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Why Read Literature Term Paper

… ¶ … value of literature must apply to all human beings alike, not to some group…Men [and presumably women too] ought to value literature for being what it is; they ought to value it in terms and in degrees of its literary value…" (Draughon, Earl Wells, 2003, p. 114).

Literature is available to the literate person for many reasons. For one reason and purpose, literature is entertaining and provides for the reader a fascinating excursion anywhere in the world -- or the universe -- without the reader having to leave his or her comfortable chair. But there are many other reasons why literature should be read, and those will be presented in this paper.

How to Read like a Professor -- Thomas C. Foster

Professor…. [read more]

Gender in Poetry / Literature Essay

… Assessment Techniques: Assessment will be based on how thoughtfully the questions were responded to and whether they meet the minimum of three sentences each.

Evaluation and reflection

This will help students engage in the texts they are already familiar with, and use their knowledge of gender stereotypes to make changes within the literature.

Lesson Title: Gender in Poetry / Literature Lesson 5

Lesson Duration

90 mins

Year: 9

Class: 9A

Room: 205A

Rational: This will help students realize their own power in terms of perpetuating gender stereotypes.

Syllabus Outcome:

This is an extension of outcome 2, which requires creative thinking and text synthesis in order to carefully avoid gender stereotypes in the creation of their strong female characters.

Syllabus Content: Students can either create a…. [read more]

Reading Skills Motivation Essay

… Students then had the opportunity to read their works aloud. When their were grammatical / syntactical errors spotted, we wrote the sentence on the board which contained the error was and enabled everyone to have an opportunity to correct it before sharing the right response. Lastly, the children wrote a few lines predicting what the trio would do to Dantes because of their jealousy.

*Write your summary of the experience below (250-300 words):

I decided to teach a work of classic literature to this group of three students because they were proficient in reading comprehension and they desired a "challenge." I began the lesson by giving them the background information on the first two chapters of The Count of Monte Cristo -- to engage them…. [read more]

Multicultural Literature Research Paper

… 1: many different + culture = multicultural. Therefore just about all cultures or perhaps a wide array of cultures should be integrated with no discrimination. 2nd: several think that multicultural literature has been about diversity as well as inclusion towards cultures that have not been our very own. 3rd: quite a few think that multicultural literature has been limited to the folks of colour as well as their documents

Middle School Level Annotated Bibliography

Schoolwide 2007:

Culturally diversified literature might help set up pupils for productive citizenship in the pluralistic contemporary society and the ever-expanding international community, nevertheless selecting high quality multicultural literature is not essentially always easy. Choosing the best equilibrium of historic and modern literature which legitimately signifies the varied communities that make…. [read more]

Lolita in Tehran -- Reading Term Paper

… However, one of the most interesting moments of the book, occurs in a flashback, when the author recounts how, even before the Khomeni regime came to power, during the student revolts that protested the Shah's reign, Nafisi had an argument with one of her students about the relevance of The Great Gatsby. Her student saw Gatsby as evidence of the decadence of the West. She wished him to read the work of literature in his geographical and social context. Yet, in a way, both professor and student were right -- Gatsby, despite his love for Daisy, does pursue his affections in a very false and superficial manner, based on capitalist tropes of material success. In fact, Gatsby is spiritually bankrupt in a very American way…. [read more]

New African by Andrea Lee Essay

… Human nature

Shows how many behave in specific circumstances

Reading everything but the Bible.

Exercise 5.6C: Evaluative Essay

Directions: Now that you've finished the reading in your textbook, you'll write an evaluative essay offering your well-considered judgment on a piece of literature. Your focus work can be anything you've read during this course or outside.

This essay is not just an opinion though; you offer your evaluation and then support it with reasons and evidence to support your reasons. It should be at least (5) five paragraphs long.

Calculating the value of literature is much like calculating the value of a work of art -- it's mostly personal taste with some somewhat objective criteria (golden ratios and such). So what makes a good book? Mostly,…. [read more]

Using Children's Literature to Explore Social Issues Essay

… ¶ … Children's Literature to Explore Social Issues

Social Literature for Children

In many ways, the prudent application of children's literature in a classroom environment can be considered one of the most efficacious means of exploring the complexity of social issues within today's world. This statement holds particularly true for the educational processes within certain segments of Canada, which has become increasingly enveloped by a diverse, multicultural population that can be stratified into a number of socio-economic categories and ethnicities. Children's literature, then, can help developing learners adopt a stance of tolerance and acceptance that can conceivably aid tomorrow's generation in living in a world that is more equitable than the present one, since "the ultimate goal of social action is the creation of a…. [read more]

Modernism, and How the Literature Term Paper

… Both writers are products of minority race and their race and experiences influenced their writing. Morrison was African-American. Her books, famously The Bluest Eye, Sula, Song of Solomon and Beloved, deal with the struggles of growing up debased and disadvantaged in a humiliated sector of America. The novels detail the characters' travails as victims of child molestation; outcasts of society due to differences in race and gender; ravages of slavery (e.g. "Beloved"); and the difficulty of being different ("Sula"). Roth, on the other hand, filled his books (that include Goodbye, Columbus, Portnoy's Complaint, and Everyman) with his Jewish experience; Portnoy's Complaint deals with Jewish identity in America whilst Everyman describes the hardships of growing old in America.

Morrison deals with feminism and the experiences of…. [read more]

Don Quixote in Literature Essay

… And, other times, people let literature empower them to live better lives. For example, in the article, "Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication," it discusses that people mistakenly believe their loved ones understand them better than anyone else. In truth, people have a harder time communicating with their loved ones than they do strangers. I read this article and empowered me because my husband and I have trouble communicating because he does not listen very well and I grow impatient with that. I want to be able effectively communicate with him so that he will listen and not twist things around. I tell myself to keep communicating short and to the point so he will focus more on what I am saying more rather than…. [read more]

American Literature Listen to Sinners Essay

… 9: Read A Dream within a Dream and Israfel. Post to the discussion group.

Poe's "Israfel" might strike a twenty-first century reader as a little odd: Poe has taken a quotation from the Koran, and writes about an Islamic angel. Does that mean Poe is writing an Islamic poem? Poe's quotation from the Koran describes an angel whose "heart-strings are a lute." In other words, there is no difference between emotion and music for Israfel -- which could be seen as just a definition of an ideal form of poetry. The poem that Poe writes about this idea distinguishes our world from Israfel's angelic world -- for us, "flowers are merely flowers," and the brightest sunshine in our world is like a shadow for Israfel.…. [read more]

Postcolonial Literature "Heart of Darkness," a Story Questionnaire

… Postcolonial Literature

"Heart of Darkness," a story by Joseph Conrad, is a hellish story told by a man named Marlow as he sits on the deck of the Nellie, a ship on the Thames River. Marlow is compelled to tell his story about his time spent on the dark continent and the things that he witnessed. Though no one seems to have much interest in Marlow's story, he still tells the story about his exploration into uncharted territories in the middle of Africa. Marlow goes to Africa after getting work as a captain of a steamboat with the Company, an ivory trading company. While there, Marlow discovers that the black people are being treated very badly by the white people, forcing them to do the…. [read more]

Chinese Literature Is Always Rooted Essay

… Chinese Literature

Literature is always rooted in its historical, cultural, and political context. This is true for modernist literature, which comments on various issues ranging from post-colonial identities, post-colonial governments, and shifting gender norms. In "Love in a Fallen City," the Bai residence is presented as a microcosm of the greater Chinese world contending with modernity and social change. Some family members like the Sixth Sister are fully embracing modernity and seizing the moment. Others, like the Third Brother are too steeped in the past to move forward. Their conservatism proves to be their downfall even if there is some wisdom embedded in their ideals such as family values. In "The Drowning of an Old Cat" there are similar conflicts between the need to retain…. [read more]

Compare Shahnameh and Turkish Literature Effects of the Shahnameh in the Turkish and Ottoman Research Paper

… Turkish Literature

Compare Shahnameh with Turkish Literature and Classical Ottoman Poetry

The Shahnmeh, which was written by Ferdowsi in the late tenth century and early eleventh century, is probably the most famous literary work ever written in that region. This is perhaps surprising since the poem was completed over one millenium ago. The fact that the poem took so long to write reflects just how enormous the book is, and gives some idea of why the book is still so well-known to this day. The Shahnameh was actually written before the invention of the novel as a literary form, and so even though it is quite long, it is an epic poem. Its epic poem form makes it similar to the Iliad or the Odyssey…. [read more]

Reading Is "Great Expectations Term Paper

… Indeed, without the characters' flaws in the novel, Joyce's "Ulysses" will lack the realistic and humanistic theme of the story. By shaping and creating his characters as one of use, or among us, we as readers can identify to the characters, making the novel's story meaningful to us. Evidently, one of the elements of the novel that I took interest in are the characters' development in the novel, and how they act, what they are, and what they have become as the novel finally ends. Thus, 'Ulysses' is a good study for identifying and confronting the human issue of morality and weakness as depicted by James Joyce's narrative.

Meanwhile, in "The Dubliners," one of the most interesting and thought-provoking short stories that I've read is…. [read more]

Children's Literature "All Work Essay

… " (18). In other words, Tom has made the activity seem as though it required special talent and insight to do it properly, and to make it enjoyable. But the larger joke is that, of course, Tom's initial capitalist scheme -- to possibly pay other boys to do the work for him -- is reversed here: he now gets Ben and the other children to pay him for the opportunity to work. The profits, of course, are parody profits within the parody economics of the situation but Twain nonetheless maintains the metaphor of commerce, claiming that "Tom was literally rolling in wealth" -- although the wealth here is defined in the same terms as before, "toys, marbles and trash" (19). We are also told that…. [read more]

Human Memory Literature Review Chapter

… Another intriguing aspect of Conway & Pleydell-Pearce's research about human memory and autobiographical memories is not just that autobiographical memories exist, but how they believe them to function. They contend that autobiographical memories are constantly present, yet are "activated" by events or occurrences in our present lives that trigger these memories, as well as their influence.

A fundamental premise of our approach is that autobiographical memories are transitory dynamic mental constructions generated from an underlying knowledge base. This knowledge base, or regions of it, is minutely sensitive to cues, and patterns of activation constantly arise and dissipate over the indexes of autobiographical memory knowledge structures. Such endogenous patterns of activation may not coalesce into "memories," nor do they necessarily or even usually enter into consciousness;…. [read more]

Human Resources Literature Review Research Paper

… This organizational scheme is indicative of the literature reviews structure, as the authors continue to make assertive suppositions regarding the impact of derailed management before providing the basis for these assertions in the form of peer-reviewed academic research and objective scientific studies.

The authors of the literature review also cite the foremost pioneer in the study of managerial derailment, referring to no less than four studies authored by V.J. Bentz -- including a 30-year longitudinal study of Sears Roebuck and Company in which the core causes of managerial incompetence were originally identified. In addition to the typical text-based literature review construct, the authors also include a simple table used to illustrate the "Estimated Base Rates for Management Failure" across a wide spectrum of studies published…. [read more]

Extra-Credit Questions on Readings Book Report

… He is impelled not through even the most superficial of attempt to find out who he is or who he once thought that he might get to be, but simply because he is throwing a childish fit, demanding that the world change everything simply to provide him with an easier life. The other characters are at least touched by the idea that it is they who may have to do some of the changing involved.

Tsun's finding of Stephen Albert is akin to Hemingway's story because it ends with an unexpected shooting. In both cases, however unexpected the shooting is, it is also the inevitable ending for the story. The quest has been accomplished, and so the end must be written in blood.

14. The…. [read more]

Freudian Reading Term Paper

… ). Freud would say, that like many people, Hemingway fears what he desires. A Freudian read of Francis Macomber would also reveal that Francis was a masochist and that he and his wife maintained a sadomasochistic dynamic in their relationship. Neither of them needed to stay in the marriage, yet they remained married for over a decade. She painfully emasculated him; he endured it and probably enjoyed it on an unconscious level.

Perhaps the part that reveals the most about Hemingway the person is the ending, when Mrs. Macomber accidently shoots Francis in the head. Ernest Hemingway died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in his later years. He was a long time alcoholic, who was treated for severe depression. Freud argued in…. [read more]

American Literature Discussion Topics Essay

… Friends make pretence of following to the grave / But before one is in it, their mind is turned" (Frost). Frost used the husband with the purpose of showing the world that modernism reduces people's ability to mourn others. The poet apparently believed that modern people are too consumed with their problems to care for individuals who are sick or dead. Most readers are likely to agree that they have problems caring about people who have recently died because they have their own lives and thus need to focus on their future rather on their past. While this might be perceived as being perfectly normal in the contemporary society, it is actually essential for people to understand that they need to refrain from being selfish,…. [read more]

Orwell in "Why I Write," George Essay

… Orwell

In "Why I Write," George Orwell explores the main motives for writing. Those motives Orwell summarizes as sheer egoism; aesthetic enthusiasm; historical impulse; and political purpose. The author also discusses the importance of childhood upbringing and worldview on the impulse to write. Ultimately Orwell concludes that without a sense of political purpose, even the sexiest prose can become flaccid and meaningless. The Orwell essay is delightfully straightforward, lacking utterly in pretention, and encourages the reader to contemplate creative endeavors of all types.

Best known for novels with a political bent such as Animal Farm and 1984, it seems surprising that George Orwell ever would have written anything but politically-charged prose. Yet in "Why I Write," the reader learns that Orwell started out by penning…. [read more]

Reading Lolita in Tehran Term Paper

… ¶ … Azar Nafisi, an Iranian academic who taught in Tehran both before and after the fundamentalist revolution, the primary contribution of literature to human life is its ability to teach students how to think critically about their environment and to appreciate their integrity as individuals. In an oppressive society, reading individualistic literature is a radical act, perhaps even more radical than overt political action. When reading Lolita, the author's students do not read Vladimir Nabokov in a prurient way. Rather, they read themselves into the text in a creative fashion, while still appreciating Nabokov's gifts as a writer. Over the course of her text, Nafisi demonstrates the contribution of her small reading group to the study of literature and also defends Western literature as…. [read more]

North American Literature Term Paper

… As Claudia states (p. 2079), when Mrs. MacTeer discovers Pecola has drunk three quarts of milk on her own, "Pecola, Freida, and I, listened to her downstairs in the kitchen fussing about the amount of milk Pecola had drunk."Then she gets her period right afterward, meaning she is definitely not a baby anymore, physically, although psychologically she still is. She has not even ever been told anything about her period coming at a certain age. Pecola has never had any love or guidance she needed, so she is like a baby and a young woman all at once.

In all of the twentieth century works of American literature mentioned, characters who are members of minority groups within the United States, either Chinese; Chinese-American, or African-American,…. [read more]

Why Christians to Study Secular Literature Essay

… Christians and Secular Literature

Both secular and Christian literature benefit society in disparate ways. Christian literature encourages discernment in what people read; that is -- encouraging Christians to read faith-based literature can help them explore their faith and look at different theories related to Christianity. At the same time, secular literature can be educational as well because it can challenge individuals to find a Christian message within the scope of the secular world. Not only can secular literature do the aforementioned, but, of course, secular literature has beauty to be appreciated and it can encourage individuals to help explore different perspectives and worldviews. In this sense, both secular and Christian literature can benefit society.

An important way in which secular literature can benefit individuals in…. [read more]

Daughters in Literature Requires Essay

… The act of getting on one knee resembles a marriage proposal; there is a great deal of subtext embedded in the relationship between Cordelia and Lear to suggest that the Oedipal complex is at play. Cordelia's character is, moreover, completely defined by her relationship with men. Her relationship with her father, and his subsequent scorn, are what prompt her to marry and move to France. Her death is due directly to the actions of other Lear daughters, who are likewise defined by their relationship with men as well as their nefarious natures.

The relationship between Lear and Cordelia also highlights a common thread throughout literature: that the relationship between father than daughter is similar to the relationship between daughter and her husband. In King Lear,…. [read more]

Psychology and Literature Term Paper

… Bibliotherapy, or reading books to enhance personal understanding of self, can have a place in psychotherapy. Some books contain insights into why people act as they do as well as how our choices can have unintended negative consequences. It would not replace therapy but could give client and therapist a frame of reference from which to discuss some issues.

In the book East of Eden, people have to choose between doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing. One character, Cal, learns that he can actively choose good over evil, but Cathy/Kate, while she has freedom to choose, repeatedly makes poor choices and remains a negative character. She does not grow morally, but Cal does. In therapy, this book might be used to help…. [read more]

Teaching Classic Literature Term Paper

… All these students' needs should be taken into account. This can only be done when the focus is their, rather than the teacher's, concerns in terms of lifestyle and history.

Lessons of virtue and criticism are much easier to learn from a message presented in immediately understandable form, rather than works obscured by archaic language and paradigms. College curriculums on the other hand can contain classics for those who choose to study them. While I believe that the classics have much to offer in terms of the intellectual faculties mentioned above, I also believe that more modern works of literature can develop critical and intellectual faculties as adequately as can any work by Shakespeare or Homer. For a school curriculum I therefore believe it is…. [read more]

African-American Literature the Implications Term Paper

… These African-Americans write to not only to express themselves, but to express feelings and thoughts that seem to collectively belong to a group of people, tied together by struggles in the past and in ethnicity that they are still working to overcome, even in present-day society. But the works of literature that have been produced by African-Americans indicate that, at least in the literary field, they have caught up to and oftentimes surpassed their Caucasian literary counterparts.

The Implications of African-American Literature

There are many implications for African-American literature. It has affected this country socially, economically, environmentally, culturally, and historically. In this section, each one of these specific implications will be examined, in order to have a clearer understanding of the full impact that African-American…. [read more]

Deinstitutionalization Literature and Research Sources Research Paper

… Deinstitutionalization

Discussion Question One: What is the importance of a historical literature review?

Literature review, a critical step in research procedure, is a synthesis of what is published concerning a selected topic by accredited researchers and scholars, and it provides an explanation of the literature pertinent to a certain topic or field. Literature review helps in expanding knowledge relating to a specific topic besides helping researchers to demonstrate their skills in critical evaluation and information seeking (Kumar, 2005). The review of literature also helps researchers in ascertaining major gaps in literature that forms the basis of their research. Literature review despite being challenging offers a theoretical framework to the target audience. Literature review helps the audience in understanding the research problem and the techniques applied.…. [read more]

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