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Political Campaign Report When Beginning Term Paper

… Clinton did a lot less about the environment than people think he did." The other two Republicans had similar views, though V.R. And A.A. claim to be pro-life and care as much about the environment as any normal person would. When asked about the economy, V.R. And A.A. who are both Latino immigrants believe that the economy is going well. V.R. fears that if John Kerry wins, more people will demand more government handouts. "I came to this country with nothing. The only English I knew were the words, "ham and eggs." If I can make it here, I think anybody can." A.A. has a similar story. Because he is an immigrant I asked whether he would change his vote based on immigration policy. He…. [read more]

Drug Tests and Government Benefits Research Paper

… There are valid reasons why the states would want to avoid giving benefits to people who are simply going to spend those benefits to buy illegal drugs. Still, the results in Florida showed that there do not appear to be too many recipients and/or applicants who use or abuse illegal drugs. If there were more abusers, there would have been many more positive tests. This is worth acknowledging, especially when there are millions of taxpayer dollars on the line and the states that enact these kinds of laws stand to lose much more than they would gain if the government decides that it will pull benefits and funding from them. Ultimately, it will be the people who truly need the assistance who will lose out.…. [read more]

Victimless Crimes Thesis

… Victimless Crimes

The issue of victimless crimes and there toll on the criminal justice system has become an issue of much debate over the last few years (Dubber,2001). This issue is present in both urban areas and in rural America. This discussion will demonstrate victimless crimes should be decriminalized when all adult parties are consenting and when decriminalization would lead better social and economic outcomes.

Defining Victimless crimes

Victimless Crimes are those offenses in which there are no obvious victims and no evident injury. According to West's encyclopedia and American law,

"This class of crime usually involves only consenting adults in activities such as

Prostitution, Sodomy, and Gaming where the acts are not public, no one is harmed, and no one complains of the activities.…. [read more]

Legislating Morality Research Paper

… The Supreme Court claimed that when upholding the Roe vs. Wade decision that they were not legislating morality by making abortions legal. However, it is clear that in their decision by legalizing abortion the Supreme Court has essentially declared that abortion is right. As such, this is certainly a statement of morality and legalized abortions represent an example of the legislation of morality. Many government officials argue that legalizing abortions represents the government's way of remaining neutral on the issue of abortion; the government is not actually forcing anyone to go out and get an abortion nor is the government stating that having abortions is good, but instead the government is recognizing a woman's control over her body and are allowing women to exercise their…. [read more]

War on Drugs Term Paper

… Hence, it was here that many researchers studied the link between terrorism and drugs management not only within the Columbian and Latin American region but also in the United States (The Economist, 2001).

According to study conducted by Falcoff in 2000, in 1998 the Columbian government had huge profit margins from drug trafficking with figures reaching up to U.S.$236 million resulting from kidnapping, U.S.$311 million resulting from extortion and nearly U.S.$551 million resulting from drug links (Falcoff, 2000). The FARC organization alone earned huge percentages that year: 6% resulting from cattle rustling, % resulting from kidnapping, 36% resulting from extortion and 48% resulting from drug sources (Suarez, 2000). This percentage breakdown shows why more and more people are easily recruited by the drug agencies; they…. [read more]

Game Theory the Scenario Term Paper

… Game Theory

The scenario that I have chosen to write about is the upcoming election in the United States. The election essentially comprises a number of different ballots, including for President, for members of Congress and for Senate. There are sometimes other ballot initiatives as well, but for this discussion those will not be counted. The input of the election is the ballots that each voter casts. It will be assumed for simplicity's sake that every voter will cast a ballot for each category. The outcome will be the governance of the country at the federal level.

The structure of elections is such that there are a wide range of possible outcomes. We see polls in the newspaper about some of these potential outcomes --…. [read more]

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