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Web Design the Principles Term Paper

… .. The high hourly maintenance fees and the lack of in-house control discourages smaller firms from developing or expanding their Web presence. Because of this, many firms neglect this important duty, or they put it very low on their list of priorities. Stale information is worse than no information -- in most cases a user looking for timely data will not revisit a site that does not provide up-to-the-minute information. (Geerts, Waddington & Dilley, 2000, p. 55)

The authors state clearly a rigid and "static" site is the antithesis of good Web design.

2.7. Navigation

Navigation is one of the most essential and pivotal parts of all design features on the Web. Essentially navigation which is the way a viewer explores a site is the…. [read more]

Web Design Evolution for Common vs. Expert Thesis

… Web Design Evolution for Common vs. Expert Users

Anyone with basic computer skills can create web materials using some very simple stages and steps, the most important of which are, understanding client/organization goals and intentions, design, function, technical (hardware) support, universal usability and then these are elaborated on based upon the host organizations goals and intentions.

New approachability to web design.

Web design basic principles.

Understanding client/organization goals and intentions

Designer understanding of mission statement for broader organization.

Designer understanding of goals and objectives for website.

Basic functional steps of web page as reflected by goals and intentions.

Designer understanding of creating and implementing needed elements of webpage.


Designer Offline and Online testing of links and processes of website prior to going live.

Client…. [read more]

Web Designing a Web Site Term Paper

… ¶ … Web Design

Designing a web site may be the most tiresome and yet exciting task when creating an online system that will be accessible to everybody. Sometimes, it can be regarded that web designs are among the bread and butter of web sites. This is especially true in online e-commerce sites where customers and clients can do business, such buying and selling, with a company that is reachable via the Internet. Most of the time, how appealing a web design is done is what attracts many users to revisit web sites. This similar view was pointed out by James Maguire (2004) in his article Site Design Tips to Improve Your Sales. Maguire (2004) stated that The better-designed your site, the better your chances…. [read more]

Web 2.0 With a Focus on Social Networking and a Little on Its Privacy Issues Research Paper

… Web 2.0 with a focus on social networking and a little on its privacy issues

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 with a Focus on Social Networking

The second phase of the Web development, commonly known as Web 2.0, has increased in significance and potential with the proliferation of the social networking phenomenon. The reality of Web 2.0 has also become closely linked to new architecture and applications that facilitate increased levels of interactivity and input from Internet users. This includes important aspects which take into account information sharing and creation, as well as interoperability and user-centered design.

This paper will deal not only with the technology and applications involved in the growth and development of Web 2.0 but will also investigate the social, cultural and economic…. [read more]

Developing Text for Web-Based Instruction Davis Thesis

… ¶ … Web-based learning and online courses become increasingly common, educators are seeking the most effective methods of delivering text materials digitally to students. Students usually prefer reading hard copies of weighty tomes, but in "Developing Text for Web-based Instruction," Davis points out the possibilities of hypertext and related technological tools. Digital texts allow instructors to embed notes and questions in the core material, permit cross-referencing for more robust learning experiences, and may even enhance some learners' comprehension. Advancements in technology, both hardware and software, have made the online reading experience more fruitful than it ever has been in the past. The future offers enormous potential for educators to create and disseminate course materials digitally.

Davis notes that students approach online reading differently than they…. [read more]

Web-Based System Managing a Virtual Essay

… Within this section of the system, the manager and the team members are also able to insert comments, monitor worked hours and archive files.

Team -- The Team feature allows the managers to manage the human component of the project. The feature allows new team members to join and become easily accessible to other users. "To facilitate the collaboration between those who work in the same company, inside WhoDoes 2.0, a system based on the e-mail domain of the users has been implemented, the application automatically recognizes the resources that work within the same company, making the process of employing team members on a project even faster" (Website of WhoDoes 2.0, 2012).

Repository -- Finally, the last component of the WhoDoes 2.0 system represents the…. [read more]

Web-Based, Print, Media, and Outdoor Term Paper

… Outdoor Advertising

The Outdoor Advertising History

Outdoor advertising is considered to be one of the oldest methods of advertising that date back to Egyptian merchants who placed their sales messages on stone tablets along public roadways (Hartman). Later, after about 1500, the development of paper and the printing press made billposting in Europe. While in the 19th century, lithography, which was a printing method, expanded the creative possibilities of advertising design and further in the late 19th century posting "bills" made on the wooden boards gave birth of the term "billboard" (Hartman).

The Evolution in Outdoor Advertising

Nowadays the outdoor advertising not only includes the billboard, but also among other sites are "car cards" in-store displays; public transportation; displays in airports, sports show grounds, transport…. [read more]

Instructional Design Models Term Paper

… Instructional Design

Scrapbook of Instructional Design

Section 1 Instructional Design - Definition

Instructional Design is easily defined by its components - the design of instruction. It is the plan used to deliver knowledge. Since the first parent was presented with the challenge of rearing the next generation, humans have been involved in instructional design. How do we teach what we know to someone else?

The foundation of instructional design as a field of study became a significant issue during World War II when the U.S. military was faced with the challenge of rapidly training large numbers of soldiers to perform complex tasks. The problem was addressed by behavioral psychologists. One such theorist was B.F. Skinner and his research into operant conditioning. The military trained personnel…. [read more]

Aesthetics Contemporary Product Designs Essay

… Aesthetics and Contemporary Product Design

Design is the creation of a plan or the construction of an object. It can be plans, processes, patterns, art, or the direct realization of a specific type of product that is made for a special purpose. Design can be a strategic roadmap or approach - a map toward a way of doing something. Both the challenge and the uniqueness of design then, is that there are no universal or unifying definitions or institutions that define exactly what design should and should not be, or whether it is correctly designed or not. (Ralph & Wand, 2009) if we think about it, design is all around us -- in nature everywhere. It could be a leaf, a shell, or a flower.…. [read more]

Web Thesis

… ¶ … Web 2.0 Technologies & Applications

Assessing Web 2.0 Technologies and Applications

The Internet has revolutionized the means by which communication, collaboration, transactions and ultimately, interrelationships between and among individuals and between organizations occur on a global scale. In addition to the speed and alacrity of change the revolutionary approaches to communicating, collaboration, and transactions have fostered via Web 2.0 technologies, the long-held belief that communization of the Internet would be possible has found critical mass in social networking technologies (Bernoff, Li, 2008). In the context of this paper the collection of technologies referred to as Web 2.0 form the foundation of social networking, two terms initially defined by O'Reilly (2005).

There are the purely technological, the enterprise-wide Information Technologies (it), social, and architectural…. [read more]

Disaster Recovery Intrusion Detection Term Paper

… The issue is further perplexing if there happen to be various trust connections increasingly being enforced inside elements of the network. Lastly, the IDS equipment should have the ability to connect across obstacles amid parts of the particular network. Nevertheless, opening lines involving interaction can cause much more weaknesses in network rules that intruders may take advantage of (Kent and Mell, 2006).

An additional obstacle inside a big network will be for the IDS to successfully keep track of visitors. NIDS elements happen to be spread within a system, however, if not positioned logically, numerous intrusions could very well completely sidestep NIDS receptors by crossing alternative pathways inside a network. Furthermore, although a lot of IDS products on the market happen to be up-graded to…. [read more]

NCLB the Federal Government Drafted Research Paper

… This includes a determination of the extent evidence-founded practices inform the policy making process. This would enable a sharpening of the laws to meet the changing demands of the sector (Duncan, 2011). Secondly, policy makers should expand the availability and usage of working strategies. This would assist students in the transition period to remain connected to post secondary education. Lastly, the government should consider increasing funding for the implementation of the two Acts. This analysis discovered that insufficient funding jeopardized the implementation process of the two Acts. Increased funding would also cater for added provisions resulted by future amendments to both Acts (Riddel, Tanklin & Vilston, 2004).

NCLB Act and IDEA Act are laws resulted from the federal government's quest to bring change to the…. [read more]

TESOL: Materials and Course Design Essay

… , 2009).

When TESOL students are taught to interpret graphs, tables, websites, maps, diagrams as well as other visual representations, it shows that visual literacy has been developed. As students understand, think seriously, give out opinions and talk about images and items, it shows that viewing is incorporated into verbal communication and inscription actions. As the students look towards diagrams plus other graphics in line with a tactic for understanding language, developing vocabulary and gathering knowledge, viewing helps in understanding comprehension (Cloud et al., 2009).

TESOL instruction should incorporate representing in approaches besides writing. The instructor can get a chance to evaluate understanding and build up necessary verbal communication abilities and aid in developing comprehension abilities through representing, like, communicating meaning with the help of…. [read more]

Classroom Environment Design Term Paper

… Secondary Classroom Environment Design

Classroom Environment Design: Secondary Education

The objective of this work is to design a secondary classroom environment. This work will include a statement of which child development theory best represents the needs of the grade level with an explanation of why this theory is believed to be superior to other theories. This work will additionally provide clear indications that the plan takes into account the child developmental stages and variations that may exist among students of the same chronological age.

In the secondary teacher's initiative of classroom environment design it is critically necessary to remember that students are a diverse group of learners and that the classroom is not only a learning environment but as well is a social environment. It…. [read more]

Web Evaluation Term Paper

… " This statement says little about the actual state of education in America and also says little about what the President is doing specifically about improving education or where the monies will come from. Nevertheless, because of the credibility of the source, the material contained on can be trusted as being accurate. The viewer must verify content on his or her own, though, as the site does not include links to external sources. Accuracy of the website is also evident in the exact transcripts of speeches.

One of the greatest weaknesses of is its lack of objectivity. The website is a bastion of partisan politics. It is designed primarily to present the president's point-of-view and that of his upper-level cabinet. As such,…. [read more]

Strunk and White Essay

… Terror in "The Tell-Tale Heart"

William Strunk's book, The Elements of Style is a book that every author and writer should read and follow because it offers solid advice for not only good writing but also good reading E.B. White upholds many of the principles put forth in Strunk's style for writing and in doing so, demonstrates the importance of these principles. However, it is also worth noting that White does not follow all of the guidelines in the Elements of Style. This illustrates how writers can be successful if they follow the most important principles, which allow for ease of reading and comprehension as well as keeping reader interest E.B. White demonstrates how many elements of writing are mandatory but some are not.

One…. [read more]

World Wide Web Search Optimization for Physician Term Paper

… ¶ … Wide Web is available around the world today, and consists of billions of pages of information and several pages are being added every second. As a result, billions of users are increasingly turning to the Web for answers, as well as recreation, shopping and even education. In addition, the healthcare community is increasingly turning to the World Wide Web to obtain information and to provide it to their peers and patients as well. One of the unfortunate consequences of the enormity of the amount of information that is available on the Web is the inability of many search engines to identify the precise information desired by the user. Indeed, a simple search might result in hundreds or even thousands (or tens of thousands)…. [read more]

Drucker's Management Principles Term Paper

… Drucker

21st Century: Drucker's Management & Leadership Principles

21st Century: Drucker's Management & Leadership Principles

Since the turn of the century, the landscape of management may have changed, but the underlying principles remain steadfast. One of the major contributors to the field is the world renowned Peter Ferdinand Drucker (November 19, 1909 -- November 11, 2005) who was an influential writer and management consultant (the Drucker Institute 2011). In 1943, Drucker became a naturalized citizen of the United States. He then had a distinguished career as a teacher, first as a professor of politics and philosophy at Bennington College from 1942 -- 1949, then for more than twenty years at New York University as a Professor of Management from 1950 to 1971 (the Drucker Institute…. [read more]

XML Project Specification and Design Document Research Proposal

… XML Project Specification and Design Document

Project Specification and Design Report


XML has emerged as the globally adopted standard for Internet-based integration of systems and processes and has made the development of knowledge-sharing networks possible (Choi, Wong, 2009)(Ives, Halevy, Weld, 2009). As the amount of transactions, both commercial and knowledge-based continues to exponentially increase, XML performance is hitting a plateau however. Governed by Web browsers and applications that in effect throttle back the bandwidth potential of XML, page-based browser technologies including HTML and its many variants are significantly reducing the performance of XML (Yang, Liao, Fang, 2007). The AJAX programming standard however has shown significantly potential for increasing the performance of applications delivered via XML integration (Yang, Liao, Fang, 2007) due to XML's ability…. [read more]

Consumer Web Site Design: Purchase Term Paper

… Practitioners as Audience

Web developers, consumer-oriented web sites, and companies with heavy Internet-reliance for market share results will benefit greatly from increased quantitative and qualitative research into this area. In spite of the byzantine and clearly confusing statistical tracking process currently in place, billions of dollars of discretionary money was spent online in the fourth quarter of 2002 and that number will only continue to rise.

For example, web designers and engineers can use quantitative findings to better understand how to build a web portal or business presence on the Internet designed to "capture" loyal and responsive customers or clients based on the visual impact of elements that work.

Professionals as Audience

Professionals from all walks of life will benefit from comprehensive extensions to previously…. [read more]

Object Oriented Hypermedia Design Model Term Paper

… The only dynamic behaviors that these methods offer are queries to databases and generation of dynamic pages. (Abrahao et al.)

When multivaluated attributes are defined, the Araneus Design Model allows the addition of the service that must be performed. The OOWS and OOH-Method allow the inclusion of the services of every class that will be utilized in the navigational diagram of the methods. In OOWS, the needed services that can be included in the navigation classes are only those services that the user agent is permitted to activate, according to the conceptual model specification, but in the OOH-Method it is necessary to indicate which services can be executed using service links. (Abrahao et al.)

The approaches above mentioned deal with interface design in different ways.…. [read more]

Solution of the Heterogeneous Data Methodology Chapter

… When the mapping has been created, it becomes possible to come up with a relationship between them so as to come up with the mapping of object properties. The property mapping can be achieved by relating the XML schema elements of the objects. In the final stage there are possibilities of exporting the rules of transformation that are generated in accordance to the mapping that is performed. The semantic integration of information is a very costly and difficult task. The use of Semantic web can assist in the process of integrating multiple heterogeneous data schema via the mapping of the schema to a single or multiple ontologies. The main aim of the SIM architecture is to present a common understanding of a given subject and…. [read more]

How to Create a Webpage Thesis

… ¶ … Wide Web Pages

Web pages form the backbone of the Internet. The World Wide Web consists of an indefinite number of individual Web pages, many of which are grouped together into a Web site. One Web page can stand alone, but large organizations usually need more than just one page to represent themselves online. Creating a Web site is relatively easy, requiring little to no coding skills. Software applications make Web page creation accessible by allowing users to input text, graphics, and other multimedia content without knowing any hypertext markup language (HTML). All Web pages must be ultimately coded into HTML or XHTML to be recognized by servers. The universal World Wide Web protocol for Web pages is the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).…. [read more]

Database Security Design of an Online Membership Term Paper

… Database Security

Design of an online membership and payment management system for the web using a Microsoft SQL Server database and a front end built in Microsoft Visual Stuido involves a variety of complex security issues. This paper discusses the goals of security and common security threats. It then describes in detail, Microsft SQL Server security techniques along with a brief overview of Web application security measures that can be taken to ensure adequate security for the membership and payment management application.

The Goals of Security

Database security is the protection of the database against unauthorized access, either intentional or accidental (Phippen). Security countermeasures should combat threats and the outcomes of such threats. Given a security policy's specification of "secure" and "nonsecure" actions, these…. [read more]

Science Biomimicry in Design Term Paper

… (Biomimicry Institute, 2012,

Sharks' skin is fundamental to their survival, success and reputation for being exceptional predators. Researchers chose wisely to emulate sharkskin to help solve some of humanity's dilemmas.

What is it specifically about the sharkskin that researchers focus upon? What information about sharkskin proves most useful to scientists, physicians, technicians, and designers? All these groups are paying specific and meticulous attention to the structure, texture, and function of sharkskin. Scientists aim to design products that essentially work the same way sharkskin does. Research and biomimicry of sharkskin could prove especially useful to designers of submarines and products designed for underwater transportation or data collection. The Biomimicry Institute explicates:

…a shark's coarse shape is famously hydrodynamic, shark skin is anything but smooth. The…. [read more]

Differences Between Two Styles of Graphic Design Essay

… Graphic Design

From Nineteenth Century Mexican Pamphlets to Modern Day Websites: A Comparison of Styles in Graphic Design

The modern world is full of visual information, to the point that it is almost impossible to avoid being bombarded with text and other meaning-laden symbols -- often in the form of advertisements -- no matter where one looks. Billboards, bus benches, bus sides, storefronts, and sandwich boards on sidewalks all clamor for attention on the morning commute; television ads often contain brightly colored text, display dynamic company logos, have as their background very carefully constructed visual landscapes; even clothing is more often than not emblazoned with specific designs in purposefully selected colors. All of these are examples of graphic design, which has become so ubiquitous in…. [read more]

Web 2.0 Technologies on Human Resource Development Thesis

… ¶ … Web 2.0 Technologies on Human Resource Development

The continual impact of Web 2.0 technologies (O'Reilly, 2006) on collaborative software applications including social networks (Bernoff, Li, 2008) is redefining the most fundamental processes and systems that government organizations rely on for managing their human resources. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how pervasive the impacts of Web 2.0 technologies are in the processes of managing human resources throughout the U.S. And other governments globally. The effectiveness of Web 2.0 technologies and social networking can be seen in the well orchestrated Presidential campaign Barak Obama ran, where the eventual President was able to communicate with greater authenticity, immediacy and trust using these technologies than his rivals (Greengard, 2009). Certainly there is the potential…. [read more]

Marketing Principles and Practices Essay

… One series of curriculums would be on emerging markets with a travel agenda that includes Russian, Chinese and Indian cities that are the banking centers of those nations. The second agenda would concentrate on Middle Eastern finance including the implications of Islamic finance with visits to Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel. The need financial executives have for staying current with new techniques in their profession would be underscored.

The market positioning is based on appealing to the customers' needs for proficiency and mastery of their professions, the hybrid learning programs would also concentrate on delivering exceptional experiences, which would form the basis of the unique value proposition for the tours (So, King, 2010). Developing an effective marketing campaign around the hybrid learning programs will…. [read more]

Discover How Marketing Principles Work Essay

… Task 2- Be able to use the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning.

2a) Identify and explain how 1 macro and 1 micro environmental factor could influence the marketing decisions taken by Parcelforce.

Environmental factors that can affect a business can either be local (micro) or global (micro). Parcelforce has tried to address both with its strategies. A macro environmental factor is that the companies with which the company is competing are worldwide companies. Parcelforce is an international company to an extent, but they are not on the level of some of their competitors. Thus, a global factor could be that Parcelforce can either form a partnership with a competitor that has a global reach, they can increase their own global footprint, or the company…. [read more]

Lean Principles to Service Processes Essay

… First, understanding value as defined by customers is critical lean improvement initiative in health care. Both external and internal customers in this field define value on the basis of appropriate, efficient, safe, and high quality care. Secondly, the impact of these principles in service delivery is demonstrated by an analysis of the operations of current processes in the health care field. The third step is the commitment by the service providers to accomplish flow state in every stage of delivery process without stopping. This step is followed by the development of processes that enable customers to receive what they need through lean design. Following the implementation of this stage, an organization's pursuit of perfection requires a constant loop of all care service providers to enhance…. [read more]

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