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War Why a Military Presence in Afghanistan Essay

… War

Why a military presence in Afghanistan will fuel conflict and turmoil within the country

Why the people of Afghanistan will be better served with a military presence within the country

Concluding Remarks

The war in Afghanistan has been a contentious issue for both developed nations and those around the world. The middle east, and in particular, Afghanistan, has had a profound impact on global prosperity and the resultant quality of life for all stakeholders involved. As such, this conflict has major implications for developed countries. Currently many individuals within Europe and American want their respective troops out of Afghanistan. A survey of over 1000 individuals showed that nearly 68% thought that troops should be removed from the territory (BBC news, 2008). I believe these…. [read more]

Military Intervention and Peacekeeping at Different Phases Essay

… Military Intervention and Peacekeeping

At different phases of a conflict the multiple strategies of conflict management respond to barriers in the process in different ways: Conflict Prevention is an approach that seeks to resolve disputes before violence breaks out; Peacemaking transforms the conflict from violent to spoken, and further, toward the definition of a common peaceful solution; Peacekeeping missions are often required to halt violence and preserve peace once it is obtained. If successful, those missions can strengthen the opportunity for post-conflict Peacebuilding, which should function to prevent the recurrence of violence by addressing the root causes of conflict and creating a stable and durable peace. Finally, Statebuilding is the process of reconstructing weak or collapsed infrastructure and institutions of a society - political, economic…. [read more]

Military Draft in Arguing Against Term Paper

… And the administration also needed to keep a lid on Afghanistan while they conduct the hunt for Osama. That hunt is beginning to look very similar to the one Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon conducted four hundred years ago looking for the Fountain of youth. Bin Laden, the fount of all terrorism in the mind of George W. Bush is, it seems, as elusive as the fountain of youth, despite high tech gadgets such as GPS locators, satellite pictures that could recognized the dust off bin Laden's turban, and the doubtless presence of possibly inaptly named intelligence services in the region for decades.

Another conclusion is one provided by Swomley. He notes that the Bush juggernaut went ahead in Iraq using "false evidence that it…. [read more]

Uniform Alterations Military Combat Essay

… As such, the uniforms must either be made of material that can easily expand or contract with muscle movement (much like the Under Armor brand products), or it must be able to repel shrinkage. The benefits of the first option are that the uniform will contour to the individual's body irrespective of size. The material is breathable and wicks away sweat keeping the body dry while it cools itself. Furthermore, if the material does shrink, it can still contour to the individuals body providing much needed range of motion. The second option, albeit inferior to the first, is still a better alternative than what is currently in place. By reducing the overall amount of shrinkage, the soldiers can still maintain an adequate range of motion…. [read more]

Military Employee Stress Thesis

… Military Employee Stress

The objective of this work is to compare, contrast and synthesize and evaluate the principles of societal development including an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress. In order to understand the effects of how societal development in the workplace has affected the family unit, an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress will be conducted. Additionally, this work will compare, contrast and evaluate the work of Weber, Durkheim, Spencer and Marx, the four social theorists upon whose work this study will be based and upon which the integration of current information meaning included in scholarly journals written by experts on family dynamics will be applied to the findings from actual application.


The objectives of the 'Breadth' portion…. [read more]

War in Iraq and the Media Thesis

… Iraq War

The war in Iraq was undertaken on the basis of questionable intelligence, and the degree to which it should have been accepted remains controversial. Another issue that has been raised is how complicit the news media was in the lead-up to the war, with some charging that the news media did not do their job and that journalists did not raise enough questions or challenge the Bush Administration on the claims it was making. Elements in the media indeed became cheerleaders for the war in its early phase, and many to this day may not have done enough to set the record straight or to make up for failing to show more doubt about the rationale for the war.

Of course, whatever the…. [read more]

Weapons of Mass Destruction Research Paper

… Chemical weapons comprised liquids as well as gases that suffocate the victims, upset the central nervous system, blister the skin, and poison the blood. Biological weapons include infectious agents such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. Bursting the biological weapons over a populated area might eventually result in the outbreak of deadly diseases such as plague, anthrax, or smallpox. A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense indicates a strong correlation between the country's participation on international relations and terrorist assault on it

The assessment might involve a range of states including states with stakes as well as those without interests. Even though countries would work toward realizing peace and stability of their neighbors, it is important for every nation to come on board during…. [read more]

War in Afghanistan Research Paper

… War in Afghanistan is visibly approaching its end in 2014 as the U.S. has committed to withdraw majority of combat troops in the year 2014. Since it is an electioneering pledge made by President Obama, it is likely that the U.S. will not let any worsening of the Afghan security situation to hinder his withdrawal plan from Afghanistan. The theoretical perspective of the Afghan war, however, points to a somewhat disturbing situation in the future. Use of Ad-hoc terrorist theory, war of the flea theory, and fourth generation warfare theory by the Taliban fighters in confluence with Al-Qaeda indicate that Taliban will find it highly difficult to come in peaceful terms with historically anti-Taliban warring groups. Thus, superiority in terms of war skills of Taliban…. [read more]

War and Death Research Paper

… War and Death

When considering the causes and outcomes of war, oftentimes it can be helpful to compare and contrast seemingly disparate cases, because this comparison can often reveal underlying processes, strategies, and assumptions that would have remained hidden otherwise. This is why, for example, one may consider the United States' more recent occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan alongside its actions in the Korean War; though these cases are separated by a substantial expanse of time, examining the causes behind these conflicts as well as the effects reveals that the conception of warfare as a means of statecraft has not changed substantially in the intervening time. This leads one inevitably to reconsider the state of South and North Korea's relationship today, because these two actors…. [read more]

Military Ops Military-Led Reconstruction Capstone Project

… S. Army Major W.D. Conner (2005). In his strategic assessment of the U.S. military, Major Connor offers a perspective on military achievements in Iraq and Afghanistan that perhaps too optimistic. This may be forgiven in light of the source's proximity to the initial invasions. However, in full retrospect, we can scrutinize both the value and error in Conner's observations. According to Conner, "during recent operations, including Operation DESERT STORM and the major combat operations phase of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, the U.S. Army has demonstrated an unmatched capability to combine advanced technology with superior training, leadership, organization and planning. The U.S. military's preeminence in conventional warfare has forced potential adversaries to adapt their approach to warfare if they are to succeed against U.S. forces. The result…. [read more]

Monograph One of the Great Essay

… These specialized officers will continue to enhance the readiness of America's combat troops, bolster the awareness and foresight of commanding officers, and help create the future generation of military leaders that will keep America strong and safe.


Counterterrorism and counterterrorism intelligence should become more fully integrated into the SAMS and AMSP curricula.

The curricula should include a greater focus on future threats, including those that come from cyberterrorism.

Greater integration of knowledge on technology, and particularly communications technologies and new media would assist SAMS graduates in non-combat-related applications in the future.

More coursework on language, culture, global politics, and similar issues will help SAMS graduates who go on to be stationed abroad, and will help SAMS graduates broaden the application of their education by…. [read more]

Strategic Assessment of International Policing Essay

… Changing Paradigm in International Policing: A Strategic Assessment Paper on International Policing in the Contemporary Environment

The first United Nations peacekeeping mission was dispatched to the Middle East in 1948. it's mission was "(Desiring) to bring about a cessation of the hostilities in Palestine without prejudice to the rights, claims and position of either Arabs or Jews."

The role of the military looking peacekeeping forces was not to engage in military action, or to choose one -side over the other, but by their presence to represent the member nation states of the United Nations in its role to negotiate, first, a cease fire, and, subsequently, to engage the warring Arabs and Jews in non-violent conflict resolution. Non-violent conflict resolution has been the weighty undertaking of…. [read more]

Immigrants Serving in the U.S. Military Research Paper

… Except for the indigenous Native American population, the United States is truly a country of immigrants. Indeed, most modern Americans can trace their ancestry to the nations of Europe, Asia and Africa and it is reasonable to suggest that the vast majority of U.S. citizens today have ancestors who were immigrants at some point. It is not surprising, then, that the United States has historically turned to this immigrant population in times of war. Because immigrants have by definition intended to permanent relocate from one country to another, it was in the best interests of immigrants seeking permanent residence in the United States to serve in the armed forces because such service represented a fast track to citizenship. It has also been in the best…. [read more]

History of Women in Leadership Essay

… For women to get to leadership positions there was a need for upper support and since that lacked, it was not easy for anyone to see the sense for their involvement in leadership (Skaine, 2011).

Since men were so full of themselves and preferred to forget about any possibility of women leading in the military, any proof of contrary capabilities in women were never given any considerations. There was poor memory within the military or they simply opted to ignore the truths, which held the leadership possibilities of women. Regardless of all the challenges women had to go through, there is an evident leadership tradition in women (Zenor -- Lafond, 2008). It is also worth noting that American women had a passion for serving their…. [read more]

Schedule and Time Line Investigate Research Proposal

… Before you decide to participate in this study, it is important that you understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Before you begin the survey please read over the Draft Study Consent Form in its entirety. Please ask the survey facilitator if there is anything that is not clear of if you need more information.

Study Procedure:

Your expected time commitment for this study is 30 minutes

Explain procedure.


The risks of this study are few. The topic presented in this survey relates to war and may upset respondents...


All respondents will receive a free $20 gift card courtesy of the University of XYZ


Please do write any identifying information on your questionnaire. Your responses will be…. [read more]

Authors Referenced Works Specific Recent Circumstances Discussed That Have Changed the Nature of Warfare Term Paper

… Warfare

The More War Changes

War is always the same. And it is always changing. The basic goals of warfare -- to capture territory and resources, to reduce the enemy's ability to fight through whatever means necessary, including the killing off of enemy combatants, to ensure that defeat will be lasting -- have been in place since the very first people began throwing stones at each other tens of thousands of years ago. But the details of each war are so different that both to those fighting each new war and to those observing it, the entire nature of warfare can seem transformed. This paper examines three recent guides to the nature of how warfare has changed over the last generation and what it means…. [read more]

Ohio Army National Guard Consists Research Proposal

… But you will not be accepted into the Army National Guard if you have been convicted of any of the following (National Guard, 2011c):

• Aggravated assault, assault with dangerous weapon, assault intentionally inflicting great bodily harm, or assault with intent to commit a felony. This also includes child, parental or spouse abuse, child endangerment/welfare (National Guard, 2011c).

• Armed robbery (National Guard, 2011c)

• Arson (National Guard, 2011c)

• Attempt to commit a felony (National Guard, 2011c)

• Breaking and entering (National Guard, 2011c)

• Bribery (National Guard, 2011c)

Any serious crime is makes a person inellegible for joining the National Guard as by the list above. Everyone is required to meet the minimum requirements as well as the physical that go with it…. [read more]

War on Terrorism Term Paper

… War on Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the most foundational threats that the world has ever seen. Terrorism is also a difficult threat as it is rarely if ever linked directly to a source nation, that has an official role in terrorist acts or movements. For this reason the "war on terror" is a war unlike any other war. The invasion and subsequent war in Iraq, despite its early connections to acts of terrorism has proven to be a war wholly ineffective in curbing, controlling or eradicating terrorism and it may in fact be feeding the idealism that is needed for acts of terrorism to take place. Many even claim that the war itself was begun as a persuasive tool for political reasons and was…. [read more]

Iraq Should We Leave or Should We Stay Term Paper

… U.S. In Iraq


The United States launched Operation Iraqi Freedom in early 2003, primarily because reliable intelligence information announced by Secretary of Defense Collin Powell established beyond any reasonable doubt that Saddam Hussein was actively pursuing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), nuclear weapons, in particular.

According to Secretary Powell, our intelligence efforts had identified some of the tell-tale signs of assembling the uranium enrichment facilities; specifically, high-grade industrial tubes needed to construct the series of centrifuges used to extract fissionable uranium (U235) from natural uranium ore (U238) and to enrich low-grade 4-10% pure uranium 235 used in civilian nuclear reactor cores to 90+ percent purity highly enriched uranium used only in fission weapons (Allison 2004).

Secretary Powell…. [read more]

Sociology Applying the Sociological Perspective Term Paper

… Many mothers in the United States were saying goodbye forever to their sons and daughters, as were the mothers in Iraq. Each one faced the uncertainty of whether their child would return and if they did return, in what condition? However, the interviewee also witnessed families that did not have resiliency and faced too many hardships without proper tools (mental, physical, and social skills and abilities) that hindered their abilities to make good decisions or any decision at all. They simply gave up, as their lives seemed too hard and too overwhelming to endure. The interviewee realized that his family is unique in that regard. He also realized that his family is why he has been able to address the trauma he faced in Iraq…. [read more]

Female Soldiers in the Contemporary Research Paper

… Some female groups wanting to emphasize the importance of women in the military actually prove that they are perfectly able to fight by becoming involved in activist communities. U.S. Army reserve Staff Sgt. Jennifer Hunt, U.S. Marine Corps reserve Capt. Zoe Bedell, and U.S. Marine Corps First Lt. Colleen Farrell and U.S Major Mary Hegar have acknowledged the delicate position of women in contemporary militaries and have taken legal action in an attempt to have society recognize their rights. These women have all had the chance to experience fire first-hand and have successfully proved their abilities. "The women say the ban on their participation in combat is not only unfair, but outdated. And they go further to argue that the rules excluding them from combat…. [read more]

Defense Cuts Implications of Dod Essay

… This disjunction between the need to close underperforming bases and consolidate operations combined with escalating expenditures is likely to be remedied during the President's second term, given that he is no longer under pressure to keep bases open to satisfy political demands

The DoD is also searching for ways to 'do more with less' regarding its military operations. For example, "as we reduce air force structure, we are protecting aircraft with multi-role capabilities vs. niche capabilities. The resultant force will be capable of handling our most demanding contingency plans including homeland defense" (Defense budget priorities and choices, 2012, Department of Defense: 6). Greater flexibility and multitasking can be translated into cost savings.

While cuts always raise concerns about the DoD being able to do its…. [read more]

Terrorism and the Military (Apa) Thesis

… Colleagues of the Muslim Army officer said that he had expressed outrage that the United States was involved in a war against Muslims, and that Muslims should rise up and attack Americans in retaliation. (Sherwell, 2009) Hasan was extremely upset at the United States' war in Iraq, didn't feel that the U.S. should be there, and actually expressed happiness at the Little Rock Army Recruitment Center shooting carried out by another Muslim member of the military. Major Hasan had also told other military officers that "maybe people should strap bombs on themselves and go to Times Square" (Sherwell, 2009) in retaliation for the actions of the U.S. In Iraq.

Despite these obvious signs, those in the government that were supposed to monitor this kind of…. [read more]

U.S. Military Power Essay

… And because many people lost their trust in America's unilateral use of power, and because the U.S. now is mired in the two wars, and smaller-scale interventions in other countries like Yemen and Somalia, it is certainly hard for the U.S. To use force openly against another nation. But the U.S. has been in such a situation before when the Vietnam War was over. The U.S. was able to overcome the Vietnam Syndrome and it is quite possible that the most powerful military in the world will be able to get over the Iraq syndrome.

President Obama's decision to end the war in Iraq is the right decision. It is a complicated situation in Iraq since full stability there has not been provided. The U.S.…. [read more]

Military Children Research Paper

… Using a systems approach, it is apparent that parents need to participate more in social activities and make social connections for the health of their families, whether or not they are in the military. This is because social connections are integral for resilience. Developing a strong social support network is not something that comes naturally for all parents, which is why some need to work harder than others on this key trait. Likewise, there is a need for the development of traits leading to effective parenting styles.

Parenting styles vary, but parents who develop strong social skills are likely to empower and support their children. Parenting style is important for both civilian and military families, as there are some parenting styles that are more effective…. [read more]

Phoenix Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Phoenix Program Lessons to Iraq

Scope and Significance


The Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Phoenix

Applications for Iraq

Selected Bibliography


It is not at all unusual to hear popular comparisons made between the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq and though most experts see only a casual relationship still others see a comparison that is not only valid but is applicable to the utilization of historical Vietnam tactics and lessons learned from them to formulate reasonable resolutions to the Iraq War. In a collection of essays analyzing the similarities and differences of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, ed. David Ryan demonstrates that the two wars are very similar in public sentiment…. [read more]

Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm Term Paper

… Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm

Just Cause & Desert Storm

There are underlying similarities and differences between both the operations. A study in detail of operation Just Cause which was launched in December 1989 involved deployment of personnel form very distant military bases and striking objectives within a twenty four hour time frame. The operation brought into play the role of projection, speed massing and precision that the American military was capable of. The success of the mission was attributed to better planning and training. Over twenty six thousand personnel were deployed in the war, and the rapid deployment of the forces from various stations contributed to the success. (Brown, 2006)

The mission in the operation was to bring down the government of…. [read more]

Social Impact of Cold War Essay

… Innocent civilians are often at extreme risk in the battles for gathering information or in the battles run by remote. In an interesting way, it might also be seen that this kind of distance campaign strategy is like the way some see the U.S. As contributing to the near collapse of the world economy. The U.S.'s lax financial rules and regulations pulled in other countries and set them up for many of the challenges they now face -- many of which are bringing about social and cultural unrest. It clearly would not be difficult for terrorists or even other nations to see this as an extension of the type of attitude that America picked up when it did its victory dance after the melting of…. [read more]

Should the Draft Be Reinstated Pros and Cons? Term Paper

… ¶ … America Reinstitute a Draft?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, nearly every able-bodied young man in the United States held his breath in anticipation that his draft numbers might be called in the national draft lottery. If his or her number was selected, the individual's life was no longer his own -- his future was put on hold and it temporarily belonged to the U.S. military. The recent war in Iraq has caused a resurgence of calls to reinstate the peacetime and military draft -- not so much to bolster the flagging spirits and minds of those in their enforced deployment in the Middle East, but based upon the argument that the U.S. government would never have pursued such a foolhardy…. [read more]

International Relations Study? Term Paper

… ¶ … International Relations" study?

The field of "International Relations" studies (as might be expected) the relationships between states on an international level, particularly focused on the foreign policy of states, but also considering the actions of international organizations, non-governmental and other international organizations or movements, and global corporations which have an international affect.

Briefly define the Theory of Realism?

Realism is a rather Machiavellian school of thought which holds that the international system is as inherently anarchic competition between nation-states and cannot be controlled by any international institute. Realism claims that each of these competing states is a rational actor working in its own self-interest and pursuing its own stability while trying to amass resources and power. In this scenario, states are seen as…. [read more]

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