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Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia Thesis

… Sure, women will have the right to vote in 2015, but what happens until then? Saudi Arabian women still remain largely under the direction of the men in charge. In this month alone, a women was sentenced by the Saudi Arabian government to ten lashes in a public setting for violating a currently-instated driving ban for all women. However, instances such as this receive little to no media attention, and the reason is simple -- such behavior has become commonplace in Saudi Arabian culture, and it is uncertain if women's suffrage alone will do much to counter this.


Baki, R. (2008). Gender-segregated education in Saudi Arabia: its impact on social norms and the Saudi labor market. Education Policy Analysis, 12.2: pp. 25-38. Web. Retrieved…. [read more]

Women and Health Agenda Essay

… These are demographic structures, patterns of disease and risk factors. Lower mortality rates among children below the age of five years and declining fertility rates characterizes the demographic transition. The outcome is an ageing populace. There is a decrease in the aver-age number of children borne by each woman in global perspective, from 4.3 during the early 1990s to 2.6 by 2002 -- 2010.

The reduced birth rate is the high usage of the contraception. The epidemiological transition indicates a shift in the major causes of death and diseases. This is in contrast to infectious diseases, such as diarrhea and pneumonia, towards non- communicable diseases for instance, cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancers. The risk transition is featured by a decline in risk factors for infectious…. [read more]

Women's Roles in New England Research Paper

… There were many women in Colonial society who took on lives of entrepreneurship, although most of these women were widowed, or had never been married. Essentially, most women who did enter the workplace were absent of the role of the wife and thus the home care taker. This then allowed them to work in an acceptable manner within a society that did require strict roles for women who were married and with families to look after.

Despite strict gender roles, women still found a way to take part in the monumental movement for independence. There were some instances of women throwing gender stereotypes out of the window, some even dressed as men to take part in the fight for independence. Yet, such cases were rare.…. [read more]

Women in Monasticism Famous Term Paper

… Among those who visited the monastery was Eudocia, the wife of Theodosius II and she referred to Melanie as 'my Mother'. (The beginning of Female Monasticism) Thus these institutions built up the reputation of the church.

Among the modern, and connected to the English speaking believers, was Christina. Christina suffered persecution from her family for the stand that she took. She had to escape and run away, to stay with a nearby anchoress, Alfwen, and hide there for two years. After that incident, she took refuge with a monk named Roger, at St. Albans. This was a continuation in hiding to escape her family and Burthred, the man she was betrothed to. Finally, the Archbishop of York gave her protection and then she took up…. [read more]

Women in the Ancient World Essay

… She also defended her inheritance and her sister's inheritance when her parents' will was challenged in court: her husband praises her for this, because by her actions she not only protected herself and her sister, but also the husband whom she had not even formally married at that point.

The woman described in the eulogy does seem extraordinary -- although an orphan, she took care of her husband's mother as if she was her own. She is praised for her fidelity, obedience, rationality, modesty, piety, and even her wool-making skills over the forty-year marriage. The husband notes that divorce is common, but he says that he wishes he had died first, given how virtuous his wife was and how much he loved her. His list…. [read more]

Death Rituals of Different Cultures Essay

… In fact, for the Egyptian civilization and culture, their death ceremonies are highly reflected by not only their religious background, but their social and economic systems also play an integral role in defining and explaining their death rituals (Matthews, 2011).

Furthermore, the social and economic systems are equally significant for the Hindu culture in setting or defining the death rituals amongst the cultures' death ceremonies. The political system is insignificant with reference to the death rituals because it changes from time to time; however, the religious background and its traditions have been the same since centuries (Matthews, 2011).

From the very diverse and dynamic cultures around the globe, these cultures have a wide range of differences death practices of all people. Nevertheless, deep-seated similarities exist…. [read more]

Women's Role Essay

… Yet eventually their marriage and subsequent adoption of three children, provided for her the role of mother that she was still not satisfied with because she did not bear them. Those children not coming from her womb made her feelings of inadequacy remain. She is so idealistic, and set on fulfilling her premarital ideas of womanhood that her not bearing and raising her own children removes any satisfaction she could have had with her loving husband and three children. She's so different from the character from "A Sorrowful Woman" because of her beliefs and desires. She wanted what she thought she should want and have whereas the other woman wanted what society as a whole did not want her to have.

This is where the…. [read more]

Women's Suffrage in the 19th Century Term Paper

… Women's Suffrage In The 19th Century

Although the right of women in the U.S. To vote for their preferred political candidates was finally guaranteed through an amendment to the constitution in 1920, the struggle to secure this right had begun much earlier than that. In this text, I concern myself with the plight of women's suffrage in the 19th century. In so doing, I will amongst other things highlight the conditions that triggered this specific drive for women's voting rights. Although this text will largely focus on women's suffrage in the U.S., suffrage movements in other countries will also be acknowledged.

Women's Suffrage in the 19th Century

In this text, women's suffrage will in basic terms be used to refer to the right of women…. [read more]

Changes in the Roles of Women Essay

… However, apart from being competent in these areas, a woman was required to be sociable and beautiful to qualify for the accomplishment.

Queen Victoria: Okay! ... While women in the 19th Century did not have many choices, they lived in much better conditions than slaves though they had to obey men. Since the husband held all resources, women could only own wealth and property upon the death of their husbands. In such circumstances, a woman inherited or automatically inherited what belonged to her husband. However, things started to change when women were slowly allowed to own small businesses like clothing stores, shops, and cafes. How was it during your times? Did women own property?

Maria Elisabeth: I think it was relatively different to the 18th…. [read more]

Violation of Women Rights in India Term Paper

… Women's Rights In India

Violation of Women's Rights in India

As a fast-growing economy and the largest democracy of the world, India struggles with numerous human rights issues in its attempt to strengthen its position in the world: politically, economically, and morally. India is a signatory to major international conventions dealing with human rights issues and in the last sixty years the government has passed numerous laws designed to protect the rights of India's citizens, especially those of minority groups and women. And yet the problem with women's rights remains serious. Violations of women's rights remain prevalent in Indian society because of centuries-old, deep-seated cultural beliefs and attitudes that disfavor women's rights in the society. The struggles for equality are compounded by sexist and misogynist…. [read more]

Women or Women in Important Essay

… Here experiences do not inherently make her a figure of historical importance but the fact that she reports them 30 years later in this autobiographical text does provide us with considerable insight into a period of great historical importance.

Indeed, Ginzburg was only one of many millions of Russians who would be falsely accused of political dissent by the Stalin administration. Ginzburg's imprisonment in 1937 is an experience she would share with countless others over her 18 years in captivity. In her recounting of the ordeal, Ginzburg ultimately pulls back the veil on an experience that was devastatingly common during this tumultuous period in Russian history. The Stalinist purges remain one of the darkest moments in the history of a country saturated in historical darkness.…. [read more]

Women in the Developing World Term Paper

… They should be taught about different contraceptives and these should be available widely throughout the problem country. It is seen that "satisfying the unmet need for contraceptive services in developing countries would avert 52 million unintended pregnancies annually, which, in turn, would save more than 1.5 million lives and prevent more than 7 million infant deaths in their first month of life" (Reuters).

Health issues have caused a lot of women to die in the developing countries. This is all because of gender inequality where man sees himself to be superior to the woman. Such countries should educate the men and make them realize that females are as much humans as themselves. Females should not be prevented from receiving any kind of medical treatment. "It…. [read more]

Women Today and Yesterday in "The Story Essay

… Women Today and Yesterday in "The Story of an Hour"

Kate Chopin's short story, "The Story of an Hour," tells the story of Louise, a woman who finds a new lease on life when she hears her husband is dead. Her story is also a commentary on the women of the eighteenth century. Looking at Louise through this lens, we can see just how much society has changed in regards to women. Louise represents the oppressed women and, sadly, death in this tale represents freedom. Louise shares very few experiences with contemporary women.

Louise is different from contemporary women because she is a prisoner in her own home. Women of today enjoy their homes and experience joy in their homes, whether or not they choose…. [read more]

Women's Role Term Paper

… Women's Role

Women have always been treated as being lesser than men, in any field, anywhere at all in the world. Within different religions, too, there is a lot of differentiation and discrimination between the various roles played by men as against the roles played by women. Take the example of Christianity, for one. According to Macarthur Junior, John, in an article written by him in March 2003, the feminist movement in America has had the result of assaulting and changing the traditional roles that women have been assuming for centuries and what has happened is that women are now in the middle of a Revolution of sorts. In yesteryears, women were extremely content to be a good wife, and a good mother, and their…. [read more]

Women and Iran Term Paper

… It stated that "the women's education and training should be restricted to raising children, home economics and preserving the honor of the family." (A brief history of women's movements in Iran - II) Following the decree, on 20th January 1907, a large scale meeting was held by women in Tehran. This meeting called for the adoption of ten resolutions which included setting up a girls' school. A bolder resolution called for the abolition of the dowry system so as to allow that money to be spent on further education process that was aimed at helping women across the nation. (A brief history of women's movements in Iran - II)

In 1907 following the meeting, Bibi Vazirof opened the 'Madresseh Doushizegan' which was a school for…. [read more]

Women in American History Essay

… Women in American History

In 1785, Martha Ballard began the diary that she would keep for the next 27 years, until her death. At a time when fewer than half the women in America were literate, Ballard faithfully recorded the weather, her daily household tasks, her midwifery duties (she delivered close to a thousand babies), her medical practice, and countless incidents that reveal the turmoil of a new nation -- dizzying social change, intense religious conflict, economic boom and bust -- as well as the grim realities of disease, domestic violence, and debtor's prison. (PBS)

That Martha Ballard kept her diary is one small miracle; that her descendants saved it is another. When her great-great-granddaughter Mary Hobart inherited it in 1884, it was "a hopeless…. [read more]

Women in Nigeria Term Paper

… Women in Nigeria

The rank and status of women in Nigeria is equally ludicrous in comparison with other parts of the world. Irrespective of the numerical strength of the women population in Nigeria, they are persistently vulnerable to the sheer disregard and neglect as a result of low educational opportunities, socio-cultural principles; deficiency in the economic strength; the gender biased laws and administrative policies; and domestic liabilities. (Re: Women's political participation in Nigeria) Further woman do not have involvement in the process of decision-making in Nigeria. The Nigerian society is observed to be dominated by the male population (a Philosophy of Education for Nigerian women: Problems and Prospects) Nigeria is featured as a country depicting traditional beliefs and practices that place women at denouncing roles.…. [read more]

Women in Combat Essay

… They may wish to take revenge on those who perpetrated these crimes, for example.

Another undeniable element of men serving with women under difficult conditions is the possibility of inappropriate bonding. Jealousy may set in, or married team members may transgress as a result of long-term deprivation of physical closeness with the opposite sex. This also creates the danger of rape for women who serve with male soldiers.

Another issue is the one of culture. According to Adamis (2011), the Western culture tends to value its women for their intelligence, intuition, motherhood, and companionship. Culturally, the collective belief is that the values they embody should be protected from the harshness of battle. Women are therefore viewed as nurturers rather than combatants. This is a view…. [read more]

Women's Role Edmund Spencer Research Paper

… Women's Role Edmund Spencer

The term "women's rights" or "women's power" for females living in the Renaissance is an oxymoron. During this historic period of time, women were considered second-class citizens with no political rights. Single women were controlled by their parents, and married women were dominated by their husbands. A few women who came from wealthy and politically powerful families were able to exert some societal authority, but this occurred only in rare cases. Given the ineffectual standing of women during the 16th century, how could poets and authors go against the grain and show a more rounded vision of this supposedly inferior gender, without engendering negative political feedback? How could a writer depict another view of women besides that which was acceptable by…. [read more]

Women and Social Security Retirement Term Paper

… Women and SS Retirement

Since its inception in 1935, in the midst of the great depression, Social Security has been debated and frequently reformed, usually on a fiscal level, rather than on a level that better meets the needs of the changing population. (Kingson & Berkowitz, 1993, p. 27) (Shlaes, 1999, p. 38) in the past the arguments about social security in regards to women and where they fit into it, is that the labor of women is largely unpaid, in the sense that women frequently stayed home and labored for the good of the family, and social security is based on the idea of replacing at least a part of the financial earnings of an individual when they can no longer work.

The loss…. [read more]

Death of Ivan Ilyich Essay

… Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy

To many, death is but an afterthought to the conversation of life. And even then, such a thought is fleeting all the same. Because why think about dying when one is busy living life? Why think about something so alien to one when one is trying to achieve success and material wealth and happiness? Why think about death when it is hard enough trying to live life? Why think about death when it only happens to others and could not possibly happen to oneself?

The consequence of such an attitude is the death of one's spiritual, moral and emotional life, even without one's knowledge (Kamm, 2003, 209). One chooses may neglect the spiritual, moral and emotional aspects of…. [read more]

Death and Dying 'My New Term Paper

… Her experience, which prompted her to write the book Embraced by the Light illustrates that dying is not in itself a bad thing and therefore cutting the feeding tube off of someone who has lost the essence of their human nature might be the morally correct thing to do. The spiritual experiences that are shared by many who have had near-death experiences show that dying can allow the individual to encounter God in ways that living often cannot. Denying individuals the right to die in cases of terminal illness demonstrates a lack of understanding of death as well as an infringement on personal civil liberties.

In his book The Rights of the Dying: A Companion for Life's Final Moments, David Kessler lists several rights that…. [read more]

Death With Dignity: A Right Term Paper

… It is the government that stands in the way. More than 35% of physicians have admitted that they would participate in voluntary euthanasia practices if afforded the opportunity if patients requested it (Bachman, 1996). In another study conducted by Lee (1996) more than 46% of physicians admitted they might be willing to assist a suicide if it were legal to do so. In yet another study of pharmacists 34.3% of pharmacists admitted they would dispense prescription drugs willingly for physicians assisted suicides (Rupp & Isenhower, 1994).

In a Gallup poll conducted in 1996 more than 75% of respondents indicated that doctors should be allowed by law to end a patient's life by painless means if a patient or family member had requested in the case…. [read more]

Women in Television Essay

… Otherwise, the audience would not be interested and the show would fail.

Look at "Hot in Cleveland," which completely revolves around women spurned by men and seeking new ones. The show's supposedly wittiest lines are about men. The women's other topics of their skin, weight and clothing are just as meaningless. Mary Rogers moved away to get away from becoming June Cleaver. These women have moved nearly across the U.S. To seek men and become June Cleavers. How far have women come in 40 years since "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"?

Works Cited

Bodroghkozy, Aniko. "Where have you gone, Mary Richards? Feminism's rise and fall in primetime television." Iris: A Journal About Women 12.28 (2004). 5 November 2010

Bordo, Susan. The Male Body. A…. [read more]

Woman and Disabilities Term Paper

… Women, Disability, Sexuality and the Image of the Ideal Woman

Women, Disability Sexuality and the Image of the Ideal Woman

The proposed course of research here is on the subject of women, disability and sexuality. The expectation of society is that disabled women are disabled sexually as well as physically because society cannot perceive women with disabilities in a way that is compatible with society's image of the "ideal woman." That is, the woman who is physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy; educated or intellectually alert, financially independent, reproductively healthy and capable of producing offspring; and able to balance all these things in a way that does not reveal her weaknesses.

This paper will attempt to gain a sense of the psychological, physical, emotional, and social…. [read more]

Women After the Middle Ages Term Paper

… Women After the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance

After the Middle Ages, the Renaissance heralded a period of profound change throughout Europe to varying degrees. A revival of classical antiquity occurred with vast economic growth, scientific and geographical innovation and discovery, and political and religious divergence. At the same time as these major transitions, domestic life and gender roles also played an active part in this new enlightened world. What about women's place, or what is sometimes called the "woman question" during this period? Only in recent years, have a number of books been written on gender in literature during the Renaissance period. In fact, debates continue on how much, if at all, the women's role changed from 1500 to 1750. Some scholars, such…. [read more]

Women and Work Term Paper

… 184). While advances have been made over the last decade, the challenge remains for the next, and "as long as women constitute small minorities in nontraditional employment contexts, substantial obstacles will remain" (Rix, 1992, 185). The woman in the workplace must work harder to succeed than do men, and once they have succeeded they have to deal with the envy and anxiety this arouses. Women who do not advance only confirm the stereotypes for others:

The perception remains that women can't make it by conventional standards, or are less committed to doing so. In either event, they do not seem to warrant the same investment in training, assistance, and promotion opportunities as their male counterparts (Rix, 1992, p. 85).

Women are entering the workforce in…. [read more]

Women Throughout Chinese History Term Paper

… " (Watson & Ebrey, 1991, 235). The girl split from her first family with the understanding that she was never going back to them nor even allowed to communicate with them unless she had the permission of the man. On the surface the procedure is very much like a father marrying off his daughter, making the same arrangements as if it was a legal marriage. However there were a few things that distinguished the wife's status over that of the concubine. Legally, a Chinese man can only have one wife but could possess innumerable concubines. So the status of wife was more special than that of the concubines. Wives were also allocated property upon their marriage while concubines were not. Concubines did not have dowries…. [read more]

Women, the Sex Industry Term Paper

… Another study demonstrated how involvement in the commercial sex industry could actually be changed through socio-economic movements within one's society or country. This was the case of sex workers in at the Caribbean, particularly Curacao. Author Kempadoo (1995) demonstrated how the commercial sex industry that has long thrived in the region were influenced by the economic movements also happening from within. Furthermore, the author also suggests adopting a different perspective when looking at commercial sex workers and the industry they work in. More than anything, they are members of an informal sector that is economically thriving yet socially unacknowledged by the society. Over the years, small-to-medium businesses have gradually increased and have been made available to communities, especially to women. The author has observed that…. [read more]

Women's Education 1840s an Analysis Essay

… 31).


But not all women were intent on marrying -- even if the majority of female college graduates did so (although at an older age than women who did not pursue higher education). Florence Nightingale, for example, made the decision to enter nursing in the 1840s -- and she remained unmarried for the whole of her life. Nightingale, however, acted as a kind of pioneer in the field of professional nursing -- meeting the former Secretary at War Sidney Herbert in Rome and getting his assistance for the formation of her first nursing corps in the Crimean War.

Other women were making headway in academia. Both Queen's College and Bedford College in the UK began to pursue a policy of offering education to women…. [read more]

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