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Siren Song," "Dover Beach Term Paper

… This disturbing feeling is illustrated by the following lines: "Only, from the long line of spray / Where the sea meets the moon-blanch'd land, / Listen! you hear the grating roar / Of pebbles which the waves draw back, and fling...."). The rest of the poem is spent on a deep reflection of what is truly the true state the poet was in: was he feeling peace and calmness or uncertainty? The author finally resolves that the peace that he felt a while ago was non-existent, that is, the peace and calmness that he felt was only an illusion, which gives the poem its imaginary character. This illusion is illustrated through the following lines: "[t]o lie before us like a land of dreams...," showing that…. [read more]

Perspectives on Democracy and Justice Essay

… Quote Five

In this context, the author is defending the significance that comes to the people who care for the cities in the world. His claim is that there is nothing wrong when someone takes a city after being given and then he refuses to let it back when demanded. Nonetheless, he proceeds to claim that the powerful forces of strength, which is often directed from the strong to the weak, will have influenced taking such an action. As such, the author supports the presence of people who are ready to enjoy what the city provides and at the same time be able to offer the protection it deserves. Such an action is considered worthwhile (Mara 2001). In a general context, the protection of the…. [read more]

General George S. Patton Term Paper

… During the First World War in 1917, General George Smith Patton became the first officer to be allotted to the U.S. Tank Corps until 1920 when the Corps was abolished. He not only total command of the Corps but also developed concepts, guided processes, and even influence the design of their uniforms. After achieving victory with his troops in the Battle of Cambrai in France, Patton established himself as one of the major tank warfare experts. He brilliantly maneuvered approximately 350 tanks and took a bullet in the leg during this battle through which he received the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism. This was one of the medals he collected during his lifetime in military service.

The peak of General George S. Patton military career…. [read more]

Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka Research Paper

… Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, until 1972 known as Ceylon, is an island nation south of India that has seen ongoing hostilities from a terrorist group known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) since the middle of the 1980s. The Tigers are just one of several Tamil groups that have demanded separation / independence from the Sri Lankan government -- or fled the island in fear of being caught up in the violence -- but the Tigers have been notorious for setting off explosions that kill innocent people, security forces from Sri Lanka and others elsewhere through the years. This paper delves into history of LTTE, the reasons why they use violence to deliver their messages, the specific tactics they employ,…. [read more]

Barn Burning Essay

… ¶ … surplus appropriated in toto by the landlord class from the sharecropping peasant, via both rental share and 'dues', was such as to drive the peasant family to the barest minimum consistent with its reproduction as a cultivating unit." (Byres 28)

The roads of Maine cover the once grand forests as a young man makes his way home. His whistle jutting out of his right coat pocket and his conductor's hat placed over his neatly combed hair, he walks quickly to a house nearby. In his left coat pocket is his round watch he picked up at a lcoal flea market and on his pants is the pin left by his wife at 5am. Sarty, now thirty, enters his home from a long day…. [read more]

Executive Order Less Than Two Essay


All Japanese living "…within 100 miles of the Pacific Coast" were ordered to report for transportation to the internment camps, and many were forced to leave all their possessions at home, were forced to "sell their homes, farms, and businesses, often at depressed prices" ( The order included a list of what was acceptable to bring to the camps: bedding and linens (no mattress); toilet articles; extra clothing; knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls and cups; and "essential personal effects for each member of the family" (Daniels, p. 4).

In 1976 President Gerald Ford issues an official federal proclamation that was an apology to the entire Japanese-American community; and four years later (1980) the U.S. Congress published a report that officially denied "…that there had…. [read more]

Night the Crystals Broke Write Essay

… I believe that poetry can uplift these people and show that haikus "celebrate" life. I enjoyed writing this very much, because I appreciate the haiku form. They are fast, but they also force me to think.

(4) What techniques did you use for this poem and do you think your readers understand what you are trying to convey to them?

I used the basic technique of writing haiku, which is three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five again in the third. I believe that the poem is written in a way straightforward enough for all readers to understand.

(5) How effective do you think your poem was? How did you find the whole process of writing each…. [read more]

German Opinion of Adolf Hitler in August 1939 Essay

… ¶ … popularity that Adolph Hitler enjoyed on the dawning of the Second World War it is necessary to understand what Germany was like when Hitler originally came to power. In 1934, when Hitler took over the German government on the death of Reich President Paul von Hindenburg the country was in dire straits. The economy was entrenched in a terrible depression; the morale of the country had been decimated by its loss in the First World War; and political turmoil existed between the various German classes. It must be remembered, however, that although Hitler attained what amounted to a dictatorship upon the death of von Hindenburg Hitler did so through non-violent and politically acceptable means. His Nazi Party was voted into power by the…. [read more]

Lung Cancer Was a Less Essay

… Stage 2 and 3 are when tumors are confined to lungs but are bigger in size than stage 1 tumors

Stage 4 is when lung cancer has spread to other tissues as well beyond the lungs.

The other system used for determination of stage is called SCLC where a two tiered method is applied.

Under this, LS or Limited stage cancer refers to condition when tumors are confined to chest area alone.

ES or extensive stage refers to the stage when cancer has spread to other organs as well.


Treatment options are available and can be used only after determination of stage. Which treatment is used is solely depended on how far cancer has spread and how good is the general health status…. [read more]

What Is to Be Done? Term Paper

… NThe Effectiveness of Human Rights

As humanity experienced progress, it became absolutely necessarily for society to function in agreement with certain basic laws in order to avoid that chaos. For centuries the general public has expressed its desire for a clear set of human rights, starting from the premise that every human being should be allowed to enjoy a series of liberties.

While the bill of human rights appears to be beneficial in its essence, it is actually detrimental for individual cultures, as some traditions are not in accordance with international human rights. Numerous scholars consider that human rights can be easily violated by those that want to do so, with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being but a worthless document for the perpetrators.…. [read more]

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