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Women and Commodities Essay

… The narrator suggests that Strephon could be happy if only he could "learn to think like me, / and bless his ravishst Sight to see / such order from confusion sprung, / Such gaudy Tulips rais'd from Dung" (Swift 141-144). The narrator is advocating a kind of willful ignorance regarding the role of women in society by suggesting that one should simply appreciate pretty things without bothering to question where they come from or how they are made (with a further demotion of women in the implicit claim that they are merely pretty things to be looked at in the first place). Thus, not only does Swift's poem engage in the commodification of women, but it actually serves as an argument against challenging this process…. [read more]

Women in Medieval Society Term Paper

… Women in Medieval Society

During the early Medieval Period, women had few opportunities to advance in society due to the strict rules that governed them. The vast majority of women at this time whether they were upper class, merchant class or peasants were expected to perform domestic functions with their chief duty being reproduction and the care of children. The class that a woman came from would have some bearing on her ability to control her own destiny and environment. However, in general, few rights and privileges were available to women regardless of their status in the society. Of course, there were exceptions. The names of a few women who were writers, artists, religious leaders, even saints have come down to us through the few…. [read more]

Carol Tavris' "The Mismeasure Women Essay

… women -- men engage in transactions of information while women share feelings. She cites the fact that when men speak with one another, they tend to exchange information about facts (such as cars and sports) while women talk about personal matters. Women will exchange very intimate information about themselves with relative strangers while men will know very little in-depth information about people they have played basketball with for years (Tavris 253). (This analysis tends to ignore the fact that demonstrations of love of men for women are frequently supposed to be expressed in monetary terms, like buying flowers or dinner).

Regardless of whether this is due to biological or cultural forces, notes Tavris, "women appear to be better at intimacy because intimacy is defined as…. [read more]

Women and the Enlightenment Research Proposal

… Women and the Enlightenment

The objective of this work is to read the text of Mary Wollstoncraft's "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" and to consult other works in the consideration of whether Wollstonecraft's text represents a revolutionary break in thinking about women. This work will explain the answer provided in regards to how Wollstonecraft's ideas were radical and new or alternatively similar to others of her time.

Ferguson: The Radical Ideas of Mary Wollstonecraft

The work of Susan Ferguson entitled: "The Radical Ideas of Mary Wollstonecraft" states that "according to the standard narrative of feminist intellectual history, modern feminism in the English-speaking world begins with Mary Wollstonecraft's bold appeals for women's inclusion in a public life overwhelmingly dominated by men." (1999) Ferguson states…. [read more]

Ho Women Are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art Term Paper

… ¶ … Women are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art

Throughout history, women have served as the subjects of compelling and poignant works of art, reflecting in large part how society viewed them and what roles they were expected to play. These gender differences were especially pronounced during the 19th century when women were women and men were men, and these differences can be readily discerned in the portraiture that emerged during this period. This paper provides an analysis of how women were portrayed in late 19th century art in general and in the paintings of women by John Singer Sargent and James Abbott McNeal Whistler in particular. An examination of how women are portrayed in paintings in general before the 19th century is provided,…. [read more]

U.S. Policy Towards Thai Women Sex Trafficking Term Paper

… Sex Trafficking of Thai Women and the U.S. Response

The Incidence of Sex Trafficking of Thai Women in the United States and a Review of Relevant Governmental Policy

In many ways, Thailand continues to be a mysterious and idyllic region of Asia for many Western observers. The primarily Buddhist kingdom of Thailand remains a sociological jewel in many ways among many Southeast Asian nations by virtue of its progressive social policies and egalitarian approach to human rights. As the only Southeast Asian country to escape occupation by the Japanese during World War II or colonization by a European power (the country's name means "Free-land," after all), Thais appear to possess the natural ability to persevere psychologically and economically even during the worst of times, and…. [read more]

Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Research Proposal

… ¶ … Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Mary Wollstonecraft's book a Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) was written as a response to the proposed state-supported system of public education that would only educate girls to be housewives, a proposal made by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, the French minister of education after the French revolution (Mellor 367). The passion with which Wollstonecraft wrote a Vindication of the Rights of Woman was derived from her personal experience of inequality as a young woman in a patriarchal society and also by the injustice she experienced in her own family growing up, an injustice experienced primarily because of her gender given that she was raised in a home where her older brother, Ned (who by law…. [read more]

Man's View of a Wife Essay

… Today there are cultures that are holding to the belief of woman's role is in the house.

All this suffering of the house wife did not go well and feminists had to come up. They defended the women's rights. By the twentieth century, feminists came up demanding the change in oppressed women. They felt that women needed education. They also needed career to help in family financial issues. The feminists felt that the woman had the right to chose on family planning and not just giving birth. These women Liberation movements were successful especially in America where the first liberalization took place. Equal rights amendments came up and gave the woman a voice. She was not only allowed to vote, but she was also recognized…. [read more]

Liberation of China Women Essay

… liberation of china women 'As women go, so go the nation' -- women as metaphors of nation liberation and stasis in Chinese cinema

In Maoist and pre-Maoist era cinema, such as in the films Stage Sister and Spring in a Small Town, the situation of women in China was used as a metaphor for the oppression of the Chinese people as a whole by stifling social and political forces. In the 1964 Stage Sister, the political activism of the heroine proves more empowering than finding personal fulfillment through love. But the 1948 Spring in a Small Town reflects a prerevolutionary belief in the value of honoring one's commitment to the past, such as an arranged marriage made by one's family. Only in more recent cinema,…. [read more]

Claiming Feminism Matrilineal History or Girls and Women's Empowerment and the Music Industry Essay

… ¶ … feminism, Matrilineal History, or Girls' and Women's Empowerment and the Music Industry

Gaga over Gaga? Girls' and women's empowerment in the music industry

Feminism in America today is often justified by the word 'choice,' in the sense that women should have a 'choice' in terms of what feminine conventions they embrace or reject. For example, some young feminists say that they are empowered by choosing to wear makeup and high heels and mothers 'should have a choice' to work or stay home with their children. So long as there is individual self-awareness, theoretically whatever one does is 'feminist,' according to Third Wave feminism. The role of social pressures in motivating such choices -- such as being teased if one does not wear makeup,…. [read more]

Women in Afghanistan and China Research Paper

… ¶ … rhythm and blues artist James Brown, "This is a man's world (Newsome)." In his song, It's a Man's, Man's Man's World, Brown goes on to list things that the male gender has created and contributed to society, such as the train, boats, and the car; all to ease the heavy load of life. Following these chauvinistic statements is the hard-hitting line that gives the song a chance at redemption. It would mean nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl. Throughout history, and even biblically, women have commonly existed in tandem to men, having to follow and hardly being given the chance to lead.

Walking into this class I could have never have anticipated what I was to learn this past semester. Growing…. [read more]

Gender and Space Term Paper

… Gender and Space in the Burlington Arcade

The scholar Jane Rendell asserts in her essay entitled "Industrious Females' and 'Professional Beauties'" that when discussing the ways that physical space is 'gendered,' it is common to assume that patriarchy constructs domestic space as entirely 'female' and the public, commercial space of commerce as entirely 'male.' However, one challenge to this set of assumptions can be found in the form of shopping areas, where most employees and customers are female. Rendell examines one relatively affluent district in 19th century London, known as the Burlington Arcade. This area, rather than simply constructed as male, was depicted in the literature of the time as a safe place for females to move freely about, and do their shopping. To deal…. [read more]

Contemporary U.S. Feminist Activism Research Proposal

… Human Rights

Equal rights have begun to play an increasingly important role in the globalized and information-rich world of today. No longer can communities isolate themselves or make their own rules for existence. The globe has become an integrated whole, forming what is known as the "global village." As such, no person or group within this "village" can perpetrate a human rights violation without being widely condemned according to the rules and laws of the human rights paradigm. Unfortunately, there are still those societies that operate from the patriarchal rather than the human rights paradigm. As such, women are degraded and disempowered to be little more than subordinates in service to the male sector of their societies. It is these violations against which organization such…. [read more]

Feminism Is for Everybody Essay

… They were also expected to wear girdles, bras and other uncomfortable clothing in order to maintain a certain shape, until standards became more relaxed and they could dress in slacks. When women were expected to look 'sexy' at work, they were also subjected to sexual harassment, and in the past there was no legal redress against this.

13. Describe two examples of gender differences in verbal and nonverbal communication that create and maintain woman's subordination through social interactions.

There are many demeaning and insulting ways that men speak about women, just as there have always been racist terms for blacks and Hispanics. These words are very well know, of course, and women also use them about each other, but they are intended to make women…. [read more]

Commodity Chain Thesis

… Commodity Chain -- Carpets in North York, Toronto

In this era of rapid change, more and more home owners choose hardwood floors and some of them prefer to leave these floors uncovered and no longer purchase carpets. The situation may seem of a socio-cultural nature, mostly associated with spending more time at work and reduced time on household activities (cleaning just the hardwood floor is less time costly than cleaning both floor and carpets), but it has impacted the rugs industry. In order to cope with the emergent modifications in the market and industry, carpet manufacturers have enlarged and diversified their product offering with carpets that meet not only functional needs, but also design ones. A region rich in carpet manufacturers is North York in…. [read more]

Gender Roles in Contemporary Culture Essay

… And role-switching has generated tremendous cultural anxiety. Men said they had "difficulties in assuming primary responsibility for children, with nearly one in five (17%) admitting it makes them feel 'less of a man', 13% claiming they found looking after the children harder than going out to work, and 13% saying they wished they earned more than their partner so they could go back to work" (King 2011).

The ideals of Fight Club tap into the frustrations of men who feel that they have less economic power than ever before and that the traditional physical tools bestowed upon men that give them power are no longer effective. Tyler's anti-capitalism reflects a sense that even the male-dominated market has now failed men, as many women are earning…. [read more]

Girls and Appearance Essay

… It would seem then that the rigidity of childhood has become less so as time goes on and that the culture itself should reflect that same leveling of expectations, yet they are continually pervasive and image is even more important now as individuals are far more likely to live and be around far more strangers than they ever have before. Some blame media and other factors on the pervasive nature of the image associated with femininity, yet the image debate is not a new one at all. For instance in the Victorian or Regency periods women, and especially upper class women spent a huge amount of time energy and resources supporting their appearance and they were expected to do so even at the expense of…. [read more]

Adrienne Rich of Woman Born Thesis

… Adrienne Rich is one of the quintessential feminist writers of our time. This discussion is to examine Rich's book Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution. The investigation found that Rich is shunning many of the traditionally held notions about motherhood using a postmodern approach. The view she presents is a direct contradiction to the manner in which society portrays women and their ideas about motherhood. This is evident in the fact that she entertains her own thoughts -- her wants and needs. As it relates to postmodernism. This part of the book is obviously a departure from traditional social constructs. Rich begins the book by adapting a postmodern stance. This means that the viewpoint that she presents shuns the western ideal of developing…. [read more]

Gothic Feminism in Wollstoncraft and Austen Mary Term Paper

… Gothic Feminism in Wollstoncraft and Austen

Mary Wollstonecraft was one of the earliest British activists for feminism, and is well-known and beloved among feminists for her passionate arguments against the patriarchal enslavement of women and their difficult position in her contemporary society. She was certainly not the first writer to point to social harm in society and the plight of women, nor was she the first philosopher in history to argue for equal rights for women. However, she has the fine distinction of being one of the best female writers of her era to combine these two issues with modern literary techniques (such as the Gothic genre) to create contemporary popular reading that incorporated these arguments. Unfortunately, she died in 1797 before finishing what might…. [read more]

Women and Marriage the Institute Term Paper

… One is that the deplorable quality of class divisions and the judgmental nature of society. Another reason is Lily's struggle to express her freedom and her unwillingness to be controlled by others. (An overt reaction to male domination)

Another novel written during the Late eighteenth century also explicitly focuses on feminism and the freedom of women and how women viewed marriage during that time. The whole novel is a series of letters each describing the character of Eliza Wharton. This novel was in fact based on a true story of a woman called Elizabeth Whitman and it has echoes of moral ethos. The character of Eliza Wharton closely resembles that of Lily in the "The House of Mirth." Like Lily, Eliza is also indecisive in…. [read more]

Black Women Activism Term Paper

… Many of the educated former slaves saw her as a reminder of the past. They wanted to go against the image of the illiterate slave and here she was wielding it as a sword. Ida may well have seen her in a different light. Ida never went through the brutalities of slavery. She came from middle class background and received an education. She used her education for betterment and would have viewed Truth as a weakness. However, both has Christian upbringings and held a great store by spirituality and wanted equality by law. Their sense of justice would eventually have caused them to deal with each other with respect.

For Sojourner it's said that, "She discovered a new means of power, what pentecostals call the…. [read more]

Gender Disparities in Hamlet Essay

… Gender Disparities in Hamlet

As Carol Thomas Neely observes, gender disparities in Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark "take shape in the contrasts between Hamlet and Ophelia" (330). Indeed, a world of difference can not only be seen between Hamlet's nature and Ophelia's but also between Hamlet's and Gertrude's. If Hamlet is concerned primarily with a kind of intellectual combat, Ophelia and Gertrude are involved in what appears to be more of an emotional conflict, brought about by a deeper penetration into the reality of things by intuition. Moreover, in a masculine dominated world (in all of Elsinore, there appear but two central characters who are women), Hamlet is guided and to a degree restored by "the terms of the masculine code," which ultimately…. [read more]

Economic Globalization Term Paper

… Economic globalization is regarded as an economic reform activity in reaction to the deterioration of the Fordist method of bulk production as well as consumption that was initiated during the latter part of the 1960s or during the early part of the 1970s. (Byster; Smith, 1999) at present manufacturing process is extensively spread all over the country as well as across the world, though once it was greatly centralized in the U.S. (Sassen-Koob, 1983) the garment industry, a significant manufacturing industry is usually considered to be a universal as also a footloose industry. The industry is more than hundred years old and its manufacture process has gone through numerous variations in the products it makes, technology being made use of, the presence of its clients…. [read more]

Bluest Eye Mary Jane -- the Commodity Term Paper

… Bluest Eye

Mary Jane -- the Commodity of Candy and Whiteness in Toni Morrison's the Bluest Eye

The story of the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, tells the tale of a Black young woman named Pecola Breedlove growing up in the 1940s in a segregated rural, Southern America. The narrative of the story takes place before the civil rights movement had its impact upon the lives of the majority of Black Americans. Morrison's Black men and women of the Bluest Eye live in a world where Blacks and Whites are almost wholly separate in their lives and the levels to which they can aspire to, economically and personally. Yet Blacks are still tyrannized, despite their exclusion from a common white mass culture, with media representations…. [read more]

Against the Legalization of Prostitution in the US Term Paper

… ¶ … Against the Legalization of Prostitution ecdriesbaugh

Against Legalization of Prostitution in the U.S.

Many images come to mind when we think of prostitutes. We think of crack whores, Wild West brothels, high-class escorts, and Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman even while most people have never met a real live prostitute. Video games violently "beat up" street hookers, people worship Ice-T and Kid Rock pimp personas, and television shows incarcerate prostitutes for what many would claim to be a "victimless" crime. Obviously, very few people have any respect for these women (Roleff, 2006).

Prostitution is not a crime without a victim, and prostitutes aren't usually called "women." Society calls them whores, tramps, sluts, pieces of meat, and trash -- names for what…. [read more]

Myth by Muriel Rukeyser Term Paper

… By trying to justify his answer validating that 'Man' is synonymous with 'Woman,' the readers learn how Oedipus has been 'politically wrong' in identifying a woman's character and self with that of a man. Truly, Rukeyser makes her readers realize that the 'Woman' played the most important and critical role in Oedipus' tragic life: Oedipus blinded himself not only because he killed his own father, but most importantly, he made his mother portray the role of his wife. When the Sphinx remarked to Oedipus that his supposition that 'Man' is synonymous with 'Woman' is erroneous ("That's what you think"), the Sphinx wants Oedipus to realize that the woman he has treated as a possession, reward, and commodity is actually an important figure in the society,…. [read more]

Female Elements in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston Term Paper

… Female Elements in "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

Abstract Das brauchst du nicht!

The research paper explores the female elements in the novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neal Hurston. It is the story of Jane, a black woman who was born when her mother was raped by a teacher. The story revolves around Jane's struggle for identity and self-esteem. . The novel represents the desire for autonomy, in particular under a banished community which relies on an individual's maintenance of common bonds. In such a society the women's demand of autonomy is perceived as a threat to the fabric that sustains said community's sense of identity, purpose, and viability.

Through such tropes as a diasporic woman's labor, her rhizomatic pursuit of desire,…. [read more]

Edward Ball Chronicles His Family Term Paper

… As primary caregivers, the women can offer a perspective into plantation life that no male can give. When bought from slave markets in Africa or the New World, the women were eyed as childbearing machines; their sex makes them uniquely profitable because of their ability to produce the valued commodity of more slaves. Angola Amy and Priscilla proved to be some of the biggest moneymakers for the Ball family. When Edward Bell interviews Carutha Williams speaks of her ancestors and asks why the Sierra Leone markets sold young children, Williams responds matter-of-factly, "Girls, because they could soon procreate, and boys, because they could work," (Ball, p. 213).

The commonality of white slave owners sleeping with or raping their female slaves prompted Edward Bell to investigate…. [read more]

Gender Relations and the Experience Essay

… Deplorably, it can be said that women, especially the black ones, were not considered humans but cattle, because their dignity and respect was being shattered by making them a hot topic for public discussion. Sadly, not only reproduction grew to be a focus of public conversation, but woman's sexual activities also became a hot issue (White, 1979).

Clothes were meant to hide the respectable white women. On the other hand, the body of a black slave woman had no such respect. They were presented in auctions where their bodies were judged by the visitors who determined their competence for childbearing. When a buyer was concerned about a slave woman's physical potential to bear a child, she was being checked by a physician more minutely (White,…. [read more]

Gender Economy Essay

… ¶ … articles by Julie Nelson, Gabrielle Meagher, and Marilyn Warning. These will need to be finished in the reference section as well as in the in text citations.


Gender Economy

According to Mead, "gender is a social construct specifying the socially and culturally prescribed roles that men and women are to follow." In other words, how men and women are supposed to act in determined in how gender roles are defined by society. These gender roles determine the roles that people are supposed to follow. Women have always had lower status than men within society, but the extent of the gap between the sexes often varies across cultures and time. "In 1980, the United Nations summed up the burden of this inequality: Women,…. [read more]

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