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Women Historians United States Historian Arthur Schlesinger Term Paper

… Women Historians

United States historian Arthur Schlesinger stated that historians' silence about women made it seem that half of the American population had not had any impact on the country's history. "Any consideration of woman's part in American history must include the protracted struggle of the sex for larger rights and opportunities, a story that in itself is one of the noblest chapters in the history of American democracy," he wrote in 1935.

Because of the male domination of history, and the lack of women writers, many events and people of the time were forgotten and received little or no recognition for their efforts.1 However, what if the situation was different? What if women historians did have the opportunity to be on par with their…. [read more]

America S. Promise to Immigrants Essay

… America S. Promise to Immigrants

The history of America has been the history of the mixing of peoples from different parts of the world. Despite the fact that America promises these immigrants a brand-new culture in the face of ethnic and racial diversity which is more than ever a salient fact today, there are still manifestations of the culture. The two components work together for the sustainability of the ever changing culture.

America is composed of people of different origins who speak different languages with different background cultures all living together under a unified political sovereignty. Compared to other nations of the world that are witnessing heightened ethnic, racial, ideological and religious conflict, which are the most explosive problem of the modern times, American has…. [read more]

Mythology Political Issues Constitutional History Term Paper

… The Twenty-First Amendment to the Constitution is the only case of amendment through this venue.

Congress calling a National Convention at the request of the legislator and three-fourths of the States ratifying the amendment. This form has never been utilized for Constitutional amendment.

VI. Leadership in Government

It takes many skills of leadership and communication to hold a political office. There are not only the areas of "right" or "wrong" which must be considered by the different mores' with in society, particularly in the world at large, that demand that the President be multi-skilled in interacting with individuals, groups, corporations, organizations and the leaders of other governments.

The United States has had a varied kaleidoscope of Presidents in the perception of style and personality. There…. [read more]

Economy of Colonial America Term Paper

… " Using this formula, and plugging the math into 1980 dollars, per capita income for "free" colonists in 1650 was $572; for 1720 it was $826; and for 1774 it rose to $1,043, according to McCusker's research. There was a dramatic disparity between wealth in the "Upper and Lower South" and the New England and Middle Colonies (Table 3.3, 61). To wit, the "Net Worth per Free White Person" (NWPFWP) in New England (using Pounds Sterling) in 1774 was 33.00; in the Middle Colonies in the same year it was 51.00; but in the Upper and Lower South, it was 132.00 Pounds Sterling. One reason New England lagged behind in NWPFWP (92) was that those settlers "...lacked a major staple commodity to export" to the…. [read more]

Roosevelt's New Deal Term Paper

… Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal

Eminent scholarship and critical historical reviews to the contrary notwithstanding, there was little about the New Deal that could be called "conservative," unless one looks at the Merriam-Webster Online definition of "conservative" as a noun, letter "b" under "2" ("a cautious or discreet person"); and from that concludes that FDR was "cautious" not to allow America to slip into another Depression - hence, the New Deal.

But in fact, the New Deal was, without doubt, a revolutionary series of programs, simply because of the impressive number of innovative, bold initiatives - never before passed by Congress in such quantities - it created. What was the New Deal?

A few of the successful programs that were part of the New Deal…. [read more]

U.S. Presidential Disabilities and How Society and the Media Reacts Thesis

… Perceptions of Presidents With Disabilities

Bibliographical Essay

The perception of American presidents as healthy and able-bodied men has always been one that served to convey confidence and support of them by voters during their campaign bids for the office. For voters, this highest office of authority and operations has required a man who is on top of his game, physically and mentally fit, in order to bear the heavy burdens of the office and weighty-decisions that he must make on behalf of the American people. To this end, there exists an industry, an army, of image makers, men and women trained in the skillful art of public image making, and who work hard to ensure that the image in the public mind and eye of…. [read more]

Sun Trust Bank vs. Houghton Term Paper

… These media constantly resort to parodies, like "The Wind Done Gone." The New York Publishing House stated that one of its literary treasures, "The Lord of the Rings" by JRR Tolkien, was the object of a parody in the Harvard lampoon version, "Bored of the Rings."

Earlier Parodies

Other critics did not think that Randall's case was that big because it was not the first time a black author criticized the conditions of the blacks in the South. In 1967, Margaret Walker wrote the very successful novel, "Jubilee" the synopsis of which was quaintly very close to that of Mitchell's, as can be inferred in this blurb that was then written about it:

Daughter of the while plantation owner and his black mistress, the heroine…. [read more]

American Politics Term Paper

… "

The Democrats responded effectively with a truthful approach (Brodsky, 2000).

It was admitted that he had the affair, and, although he thought he was not the father, had financially supported both mother and child. When Maria Halpin's alcoholism seemed to threaten the boy's well being (Harper, 2001), Cleveland saw to it that she was placed in a sort of half-way house, not an insane asylum, and that the boy was placed in an orphanage, where he was soon adopted by a wealthy couple. The other stories were shown to be false (Harper, 2001). The diligently hardworking governor had no time, much less inclination, to spend his evenings on the seedy side of town (Harper, 2001)."

Much to the dismay of the Republican Party the…. [read more]

Limiting Free Speech ID: 53711 Term Paper

… It is possible that in spite of some idealized image of the American form of government, springing like Venus, full grown, that indeed those early senators, representatives, and other governing officials were not confident enough in what they were trying to develop to be able to tolerate intense criticism.

The idea of limiting freedom of speech to protect the public against the harm of pornographic or salacious material has great appeal. Many people would support this reason for limiting freedom of expression. At first it might seem there would a difficulty in agreeing on what constitutes pornography or filth, or even blasphemy. Indeed, there have been highly publicized issues such an art photograph depicting a crucifix in a beaker of urine. Some people were outraged…. [read more]

History of the Media Essay

… "Take some of the call letters of stations at the time. The call letters KFWB, for instance, stood for 'Keep Filming Warner Brothers,' and KTAR's call letters stood for 'Keep the Arizona Republic.'"

At the beginning of radio's Golden Age, from 1930 to roughly 1953, radio stations competed for stages of both stage and film to perform in radio plays. CBS was able to get a young producer-director-actor named Orson Welles to host one of its dramas, the Mercury Theatre On the Air. It only lasted five months, but it was the most famous production in radio history.

NBC introduced Americans to soap operas on the air around the same time and by 1930 there were roughly 38 soaps broadcasting on a daily basis.

There…. [read more]

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