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Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility Term Paper

… ¶ … Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility

Walter Benjamin was a critic of the arts; he made some proofs on the transformation of fine arts to modernized interpretation of art. There are five main ideas to his analysis of "The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility," based on Benjamin (1937):

To an ever greater degree the work of art reproduced becomes the work of art designed for reproducibility.

The film responds to the shriveling of the aura with an artificial build-up of the "personality" outside the studio.

The equipment-free aspect of reality here has become the height of artifice; the sight of immediate reality has become an orchid in the land of technology.

Magician and surgeon compare to…. [read more]

Influence of Photography in Art Term Paper

… ¶ … Photography in Art

The first thing that the mind conjures is the meaning of art. Art can be defined as any human creativity, skill, any craft or profession or its ideals, an assemblage of things having form and beauty within any discipline of creative work. Hence art is any endeavor which attempts to articulate or convey anything about the author, or to impact anything within the audience. This brings us to the question of the availability of a good art. Perhaps good art is that which conveys in a successful manner, the feelings of the artist, or conveys to, or makes an influence to the person observing it to some extent. The basic forms of measuring the value of some artistic work is…. [read more]

Walter Benjamin: The Art of Work Term Paper

… Walter Benjamin: The Art of Work in Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Walter Benjamin in his article 'The Art of Work in Age of Mechanical Reproduction' has justified the usage of mechanical equipments for the means of production of art works. Plagiarism and copyrights have been traditional issues, the duplication of any master piece has been considered as a serious offence and in certain part of the world serious capital punishments are awarded for defying copyrights.

This particular essay is with reference to duplication of art pieces. Through out centuries art has been driving force towards the spiritual, social and economic accomplishment of an individual and society. Art has played vital role in nurturing and molding of society's frame of thoughts and application. The promotion and…. [read more]

Calligraphy in Two Different Cultures Essay

… Whereas, even the illuminated manuscripts, as accomplished as works of art as they are, remain in the realm of manuscripts with illustration to support complete and embellish the content of their texts. That does not mean that the western culture did not become aware of the value of the handwriting from the point-of-view of the "scribe." Graphology, although not considered a science, it was born as a result of the research undertaken by those who studied human behavior and psychology. In this regard, it surpasses the esthetic purposes and its initial meaning of artistic impression.

Li Jikai considers that the works of modern Chinese writers is actually a reflection of the intermingling of their thoughts and the visual expression of the words they use to…. [read more]

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