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War Society Modern World Essay

… This trend has erased physical boundaries and people from all parts of the world contribute to the growth and development of a company. For globalization to continue, it needs a stable and peaceful environment and this is what world leaders today are trying to achieve. Technology and its resultant lifestyle is providing a comfortable life for most people around the world and nobody wants to rock the boat by introducing a war. The existing war in Afghanistan is expected to wind down soon and there is no immediate threat of another war breaking out in any part of the world. All these advantages of technology has brought about a change in the mindset of people and the countries' leaders and has resulted in a more…. [read more]

War of the Roses Essay

… d.). Of King Henry VII's and Elizabeth of York's children, Henry VIII, would succeed King Henry VII and be succeeded by Queen Elizabeth I (Wheeler, 2013).

Paradoxically, the conflict between the House of York and the House of Lancaster resulted in neither family staking a sole claim on the English throne and not only ended the Plantagenet dynasty, but also allowed the Tudors to establish themselves on the throne. Although the Tudor dynasty only lasted three generations -- King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, and Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I -- the historical impact they had on England forever changed England in terms of politics, art, and culture. Recently, there has been renewed interest in the Plantagenet dynasty as King Richard III's remains…. [read more]

World War I Term Paper

… " (Adriane Ruggiero, page xviii-xix) A group of strongly nationalistic individuals was able to convince the Japanese that their problems will end only if they go to war. Japan believed that it was the most important power in the Pacific and Western Europe was trying to minimize its power. Japan saw Great Britain and the United States as their bigger enemies.

After Japan conquered the Eastern colonies of Great Britain, Holland and France, it ruled an empire which extended from South Asia to East Indies and incorporated islands from the South Pacific. As a result of this expansion; Japan was able to provide its armies with the needed weapons. Japan and Germany agreed to be allies and to support one another if a country will…. [read more]

Death and Dying: Funerals Abstract for Funerals-R-Us Term Paper

… Death and Dying: Funerals

Abstract for Funerals-R-Us: From Funeral Home to Mega-Industry

Writer Thomas Lynch gives an "insider's perspective" on the funeral industry by pointing out that trying to describe death, the look of death, and what to do with dead bodies has a history and that history is, first and foremost, "an existential experience." And Lynch goes on to describe the rather grim work that a mortician (funeral operator) has to go through. Embalming, being called in the middle of the night to come and retrieve a body, dealing with grieving families, sponsoring little league uniforms - these things are all part of the "insider's perspective" of being in the funeral business.

Lynch also says that funeral parlors are "generally abhorred for their proximity…. [read more]

War and Death Research Paper

… War and Death

When considering the causes and outcomes of war, oftentimes it can be helpful to compare and contrast seemingly disparate cases, because this comparison can often reveal underlying processes, strategies, and assumptions that would have remained hidden otherwise. This is why, for example, one may consider the United States' more recent occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan alongside its actions in the Korean War; though these cases are separated by a substantial expanse of time, examining the causes behind these conflicts as well as the effects reveals that the conception of warfare as a means of statecraft has not changed substantially in the intervening time. This leads one inevitably to reconsider the state of South and North Korea's relationship today, because these two actors…. [read more]

War and Poetry the Gallantry Term Paper

… In "Occasioned by the Battle of Waterloo," Wordsworth echoed Tennyson's praise for the fighters who bravely involved themselves in defending their country or territory. He addressed these fighters as "[i]ntrepid sons of Albion," synonymously referring to them as "heroes," who are praised for their "instant sacrifice prepared." Once again, the poem addresses death as inevitable, and in fact, is expected and welcomed by these brave warriors. The war, through Wordsworth use of romantic imagery, was no longer an event causing death and destruction; instead, war became the opportunity to display bravery and loyalty even at the face of death. War is gallant because it gave humanity a deeper meaning and significance in life through death, and this supreme sacrifice -- by offering one's life through…. [read more]

War Is Always a Collective Essay

… Shigematsu also received the same dose of radiation that she did, perhaps more, but is never shown with any visible signs of the sickness, while he seems to both remember and forget the events of the bombing, with denial and memory "continually recycling and replenishing the other" (Cavanaugh 257). Yuichi acts out his battle memories in public, however, and others join in to play parts in the drama, and later his stone Jizo statues, with faces "anguish, terror, pain" serve as his silent audience (Cavanaugh 265). Many survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki also used art, sculpture and writing to preserve memories of the bombing that were denied and covered up by official sources.

Yasuko also has flashbacks to Hiroshima immediately before the bombing, such as…. [read more]

War on Terror and Human Essay

… Among the techniques that were spelled out in the memo were, in hindsight, clearly indications of human rights violations. For example, one memo outlined approved tactics to use against suspected terrorists: "walling… a facial hold, a facial slap, cramped confinement… and the waterboard" (MacAskill, p. 1).

The waterboarding form of torture was described in detail in one of Bush's memos: "the individual is bound securely to an inclined bench, which is approximately four feet by seven feet. The individual's feet are generally elevated. A cloth is placed over the forehead and eyes. Water is then applied to the cloth in a controlled manner… produces the perception of 'suffocation and incipient panic'…" (MacAskill, p. 2).

As for Yoo, he believed that "…the candid approach would be…. [read more]

War the Experience Thesis

… My cousin, who was posted in both Iraq and Afghanistan can attest to these horrors. The quotation given by Homer of "Must you carry the bloody horror of combat in your heart forever?" is completely true for this war. Having seen the family member's actions, and comparing them to his previous self, one can observe the change. Both in the Hurt Locker and in the other sources mentioned here, the answer to this question, time and again, is yes. Yes, the bloody horror of combat will be carried forever because it is such an anti-human, illogical thing. Cruelty is not the strong suit of a man with a family, a man who must return to a child of innocence. Thus, this man become ever-marred by…. [read more]

Civil Death and the American Essay

… Again, there is no nobility seen in the eternal struggle to survive -- no sense of "rising from the ashes" in some glorious and inspiring fashion. Instead, this photograph depicts the harsh reality of a city largely lain to waste and people that, despite being newly freed and ostensibly enfranchised, are left with only the barest elements of survival in a most ignoble and undignified fashion. This is the post-crashed world that Whitman foresaw, the aftermath of sieges and shellings such as those witnessed by Dora Miller, and the concrete reality that lays at the end of the road of abstract principles Garrison imagined to exist. Dealing with death became a way of life for an entire generation, and it did not serve to reunify…. [read more]

Capital Punishment in the USA Term Paper

… Capital Punishment in the U.S.A.

History of Capital Punishment

The capital punishment, or death penalty, has been in the U.S. law even before the American Revolution. Since then up to these days, the death penalty had undergone numerous changes in the American history. Following is a list of historical events on death penalty.

In the nineteenth century, death penalty is imposed as punishment to major crimes where the execution of the penalty is made public.

In 1840s, death penalty was proposed to be eliminated in the American law.

In 1846, Michigan became the first state to remove death penalty.

The execution of death penalty was transferred from the responsibility of local towns and counties into the responsibility of the state government during the Civil War.…. [read more]

War on Drugs Term Paper

… Hence, it was here that many researchers studied the link between terrorism and drugs management not only within the Columbian and Latin American region but also in the United States (The Economist, 2001).

According to study conducted by Falcoff in 2000, in 1998 the Columbian government had huge profit margins from drug trafficking with figures reaching up to U.S.$236 million resulting from kidnapping, U.S.$311 million resulting from extortion and nearly U.S.$551 million resulting from drug links (Falcoff, 2000). The FARC organization alone earned huge percentages that year: 6% resulting from cattle rustling, % resulting from kidnapping, 36% resulting from extortion and 48% resulting from drug sources (Suarez, 2000). This percentage breakdown shows why more and more people are easily recruited by the drug agencies; they…. [read more]

Discourse and Society of War Between West and East Essay

… War: Asian and Western Concepts

There is a great deal of sapience in comparing Western and Asian formations of war (prior to Westernization) after 1815, since this was the time frame in which imperialism was at its height and Asian forces were able to test their methodologies against those of the West. However, a prolonged examination of history reveals that for the most part, Asian forces were not nearly as sophisticated as those of their Western counterparts, which resulted in their ensuing colonization, deprivation of their natural resources at the hands of British and other European powers, and their ultimate adoption of Westernized methods of combat. Still, there are some similarities between these two concepts of war. Well before the 19th century, it was Asians…. [read more]

Wars of the Century Major Essay

… The aftermath of those wars can still be felt up to this day and many societies have adjusted in consequences of the events described above.

Although those major conflicts have changed our societies and have allowed us to not only become a more complete society but to understand other cultures more deeply, the main and principal causes of those wars seem to be very redundant. All of these wars have started from a socio-cultural conflict or divergence of opinion. While all of the major wars have escalated to conflicts not always pertaining to their original purpose, history has certainly shown us that the major idea behind all of the aforementioned conflicts is a cultural difference, or issue.

If we start by analysing World War I…. [read more]

Trial and Death of Socrates Essay

… Trial and Death of Socrates

Why did Socrates think that it was illogical for a virtuous person to be afraid of death?

It should be established first of all that Socrates is virtuous and he deals in logic. His Socratic dialogues (recorded by Plato) delve into the logic of almost everything believed and stated. In Socrates' response to the Athenian jury (that condemned him to death) he mentions that while he has "never" done any "wrong" to any one "intentionally," he didn't really have time to defend himself. That said, he cleverly states that since he's done no wrong to anyone, why would he then do wrong to himself "…by asserting that I deserve some evil and to make some such assessment against myself?" (like…. [read more]

Death Penalty Capital Punishment Essay

… While that issue is tangential to the ethical issue of capital punishment in principle, the fact that it also violates another express constitutional protection in practice only strengthens the argument in opposition to it.

Argument Number 2 -- Ineffectiveness as a Deterrent

In theory, proponents of capital punishment have traditionally argued that its value beyond punishment is the deterrence of crime, at least with respect to serious, death penalty-eligible crimes (Schmalleger, 2009). More specifically, according to that theoretical justification, the fact that certain crimes carry particularly severe penal consequences deters crime by virtue of the rational choice model of criminality. In theory, criminal offenders make rational choices in deciding whether or not to perpetrate specific crimes under their contemplation and they are more likely to…. [read more]

WWI the Assassination of Archduke Essay

… Of course, President Wilson could not sell the war effort to an anti-war public only in terms of economic expediency. Simply telling Americans they were going to come to the aid of the British was not going to earn support, either. Wilson knew he had to appeal to the moral sentiments of the American people, and convinced the public that they were engaged in a crusade against "German militarism," (Bosco & Bosco, 2003, p. 43). Wilson was correct; but he could not yet have foreseen the real implications of German militarism in the early 20th century. In any case, American involvement in World War One spelled the death knell of the Central powers and paved the way for an angry Germany bent on revenge.

The…. [read more]

Impressions of War the Most Vivid Imagine Essay

… Impressions of War

The most vivid imagine of war was the beginning of it all. September 11, 2001 changed the United States. It was vividly relived over and over again in the media and in the newspaper. There was this sense that the nation's spirit had been broken and there was no room to live innocently. There were plenty of young individuals, both male and female, that either got summoned or volunteered to go and fight this war on terrorism. It began in the United States with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Although we did not really know it at the time, this was the first image of war and it was the…. [read more]

Analysis of Poets War Poetry Essay

… Gentle images such as the "flowers to love" and the glorious picture of the English countryside, including the "rivers" and the "suns of home," emphasize the peaceful tone. The sestet gives an sanguine tone of idyllic peace as well, with phrases such as "dreams as happy as her day," "laughter," and "an English heaven." The last line especially explains the gentle tone of the poem, with the phrase, "and gentleness, in hearts at peace."

On the contrary, Thomas Hardy's explained war not as pleasing as Brooke did. In his poem, "Drummer Hodge," Hardy narrates a story of an Englishman who died during the Boer war, in South Africa (Johnston, 1964). Thomas wrote this poem after completion of World wars. Similar to Brooke, he never participated…. [read more]

Death Penalty Is Final Punishment Film Review

… Death penalty is final punishment that can be given to a culprit. It is also called the capital punishment, which is legal retribution where the state authorizes to kill a person for his crimes. The death penalty can be given for committing capital crimes such as killing, massacre, and war crimes among other crimes. While the human right associations are demanding to abolish the practice, there are still many countries practicing death penalty. There have been many movies, novels, dramas, and stories created on criminals who are subjected to capital punishment. It also significantly affects those that have served in the staff taking part in the execution as well. There are several means to execute a person including hanging, poisoning, and electric shocks and the…. [read more]

Literature About War Term Paper

… ¶ … War

Over countless years of collective history there has been much written about war and it effect on the individual and society in general. Within those words is a wisdom that must be expressed to each new generation of lawmakers and soldiers. Those who have served their country during war will find no truth, or little glory in the horror of their personal or collective experiences of war and bloodshed. The challenges of overcoming the psychological damage one engenders from witnessing warfare, first hand, are monumental. Most men will never forge the images, feelings, and smells that they encountered in their years of combat. No matter how much is said or written about war it remains a human condition, unlike any other that…. [read more]

War and Drugs Research Paper

… War Drugs

Drug Use, Addiction and the Vietnam War

During the mid to late 1960s, the movement of radical activism would become the most apparent demonstration of crisis in the United States, filling America's streets increasingly throughout the 1960s with civil demonstrators desiring to enact revolutionary change in the domestic policies of racial inequality and political exclusivity as well as foreign policies pertaining to the Cold War, and especially to the war in Vietnam. Key examples in our memory illustrate that, indeed, the United States was all but engaged in a civil war, with its citizens producing a significant counter-culture movement which had set as the target of its frustration the government itself. That was the frustration that would gestate over the course of the…. [read more]

Death of a Hero by Richard Aldington Term Paper

… Death of a Hero by Richard Aldington

Richard Aldington's Death of a Hero

Richard Aldington's 1928 novel Death of a Hero explores the author's autobiographical experiences in the First World War. Aldington had enlisted as a private in 1916; three years later, he would be demobilized as a captain.

The narrator of the story, who is most likely Aldington himself, tells the story of his friend, Captain George Winterbourne. Aldington tells us in the Prologue that the "hero" of the story is going to die. Death of a Hero literally begins with the death of its hero. On the 4th of November 1918, Winterbourne, either by mistake or on purpose, exposes himself to heavy machine gun fire and is killed. Thus, the rest of the…. [read more]

War's Effect Term Paper

… War's Effects

The traumas and deficiencies of war inflict unpredictable and disastrous effects on the family. Roles and responsibilities are often dramatically altered (Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture and Trauma 1996). Traumatized parents become less able to emotionally support and protect their children. The extreme disturbances parents go through in war times produce new traumas for their children. Together, they confront financial difficulties and generational conflict, which further place additional burdens on all family members. More bad news from the home country continues to traumatize the family, while other people in the same country now are perceived as threatening. Language and cultural differences and dislocations aggravate the situation. Children are instructed not to trust anyone. The guilt that develops from leaving the family hampers…. [read more]

War of the Worlds Term Paper

… War of the Worlds was written over a decade before the outbreak of the first World War, H.G. Wells' seminal novel actually predicted the kind of mechanized, impersonal slaughter that would end up scarring an entire generation. Though the villains of Wells' novel hail from the planet Mars, their heat rays, mechanical tripods, and poison gas represent precisely the kind of industrialized warfare that Wells was predicting would arise during the coming century. As a result, despite the fantastic nature of the novel's plot, Wells narrates it with the detachment and precision of a journalist, implicitly suggesting that in this new world of mechanized horrors the only suitable role for the artist or author is one of criticism and prediction, rather than simple entertainment or…. [read more]

Euthanasia War and Terrorism Term Paper

… ¶ … non-moral or religious standpoint; while individual suicide is illigeal in many countries, the more legalistic issue is final exit, or assisted suicide that is advocated by many right-to-die organizations. There is not necessarily a completely clear legal distinction between "assisted suicide" and "final exit suicide." Advocates of final exit suicide will say that the decision to end one's life should remain with the individual, not the State. And if a group or another person lends information that can help someone end pain and suffering, that is not murder or manslaughter. If another individual assists in helping someone commit suicide, they are, in legal terms, abetting a felony. The predominant medical view in the United States holds that anyone who wants to willingly end…. [read more]

Death in Spanish Literature While the Renaissance Term Paper

… Death in Spanish Literature

While the Renaissance in Europe bred abundant literature on every lively intellectual subject, the Baroque period was filled the Spanish nation with disappointment. In Europe in 1567, the Netherlands revolted against the rule of Spain under Philip II, and a costly war began. England gave their support to the Netherlands, and Philip sent the Spanish Armada to conquer England in 1588. The Armada was defeated in a humiliating sea battle and this drained the Spanish treasury.

Tragedy and death permeated the history and literature of Spain. Despite political upheaval, literature entered the Siglo de Oro (Golden Age) in Spain, spawning many creative and prolific writers in the late 16th century. The Spanish writers wrote of how talents were no match for…. [read more]

War on Drugs Research Paper

… As the power of the Colombian economy grew as a result of trading cocaine, the influence was not only experienced in the country's political system, but was also institutionalized virtually into the very system. Many poor people were enriching themselves by indulging in the cocaine business. A good example is Escobar, who was a dealer for cars which had been stolen. Once he got to know about the cocaine business, he was given responsibility to substitute marijuana with cocaine to the market. He later made contacts with influential cartels both in Peru and Bolivia and due to the expansion of the business; he became one of the most known successful cartels in the sector. Different meetings were arranged and organized with intentions of discussing how…. [read more]

War on Drugs Moral and Economic Arguments Essay

… War on Drugs

Moral and Economic Arguments on Both Sides of the War on Drugs

Today's Americans are obsessed with war. War with Iraq, war in Afghanistan, and war among the nations of Asia and the Middle East are all common topics on the lips of Americans discussing politics. Still, many forget that one old war is still raging, a war that has been overshadowed by the Vietnam war, the Cold War, the Korean War, and three Wars in the Middle East. Although occasionally a conflict of arms, this war has primarily been fought with law enforcement and incarceration, with politics and civil rights law, in town halls and among the D.C. lobbyists. This war is the War on Drugs. Founded in 1971 by President…. [read more]

Capital Punishment and Sexual Crimes Term Paper

… Capital Punishment and Sexual Crimes

Sexual crimes and its impact on victims

Sexual crimes are a kind of crime involving forced sex, rape, child abuse, human trafficking, sexual harassment and sex with animals. Every country has differing levels of punishment for sexual crimes. Western countries are in general more tolerant to mild forms of sexual crime than other countries. A commonality when it comes to punishment is that there are stringent laws in every country to protect children and minors from sexual crimes and strict punishment is awarded to offenders.

Irrespective of the age of victim, sexual crimes have a profound impact on the victim's emotional health. Many child abuse victims end up with multiple personality disorders, extreme violent behavior, psychotic behavior, depression and other…. [read more]

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