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Works of Sir Walter Scott Term Paper

… (Mackenzie, 2009)

Waverley is another piece of Scott's work that demonstrates and establishes his writing style. This is yet another piece of writing that exemplifies Scott's position as a true storyteller. He had a great ability to create and sustain a large cast of characters that were vivid and varied in of themselves. He developed these characters in their own right, and he developed them amongst intensely descriptive settings. The style of Scott's writing showed that he often created settings that were exciting, turbulent, and historical. (EUL, 2014)

His writing style included the inclusion of dialogue. The style of dialogue helped attract his readers. Using dialogue was definitely a strength of Scott's and a characteristic of his style. He was able to use regional or…. [read more]

Jews in "Ivanhoe" Sir Walter Essay

… We are not meant to find John's example admirable: this is one way that he lives up to his customary role as the villain of the Robin Hood myth. Here we can see that Scott is using anti-Semitism not only to bring out actual period detail -- he refers to it as a "well-known" story so we can assume it is not an outrageous libel perpetrated against King John, but one of the historically-documented horror stories of "pogroms" or short bursts of anti-Semitic violence during the Middle Ages which Scott invokes only to convince the reader that he is accurately representing the historical period in which the book is set. I think this shows Sir Walter Scott can write about an anti-Semite without being an…. [read more]

Bad Experience With a Priest Term Paper

… Apparently, the rules that the common people have to follow regarding sins such as gluttony, do not apply to priests. Nothing about the Prior appears to be spiritual, and his zest and zeal for life apparently revolves around the things that a spiritual man should not concern himself with. The Knight Templar is not any better of a person, but Scott does not complain about him as bitterly, possibly because he is not as strongly associated with the church as the Prior is.

Being a Knight Templar, he does have some duties to the Church, as this sacred order of nights chooses to remain celibate as part of their duty. This is one of these restrictions placed upon them by the Church. It seems that,…. [read more]

Romanticism of Scott's Piracy Term Paper

… " (Neeser, 1917) Rather than talk about the reasons men take to the waters, he would show the gritty reality of life on deck.

Indeed, Cooper was correct. Sir Walter Scott did not draw his inspiration for The Pirate from any events he witnessed at sea. Rather, Scott drew on his memories of a voyage to the Northern Isles in 1814, as guest of a commission inspecting Scotland's lighthouses. He thus drew his chronicled events from myths he heard from those on land, rather than his experiences on the water. He chose to set The Pirate in the seventeenth century in a remote part of the Shetland Islands, rather than on a boat. The pirate of the title, Basil Mertoun, is now conveniently retired. He…. [read more]

Hope Leslie: Or, Early Times Term Paper

… " Even Hope, a good and decent woman, cannot bear to think that her own sister is married to Magawisca's brother. "God forbid!' exclaimed Hope, shuddering as if a knife had been plunged in her bosom. 'My sister married to an Indian!'" (Sedgwick 2-27). In fact, she pleads with her sister to leave her husband and the only life she knows and loves, to return to the white world. She does not take her sister's happiness into account, only that she is living with Godless savages. Sadly, even Hope cannot use her powers of reason to see that her sister is infinitely happier with the only people she has known since her capture. This does not make her sister a "heathen," but Hope cannot see…. [read more]

William Blake Was Never Fully Thesis

… Just as Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love can exist within divinity, "The Human Abstract" states that Pity would not exist without the presence of those to pity; Mercy would not be a divine quality if all men were equally as happy and merciful. "The Human Abstract" addresses some of the four negative human qualities in "A Divine Image": Cruelty, Jealousy, Terror and Secrecy -- which along with Pity and Mercy are grown in the "Human Brain" (Blake 43). In "The Human Abstract," Mutual Fear will bring about Peace until Selfishness is born out of this quietness whereby Cruelty cyclically springs forth. Just the same as the human dress, form, face and heart all possess the apparent antithesis of divinity in "A Divine Image," "The Human…. [read more]

Romantic View of Women in 19th Century Literature Term Paper

… Faust

The Romantic period in English literature is usually considered to extend from 1798, when Wordsworth and Coleridge published their Lyrical Ballads, to 1832, when Sir Walter Scott died (Abrams et al. 1-3). The old regime in England took its stand in the face of revolutionary fervor based on the American and French Revolutions. For those who sympathized with the Revolution, they needed a new revolution directed against reason and toward something else, and that "something else" was imagination (Adams 363). Romanticism was a movement marked by a shift in feeling, a shift in sensibility, as well as a new concept of man's relation to the natural order and to Nature in particular. As with most movements, the perception that a group of poets exhibited…. [read more]

Sleepers - By Lorenzo Carcaterra Term Paper

… But is it revealed that he agreed to perjure himself under oath to protect Tommy and Johnny during the murder trial. Sociologically, the act of lying by Father Bobby can at least be partially explained by the fact that external events tend to determine behavior more often than internal psychological issues. So, Father Bobby knew how inhumanely the boys were treated at reform school; he also knew he had taken an oath to uphold justice and be truthful in his Christian work.

But, the reality of how cruelly local Hell's Kitchen boys were treated struck home to Father Bobby in a fiercely external, loyal sense - in effect, that reality was a stimulus for Father Bobby. And hence he abandoned his priestly duties (his psychological…. [read more]

Rudyard Kipling Born in Bombay, India Term Paper

… ¶ … Rudyard Kipling

Born in Bombay, India, on December 30, 1865, Joseph Rudyard Kipling, one of the most influential British poets/novelists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was the only son of John Lockwood Kipling, a rather well-known pottery designer and collector of native Indian art. His mother, Alice Macdonald Kipling, was the daughter of a Wesleyan minister, and her sisters, being Lady Burne-Jones, Lady Poynter and Mrs. Alfred Baldwin, had many social connections with English royalty. In fact, Mrs. Baldwin's son Stanley became the prime minister of England and then was named Lord Baldwin.

Kipling's childhood, due to being born in India, was very much influenced by traditional Indian culture, for he had been raised in the care of native ayahs…. [read more]

Fall From Innocence, a Fall From Eden Essay

… ¶ … fall from Innocence, a Fall From Eden: The Structure of "An Encounter" and "Araby"

Both "Araby" and "An Encounter" come relatively soon in the chronology of James Joyce's text Dubliners. This is appropriate, given that thematically and structurally both of these tales demonstrate a fall from innocence or grace on the part of the protagonist. The young boy goes from a youthful and naive, but simplistic understanding of his world, into a state of greater wisdom and maturity about the nature of literature and life.

In the case of the young boy of "An Encounter," the young boy experiences this fall into maturity from ignorance and innocence as a positive thing. From the childish world of the wild, wild west dreams of the…. [read more]

Washington Irving Uses Borrowed Material Term Paper

… It is easy to acquaint the wife as the 'Monarchy' and realize that Rip falling asleep during the harsh rule of the English and waking up during the freedom of the Revolution that the story was more an allegory of the times than a simple tale of a man who has a long nap.

The story of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" takes place in Sleepy Hollow, which is in the lower Hudson Valley, near Tarrytown in New York. Irving spent a lot of time in the area, so it was only fitting that he use these as settings for his stories. It is also where he is buried. Nevertheless, the story of Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman is based on another German folktale.…. [read more]

Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge Dissertation

… ¶ … Henry Thomas Buckle's original 1858 discourse concerning the contributions of women to the progress of knowledge to determine how relevant these concepts remain today, and to expand on his origins premise that although women reason differently from men, the contributions to the progress of knowledge made by women over the centuries are worthy of further study today. To this end, the study examines different types of knowledge and how women have affected progress in these domains through a critical review of the relevant literature, including open source media such as Wikipedia, but peer-reviewed and scholarly sources as well. A summary of the research and a synthesis of the findings are presented in the study's conclusion concerning the contributions of women to the progress…. [read more]

Vindication of the Rights of Women Preface Research Proposal

… ¶ … Vindication of the Rights of Women

Preface to a Vindication of the Rights of Women: A Reflection of Conformity and Rebellion in the Times of Mary Wollstonecraft

From psychology to the physical sciences, the contributions of women to areas of study generally reserved for men have received a great deal of attention as of late. This is primarily because women's contributions to these areas of study have been traditionally ignored or undervalued simply because of the male-dominated societies that characterized most of the world before the twentieth century. In English literature, however, the issue is somewhat more complex. Women have been contributing to literature since its inception. Although they were certainly viewed with suspicion, and had to earn their place in the popular…. [read more]

Saladin and the Christian Crusaders Research Paper

… The idea, it is true, is vague and romantic. The Talisman has given us a noble portrait of the Sultan whose chivalry and generosity excited the admiration of the Crusaders, but the reader is left in uncertainty as to the history and achievements of the hero, and what he is told in those fascinating pages is not always strictly authentic.

The fanciful Saladin may be the one that has prevailed over the historic Saladin, but that has been the spur for a number of Western writers to make use of the figure as a character.

Other writers have also relied on the image of Saladin, notably Salman Rushdie in his novel The Satanic Verses. In this novel, Rushdie draws on a wide variety of mythology…. [read more]

Frankenstein as Educational Fiction Thesis

… Frankenstein as Educational Fiction

Frankenstein is one of literature's most well-known stories because it encompasses many themes that are still relevant today. While the story is often bought and sold as a horror story, it is so much more. Notions of knowledge, corruption, and responsibility become the frightening aspects rather than a scary monster, which is not the real monster at all. Frankenstein remains a thriller because it revels the nature of man in one of its most hideous forms through the character of Victor. Victor's biggest mistake was his own desire for knowledge but his neglect led to his own demise. Victor was blinded by his desire to be a famous scientist that brought life from nothing. His thirst was unhealthy because it was…. [read more]

War That Forged a Nation by Walter Book Review

… War That Forged a Nation by Walter Borneman

The main thesis of the "1812: The War That Forget a Nation" that Walter Borneman put forward is that this respective war was the main factor in finalizing the American national identity. The book has as main focus the importance of the war offered through a narrative of the pre-war and war period, with a focus on the naval war and the Canadian front, with some references to the siege of Washington and the effects of Andrew Jackson military influence; and a more biographical method of analysis, a very comprehensive description of American and British military leadership. Borneman describes in details the evolution of army men like Americans James Wilkinson, Andre Jackson or Oliver Hazard Perry and…. [read more]

Shared Rhetorical Strategy in 19Th Century British Fiction and Non Essay

… 19th c Prose, Fiction and Non-Fiction

One crucial way in which English fiction and English non-fiction prose in the nineteenth century do inform each other is in the development of the grotesque as a rhetorical mode. Although "grotesque" is a somewhat loose critical category, it is nonetheless common in critical discourse in the period and since, and generally refers to the exaggeration of unnaturalness, ugliness, or strangeness, usually pushed to an effect quite near comedy. Certainly the grotesque in nineteenth century English literature more generally is observable as an emergent mode -- to turn, in poetry, from Wordsworth to such later works as Tennyson's "Saint Simeon Stylites," Browning's "Caliban Upon Setebos," or the Death's Jest-Book of Thomas Lovell Beddoes is to witness the emergence of…. [read more]

Mark Twain Wrote Term Paper

… I thought that hinted at lonesomeness. The idea was correct. His is the only American family in Tangier. There are many foreign consuls in this place; but much visiting is not indulged in. Tangier is clear out of the world, and what is the use of visiting when people have nothing on earth to talk about? (Twain 62).

Twain himself perpetuates a number of prejudices about different people, as with his comment above about the Portuguese. He similarly characterizes the people of Naples as filthy:

There never was a community so prejudiced against the cholera as these Neapolitans are. But they have good reason to be. The cholera generally vanquishes a Neapolitan when it seizes him, because, you understand, before the doctor can dig through…. [read more]

Austen, Eliot, Besant, Browning: 19Th Century Views of Marriage and Property Essay

… ¶ … Marriage in 19th c English lit

To a certain extent, England owes its national identity in the modern period to issues of marriage: it was over marriage policy that Henry VIII would break with Rome and establish his own church in the sixteenth century, and the Church of England's denial of sacramental status to marriage led to a large-scale literary attempt (whose results are evident in works as disparate as Spenser's "Epithalamion" to Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing") to find a cultural meaning for marriage when the religious meaning had been radically redefined. By the nineteenth century, however, the religious debate over marriage had largely been subsumed by a legal one (with extensive parliamentary wrangling over the status of married women's property rights,…. [read more]

Gender in the 19Th Century Novel Essay

… Similarly too Emily Bronte's Heathcliff "forgets" or is made to forget who and what he was; Mary Shelley's monster is "born" without either a memory or a family history…what all these characters and their authors really fear they have forgotten is precisely that aspect of their lives which has been kept from them by patriarchal poetics: their matrilineal heritage of literary strength, their "female power" which…is important to them because of (not in spite of) their mothers. (Gilbert and Gubar 59)

Gilbert and Gubar are certainly right here, that to a certain extent what is central in a feminist conception of the "matrilineal heritage" of literary genealogies is the prospect of identifying with one's precursor. (It might be worth noting that Mary Shelley conducted her…. [read more]

Murder of Helen Jewett Book Review

… ¶ … Murder of Helen Jewett

Sexualized murder or men-women power relations had not yet found their place in anthropological or sociological discourse in the 19th century and hence Helen Jewett's received an easy acquittal despite vast circumsatantical evidence against him. This is the primary thesis of Patricia Cohen's book, "The Murder of Helen Jewett" which skillfully reconstructs the mysterious life of a New York City prostitute.

Helen Jewett's life was intensely eventful and her death equally mysterious. That is what a reader would gather from Patricia Cohen's account of Jewett's life which is carefully rebuilt from available information, most of which was at best ambiguous. Cohen sorts through heaps of misleading and vague information to unearth the facts suitable enough to reconstruct a largely…. [read more]

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Term Paper

… ¶ … Samuel Taylor Coleridge

During Samuel Taylor Coleridge's lifetime, the critics were at best dismissive and at worst harsh and cruel. However, as reviewed by scholars in the 20th and 21st centuries, as Suther (1) states, "there seems to be very nearly universal agreement as to Coleridge's intellectual stature: he possessed one of the most agile and comprehensive minds we know of in nineteenth-century England." One reason for this literary acclaim is that 150 years ago, "he was already grappling brilliantly and unsuccessfully with what are still crucial problems of artistic, philosophical, and religious adjustment, problems which few if any of his contemporaries grasped as directly as he did" (Suther 4). Yet, despite his acknowledged writings on nature and religion, his impact on general…. [read more]

Bride of the Greek Isle Term Paper

… -"

The pirates take the bride prisoner, and the mother watches from shore, knowing she will never see her daughter again. "Eudora! Eudora! where, where art thou?" She sees the pirates ship is becalmed, and cannot leave the area. In the end, Eudora burns the pirate ship to the water, while her mother watches from shore. "Proudly she stands, like an Indian bride, On the pyre with the holy dead beside; But a shriek from her mother hath caught her ear, As the flames to her marriage-robe draw near, And starting, she spreads her pale arms in vain, To the form they must never infold again."

The last lines of the poem help spell out the meaning, and give some feeling to the tragic story.…. [read more]

Metamorphosis of Opera in South Africa Thesis

… ¶ … metamorphosis of Opera in South Africa. We also present the metamorphosis of opera in other parts of the world in order to contrast the transformation with the one observed in South Africa. In out analysis we discuss how the Apartheid era created barriers for black South Africans in Opera production. The barriers of different languages are also explored in the context of Opera in South Africa. We explore the post-apartheid changes in Opera in South Africa as well as how Carmen translations overcame the various language barriers in South Africa. The Impact of Operas like Princess Magogo, Winnie Mandela, and U-Carmen Ekhayalitsha on the general perception, popularity as well as growth of Opera in South Africa is also explored.




Opera…. [read more]

Gioachino Antonio Rossini Term Paper

… Rossini

Gioachino Antonio Rossini

The Italian composer, Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868) wrote thirty six operas, many of which are still performed and enjoyed today. These include the well-known the Barber of Seville (1816), La Cenerentola (1817), Semiramis (1823) and William Tell (1829). (Gioachino Rossini, a towering Italian composer of the Romantic era) He is also known for his sacred music, such as the Stabat Mater oratorio, as well as chamber music. Among the many aspects that characterize his music, commentators refer to his " melodies… humor" and "brilliant bravura pieces," as well as his feeling for the theater. (Gioachino Rossini, a towering Italian composer of the Romantic era )

Rossini's work had a profound effect not only on the music of his time but also on…. [read more]

Daniel 9:24-27 an Exegesis Research Paper

… If Daniel 9:24 can be understood as a reassurance of God's mercy until the end of time, Daniel 9:25-26 may be understood as the establishment of the new sacrifice of the new covenant, of Jesus Christ on the cross and of Jesus Christ on the altars. Daniel 9:27 speaks of an abomination setting up in the temple -- an abomination that causes desolation. This could easily be applied to modern times, with the Protestant de-emphasis in the Church on the sacrifice of the Mass and a more ecumenical approach towards inter-religious dialogue even as more and more churches are abandoned.

Chronology of "Sevens"

Biblical scholars, however, read Daniel along historical-literary lines, which suggest a different interpretation and chronology of the seventy sevens. The details pertaining…. [read more]

Countries, the Citizens of the United States Term Paper

… ¶ … countries, the citizens of the United States enjoy a wide range of amateur and professional sports, with golf consistently ranking among the top five sports in terms of participation and spectatorship in national surveys. Since its introduction to the United States in the late 19th century, golf has experienced a number of boosts in its popularity, including most recently the superior and unprecedented play of Tiger Woods. The scandal surrounding Woods, though, and his recent announcement that he was temporarily retired from the sport, have some observers concerned that golf's halcyon days are over. Moreover, golf courses require enormous amounts of prime land, as well as water and pesticides to keep them in the pristine condition that players prefer. Some critics suggest that…. [read more]

Life Lessons in Shelley's Frankenstein Mary Thesis

… Life Lessons in Shelley's Frankenstein

Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, may seem like a horror tale but the reason it has remained popular over the years is because it is a tale about humanity and the dangers man faces when he decides to do something that he is not completely equipped to do. The novel remains a classic in literature because it explores universal themes such as the thirst for knowledge, responsibility, and nature vs. nurture. These topics are not easily approached and they become more complicated when man decides to do something that he is not wired to do, such as Victor does. Victor is blinded by his thirst for knowledge, which is his first mistake. His second mistake is abandoning the creature he so…. [read more]

Le Morte D'arthur the Legend of King Term Paper

… Le Morte d'Arthur

The legend of King Arthur is known to most people in a general form, and the image people have of Camelot, of knights, and of knighthood derives from the fifteenth century and the Arthurian story Le Morte d'Arthur written by Thomas Mallory. Mallory did not crate Arthur or most of the legends surrounding that figure, for those were written by French and English poets in the twelfth century. Even then, they were retelling stories from an oral tradition extending back to the first millennium, and if there was a historic King Arthur, he would have ruled in that era, during what is known now as the Dark Ages. The image of the armored knight would not fit that historical period and is…. [read more]

Nature in Shelley's Frankenstein Mary Shelley's Novel Thesis

… ¶ … Nature in Shelley's Frankenstein

Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, is a classic illustration for the argument of nature prevailing over nurturing when we examine the life of the monster, a being that is born inherently good driven to behave badly when he suffers endless rejection. The monster attempts to do right and upon every chance he has, he reaches out to humankind, only to be mistreated. It is only after repeated failure does the monster decide that pain is all that awaits him in this life. The monster's first instinct is something good; he wants to be something good and he desires to do something good. His nature is crushed only when he faces insurmountable rejection - clear justification for his subsequent evil behavior.…. [read more]

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