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Working and Leisure Essay

… Sociology: Work and Leisure

Work and Leisure

The Importance of Being Lazy

The Importance of Being Lazy

Purpose of Book

Al Gini's is the author of "The Importance of Being Lazy." The purpose of the book is to explain the concept of 'working' and not the work. He criticizes the overworking habits that are destructive to both the health as well as the family life of people in America. The auther is telling how various activities including sports can wear out a person's health if not balanced. The author stresses that the extra activities like the sports and rest suggest that Americans are not basically overworking rather taking lesser rest than required (Richard, 2008). The Americans, he suggests take fewer vacations comparatively than other nations.…. [read more]

Leisure May Be the Death Term Paper

… The most obvious, as pointed out by Muller, is a common commitment to a free market economy and to political democracy, both of which are dominated by middle class values. However, there are vital differences within these broad areas of agreement, and it is these deviations that place Europe at a disadvantage when dealing with the demise of employment and the growth of leisure. America is better placed to deal with these social changes, and the subsequent economic and political fallout, because of its emphasis upon individualism, commercialism, and its perception of state assistance only as a last resort. Therefore America, as with Japan, is better able to adapt to changes in labor requirements by capitalizing on the social and economic values of competition, individual…. [read more]

Working and Leisure Essay

… Sociology: Work and Leisure

Working and Leisure

Purpose of Writing Book

The book "The Dignity of Working Men: Morality and the Boundaries of Race, Class and Immigratio" is written to study how working-class men are defined by themselves and the society. This serves as the main purpose for the author Michele Lamont to have written this book. The book investigates importance given to the moral standards and the rigidity of racial and class restrictions. The purpose of writing this book is also to find what social benefits do working-class men get since they do not have any college degrees and have very rare chances of getting high-paying jobs (About the Book, the Dignity of Working Men, n.d).

Was Purpose Fulfilled

The book successfully studies comparison…. [read more]

Working Conditions Term Paper

… Writers and artists and other creative people have made their way though life in this fashion but then they were always expected to have the creativity to track down jobs and sell their services. Those skills are going to need become the core curriculum in training for technology jobs as well,

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Journal of Leisure Essay

… He cannot possibly think himself a man of valuable because of his lowly station and this, Thoreau derides because if he thought better of himself, then he would be able to get more out of the life that he leads. He says, "Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion" (203). If the man thought more of himself, he could transcend his station despite the insult and discouragement of those around him. By believing himself of minimal importance, he relegates himself to little importance in the grander scheme of the world around him.

The major issue with Thoreau's work is that he absolutely assumes that his personal view of the world is the right one. Men and women who work in…. [read more]

Philosophy of Leisure Philosophy Can Be Thought Term Paper

… Philosophy of Leisure

Philosophy can be thought of as a systematically-defined set of values, beliefs and preferences." --Edginton, et. al 1997

miles. "I can't believe you chose to do that to yourself," shouted one spectator at a recent marathon, as the man watched people stagger over the finish line, exhausted and sweaty. When it was pointed that this disdainful individual had run equally far in basic training, when the man was in the army many years ago, and under even more brutal conditions, the elderly man laughed and said: "but I had to, they don't, they could be having fun." To endure pain when challenging one's self under self-compulsion was inconceivable to the man. It was not that the feat was impossible for an ordinary…. [read more]

Working, Shirking, and Sabotage: Bureaucratic Term Paper

… Specifically, Brehm and Gates empirically demonstrated that decisions made by street-level bureaucrats were explained by their own personal choices and those of their peer group. Further, these decisions often bore little kinship to the beliefs and preferences of supervisors, as would be argued by principal-agency models. Street-level bureaucrats implement public policy out of personal agreement with policy mandates and pressure from their peer group, rather than those of their supervisors. Thus, "work" in accordance with policy objectives does not occur as a result of supervisory control or the ability of the supervisor to coerce the bureaucrat to perform certain actions.

In addition, Gates and Brehm note a number of other factors that influence how hard bureaucrats work. The nature of their specific jobs they are…. [read more]

To Introduce Various Types of Funding Crucial to Operating Recreation and Leisure Studies Term Paper

… Recreation and Leisure

Introduction Of Various Types Of Funding Crucial To Operating Recreation And Leisure Studies

The objective of this work is to introduce various types of funding crucial to operating recreation and leisure agencies. The first section of this work is a reflection on fundraising requirements for children participating in extracurricular activities. Secondly, this work will discuss a leisure agency and describe the income courses of the agency. A revenue structure graph will be created with the details behind the funding sources.

Fundraising - Reflection on Requirements of Fundraising for Participation

Fundraising has traditionally been a part of children's participation in extracurricular activities such as youth sports. In fact, there has never been a question of whether fundraising would take place or not as…. [read more]

Ergonomics in UK Local Authority Leisure Facilities Term Paper

… The Ergonomic Needs of People in UK Local Authority Run Leisure Facilities

The objective of this work is to research the methods in which the ergonomic needs of people within the community they serve and the employees of the leisure centre run by a UK Local Authority. Considered are assured in terms of building design, equipment, selection and training of staff and ensuring the dignity of all individuals and emergency arrangements. Introduced will be concepts of design, new technology and systems of management adopted for leisure centres.

In the UK it is expected that cultural services take into consideration the diversity that exist and this is true of the physical characteristics of individuals. Older and disabled individuals should have…. [read more]

Changing Leisure Trends of Baby Boomers Term Paper

… Babyboomer Proposal

Over the next two decades the babyboomers will all be entering into their senior years. However, many of these millions of individuals due to their personal interests and experiences are already demanding and will continue to increase their requests for outdoor leisure and recreational activities that meet the needs of an aging population. It will be in the best interests of society as a whole and organizations specifically to meet and supply these needs. Yet, due to the differences within the babyboomer population, not all of these individuals born during this time period have the same needs. There are many who have little or a complete lack of interest in sports and recreational activities, due to growing health concerns, lack of income, different…. [read more]

No Time for Leisure Term Paper

… ¶ … Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America by John De Graaf. Specifically, it will contain a review of the book, including a summary of the critical concepts presented in this book. Americans work more than just about any other people on Earth and it affects everything from personal relationships to health and well-being. This book contains numerous essays regarding the relationship between time, work, and personal life. It gives some concrete ideas on how to create more "quality time" in life, but it seems few Americans heed the advice these experts have to offer. Americans are working more than ever, spending more than ever, and commuting more than ever. Americans live to work it seems, even though few might ever admit that fact…. [read more]

Recreational Activity Popular Research Paper

… In some accounts as seen in the diary of Arthur Annesley, Earl of Anglesey he mentions recreation in terms of diversion, sport, entertainment, exercise, pastimes, play and leisure[3]. One can decipher from this that is these were the words used in diaries to describe early modern English habits then it must have been part of their developing popular culture.

Some of the most popular leisure activies were the follwoign:


Hunting is an activity that is described as "a curious search or conquest of one Beast over another."[4] It was considered to be a manly recreation; because above all it contributes most to the health and strength of the body as well as to the clearness and vigour of the mind. Restrictions on hunting had…. [read more]

Children's Ergonomics in UK Leisure Centres Term Paper

… Children's Ergonomics in UK Recreation Centres

Recreation is a very important part of human life. It is an important way to alleviate stress and reconnect with the body's need for relaxation and non-work related physical activity. This is why it is also vital to ensure that all sectors of the community can benefit from their use of recreation centres. Recreation centres, as places of business, should therefore focus on the specific needs of the diverse societies they serve. Hence age, disability issues, and dependents should be taken into account when designing recreation centres.

Ergonomic Needs

Specific people taking advantage of a recreation centre's services may for example include: children of various age groups, adults of various…. [read more]

Recreational and Leisure Passions Application Essay

… ¶ … recreational and leisure passions. I am an accomplished piano player, having passed the second-highest grade level in piano at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Practical Exam, as a demonstration of my proficiency. I was even able to perform a solo at Hong Kong City Hall in August of 2004. I have even started composing.

Beyond piano, I love art and have taken to sketching. This is one of my favourite methods of expression and I use the entire world as my muse. I have sketched now for seven years, and have had my works displayed at the Hong Kong Cultural Center and when I was younger in the monthly publication of True Light Middle School of Hong Kong.

In…. [read more]

Working and Learning Essay

… Human Resources

Working and Learning

Schools today are not focused on economic needs. They should do more to prepare students for work, particularly for jobs in the trades.

How people live, work, play and learn has been dramatically altered by technology over the past 20 years. There appears to be a need for diverse skills today than there was in the 20th century, and educational institutions have a critical role to play in developing these skills. Generally primary and secondary schools have not kept pace with the changing skill sets that students need in order to succeed. Actually there's nothing in place right now in order to determine whether our schools are doing well at teaching the needed skills. Governments as well as schools need…. [read more]

Work-Life Balance Does Leisure Time Research Paper

… Positive work reflections predicted an increase in positive work behavior and organizational citizenship. These results were unrelated to actual work performance, but were based entirely on the feelings of the employee and what they thought about work during their off hours.

Fullick, Grindey & Morris et al. (2009) found that in employees that are involved in shift-work, gender and the amount of hours worked were found to be predictors of the amount of energy left to enjoy leisure-time activities. Males spent more energy than females during their leisure time. The more energy the worker spent outside of work, the better able they were to disengage from work. Those who spent more energy also tended to have fewer sleep problems. Those that had fewer sleep problems…. [read more]

Social History of the Automobile Research Paper

… ¶ … Automobile on American Leisure

One of the defining paradigms of American culture since at least the 1920s has been the automobile. In a sense, at least to American sensibilities, the Automobile was created by an American (Henry Ford), perfected by an American (Ford as well), and designed for the wide open spaces in the United States. To most Americans, the automobile symbolized something far more than transportation or movement from point A to B. The automobile, in fact, symbolized freedom -- freedom of movement from place to place, freedom to live in a different area than where one works, freedom from relying on public transportation, freedom to define oneself through the choice of automobile, and most of all, the freedom to make decisions…. [read more]

Ecotourism in Brazil the Premise Term Paper

… Sightseeing was the preferred activity for free time.

The interesting feature that was revealed by this survey was that a significant interest does exist in ecotourism for the corporate client. However, they still prefer and expect the same amenities that are found in a non-ecotourism hotel. They want comfort, food, a swimming pool. They preferred to travel distances close to home, but would consider traveling to another region. Climate was the most important draw for the corporate customer. They are interested in some of the possibilities that ecotourism have to offer and offer a broad base for a potential in expanding the local market.

However, one must be careful not to ignore the amenities and comforts that they have come to expect from the conventional…. [read more]

University Student Workload and Leisure Time Research Paper

… Students all across universities are troubled with planning their credits, as they have to devise a learning time for themselves, as well as find leisure time. In the words of Lavigne (2003), credits should be allocated in accordance with Relative Student Workload. but, that is another story altogether. The aim of this paper is the academic experience involving students in universities assuming MSc program. The paper explores the work they do, the teaching they receive and their satisfaction with the study workload. More, specifically, this study focuses on whether the concept of students being overworked a perception or a reality. Keeping all of the above in mind, the MSc program was taken into consideration and following questions were asked:

What do students consider as being…. [read more]

Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America Term Paper

… ¶ … Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America by John de Graff

In the book Take Back Your Time: Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America, author John de Graff talks about the differences between how much work vs. vacation time people get in the United States and how much they get in Europe. In the United States, people work longer, if not harder. Their days are generally longer, and they do not take the kind of time for vacation and holidays that other people in other countries do. There is the idea in America that a job defines a person, and unless that person works to support a family to an excessive degree, that person is not a valuable member of society. Of…. [read more]

Business Plan Lazar Tag Facility Business Plan

… Business Plan Recreation and Leisure

Business image

The following pages focus on providing an overview on starting up a new family entertainment center, called the Quasar Lazar Family Fun Entertainment Center, which will be referred to as the Lazar Tag Facility.

In order to best understand how the new family entertainment center will be positioned, one must first be presented the general image. The Lazar Tag Facility will incorporate all activities and products offered by family entertainment centers in general. Also, the new facility aims at slightly developing this range of activities, by conducting significant research and development projects in order to find out what other activities customers would like to have at the Lazar Tag Facility.

However, given the fact that family entertainment centers'…. [read more]

Consumption Conspicuous Consumption Is Unapologetic Essay

… She can be a conservative office worker by day, but at night she lets loose by drinking Bacardi. It suggests that Bacardi unleashes the sexual animal in the consumer. The consumer becomes instantly desirable. For men, this means that rum makes ladies take off their clothes and want to have sex. For women, this means that men find you more attractive.

• What values are expressed?

Values are to have fun, and to not worry about anything. Sex as personal power is also conveyed as a value.

• What groups of people are empowered in this message? What groups are disempowered? How so?

On the one hand, the advertisement shows that women are empowered to control their own sexuality. On the other hand, the ad…. [read more]

Hotel Strategy Marketing UK Research Proposal

… Hotel, Strategy

The Impact and Future Effects of the Recession on the Hotel Industry

Over the last several years, the hotel industry has faced a number of different challenges, as the sector would change focus and begin to concentrate on improving their earnings, by taking more of an international view. Where, everything from the location to the way the staff interacts with the guests are determining, how a company will be able to stand out from its competitors. (Brotherton 2006, pp. 6 -- 7) In most cases, this focus has meant that a variety of properties have been opened around the world by a number of different chains such as: the Four Seasons and Hilton. Part of this was in response to the increasing pressures…. [read more]

Eden Project Term Paper

… Eden Project is one of the largest ecotourism sites in the world. The purpose of the Eden Project is to highlight man's dependence on and relationship with plants. The Eden Project informs visitors about the importance of plants to life on earth, delivering a high-impact message about the importance of preserving plant diversity (Eden Project ltd., 2007). The message at the Eden Project is not delivered in lecture style, but utilizes an engaging display the showcases the major current environmental issues.

The Eden project contains more than 5,000 species, representing many of the major climatic zones of the earth (Eden Project ltd., 2007). The Eden Project utilizes the natural environment of Cornwall and contains two of the largest conservatories in the world (Eden Project ltd.,…. [read more]

Brand Image Term Paper

… Branding: A New Leisure Resort

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." This successful but much-parodied shampoo ad of the 1980s featured an alluring woman tossing her beautiful, shining hair over her shoulder. Yet the advertisement was for a relatively modestly priced drugstore shampoo. The success of the ad lay in the fact that it promised luxury at a bargain price in the form of Pantene. It was disseminated through mass-marketing channels like television and magazines, and the product proved popular in America because the advertisement suggested that with the right products, anyone could be enviably beautiful as a supermodel in an affordable fashion. The ad promised an inclusive ideal of luxury, rather than an exclusive ideal. For paying a few dollars more than the cheapest…. [read more]

Role Stress in Working Mothers Term Paper

… Role Stress in Working Mothers

The "overall conclusion seems to be that what matters most is the quality of a working mother's experiences in her various roles"

Richard O. Straub (2006, p. 109).

Stress Components

Stress costs both males and females American workers an average total of approximately $7,500 per year through absenteeism, decreased productivity, and workers' compensation payments, according to Richard O. Straub (2006) in the book, Health psychology: A biopsychosocial approach. Women, however, particularly "working mothers," typically experience more stress than men. Ulf Lundberg of the University of Stockholm explains: "Women's stress is determined by the interaction of conditions at home and work, whereas man's stress is determined more by situations at work" (Lundberg, as cited in Straub, p. 109). As working women…. [read more]

Recreation and Leisure New Class for Seniors Research Proposal

… Recreation and Leisure

New Class for Seniors propose a class called "Employment for Seniors," and my target market is those seniors who have lost money on investments and feel they cannot retire, but need to keep working. The class would be held in the evenings, to accommodate seniors who work, and the cost would be nominal, $10-50 mostly for materials (like paper and notebooks), and it could even be free, if the instructor would donate their time, and people brought their own supplies. There would have to be several different class meetings, maybe six to eight, depending on the size of the class and how quickly they did things, like creating a resume, which they would work on in at least one class. Each class…. [read more]

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Grant Grant Proposal

… The Conservancy looks to these members for input, while maintaining an independent role and seeking to advance practices and strategies that best align with and support our mission. Therefore, to assess the extent to which the proposed project remedies the problems noted above, it will be necessary to quantify the results to measure the project's effectiveness. The following are the project objectives;

1. The employees and clients will learn about the Conservancy's pioneering efforts to value and invest in nature, mitigate related business risks and realize new opportunities for their own companies. Hikers will benefit from the Conservancy's core competencies in conservation planning, site-based conservation, habitat management, community outreach and capacity building, and conservation finance.

2. Network with peers from a variety of industries and…. [read more]

Company, Industrial and Financial Analysis Term Paper

… This has made it more profitable for tour operators, as they make money in the stronger Sterling and pay their resorts and hotels in their local currency, which continues to weaken.

English is widely spoken in many countries, especially tourist destinations, which makes holidaying abroad by UK nationals relatively easy.

The UK has a relatively wet and cloudy climate making the appeal of summer sun holidays high. This is a great source of lucrative travel for tour operators, who specialize in both summer and winter sun deals.

The UK has a well-developed tour operating industry based on one of the most liberal and competitive airline sectors, which makes it difficult for a new company to enter the market.

Some of the future trends in the…. [read more]

Online E-Business Target Market Essay

… Jo-Ann Fabrics, for example, added floral items in 1984. (Form 10-K). Michael's Fabrics added art supplies and framing in 1995. (Form S-1). However, the vast majority of each store's inventories remain virtually identical.

Part 2: Detailed Description of IMC Approach with Rationale

The Foundation - corporate image and brand management; buyer behavior; promotions opportunity analysis.

The corporate image will communicate passion, expertise, and depth of experience in a particular field of crafts. The brand marketing communications will emphasize the depth of selection and rare finds within a particular field(s) of crafts. It will target dedicated hobbyists whose needs cannot be fully met by the selection of crafts supplies available at superchain retailers such as Michael's Fabrics and Jo-Ann's Fabrics, which often offer standard, shallow, run-of-the-mill…. [read more]

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