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Death Penalty (Anti) Historically Term Paper

… Death Penalty (Anti)

Historically, much of the debate over capital punishment has focused on the core moral issue of whether it is right to take a life as a punishment for murder. This moral debate is important and necessary, but because a variety of cultural factors influence a society's sense of morality, it is unlikely that any society can ever reach a complete consensus on this key question. To borrow from Judeo-Christian ideology, there are some who believe in the philosophy of "an eye for an eye" and others who believe in "turn the other cheek," and defend the sanctity of life, under all conditions.

The goal of this paper is to move the debate on the death penalty beyond the core moral issue of…. [read more]

War in Iraq the Top Term Paper

… Most Sunni Arabs are suspicious of the squads, since they are largely composed of Shiite and Kurdish rivals "eager to exact revenge for decades of suppression under Hussein, a Sunni Arab (McDonnell, Moore pp).

The Dawn article is written by a staff correspondent, and concerns the problems the United States is facing due to the increased attacks. It strongly suggests that the steady increase of terrorist attacks in Iraq is adding to the problems of President Bush, who, the article says, "is being criticized for allowing the war to continue for so long" (Iraq 1 pp). The article reports that Bush completed his 100 days into his second term on Friday, and is facing a "precipitous" decline in support for his social security plan (Iraq…. [read more]

War in Iraq the Conflict Term Paper

… War in Iraq

The conflict between Iraq and a coalition of thirty-four nations led by the United States of America is generally referred to as the 'Persian Gulf War', the 'Gulf War', the 'War in the Gulf', the 'Iraq Kuwaiti Conflict', the UN Iraq Conflict', the Desert Storm', the '1990 Gulf War', and so on. The war started when Iraq invaded Kuwait during the month of August 1990. When this happened, the immediate result was that of the passing of various economic sanctions on the part of the UN, or the United Nations, against Iraq. By the month of January 1991, hostilities had commenced in full swing, and what resulted was a complete victory for the coalition forces, which in turn forced Iraq out of…. [read more]

Capital Punishment Death Penalty Is an Ultimate Term Paper

… Capital Punishment

Death penalty is an ultimate and irreversible form of punishment and hence requires judicious scrutiny. It is ridden with complexities and in the absence of consistent and conclusive evidence supporting its deterrent effect it cannot be unequivocally endorsed. However, capital punishment is acceptable under critical circumstances where the offender poses a serious threat to undermine the safety of the society.

Ever since the birth of civilization human society has been continuously striving to maintain justice, peace and harmonious order. But crimes and injustice have been an inevitable part of the social fabric. Consequently, every society in the world formulated their own codes to regulate human behavior and to contain crimes by including punishments. Judicial systems evolved in different parts of the world defining…. [read more]

War Is Permanent "Nothing Essay

… In "Facing It" the "bird of prey" is the ominous reminder of what the narrator, himself, has been through. In the "Six National Guardsmen Blown Up Together" the sounds of the gulls pay homage to the fallen six by cawing a mournful cry, a stinging reminder of what war brings to all.

One could argue that while both poems share similar language and imagery, they also have a deeper thematic connection. That is, they both explore how the damage done by war is indelible. "Damage" can be interpreted to mean the physical damage (i.e. The metrics of fallen soldiers) as well as the emotional damage war has on one's psyche. Physical damage is manifested in both poems by the numbers presented, in "Facing It" the…. [read more]

Death of a Salesman Essay

… Death of a Dream

Arthur Miller's play "Death of a Salesman" raises poignant questions about what it means to be promised a slice of the American dream, only to have those promises turn out to be empty and full of false hope. Thus essentially, this play is not just about the demise of one man, but about the death of the American dream.

The play has a notably strong focus on the false perceptions that opportunity will be beating down your door as long as you look and act 'the part.' To the main character, Willy Loman, the American dream of the 'good life' was always just around the next corner. But every time he made that turn, he was only met with disappointment.

In…. [read more]

Death Comes for the Archbishop Willa Cather Term Paper

… Death Comes for the Archbishop

Willa Cather's "Death Comes for the Archbishop" depicts the life journey of Father Latour as he is assigned to serve as the Catholic bishop in the New Mexico territory after it is annexed by the United States. Starting with the prologue, Cather makes clear that setting will play a critical role in the story and that we must look at New Mexico as a setting in terms of both geography and morality. As three cardinals first discuss the need to assign a bishop to the New Mexico territory, the reader is given a glimpse at the geographic and moral challenges Latour will face. The New Mexico territory is rugged terrain, larger than Eastern and Central Europe combined, and geographically isolated…. [read more]

Death of Public Transportation in L Term Paper

… Death of Public Transportation in L.A

The Pacific Electric Railway was at its apogee the biggest trolley system in the world, as it served fifty-six cities and an approximate of eight million individuals per year. Most people find it bewildering that it came to an end shortly after it seemed to be the most advanced urban travel structure, especially given that the San Francisco trolley system survived to this day, even with the fact that it is located in the same state. One of the main reasons for which the Red Car Los Angeles Trolley system died was the emergence of freeways, which presented individuals with a cheaper and more efficient method of transportation.

The initial interurban tracks of the Pacific Electric connected the center…. [read more]

Public to Scholars, the Death Term Paper

… A white woman was allegedly raped by seven men in Martinsville, Virginia. All of these seven men were sentenced to death and found themselves on an electric chair . The case is of utmost importance since it signifies the legal struggle to fight racism, racism that pervades the American criminal justice system .

However, Rice theory is anti-thesis of racial discrimination in the American judicial system. Rice argues that the seven black men accused did not only receive a fair trial, the atmosphere was free of "lynch mobs." He contends that race was not the sole or the most significant factor behind the court's verdict; factors and values other than race were into play as well. These values he points out are "due process, crime…. [read more]

Criminal Justice and Capital Punishment Essay

… ¶ … Capital Punishment

Criminal Justice and Capital Punishment

Capital punishment has provoked heated discussion since biblical times. The debate remains as divisive as ever because it sits at the intersection of life, death and the very definition of the word justice. Whether justice requires the death penalty is strictly a matter of how one defines justice. Since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1977 there have been over 600,000 murders in the United States and just over 1,000 executions.

The first known execution in the territory now known as the United States of America was of Captain George Kendall, who, accused of sowing discord and mutiny was shot by a firing squad in Jamestown in December 1607. In 1622 the next known execution,…. [read more]

Death the Four Categories of Human Being Essay

… Death

The four categories of human being are biological, psychological, sociological and religious.

The four types of Transcendence are ancestral, experiential, cultural and mythic.

A disembody spirit is the survival of a person through consciousness and will but without a physical body.

Spiritual embodiment is a body not associated with the physical body in death but signifies a person's survival of death in a form of spiritual or astral entity.

Reincarnation is the rebirthing process in which a person survives death by being born again in a different physical body, whereas resurrection refers to a person surviving death by being born again in the same physical body.

Hindu liberation is known as moksha and the liberation from samsara, the birth-death-rebirth life cycle.

The Hindu hierarchical…. [read more]

War and Business Term Paper

… War and Business

Talking about war might seem to be a very general attempt: wars have animated the history and have contributed to the development of civilizations; wars have led to the appearance and delimitation of countries and have woken the national conscience in people's minds. At a first glance, when mentioning all these steps which have been followed in the flow of history, wars seem to be a necessary evil; but history itself is the one which can prove the contrary as well: millions of people killed, huge spendings, disappearance of civilizations and many undesired events.

In my opinion, wars should not be studied and I have the possibility to bring two arguments in favor of my statement: first of all, the war is…. [read more]

Death Penalty in U.S. How Does Race Impact Its Application Term Paper

… Death Penalty & Race in America

Death Penalty: How Does Race Impact its Application?

The death penalty and the race / ethnicity of those who are actually put to death - and those on death row today - have a long and unfortunate history of linkage, and the issues spawned therein have generated countless debates, research studies, and court decisions. The built-in anti-African-American bias that has existed in the capital punishment milieu for years has many facets and many unfortunate realities. What's more, the U.S. criminal justice system that is institutionally prejudiced against people of color is flawed to the point that, on a regular basis, men on death row are being dismissed from incarceration because, upon deeper investigation, they were innocent to begin with.…. [read more]

Capital Punishment Like Abortion Term Paper

… Montana and Washington still have hanging. Besides the states Alaska, Washington DC, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin, which do not have the death penalty, the other states only have the lethal injection.

Since 1977, when the death penalty was restored, the number of executions in the United States has been 618. Texas leads the nation with 209 executions. Colorado, Idaho and Ohio have the lowest with one each. The other states' executions are: Virginia-75, Florida-46, Missouri- 41,

Louisiana-25, South Carolina-24, Georgia-23, Oklahoma-22, Alabama-21, Arkansas-21, Arizona-20, North Carolina-15, Illinois-12, Delaware-10, Nevada-8, California-7, Indiana-7,

Utah-6, Mississippi-4, Maryland-3, Nebraska-3, Pennsylvania-3, Washington-3, Kentucky-2, Montana-2 and Oregon-2.

Since 1976, the number of executions has steadily increased with the largest number…. [read more]

War Is Hell the Story How to Tell a True War Story by O'Brian Essay

… War as Hell

Tim O'Brien's Visions of Hell in His Short Story "How to Tell a True War Story"

In "How to Tell a True War Story," author and veteran Tim O'Brien makes it very clear that generalizations about war simply don't hold up. True war stories, he insists, "do not indulge in abstraction or analysis." According to O'Brien, there is no deeper meaning to be found in a true story of war, and no real pattern of cause and effect. There is only a mass of observations and contradictions such as ugliness and beauty, difference and similarity, insanity and normalcy, certain death and uncertain survival. This is especially true for O'Brien when it comes to overly simplistic moral platitudes such as "war is hell."…. [read more]

War Profiting Essay

… War Benefits

War's Benefits to the Elite

Few people would outwardly say that they are for war. There are, of course, the standard equivocations -- war is the price we pay for freedom; some evils and injustices morally require the use of force to correct them; physical violence is the only force that means anything when others are wiling to use it (i.e. when someone is willing to kill you, you have an obligation to defend yourself, with violence if necessary). But no one really comes out and says that war is a good thing through and through. The bravery and honor that men show on the battlefield make up the subject of many poems and stories (especially of the bygone eras), and the action…. [read more]

War and Media Term Paper

… War and Media

In the epilogue of the Battle of Algiers (1997), director Pontecorvo, known for his "crowd scenes," give us a panoramic view of the city filled with hundreds of thousands of people who have emerged from their homes to make a great show of solidarity and support for the FLN. The war is over. They have won. The bigness of the scene brings a moving sense of unity, peace, and hope for the future. During the scenes of the war, however, we seldom, if ever, got a sense of the grand view.

For example, in one scene the camera is down a darkened well with two members of the resistance hiding from the Army in fear for their lives. In another scene, a…. [read more]

Death Penalty Is a Subject of Hot Term Paper

… Death penalty is a subject of hot debate all across the United States. Each side of the issue, whether for or against, firmly believe in their convictions. Those who advocate the death penalty believe that it is a just punishment for heinous crimes and necessary in a civilized society. However, how civilized is a society that resorts to the death penalty as punishment? The death penalty is a barbaric practice that all too often results in the execution of the innocent.

There are numerous arguments justifying the death penalty, the strongest being determent and retaliation. In a 1986 Harvard Law Review, Ernest van den Haag defended the practice of capital punishment. According to Haag, there is an average of 20,000 homicides per year in the…. [read more]

Capital Punishment in 1966 Kenneth Mcduff Term Paper

… Capital Punishment

In 1966 Kenneth McDuff was convicted of shooting two boys, then raping and strangling their 16-year-old female companion. He was convicted to death. Unfortunately, in 1972 the Supreme Court's ruling against the death penalty commuted his sentence. In 1989, because of prison overflow, he was released. After all, it had been twenty-two years... Within days he had raped and strangled one young woman, leaving her naked body dumped in a field. He was temporarily reincarcerated over a traffic violation, and rereleased again in 1990. By 1991, he had begun killing again. No one knows how many victims he took, though at least nine are on record. He was eventually re-sentenced to death in one on the cases, the abduction, rape, and murder of…. [read more]

War and Human Rights Abuse Term Paper

… S.'s enemy during the time of war. Fred Korematsu, in a case to the Supreme Court in 1944, has expressed outrage at his imprisonment for 5 years because he was unable to comply with the President's order and report to an assembly center when the order was enacted. Because of his non-compliance, he was tried and imprisoned for 5 years, and later transferred to an internment camp after his parole. Korematsu's case illustrates the nature of racial discrimination during the period, where the ongoing world war between the Allied (U.S.) and Axis (Japan) coalition had resulted to hostilities between the American government and society against the Japanese-Americans. In sum, anti-Japanese-American sentiments during the world war resulted to discrimination and abuse of the marginalized sector's human…. [read more]

War in Defense Term Paper

… "as late as January 1951, the U.S. 8th Army was detailing all units in Korea that refugees be attacked with all available fire including bombing." (Williams)

As many as four hundred civilians at a time were killed in more than sixty reported incidents, and many more likely went unreported. This kind of lack of regard for the lives of the Korean people whom America was supposedly present to liberate could reasonably be interpreted as a general lack of regard for Asian-human life, and a serious threat to security as troops approach China. Likewise restraint was not communicated when, despite stated intentions to regain the status quo, American forces began invading what had previously been Northern Korean territory. The many lives lost by both Americans and…. [read more]

War on Terror - Afghanistan Thesis

… War on Terror - Afghanistan

Introduction / Thesis

The Afghan people have been subjected to hostile takeovers and cultural disruptions for centuries, so the invasion by the Soviet Union in 1979 and the subsequent seizing of power by the Taliban are not new dynamics in this ancient land. The Taliban were driven out after 9/11 but are now resurgent; the Afghan border with Pakistan is where Taliban fighters get their training and their marching orders. The new U.S. president has signaled a shift away from Iraq and is reportedly sending 17,000 or more troops to Afghanistan. This paper posits that the U.S. cannot "win" the war in Afghanistan because there are simply too many young Muslim men around the world who already despise America, who…. [read more]

Death Penalty Human Civilization Term Paper

… On the other hand, it can be argued that the death penalty is an inhuman act. The very word "humane" means treating all fellow creatures, human or animal, with kindness. Thus, any society that claims to be a humane one should have no place in it for cruel punishments such as the death penalty, an act from where there is no going back and no second chances. Instead, as King points out, a humane society can be called as such only if it is kind enough to allow that even its criminals may be capable of humaneness in the future: "the death penalty reflects an unwarranted assumption that the wrongdoer is beyond rehabilitation. Perhaps some individuals cannot be rehabilitated; but who shall make that determination?"…. [read more]

Euthanasia Law Essay

… There is an argument that they are leading a miserable life and mercy killing can help them get rid of pain. What about the killing activities where innocent people are killed. There is no legislation that promotes war. Likewise, there should be no practise of promoting euthanasia.

There can be an argument of incurring high expenses on the care of critical patients who find no better option than death. In this case, the morale of the patients should be boosted so that they have will power to fight the disease. Death is inevitable and has to come, so it is better to let the patients die naturally.

Effect of Euthanasia on Special Population

The population mentioned at website is different from the normal patients who…. [read more]

War on Iraq United States Term Paper

… When I say I am against war, I mean I am against deceptive foreign policy of America, its imperialistic attitude, its Manifest-Destiny ideas and its claim of being the champion of freedom and justice. Over the past two decades, American foreign policy has given rise to more conflicts than it has resolved, infuriating its own public. Oklahoma attack is one good example of negative impact of America's foreign policy on its own citizens. When Bush Senior declared war on Gulf region, I thought it was probably to liberate Kuwait but over the years, it has become clear that United States is intensely driven by a desire to prove its supremacy and not by those noble dreams of freedom. And if we pay attention to the…. [read more]

War on Terrorism Term Paper

… The actions and policies of the INS are strikingly draconian. Immigrants and visitors crossing the border into the United States are and will continue to be harangued unnecessarily because Ashcroft gives carte blanche to immigration officials. This reeks of Big Brother or the creation of an American "police state."

Ashcroft unabashedly supports restricting civil liberties in the name of anti-terrorism, much to the chagrin of legal analysts and civil liberties protection groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU is involved with numerous lawsuits that should ensure the repeal of some of the unconstitutional facets of the U.S.A. PATRIOT act. In August of 2002 in Detroit Free Press v. Ashcroft, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit struck down a…. [read more]

Death of a Salesman Essay

… It may take different forms; for some it is material success, for others it means obtaining a college degree or physical healing from long-term illness. Whatever the dream is, Willy's lesson for us today is not to be crushed when the initial form of the dream fails. It is important to face the reality, start again, and rebuild the dream without letting it crush the dreamer and his loved ones.

When looking more specifically at the theme of material success, this was the form that the American dream took for Willy. It took over his life to the exclusion of all else. His relationship with his wife and children are measured according to Willy's wealth. They buy a refrigerator based on the amount of flash…. [read more]

Women in War Thesis

… It is a reflection of what happens in society as reflected and translated into a work of fiction. There are characters that still maintain what is "old" such as Aunt Helena and Lady Burton, because these are old, as what one might consider old to the British empire, they are reflected as such in the book; it is interesting to watch what is old and stagnant remain this way in the novel. The female characters remain static, while Clarissa can be seen as more dynamic, even while she does not commit suicide or anything near as dramatic, her male counterpart does, reflecting the dynamic changes that occur within her. This is her becoming.

This is a key literary technique Woolf uses over and over again;…. [read more]

Wars, Cruel and Dramatic Experiences, Became Ineffaceable Essay

… ¶ … Wars, cruel and dramatic experiences, became ineffaceable earmarks in our collective memory. The tragedy, the unimagined statistics of victims, the eyesore of the war and the darkened cloak of death are attributes of those periods of warfare which have terrified the entire world and the generations about to come with the dimensions of the conflict. It is difficult for us, who have been blessed not to be contemporaries with such events, to imagine a whole world living under terror. The Wars expanded from a continent to another, leaving no uncovered way: the air, the water and the ground seemed to be doomed, the conflict seemed to continue endlessly and the feeling of fear to never go away.

Within this frame of despair and…. [read more]

War on Drugs in 2003 Term Paper

… ¶ … War on Drugs

In 2003, the United States Federal Government spent over $19 billion dollars on the War on Drugs, a rate of approximately $600 per second, and the budget since has been increased by over a billion dollars (Drug pp). And state and local governments spent at least another $30 billion (Drug pp).

For the year 2005 arrests for law violations are expected to exceed the 1,678,192 arrests of 2003, in fact, someone is arrested every twenty minutes (Drug pp).

In the year 2002, 45.3% of the 1,538,813 total arrest for drug abuse violations were for marijuana, resulting in a total of 697,082 and of these, 613,986 were for marijuana possession alone (Drug pp). Since December 31, 1995, the United States prison…. [read more]

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