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Child Obesity Term Paper

… Childhood Obesity

The problem of overweight children in the United States has increased dramatically in the last several years and some claim has reached near epidemic proportions. The problem has doubled in the past 20 years as the percentage of overweight children has increased from 6.5% in 1980 to 15.3% in the year 2000 (Centers for Disease Control, 2000). During the same period, the percentage of overweight adolescents tripled from 5% in 1980 to an alarming rated of 15.5% in 2000 (Centers for Disease Control, 2000). As will be discussed later in this paper, the consequences of this increase in obesity among children will have a significant impact on the health of these children not only presently but also as this generation of children age.…. [read more]

Nutrition and Cancer Thesis


There are many studies which suggest that nutrition is inextricably linked to cancer rates and many of those studies with their findings will be reviewed during the course of the present study. Reports of how the food industry goes about procuring and processing food for the mass public reveal that never more than before the present time has such inherent danger existed in the food one consumes.

There are a vast many hormones as well as other substances that are ingested by animals prior to their slaughter and as well many fertilizers and poisons are used on crops in order to promote their growth and to kill insects that would destroy the crops. One example of today's food production…. [read more]

Eating and Cholesterol Term Paper

… ¶ … Eating Habits and Developing High Cholesterol Levels

Coronary heart disease (CHD) remains the leading single cause of death in the United States today, and elevated serum cholesterol is widely recognized as being the risk factor responsible for myocardial infarction and CHD death; furthermore, a growing body of research supports the acceptance of hypercholesterolemia being as a causal and treatable agent in coronary artery arthersclerosis (Baum, Jennings, Manuck & Rabin, 2001).. According to statistics released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), approximately half a million Americans die each year from coronary heart disease (Adams & Jennings, 1993). To date, researchers have determined that controllable risk factors such as the level of physical inactivity, smoking, overweight or obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol,…. [read more]

Bariatric Surgery and Adjustable Gastric Banding Thesis

… Bariatric Surgery and Adjustable Gastric Banding

Obesity is certainly considered one of the most prevalent health problems in any of modern society. Despite an apparent reduction in calorie consumption, and an improved social comprehension of nutrition and exercise programs, the prevalence of obesity has been on the rise over the last several generations. This is understood to be primarily the result of an ever increasing sedentary lifestyle for children and adults. The condition of obesity has been closely scrutinized by both psychologists and physicians. For researchers, obesity can seem an enigmatical problem due to its complex and apparently diverse etiology. There is a need to create a verifiable animal model to assist in conducting more efficient and reproducible research in this area.

Despite extensive research,…. [read more]

Fitness Profile Term Paper

… Fitness Profile

Introduction have found that most individuals manage their external appearance, especially their weight, in order to be considered physically attractive by whatever cultural standards that are accepted in a positive manner. This entails that a large number of people strive to manage their appearance through some type of weight control because in our society being thin is more widely thought of as acceptable and therefore rewarded more than obesity. This trend has been a major part of our contemporary global postindustrial society. The problem is that most people do not really know how to manage their diets, exercise and lifestyles in a way that is conducive to weight control and those who do know how to do it charge very large fees on…. [read more]

How Poor Diet & Lifestyle Cause Diabetes Term Paper

… 4 % of the residents own a house

- 1 car in a household (average)

Schools: American Public University System, University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland University College

Neighborhood: Leisure World (LW) plaza conveniently located adjacent to LW

Walkability Score: 56; it is somewhat walkable, and some errands can be accomplished on foot

Air and water quality: Air quality score is 43 which is okay. Water quality is 50 on a scale of 100

Nutrition: There is a nutrition and cooking kickstart class, and a food for life diabetes cooking class offered at leisure world

Crime: 1,739 total number of crimes, crime rate is 23.06 per…. [read more]

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Essay

… Strategies

Although culture shock is difficult to manage, it is to some extent possible to manage the challenge. The health professionals might feel hopeless because one feels like giving up in serving the community. However, it is important to include some of the people in the health program who will assist in administration of the service. This may include the elders and any other enlightened individual (Sargison, Marsh and Craigie, 2005). In addition, if there are educated people among the indigenous population, they can serve as staff members, to assist in doing simple medical tasks. Also, it is important for healthcare professionals to construct healthcare facilities in the remote areas. If this may not work, the professionals through the government can offer transport services to…. [read more]

Neurological Disorder Epilepsy Term Paper

… In some particular complicated cases, the lack of full standardization (devices, methods, etc.) also make difficult confrontation of two or more different cases, methods, devices, which ultimately reduces the extent of efficacy of this treatment for epilepsy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for the treatment of epilepsy tends to be a treatment which involves no side effects. It can work even if it is not beneficial in reducing the seizure frequency among patients. Psychotherapeutic strategies such as CBT can be combined with pharmacological treatments for attaining gainful results among patients suffering from severe epilepsy syndromes. This however requires a close collaboration between epileptologist and psychotherapist (Ramaratnam et al., 2008).

After having an idea about three major ways of treating epilepsy, one needs to approach psychological therapies…. [read more]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diet for Well being Research Paper

… This perspective summarizes the confidence placed in food therapy by these cultures for many years. Sun continues: "If the food therapy is not enough to treat the disease then use the medicine" -- the idea being that food therapy can go a long way to contain and/or solve the problem in the body -- but the recognition is clear that it is not in every case a cure-al: "The medicinal properties is strong like an army, the army destroys all furiously at the chance. The medicine is just like an army, it beats and pound randomly" (Sun 2003).

Sun Simiao (- -- ) states the golden principles of longevity in " Qian Jin Fang":

"To maintain a healthy mind…. [read more]

Korotkoff Phase Term Paper

… The following key words were used to search the databases:




Korotkoff Phases




Electronic/automated monitoring

Subject Population

The subject population of the literature review will be limited to studies reported in English concerning pregnant women in the United States.

Literature Review

Literature Selection and Identification

The literature reviewed for this project was conducted using the search terms noted above, in isolation and in combination. Based on the appropriateness of the identified research, the following literature was selected for inclusion in this study. As with many other areas of clinical research, there is a paucity of research concerning the appropriateness of which Korotkoff phase should be used as the endpoint for the measurement of diastolic blood pressure during pregnancy. Further complicating…. [read more]

Diabetes in Australia the Australian Essay

… In both cases, the other similarity they have is that early detection, effective treatment and continued good management can significantly lead to reduction in the diabetic related complications and even death.

Differences; according to Rheem G., (2013)

While Type 1 diabetes is basically an auto-immune disease where the cells responsible for producing insulin in the pancreas are attacked by the immune system and the person has no control over this, the Type 2 diabetes is caused by predisposition to risk factors as docile living conditions, poor diet and obesity.

While Type 1 diabetes renders the patient dependent on lifelong injection of insulin into the body to help manage the blood glucose levels, the Type 2 diabetes can be managed through change of lifestyle.

Type 1…. [read more]

Nature of Science Term Paper

… Nature of Science

Even in a technologically advanced society such as ours, there is little common awareness of science and of scientific principles. As a result, many people are blinded by pseudoscience. In his article "The Nature of science," David S. Smith outlines the definition of science, the process of science, and the limitations of science so that readers can better understand how to distinguish between scientific fact and fiction. According to Smith, there is no universal definition of science. However, for the purposes of his argument, Smith defines science as the branch of knowledge that deals with the structure and operation of the universe. Science is only concerned with natural principles, observable phenomena, and verifiable evidence. Science is not, on the other hand, interested…. [read more]

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