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Employee Training in a Culturally Essay

… Those expatriates fully understand that they will be bumping up against "values and habits" that are not what they are used to, but in contrast to other employees, in many cases expatriates "…expect a certain degree of misfit with their assignments" (Van Vianen, 697). The studies on how expatriates fit in with companies in countries they are not familiar with have concentrated on "a surface level" (living conditions, climate) but not sufficiently on "deep-level differences" that have a powerful influence on the social integration of the expatriate.

Hence, this article insists that deep-level differences in values should be reviewed and critiqued when it comes to expatriates fitting in with workforces that are apart from their normal values and expectations. Clearly some differences experienced by an…. [read more]

Germany: A Few Good Risk-Takers Term Paper

… 1% last year. He said the reason was that the government had not invested in research into new technologies. He said that industry had not invested enough, either. Germany's economy is the biggest in Europe. But Germany employs fewer IT workers than its neighbors.

Mr. Tsortzis made a number of points to show that the German government and German industry is not willing to take risks that could keep its economy strong. He mentioned that the inventor of MP3 technology was German. But he had to sell his idea to an American company because German companies were afraid of the idea. He also pointed out that the German chancellor is trying to turn the situation around. He has made 2004 Germany's official "Year of Innovation."…. [read more]

What Is Wrong With Gas Prices Today? Term Paper

… ¶ … Drp)

What is wrong with Gas Prices?

I am afraid, not many Americans will agree with my point-of-view, when I submit that what is wrong with gas prices is that we have become used to low gas prices. I believe that higher energy prices will benefit United States and our planet in many ways, and I for one would be willing to accept the sharp shock that high energy prices will deal to the gas guzzling ways we, the Americans have taken far granted. (Ferguson, 2006) in an article in the Telegraph joked that if gasoline reached $3 per gallon in United Kingdom, people would be queuing from Beaconsfield to Brighton to buy it. When the price of gasoline hit $3 per gallon…. [read more]

Tube as a Key ICT in Education Article

… ¶ … Tube as a Key ICT in Education

"Many educators believe that the act of creating content…is a valuable learning exercise… [YouTube] allows students to replace passive learning with active participation, where everyone has a voice, anyone can contribute, and the value lies less in the content itself than in the networks of learners that form around content and support one another…" (Skiba, 2007).

This research embraces several practical, creative and informational uses for the YouTube technologies to be integrated into educational, pedagogical settings.

Students today are as a rule very Web-savvy, and digital technologies are very easy for them to learn and navigate within. Whereas a few years ago students using online technologies were seen as "surfing the Web" or visiting Internet sites…. [read more]

Gorski, PC ).What We're Teaching Teachers Article Review

… Gorski, PC (2009).What we're teaching teachers: An analysis of multicultural teacher education coursework syllabi.Teaching and Teacher Education 25 (2009) 309 -- 318

In this paper the author explores quantitatively, the multicultural teacher education coursework syllabi. The work is therefore a quantitative analysis of the syllabi used for multicultural teacher education (MTE) courses being taught across the U.S. By means of a quantitative content analysis and on the basis of the existing multicultural education topologies, Gorski analyzed the theories as well as philosophies that inform the design of MTE courses. His analysis indicated that most of the MTE courses in the U.S. were designed in order to prepare the teachers with both personal awareness and pragmatic skills but conspicuously never prepared them in accordance with the…. [read more]

Application of Nursing Theory Term Paper

… ¶ … nursing Theory

Middle range theory

The Middle range theory is one of the critical and functional theories relating to the management of nursing principles and practices in the society. According to this theory, there is a close relationship between nursing theory and practices while carrying out nursing principles and activities. The theory proposes the importance of having nursing principles and theories being clued together within a smooth avenue of productivity. In order to meet the in innate and special needs within the society, it has become relevant to have measures of performance that will increase productivity and effectiveness within the nursing avenues. Middle range theory is relating to top management and the use of the equitable measures to solve problems arising from wrong…. [read more]

Observational Journal About Teachers Journal

… Obseravtion Journal

Observational Journal

Observation Journal

Educators play a unique role in reaching out to a large demographic of individuals. This is because the techniques that are utilized will create a foundation which will enhance the student's learning comprehension. In Social Studies, this is important in preparing them for the challenges they will face in the real world and ensuring they understand key concepts to make an informed decision. However, most teachers will often present the material in a way that is very boring. This makes it difficult for them to connect with students and to see how these ideas are useful in the future. In this journal assignment, there is a focus on the best techniques and the ways they can improve learning comprehension.…. [read more]

Dieting Makes People Fat Essay

… In a follow-up question to this answer, one respondent explained her views on the subject, views that are likely to be commonly held:

I know, I mean, I've read all those articles. Whenever you're in line at the grocery store, you pick up the "women's" magazines and there is always an article on how bad yoyo dieting is for you. I swear that there's actually just one article and the magazines pass it back and forth and just changed the pictures.

And I know that the more you lose the more you are probably going to gain back and that it's just going to get harder and harder. But the thing is, when you're losing weight, when you're losing weight and before you gain it…. [read more]

Business Students, View Essay

… This was a way of strengthening the economy. The government wanted to encourage survival of the small businesses and encourage their growth. Small businesses are known to provide employment to many people so the government seeks to encourage them to bid and win procurement contracts. Small businesses should meet certain criteria so as to qualify for these preference programs. These preference programs that the small business should meet include the size standards of the business, the federal goals which give preference to small businesses, city, state and country, the certification procedure, as well as SBA & SBDC assistance. All these aim at encouraging small businesses to participate in trade and bidding for contracts. The government also sets standards for these businesses to make them accountable.…. [read more]

Accountability Student Learning Accountability Plan Term Paper

… A curriculum is only as good as the outcome it has on students. For student achievement to be optimal, it is necessary for educators to consistently evaluate the curriculum and adjust it based on changing technological advances and gains in knowledge that normally occur with time. If a curriculum is not regularly evaluated, students have no room to grow. As society is continually changing, it makes sense that students need to grow or change with the times. Thus a curriculum and student assessment program is a vital component of any accountability program.

Assessment of student achievement can be managed through testing and annual evaluations that measure students skills and abilities. There are many standardized tests available that can be utilized to evaluate performance. Assessment is…. [read more]

Ethic and Moral Abtract Ethical Research Paper

… It has been found that some lower class families having known of the fact that their children are into sexual activities, and they do not stop their children from doing that because they believe that there is no other option for their family to earn and survive as they don't have a healthy income on their disposal and hence people encouraging their young daughters to get engaged in such illegal sexual activities so that they can bring back income for the house (Mirsky, 2003).

According to the other studies, students who are involved in such activities are 13 to 18-year-old females. It is also observed that girl of these ages are often contacted their instructors so that they can get good grades, etc. The same…. [read more]

Earning a Degree Through Distance Education Is More Practical Than Through a Traditional Institution Term Paper

… Earning a Degree through Distance Education believe that earning a degree through distance education is more practical than earning a degree through a traditional institution. First, traditional institutions of higher education operate during traditional working hours, which make it difficult for working students to attend classes; distance learning provides students with an opportunity to attend class when they have available time. Distance learning also provides a greater opportunity for learning; in a traditional classroom setting, students are taught material one time, but in a distance-learning scenario students can access lectures and other classroom material repeatedly. Furthermore, many traditional institutions have huge class sizes and professors with limited office hours and availability; whereas, distance education courses traditionally feature smaller class sizes and provide greater opportunities for…. [read more]

Defend the First Practice Against Claims Essay

… ¶ … defend the first practice against claims that it involves 'tracking'?

The best way to defend against the claim of tracking is to design a curriculum that is inherently content-centered rather than pupil-centered. According to the text by Loveless (1999), those schools which have successfully eliminated tracking from their approach have done so by establishing educational experiences that center on subject matter rather than perceived student ability. As the text by Loveless indicates, "the appeal to diminish tracking finds a sympathetic ear at 6-8 schools, with their cultures more attuned to the undifferentiated curricula and holistic instructional approaches of elementary education." (pg. 78)

How would you integrate student and behavioral differences due to gender, culture, and socioeconomic status into social skills instruction?

A document…. [read more]

Moore Kearsley Thesis

… ¶ … Technologies for Teaching at a Distance

Multiple technologies may aid the distance educator in creating optimal course material and engendering student participation. From simple online text-based readings to instant messaging during office hours, technological tools are enhancing the learning process. Yet technology is presenting tremendous challenges for distance educators. Instructors struggle to keep up with emerging technologies even before they have mastered those already in use. Exploring the range of different technologies for teaching at a distance requires many hours of work beyond that which is already required to design the course content, curriculum, and methods of assessment. Technology is increasing the demands placed on instructors at a time when funding and policy in education is floundering.

Technology can be capitalized on to…. [read more]

Perceptual Learning Style Preference Literature Review

… There are several instruments among them, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) created to assess a person's major preferences for processing and perceiving information. Such self-report instruments hold four dimensions, which include extraversion vs. introversion. Extraversion centers on the perception of the external world of objects and individuals while introversion focuses on the perception of the internal world of ideas and concepts. The second dimension of the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator is sensing vs. intuition where sensing refers to the realistic or practical focus on procedures and facts. Intuition, on the other hand, refers to imaginative, concept-oriented focus on possibilities and meanings (Alumran, 2008). Thinking vs. feeling focuses on the propensity to make decisions that are based on rules and logic while feeling refers to the propensity…. [read more]

Educational Psychology A) Student Learning: Constructivism Arose Term Paper

… Educational Psychology

a) Student Learning: Constructivism

Constructivism arose from learning theories originally created by Piaget and Vygotsky. At the basis of the theory is the use of prior knowledge or existing cognitive frameworks to use as a basis for acquiring new knowledge and skills (Cakir, 2008, p. 196). Van Glaserfeld (1995) offers a number of principles to describe constructivist knowing. The first of these concerns the way in which knowledge is constructed in an active, rather than passive way. Knowledge is not received, it is constructed from within by means of thinking processes. The second principle concerns social interactions to promote learning and knowledge construction. Third, the focus is on cognition as functional and adaptive. Knowledge adapts itself according to the input received. The fourth…. [read more]

Effects Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special ED Students Thesis

… ¶ … technology in learning of elementary school special ed. Students

Action Research Paper:

Effects and Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special Education Students

The use of technologies to assist in the teaching of special education elementary school children presents unique challenges and illustrates how the creative use of Web-based learning systems can accelerate and support the long-term retention of concepts with these specific students. It is the intent of this Action Research paper to illustrate how this is specifically can be accomplished through the use of a variety of teaching techniques. Despite the potential benefits of using technology-based training there is however there is a lack of adoption of Web-based training materials, websites, and strategies specifically focused on individualized learning plans…. [read more]

Community College Students Term Paper

… It is extremely surprising to me that readers today might find this article to be new or innovative, and in fact I found it to be almost humorous and absurd how these everyday technologies were being treated like alien concepts -- it almost read like satire. By 1999 when this article was written, use of computers and the Internet in an education setting should have already been the standard. Even in the 1980's, many classrooms found it to be standard to have access to at least one computer for student use. By the 1990's, The Internet was well established and part of mainstream culture. Today, it is considered to be the norm to have access to e-mail, Instant Messenger, and the Web -- many people…. [read more]

Critical Thinking Skills When Today Essay

… So, the author asks, why is it important to teach critical thinking skills in the first year of one's university studies? For one thing, using critical thinking skills in the first year empowers students to continue learning about and using critical thinking skills through the next three years of university life. For another thing, whether it is history or economics, critical thinking skills transcend specific areas of study; critical thinking skills should be thought of as tools to aid students in understanding the narratives provided in difficult textbooks as well as the scholarly articles they are required to read and digest as part of important assignments. Like forks and spoons are tools for eating, critical thinking skills are tools for comprehension and problem-solving (Thomas, 2).…. [read more]

Special Education Assessment Options Article Review

… By allowing students access to previous examinations from prior years on the same subject as that which they would be taking, Smith "relieved a lot of anxiety…over the format, style, and difficulty of the exam" (Weimer, 2011). Additionally, the instructor allowed students to bring in a 5x7-inch note card with which they could write down any information they deemed pertinent to their examination. The didactic implications of this procedure reinforced the notion that the examination had less to do with rote memorization, and more to do with a learned understanding of the material. All too often, conventional assessment measures (such as tests) are criticized for the fact that they do not accurately measure a student's knowledge. However, "Current diagnoses using traditional categories are frequently unreliable"…. [read more]

Perceived Effectiveness of College Programs for Non-Traditional Students by Recent Graduates Literature Review

… Non-Traditional Students

In the 1980s a major switch happened in the culture and population of colleges and universities. Instead of the stereotypical 18-year-old recent high school graduate, the non-traditional student became the norm on campus. Most authorities define a non-traditional student as someone who is over 25 years of age, attends college or university on a part-time basis, commute to school, or any combination of these characteristics. From 1970 to 1985, the growth rate for non-traditional students was 114%, compared to a much smaller increase of 15% in the number of younger, traditional students. Nontraditional students increased over time from one in four undergraduates in 1986 to nearly one in three (31%) in 1992 (Horn and Carroll, 1996). Part-time students have also increased 87%. Full-time…. [read more]

Designing Speech Course for Teacher Education Students Term Paper

… Designing a Speech Course for Teacher Education Students

The objective of this work is to examine redesign of the current teacher education program at the University of North Dakota. There is interest in developing a speech communication course that would pertain specifically to teacher education students. The goal of this research is to review current literature in this subject area and specifically the current strategies in teaching generic speech communications 101 and then to tailor it specifically towards the teacher education student. This work will list the strategies, methods and skills required to become a more effective teacher.


Effective speech communications are critically necessary in the teaching initiative and this is noted in the work of Joan Middendorf, Director of the Teaching…. [read more]

On Line Instructor Advice Term Paper

… ¶ … E-Learning & Successful Online Teaching

Many who transition from traditional brick and mortar teaching environment into the online teaching environment have the misconception that they are the same. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Teachers making this transition need to realize that there will have to be many changes in the way that they present their lessons, interact with students, and think about the educational process in order to become successful in this new medium. The following will examine these areas of teaching and how the teacher can enhance the teaching environment and make the endeavor a success.

Changing Relationships

The adoption of the e-learning environment requires some basic changes in the way teachers think about relationships with their students. In…. [read more]

How Technology Benefits the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Thesis

… ¶ … Technolgy Benefits the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student in K12 Grades

The objective of this study is to explore how video and caption, FM transmitters and hand gesture recognition benefit the deaf and hard of hearing students in K12 classrooms as well as to examine the benefits and challenges of each technology and whom the technology benefits the most.

There are many types of learners in the classroom; the learner of focus is the deaf or hard of hearing student. This learner may have little to no hearing ability, due to level of hearing loss. The communication skills of this student vary between the ability to communicate orally or by sign language only. These specific characteristics make the hearing impaired student diverse.…. [read more]

Albert Einstein, a Famously Mediocre Term Paper

… This is not an exhaustive list of elements that could be included in a student's portfolio, but it is a start. You need to consider the concept and build components into it that are appropriate for you and your students. (Ashe, 11)

Although a certain degree of leeway is always afforded teachers that wish to innovate, it often is difficult for these teachers to adopt sweeping changes. In certain respects, this is preferable: the interaction between parents associations in the community and school administrators has traditionally kept teachers in check as this insures that the ultimate authority over the welfare of students lies in the hands of their parents. Although this process is at odds with European systems that favor the national co-ordination of education…. [read more]

Chips: A Professional Path Term Paper

… ¶ … CHIPs: A Professional Path to Becoming a California Highway Patrol Officer

Featured in both motion pictures and a television series of the same name, the California Highway Patrol has set the standard for law enforcement agencies across the country and around the world. Today, the California Highway Patrol enjoys an international reputation of professionalism and performance and makes it a model for other law enforcement agencies and one that attracts numerous qualified candidates for employment based on its reputation as well as the generous pay and benefit package it offers. Moreover, the California Highway Patrol offers variety in assignment location and responsibilities, and law enforcement officers can gain valuable experience in a wide range of occupational specialty settings as they progress through their…. [read more]

Iraqi Students the Literature Review Literature Review

… What skills are required to communicate?

It is not necessary to have acquired all the communicative skills in order to communicate. For example, an infant can communicate in a general sense the fact that he or she is dissatisfied with the present state of affairs simply by letting out a good bit of yelling. Such an act may not inform the parent of the exact problem, but at least it allows the parent to be informed that a problem exists.

This is not a good example of effective communication and in fact effective communication can be described as; the ability to send messages that are clear, concise and convey the meaning of the message in an effective manner.

At the same time good communication means…. [read more]

Autism Is a Developmental Disorder Literature Review

… In this way, they can play an influential role when it comes to the implementation of an education plan as per the child's requirements. However, the role and participation of parents may vary on the basis of their own expertise, educational background, the time they take out and other various factors. At many occasions, parents often lack the knowledge about their child because of which they might be unable to communicate or help even in the case of their dissatisfaction with the learning approach being adopted. For this reason, in order to deal with the legal difficulties which arise between parents and the school, IDEA has included the provision of providing procedural safeguards which was made a part of the act at the time when…. [read more]

Success of Minority Students Term Paper

… ¶ … Minority Students

The Color of Success: Race and High-Achieving Urban Youth

The book "The Color of Success: Race and High-Achieving Urban Youth" looks at the idea through the perspectives and voices of specific students. The book examines the why and how behind the academic success that some minorities manage to achieve, despite the fact that the opportunities many of them have are not strong. The individuals that lend their 'voices' to the book are a mixture of race and ethnicity, and they include Latino, Vietnamese, and African-American students from urban high schools. By using these individuals, the author was able to provide an analysis that was both comparative and revealing, while also providing a great deal of insight into how the schools in…. [read more]

Organizational Problem Management I Am a Student Term Paper

… Organizational Problem


I am a student because I want to learn. The desire to learn is what makes you a student for life and not just the classroom. I know there are pressures from parents, peers and society to join a certain course or work for a certain degree, but in my case, it had always been self-motivation that influenced by education decisions. I have realized that as long as you have the keen desire to learn, there is nothing that would stop you from gaining knowledge. Getting an education is not the same thing as acquiring knowledge because the latter requires a deep desire to learn and know while the former is only looking for grades and a degree.

I know you can…. [read more]

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