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Role and Importance of the Poets Essay

… ¶ … role and importance of the poets has changed throughout the history of mankind. Back in the period, the Romantics believed that the poet represented the spiritual guide of the people, who helped the reader identify their most internal emotions, intuitions and imaginations.

Today, the role of the poet is less certain than during those days and this is the result of numerous changes obvious within the society. During the Romantic period, reading was a primary activity of the population, but today, other distractions exist and make reading less popular. Television for instance, alongside with the internet, computer games and other such distractions make it less tempting for the public to engage in reading poetry. Nowadays then, reading poetry is an activity carefully selected…. [read more]

John Cheever Thesis

… John Cheever is perhaps one of the most formidable American Short story writers. His works have a reflective and attitudinal tone that are consistent with the characters and places that are presented through his work. The purpose of this discussion is to explore the major themes that are seen throughout his various works.

Social Class/Setting

One of the major themes of his work is the development of a story in which WASPs are the primary characters (Gamble). Most of his short stores take place in the suburbs of New England. This particular region was probably most familiar to Cheever because he was born in Massachusetts. Like other writers whose works are set in specific regions, Cheever's work reflects the values he saw as most evident…. [read more]

Relationship Between Good and Evil Essay

… ¶ … Evil

Perception and the Existence of Good and Evil

Questions of morality -- specifically the question of morality; namely whether morality can truly be said to exist in an objective way -- have increasingly been a matter of importance in literature and thought as religion has faded in importance. It has been suggested that good and evil exist only in the mid of the beholder and are determined based upon how one perceives any specific action or event. There is certainly abundant literature and published philosophical thought supporting this theory, and it is certainly enticing for many in the modern age to believe they have the full and sole responsibility for defining their own moral worth not through their actions, but through they…. [read more]

Societal Expectations Play Term Paper

… The world that Godwin protests in her stories is one that Nora would have found intimately familiar.

11. What does Sammy gain by acting on "principle" and quitting his job?

The single major action in the plot of John Updike'e "A&P" occurs at the very end of the story when Sammy quits his job at the A&P, in part to impress the girls, (or perhaps to defend their honor, or perhaps both) as well as for the simple fact that he is fed up with the A&P, Lengel, and everything they represent. Thus he is motivated to some extent to act on principle, but also to some extent he acts out of his emotional responses to the situation.

By quitting in the dramatic and yet…. [read more]

Surrealism and Existentialism Seminar Paper

… Richard Wright's

The Outsider

An Existential Examination of the Essential Blackness and Dread

Literary Existentialism

Wright and Pessimism, Dread, Fear

Narration Structure

Root of Dread

The Dread and Fear Parallels with Dostoevsky

Thirteen years after the publication of Native Son Wright reexamined the problem of the ethical criminal in the role of Cross Damon, the protagonist of his novel, The Outsider. Cross is in some respects an intellectualized Bigger; although he has read Heidegger, Jaspers, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzche, Husserl, and Dostoevsky, his psychology is essentially Bigger's. Violence gives Cross a sense of meaning, a sense of freedom in a world that is otherwise hostile or chaotic. After committing two "senseless" murders Cross experiences fulfillment" (Dickstein, 2004 p. 23). The universe seemed to be rushing at…. [read more]

Strategic Leadership Influence Culture Organization Essay

… The company had set positive values and vision, through which it had promised to support the well-being of its stakeholders, but in the end it engaged in false accounting actions (Turner, 2009).

The company placed an increased emphasis on enhancing the value of its shares through tempering with the annual balance sheets and the promise of superior values for the customers, as well as the promotion of an organizational culture focused on the employees (Ulrich, Zenger and Smallwood, 1999). The leadership style at Enron was highly charismatic and close to a cult, in which the members were asked to conform and were penalized when they did not. While the accountancy issues ultimately generated the failure of Enron, it was the leadership style and culture created…. [read more]

Hook or Me This Time Term Paper

… This narrator becomes a two-dimensional and desexualized version of the fabled Hook of the Peter Pan mythology. Hook is the most Grown Up of them all, Hook is the anti-child. Hook is bitter, old, and alone, and he rejects all that is youthful, announcing with the same melodramatic tone as our featured narrator that while he was once young, how grateful he is to now be mature and beyond all of that nonsense. As this narrator tells it, even as a child he was attempting to be a Grown Up: he "dutifully" worked on "strategy" when completing his mazes. It was scientific, never playful. Like Hook's fate to be eaten by the Crocodile, the narrator describes his mazes and his descent into old age as…. [read more]

Allen Ginsberg: Beat Poet Extraordinare Term Paper

… ¶ … Allen Ginsberg:

Beat Poet Extraordinare

As one of America's most controversial poets of the mid to late 20th century, Allen Ginsberg, best-known for his radical poem "Howl" and for his outspoken views on American society, politics and the Vietnam War, was a very influential figure in the so-called "counterculture" of the mid to late 1960's and stands as the quintessential member of the "Beat Generation," a literary movement which encompassed life in the urban streets of our major American cities, such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Los Angeles, and often focused on specific topics that at the time were considered as taboo and forbidden, especially as literary centerpieces in the form of poetry, short stories, journals and magazine articles.

Thus,…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Enlightenment in Europe Thesis

… ¶ … Enlightenment in Europe

The Enlightenment was a stage in Western philosophy and culture which spanned the eighteenth century, and advocated Reason as the primary source of authority. England anticipated the rest of Europe by decapitating its king in the seventeenth century. In this sense, the task of understanding the character of English literature during the Age of Reason cannot be separated from the social and political context of the movement. Furthermore, it is important to identify the thinkers who influenced, and ultimately helped develop English literature in the eighteenth century. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was the overthrow which led to the decapitation of King James II of England by a union of Parliamentarians and the help of a Dutch army led by…. [read more]

Wife of Bath it May Be Strange Essay

… Wife of Bath

It may be strange to suggest that the Wife of Bath is a sympathetic figure, especially when William Blake identifies her as a "scourge" and a "blight" (Blake 32). Nonetheless, she is certainly Chaucer's representation of a woman who has not yet met a man who can rule her (White). Hardly the picture of meekness and humility that the Lady Prioress represents, the Wife of Bath is rather long-winded and proud of her ability to dominate the opposite sex. Her "long" preamble, in fact, elicits a rebuff from the Friar, and before the Wife even begins her tale she has already demonstrated her combative nature: not one to be told what to do she is out to prove that she is not…. [read more]

Stephen Crane's Novella, Maggie Term Paper

… Maggie seeks to escape from the Bowery and doesn't wish to become as her family. After his father dies, it is in Jimmie we see distaste for the upper class society. He despises it out of jealousy and ignorance. The narrator in the novella states that "He [Jimmie] maintained a belligerent attitude toward all well-dressed men."(14) By chapter four, the reader sees that Jimmie has become cynical and tougher ("he became so sharp that he believed in nothing") (14) unlike Maggie who had blossomed in a mud puddle. She grew to be a most rare and wonderful production of a tenement district, a pretty girl. None of the dirt of Rum Alley seemed to be in her veins." (p 16)

Jimmie chose to find power…. [read more]

Old When the Music of Bob Dylan Essay

… ¶ … old when the music of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits introduced me to the poetry of Allen Ginsberg, and gradually to the entire Beat Movement. I had always been keen on poetry but had never imagined that such depths and emotions could be achieved or induced by it. Moreover, despite the fact that I believed in Oscar Wilde's "art for art's sake," I had to acknowledge militant art which can make a difference not only on a personal level, but on a global one too. And these are not big words. My personal experience with the Beat Movement, its vision, imagery and literary devices have allowed me to realize that even if poetry cannot change the world, it has the power to reform…. [read more]

E-Learning Master's Degree Program in Teaching Literature Review

… ¶ … E-learning master's degree program in teaching at a University and the important Characteristics of a successful e-learning master's in education degree program.

E-learning is gaining great popularity worldwide for its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and speed of knowledge transfer.The number of students enrolled in e-learning classes has more than doubled in the past three years, from 670 students during the 2005-2006 to1350 students during the 2007-2008 academic year.This growth has meant more -and different - classes are being offered through e-Learning This is a great opportunity for students who are juggling work and family obligations. Some who have started their degree on campus are finding the online option a great way to finish - rather than postpone - their academic goals ( Mclaren 2010).Carnevale (2005)…. [read more]

Gibran Khalil Thesis

… Gibran Khalil Gibran and the Plight of the Syrian Poor

Khalil Gibran influenced both western and eastern thought throughout his life. The life work of Khalil Gibran was focused on a central theme, stemming from an early life of poverty. Gibran's humble beginnings provided the inspiration for his quest to improve the lives of Syrians who could not help themselves. This theme and purpose is obvious in his earlier works. However, in later life, he appeared to abandon this pursuit in favor of more metaphysical themes. The purpose of this research study is to explore the change in Gibran's work from early to late in order to determine if the central theme of supporting impoverished Syrian people remains as an underlying theme in latter works.…. [read more]

Female Aboriginal Survivors of Residential Schools in Canada Term Paper

… Aboriginal Survivors

Female Aboriginal Survivors of Residential Schools in Canada

In 1993, many Native Indian women stood up before a Joint Commission to explain their hurt and despair resulted from their stays at Canadian Residential Schools. More recently the Canadian government asked the Law Commission of Canada (LLC) to investigate child abuse within the schools. The LLC report, "Restoring Dignity: Responding to Child Abuse in Canadian Institutions" was released in 2000. The report dealt with the history, the legacy and the demands for reparations for Native Aboriginal survivors of the residential boarding schools and reparation for the child abuse which took place there.

Paying increasing attention to disparities in health status between U.S. ethnoracial groups, one study by Gone examined cultural practices, including disparities in…. [read more]

Women and Feminism Term Paper

… Domestically speaking, this creates for women in More's Utopia the quintessential situation of being "stuck between a rock and a hard place" where one's actions are both exalted and damned at the same time.

Thus, in this fabricated Utopian ideal, the metaphor of communal living that supposedly transforms both the public and private arenas does nothing but wreck havoc on all the institutions associated with this society. The places where women traditionally and exclusively operate are thus governed by the entire community, a situation quite reminiscent of Shirley Jackson's classic short story "The Lottery" where the citizens of a small town annually gather together to choose who lives and who dies based on the drawing of a lottery from a little "black box."

Yet the…. [read more]

Organizational Culture, Societal Culture, and Leadership Styles Research Proposal

… ¶ … Organizational Culture, Societal Culture, and Leadership Styles

List of Tables (if tables used) viii

List of Figures (if figures used) ix

Leadership and Cultural Differences

Summary of Chapter and Organization of Remainder of the Study


Organizational Culture

Societal Culture


Culture and Leadership

Leadership Theories

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership Styles

Cultural and Leadership Attributes

Cultural Aspects of Organizational Leadership

Relationship between Organizational Leadership and Society

Current and Future Trends

Description of the Study Approach

Instruments/Measurements 105

Treatment / Intervention 116

Data Analysis

Field Tests Establishing Validity 119

Research Limitations

Validity and Reliability 122

Ethical Considerations 124

Chapter Summary




Synthesis and Evaluative Action Plan


Chapter Summary



Summary of Major Aims and…. [read more]

Environmental History Adam Smith's Contribution to the Enlightenment Term Paper

… Adam Smith & the Enlightenment

Adam Smith and the Enlightenment

The Industrial Revolution was like an explosion of economic activity that erupted worldwide as a result of enlightenment thinking and the coalescence of many societal trends. In his book The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith documented the revolutionary paradigm shift from agricultural feudalism to mercantilism to capitalism. The world shifted from an agricultural way of life, managed by nobles and aristocrats for the "glory of God" and benefit of the church, to an urban life that involved the production of goods and products for economic consumption by the masses. Smith observed and recorded what happened. "Smith saw the economic potential of industrial technology, the specialization of labor, the factory system, and the entrepreneur" (p. 91).…. [read more]

How Individuals That Hear Voices and Therapists Relate With the Experience of Hearing Term Paper

… Hearing Voices, Patients/Therapists

In an issue that aimed to reconsider the contributions that phenomenology offers to the practice of clinical psychology, Davidson outlined the ways in which transcendental psychology reconceptualized both research and clinical practice. One of the things he attempted to do in his investigation was to bring 'suspicious' events, such as hearing voices (auditory hallucinations) into a more mainstream setting, one in which a "phenomenology of respect" held the high ground. Davidson was not attempting to convince anyone that the heard voices were real; rather, "by virtue of the phenomenological reduction, to suggest that people who hallucinate actually ("really") do have experiences of hallucinations. Hearing a voice when no one else is around is an actual experience just like any other" (2004, p.…. [read more]

Dylan Thomas Term Paper

… ¶ … Dylan Thomas

In order to understand the poetical works of Dylan Thomas, one must fully explore his cultural/societal background which will provide the foundation for appreciating his magnificent poetry which Elder Olson declares leaves "the reader with the impression that Thomas had a remarkable sense of language and rhythm (and) was saying something important about subjects of importance." His poetry is also "unclassifiable," for his themes "were the age-old ones of birth, sex and death" and were "conceived and treated in a way that was anything but familiar" (2).

Dylan Marlais Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 in the village of Swansea in Wales. In 1934, following his time at grammar school, Thomas's family relocated to London, where his first volume of…. [read more]

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