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Why I Am the Oakland Raiders Biggest Fan Term Paper

… Oakland Raider's Biggest Fan

Why I Am Oakland Raiders' Biggest Fan

I am fortunate to have discovered early in life what my passions are. My greatest passion of all is football, and not just any style, game or team, it is Oakland Raiders football. My blood runs Silver and Black. Intensity, passion and the attitude of winning no matter what, all driven by an extreme commitment to excellence is what makes being a Raider fan one of the very best experiences in my life. My greatest joy in life is seeing the Raiders take the field and take both offense and defense to a level of intensity, passion and pain for opponents that are not present in any other NFL team. The Oakland Raiders are…. [read more]

Baseball and the American Term Paper

… He needs to have physical courage because a baseball thrown at 94 miles per hour can cause serious damage to a batter. And a line drive off the bat that goes directly back at the pitcher's face can do serious harm in that way too. Also, a third baseman in baseball gets balls hit at him that are very hit very hard and travel fast, and the ball can hit a pebble or a little bump in the ground and bounce up suddenly and hit the third baseman in the face.

The other kind of courage that Mandelbaum is speaking of is "moral courage"; that kind of courage is needed in order to "…perform knowing that the frequent and inevitable failures will be personal ones,"…. [read more]

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