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Strengths What Are My Personal Strengths? Term Paper

… Strengths

What are my personal strengths? What are my weaknesses? Unfortunately, says Marcus Buckingam, most people know the answer to the second question, since they have been blamed and ridiculed for their weaknesses all their lives. However, most individuals do not know their own true strengths. Even if they know their strengths, they feel like they should be working to make their weaknesses stronger, not their strengths stronger.

Buckingham says there are several reasons for this. The first is that people are afraid of their weaknesses. Their perspective is so slanted toward weakness and illness that they know very little about strength and health. Secondly, individuals all have a fear of failure. That is, since failing is not easy to take, some individuals do not…. [read more]

Weaknesses of the IRR Method Essay

… Therefore, the internal rate of return method is not suitable for evaluating projects with a non-typical allocation of cash flows. Notably, there are additional difficulties regarding selection of projects when the results of calculations are more than one internal rate of return value.

Changes in Discount Rates:

The rule of using this method in evaluation of projects is the acceptance of projects which the IRR is higher than the weighed average cost of capital or the opportunity cost of capital. This rule presents one of the weaknesses of this method since it's likely to result in impossible comparisons if this discount rate changes annually.

IRRs Do Not Add Up:

When using this method for evaluation of projects, calculations are dependent on the non-linear function. Therefore,…. [read more]

Toyota Has a Few Strengths SWOT

… The more closely aligned the production and sales are -- over the long run -- the better this will be for Toyota. The shortages caused by the tsunami were felt not only in the home market, but in the crucial North American market, which is the company's largest. In addition, the risks of earthquake and tsunami in that part of Japan are well-known, so the company should have prepared better by having its key suppliers spread out. While there is advantage to clustering, such clusters should be located in secure areas unlikely to face long-term effects of natural disaster.

The second recommendation to Toyota is to address the production processes that led to the recalls. Toyota has a very strong reputation and it built its…. [read more]

New Venture Opportunity Delish Confections SWOT

… Delish Confections can increase its profit margins on low profit brands by controlling unnecessary storage and supply chain costs and making production operations more efficient.

Delish Confections can take advantage from new market developments and pursue growth strategies in both vertical and horizontal directions. In order to attract potential investors and supply chain members, it will have to step out of the Queensland State and target new markets in Australia with more extensive product lines. This strategy will help it in establishing its brand image in a more aggressive and effective way.

Moreover, customer service excellence, cost rationalization, and focus on developing unique selling proposition will make it a competitive brand in the industry (Jenny & Scammon, 2010). For example, it can provide better customer…. [read more]

Opportunities to Improve Relationship Banking Essay

… 72). Financial services firms, including banks, though, have a number of opportunities at every stage of the process to promote their products and services. For example:

1. The inception phase offers opportunities for partnering, experimentation, definition of an operating model, exploration of new channels of customer acquisition, branding, portal establishment, product definition and bill presentment, to mention only a few.

2. The second phase of maturation, called growth, offers an array of prospects, such as refinement of the operating model, introduction of core banking services, rebranding of products and services with maturing partnerships, revenue/profit sharing model with channel partners, consolidation of retail services, wealth management and anticipatory payments, among others.

3. The last phase, maturity, offers opportunities in driving down cost, optimization of processes, CRM,…. [read more]

Low Cost Differentiation Preemptive Strengths SWOT

… Southwest uses the Internet a lot. Internet has improved providing better opportunity for marketing, ticketing, etc.

Step 4: a. The world is becoming more globally interconnected. (b) SWA can capitalize on that by using new internet tools (particularly social media) for its advantage.

Overall air travel is predicted to increase this decade. Southwest can prepare itself for this increase.

Step 4: (a) Global travel may increase (b) SWA should expand its room for cargo and freight.


Political (PEST):

Increase in oil price

Step 4: (a) negative political impact on oil price (b) SWA can minimize the effect of oil prices rises by hedging their oil purchases and operating the aircraft efficiently.

Competitors such as JetBlue and AirTran -- are copying its model

Step 4:…. [read more]

Opportunities to Improve the Cross-Cultural SWOT

… 3. There is a lack of coordination and alignment of efforts between Hilton's IT support services and end-users.


1. Growing middle class and upper-middle class consumers in emerging nations, especially China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia and others all represent potential new customer bases.

2. Innovations in human resource training approaches have created an opportunity to apply these to the company's cultural-awareness and cross-cultural training requirements (Hampel & Hauck, 2004) as well as which languages should receive special focus.


1. Skyrocketing fuel prices are driving airlines ticket prices up, causing many consumers to postpone or cancel international travel plans (Seymour, 2010).

2. Ongoing threats of international terrorism continue to plague the aviation as well as the travel and tourism industries (Moss, Ryan…. [read more]

Strengths and Weaknesses of Kraft Foods SWOT

… The indebtedness position of the company may also be seen as a potential weakness, especially given that interest rates are currently low, and could increase in the future. The debt to equity ratio is 1.57, and the leverage ratios 4.27 which is higher than the respective industry averages of 1.1 and 3.39 (MSN Money, 2014). In terms of liquidity, the company is slightly lower than the industry average, or the current ratio 1.07, against an industry average 1.11, and the quick ratio 0.53, against an industry average of 0.59 (MSN Money, 2014). However, it should also be noted that these liquidity ratios may indicate good capital management, rather than weaken liquidity.


Baertlein, L, (2014, Sept 30), Kraft challenged by "healthier" macaroni and cheese brands,…. [read more]

Weaknesses Strengths and Opportunities for Workers Peer-Reviewed Journal

… Employee Meeting Assessment

My employee meeting was overall very positive, as I assessed the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth of my employee in an objective manner, abstained from criticism, and essentially showed encouragement, appreciation, and empathy for the employee throughout the process. As Dust et al. (2014) indicate, empathy, positive reinforcement, and encouragement along with strategic use of EI (emotional intelligence) are fundamental skills that a manager can use when adopting a transformational leadership strategy with workers. The transformational leadership strategy for this employ, I felt, was suitable as the key here was to identify goals for the worker and assess opportunities and pathways by which those goals might be obtained. Assessing shortcomings in the employee's work habits was not viewed as detracting but…. [read more]

Opportunities in Asia (South East Essay

… 3. Currency exchanges when has promote western business in many folds it has also left its positive outcomes in the business operations and manufacturing industry. Countries like China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Honk Kong all are labor intensive nation with majority of the population ranging under 30 (Morris, & Song Shin, 1998). This is an attractive market for the Western companies seeking to outsource their business functions. Western companies when going for local labor they have to give them market competitive salaries in the domestic currency along with the employee benefit as per their contractual agreement. On the other hand this labor work is outsourced to South and Southeast Asian countries where cost of manufacturing and cost of labor is much lower with the…. [read more]

Opportunity Management What Tools Research Paper

… Opportunity Management

What tools can be used to identify and map risk (in the field of management)? How can risk be measured/mitigated?

There are a myriad of tools and techniques that can be used for identifying and mapping risk. Many enterprises rely on a combination of risk management methodologies, tools and techniques to best anticipate and react to threats while capitalizing on opportunities. By taking this multifaceted approach to enterprise risk management, organizations seek to optimize their management of risk to the current market conditions and constraints of operations (Abrams, Muller, Pfitzmann, Ruschka-Taylor, 2007).

The techniques most often used from a multifaceted standpoint include brainstorming, SWOT (strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, primary research-based methodologies of risk questionnaires and surveys., risk scenarios analysis and pervasive use…. [read more]

Whole Foods Market Significant Key Term Paper

… 2. Developing brand awareness

3. Global presence and expansion.

External Threats


1. Replica products from competitors.

2. Batter Price from competitors.

3. Economy recession.

4. Changing regulations.

Internal Strengths


1. Product Range

2. Financial Growth

3. Human Resources.


"Maxi-Maxi" Strategy

Strategies that use strengths to maximize opportunities.

Human Resources and Financial capabilities can be used to increase global presence and brand awareness.


"Maxi-Mini" Strategy

Strategies that use strengths to minimize threats.

The product pricing strategy should be developed according to competitive pricing strategy and key quality features should be highlighted.

Internal Weaknesses (W)

1. Lack of Global presence

2. Only Organic Products

3. Conformity of Natural products


"Mini-Maxi" Strategy

Strategies that minimize weaknesses by taking advantage of opportunities.

E-commerce solutions…. [read more]

My Personality Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

… ¶ … Personality Strengths and Weaknesses

Multiple Intelligences Testing: Defining a Career Strategy in Education

After completing the Multiple Intelligence Survey by Walter McKenzie, my strengths of interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist and logical/mathematical skills emerged from the analysis. My weakness in verbal and linguistic skills also emerged. The goal of this paper is to evaluate how my existing strengths can be used for furthering my educational career. I also plan to address how my weaknesses, specifically in the verbal and linguistic area, can also be turned into a strength over time and through efforts to improve.

Strength Analysis

From the research completed of the areas of multiple intelligences and their influence on transformational leaders (Hoffman, Frost, 2006) and the development of charismatic quality of leaders (Murphy,…. [read more]

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses SWOT

… This creates impetus for change because it highlights the reality that the problems are not subject to Dr. M's misinterpretation -- they are real, noticeable by outsiders, and everybody can see that there is a problem. While there is expected to be significant resistance to change, it is harder for those resisting to argue that a problem does not exist when it is all over the media that a problem does exist. The roadblocks are numerous, however. There might not be funding for change -- the Board needs to get on board with that. Furthermore, the old guard of employees, the old CEO and the unions are all potential sources of roadblock.


The key recommendation here is to start with the start, and finish…. [read more]

Low Cost Differentiation Preemptive Strength SWOT

… Diversification for a differentiated provider is a challenge. The best strategy to address the need for diversification is to leverage one's strengths in other areas to enter new businesses. A good example is Apple entering smartphones, or any other brand extension that capitalizes on the differentiated name in one product area to diversify into other product spaces.

Diversification is not a part of the focus strategy, by definition, so lack of diversification is not a weakness for companies with a focus strategy. Indeed, diversification is a weakness because it distracts the company from the pursuit of singular excellence. For firms pursuing a preemptive strategy, diversification lies at the key of identifying new opportunities so the company must constantly address any lack of diversification within the…. [read more]

Fast Food Book Report


Casual dining, as the emerging market middle class develops, will become an integral aspect of the lives of many. As markets continue to grow and develop, the need for faster, timelier consumption options will increase. Yum! Brands is in a distinct and privileged position to take full advantage of this growing trend of fast dining. Expansion and growth, however is not guaranteed as competition is particularly fierce within the fast food industry. As such, the purpose of this document is to outline the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by which Yum! Brands is exposed to. Through this document, the operations of the company can be better catered towards enhancing the overall strengths of the business while simultaneously mitigating the more profound weaknesses. Through…. [read more]

SWOT Analysis Is a Strategy SWOT

… To manage this situation the government needs to assist poor families by giving them startup capital to start businesses in poor neighborhoods (Krings, 2009).

Labor unions are necessary in the organization. Unions fight for the rights of workers and other basic elements. The rights of the worker include right to be provided with shelter, salary and good working conditions. If an organization goes against the interest of workers, union officials institute a mode of communication to the top management. Other methods, which unions use in addressing their complaints, are collective bargaining or collective action. Aspects addressed by these unions include, the rate of pay, discrimination, corruption and any other factor that affect an employee (Viebrock & Clasen, 2009). Unions motivate employees to work, and times…. [read more]

Ford Mustang the Strength SWOT

… Part of the problem is that Ford might still be considering bringing back the GT (Wert, 2011), which is a higher-end muscle car. The company has not carried this model is recent years, but appears to be reserving some positioning for the GT, and therefore is reluctant to move the Mustang into this position. The marketing of the Mustang, however, can be slightly different from the Mustang that most people actually buy.

Mass Marketing/Mass Customization

The Mustang will always be a mass-market product, in part because that is part of Ford's business model, and in part because the high brand recognition of the product ensures that there will be sufficient unit sales. However, the marketing should see a shift in focus away from the mass…. [read more]

Southwest Airlines Strengths SWOT

… They also own several best selling U.S. brands such as WeightWatchers and BagelBites and demonstrate strength in the frozen food sector and have strong appeal to foreign countries.


They have huge debts twice the industry average. Gaining a large percentage of its profits form food service operations such as restaurants, airports etc. Heinz suffers from politically uncertain times and from economic recession. They have a huge array of competitors, and possess products that have trans fat ingredients.


New dietary guidelines, which caution consumption of trans fats. Competition from other brand-name ketchups, private label-ketchups and salsa as well as niche players and the emergence of superstores and wholesale clubs. Increased popularity of ethnic products such as salsa and other condiments also may threaten Heinz's…. [read more]

Macro-Environment Microsoft Corporation: Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats Term Paper

… Macro-Environment

Microsoft Corporation: Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities

Describe the organization and explain its major strengths and weaknesses

The Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975. Its CEO and founder Bill Gates, is one of the richest and most powerful business leaders in the world today. If you've used a computer recently, there is a good chance that you have used one of Microsoft's products -- either its mainframe system Windows or its word processing program Microsoft Word. Microsoft Windows remains the unquestioned market leader of computer desktop technology. The organization's major strength is its ubiquity. To be functional in the business world today, every person must have some familiarity and fluency with Microsoft's products.

Microsoft is so ingrained as a brand, that with the exception…. [read more]

SWOT Anaysis Strengths FedEx Term Paper

… Financial assessments

The cost of implementing such a strategy will be dependent upon the current marketing budget. Because many of the tactics that will be use to implement the marketing plan are not extremely expensive it is possible to implement this strategy using a percentage of the current budget. However, the company may have to add to the budget so that it can better secure the company against the threat of terrorism and to make provision for technological failures.


Marketing Plan Worksheets. Retrieved November 26, 2004 from; hl=en

About FedEx. Retrieved November 26, 2004 from;

Ciscel David H.,Marcela Mendoza, Barbara Ellen Smith. Ghosts in the Global Machine: New Immigrants and the Redefinition of Work. Journal of Economic Issues. Volume: 37. Issue: 2.…. [read more]

Personal Strengths Office Skills Term Paper


While I have several weaknesses, there are some that I consider more important to overcome.

Firstly, I find procrastination to be a big problem. I recognize that procrastinating over a task or a problem only makes it worse as I think about it constantly, where I could have solved it and moved on. Procrastination also means I leave things until the last minute, and this causes me stress. I believe this is something I must address.

Secondly, having just returned to studying, I think it is important that I improve my writing skills so that I can get the most out of my studies.

Thirdly, I think I have good potential as a group person but recognize that I can be seen…. [read more]

Distributed Intelligence Assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses Term Paper

… Distributed Intelligence

Assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Distributed Homeland Security Intelligence Production

In assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a distributed homeland security intelligence production framework and supporting systems, the five phases of the intelligence cycle need to be taken into account at a local, regional, state, district and national level. Information needs across each of these jurisdictions vary significantly, as do their abilities to respond. What unifies the information and intelligence needs together of these diverse areas is the need for orchestrating planning, deterrence and incident responses across each of these jurisdictions (Anderson, Compton, Mason (2004) pp. 4, 5). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of having a distributed Homeland Security Intelligence Production Process and supporting systems.…. [read more]

Skywest Case Case Study

… Supplier Bargaining Power

Suppliers have a high bargaining power, as there are two major players, Boeing and Airbus. As far as fuel is concerned, here too suppliers have influence as fuel is a highly demanded commodity, and the demand for fuel tends to be inelastic, making companies very dependent on the fuel suppliers.

Customer Bargaining Power

Customers are plenty in number, but as they have a large amount of choice, as an aggregate customers have power in the sense that the company needs to know their requirements before setting out any particular route or service. However individual customers don't exert any strong influence.

Company Situation Analysis


The current ratio of SkyWest for 2008 is strong, being 24 times, indicating that the current liabilities are…. [read more]

Homeland Security: Weaknesses and Strengths Thesis

… Homeland Security: Weaknesses and Strengths

Homeland Security Presidential Directives aim at coordinating security efforts on federal, state and local level. These directives call for a systematic response to domestic terrorist's threats and attacks with the help of a National Incident Management System called NIMS and ensure that response is in according with National Response Plan (NRP). There are numerous strengths of these directives:

For one these directives call for integration which is critical for swift response and bets possible management of domestic acts of violence. It was seen in 2001, that integration had been a major problem which gave rise to incidents of 9/11 as federal agencies with some information had not been able to transfer them effectively to state governments and this led to…. [read more]

SWOT of University of Arizona SWOT

… Opportunities and Threats: The University of Arizona


The University of Arizona has a number of opportunities as a business model. It offers a strong academic environment, a robust graduate program, links to future employment, and recreational opportunities for students. Because of the wide variety of its educational and recreational programs, it belong in the ranks of well-respected state universities.

One of the University's greatest opportunities for its students is its interntional and off-campus study/exchange programs. The University offers study abroad program in over 60 countries in over 40 languages and in over a dozen courses of study.

These various programs allow University students to literally receive a global education. Furthermore, the exchange programs bring students from diverse countries to the home campus, so that…. [read more]

Strengths the Number and Location Case Study

… Opportunities

Starbucks Global Consumer Products business unit offers substantive opportunities to increase market share, particularly in international stores. Growth in Europe has occurred at a slower pace than in the U.S. There has been less market saturation and cannibalization of stores ("Growth strategy," 2002).

Starbucks has become expert at engaging customers and developing digital voice-of-the-customer channels. As a result, Starbucks innovations emerge in a fully conditioned environment, and nearly always, flourish. If Starbucks is able to sustain this type of relationship with its consumers, additions to the product mix are likely to be well received ("Schultz return," 2008).

Starbucks is moving more assertively into the single-cup / single-serving coffee market -- a U.S.$21 billion international industry and -- at U.S.$2 million -- the fastest growing…. [read more]

Capitalize on a New Opportunity SWOT

… Failing to build up strengths is another business sin. Firms need to develop competitive advantages in order to succeed -- they need to be good at something. In the airline industry, American Airlines is still in the process of dealing with a Chapter 11 reorganization. The company thrived during the regulation years and like many other legacy carriers in the U.S. It has struggled ever since the airline industry was deregulated. While it has some strengths, notably the size of its fleet and its route network, American has no other strengths that it has cultivated to gain competitive advantage. It offers no-frills service, but cannot charge a no-frills price. As a result, it and other legacy carriers are all faced with losing market share to…. [read more]

Resume Project Resume

… Resume Project

My strengths include that I am trained in both technical and interpersonal skills through my education and work experience. Among other interpersonal skills, I am fluent in five languages; this would be of great value to an employer. These skills will help me to success because many computer engineers neglect interpersonal skills or simply cannot apply them. Also, my language skills will set me about the competition if our other qualifications are similar.

My major weakness is that my previous employment, while related, is not as challenging as a position in computer engineering will be. As such, I lack some of the experience that many employers are looking for.

I have many opportunities, since computer engineering is a very active field. Many companies…. [read more]

Committed to Achieving My Goal Essay

… My short-term objective is to increase my grade point average. The scope of that objective includes more in-major courses, now that some of my introductory general courses are complete. My advantage is that my math skills are much greater than my English-language verbal skills, so that accounting and math-based courses should be easier for me to do well in than the out-of-major courses I have had to take.


Currently, I am working on improving my grade point average. My current grade point average is artificially low because of the many courses I have had to take where being a non-native English speaker placed me at a disadvantage. These courses include many courses from the liberal arts perspective. However, my science and math background is…. [read more]

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