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Drug Legalization Term Paper

… Drug Legalization

As the country was turning into the 20th century, drugs that were in the market were largely unregulated. There were medical remedies that often contained derivatives of cocaine and heroin. These were freely distributed over-the-counter without a prescription and without the consumer being much aware of which drugs were more potent and which were not. There was a caveat emptor attitude towards the use of medical tonics which could have led to the difference between life and death. This is what led to the war on drugs that led to the implementation of drug regulations. However, these drug regulations have since come of age and they need to be removed.

History of the war on drugs

The war on drugs began in the…. [read more]

Sixteen American States Currently Allow Research Paper

… Government already regulates food and drugs, as well as harmful substances like alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Given the nature of marijuana, it makes no sense to classify the drug as being any more harmful than alcohol. Keeping marijuana illegal represents the encroachment of big government and the creation of an unwanted, unwarranted police state.

As Miron points out, though, another reason to legalize drugs like marijuana is that prohibition fuels organized crime. When alcohol prohibition became law in the United States, organized crime syndicates profited from the widespread distribution of moonshine. In the same way, the prohibition of marijuana has allowed organized crime syndicates to control the growing, selling, and distribution of the drug. Because the drug is illegal, stakes are high for engaging in…. [read more]

Controversy Persists Concerning Essay

… , concerning the use of the drug for medicinal purposes, or should the federal government ultimately hold the power to write, regulate, enforce laws, etc., concerning medicinal marijuana, just as it retains the right to penalize those who grow, use, distribute, etc., marijuana illegally? According to the Associated Press, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor says that legal power concerning the use of medicinal marijuana should be left in the hands of individual states. "The states' core police powers have always included authority to define criminal law and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens," said O'Connor. However, according to the Coalition for Medical Marijuana-New Jersey, federal authorities argue that currently, "marijuana has no accepted medical uses in the U.S." At least, that was…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana There is much controversy Essay

… Legalization of Marijuana

There is much controversy regarding the legalization of marijuana, as even though the issue has become more and more popular during recent years, the substance continues to be considered taboo in many areas around the world and in the U.S. In particular. About half of the people in the U.S. apparently believe that marijuana should be legalized. While this emphasizes the fact that a large part of the country's population supports cannabis, it also makes it possible for someone to understand how the substance's support in the country is evenly divided. This means that there is still a long way to go before people start to see it as a common concept.

What is particularly intriguing about the U.S. In the context…. [read more]

Drug Use Term Paper

… Drug Use

Legalize This!: The Case for Decriminalizing Drugs

Legalize This!: The Case for Decriminalizing Drugs is not a book that advocates drug use. However it does advocate a serious national policy debate upon the worth of criminalizing drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and even heroin. Although drug use is not a positive personal choice, regulating drug use has never been an effective deterrent, as exemplified in the failure of Prohibition. Prohibition did nothing but strengthen organized crime, and the same thing is being accomplished by making recreational drug use illegal. Husak's provocative text answers the many unspoken questions that lurk in the minds of adolescents forced to suffer through anti-drug lectures in health class.

Does this mean that author Douglas Husak wishes to see…. [read more]

Drug Policies Term Paper

… ..was a disease, not a crime, that harsh criminal penalties were destructive" (Major pp). Yet, the United States has the harshest drug policies in the world and as a result has the largest prison population (Facts). In 1993, over sixty percent of federal prison inmates were incarcerated on drug related charges (Block 2000). In the United State there are approximately 700 people incarcerated for every 100,000 compared to 59 per 100,000 in Denmark (Charts pp).

Netherlands is one of the most densely populated, urbanized countries in the world and firmly believes in the freedom of the individual, "with the government playing no more than a background role in religious or moral issues" (Drug pp). Dutch society attaches high value to the "well being of society…. [read more]

Chi-Square Test Study Research Proposal

… The total number of 50 participants will be selected and the participants will consist of health professional health statistician between the age of 25 and 65. The study will send email survey to prospective 500 participants to achieve the required 50 participants for the study.

There would be 30 male and 20 female participants, and the participants will be selected for the study through email survey. The procedure will consist of randomly selecting 500 participants and the email of the prospective participants will be retrieved from the professional database that matches the study criteria. The questionnaires will be sent to the participants inviting them to participate the in the survey.

Identification of the Variables

Alcohol and Marijuana (independent variables) are linked to number of deaths…. [read more]

Logic and Critical Thinking Term Paper

… Logic and Critical Thinking

In the Terror Next Time, the author looks into the idea of terrorists using weapons of mass destruction. The author concludes that there are three obstacles facing terrorist who want to use weapons of mass destruction: finding a supply, turning that supply into a weapon, and delivering the weapon to the target. After investigating the obstacles, the author concludes that the threat of terrorists using weapons of mass destruction is not currently very large. Given that the United States is currently engaged in a war that began over the suspected presence of weapons of mass destruction in a terrorist-friendly country, this idea is interesting. However, even more interesting is that the author cautions that as availability increases, so does the threat…. [read more]

Let the Author Choose Term Paper

… ¶ … Smuggling be Legal in Migration but not Business Products?

Smuggling represents the practice or action by businesspersons to import or export commodities or products while evading the tariffs or taxation system. This definition applies to properties that have financial value. Such activities include drugs, necessities (sugar, flour, and cereals), and other relevant products or commodities. Smuggling is a crime against the business principles or policies because of the economic relationship with the interpretation of the law. Smuggling in migration refers to the practice of facilitating transportation of individuals for financial or material gain. Unlike human trafficking, human smuggling focuses on procurement for financial or material gain. Human trafficking focuses on exploitation of migrants in the process of participating in the transaction. There are…. [read more]

Gangs Drugs and Violence Term Paper

… Gangs, Drugs and Violence

Compartmentalized Legalization of Drugs: An Answer to Drug Related Gang Violence

Although there are a number of turbulent issues that plague the streets of inner cities throughout the United States of America, one of the most recurring and prevalent of those problems stems from the intrinsic link between gangs, drugs, and the violence that inevitably erupts with this lethal combination. The true source of this problem, of course, lies with the federal government, which is largely responsible for the importation and the allowance of illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin and angel dust, as well as of the many varieties of high-powered firearms that are used to enforce the trafficking of such product. Regardless of the true origin of this problem,…. [read more]

Unitary State vs. Federal Essay

… Nonetheless, the federal state, when the central authority is not overreaching its mandate (which does happen quite often in the U.S.) does allow for a degree of local responsibility on the communal, grassroots level. For that reason, the federal state should be preferable to a unitary state, as it allows for the growth of personal responsibility in its citizens and fosters more of a personal relationship among locals, who must get together to hash out the laws that they will abide by.

No government is better than one which fosters virtue, however. The Founding Fathers of America were cogent enough to realize that man left to his own devices can tend towards a practice of selfish individualism. Thus they devised a system of governance based…. [read more]

Classical Argument Drug Prohibition Essay

… Classical Argument

Drug prohibition has been about as successful as alcohol prohibition, which is to say, disastrous. The 18th Amendment to the Constitution was a radical step, motivated by temperance leagues that feared alcohol was tearing apart American society and creating crime. Although prohibition lasted thirteen years, ultimately the policy failed. Not only did it fail; prohibition bolstered organized crime and did little to quench the public's thirst for recreational drinking. The same can be said for drug prohibition. Around the same time as alcohol prohibition, the fear of drugs gripped the nation. Drugs like marijuana have been banned for decades without any constitutional amendment. The prohibition of drugs has created more problems than it has solved. Drug prohibition has fueled transnational organized crime syndicates…. [read more]

Commonplace: "You Always Admire Term Paper

… Further, communicating through the written word also means allowing for a time lapse in any expected response even if it is through the more instantaneous channels of email and mobile text messages. Thus, it is evident that speaking is, by far, the easier method of communication. The question that must be asked, however, is whether it is also the better channel for communication?

Writing may be more difficult to learn and require more effort but the fact is that it is these very aspects that ultimately lead to a better quality of communication and expression. For instance, writing allows time for careful thought, reflection, evaluation and correction of messages prior to submission. This process, therefore, allows a person to ensure that the meaning of the…. [read more]

Sociology Whether or Not to Legalize Drugs Essay

… Sociology

Whether or not to legalize drugs, and if so how, is a major political issue. Unfortunately, healthy and rational debate on drug legalization is difficult in the political sphere. As Johnson (2000) points out, political careers can be ruined simply by taking an honest pro-legalization stance. Drug law is in dire need of reform, however. Beaver (2010) focuses on the dismal Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, which mandated stricter penalties for crack vs. powdered cocaine on the ratio of one hundred-to-one. The sentencing guidelines were based on data showing that in crack form, cocaine was more dangerous. What politicians failed to pay attention to was that crack is cheaper than cocaine and therefore more crack users than cocaine users are likely to be poor…. [read more]

Growing Agricultural Hemp Essay

… One hemp advocate notes, "Hemp sales grew from $5 million in 1993 to $75 million in 1995, according to Hemptech, a California firm that tracks the industry. Hemptech is projecting sales of $200 million in 1997, and $600 million by 2001" (Thevenot). Many manufacturers in America use hemp for many different products, including designer clothing and shoes. Many cheap alternatives have also sprung up, including banana fiber, Manila hemp, cotton and flax, which has led to the creation of the True Hemp Certification Council, (THCC) "a group representing companies that use 'the real thing' and label their products accordingly" (Elvin 16).

Hemp production is a growth industry around the world, and American farmers are losing revenue to foreign nations that allow the growth of hemp,…. [read more]

Prediction Comparison Vote Real Members Essay

… A tax on obesity would force people to consider the legal and financial aspects of obesity rather than to focus on the reasons why it occurs in the first place. People would practically come to do anything in their power in order to fight obesity because of the taxes associated with the malady instead of fighting it because of the health implications and because of the psychological effect it has on society. As seen from Cassidy's perspective, a tax on obesity would likely bring more stress and would not be as successful as some might seem. Such a tax would turn the U.S. In a place where people are severely discriminated as a result of being sick instead of the authorities stepping in and providing…. [read more]

Drug Legalization Is a Highly Term Paper

… Research shows that overtly oppressive drug laws have led to an undesirable explosion in the prison population as drug dealers are out behind bars on minor charges. This is resulting in over-crowding of prisons and causing psychological and physical damages to inmates. A comprehensive study proves that, "alcohol and tobacco are highly addictive and kill massive numbers of people, while neither of these effects have been demonstrated in marijuana use" (Nordberg, 2000). Another study takes into account the problems associated with stricter drug laws as they maintain that prison inmates are also used as low-wage workers who are forced to work under sub-human conditions and suffer at the hands of oppressive corporate giants. For this reason, they feel that prison should be turned into an…. [read more]

Oppression by the Law Essay

… Law as a Means of Oppression

Over the years, there have been trends observed across the globe where the laws passed in many law making bodies are geared towards or directed at suppressing the poor of that society. Despite the fact that the poor in these societies are the majority, the few rich people often use their influence over the law makers to ensure that laws that are passed are meant for the oppression of the poor of the concerned countries.

Law has often been used, not as a means of insuring that justice is served, but as a means of segregating and oppressing certain groups of people.

The drug war

One of the apparent uses of the law in suppressing the poor people was…. [read more]

Self-Assessment of My Motives in Social Work Assessment

… Social Work Assessment

From my life experience, growing up in a family that was extremely loving and supportive, it made me realize I wanted to help others with their ongoing issues because by having a supportive environment, I was able to become a balanced person despite the odds of what my downfalls. Furthermore, I want to help people become balanced despite their odds whatever they may be. With that, it has always been my dream to have a career in helping people with their relationships, careers, and daily issues. And, I believe that by obtaining this degree, my dream can be fulfilled within other areas of counseling. After I obtain this degree, I plan to take my education further in psychology/counseling so that I can…. [read more]

Post Morterm Essay

… Post Mortem Reflection

First of all, your professor is correct in suggesting that you have drifted away from the thesis of your piece. In fact your thesis is a bit weak, and could be beefed up a bit. The project description says you should "articulate the problem and its importance." You begin by saying some view the policies at Drexel as to harsh and others say the policies are not harsh enough, so you are setting out to discuss the policies.

But perhaps the real problem is underage drinking and drug use -- among college students. And the Drexel policies may be wrong-headed too, but the heart of the problem is not Drexel, as I see it from the materials you provided, but college students…. [read more]

Adolescent Substance Use Screening Instruments Term Paper

… " (Zoccolillo et al., 1999) Thus, the AAOD student is at a clear disadvantage in terms of successfully completing a high-school diploma and moving on to a career-oriented post-secondary education.

Additionally, high school is generally also a milieu in which the adolescent learns other non-academic life skills, including mature means of relating to peers and supervisors, responsible treatment of deadlines and priorities, and the perspective-broadening value of sports and other extracurricular interests.

Absenteeism limits the opportunities for acquiring such skills, and even while attending, the AAOD student in all likelihood will not maximize the chance to participate in meaningful relationships and activities. Playing sports while drunk or stoned, or both, obviously also risks serious injury for the student and his or her teammates.

At its…. [read more]

Drug Addiction and Crime Research Paper

… Drug Addiction and Crime

Over the last several decades, the U.S. has been aggressively involved in a war on drugs. Part of the reason for this, is because of the adverse effects that it is having on the lives of various individuals and their families. At the same time, it has been causing the crime rate to increase exponentially. A good example of this can be seen by looking no further than city of Juarez, Mexico (which has been serving as ground zero). As, there were a total of: 25 thousand drug related murders, while the police and military are battling various cartels that are backed by an $8.6 billion industry in marijuana sales alone. ("Drugs and Crime," 2010) This is troubling, because it showing…. [read more]

Student to Investigate a Topic Essay

… ¶ … student to investigate a topic and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner" (Purdue OWL, 2013). Thus, a prerequisite for an argumentative topic is that it must be sufficiently complex and nuanced as to require research, and compelling enough that there is relevance to establishing a position on the topic. A bad argumentative essay, for example, might be "American children should learn English," because there is no real substance to the position. Nobody would dispute the claim, and there is nobody that needs to be convinced of it. "American children should learn Spanish" is a far more complex and nuanced subject and is therefore much better suited to an argumentative essay.

To find a good topic, it is best to…. [read more]

Gore Vidal -- Drugs in a Piece Essay

… Gore Vidal -- Drugs

In a piece in the New York Times in 1970 Gore Vidal, famous political provocateur, declared in no uncertain terms that, to stop drug addition in the United States, the government should "simply make all drugs available and sell them at cost." Vidal makes no distinction between drugs here -- marijuana, cocaine and heroin are all up for grabs in his free market drug economy. After all, he has tried "almost every drug and liked none," without becoming an addict; why shouldn't the rest of us have the same opportunity? Making all drugs legal, he argues, will "stop most drug addiction…within a very short time." Vidal also makes searing accusations against the government; not only that the war on drugs is…. [read more]

Crime, Social Crime and Crime Against Research Paper

… Crime, Social Crime and Crime Against the Person: Violence

One of the more challenging aspects of understanding crime is its ever-changing geographic and temporal qualities. Indeed, what is criminal in one place and time may be completely legal in another. Likewise, so-called "social crimes" have similar qualities that require careful analyses to place them into the appropriate context. Similarly, violent acts against another person may also involve contextual issues that must be taken into account when evaluating the criminality of such behaviors. After all, if people are trying to defend themselves and their families from harm, violence may be the only legitimate alternative that is available to them. To gain a further understanding of these three concepts, this paper provides a review of the relevant…. [read more]

Workplace Drug Testing Thesis

… Workplace Drug Testing and Invasion of Privacy

Americans generally believe they live in a free country. The founding documents of the United States guarantee the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These precepts are usually presumed to accord to all Americans the right to control their own personal affairs. One may satisfy one's own wants and desires as long as those wants and desires do not interfere with the similar rights of others. Central to such freedom is a concept of privacy. Though not specifically described in the United States Constitution, the right to privacy has been established through legal precedent. In the cases of Poe v. Ullman (1961) and Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), the United States Supreme Court found that a…. [read more]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Symptom Management in the Combat Veteran Capstone Project

… Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been recognized by a growing number of healthcare authorities and U.S. governmental agencies as a serious and potentially debilitating condition in combat veterans returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although estimates vary from troubling to extremely alarming, the incidence and prevalence of PTSD among this population is far higher than for the general population in the United States, and the adverse effects of the condition are further exacerbated by a number of other factors, including early life stress, different levels of individual resiliency and a potential genetic predisposition as well. The consequences of untreated PTSD can be severe, including suicide, another trend taking place among the combat veteran population that has researchers scrambling for answers and efficacious…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

Obesity Is Becoming a Huge Problem Essay

… Obesity is becoming a huge problem in our society. In the past, a number of studies have been conducted in an attempt to determine the exact causes of obesity. Although research on these causes is still ongoing, many health experts and researchers link obesity to the everyday lifestyle choices individuals make.

Obesity: An Overview

The World Health Organization according to Rossen and Rossen "defines obesity as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health" (3). It is however important to note that other definitions of obesity do exist. In the opinion of the author, the other common definitions of obesity mainly utilize the BMI in an attempt to identify/determine those who can be categorized as being obese. Basically, an individual's BMI is…. [read more]

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