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Women Participation in Marine Industry Essay

… Not only this, SIRC researchers also extended their research on surveying women who are already working on the sea and gather their experiences to highlight the core problems encountered by them. According to the research survey, discrimination topped the list of problems faced by women and was being rated at 53% while harassment was at second position and being rated at 42.11% (Thomas, 2003).

Women were recruited in the marine world in order to curb the shortage of crew members. However, the participation of women in marine industry tends to be reasonably low due to a variety of reasons. Women are discriminated in marine training institutions as well as in the job environment. They are usually questioned about their level of professionalism and paid considerably…. [read more]

Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling Has it Been Shattered Models and Best Practices Research Paper

… Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling

In the last 20 years, women have shattered the glass ceiling that once kept them out of senior management positions in business, politics, and the military. In the current modern world, women have attained more career opportunities and legal rights than men have. Throughout the history of women, motherhood and wifehood was regarded as the most significant profession of women. However, in the 20th Century, women in the U.S. won the legal right of voting and increasing their job and educational opportunities. Women in the 20th century fought to a large degree accomplishing to re-evaluate perceptions towards the role of women in the society (Persons, 1915).


During the colonial period, women earned a living by working at…. [read more]

Women Face Sex Discrimination in Their Career Advancement Term Paper

… Women Sex Discrimination in Career Advancement

The delineation of the sexes is clearly established in society and impressed in people's minds. The man is to be the breadwinner and the woman is the nurturer of children and keeper of the home. Yet for the last two decades, professional women have entered the workforce and now account for almost half of the American labor force, half of them occupying managerial and professional specialty positions, about half coming from medical and law schools and an increasing number of them as corporate officers. But few of them hold line jobs, receive comparative wages with male employees, are top-earners and appointed to board seats. The majority of high-powered women employees leave their positions mainly because of dissatisfaction with job…. [read more]

Women in Leadership the Characteristics and Advantage Research Paper

… Women in Leadership: The Characteristics and Advantage of Women

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Obstacles to the Characteristics and Advantages of Women

The issue of women in leadership has been a focus of debate and discussion across many disciplines in recent years. This debate is also linked to topics such women's rights and gender inequalities in modern society. These issues have been engendered by the fact that there is a gross disparity in terms of gender when it comes to leadership roles in modern corporations and organization. The contention that underlies this debate is the marginalization of women and the prejudiced perception of gender. Many critics note that these disparities are a direct result of perceptions and stereotyped that emanate from a male-centered and…. [read more]

Discrimination and Affirmative Action (Glass Essay

… It is not a fact of stepping up to the plate and saying, 'I want to see change.' It is how we will strategies and will drive the change. It is also the realization that this could take years to overcome but it is achievable. To eradicate this vice or reduce it, the solution will have to come through a lot of factors. First and foremost, women are the first people who should be in the starting line to advocate for change. They should demonstrate that they can work in all fields especially in scientific fields like KBR. It is up to the women to accept the change, and eliminate myths labeled against them especially that they are weak I some areas. A woman can…. [read more]

Women and the Glass Ceiling the Disparities Term Paper

… ¶ … Women and the glass ceiling

The disparities in terms of opportunities, advancement and position between men and women in the workplace are a well-known and much debated issue in sociological discourse. This is due to the fact that hindrances to female advanceman or the "glass ceiling" is related to central sociological concepts and to the analysis of the way that societies are constructed by ideological as well as class and gender issues. As one researcher states; "It is well documented that women are less likely than men to exercise authority in their jobs... Yet the causes of this gender difference in authority have received little attention...." (Hopcroft R. 1996)

These disparities in the sexes and the glass ceiling phenomenon are intimately linked to…. [read more]

Gender Discrimination in the Workforce Term Paper

… Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

When my grandmother was a young woman she worked in offices as a secretary. At that time (in the 1950s) women routinely earned about half what men did for the same work. Other little signs of discrimination were telling, too. Women were not allowed to smoke in the office, for example, but men were. Men were always addressed as "Mr. So-and-so," but women were called by their first names. Today, the little signs have changed, but the pay gap still exists. Gibelman (2003) reports findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Full-time working women currently get 75% of what men get. Women in state and local government jobs do better -- they earn about 80 to 90% of what men…. [read more]

Women in Nigeria Term Paper

… Women in Nigeria

The rank and status of women in Nigeria is equally ludicrous in comparison with other parts of the world. Irrespective of the numerical strength of the women population in Nigeria, they are persistently vulnerable to the sheer disregard and neglect as a result of low educational opportunities, socio-cultural principles; deficiency in the economic strength; the gender biased laws and administrative policies; and domestic liabilities. (Re: Women's political participation in Nigeria) Further woman do not have involvement in the process of decision-making in Nigeria. The Nigerian society is observed to be dominated by the male population (a Philosophy of Education for Nigerian women: Problems and Prospects) Nigeria is featured as a country depicting traditional beliefs and practices that place women at denouncing roles.…. [read more]

Women's Rights: Equality Term Paper

… FWI has positioned itself so as to assist policy makers in high places.


The Center for WorkLife Law identifies the gender pay gap as a discrimination law issue. The Center views the gender pay gap as an undesirable default behavior that is permitted in the absence of modernized statutes and enforced best practices in employment law and employee relations. When it is not focused on changing the laws, the Center takes a change agent stance to working with all relevant stakeholders to enjoin a cooperative force for altering discriminatory and inequitable workplace practices, and cementing preferred policies in newly conditioned environments.


The Independent Women's Forum views the gender gap as socially / politically constructed myth. The IWF does not believe that the gender…. [read more]

Women's Issues Term Paper

… Iraqi Women

Regardless if one is for or against the War in Iraq, the hope is that the lives of the Iraqi people are improved and some form of democratic nation is built that provides for equal rights. The previous situation of Muslim women in Iraq was restrictive at best. What has been the impact over the last five years? It appears by the research noted below, that women's rights may not be high on the political agenda and women still have to accomplish a great deal before they can have an equal voice..

Iraqi women, even the most conservative, are beginning to reconcile the tenets of religious laws with the desire to be part of a new political and economic government. Zainab Salbi, who…. [read more]

Gendered Experience in the Workplace Sexual Discrimination Term Paper

… Gendered Experience in the Workplace

Sexual discrimination is a reality in the workforce. Despite many recent and well- publicized advances of individual women in business, and some prominent examples of female leadership of once male-dominated corporate entities, in the everyday experience of most workers, common workplace relations remain 'gendered' in terms of leadership. Gender constructs that favor promoting males to positions of leadership still affect the perceptions of managers, and their employees. I know this from my own personal experience, even though I am male.

No, I did not face some sort of "Disclosure"-like scenario, as dramatized in the (very) fictional film with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore. Penned by Michael Crichton, the film showed a man discriminated against by his female boss because she…. [read more]

Women in Corporate Professions Term Paper

… First, the presence of will help to change the employees' perceptions regarding gender equity in their organizations, a factor that was already found to influence instances of sexually harassing behavior. Second, experts believe that more victims would report sexual harassment in companies where there are female managers and executives (Baugh 899).

However, many experts also estimate that thousands more sexual harassment cases in smaller companies go unreported each year.


While feminist and women's rights activists have made the general public more familiar with the gender wage gap, fewer people are familiar with how this lack of pay equity also translates to a retirement wage gap. As a result, older women face poverty in greater numbers than their male counterparts.

The wage gap is even…. [read more]

Older Woman Younger Man Relationships Term Paper

… Older Woman Younger Man Relationships

The relationship between older women and younger men and its effects

Since the dawn of men, people have shown a natural tendency towards forming groups, sharing their experiences and facing challenges together with others of their kind, as members of the human society. The most intimate, most simple and yet most complex form of human grouping is the couple. Whether it's a man or a woman, two men or two women, the pair represents the supreme symbol of social behavior, of human symbiosis.

Relationships between men and women are the most common type of sexual unions, the building blocks of families, small (him and her) or extended (plus children and any other blood relatives).

A heterosexual union can be established…. [read more]

Simone De Beauvoir Quote False Essay

… Working women do not have wives at home to manage the household, and now neither do men. Some people insist that men and women will never reach such a social consensus, due to their extremely divergent natures. Others continue to regard the social stage as an exclusively masculine preoccupation, and the household scene as purely feminine territory. Though there is no point in denying the obvious challenges, men and women have to unite in striving for a better human condition, simply because they both belong to it.

In regard to women's influence and added-up potential to produce large-scale change, it can be asserted that they have far more political power than they realize. To name an important example, women elected Bill Clinton as president of…. [read more]

Women-Workforce Effects Term Paper

… This theory also suggests that leaders exhibit certain leadership styles and behaviors based on what people expect of them as a male or female; this expectancy is also referred to as gender roles (Eagly & Johannesen-Schmidt, 2001). Gender roles are defined as the "shared beliefs that apply to individuals on the basis of their socially identified sex" (Eagly & Johannesen-Schmidt, 2001, p. 781).

Thus based on this theory leadership roles are assumed to result from "perceiver's observations" of men and women as "concentrated in different social roles in the family and paid employment" (Eagly & Johannesen-Schmidt, 2001, p. 781). One logically concludes then that leadership styles take on the form of stereotypical behaviors and styles assigned men and women based on their sex, not on…. [read more]

Prostitution and of Human Rights Research Paper

… Prostitution and Human Rights

In Dominican Republic, prostitution is legal. The country has decriminalized prostitution, and it views prostitution as legitimate work besides accepting prostitutes as working people. Legalization of prostitution in the Dominican Republic followed the understanding that criminalizing prostitution would only serve to drive the prostitution business into hidden economy that would make sex workers vulnerable to additional exploitation and marginalization that would leave sex workers without recourse to medical and legal protection. Freedom of occupational choice, safety and health protection, besides prosecution of perpetrators of violence against sex workers were central to the struggle of legalizing prostitution in Dominican Republic. Although prostitution is legalized in Dominican Republic and other countries such as Jamaica, it increases vulnerability of prostitutes to violence, abuse and…. [read more]

Leaders Handling Anger and Conflict Term Paper

… Leaders Handling Anger and Conflict

Anger Management and Conflict in the Workplace

Anger and conflict in the workplace have always been problematic, as even the best of companies sometimes find that they have strong disagreements between employees, or between employees and management. These anger management issues can lead to incivility and personal insults, which are a losing situation for all parties involved. Because of this, managers must find a way to recognize these problems before they cause too much difficulty, find ways of correcting them if they have already begun, and look for ways that they can use to prevent them from recurring. This is much easier said than done, however, because of the different and complex personalities that are brought to many workplaces.

The…. [read more]

Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge Dissertation

… ¶ … Henry Thomas Buckle's original 1858 discourse concerning the contributions of women to the progress of knowledge to determine how relevant these concepts remain today, and to expand on his origins premise that although women reason differently from men, the contributions to the progress of knowledge made by women over the centuries are worthy of further study today. To this end, the study examines different types of knowledge and how women have affected progress in these domains through a critical review of the relevant literature, including open source media such as Wikipedia, but peer-reviewed and scholarly sources as well. A summary of the research and a synthesis of the findings are presented in the study's conclusion concerning the contributions of women to the progress…. [read more]

Hispanic Women Leadership for the New Millennium Term Paper

… Hispanic Women Leadership for the New Millennium

Hispanic-American women have struggled for centuries to get their respect and acknowledgment. Hispanic women have been at their helm, whether it is in the home, workplace or in the society. (Observation focuses on women leaders) in the struggle for restoration of social, political and economic righteousness, the women of Mexican Revolution with the rifles on their shoulders, commonly known as Adelitas, were equally devoted to the cause of the revolution and were jeopardizing their lives at the war front equally with their men. Presently, the same fortitude of Adelita remains to exist on the eve of the Hispanic women's struggle for equality and their status in the society. While the Hispanic community emerges to attain success in the…. [read more]

Obesity and Discrimination Bias Against Term Paper

… As children, they were given nicknames like "chubbo" and "tubby." Many overweight women reported being admonished by concerned parents and grandmothers, who worry that their being overweight will keep them from finding a husband (Crossrow, Jeffery and McGuire 2001).

Though hurtful, many overweight adults recognize such behavior as well-meaning, if misguided. However, other studies have found that parents can discriminate against their overweight children in more insidious ways. In a 1995 study, for example, Christian Crandall found that daughters were less likely to receive financial support for attending college if they were overweight. This effect was constant in female undergraduate students, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, family size and the number of children already attending college (Crandall 1995).

Many times, comments regarding the children's weight…. [read more]

Employment Law: 1964 Civil Rights Act Term Paper

… Employment Law

SEC. 2000e [Section 701] of Title IIV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of sex, and the company Ms. Riyadh works for has seemed to show a persistent pattern of discriminatory behavior towards women, not just the plaintiff in question. Firstly, women are underrepresented in the company in managerial positions. Secondly, Ms. Riyadh has shown excellence in her job, as demonstrated by the variety of awards she has received and her company's own admission. The company promotes from within, thus it is not because there are more qualified men from 'the outside' and although the company may allege her personal characteristics are incommensurate with their image, it is unlikely that all of the qualified women who have…. [read more]

Gender Segregation Essay

… Leadership and Management Development: Gender Segregation at Senior Management Level

Occupational segregation

Performance Assessments

Women in senior management positions in international firms

Gender Inequality of well-Known Organizations

Lack of role models

Financial implications

Stereotypical views

Fear of failure or success

Competing responsibilities

It is clear that when it comes to the senior management level, women are going through greater obstacles and have to depend on methods for advancement that are much different from their male equivalents (Abrams, 2013). Research does show that most of the discrimination that occurred against women shows itself in many types, this does comprise of the following: wage tips, job segregation, sexual harassment, the rejection of career development chances (as well as mentoring and poor performance assessments), and a lack of…. [read more]

Gender Stereotypes and the Ontogenetically Term Paper

… The courts are eliminating training programs that discriminate in providing equal opportunity for promotional and job opportunities. This is especially the case when completing these training opportunities is required for advancement. Much of the tensions here come about because individuals view training as instrumental in helping them achieve advanced opportunities, and thus they are concerned when they feel programs are not made available. Some believe that as organizations have a greater need for workers, these difficulties will diminish; others are not as confident.

The Glass Ceiling Effect

Barriers to advancement and increased compensation for women and minorities in the workplace have been described as the "glass ceiling effect" (Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, 1995). The glass ceiling refers to any artificial barrier that limits promotion and…. [read more]

Bellamy and Atwood Term Paper

… Science fiction is a term that includes a wide array of speculative fiction and not just, as some people believe, space ships and the like. Much science fiction entails social criticism as well, and two examples are Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. These novels were written more than a century apart and yet each take a similar approach by speculating about the society of the future in order to comment upon the failures of the respective author's contemporary society. Some of the futures seen by writers are intended to be utopias, examples of the perfect society, or of what the writer believes a perfect society to be. Other writers produce a vision of a dystopia, or a future…. [read more]

Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences With Discrimination Term Paper

… Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences With Discrimination in the Workplace

Case Summary, Methodology, and Literature Review

The Case of Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences with Discrimination in the Workplace: Persevering in the Face of Adversity and Its Price

Analysis using theoretical constructs from the literature review

This analysis concerns the experiences of a professional Chinese-American young woman, "Sue," employed at "Flexco," discussed further below. For the purpose of analysis, I address this question: "What types of experiences did Sue encounter at Flexco that suggested she was being discriminated against as an Asian-American in general and a Chinese woman in particular and are these practices widespread in the American workplace today?

Background and Overview.

The positive manner in which the vast majority of Asian-Americans are treated…. [read more]

Irish and Non-Irish Complain in Ireland Thesis

… Housing Discrimination Among Irish an Non-Irish

Is there discrimination against Non-Irish living in Ireland in the Dublin Ireland Housing Market?

The immigrant population in Ireland contributes considerably to the Irish economy. However, despite their contributions, many non-Irish live in housing conditions that are less than their Irish counterparts. Many blame discrimination as the cause of these disparities. However, there are many factors that could contribute to their condition aside from discrimination. This research examines the question of whether the non-Irish live in poorer conditions that their Irish counterparts due to discrimination, or due to other factors. This survey revealed that the non-Irish living in Ireland do face considerable discrimination, as compared to their Irish counterparts. This discrimination was more prominent in the quest to purchase…. [read more]

How Does the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Support the Employment of Individuals With Disabilities? Thesis

… The x value was calculated to be 1.575 and the standard deviation was 0.497.

The next question that was asked in the research survey was about the employers having complete description of every position in their organization. According to the results, the x value was calculated to be 1.5 with a standard deviation of 0.503. 49% of the employers claimed that they did have a complete description of every position; meanwhile a same percentage of the respondents answered this question in negative. 1 person chose not to respond to this question. In order to rule out any ambiguity, the respondents that chose to answer this question in positive were asked if the description of the job positions in their organization also mentioned the description pertaining…. [read more]

Need of Workplace Diversity Equal Opportunity Work Life Balance in Sustainability Article

… Workplace Diversity


Diversity usually conjures up the image of a place where not everyone is alike. This could mean males and females as well as people from different nationalities. However, there are so many different dynamics that go into what makes a situation diverse. Workplace diversity is an important issue and is necessary in order for businesses to be sustainable. Employees need to know that they are valued and that their employers are flexible. They also need to know that whatever their circumstances, they will have a fair and equal opportunity in the workplace the same as the next person. Because of this, employers must be focused on not only the bottom line, but they must invest in the employees and let them know…. [read more]

Allstate Not Only Knows Term Paper

… ¶ … Allstate not only knows that they have the right to use independent contractors, they also seem to know all of the benefits of doing so. In contrast they also seem to be aware of the areas that will cause the company grief and are working to eliminate those areas while maintaining the things that benefit them. It is possible that the company does not know what is and is not allowed when it comes to company employees opposed to independent contractors.

The requiring the agents to only write Allstate policies first, and not use any other company unless all state refuses to underwrite the policy, actually crosses the legal line about employees vs. contractors.

The company is correct in that it does not…. [read more]

Lesbian Health Care Dissertation

… The final consequence of such circumstances is that the research quality and generalizability is sacrificed in the face of affordability. Despite these challenges, researchers have indeed conducted fruitful and important research on the health status and experiences of sexual minorities, allowing for a thorough review of the literature concerning lesbian health, lesbian access to health care and lesbian experiences with health care services and professionals.

After reviewing the methodological issues relevant to studying lesbian health, the exiting knowledge concerning the current health status of lesbian women will be reviewed. A great deal of research has established the various risk factors that are unique to lesbians with respect to health care concerns, such as being at an increased risk for various forms of cancer, substance use,…. [read more]

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