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Why America Cannot Leave Iraq Thesis

… Iraq Exit

No Exit: America's Responsibility and Need to Remain in Iraq

The War in Iraq began on March 19th, 2003, when American bombers began a 'Shock and Awe' campaign designed to 'decapitate' Iraqi Republican Army leadership and to pound the civilian population into preemptive submission. The attack preceded the arrival of a deadline by which despot Saddam Hussein had been given the ultimatum to vacate Iraq with his sons to make way for democratic reform or to face the wrath of the United States. The purpose of this invasion was proposed quite singularly as the disruption of a regime which 'could' aid terrorists in destroying the United States, its friends and its allies. The final justification for this war was that, to that end,…. [read more]

Iraq War John Keegan Tackles Research Proposal

… Iraq War

John Keegan tackles what he admits to be the one of the most controversial wars in recent American history in the Iraq War. However, Keegan's first edition of the tome was published in 2004, meaning that the author penned most of his observations not long after the invasion began. When the author extols the victories of the coalition forces in the beginning chapters of the Iraq War readers wonder if he is referring to the same Iraq War: the one 24-hour cable news networks still report on in 2008; the same Iraq War that has sullied the reputation of the United States; the same Iraq War that has not been characterized by "ending victoriously," as Keegan claims in the opening sentences of the…. [read more]

Why Did the US Invade Iraq in 2003? Essay

… U.S. In Iraq

Bush Administration Claims about the Iraqi War

When the United States initiated war with Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration claimed it was in an effort to quash terrorism groups organized in Iraq, and in response to Iraq's use and holdings of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). A writer notes about these claims, "These claims will move us into careful considerations of the Iraq war as a form of self-defense, law enforcement, and rescue, which will thereby take us into moral and practical implications of U.S. foreign policy" (Miller, 2008). Today, we know that the American military and UN advisers never found any WMD on Iraqi soil, and that the war rages on, even though there have been pull outs of military…. [read more]

America-Afghanistan Relations Essay

… This is a self-nominated role as custodian of a (prospective) global order based on American democracy and capitalism" (Pfaff, 2012). Of course, some might argue that the absolute opposite is true -- that the U.S. presence sparks terrorist activity and that the U.S. has been completely ineffective at stopping the insurrection of the Taliban (Pfaff, 2012). Regardless, creating a strong alliance between the two countries is vital: they need a peaceful rapport to contribute to one another's sense of stability.

In fact, in summer of 2012, the U.S. declared Afghanistan a completely major, largely significant, non-NATO ally: "The move, announced as Mrs. Clinton stood with President Hamid Karzai... was part of a broad strategic partnership deal signed by the United States and Afghanistan in May,…. [read more]

Iraq Reconstruction of Iraq: UN Term Paper

… S. foreign policy, especially when dealing with prisoners-of-war (POWs). Recent reports of Iraqi prisoners abuse by the military created outrage among Iraqis, which further worsened the already poor efforts of the U.S. government's reconstruction program in the country (Ensor & Mount, 2004). The UN can remedy this problem of weak foreign policy by taking over the U.S. government's job, replacing it with a 'neutral' institution that will serve as intermediary not only between Iraq and U.S., but among other nations as well. U.S.'s weak international relations will also be remedied with UN's international network with other countries, drawing support for the Iraq reconstruction program not only with U.S.'s ally counties, but also countries sympathetic to the plight of the country (Iraq) and its people.

It…. [read more]

Latin American Terrorism Issues Research Paper

… United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)

This group of terrorist is relatively weak and less active. Very few activities have been reported by this group. It has more than 32000 members dismissed. Thus, it remains inactive as a formal group. Despite of its less activities, many old members of AUC are engaged in criminal activities mostly drug trafficking, in newly emerging criminal organizations (known as BACRIM, BandasCriminalesEmergentes). This newly emerging group has more than 3500 and less than 6000 members. To cope with this situation, Colombian government has taken multiple steps and made new laws. These laws are being implemented properly in order to generate peace in the region. One of the unique and most effective laws made in this context is the thorough and…. [read more]

Why Higher Education Should Be Free Research Paper

… It is not a foregone conclusion that greater levels of higher education would completely cure the American electorate of ideological stupidity -- but at this point, with a system this dysfunctional, it certainly could not hurt.

Additionally, in a subtle point which is possible one that is worthy of our deepest consideration, Thomas Frank has noted that the current economic inflation in the cost of a college degree has other, less obvious effects on the economic and political life of the nation. As Frank wrote in a 2012 editorial for Harper's

To saddle young people with enormous, inescapable debt -- total student debt is now more than one trillion dollars -- is ultimately to transform them into profit-maximizing machines. I mean, working as a schoolteacher…. [read more]

U.S. Invaded Iraq in 2003 Essay

… These are some of the basic reasons that Bush advocated for and intended the U.S. To take stern action against the state of Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein.

Moreover, the occurrence of the incursion was aimed at changing regime to fit the U.S. neocons, and promoting American interests in a rich country, but wars are fought for balance of power and not for idealistic reasons. In addition to that, the U.S. being the sole superpower thought that by invading Iraq, Iran and other unfriendly countries seeking nuclear weapons would stop their attempts. Other motives of the invasion were to secure the Israeli position in the Middle East.

The 2003 incursion in Iraq occurred between mid March and late April. This started a reign…. [read more]

War in Iraq Essay

… ¶ … War in American History: The War on Terror

After the anger of September 11, 2001 subsided, a plethora of ideologies, philosophies, and opinions on "the war" began emerging in academia, political think tanks, and in media political pundit circles. The majority of these ideas, philosophies, and opinions had two overwhelmingly common factors: they condemned America's military presence in Iraq; and the focus of their discussions was George H. Bush. The promulgators of the prevailing anti-Bush-anti-War ideologies did not base their assessments of the American presence in Iraq, nor the war in general, on Islamic fundamentalism, significant responses by Middle Eastern leaders suggesting that the American action in Iraq and Afghanistan was effective and productive, or the outcome if, as has been demanded, America…. [read more]

Attacks of September 11, 2001 Term Paper

… The risks of inaction." He acknowledged there are many risks associated with the use of force against Iraq but said the suggestion that removing Saddam's regime would cause regional instability seems "exaggerated."

Wolfowitz said that sooner or later the world will have to cope with Saddam's demise.

In the interests of minimizing whatever risks there are to larger regional stability, it would be far better for this enormous change to take place when the eyes of the world are upon Iraq and when the United States and a strong coalition are committed to seeing it through to a successful conclusion," he said.

In short, to take place on the world's terms, not on Saddam's or on some fateful roll of the dice," he added.

Wolfowitz…. [read more]

Phoenix Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Phoenix Program Lessons to Iraq

Scope and Significance


The Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Phoenix

Applications for Iraq

Selected Bibliography


It is not at all unusual to hear popular comparisons made between the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq and though most experts see only a casual relationship still others see a comparison that is not only valid but is applicable to the utilization of historical Vietnam tactics and lessons learned from them to formulate reasonable resolutions to the Iraq War. In a collection of essays analyzing the similarities and differences of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, ed. David Ryan demonstrates that the two wars are very similar in public sentiment…. [read more]

Iran: A Path Towards Rapprochement Term Paper

… By shifting the Jews out of Europe, a certain amount of religious conflict was avoided in Europe, and the Jews felt happy that they had got their own land for the first time after the great Exodus, yet the people disposed of their land was the Arabs. This is the fundamental reason for the conflict which does not seem to get solved. The war that took place between Iraq and Iran in September 1980 also clearly showed that oil is under attack when a conflict takes place in that region. Both the sides led the attacks against the tankers from the other country as well as the refineries, and then to stop the other country by stopping its oil, led to attacks on neutral shipping…. [read more]

Gay and Lesbian Torture in Iraq and the International Human Rights Violations Term Paper

… Torture and Abuse of Gays and Lesbians in U.S. Occupied Iraq

The United States has always presented itself as a model of fairness and equality. A champion of human rights around the world, the American government is a signatory to wide range of treaties that guarantee equal protection and treatment for persons of diverse races, religions, creeds, and ethnic groups. The American government condemns gender bias, age discrimination, and prejudice against the physically and mentally disabled. So, when George W. Bush's original justification for the invasion of Iraq i.e. "anticipatory self-defense" collapsed, the President quickly substituted the idea of human rights. Yet, the new Iraq that is emerging after five years of often bloody U.S. occupation can hardly be described as a humanitarian paradise. Numerous…. [read more]

Military Should Leave Iraq Term Paper

… Military Should Leave Iraq and the Sooner the Better

Iraq has been Cheney's own personal piggy bank ever since he led the Pentagon during the Persian Gulf War in 1991. -- Amy Goodman and David Goodman, 2004

The year is 3056, and historians are shaking their heads in bewilderment. "How could this strange fellow, President Bush," they ask, "have responded to the destruction of a couple of big buildings with such an overwhelmingly inappropriate response? Didn't he know that the Muslim world would not tolerate such an attack on their fellows and rally to their aid?" This discourse, of course, is in Arabic, the entire world having converted to this language in 2021 following the downfall of the United States and its allies around the…. [read more]

Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq Literature Review

… Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq

Private investment in developing countries

An overview on early Empirical studies

In 1980s, the developing countries encountered some increment in their development behaviours with debt crisis, which affected the formation of capital. Concurrently, the affected countries were transforming from the post-era to a structural reform efforts. In mid 1980s, the developing countries adopted the reform programs within the new paradigms (Serven&Salimano, 1993) & (Jaspersen, Aylward&Sumlinski, 1970). Consequently, this led to the formation of environmental private sector that highly relied on the existing market. The formation and implementation of the new policies affected the availability of response to the private investments. The debt crisis lowered the private investments within the developing countries and this disheartened them. The…. [read more]

Guantanamo Bay Term Paper

… An additional 16 voted for the Cuban independence measure and abstained from the Platt Amendment (Mellen, 2004). These votes from the hypocritical members of the Senate would have defeated the Platt Amendment had they not changed their position so drastically (Mellen, 2004).

The U.S. intent to use the Platt amendment as the means to legitimize control over Cuba was not a hidden agenda (Mellen, 2004). Congressman Corliss of Michigan stated: "I am construed to vote for the amendment with reference to the island of Cuba, because I believe that the adoption thereof will insure the continuance of our sovereignty. I am unalterably opposed to the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States over the island of Cuba" (Mellen, 2004). Congressman C.E. Littlefield of Maine…. [read more]

Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gangs: Threat to National Security? Thesis

… ¶ … predominantly Latino Gangs, Mara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13), and the 18th Street Gang operating on the streets of communities across America. This study is significant because it will provide a snapshot in time concerning how these violent gangs operate in this country in ways that can inform and alert both civilian society and government agencies concerning optimal responses to the problem created by these gangs. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of documentary evidence and governmental statistics about the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang, this study developed several conclusive findings on the negative effects of these groups in the United States. The Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang are becoming transnational criminal organizations given the fact that they originated in Central America and…. [read more]

2005, John Ellsworth, Father Essay

… Given, however, that his family would have gained pleasure from reading them, Utilitarian philosophers would have argued that certainly more people than the one (being Justin) would gain contentment and, therefore, the e-mails should be made public. Elaborating on this situation, it may even be likely that Justin had done heroic and inspiring acts and his family may have decided to publicize these acts in written form. Even more people, consequently, would now be positively affected by publication of the e-mails and the impact multiplies were the effect to become viral spreading via social media through mediums such as You Tube, chat groups, links such as Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. Justin, without his knowledge, may, by release of his e-mails, inspire a world force…. [read more]

War Effect on Iraqi Literature Characters Response Essay

… He just ends up being the same guy without any meaning in his life.

Passage 5: “She looked up at me like she was scared, and I was also scared, but I knew what I was supposed to do.”

The narrator is about to have sex just because he feels he is supposed to. It has no meaning beyond that. It is just what his peer tells him to do.

Passage 6: “They ended up double-teaming some tourist, or at least they said they did. Either way, I’m glad I wasn’t there” (63).

The narrator shows his decency again. He is like a Holden Caufield type of character, despising his surroundings yet feeling trapped by them, unable to break free though…. [read more]

West and the Exportation of Democracy Essay

… S. policy plan since Oded Yinon's 1982 instructions for the expansion of Greater Israel -- conveniently incorporated into the U.S.'s own Project for a New American Century papers -- which the other Western states have been pressured into supporting). Democracy, in other words, is rarely to be seen in the West -- much less "exported" by the West. The recent "Brexit" vote in England is a sign that the people are, however, beginning to grow sufficiently fed up. The vote for the UK to leave the EU is a sign of democracy rearing its head once again in the West -- it constituted a vote of the people against the monolithic union that is the European totalitarian state.

In conclusion, the West's exportation of democracy…. [read more]

Counter Terrorism Issues. The Writer Uses Three Term Paper

… ¶ … counter terrorism issues. The writer uses three sources to answer questions about Mosques, agents and privacy.

The city that we live in has a large Arab population. The Arab community is comprised of both Arab-Americans and immigrants from Arab nations. As a senior counter terrorism official for the United States government it is my duty to determine the level of caution and steps that will be taken in this area to counteract and help prevent any possible acts of terrorism in the area.

When one wants to determine what level of caution to take when it comes to preventing acts of terrorism it is important not to focus exclusively on Arab populations. One only need to study the Oklahoma bombings to understand the…. [read more]

Hemingway Analysis the Returning Essay

… More and more readers attribute issues of mental health to Krebs' situation, which shows a definite change in perspective from the time that Hemingway's story was first written and publish and the understanding of war's effects on people today (Associated Content). Psychology was still a very young field in the second decade of the twentieth century, and many people still considered it a largely "quack" science with little real implications or applications. These attitudes have changed dramatically in the decades between the nineteen-twenties and the current era, and the psychological trauma that can be caused by experiencing warfare and similar ongoing acts of violence is much better understood now, even if this understanding is still perhaps somewhat lacking. Krebs, perhaps like Hemingway himself, would most…. [read more]

Blackwater USA Thesis

… Blackwater

The Private Contractor Dilemma

During the course of the war in Iraq, the United States has seen many of its allies remove their troops from Iraq. By itself, the United States military would be unable to fight the war and bring stability to the region as it is does not have the requisite number of troops on the ground and those troops are not adeptly trained for all of the dangerous tasks involved. The definitive number of troops is determined not by need but by executive and congressional orders, which do not allow greater numbers for support and/or security troops which creates an essential gap in services for troops and for the cause of securing individuals, groups and even supplies. The answer to this…. [read more]

Terrorist Attack on the U.S. Marine Compound in Beirut Airport in 1983 Term Paper

… Terrorist Attack on the U.S. Marine Compound at the Beirut Airport in 1983

In the early morning hours of October 23rd, 1983, a truckload of explosives would introduce America into a new era of terrorism. Forever gone would be the days where terrorist attacks were small-scale, poorly thought out, schemes. In its stead was the new breed of terrorist. These terrorists, from that point forward, would be well-trained, well-armed, and well-informed with the latest intelligence. Oftentimes, they would now be working for legitimate State governments, governments looking for underhanded means of obtaining their objective, with the deniability of the use of a terrorist outfit. These newly evolved terrorist were no longer afraid to take on big targets for fear of not getting supporters. They had…. [read more]

Interventionism From the Perspective Case Study

… These studies serve as the foundation for this present analysis.

Other studies have shown that foreign military intervention can easily be conducted even if they are in violation of the United Nations charter and lack authorization of the Security Council (Cassese 1999). This shows that countries can and do act on their own in engaging in interventionism. The motives for doing so are what this study plans to investigate.

A number of Western countries support humanitarian interventionism but they have not yet intervened in Syria. The reality behind humanitarian interventionism is that there are clear political, geopolitical, and economical consequences to every foreign intervention. Intervention is not merely a humanitarian crusade but rather a highly explosive affair that can cripple countries' infrastructures and have global…. [read more]

George W. Bush Administration Policy on Syria Essay

… Syria

An Analysis of the U.S.-Syrian Conflict

This paper will analyze the G.W. Bush Administration's justification for conflict with Syria and show how the disparate reasons of internal organs within the White House and those offered to the public by way of the national press suggest that an ulterior motive much broader in scope and ideological in nature was (and is) actually the basis for justification. In doing so, this paper will utilize Conflict Theory to help bring into perspective the opposing rationales that are presented throughout the analysis.

The Bush Administration had very clear reasons for initiating conflict with Syria, outlined by such neo-conservative think tanks as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) (members of which were highly placed in the Administration…. [read more]

Presidential Election 2008 Candidates Project Term Paper

… Candidates Project

have chosen to shadow Hillary Clinton the democratic presidential candidate for president in 2008. Hillary Clinton filed with the FEC in January 22, 2007. In so doing I will analyze the official candidacy website as well as other sources to determine the foundation for the candidacy, the issues, the candidates platform, and how the media sees the candidate. I will also seek out information on who is funding the candidates bid for office, what opinion polls are saying about Clinton, what the advertising looks like and lastly I will evaluate and synthesize the information and draw conclusions about suggestions I have for this client in her campaign.

Official Website Analysis:

The official Hillary Clinton candidate website opens with a sign up page that…. [read more]

Country Issue Study Term Paper

… ¶ … fragile state of democracy in Iraq. The writer explores the current state of affairs with regard to transitioning Iraq into a democratic nation. The writer also examines the Islamic impact on the ability for Iraq to transition successful into a democracy. There were eight sources used to complete this paper.

Transitioning to Democracy: Iraq's Fragile State

Following the events of 9-11 America went to war. It was determined to wipe out terrorism in much the same way pest controllers want to wipe out the cockroach. It is a good thought, an pleasant idea but not one that will most likely happen. Along the way, however, many other goals get accomplished and one of the goals the American war in Iraq targeted was the…. [read more]

U.S. Approach to Terrorism Term Paper

… Even with President Barack Obama's desire to reduce troop strength in Afghanistan, there is little indication that the war against terrorism is ending.

Fewer troops do not mean the war is over. Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, who is the enemy in this war? Who does the United States hunt and where does it find them? According to Obama, after the death of Osama Bin Ladin, the world is a safer place.

To say that the world is safer may come as a startling revelation for those in the tornado ravaged South, those in Southeast Asia at constant risk of tsunami, and those who fear earthquakes, like the Haitian people, who have largely fallen out of U.S. consciousness President Obama rhetorically links the…. [read more]

Impressions of War the Most Vivid Imagine Essay

… Impressions of War

The most vivid imagine of war was the beginning of it all. September 11, 2001 changed the United States. It was vividly relived over and over again in the media and in the newspaper. There was this sense that the nation's spirit had been broken and there was no room to live innocently. There were plenty of young individuals, both male and female, that either got summoned or volunteered to go and fight this war on terrorism. It began in the United States with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Although we did not really know it at the time, this was the first image of war and it was the…. [read more]

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