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Role of Women in Medieval European Society Term Paper

… Women in Medieval European Society

Within our society there is a fascination with the special position of women in nearly every period of history. Perhaps this fascination with the past is rooted in our constant hope to prove social progress. "Social history aids in understanding women's condition in any age; it is particularly essential for comprehending women in the Middle Ages, an era remote enough from our own so that common social presumptions do not pertain." The danger then becomes a tendency to generalize a condition that is somehow much worse than our present social position. The necessity of the historian is to offer a responsible representation of history. Women throughout history have been dominated by the customs of their status and also the legality…. [read more]

Women in Medieval Society Term Paper

… Women in Medieval Society

During the early Medieval Period, women had few opportunities to advance in society due to the strict rules that governed them. The vast majority of women at this time whether they were upper class, merchant class or peasants were expected to perform domestic functions with their chief duty being reproduction and the care of children. The class that a woman came from would have some bearing on her ability to control her own destiny and environment. However, in general, few rights and privileges were available to women regardless of their status in the society. Of course, there were exceptions. The names of a few women who were writers, artists, religious leaders, even saints have come down to us through the few…. [read more]

Medieval Life of Women Research Paper

… Although some of the women played a role in the growth of the economic well-being of the society, men did not identify the women through their roles. Similarly, during the domestication period, women were caregivers, and one influential Hannah More suggested that "Charity was a calling for ladies." This saw to the hiring or utilization of more women in the same roles. In the same period, women undertook other important roles. For example, women took part in essential fields of occupation, which were dairying, making cheese, milking, making butter, preparing linen and cloth, including textile making.

However, their effort to break out from the bondage of subordination was not possible. This is because in the year 1500, female employment was experienced constant, which saw to…. [read more]

Women's Choice Lead a Celebate Thesis

… There are few exceptional cases in which women are given the main role or which place the female biblical presence in a positive light, however they fail to compensate the male domination of the biblical text, especially seeing that today's society is rather reluctant to see the woman above her condition of worldly flesh. For instance, Mary Magdalene and The Virgin Mary are representative figures for expressing the sanctity of women in the Bible. Nonetheless, the modern society fails to perceive them and to acknowledge their contribution to the spiritual heritage of the world; rather, the society today tends to regard them still only in their capacity of women serving Jesus, God or their men.

The above could be seen as one of the reasons…. [read more]

Medieval Frame Tales Term Paper

… Medieval Literature

Gender and Sexuality in Medieval Literature

Cultural norms and gender roles have changed considerably since the medieval period. Literature is defined by the cultural constructs surrounding it. In order to understand a work of literature from a different time period and/or culture, one must first examine the cultural constructs that influenced the author at the time of writing. Sometimes, there are few clues as to culture and gender roles, other than the work itself. The following will examine the clues as to gender and sexuality found in works from Giovanni Boccaccio's "The Decameron" and Visnu Sarma's "The Pancantantra." It will address the hypothesis that, contrary to the opinions of several modern historians, the writings of Boccacio represent accurate medieval thought regarding the status…. [read more]

Women in Monasticism Famous Term Paper

… Among those who visited the monastery was Eudocia, the wife of Theodosius II and she referred to Melanie as 'my Mother'. (The beginning of Female Monasticism) Thus these institutions built up the reputation of the church.

Among the modern, and connected to the English speaking believers, was Christina. Christina suffered persecution from her family for the stand that she took. She had to escape and run away, to stay with a nearby anchoress, Alfwen, and hide there for two years. After that incident, she took refuge with a monk named Roger, at St. Albans. This was a continuation in hiding to escape her family and Burthred, the man she was betrothed to. Finally, the Archbishop of York gave her protection and then she took up…. [read more]

Role of Women in Tibet Research Paper

… Role of Women in Tibet

Women as freedom fighters

Women portrayed as being care takers

Women as keepers of culture

Women portrayed as being career people

Tibetan women as peace keepers

Tibetan women portrayed as great leaders

Tibetan as agriculturalists and traders

Women portrayed as having the freedom and right to marry

Women portrayed as being Buddhists

Women portrayed as being family property

Women as keepers of traditions

The role of women in today's society is an issue of global interest. Women's role has been looked into from different perspective. It is therefore opportune that this paper is looking into the role of women at Buddhism and cultural angle. In recent past, several publications have been published on the changing status of women in Hindu…. [read more]

Agricultural Revolution: The Role Essay

… Many civilizations were impacted by the revolution. The roles from hunting and gathering societies to farming and the development of personal property significantly changed how women and men interacted and what roles and responsibilities they would manage. Although the earlier societies were more egalitarian in nature, as power and the division of labor manifested, so did the development of more patrilineal societies. In various societies, the notions of romance, love and marriage were managed differently and the subordination of women became increasingly evident; in some societies more than others. Clearly, notions of marriage, love and romance had little to do with modern day interpretations. These notions were ideals of those in positions of wealth and authority and used to represent, build and/or maintain status positions.…. [read more]

Islamic Women -- Ottoman Empire Essay

… As for the wife's feelings, she felt "less of a threat to her position as mistress of the household from the slaves than from any additional legal wives," Davis explains; the slaves were required to obey the wife, so there was some leverage there (88). The author notes that polygamy was practiced at the time of Muhammad and while "there is no real evidence that he tried to abolish it," he did try to "contain it" (88).

Meantime, the practice of having a harem -- especially for the wealthy and powerful in the society -- was not unusual in the 18th and 19th centuries. Davis references scholar Charles White on the matter of how women got into harems and what that life was like for…. [read more]

Medieval Towns Crafts and Guilds Term Paper

… Medieval Towns: Crafts and Guilds

Gervase Rosser has written an article that spells out, with descriptive attention to detail, the economic and work culture dynamics of medieval communities. The piece contributes enormously to a reader's understanding of England during the medieval period, so much so that it would seem an entire semester's study could be built around the article (with numerous supplemental articles and materials, of course).

What the reader absorbs in particular in the first few pages of Rosser's article - and in general throughout his piece - is that he is intent on setting the record straight on a number of issues about the medieval workplace and worker. In fact, this is not just an article about how medieval crafts and guilds functioned…. [read more]

Cecilia Penifader Medieval Life Essay

… She came from a family that was double the average family size. Cecilia was privileged to have a father who represented a public face; as a family unit, they used to eat, work, and sleep every day together. After Cecilia and her sister were old enough, she got married leaving her behind while her brothers joined teams of responsible men.

Her father, Robert was a responsible man who beat his children and trained them to perform hard labor around the house, as well as in the fields. Robert was married to Alice and together they were seen to be exceptionally responsible parents. Community held all the power during these days. Decisions of farming and land were made as groups as they were meant for the…. [read more]

Sexuality and Gender Essay

… This is the theme of Wycherly's play which he vocalizes when Horner states, "Your Women of honour / as you call 'em, are only chary of their reputations, not their persons, / and 'tis scandal they would avoid, not men" (I.i.167-169). True sexual activity is not often revealed and women who appear virtuous are very often only that: appearing to be virtuous. In reality, many women who claim sexual naivety and submission only to their husband are behaving inappropriately behind closed doors. Perception of virtue is therefore far more important in the society than virtue itself.

Human sexuality is judged through the lens of prescribed gender roles. Men have historically been expected to be lustful and it is the job of women to deny them…. [read more]

Medieval Techniques of Healing Term Paper

… Medieval Medicine

Many people mistakenly assume that little progress was made in the sciences during the Medieval era. Techniques of healing may have seemed crude and often associated with a connection between faith and the body the "science" or professionalism of medicine actually have origins here in the medieval era. (Newman 241) Healing began to be associated with a separate and possibly better environment, the development of hospitals and professional care providers began during this period, with the development of monastic hospitals. ("A Short History..." NP) Techniques of healing, like those outlined in Galen, Hippocrates and other medical experts were perpetuated through the period and are frequently seen as tremendously cruel by comparison to later techniques, yet this is largely a perceptual issue. Bleeding was…. [read more]

Wife Bath: Feminism Chaucer Thesis

… She exhibits no feelings towards her spouses other than harsh and also vicious ones, for example embarrassment as well as ridicule. Her spouses had been all aged and also wealthy and she together with her youth and sweetness has total control over all of them. As she describes:

As help me God, I laughe whan I thynke

How pitously a-nyght I made hem swynke!

And, by my fey, I tolde of it no stoor.

They had me yeven hir lond and hir tresoor;

Me neded nat do lenger diligence

To wynne hir love, or doon hem reverence.

They loved me so wel, by God above,

That I ne tolde no deyntee of hir love!

(Chaucer, The Riverside Chaucer 107).

So help me God, I have…. [read more]

Medieval Leaders Constantine: Although Constantine Lived Term Paper

… Medieval Leaders

Constantine: Although Constantine lived more than a hundred years before the traditional beginning of the Middle Ages, he and his reign significantly impacted

Christianity and society in Medieval Europe.

Constantine was born at Nis in what is now Yugoslavia, son of the commander

Constantius Chlorus (later Constantius I) and Helena (later Saint Helena), a camp follower. Constantius became co-emperor in 305. Constantine, who had shown military talent in the East, joined his father in Britain in 306. He was popular with the troops, who proclaimed him emperor when Constantius died later the same year. Over the next two decades, however, Constantine had to fight his rivals for the throne, and he did not finally establish himself as sole ruler until 324. (CONSTANTINE THE…. [read more]

Feminist Art as Evolution Term Paper

… "Discrimination against any group diminishes all people. Victory over bigotry enriches everyone. These simple truths demand that we all care."

As Marcia Tucker, director of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, pointed out:

Any) failure of the women's movement in the late '60's was (owed too) its almost exclusively white middle- and upper-class orientation. It basically remains that way, but the difference is that white women are inviting women of color to participate, and unless women of color join them in their endeavor, no amount of change can actually take place.

Marcia Tucker and many others make clear that there is a new fight in the wake of so many progressive changes for women. The new social and political climate that demands…. [read more]

Persecution of Early Christians Research Paper

… The persecution of early Christians by Romans

Before becoming a prominent and established religion, Christianity was a persecuted religion in the Roman Kingdom. It progressed from a small religion to well established one in the medieval West, and elsewhere for that matter. However, the history of its persecution needs to be revisited.

"Where there were some periods in the early centuries of the AD era, the Christians were generally punished and prosecuted and were often killed by the Romans. Christians, as a group, were first prosecuted by the Roman emperor Nero. This was not only the first time they were subjected to punishment, but also this was the worst kind of persecution they had ever received" (Lunn-Rockliffe, 2011).

The event that led to this worst…. [read more]

Medieval Castle: Comparison of Roscommon and Harlech Essay

… ¶ … Medieval Castle: Comparison of Roscommon and Harlech

The castle is one of the symbols of the medieval world. Its structure, arrangement, and purpose encapsulate an entire culture. The way in which these buildings were designed and used was both universal and also specific to place. Though often seen as essentially military in origin, the castle was indeed much more - a symbol in stone and earth of the aspirations and ideals of an entire society. Western Europe in the Middle Ages was a world shaped by almost constant warfare. Within the feudal structure, kings battled vassal lords, and vassal lords battled other vassal lords. Notions of chivalry grew up that attempted to control the constant fighting and guide it into channels that accrued…. [read more]

Medieval Philosophy Term Paper

… 5 (Gersh, 1998, p. 123)

At about this same point in history, it is important to note that collections of texts were being made. Mckitterick & Marenbon, (1998, p. 97) offer this comment, "Sometime before 814, Archbishop Leidrad of Lyons presented a comprehensive collection of philosophical treatises to his cathedral library." These writers follow up withi an extensive list of old manuscripts and probably often re-copied manuscripts that preserved much ancient thinking and wisdom. When one considers that there were texts extant at the time to be collected, it seems obvious that many scholars and scribes were conscientiously making sure that old wisdom and philosophy would not be lost. Perhaps the awful example of the burning of the library at Alexandria, served as incentive to…. [read more]

Venice During Renaissence Renaissance Essay

… On the other hand, excommunication was frequently used by the papacy regimes of Rome to establish dominion on the society.


"Dangerous Beauty" is effectively played by Margaret Rosenthal as Veronica Franco of early renaissance era of Venice. The character is based on a real story and Veronica challenged the established dogmas of witchcraft and courtesans being responsible of a plague that struck Venice in 1575. Florence and Venice are central to the renaissance movement that got initiated in early 14th century. Florence and Venice both differed in some aspects but use of religious dogmas and hypocrisy in the use of witch crafting allegation was identical in both states. Venice and Florence thrived under the political and religious cartel of aristocrats and clergy men but…. [read more]

Medieval English Literature Term Paper

… Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, like the works of Homer, stand as a piece of literary history and also as an indication of actual history. For nearly a millennium Europe was absent of any significant works of literature; between the time of the Romans to Dante, virtually no literary indications of what medieval life was like have survived or stood the test of time. Dante himself -- writing in the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries -- provides the modern reader with little by way of what daily life consisted of during his time. Instead, Dante generates a brilliant critique of the role of the Church in medieval Europe, while leaving the more subtle aspects of medieval society unmentioned. Chaucer, on the other hand, brings together a series…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

Italy Is a Cultural Hub Term Paper

… As society becomes more secular in nature however, one would assume that the traditional religious associations with masculinity and femininity would fall away, leaving room for growth and expansion. This has not necessarily however, been the case in Italy and its European counterparts, where religion perhaps still has more of an influence on society.

Interestingly, concupiscence was often coded as feminine. Lansing cited previous studies on the Bible that explained original sin in terms of the psychological difference between men and women: "Adam because of his rational nature would not have listened to the serpent alone. It was Eve who was moved by concupiscence and acted as intermediary" (Lansing, 1997). This idea points to the notion that that feminism in Italy is associated with the…. [read more]

Women as Rabbis the Ordination Term Paper

… Women as Rabbis

The ordination of women as rabbis in Judaism engenders as much discussion as the ordination of women as priests in the Catholic Church and some opposition, usually based on history as much as on biblical prescription. Feminists would have to see Judaism as more advanced, however, for the ordination of women is not unheard of in spite of some resistance from certain groups, and women rabbis can be found in Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist groups, with a few even found among Orthodox populations. This trend has been largely a product of the Jewish enlightenment, with the greatest change over the last few decades.

A rabbi is literally a teacher, and under the tradition, a rabbi is an observant Jewish male who obeys…. [read more]

Play: Aspects the Use of Language Essay

… Play: Aspects

The use of language and allusions in the land of the living dead: "In Freakish Times"

Although the play "In Freakish Times" by Lesli-Jo Morizono revolves around a simple exchange between a young and an old woman, the two women use heighted dialogue in a manner that suggests a Biblical or medieval setting such as: "the infected were covered with festering red sores that made the body hot as if a fire burned within them." The quasi-magical realist play evolves through a series of contrasts between the present day of the audience and an imagined future. The language of the play suggests that because of the flooding of the earth, and the increased in temperature of the atmosphere, the world has become harsh…. [read more]

Defending a Women's Right Term Paper

… The Catholic Church opposes abortion at any time after fertilization of the egg, even where it is medically necessary to save a woman's life or where pregnancy results from a brutal rape.

Meanwhile, this completely medieval preoccupation with beliefs about what life is obscures any genuine moral concepts that matter in an objective sense. In many respects, the supposed sanctity of anything possessing even the remote potential for developing into a human being is completely at odds with an utter lack of concern for genuine moral issues relating to bettering human life and respecting the rights of non- human animals to be free from unnecessary pain and suffering at our hands.

To most caring, thinking people capable of empathy for the suffering of other living…. [read more]

Mass Media and Female Body Research Paper

… Psychological Issues Caused by Negative Body Image

Many females, in their quixotic quest to be the girl of every man's dreams, develop soul-crushing and potentially debilitating psychological issues. Some females begin to develop an aversion to food as the cause of fatness and ugliness. Such individuals, generally classified as bulimics, will regularly forgo meals or force themselves to regurgitate food that they have ingested in an attempt to purge themselves of the unbearably heavy contents commonly known as food.

The American Ethic of Self-Improvement in the Pursuit of Beauty

Since the days of Benjamin Franklin, Americans have placed a characteristically high value on self-improvement and industriousness. Although the self-improvement ethic was concerned with moral, economic, and intellectual qualities instead of physical beauty, which some would…. [read more]

How Enlightenment Thinkers Used the Concept of Nature Term Paper

… Forced Nature:

or how the Enlightenment invented "Nature" to save itself the trouble of reinventing society

The Enlightenment was defined by its focus on rationality. During this era, the mysticism and superstition of the medieval era were abandoned for the idea that the world was an orderly and rational place. God, if He existed, was not an arbitrary and capricious nobodaddy, as he may have been seen in previous years. On the contrary, He (or It) was seen as the great clockmaker, a mechanic who engineered the world according to divine law and order. According to some, natural law was seen as so important that nature and God were found to be one, and a monistic impression of the world suggested that the natural was…. [read more]

Virginity and Gender Identity Term Paper

… "

This view also relates to the belief that the fine membrane covering the vaginal aperture, the hymen, is most important area of a women's body. The intact hymen therefore is proof of the woman's "purity' and plays a crucial part in the maintenance of family honor. This view of chastity and its importance in the culture is extended to the horrific practice of female circumcision, which is still openly practiced in a number of areas. In other words, female circumcision is the logical extension of the belief in the importance of virginity in a cultural sense. It is also an indication of the complete lack of concern or interest in the female as a separate and independent entity. Statistics show that as many as…. [read more]

Lives of Female Saints in the Middle Term Paper


The Lives of Female Slaves in the middle Ages

Introduction paragraph

The life of saints, especially female saints in the medieval ages draws attention from scholars, art critiques, and philosophers alike. This interest draws from the rich sources of art, written texts, and artifacts in national, religious, and private collections across the globe. Analysis of these artifacts is based on scholarly dimensions of philosophy, religion, sociology, culture, literature, law, or language. Of interest for this research is the Burges' late 15th century painting, "The Life and Miracles of Saint Godelieve," for it depicts events and saints.

Paragraph on problem statement

The research uses this artwork as a source…. [read more]

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