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Culture of Interest: Japan Theoretical Research Paper

… Japan scored somewhere in middle on individualism collectivism index and the society is more paternalistic in nature. It does not display strongest of collectivist traditions but neither does it resonate with individualistic characteristics as a cultural unit. The American people on the other hand have displayed tremendously high score in this dimension. Having scored 91, the nation is among highest scorer in this aspect. People primarily work for them and do not like affording extended families. Satisfaction of personal aims, aspirations and motives is primary to American people. Glorification of personal efforts to achieve success is common place in the society Americans live in. While Japanese people are more considerate towards other group members, Americans too have displayed desire to form groups, only to satisfy…. [read more]

Culture of a Country Essay

… This failure of handling cultural differences has resulted in the failure of many businesses in China. As a result of such misunderstanding or fail to quantify he cultural costs many business are hurt as they operate with others.

Chinese business contacts are usually referral where you meet someone as a result of being recommended by someone one else. Therefore the best prices and recommendations for a product comes from a strong recommendation. This means you do not make the decision yourself but the person referring you gets to do this. However with the advancement of technology availing internet, and trade fairs, catalogues, brochures you can approach the Chinese company directly through a call or email. Alternatively any one wishing to invest in China, the best…. [read more]

Pacific Plan Is a Document Essay

… Another step towards the realization of sustainable development was developing and implementing conservation as well as management measures both in the national and the regional levels. These measures would make sure that fisheries' resources got utilized in a sustainable manner. In addition, policies and plans that regulated the way waste was managed were to be developed and implemented. Pollution of the environment is a major drawback in developmental efforts therefore it is important to determine how waste will be managed in order to conserve the environment. Efforts to achieve sustainable development in countries in the Pacific region were being hindered by lack of energy sources that were environmentally friendly and affordable. The Pacific Plan came up with a recommendation that the 'Pacific Islands Energy Policy'…. [read more]

Demerits of Abortion Essay

… ¶ … Abortion Should be Illegal

The recent past has witnessed heated debates on whether abortion should be legalized in different countries across the globe or not. People often have different views on what is right on the topic or wrong. As such, the topic raises concerns for many people globally. The reasons as to why people have an abortion or oppose it vary significantly. The variation in the views has attracted significant political attention with some political activists strongly arguing that abortion should be legalized while others argue for its abolition (Carroll 125). However, I strongly believe that abortion should not be legalized at all cost.

The reason why women should not have an abortion relates to the basic human values. It is appreciable…. [read more]

Political Science the Issue Raised Term Paper

… Political Science

The issue raised is whether or not the national culture in which our political system operates influences the agenda of our political parties, or does the agenda of the political parties influence our national culture? It is possible that both our national culture and the agenda of political of our major parties influence one another, but it is more likely that one has more influence over the other. This means that the overall issues we as a nation are concerned about make up the platform of debate between the two major parties, but it is more likely that we are more "politically" concerned about issues that have been established by the political parties' agendas. To a degree, this can be a "chicken and…. [read more]

What Can We Learn From Other Cultures That Can Help US Better Understand Our Sexualities? Essay

… ¶ … Cultures Can Teach Us about Sexuality

Sexuality is an interesting concept, and when examined clearly has a relationship to cultural rules and norms. What is considered acceptable and appropriate sexual behavior varies significantly according to cultural rules, though some sexual taboos and norms seem to cross cultural lines. The fact that cultural norms impact what sexual behaviors are considered appropriate or inappropriate is significant, because many people argue that certain variants of sexuality are either natural or unnatural. However, if some sexual behavior was inherently unnatural, one would not expect to find sexual behavior that is considered aberrant in some cultures as a normative behavior in other cultures. In fact, it is this diversity of "normal" sexual behavior that is the most informative…. [read more]

Political Correctness Essay

… Political Correctness

The term of political correctness has become a debated subject especially after September 11, 2001 events that shocked the mere fundamentals of American democracy. However, it is rather difficult to actually take a stand for or against this concept being applied in the United States. At the same time though, given the increased diversity in terms of culture, religion, nationality, and political views, political correctness is no longer an issue to be taken lightly, but rather to be applied.

One of the main reasons for observing a political correct attitude in today's America is related to the fact that America, at this point, is the home of millions of immigrants from across the globe. Such immigrants have come to search for better life…. [read more]

Political Ecology Approach on Water Contamination in China Essay

… China Water

Political Ecology in the Developing World: The Problem of Clean Drinking Water in China

Environmental issues remain highly controversial and receive a lot of attention by today's media and today's politicians, with topics like global warming and the latest corporate environmental disaster -- whether it is oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico or some toxic cloud spewing into the atmosphere -- grabbing headlines and focusing political debates. Often, as a matter of fact, it seems that the political fallout is more important to the public and certainly to the media than the actual environmental effects of these events and ongoing circumstances. When this is the case, it can become difficult to truly ascertain the extent of environmental problems or to discern the…. [read more]

Culture Pervasiveness and the Difficulty Essay

… "INTEC's competences exclusively supplement the present abilities of the Sea Engineering occupational, a specialist in deep water hulls, risers and mooring, learned in January 2007. Worley Parsons now has the competence to deliver services that will be all over the whole range from transmission to subsea line.

"INTEC have been able to establish a track record that has spanned something like 20 years having calculated subsea and pipelines manufacture systems in water depths that at one time were thought to be unbearable to get to. The business at the moment is creating projects that are low points of up to 3,500 meters in places that are varied as the offshore West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and…. [read more]

Learning Power and Culture Schools A-Level Coursework

… Learning, Power and Culture Schools

Learning, Power, and Culture in Schools

When one uses incrementalism one adds to a plan bit by bit, rather than attempting to do something all at once. By making these kinds of incremental changes, a person can make course corrections and also build upon what was done in the past to create a positive future for himself or herself. This can be done in personal or professional situations, as well. Logical incrementalism is when something is added to in increments through a sensible process of careful steps (i.e. logic) (Mintzberg, 2005). This is a focus on planning with a behavioral approach, instead of a formal systems approach to planning (Mintzberg, 2005). It can be used in public policy, but there…. [read more]

Business A. What Are the Key Elements Term Paper

… Business a. What are the key elements that define a culture?

According to Ellwood, culture comprise on the one hand, the entire of human's material civilization, instruments, armory, outfits, machinery, and systems of industry as well, and on the other hand the complete intangible or spiritual civilization, like language, writings, art, religion, sacraments, ethics, regulations and administration. (Kluckhohn; Kroeber; Meyer; Untereiner, 1952) Culture can be defined as that sign of dedication and orderliness within a social setup which lets people to repose mutual confidence to work in harmony. Developing an organizational culture engages the leader in various distinct implementation responsibilities. (Fairholm, 1994)

Culture comprises of models, expressed and understood, of and for behavior obtained and conveyed through signs, comprising the unique triumph of human groups,…. [read more]

Human Resources Managing Organisational Culture Dissertation

… d).

Understanding of organisational culture and cultural types also helps the understanding of why managerial reforms may impact differently within and between organisations. An organisation with a predominantly internal process culture, for example, may be more resistant to reforms aimed at promoting innovation. It is expected that staff in high uncertainty avoidance cultures to be more concerned with rule-following and more reluctant to risk changing jobs - both factors of some importance for those reformers who want to deregulate bureaucracies and encourage more rapid job change in the public service'. Businesses in both the private and public sectors have come to understand that organisational change frequently requires changing the organisation's culture and learning (O'Donnell & Boyle, 2008).

Whatever the purpose and performance results of culture…. [read more]

Culture Refers to the Accumulated Knowledge Essay

… ¶ … Culture refers to the accumulated knowledge, social and personal behavior, values, language, customs, and the religious beliefs of one ethnic group which are usually learned and passed from one generation of people to the next one. Looking at culture from an anthropological viewpoint, culture determines what people belief in their folk remedies, indigenous systems of medicine and other aspects of life such as food, etc.

Indians have their own unique religion, language, music, dance, food and architecture which differ from one place to another within the country. The Indian culture is an amalgamation of several diverse sub-cultures which spread all over the subcontinent of India and traditions which are more than a millennium old White, 2009()

The Indian culture is regarded by many…. [read more]

Obesity Is a Psychological Essay

… It is actually impossible not to frame obesity as a public health problem when two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese (Walker). Two-thirds is a majority. Clearly, obesity is a public health problem. The term "fat American" has become almost redundant. Fat Americans are commonplace because it is socially acceptable to eat poorly, much as it was socially acceptable to smoke cigarettes a few generations ago. As Warner points out, it only took a generation to change American attitudes about smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes used to be "sexy and cool," but now they are stigmatized as being gross and cancerous (Warner 404). Changing the culture and its norms related to eating is the most sensible solution to the obesity problem. Americans need public programs that promote…. [read more]

Media Representation of Issues Essay

… The media attempts to show Obama as a president who listens to the people and takes measures to help the disenfranchised, despite the dissatisfaction of those who do not share his views. The author's perception of the article is not one of objectivity, as objective firstly because no piece of media is wholly objective, especially news media. The bias may be subtle, but it is ever-present. Secondly, readers may not perceive the article as objective because of how casually the authors slipped in the information regarding how many immigrants Obama has deported. Many Americans believed that President Obama would be more amenable and reasonable, but he has proven to be just as strict or stricter than his white counterparts.

Furthermore, it is unreasonable to extend…. [read more]

Person Is Born, the Family Term Paper

… Childhood is the most important stage of life for an individual, as it is the reflection of his personality as an adult, where most of the things that are learnt are an imitation of cultural aspects. It includes the views, traditions, symbolism and rites of the culture, which sequentially leaves a deep impression on the personalities of the individuals. These factors explicitly enlighten the fact that culture comprehensively develops and shapes the personality of an individual, which is accomplished by the process of learning rather than having an innate feature.

How is Culture and Personality Related?

From the time a human enters into the worlds, it is the cultural community (that consists of complete ball of wax starting from parents, siblings, family, neighborhood, culture) that…. [read more]

Political Culture and Affirmative Action Essay

… Political culture, political socialization, and identity politics converge in the debate about affirmative action in the United States. Political culture refers to the core values and beliefs about politics and the political process within a unified society. Social behaviors such as participation in political organizations, membership in special interest groups, and voter turnouts are products of political culture. Political culture may also be reflected in the media and in public and private social discourse.

In the United States, core cultural values related to the political process include strong emphasis on preserving individual rights and freedoms. Political culture in the United States sometimes entails mistrust of the federal government and a corresponding distrust of tax-dependent social services. Although the American political culture is rooted in a…. [read more]

Political Issues in Higher Education Essay

… People become motivated by emergent leaders (Martin, 2006) and they enjoy much love and respect by their followers who are fed up of the pathetic approaches of non-qualified but influential leaders.

b. People Question Leaders

As dissatisfaction increases, people approach the limits of their tolerance and planning riots against the leaders. The youth plays an important role in giving voice to the emotions of people. It is also important to mention that youth has the best learning capacity and when full of energy, they have the ability to lead countable people and face utmost critique as well. History has seen many such young leaders (Hava and Kwokbun, 2012) whose followers were ready to die at one command of leader without any question or objection.

The…. [read more]

Political Reasons Behind the Electricity Essay

… Even the Caribbean nations (Jamaica and Dominican Republic) are major consumers of energy than Haiti. Haiti's energy consumption rate is about a fifth as much as India. However, Afghanistan's consumption is much less than Haiti

i. Government

The government has taken crucial steps towards mitigating the trend that has seen Haiti lag behind many Caribbean countries for the longest period. Low energy consumption affects various economic activities in the country. It further explains why Haiti has little economic progresses with a record population of people living below poverty line in the Caribbean region. Cases of unemployment and underemployment have reached alarming rate. More than two-thirds of Haiti's labor force lack formal jobs hence even the educated few do not find an opportunity to explore their…. [read more]

Political Science - Federal Term Paper

… Political Science - Federal

Political Science

In what ways did the events of 9/11 and the measures taken as a result of the tragedy affect the way in which America viewed itself in terms of its own might, its ability to secure its own citizens and detect new kinds of enemies?

Prior to the bloody and vicious attacks against the United States on that bright September morning in 2001 the American self-view of superiority, might and some may even say invincibility, were as solid and as unshakable as the World Trade Towers themselves. Americans saw their own might in the context of previous victories during the prior century and in the light that that was naturally cast by the sole super power in the world.…. [read more]

Consider How National Identity and Culture Is Constructed Through Fashion in China and Japan Term Paper

… ¶ … national identity and culture is constructed through fashion in China and Japan

Fashion and Cultural Identity on China and Japan

Fashion, as it relates to culture, has initiated a relatively new and complex area of research into society and societal history. The concept of fashion has come to mean more than merely the history of dress and style for its own sake. Consequently, the study of fashion has developed into a multidisciplinary field that includes cultural, historical and sociological analyses of the role of fashion in societies.

The emerging field of fashion studies, sometimes known as the "new" fashion history, differs significantly from traditional dress history, which tended to focus on the stylistic analysis of elite fashions. By contrast, contemporary fashion studies asks…. [read more]

Morality and Culture Essay

… ¶ … culture and morality. In other words it deals with the question: Is morality relative to culture? Proponents of so called "cultural relativism," sometimes also called "moral relativism" or "ethical relativism" argue that different cultures obtain varying moral codes. "If there is no transcendent moral or ethical standard, then often culture arguably seems to become the ethical norm for determining whether an action is right or wrong" (see Anderson: 1). Culture and cultural dimensions are considered the collective horizon representing a specific social reality. American anthropologist and cultural relativist Ruth Benedict in Patterns of Culture (1934) said: "Morality differs in every society and is a convenient term for socially approved habits" (as cited by Kehl: 2). The paper will show that the doctrine of…. [read more]

Political Science International Political Economy: Realist, Liberal Research Paper

… Political Science

International Political Economy:

Realist, Liberal, and Marxist Perspectives

The current international order is in a state of flux. As economics becomes ever more global in scale, nation states struggle to maintain their independent powers and spheres of influence. The more than three hundred year old Westphalian order has been replaced, to a significant extent, by a system of international organizations, and an international political economy that has attempted to coalesce around a single hegemon. Through agreements such as Bretton Woods, the United States established its currency as the world's reserve standard. The petroleum that fuels the globe's industrial powerhouses is, by and large, bought and sold in dollars. The United States, despite enormous declines in industrial output, and a move toward a post-industrial…. [read more]

Culture and Media Worlds Term Paper

… Culture and Media Works

Sexual Objectification of Women in Media

Media today is one of the most common grounds used to communicate or get a message across. It has readily increased its accessibility and its reach to people with phenomenon of globalization. Any individual who has access to any form of visual media today knows how the issue of "sex" has become a common term in the media. It is used in different ways and on different levels in different countries but it is reasonable to state that the sexual objectification is being used in media today and is presented in such an open manner that it can simply not be disregarded anymore (Hall, 1998).

Be it television, billboards, movies, TV shows, magazines or any…. [read more]

Library Search Term Paper

… Abortion

A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding abortion occurred in 1973: Roe vs. Wade. The Supreme Court decided that abortion in the U.S. is legal during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. The pregnant woman has the legal right to decide to keep or terminate her pregnancy. "The basis of the Court's decision in this case was the Ninth Amendment, in stating 'the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people,' protected a person's right to privacy" (Lewis, 1999).

Impact on Male and Female Sexuality

Abortion obviously takes the lives of young infants, but it can also ruin the lives of their mothers. Many women, post-abortion, experience great levels of depression. They realize…. [read more]

Enlightenment on American Culture and Political Life Essay

… ¶ … Enlightenment on American Culture and Political Life

The impact that the Enlightenment had on American culture is significant. In fact the American society that "evolved and is dominant today -- including the democratic ideals, capitalism and the scientific method -- all "derive from the Enlightenment ideals formulated in England" (Jandt, 2007, p. 184). The emphasis that Americans have on individual liberties and the dominant language in America and the structure of law were the result of the Enlightenment, Jandt explained (184). The author asserts that values related to democracy -- including separation of powers (executive, legislative and judicial) -- derived from the French philosopher Montesquieu, prominent in the French Enlightenment.

Professor Robert Morse Crunden -- with the University of Texas -- explained that…. [read more]

Socially-Constructed Societies / Cultures: Transmigrants and Transnationals Essay

… It is notable that Massey's thesis in his discourse centers its attention to the political and economic dynamics of migration, without any discussion of the social implications that international migration have contributed to American society (a core country) and the peripheral and semi-peripheral countries (mostly from the Asian and Middle Eastern regions).

The pluralist or multicultural model is reflected in discourses written by Kennedy, Matthews, and Schiller. In Paul Kennedy and Victor Roudometof's article entitled, "Transnationalism in a global age," the authors posits that "transnationalism communities and cultures need to be understood as constituting a much wider and more commonplace phenomenon" (1). Deviating from the socio-economic and political theory of Massey, Kennedy and Roudometof focus on the social and cultural developments of migration in the…. [read more]

American Political Culture and Values Article Review

… ¶ … American Political Culture and Values

In Patterns of Support for Democratic and Capitalist Values in the United States, Chong et al. discuss America's political culture and values from the point-of-view that they are now and have historically been based in both democracy and capitalism. In fact, the authors make the point that, for Americans, these two values are so critical to the ideals of the United States that alternative beliefs have played only an insubstantial role in the American experience. They discuss the role that social learning theory plays in the acquisition of these societal norms and how different individuals assimilate societal norms at different rates. They believe that the social learning of a nation's norms can be broken down into three states:…. [read more]

Why Is Culture a Political Issue? Essay

… ¶ … Culture a Political Issue?

People today are living in an increasingly diverse world in terms of culture. Globalization and the rapid advances in communication technology since the middle of the 20th century are issues that have contributed significantly to this. An increasing amount of people have access to online technology and hence to a diversity of cultures and communications across the globe. Paradoxically, culture is also the one thing that all human beings have in common. Nobody can claim to be outside some form of cultural heritage. The general concept of culture then manifests itself in all human activity, precisely because it cannot be discarded, escaped, or negated. Paradigms such as religion, the home, medicine are for example strongly influenced by culture. Culture…. [read more]

Rap Music - A Soundtrack Essay

… As a result, rap has been like a cultural virus, spreading its sounds, attitude, and images throughout all cultures (social and political bodies).

DJ Kool paved a leeway for hip hop culture across the entire world, for the new rap artists such as "Grandmaster Flash." DJ Grandmaster Flash together with his group of the "Furious Five" were great innovators of hip hop, surpassing the rap genres of the party music origins in order to explore a wide scope of rap lyrics and sonic horizons. DJ Grandmaster Flash began to spinning musical records in his youth age in a team within the Bronx. While attending his technical school courses in electronics, Grandmaster was a deejay within some local disco trails

. With time, he developed a…. [read more]

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