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What the Literature Says Regarding the Management of Volunteers Literature Review

… Trust Creation and the Management of Volunteers in Non-Profit Organizations

Rogers, Jiang, Rogers and Intindola (2015) suggest in their qualitative study of hospital volunteers that the volunteer plays a crucial role in the development of patient satisfaction. Their research shows that volunteers (by the very act of volunteering) cultivate within the environment a more pastoral and caring attitude, which pleases patients and helps them to heal in ways that ordinary employees cannot effect. The volunteer has the ability to represent a kind of community care. In short, the study indicates that volunteers are essential in trust creation (at least in the hospital setting) among patients and workers, and for that reason should be managed with a special view towards their innate abilities as volunteers (Rogers,…. [read more]

Management Principles Explain the Term 'Corporate Essay

… Management Principles

Explain the term 'corporate (or organizational) culture' and discuss its importance to the operational success, or failure, of organizations.

Corporate culture refers to the act of developing intellectual and moral talents, especially by way of education. It can also include the moral, social, and behavioral standards of an organization based on the beliefs, attitudes, and priorities of its members. Every organization has its own exclusive culture or set of values. Most organizations don't deliberately try to create a certain culture. The culture of the organization is usually created instinctively, based on the values of the top management or the founders of an organization (Corporate Culture, n.d.).

The significance of corporate culture is growing as the result of several recent happenings in the business…. [read more]

Performance Management System Term Paper

… ¶ … Performance Management System within Sun Microsystems Limited Ensure High Organisational Performance?

Whenever we try to understand the possible responses of an organisation to the application of a management system to the organisation, one has to first study the organisation and its historic culture. In the case of Sun Microsystems the first step that we will take is the study of its top manager currently. The new head of UL operation is Trudy Norris-Grey and in the earlier assignment, was a Vice-President at Oracle UK. This is due to Leslie Stretch being promoted to handle an international role at the head office. It is well-known that UK has been one of the most successful regions for Sun Microsystems at the time when the company…. [read more]

Emergency Management: Hurricane Katrina Case Study

… 146). Likewise, Sylves (2008) emphasizes that, "In the wake of the poor government response to the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster, many questions have been asked about why the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), along with a host of other federal, state, and local emergency management agencies, performed so ineffectively" (p. 68).

While it is frequently easier to identify what went wrong than what went right, it is less easy to assign blame or accountability for these failures to any single individual or individuals, despite the efforts to do so by many Americans. Rather, there was plenty of blame to go around at every level of state and federal government, as well as the private sector that chose to rely on an aging infrastructure despite…. [read more]

Theory Whether Formal, Every Group Research Paper

… ¶ … Theory

Whether formal, every group has a structure regardless of the nature of their activity or the length of time they have been together (Freeman, 1970). Whether the group is a large nonprofit organization, a multibillion dollar corporate empire, a community or grassroots organization, or a group of friends who get together on a regular basis to discuss politics and the weather, each is a structured entity whether formal or informal, with flexible or stringent rules and guidelines. What aids in the solidification of the group is the issuance of tasks and responsibilities, power and resources spread amongst the membership. The simple notion that a group of individuals with various talents have come together for a common cause makes it a group (Freeman,…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Methods the 360 Degree Feedback Case Study

… Organizational development experts agree that performance management systems that provide timely information concerning employee performance are an essential requirement for almost any type or size of enterprise today. A number of performance evaluation methods are available for this purpose, with some being better suited to certain working environments than others. One of the more popular approaches to emerge in recent years has been multisource feedback methods such as the 360-degree feedback approach that collects survey information from a wide range of sources including supervisors, subordinates, customers, vendors and suppliers. While the 360-degree feedback approach has produced good results for some companies, others have faltered in its application for a number of reasons. Because organizations typically invest large amounts of resources in such performance evaluation systems,…. [read more]

Individuals Might Volunteer to Help Essay

… The author names four, and somewhat interestingly, only one of them is altruistic; the first three, "networking," "skills development," and "fun," all have to do with specific self-interested benefits for the volunteer (Kent 1997, p. 12). Only the last one, "giving back," is altruistic, but even in that case the author begins her description of this reason by saying "volunteer work feels good," demonstrating how even the most altruistic reason is ultimately self-interested (Kent 1997, p. 12). Although this article did not offer a particularly in-depth consideration of the reasons for volunteerism, it does hint at a relatively uncomfortable reality: for all intents and purposes, there really is no such thing as altruism, because any act is ultimately self-interested, even if the perceived reward is…. [read more]

Thai Consumer Behavior Toward Online Games Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Consumer Perceptions

Toward Personal Behavior Related To Playing Online Games

Conflicting concepts and concerns accompany the current billion dollars online game playing "business." Some consider the practice of playing games online harmful, while others argue it can ultimately work for the good of the player. During the mixed-method study, the researcher analyzes literature and results of the researcher's survey to determine how Thai game players personally perceive their personal behavior related to playing online games. The study also relates a number of online players' personal perceptions, motivations, and behaviors. During the survey of participants, the researcher investigates:

Thai online game players' personal perceptions of online games;

significant reasons that motivate the participants to play online games;

factors that motivate participants to choose an…. [read more]

American Red Cross Research Proposal

… American Red Cross has become a preeminent charity organization in the United States and is mainly concerned with aiding people in the prevention of and preparation for emergencies and crises. The American Red Cross helps in terms of emergency response as well as public education and information about disease and other healthcare issues. It is also concerned with issues such as blood supplies and transfusions and is the largest supplier of blood and blood products in the United States. (The American Red Cross Joins the Fight Against Malaria)

The organization is volunteer based and receives its funds from public donations. In terms of its structure and management it is not a governmental organization and has its own internal management and supervisory system. Its budget is…. [read more]

Change Proposal the Situation Spending Term Paper

… They pressed their case with middle-level managers, to the point of a shouting match with both NASA and contractor managers the night before the fatal launch. But the top officials in charge never heard the full story. Why? Because after a number of embarrassing delays, they didn't want to hear any more excuses, no matter how real," Kettl noted.

This is similar in every way to the deaf ear the Artistic Director turned to warning from his marketing department regarding bad choices of plays; to the deaf ear he turned to company members who questioned financial/artistic decisions; to the stunning figures regarding turnover among the non-performing members of the staff.

Perhaps worse, these matters were taken to the Board of Directors several times, and they,…. [read more]

Quality Circles Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… The term quality circles are often utilized interchangeably with the idea of continuous improvement teams and similar expressions (Giroux & Landry, 1998). Failure among such circles is often regarded as due to lack of appropriate management commitment, as well as lack of "rigor during implementation" which can result in the failure of corporate cultural integration of such programs (Ahire, 1996; Giroux & Landry, 1998).


The literature presented suggests that a majority of companies within the U.S. have implemented quality circles or some similar type of "work team efficiency group" in an effort to improve organizational performance and increase worker participation and motivation. There are a large number of companies within the United States that have reported significant savings as a result of…. [read more]

Sociology -- Human Services Governance Essay

… After working for a decade of this incident, Canadian Blood Services has been successful to a great extent in regaining the faith of Canadian's in their blood supply. According a marketing research conducted by Ipsos Reid in 2007, it was found out that eight three percent of the Canadian general public now trust the Canadian Blood Services which was only fifty six percent in 1998.

Kumanan Wilson, who is an expert in the Canadian Public Health Policy, wrote in an issue of Canadian Medical Association Journal, in 2007 that "The reformed blood system has regained public confidence and has even received high marks from the group representing the primary victims of the tainted blood tragedy (Abecassi et al., 2007)."

The "Canadian Hemophilia Society" also awarded…. [read more]

Sports Management Term Paper

… This indicates that sport can be advantageous not only through involvement of people in it, but also through other types of participation and therefore recommends that the necessity for a broader evaluation of the influence on involvement and participation on sport, post games. (Literature Review: The impact of major sporting events)

The quality of service has been analyzed in the field of business management for years since the market is more competitive and marketing management has shifted its concentration from inherent performance like production to outward objectives like satisfaction and customers' perception of service quality. But the term service quality has only focused in the field of sport and recreational literature during the last twenty years. SERVQUAL that indicates the conventional disconfirmatory model was considered…. [read more]

Securities Regulation Securities Regularizations Thesis

… To get a clearer idea, it becomes important to consider some of the institutes which form a part of these NPO's. These, therefore, includes, "Schools, Hospitals, Charitable Institutions, welfare societies, clubs, public libraries, resident welfare association, sports club, etc.." [footnoteRef:15] [15: ]

They are increasingly becoming alternatives to the provision of facilities and activities as the Government continues to fail in many sectors due to the growing economic pressures and the impact of recession. In such conditions, NPO's as appeared as platforms that can help in catering to the many needs of the individuals in the society, including food, Education, Housing, and it is the provision of these needs that become the main purpose of these Organizations and is their defining line, which helps them…. [read more]

Peace Freedom Is the Foundation Term Paper

… Borno ruled without the benefit of a legislature, which had been dissolved in 1917 under Dartiguenave, until elections were again permitted in 1930. The legislature, after several ballots, elected mulatto Stenio Vincent to the presidency.

The occupation of Haiti continued after World War I, despite the embarrassment that it caused Woodrow Wilson at the Paris peace conference in 1919, and the scrutiny of a congressional inquiry in 1922. By 1930, President Herbert Hoover had become concerned about the effects of the occupation, particularly after a December 1929 incident in Les Cayes in which marines killed at least ten Haitian peasants during a march to protest local economic conditions. Hoover appointed two commissions to study the situation. A former governor general of the Philippines, W. Cameron…. [read more]

What Went Wrong in New Orleans as it Relates to Hurricane Kathleen Term Paper

… New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina touched land near New Orleans, Louisiana on August 29, 2005 and its storm surge ripped the levees built to protect New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain, which bounds it in the North (Wikipedia 2005). With hundreds dead and damage along the coastal regions of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama costing more than $200 billion, Katrina is considered the most destructive and costliest tropical cyclone to hit the United States. More than a million people were displaced, resulting in a declaration of a humanitarian crisis on a huge scale since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Several sections of the levee system collapsed, prompting a mandatory evacuation of the people of New Orleans. A distance of 90,000 square miles was declared a…. [read more]

Haiti After the Earthquake Research Paper

… Haiti After the Earthquake

Briefly describe why the earthquake caused such a disastrous impact in Haiti? You can examine the state of infrastructure at the time and the related technical issues as well as the political, financial, governmental, economic and social problems behind it

The earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January, 2010 killed more than 230,000 people and left more than a million homeless. Striking just 10 miles southwest of the capital Port-au-Prince, it destroyed thousands of buildings including the UN headquarters, the Catholic cathedral, and the Presidential Palace.

Haiti has never fully recovered. More than a million homeless are still displaced living in camps, and, in November, 2010, Hurricane Tomas aggravated the misery by destroying much what was left. To compound matters, a…. [read more]

Highest Performing Promotional Tools and Strategies Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Highest Performing Promotional Tools and Strategies in the Marketing Communications Mix for Attracting Volunteers for the 2012 Olympic Games

Guideline For Length Of Words Breakdown In Dissertation Content

The recruitment and retention of a volunteer organization for the London 2012 Olympics is the single greatest influence on the experience the visitors enjoy from around the world when they attend the many venues and locations throughout the United Kingdom (UK). Attracting, training and retaining the best volunteer base for the many eclectic and varied events is highly dependent on getting the best possible volunteers with the most effective skill sets needed. The volunteers really are the face of the Olympics; they are the brand experience that visitors globally will experience when they attend events,…. [read more]

Schedule and Time Line Investigate Research Proposal

… Before you decide to participate in this study, it is important that you understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Before you begin the survey please read over the Draft Study Consent Form in its entirety. Please ask the survey facilitator if there is anything that is not clear of if you need more information.

Study Procedure:

Your expected time commitment for this study is 30 minutes

Explain procedure.


The risks of this study are few. The topic presented in this survey relates to war and may upset respondents...


All respondents will receive a free $20 gift card courtesy of the University of XYZ


Please do write any identifying information on your questionnaire. Your responses will be…. [read more]

Grandparent Caregivers Societal Antecedents as Predictors Dissertation

… Grandparent Caregivers

Societal Antecedents as Predictors of Resilience, Caregiving/Parenting Stress and Coping Strategies in Custodial and Non-Custodial Grandmothers of African-American or African Decent

The past three decades have seen a break from the traditional nuclear family roles. During this time, society has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of children being raised by their grandparents. Many grandparents assume the role of primary caregiver for their grandchildren and/or childcare provider because of the impact of numerous societal antecedents which cause the parent or parents to be absent from the home. These societal antecedents include child abandonment, and/or neglect, parental employment obligations, parental education endeavors, and parental military obligations. These represent the key reasons for grandparents assuming the care of grandchildren. This comes at a time…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility Term Paper

… Corporate Social Responsibility

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Corporations have been blamed for a variety of evils from global warming and the destruction of the rainforest to problems related to gross negligence of funds as well as abuse of employees. The past two decades have seen a host of ramifications from the 'anything for a buck' mentality that have left the public reeling with mistrust and even hatred for corporate entities. Business, more than any other force be it social, political, or religious, shapes and creates the foundations of government and society. It has only been fairly recently, however, that business has taken appropriate measures to ensure that its operations and its members behave in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Unfortunately the…. [read more]

Competitiveness of Sustenance Lithographic Printing Case Study

… Both were right. The reasons are not far to seek. The swing of the pendulum for one, lithographs had been almost too popular.

This overreliance on lithography to the exclusion of other alternative printing methods such as the introduction of photography almost spelled the end of lithography in Europe. For example, according to Beaujon (1936, p. 60), "French lithographers, warned to be serious like the Germans, began to copy pictures which they did, though with distinction, at the sacrifice of original design."

There was also a sacrifice of quality involved when these early photographic processes were used instead of lithography but the preference for the new technology was clear. As Beaujon (1936, p. 60) points out, "Photography became a serious rival in all countries, bringing…. [read more]

Community Nursing the Service Learning Research Paper

… Problems associated with validity are usually increased in survey designs because they evaluate subject's values as well as beliefs (Bouma, 2004). Contemplating, the aims and outcomes of this research, Yin (2008) argues that it must be practicable to streamline case studies towards hypothetical propositions. Nevertheless, this ought to not extend to incorporate communities as well as the aims of the study should be to relate and structure theories and not to evaluate frequencies. On the other hand, this researcher feels that social sciences lacks fixed specifications and there are a number of factors which might influence the outcomes of the study and because of this it really is unrealistic to guarantee that future scientific studies on this particular problem will produce exactly the same outcomes.…. [read more]

Videogames and Violence in Children Term Paper

… Video Games & Violence in Children

"It depends," Eisenman (2004) stresses in regard to whether playing violent video games, one of the primary contemporary substitutions for yesteryears' play, increases violence in youth. Eisenman (2004) concedes that although video games may, under particular circumstances, increase violence in some children, they also provide enjoyment, and likely improve perceptual and motor skills. He contends that a person predisposed toward violence could potentially more easily become more prone to displaying violent behavior when encountering violent images, whether these surface in the media, in a neighborhood, in homes or in video games. In the study conducted during 1999, by the Media Analysis Laboratory at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, entitled "Video Game Culture: Leisure and Play Preferences of…. [read more]

Dell Computer Organization Problems Term Paper

… With a bottom price for desktops at about $450, that's a low-end price point that is met by discount retailers of no-name brands. But the difference is, it takes a certain amount of sophistication to buy a Dell because one must be both computer-literate to shop for it, and willing and able to sustain the uncertainties of a long-distance purchase for a relatively big-ticket item. The vegetable research also concluded that "consumers with higher annual incomes are more likely to express an interest in purchasing an integrated management product and less likely to strictly purchase a conventional product," another interesting point in relationship to the population that buys Dell.

Good eggs?

Lois A. Mohr and Deborah J. Webb wondered whether consumers expected companies to be…. [read more]

First Year Teacher Expectations and What Their Actual Experience Research Paper

… First-Year Teachers' Expectations Compared to Their Actual Experience

When people set foot in a foreign country for the first time, their mixed reactions, including anxiety, frustration, and helplessness, to vastly different environments have been termed "culture shock" (Chapdelaine & Alexitch, 2004). Similarly, new teachers setting foot into the classroom for the first time tend to experience a wide range of reactions to their new environments that may be vastly different from what they had come to expect. To the extent that these expectations are congruent with the reality they encounter on the job during their first year may be the extent to which new teachers remain in the profession. In this regard, Mastropieri (2001) notes that, "It is important to examine the experiences of our…. [read more]

Non-Profit and For-Profit Ethical Term Paper

… Many companies are now brining in consultants to help the company develop a company-wide code of ethics that has real meaning. In order for ethical standards to take hold in a company, they must be more than merely platitudes. They must be real enough for all employees to take to heart. Most companies, when they are developing ethical codes, first take into consideration any areas in which the company and its employees may be ethically vulnerable. These ethical codes also strive to create ways to accurately measure the degree of ethical behavior the company and its employees are using. Companies are also hiring full-time ethical compliance officers and starting ethics 1-800 hotlines to which ethical violations of the company or its employees can be reported.…. [read more]

New York State Department Capstone Project

… Good behavior was not the end result of his efforts and criminals kept committing crimes once they were released. The obstacle became providing adequate supervision and consequences once criminals were released.

By 1913, the re-offense rate increased and it became apparent, supervision of released offenders as well as inmates residing in correctional facilities had to be implemented. Actions were granted for officials to keep offenders from reoffending, but resources were unable to keep up with the demand. As will be discussed in the upcoming literature review, mental illness appears to correlate with increased criminal activity. During the Great Depression of the United States, there was a sharp increase in prison populations.

The increase was due in part to the lack of jobs and desperate conditions…. [read more]

Meth Addiction and Abuse Problems Research Paper

… This disorder resembles schizophrenia after they stop using methamphetamine. These symptoms last for more than 6 months and do not even respond to treatment (Barr, Panenka, MacEwan, Thornton, Lang, Honer, Lecomte, 2006).

People also develop tolerance to methamphetamine. The development of tolerance is not fully understood. However, it is know that the development is based on a cascade of mechanisms that cannot yet be fully explained. The development of tolerance, its rate and extent, vary from one individual to another. Nonetheless, it has been established that tolerance to this drug depends on its dosage, the duration of its consumption and the frequency of its use.

Methamphetamine is also known to cause short time tolerance in some individuals. This is caused because of decreased levels of…. [read more]

Effect of Plastic Debris on Marine Species Research Paper

… ¶ … Plastic Debris on Marine Species

Marine litter has been a huge nuisance to marine life and especially plastic debris. Marine debris is defined as any solid material which finds its way into the waters. This marine debris or litter has many negative effects to aquatic life. Close to 80% of all marine debris is of plastic nature Van et al. 1(; Weisman)

According to the Greenpeace Report on Plastic Debris in the World's Oceans, over 260 different species of marine life are known and documented to have been adversely affected by being trapped in marine litter or their ingestion Allsopp et al. 2.

These species include whales, seals, seabirds, sea lions, turtles and fish. Efforts should be developed and implemented to help alleviate…. [read more]

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