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Distance Relationships Are Leading Essay

… They have determined that the separation does not necessarily cause fractures in relationships, but travelling apart does worsen marital problems. "The situation can be likened to water pressing against a ship's hull. Although the water doesn't cause the holes in the hull, it does find them and seep inside" (Experiencing 2011). It is easier to find fault with someone and to blame a person for unhappiness if they are not present to create a counterargument.

Musicians and professional athletes likewise spend long periods away from home. Their jobs require them to perform in different cities around the United States, or even around the world. For these types of unions, separation leads to anxiety. There is the stereotype of the musician and the large amount of…. [read more]

What Causes Victims of Violence to Stay in Abusive Relationships Research Proposal

… Research Questions and Hypothesis
Q 1: Why do men and women stay in abusive relationships?
Q 2: Do intergenerational transmission of violence theory or gender role expectations play a part in that decision to stay?
The hypothesis of this study is that men and women stay in abusive relationships for a variety of reasons that are wholly unique and meaningful to their own particular background, experience, beliefs, and situation. No two cases yield the same result, and while there can be meaningful similarities across cases, getting to the bottom of the situation in order to help men and women cope with their situation requires extensive support through interpersonal therapy.
The phenomenological method will be used in this study, as it allows the researcher to…. [read more]

Abusive Relationships Women Research Paper

… This is because, the society and the culture is ruled by stereotypical roles which make women inferior and powerless. Moreover, women fear to be labeled as divorced and a victim of assault. In other words, they fear rejection. Apart from their economic security, women who struggle and stay with abusive relationships face the guilt of being responsible for everything. Despite the fact that this blame game is originally initiated by her husband as a source of exploitation, the social responsibilities given to a wife makes her hesitate to move on. They fear the disappointment by their family who would never accept or let her stay with them. They also fear that they won't be ever considered eligible for another relationship.

Such socio- cultural issues linked…. [read more]

Women Stay Abusive Relationships Essay

… This is to say that cases when women's belief is that their partners can change are usually subject to periodical abusiveness and periodical positive behaviors. When certain partners express guilt or feelings of sorry over their demeanor, female partners may be led into thinking that this is indeed true and that eventually the abusive behavior will stop. Rounsaville (1978) has indeed acknowledged that ?one feature that may weigh in favor of staying is the intermittent nature of the abuse… many (battered women) described highly pleasant periods of reconciliation between episodes. This pattern was conducive into thinking of it as an aberrant, exceptional part of the relationship. (as cited in Dutton & Painter, 1993, p. 108) And women thus continue to be abused because of their…. [read more]

Relationship Dissolution Term Paper

… Relationship Dissolution Ecdriesbaugh

Relationship Dissolution

Few events in life are able to cause more suffering, misery, and distress than the loss or dissolution of a cherished relationship. This loss can be one of the most traumatic experiences that life could present (Simpson, J., 1987). Divorce rates in the U.S. have risen astronomically over the past three decades. Almost half of recent first marriages end in divorce. To compound these statistics, the rate of domestic partner relationships is steadily increasing. With the increase in such relationships, there is parallel dissolution of such relationships (Bucher, 2006).

According to Duck's Model, relationship dissolution refers to the course of terminating a relationship when at least one partner makes the choice to do so. This definition only applies to the…. [read more]

Drugs and Society Term Paper

… Drugs and Society

Why do people use drugs: A historical and philosophical overview

The word 'drug' can have either a positive or a negative connotation. On one hand, legally-prescribed drugs have saved the lives of many people: antibiotics can cure infections; drugs can alleviate pain and the symptoms of many common illnesses spanning from allergies to the common cold; drugs can curtail the advancement of serious illnesses, and make living with chronic diseases such as diabetes feasible. But there is a clear dark side to drug use: drug addiction. Several models have been suggested to explain why people use illegal drugs and abuse legal drugs, none of which are entirely persuasive.

The oldest model, which still has a great deal of traction today, is that…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Term Paper

… Such family and church members hold to the belief that the woman must keep her family together at all costs. The other danger the woman faces when she leaves her partner is that of being threatened, threatened, or even attacked. After considering all these possible loses, the woman may then decide to hold on to the relationship, but still some challenges await her. First and foremost, her children may be taken away from her by caring relatives or by courts apparently because she cannot protect them. Secondly, she risks even losing more of her self-esteem, she also risks facing the unending painful and humiliating abuse, and the ultimate result of this may be loss of life.

Whenever we hear stories told by these women who…. [read more]

Reasons Victims Stay in Violent Relationships Term Paper

… Or the victim may combine all these reasons together, which can make it especially difficult to understand the motives for the individual let alone for others looking in from the outside. Thus, whenever a person is the victim of dating violence, some solid assessment of the situation, the feelings, the environment and the various factors in play is needed. Only then can one begin to understand what causes individuals to stay in such relationships.


  1. Copp, J. E., Giordano, P. C., Longmore, M. A., & Manning, W. D. (2015). Stay/Leave decision-making in non-violent and violent dating relationships. Violence and Victims, 30(4), 581.

  2. Dare, B., Guadagno, R., & Muscanell, M. A. (2013). Commitment: The key to women staying in abusive relationships. J. Interpers. Relations, Intergr.…. [read more]

Elder Abuse Phenomenon Correlating Relationship to Elder Mortality Term Paper

… Elder Abuse Phenomenon Correlating Relationship to Elder Mortality

Elder abuse has received increased scrutiny from the law enforcement and healthcare community in recent years. This increased attention is due in part to the increasing number of elderly in the United States and the passage of various laws designed to improve the reporting of such episodes of abuse as well as the prosecution of those who abuse the elderly. Unfortunately, elder abuse is particularly difficult to detect in some cases and studies have shown time and again that many elderly people are highly reluctant to admit to such abuse for fear of reprisals from the abuser or the possibility of being institutionalized if existing domestic living arrangements are disrupted. The purpose of this study was to…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Why Women Stay Term Paper

… ¶ … Domestic Violence Research: A Qualitative Examination of Why Women Stay in Violent Relationships

The purpose of this study will be an investigational analysis of why women who are battered stay in violent relationships. The researcher will examine the current literature available and previous studies conducted of domestic violence in the hopes of gathering insight into the key issues influencing women's mental states and psychological well being when they are subjected to violence. The researcher will also conduct field research in the form of a survey questionnaire, and combine the information gathered from the literature study with the field results to provide a grounded theory that identifies what factors contribute to a woman's inability to leave a domestically violent situation.


One of the…. [read more]

Ulysses Relationships Term Paper

… Ulysses

Relationships in Ulysses

To say that Ulysses by James Joyce is complex would be an understatement. Joyce is known for his rich characters and the creation of conflict through tensions in relationships. The relationships that Joyce explores are not always between two people. Sometimes relationships in Joyce's work are with institutions or other entities. Joyce managed to break traditional conventions as far as plot and characters are concerned. However, Joyce gives the reader much insight into how his characters think. The following will explore how Joyce addresses relationships on various levels by exploring the character of Stephen.

Stephen Dedalus, "Kinch" is the young hero of the story. Stephen symbolically represents Telemachus in "The Odyssey." Leopold Bloom would be "Ulysses" in the novel. Stephen is…. [read more]

Domestic Violence: Trauma-Focused Therapy Research Paper

… The need for trauma-focused therapy is evident, as Barrett et al. (2015) show: too many young children are being adversely impacted by domestic violence situations and their mental and emotional health is not being addressed. Trauma-focused therapy and counseling could help these young ones to address their trauma so that they can grow up to have a happy, healthy, normal life. Otherwise, if left untreated, these children can end up in negative and unhealthy relationships themselves. Adults too often carry around a great deal of trauma that they are not addressing, and this can factor into the way they lead their lives and identifying that trauma can help to explain why people stay in domestic violence situations.


To address the problem of…. [read more]

Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships Essay

… Role of Aggression in Society

Aggressive behavior comes in various forms and there are different causative factors to such behavior and it can be expressed to the people surrounding the individual or to the individual himself. There are various roles that aggression generally plays in the society as discussed herein.

There are various form of aggression, the first being the physical violence/aggression where the aggressor involves in physical acts that are targeted at a recipient whom he intend to hurt. The harm may be death and the individual may use weapons or bare hands. One of the common source of physical aggression is anger, though intoxication can also cause one to resort to physical aggression. Alzheimer patients may also display physically aggressive behavior due to…. [read more]

Coping With Domestic Abuse Research Paper

… This coping mechanism might seem like a refusal to cope with the situation, and may appear to simply encapsulate complete resignation, but in reality the woman is coping by trying not to fight her situation -- even acceptance, as dysfunctional and dangerous as it is, is still a coping mechanism. "When a victim is going through this stage, it is very difficult to convince this person to seek professional help or even to go to the hospital for treatment of injuries. She might even hide it from her family / friends, especially because they will encourage her to leave her abuser" (Davhana-Maselesele, 2011). The reason this coping mechanism is so dangerous is because the abuser often takes advantage of the victim's acceptance, leading to more…. [read more]

Black's Law Dictionary ), Child Abuse Essay

… ¶ … Black's Law Dictionary (1991), child abuse is "any form of cruelty to a child's physical, moral or mental well-being. Also used to describe form of sexual attack which may or may not amount to rape. Such acts are criminal offenses in most states" (p. 239). By contrast, the legal definition of abused and neglected children describes children who "are suffering serious physical or emotional injury inflicted upon them including malnutrition" (p. 11). The first step in providing social service treatment to physically abusive families is therefore to ensure the physical safety of the children involved (Herschell & McNeil, 2005). This response, typically from the law enforcement community, can range along the entire continuum of severity, up to and including incarceration of the offending…. [read more]

Women in Abusive Relationship Research Paper

… Women Abuse

Abuse of Women: A Legal and Social Problem

The problem of domestic violence in the United States is both pervasive and historically omnipresent. Though its definition has often been subject to extreme variation -- even with state and federal laws in the U.S. containing widely divergent qualifications of terminology -- domestic abuse has nonetheless shown itself to be a real and self-perpetuating condition in the American family and community. Domestic violence is usually a term used to describe physical assault or sexual assault levied by a family member, romantic partner, caretaker or acquaintance against such a relation. This typically is a crime which is committed against women or children, most often by husbands or fathers respectively. That is less exclusive than conditional upon…. [read more]

Tori J Essay

… Her foster family is involved in a moderately fundamental church community that believes in the Bible as the word of God. Given the numerous biblical passages that suggest that rape is not an offense against the victim but against her father or husband, this religiosity could actually reinforce Tori J.'s feelings that she somehow deserved any sexual abuse she received. As a result, I think this is a macro weakness. However, the state is not prohibited to discriminate on the basis of religion, so there may not be a realistic solution to this macro weakness. Moreover, the middle-class suburban atmosphere in which she currently lives is sufficiently different from the impoverished community that Tori J. experienced as a child that she may not feel as…. [read more]

Advocacy Strategy: Anti-Violence Work Term Paper

… If this problem is left unaddressed, then these concerns can really lead to things like depression and substance abuse, with associated cooperated interpersonal relationships and reduced excellence of life for frontline anti-violence responders.

Solution that the Advocate Identified.

The advocate did notice that many anti-violence responders have mentioned that their job does hold intrinsic reward value and marvelous personal meaning which is a sort of a solution to some of the stress for them; they believe that their determinations on the front lines make an argument, whether small or large, on a day-to-day basis. As a solution, some of them get a satisfaction in their job as frontline anti-violence responders which relates principally to their skills of helping women's strength and resilience in the face…. [read more]

Deviance Behavior Essay

… Family Violence

In recent years society has become increasingly more violent. This violence exists in many different spheres of life. One of the most harmful forms of violence is family violence. Family violence is defined as "the continuing crime and problem of the physical beating of a wife, girlfriend or children, usually by the woman's male partner (although may be female violence against a male ("Family Violence)." Additionally family violence is also classified as an anti-social mental illness. In addition, in many cases a woman's dependence, low self-esteem, and fear of leaving the offender cause her to stay in the relation or fail to protect her children. Also, "Prosecutors and police often face the problem that a battered woman will not press charges due to…. [read more]

Relations Between Germany and France Between 1918 and 1939 Term Paper

… France and Germany Interwar Relationship

The two wars, WWI: 1914-18 and WWII:1939-45, brought Europe to the brink of destruction. Two of the major players, France and Germany, had a relationship between the wars which makes one think that WWII was merely a continuation of WWI. France and Germany had historical problems concerning territory and political influence, not to mention ideology, which precipitated in several wars, and continued during the uneasy peace between WWI and WWII.

The relationship between France and German between the two world wars was rooted in the causes of WWI. Population pressure was pushing Germany to expand its territory, economic growth made Germany a main power in Europe, but this did nothing to expand its actual land mass, France's negative growth population…. [read more]

Therapy Techniques Case Behavioral Case Study

… Learned thought patterns, especially negative ones, cause us to feel negative about ourselves, others, and certain situations in life. By identifying these patterns and learning to understand them, it helps to understand how these patterns are affecting everyday behaviors and feelings about ourselves. Once these patterns are understood and how they affect us, it can be determined how to change these patterns into productive ones that help to deal with stressful situations, triggers that bring out behavior, and build self-confidence.

Case 3

The first thing that needs to happen is the understanding of the legal, emotional, and physical options of the abusive situation (Fredrick). The legal options are calling the police and filing charges, divorce, or legal separation. Emotional options include staying and putting up…. [read more]

Career Orientation of Bank Managers in Pakistan a Private Public Sector Comparison Term Paper

… ¶ … benchmark regarding bank manager careers in Pakistan. Islamic banking is a growing feature of banking in the region, and Pakistan as a nation has expressed interest in being the banker of that region. That being so, it is instructive to note that the managers who worked under the old regime are significantly less optimistic than the newer, younger managers working in the growth industry of Islamic banking. They also seem, if not satisfied with their career paths, at least resigned to their fate and accepting that maintaining their jobs and what vestiges of ethical behaviour they could was sufficient. On the other hand, bank managers who had experience banking in nations in which banking had less tumultuous history, as well as those who…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Are Now Just Essay

… Those with graduate degrees reported that dual relationships were problematic, where those with less education did not see these relationships as problematic. Secondly, those counselors that were in recovery saw less issues as problematic ethically than those counselors that were not in recovery. The results indicated that individuals who were currently receiving supervision would find multiple relationship behaviors more problematic than those who were not receiving current supervision suggests that continued supervision may be beneficial for substance abuse counselors.

These findings have implications for mental health counselors. Because substance abuse counseling is a specialization within the broader field, mental health counselors in a variety of settings may work closely with substance abuse counselors as colleagues or fellow members of treatment teams, and may provide them…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriages Term Paper

… " But the intelligible moral structure of marriage surely relates to more than procreation, and surely a loving and mutually beneficial relationship between same sex couples is again, more legitimately moral than an abusive heterosexual relationship? In short, the existence of a martial bond in legal terms is no guarantee of moral legitimacy for either same-sex or heterosexual couples. Rather, the legal bond of matrimony is merely recognition of the beginnings of an attempt of the couple to make such a moral bond and to enter into a social framework of unity. (George, 2003, p. A8)

Recently, an authority as high as the Supreme Court of the United States stated that gays "are entitled to respect for their private lives," according Justice Anthony Kennedy. Under…. [read more]

Adlerian Theory Essay

… At the same time, there is an emphasis on offering Susan tools that she can use to change her mental state and deal with many of these lingering issues. This is important, because if this basic approach can be embraced, it will ensure that Susan is receiving the right forms of treatment when she needs it the most. This is when she can begin to see long-term improvements on her outlook of the world around her. (Savard, 2008, pp. 52 -- 70)

When you step back and analyze the current strategy, it is clear that this will address Susan's short-term issues by refocusing her emotions associated with past events. Then, any kind of transformations is reinforced, with reachable goals that are established in conjunction with…. [read more]

Perceptions About Well Elders Term Paper

… The woman is very close to several of her children, and her relationships with her children are the most important in her life. In addition, she visits with friends several times throughout the month, attending a monthly luncheon with one group of friends, meeting another friend regularly for drinks and dinner, and attending other social gatherings. She has strong relationships with several neighbors. She has no pets of her own, but is fond of her granddaughter's parakeet, which stays at her house because the granddaughter's cat eats birds. She has very close relationships with her grandchildren, particularly the two youngest grandchildren, whom she sees at least once a week. All of these relationships promote love and belonging.

The woman plays multiple roles in her life.…. [read more]

Psychological Effects of Divorce Research Paper

… Weakened Parenting after Divorce

Another factor that causes children to become stressed is when parenting they receive is inept, clumsy and incompetent. Extreme marital conflicts have severe effects when it comes to the adjustment of children. Mothers, in specific, tend to become less affectionate and more negligent when there are harsh agreements during marriage. They are reprted to become more ruthless in maintaining discipline in the house. Fathers, on the other hand, withdraw from their children and involve themselves in more interfering activities. In addition to this, when after divorce a child has to live with a parent who is disheartened, miserable and upset, it becomes difficult for that child to adjust emotionally, socially, and academically. The traumatic condition, anger and stress of the children…. [read more]

Christian Counseling Presenting Problems Diane Case Study

… It is very crucial to eliminate dysfunctional behavioral and cognitive strategies, secondly it is important to take out any negative appraisals and lastly, there should be decreased re-experiences of the traumatic memory. It is important to note that the therapist should make use of all these points. Treatment would not be successful if the therapist were to rely just on the emotional processing theory and forget the other theories.

Ehlers & Clark (2000) emphasized on the fact that individuals who suffer from prolong PTSD do not consider the trauma limited by time. In other words, even though the trauma had occurred way back, they still think that they can be harmed and that their life is in danger. Therefore, a major purpose in this therapy…. [read more]

Parents Need to Realize the Importance of Both Parents in a Child's Life Term Paper

… Two Parent Families

The Importance of Having Both Parents in a Child's Life

The last half of the 20th century has been one of tremendous social change in America. One of the more noticeable changes has been the transformation of the American family. No longer presumptively nuclear, the modern American family is as likely as not to consist of a single parent raising one or more children. In many of these families, the non-custodial parent has little to do with the childrearing beyond sending child support, if he or she does that. While it is certainly true that there are many wonderful and loving single parents out there, it is also true that children do better when they have both parents in their lives. The…. [read more]

Sociopath or Psychopath Psychology Term Paper

… Family nurture does play a vital role. In addition to the family environment, the other very strong social force is the culture from which a person belongs to. Researches have pointed out that the incidence of psychopath and sociopath individuals is much higher in United States of America than in Japan. The reasons of these varying percentages of psychopaths and sociopaths are quite contingent on the culture they are part of. In Japanese culture, the family members share a tight bond with each other and there is lot of love and respect for one another. In contrary, higher percentages of American family consists of single parents who raise their kids alone. The negative influence of being part of a single parent family does influence the…. [read more]

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