepts of popular leader and demagogue almost synonymously and an excess of passionate appeals constituting the key characteristic of demagoguery. The separation of powers in the American political system may be destroyed if these appeals resulted in the president encroaching the responsibilities of the other branches of the government. By making the presidency a factor in a balanced system of sharing of powers, the Founders wanted to avoid demagoguery. 8. Demagoguery was a threat to the ability of the executive in resisting bad policies and executing the good ones, they felt. There are some experts who are…. [read more]

War in Iraq and the Media Thesis

… Iraq War

The war in Iraq was undertaken on the basis of questionable intelligence, and the degree to which it should have been accepted remains controversial. Another issue that has been raised is how complicit the news media was in the lead-up to the war, with some charging that the news media did not do their job and that journalists did not raise enough questions or challenge the Bush Administration on the claims it was making. Elements in the media indeed became cheerleaders for the war in its early phase, and many to this day may not have done enough to set the record straight or to make up for failing to show more doubt about the rationale for the war.

Of course, whatever the…. [read more]

Iraq War President George W. Bush Term Paper

… Iraq War

President George W. Bush describes himself as a "wartime president," and at least to some extent this is true. The attack by al-Qaeda on the United States on September 11, 2001, was clearly an act of war. It represented a new and unconventional war, where a country was at war with a terrorist organization rather than another country. Certainly, any president of this country would have taken it seriously; as Kassop says, "All presidents view their responsibility to protect their citizens and their nation from hostile attack as the most solemn duty of the office. Nothing matters more than this profound obligation. " (Kassop, Nancy)

The first response to this attack, in Afghanistan, was understandable even by Muslim countries such as Pakistan. Virtually…. [read more]

Iraq Afghan Culture the War on Terror Thesis

… Iraq Afghan Culture

The War on Terror and the Imposition of Cultural Change

The War in Iraq began on March 19th, 2003, when American bombers began a 'Shock and Awe' campaign designed to 'decapitate' Iraqi Republican Army leadership and to pound the civilian population into preemptive submission. The attack preceded the arrival of a deadline by which despot Saddam Hussein had been given the ultimatum to vacate Iraq with his sons to make way for democratic reform or to face the wrath of the United States. The purpose of this invasion was proposed quite singularly as the disruption of a regime which 'could' aid terrorists in destroying the United States, its friends and its allies. The final justification for this war was that, to that…. [read more]

War on Terrorism Research Paper

… War on Terrorism:

Though it has been used since the beginning of recorded history, it is relatively hard to define terrorism. However, terrorism is a planned use of illegitimate violence to instill fear, targeted to intimidate government or societies in the hunt of goals that are generally political or religiously motivated by sub-national groups or undercover agents. Terrorism can also be defined as planned violence that is politically motivated aimed against non-battalion targets by national groups with an intention of causing psychological impacts on a large audience.

This kind of violence tends to function in small units and make the most use of home-based bombs, car bombs and other arsenals uncharacteristic of military workforce like in the case of the September 11, 2001 attack. As…. [read more]

Iraq War and Weapon Technology Thesis

… Iraq War & Weapon Technology

Iraq War and Weapon Technology

The "shock and awe offensive" against Iraq following the World Trade Center attacks in New York, USA by Afghan terrorist group Al-Qaeda brought into fore the unpopular issue of weapons technology among politically- and/or militarily-strong countries. With the ongoing Iraq War, both American and British weapons were 'showcased' and 'put to test' in terms of its effectiveness to threaten and curb terrorist attacks supported by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Ultimately, the offensive attack against Iraq was also the allies' (U.S. And Britain) way of reinforcing their power not only against terrorist groups, but also to anti-U.S. And Britain countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan (generally, Middle Eastern countries).

Early reports on the U.S. offensive against…. [read more]

Iraq War-Justification Term Paper

… But they must be reminded of the facts to help them understand that containment without military action was no longer possible since Saddam had repeatedly thwarted all attempts of non-military containment. Once he threw out the U.S. inspectors in 1998, United States made numerous attempts to restore them but failed.

Inspection is at the heart of containment, and as Mr. Blix so often emphasizes in his book, "Disarming Iraq," only a credible military threat could restore the inspectors, and only maintaining that threat could keep them there. Mr. Bush did succeed in restoring the inspectors in the fall of 2002, but it was not possible to maintain a military threat for more than a few months. A serious force could not be retained in the…. [read more]

Iraq War on the U.S Term Paper

… The political left and the traditional conservatives believe that the economic cost of the conflict would be disastrous for the U.S. Supporters of the Iraq War, led by the neoconservatives, on the other hand believe that the long-term benefits of the U.S. involvement far outweigh its costs.


Bennis, P., Leaver, E. et al. (2005). "The Iraq Quagmire." A Study by the Institute for Policy Studies and Foreign Policy In Focus. August 31, 2005. Retrieved on September 26, 2005 from

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Buchanan, P.J. (2005). "Riding the Free Trade Raft Over the Falls." The American Cause.

April 18, 2005.…. [read more]

War in Iraq the Conflict Term Paper

… War in Iraq

The conflict between Iraq and a coalition of thirty-four nations led by the United States of America is generally referred to as the 'Persian Gulf War', the 'Gulf War', the 'War in the Gulf', the 'Iraq Kuwaiti Conflict', the UN Iraq Conflict', the Desert Storm', the '1990 Gulf War', and so on. The war started when Iraq invaded Kuwait during the month of August 1990. When this happened, the immediate result was that of the passing of various economic sanctions on the part of the UN, or the United Nations, against Iraq. By the month of January 1991, hostilities had commenced in full swing, and what resulted was a complete victory for the coalition forces, which in turn forced Iraq out of…. [read more]

Iraq War- Why America Term Paper

… If anyone had ever paid a visit to Iraq, he could see how poor the country was and how it lacked basic amenities. America could have sent humanitarian help to the country if it was sincere in its desire to help the people there. Instead what it did was attack the poor country and Iraqi civilians simply to prove a point i.e. America can attack any region anytime it pleases and doesn't even need to give a reason for its attack.

The pictures released last week have created given rise to extreme fury and passionate debates around the world regarding America's double standards when it comes to human rights violations. If Saddam was hurting his own people, America wanted him out of the country- captured…. [read more]

Iraq War as the End Term Paper

… Did the United States have proof of a program in the making? Governmental reports sited Saddam's efforts to search out specialists. "Iraq retains its cadre of nuclear scientists and technicians, its program documentation, and sufficient dual-use manufacturing capabilities to support a reconstituted nuclear weapons program. Iraqi media have reported numerous meetings between Saddam and nuclear scientists over the past two years, signaling Baghdad's continued interest in reviving a nuclear program." (Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs) But those same reports never mention a successful implementation of Iraq's nuclear program.

If the recent war was not about weapons of mass destruction, then what other motivation could there have been for the United States to bring down the Iraqi dictator? "Is the coming war with Iraq about…. [read more]

War in Iraq: An Application Term Paper

… In Coser's view, whether or not conflict is a good thing is dependent upon which parties are in conflict and the reasons behind it. The motivations behind conflict are as important as the conflict itself, if not more important (Conflict, 2003).

This is applied to the war in Iraq by looking at the motivations behind Saddam Hussein's regime in comparison to the motivations behind what the Iraqi people do. Unfortunately for the people of Iraq, it appears that Hussein's motives are not good ones. He is not looking for a form of conflict that can cause the society to change and grow into something better. Rather, he is looking for the kind of conflict that only comes from one person telling a country what it…. [read more]

Iraq's New Government and Social Term Paper

… " AP Worldstream; 29 April 2005; pp.

"Iraq's new government faces tough battle to prove itself."

Agence France Presse English; 30 April 2005; pp.

"Iraq's new government faces tough battle to prove itself."

Agence France Presse English; 30 April 2005; pp.

"Iraq's new government faces tough battle to prove itself."

Agence France Presse English; 30 April 2005; pp.

"Iraq's new government faces tough battle to prove itself."

Agence France Presse English; 30 April 2005; pp.

"Iraq's new government faces tough battle to prove itself."

Agence France Presse English; 30 April 2005; pp.

"Iraq's new government faces tough battle to prove itself."

Agence France Presse English; 30 April 2005; pp.

"Iraq's new government faces tough battle to prove itself."

Agence France Presse English; 30 April 2005;…. [read more]

Iraq War When I Examine the Events Term Paper

… Iraq War

When I examine the events leading to the war in Iraq and Bush's self proclaimed "War on Terrorism" I am reminded of the way that Adolph Hitler managed to convince the people of his time that he was actually protecting them from some future unforeseen disaster if the Jews and Gypsies were allowed to roam freely about. While most of While Americans may have a hard time comparing Bush to Hitler, the further into this war we get the more they look like brothers to me.

Senator Robert Byrd presents a viewpoint that is closely matched to my feelings on the war in Iraq and Bush's self proclaimed "War on Terrorism." He believes, as do I, that the American people have been sold…. [read more]

War in Iraq the Top Term Paper

… Most Sunni Arabs are suspicious of the squads, since they are largely composed of Shiite and Kurdish rivals "eager to exact revenge for decades of suppression under Hussein, a Sunni Arab (McDonnell, Moore pp).

The Dawn article is written by a staff correspondent, and concerns the problems the United States is facing due to the increased attacks. It strongly suggests that the steady increase of terrorist attacks in Iraq is adding to the problems of President Bush, who, the article says, "is being criticized for allowing the war to continue for so long" (Iraq 1 pp). The article reports that Bush completed his 100 days into his second term on Friday, and is facing a "precipitous" decline in support for his social security plan (Iraq…. [read more]

War in Afghanistan Research Paper

… War in Afghanistan

Following the unprecedented 9 / 11 terrorist attacks on American soil, an atmosphere of fear and hysteria swept through the world. U.S. reprisal came in the form of fully blown war against terrorism as they assured the world that America would use all resources at its disposal to wage war on terror. Even as the demise of Osama bin Laden marked an important milestone in the U.S.-led war on terror, it appears as though U.S. Middle East foreign policy is going to take yet another tactical turn. After scaling down operations in Iraq in the first term, the Obama administration is at least rhetorically signaling that they will remove combat troops in 2014. By just about every measure, Afghanistan is still smoldering…. [read more]

War on Iraq United States Term Paper

… When I say I am against war, I mean I am against deceptive foreign policy of America, its imperialistic attitude, its Manifest-Destiny ideas and its claim of being the champion of freedom and justice. Over the past two decades, American foreign policy has given rise to more conflicts than it has resolved, infuriating its own public. Oklahoma attack is one good example of negative impact of America's foreign policy on its own citizens. When Bush Senior declared war on Gulf region, I thought it was probably to liberate Kuwait but over the years, it has become clear that United States is intensely driven by a desire to prove its supremacy and not by those noble dreams of freedom. And if we pay attention to the…. [read more]

War in Afghanistan Research Paper

… War in Afghanistan is visibly approaching its end in 2014 as the U.S. has committed to withdraw majority of combat troops in the year 2014. Since it is an electioneering pledge made by President Obama, it is likely that the U.S. will not let any worsening of the Afghan security situation to hinder his withdrawal plan from Afghanistan. The theoretical perspective of the Afghan war, however, points to a somewhat disturbing situation in the future. Use of Ad-hoc terrorist theory, war of the flea theory, and fourth generation warfare theory by the Taliban fighters in confluence with Al-Qaeda indicate that Taliban will find it highly difficult to come in peaceful terms with historically anti-Taliban warring groups. Thus, superiority in terms of war skills of Taliban…. [read more]

Iraq's History of Social Conflict Term Paper

… Iraq's History Of Social Conflict

As the "cradle of civilization," it is not surprising that the history of social conflict in Iraq is an ancient as mankind itself. Unfortunately, the intervening millennia have not brought any substantive or lasting peace to this region, but have rather been opportunities for still further major social conflicts over resources and ideological differences that have shaped the course of the country's destiny and served to mold it into modern-day Iraq. Moreover, it would appear reasonable to assert that, based on the powerful historic religious differences that have divided the country, these patterns of social conflict will likely continue well into the foreseeable future. To gain a better understanding of what the basis for this divisiveness has been, this paper…. [read more]

Iraq the Honorable John Culberson Term Paper

… "

While there was a time when most Americans could be sure that wrongdoing against others would be prosecuted, our armed forces, deployed by the Bush administration, seems to have given up all pretense that the U.S. acts with dignity and respect for others, friend and foe alike. In World War II, our troops were faced with atrocities committed against soldiers and civilians by Hitler's and Mussolini's armies. In Korea, they faced the viciousness of the North Koreans. In Vietnam, apparently, our commitment to moral behavior even in the face of atrocities by our enemy began to break down. Today, with the leadership in the White House, the Pentagon, and the Department of Justice, it appears we are no better than the people we accuse…. [read more]

War and Human Rights Abuse Term Paper

… S.'s enemy during the time of war. Fred Korematsu, in a case to the Supreme Court in 1944, has expressed outrage at his imprisonment for 5 years because he was unable to comply with the President's order and report to an assembly center when the order was enacted. Because of his non-compliance, he was tried and imprisoned for 5 years, and later transferred to an internment camp after his parole. Korematsu's case illustrates the nature of racial discrimination during the period, where the ongoing world war between the Allied (U.S.) and Axis (Japan) coalition had resulted to hostilities between the American government and society against the Japanese-Americans. In sum, anti-Japanese-American sentiments during the world war resulted to discrimination and abuse of the marginalized sector's human…. [read more]

War on Terror - Afghanistan Thesis

… War on Terror - Afghanistan

Introduction / Thesis

The Afghan people have been subjected to hostile takeovers and cultural disruptions for centuries, so the invasion by the Soviet Union in 1979 and the subsequent seizing of power by the Taliban are not new dynamics in this ancient land. The Taliban were driven out after 9/11 but are now resurgent; the Afghan border with Pakistan is where Taliban fighters get their training and their marching orders. The new U.S. president has signaled a shift away from Iraq and is reportedly sending 17,000 or more troops to Afghanistan. This paper posits that the U.S. cannot "win" the war in Afghanistan because there are simply too many young Muslim men around the world who already despise America, who…. [read more]

Character War Essay

… The planning for the post war phase was never given a considerable importance, and it started only two months before the outbreak of the guerilla war. The Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (O.R.H.A) was headed by Lieutenant General Jay Garner who had whatsoever, little knowledge about the Arab culture and nation building. Similarly other participants of the program were also not qualified for it. This action was taken intentionally, in order to exclude those people who were well qualified and had a significant knowledge of the Arab political experts. The U.S. think tank believed that there was a little chance of a new democratic government to survive. They were not prepared to meet the political needs of the post war Iraq. Hence, they neglected…. [read more]

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