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Watson's Theory of Caring Term Paper

… ¶ … Watson's Theory of Caring

Theory/Clinical Articles

Barker, B. & Reynolds, B. (1994). A critique: Watson's caring ideology. The proper focus of psychiatric nursing? J. Psychosoc Nurs Ment Health Serv. (32)(5):17-22.

In this article Barker and Reynolds critique Watson's theory of caring under two main arguments. First, they state that the conceptualization of care has a limited clinical utility in psychosocial contexts because psychotherapeutic traditions already incorporate concepts of helping. Second, they argue that in Watson's theory of caring, the use of caring language delimits any utility that the "caring" construct might possess, and that Watson's conceptualization of caring is an inappropriate focus for psychiatric nursing. They counter-argue that historical precedents exist for many of the propositions upon which the science of caring is…. [read more]

Iconic Nursing Leader and Theorist Essay

… He had a forlorn expression on his face so I sat down next to him and let me say what was on his mind. You could say this was absolutely a caring moment -- and the husband opened up to me about the sixty years he and his wife have been married. He also said the two had never been apart except for the time when he served in World War II.

As he covered some of the good times he and his wife had shared together, tears were trickling down his face. At that point I touched his hand and I began to shed some tears as well. His opinion was quite different than the daughter and her fiance. He wanted his wife to…. [read more]

Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Essay

… As the core, these aspects were to enforce therapeutic healing processes and relationships, as affecting both the caregiver and the patient receiving care. The term "carative" refers to the deeper and larger dimension of nursing, which goes beyond all the processes and activities surrounding treatment and technology and the duration and setting aspects of treatment. This is exactly where her theory fits into. It both differs from other modes and complements, at the same time (Current Nursing).

As Watson's perspective expanded, she changed her original carative factors into clinical caritas processes, which make them easier to practice (Current Nursing, 2010). The formation of humanistic-altruistic system of values has become the practice of loving-kindness and equanimity within the context of caring consciousness. The instillation of faith…. [read more]

Watson's Theory of Nursing Florence Term Paper

… The major strength, and appeal, of Watson's theory is its emphasis upon a universal philosophy of caring, rather than a situational specific theory. This allows the model to be applied in any, indeed in all, areas of nursing practice. In recent years, the desire of the medical and nursing professions to develop an increasingly holistic approach towards health care has led to the growing application of Watson's theory of caring. The present popularity of the 'science of caring' has caused nursing scholars, such as Marriner & Tomey, to observe that, "nursing journals concerned with the delivery of nursing care contain increasing numbers of articles that reference Watson, and incorporate the importance of caring as an essential domain of nursing" (1994, p 156). The theory has…. [read more]

Watson's Caring Theory of Nursing Term Paper

… Watson Theory of Nursing

Background and Fundamental Concepts of Watson's Caring Theory of Nursing

Jean Watson conceptualized and operationalized a notion that had always been fundamentally important as a defining purpose within the nursing field: caring. Generally, empathy and genuine concern for the welfare and health of others has always been a common motivating force of nurses. Watson introduced her Carative Theory of Nursing and outlined a framework of carative factors and fundamental assumptions to allow nurses to apply specific facets of caring to the nursing services that they deliver to patients.

In Watson's view, nursing has existed as long as human societies and involves the sharing of caring practices within the social environment and as part of human cultural adaptations necessary to survive in…. [read more]

Watson Discuss Major Advantages Disadvantages Essay

… The nurse must show interest in the patient, in terms of how the patient describes his or her symptoms and needs. Because health is not viewed as an objective state, or the mere absence of illness, it is stressed that the nurse must ask constructive and open-ended questions of the patient to determine his or her state of physical soundness, such as 'what are your health priorities.' The nurse and patient work together to establish mutual goals, rather than the nurse imposing goals on the patient (Cara 2003).

Watson emphasizes the human aspects of nursing, such as listening, making the patient's room a pleasant environment, and discussing the patient's subjective impressions, including his or her frustrations. One of Watson's most important 'carative' or health-promoting factors…. [read more]

Watson Human Care Theory Term Paper

… These stages graduate to various instances of anger, denial, bargaining stages, depression, and acceptance. Essentially, Watson theory facilitates the various stages leading to the crucial stage of acceptance (Brunjes, 2012).

A patient not aided by Watson theory will stick predominantly on the third stage of depression. This stage challenges any effort of collective medication. I will be required to apply Watson theory while interacting with various psychiatric levels of the dying patient. This prompts me to understand the various stages facing the patient during the general healing process. In fact, I will be able to redirect the psychiatric stages so that acceptance comes first; the oxytocin factor is primarily responsible in relieving anxiety, digestive problems, restless, insomnia, and hormonal conditions (Crockett, 2009).

Despite gross hardships…. [read more]

Caring Essay

… It did, and he is now pain-free and has full use of his tongue and faculty of taste (Gross 2011). Although 'caring' alone is not reflected in this case -- the chef's surgery also reflected advances in medical technology -- it does embody the related concepts of tailoring treatment to a patient's individual needs. This is contrary to, for example, simply recommending that a patient get a preventative mastectomy, based upon her family's history of breast cancer without talking to the patient first and examining her personal perceptions of the risk.


Caring is rooted in specificity to the patient's needs. It involves taking time, whether it is the time to learn the patient's name and engage in carative behaviors such as touching and talking…. [read more]

Watson Theory of Human Caring Research Paper

… Watson Theory of Human Caring


Values and Assumptions

The theory of human caring by Jean Watson involves caring actions by nurses in their interaction with others (Fawcett, 2002). Its values and assumptions have a metaphysical, phenomenological-existential and spiritual slant, based on Eastern philosophy. Its values include a deep respect for the wonder and mysteries of life and the power of the human being to change; high regard and respect for the spiritual or subjective nature of each person to grow and to change; and a non-paternalistic scheme to help the person or patient acquire greater self-knowledge, self-control and self-healing, whatever his or her illness. Its assumptions relate with human life, nursing science and nursing processes. Jean Watson's concept of human life draws…. [read more]

Watson's Nursing Caring Theory Term Paper


The theoretical base of Dr. Jean Watson's Nursing Theory or 'Caring' in nursing is expressed best by Dr. Jean Watson who states that:

This outer world of medicine and hospitalized orientations to ethical dilemmas and humane human practices has seemingly stripped nursing of its heart and soul as well as its language knowledge, and voice. Yet, the irony is that the Self of nurses, the Self of systems and even society can no longer survive. This is the time, if nursing is to survive, to bring forth its voice, heart and soul and informed moral actions to attend to sustaining and flourishing of human caring work in our world. This is a moment whereby nursing can locate itself in a Caring…. [read more]

Jean Watson Analysis of Nursing Research Paper

… Like any other scientific methodology, Watson's nursing processes begin with assessment. During this process, the nurse observes, identifies and reviews the problem in hand. This process subsequently leads to the development of hypothesis. Once a nurse performs the hypothesis, a care plan is developed which would lead to the determination of variable factors which are expected to have an impact on patient's health. This care plan further devises the methodology as to how these factors should be evaluated and what data should be used as a reference for this study and how it should be integrated into overall research.

Third step in the patient's care is intervention. Where the second develop helps in developing the care plan; third step is related to its implementation and…. [read more]

Professional Practice Model: Jean Watson Research Paper

… Summary and Conclusion

This study has conducted an evaluation of the caring behaviors in the work of Jean Watson and has defined what the caring behaviors really mean. This study has further examined the application of this model of nursing in the organization and stated plans for institution of this model of nursing in the present organization.

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Professional Nursing Practice Model: Philosophy of Care (2013) Piedmont…. [read more]

Theory Critique of Jean Research Paper

… A deeper spiritual connection promotes healing and provides comfort to a patient's inner feelings (Watson, 2009).

Caring Moment

Caring moment as a phenomenon comes about when a nurse and the patient meet. The union of the two promotes human caring. The phenomenon broadly features personal experiences, personal perceptions, environmental conditions and understanding of personal meanings, in relation to the present, historical or hypothesized future. The caregiver should authenticate their presence of being in the moment of caring with patients. The caregiver must also be aware of his consciousness that is crucial for healing. Both parties make choices based on the relationships thereby becoming part of one's history through influence. Caring becomes transpersonal when one allows a spiritual interaction. Nurses using these phenomena promotes healing and…. [read more]

Caring Caritas and Caring Relationship Essay

… With the value, ethic, and moral ideals of Watson's theory of caring in place, nurse practitioners can be fairly confident that their actions will yield positive results.

The caring practices advocated by Watson and others that have joined with her appear to be heavily influenced by certain Eastern religious and spiritual philosophies that view the mind body, and spirit as different components of the same whole, that must be approached and treated together in order to achieve real healing and greater well-being. Caring is built on the theory that all individuals can be reached on multiple levels, and that inter-human connections and caring is a necessary part of human fulfillment and of true well-being, and that without these things neither physical nor spiritual health is…. [read more]

Jean Watson and How Her Theory Relates to Hypertension Research Paper

… Evidence-Based Practice Guideline

Relating Watson's Theory to Hypertension ii

The increased quality of life of patients living with Hypertension, a condition acerbated by high blood pressure, has been duly illustrated through a close observation of the evidenced-based guidelines and best practice guidelines to address this clinical problem. These holistic guidelines have been drawn from the key concepts of Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring, a theory which has been proven effective through personal integration in an effective daily approach to nursing.

Relating Watson's Theory to Hypertension

How Jean Watson's Theory of Transpersonal Caring Relates to Hypertension

In keeping with the beliefs stated in my first paper, this paper will integrate those beliefs in an evidence-based practice guideline in conjunction with those philosophical beliefs and the…. [read more]

Jean Watson's Theory of Nursing Term Paper

… Nursing Theory: Jean Watson's Theory Of Human Caring

Describe the theory and definitions of the concepts of the theory

The title of nurse Jean Watson's "Theory of Human Caring" may at first strike the reader as somewhat paradoxical -- how can the emotional sensation of caring be reduced to a theoretical discipline? "I consider my work more a philosophical, ethical, intellectual blueprint for nursing's evolving disciplinary/professional matrix, rather than a specific theory per se," notes Watson (2007). However, Watson's theory is both academic in its rigor and holistic in its approach. Watson organizes her theory around carative factors, or caritas processes as she prefers to call them, to be more consistent with the fluid and contemporary spirit of her philosophy.

These original principles include a…. [read more]

Applying Watson's Nursing Theory Essay

… Nursing is a divine profession, taking care of each other irrespective of backgrounds and looking after the needs of several pateints is nothing but an impression of morality and dignity. Nurses are the partners of patients in their bad times and hence, they must imply those techniques by which the pateint gets motivated towards restoring health. Nursing promotes inter-personal learning which could be beneficial in order to serve the pateints best. The only minor contrast between Handerson and Watson is that the former described nurse as a helper while the latter desrcribed nurse as a partner to the patient. Overall, the three articles describe different sides of the same mirror.

The three theories have a wide scope in the nursing practice and are widely accepted…. [read more]

Caring Is Important to Human Essay

… The vulnerable populations are those people with greater risks of developing health problems. According to the centre for disease control and prevention, the homeless youth face various health risks from the environment they live. They do not have a proper diet; they involve themselves in risky sexual behaviors and drug abuse. The environment also exposes them to harsh conditions of weather and violence among themselves. By using the tools of analysis, nurses and medical practitioners can help the vulnerable population out of their problem. Tools of analysis can help to develop a sense of self-awareness to the vulnerable homeless youth. Beck depression inventory tool can enable the homeless youth determine the risks of depression they face. Daily hassle and Calgary family model can help homeless…. [read more]

Pressure Ulcers in the Elderly Research Paper

… (2008), these are some of the extrinsic risk factors for pressure ulcers. The extended nursing role in this model includes patient history taking, ordering diagnostic tests and prescribing treatment. One of the definitive objectives of the model relates to timeliness. Each patient is reviewed and progress recorded every 48 hours, while an advanced practice nurse sees new admissions within one hour. This system would ensure that formations of pressure ulcers early on in a patient's hospital stay would be identified very early. An analysis of the nurse practitioner's role conducted by Schroeder (2008) further emphasizes the qualifications and educational preparation that makes the advanced practice nurse well suited for such a role in the hospital.

Improving care in Practice Area: Action Plan and Measurable Outcomes…. [read more]

Nursing Theories Essay

… Part of the strength of King's theory is that it was influenced by theories outside of the nursing discipline, most notably systems theory. "She developed a general systems framework and a theory of goal attainment where the framework refers to the three interacting systems - individual or personal, group or interpersonal, and society or social, while the theory of goal attainment pertains to the importance of interaction, perception, communication, transaction, self, role, stress, growth and development, time, and personal space" (Key concepts, 2013, Goal attainment theory). King's theory acknowledges that human beings participate in a series of different life spheres, and all of these must be taken into consideration when giving advice to the patient. Although not an explicitly multicultural theory, King's approach will serve…. [read more]

Nurse Perspective the Profession Essay

… The many different job opportunities for nurses shows that in this career there is much variety. Nurses are needed everywhere and this career allows its members to choose from many different options in many different types of settings as well.

The nursing work day is another positive aspect about this career that I feel has drawn me towards this profession. I appreciate the ability to work long or short shifts, or working on weekends or weekdays. Nursing shifts are often long and hard, but this is the type of workplace scenario that I am most comfortable working within. Since people need healthcare everywhere there are people, I know that I am always needed somewhere as well. Hospitals are just one place where nursing occurs but…. [read more]

Application and Integration of Aacn Research Paper

… The goal of a nurse is to restore patient's optimal level of wellness as being defined by patient. Although, death could be an acceptable outcome for a patient, however, the goal of patient is to move a patient towards a peaceful death. According to ACCN model, there are eight characteristics of patient measured as high, medium, and low-acute characteristics. The model discusses nurse's competencies. The eight patient characteristics and eight nurse competencies should be linked to bring out better outcome for patients. (AACN, 2012).

ACCN model describes health as synergy contributing to patient outcome. Combination of patient's need and nurse competencies could bring wellness in patient. Typically, patient's health will be observed by functional change, behavioral change, comfort, quality of life, ratings, trust and satisfaction.…. [read more]

Watson's Theory of Human Caring Term Paper

… Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring

Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring emerged in the period from 1975-1979 and is largely based on the notion that love and care have therapeutic properties and when used properly with medical competencies, they can become major healing forces. Talking about the premise of her theory. Watson explains: "Care and love are the most universal, the most tremendous and the most mysterious of cosmic forces: they comprise the primal universal psychic energy.... Caring is the essence of nursing and the most central and unifying focus for nursing practice" (1 pp. 32-33).

Watson believes that caring is a science and her theory is grounded in humanism which seeks to provide patients with spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical comfort…. [read more]

Health Care Essay

… In certain cases chemical treatments may also be used by giving medication but that will depend on the intensity of the abusers addiction and the intensity of the consequences of the abuse. The nurse will also deal will providing assistance to the family members and educating them about how to handle the situation pertaining to having a substance abuse in the family and will focus on educating them to giving the abuser attention and a positive social environment rather than considering the abuser as a burden.

Although the primary task of child nurses will remain more or less similar to that of an adult nurse, the main difference will be in the age group that the child nurse will be dealing with (Taylor 2006). Children…. [read more]

Nursing and Care Theories Two Term Paper

… Paley investigates the way in which the care paradigm is constructed from caring philosophies, such as Watson's, phenomenology, and holism while defining a radical skepticism oriented toward the paradigm (Paley 2002).

It does not seem that Paley and Watson differ tremendously over their particular definitions of humanity, although the role of the human soul and the spiritual element of caring which Watson folds into her philosophy, even in its most nondenominational iterations has no place in Paley's position. On a social level, Paley takes exception to the concept that humanity is bound together out of a particular connective moral obligation and suggest that any conceptualization of such is actually predicated upon a system which elicits favoritism (Paley 2002).

The problems with this system, from Paley's…. [read more]

Watson Job Aid Watson Job Thesis

… Today, expediency and financial value rather than patience are often celebrated in healthcare. Getting an accurate diagnosis and understanding the patient's priorities and state of mental or physical wellness, however, cannot be rushed. Patience can often save a great deal of grief later on, as patience ensures for a complete understanding of the patient's situation.


The nurse takes responsibility for the patient as a human being. Responsibility is not simply filling in a chart: it means seeking to understand the patient. "The one caring and the one being cared for are interconnected" (Vance 2011: 2).

Providing information so the patient can make an informed decision

Giving information to patients is essential to ensure that patients are able to participate in their treatment to the…. [read more]

Jean Watson Term Paper

… Abdellah, Watson

A profession's base of knowledge is normally expressed in the form of concepts, propositions and theories. As with all areas of study, nursing's theories are composed of concepts and the systematic connection of propositional statements. As a product of science, these theories form a central part of the discipline's basic understanding. Nursing has established a wide variety of theories over the many years of care and service, two of these theories, developed by Faye Abdellah and Jean Watson, show some of the inherent differences.

Born in New York City in 1909, Faye Abdellah graduated from Fitkin Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1942 and then earned three degrees at the Teachers College at Columbia University -- a B.S. In nursing, and an M.A.…. [read more]

Community Health Strategies Thesis

… ¶ … Disease Control and Prevention ( reports that about 50 million people (that is one in five Americans) are living with "at least one disability." Moreover, the CDC claims that "most Americans" at some time in their lives will suffer a disability. As to how the CDC reached the average of one in five, the United States Healthy People 2010 Plan ("Objective 6-1") used two standardized questions to identify those who are disabled. Those who answered "yes" to the question, "Are you limited in any way in any activities because of physical, mental, or emotional problems?" And the question, "Do you now have any health problem that requires you to use special equipment…a cane, a wheelchair, a special bed or a special telephone?" were…. [read more]

United States Has the Most Expensive Healthcare Literature Review

… ¶ … United States "has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, [yet] 47 million Americans have no health insurance. Healthcare is the country's largest economic sector…. Four times larger than national defense… yet millions cannot afford to take care of their health needs" (Farrell, 2009, 1). Despite being an international leader in science and technology, what has happened to the entire healthcare system in America? Fifteen years ago the subject was at the forefront of the new Clinton Administrator, but now, despite technological advances and increased modernization, America finds hospital emergency rooms stretched far beyond any reasonable capacity, the inability for many doctors to afford adequate malpractice insurance, costs for procedures escalating, and even those with insurance unable to afford the basic standards…. [read more]

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