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Music and the Internet Essay

… All of this in a device the size of a pack of cards."[footnoteRef:5] This fact can only help move us, music, and the digitalized transfer of music forward, as many download more and more, faster and faster, and as more technology is created, humanity thus advances. [5: Shane Richmond, 2011. Happy 10th birthday to the iPod - the little machine that changed our lives [online]. The Telegraph. Available at: <>. [Accessed 1 December 2011].]

6. This next article also talks about how Apple has truly revolutionized much technology, and focuses upon iTunes, the service that the company utilizes to enable its users to download music legally, at a small fee, from its program. The article discusses eight ways in which iTunes has changed music…. [read more]

Music and Politics: The Argentine Essay

… Different cultures will adopt the tango style in a way that pays homage to the original culture, but that also incorporates aspects of the local style and local cultural in the expression of tango. The dance is melodramatic and expresses such complex and subtle emotions such as irony, nostalgia, and pessimism. The dance moves require steps that glide across floors at various speeds, that include twirls, spins, and dips. Tango is an expression of tension. There is no tension quite like sexual tension and sexual tension is a tension that translates with great accuracy across time and place. This is one aspect of the tango culture that makes it accessible to many cultures for their own adaptation and use. Savigliano continues:

Tango, as popular culture…. [read more]

Music in Early Childhood Essay

… Sometimes, I even listen to classical and jazz when I am not in a good mood because those types of music help me to calm my mind and study. Music that I associate with feeling good and comfortable includes electronica, and ambient music. For example, I like the songs by Ellen Alien and Autechre. The electronic music artists have a sense of texture that is unparalleled in other genres. I greatly appreciate turning off my mind to the world, and tuning in entirely to the music. Other conform music for me includes old rock and roll from the 1970s, such as Black Sabbath. The sounds of Black Sabbath make me feel happier than I did before I listened: especially from the first two albums: Black…. [read more]

Innovations and Developments in the Music Festival Industry Essay

… ¶ … business today, the music industry has seen rapid and extreme changes. Not least of these is the change towards the digital media and the Internet. These have changed the face and nature of the music industry, as well as the development and purchase of music by the public. In addition, the current drive towards more green technologies has also created changes in the way music products have been developed and provided to consumers. The same is true of music festivals. Music festivals create the need for large spaces and quantities of products and infrastructure to be successful. At the same time, trends in the music industry are often at the heart of creating these festivals for the purpose of attracting as many consumers…. [read more]

Gamelan Music Research Paper

… It does take more than one exposure to be able to pick out the layers, or even the harmony because of the intricate nature and complexity of the style. Within these orchestra "themes," though, no performance is the same, because the individual musicians are trained to improvise, dialog, and create a unique performance based on their own emotional experience at the time. In addition, the gamelan experience is also enhanced both visually and emotionally by the use of puppets. These puppet shows accentuate Javanese myth, and also introduce younger listeners to their past.

Examples of Gamelan Styles

1. The Soundscape Gamelan At Soundscape:

2. Compositions, technique, world Balinese music:

3. Traditional Examples of gamelan:

4. Education presentation with audio examples: http:/ /…. [read more]

Music and the Counterculture Thesis

… Music and the Counterculture

Music has long been an expression of the society within which the particular kind or genre of music originated in. There is a distinct musical expression that can be identified with most cultures at any given time within the evolution of the cultural tradition and setting. There is a relationship between music and the identities of the people within the society. Western musical idiom easily is associated with the periods of the pre and post World War II era with an evolutionary pattern that leads to and distinctly defines the counterculture experience that began in the 1950s in Paris in the Left Bank student community, and was influenced by "French bohemian intelligentsia (Shuker 57)." It spread to America in the early…. [read more]

Classical Symphony Music Essay

… Most musical scholars believe that the Italian Overture, popular because of the new rage for opera, used a structure of three contrasting movements -- fast, slow, fast, and was the forerunner of the symphony. Instead of being part of an opera or other piece, the classical symphony was meant to stand alone as a concert performance, with themes and variations that were not necessarily tied to a specific story. The first symphonies were sometimes used as an entr'acte and followed the three movement style. Haydn and Mozart, in fact, composed their earlier symphonies in this style, but allowed them to evolve to a four movement work: 1) opening sonata or allegro; 2) slow movement or adagio; 3) minuet or trio, the scherzo; and 4) an…. [read more]

Music Enjoyment Essay

… Music Enjoyment

Some of the things I learned during this course go well beyond music per se. I have come to be more comfortable with how and why the past truly participated in creating the present. The past cultural foundations are not just isolated window of time that we as students should know about to complete out educations. The cliche about the past being "prologue" to the present is more than a cliche to me now. Prior to this class I have taken history classes and have become fascinated with the origins of and early stages of art, politics, language, culture. Added to my knowledge now, the history and evolution of music forms and styles. I have come to be familiar with many composers through…. [read more]

Music Industry Reflects American Popular Culture Term Paper

… Music industry reflects American popular culture with more than just sound waves. Using the tools of television and movie media, the music industry delivers a comprehensive package designed to sell records and concert tickets. More than that, the music industry's marketing tactics reflect and also shape American cultural values. For example, gender, female sexuality, and sexual relationships are all depicted explicitly in music videos. The overt display of sex in music videos is accompanied by explicit lyrics and together the messages inform the psycho-social development of young people in America. However, the music industry delivers more than just messages reflecting human sexuality and interpersonal relationships in America. The industry reflects cultural values related to work, money, ethics, customs, etiquette, and gender roles.

Even before the…. [read more]

Music Term Paper

… African-American music is a widely visible type of music in many nations nowadays. The heritage of the African culture, as applied in the American music industry, has provided great contribution to the arts of music. The characteristics of the African-American music in various forms such as blues and jazz have presented life to the music of the past up to our modern times. Perhaps, we can say that African-American music is a brilliant art.


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Retrieved…. [read more]

World War I, or the Great Term Paper

… World War I, or the Great War, began as a conflict in Europe, due to the military alliances, rivalries and expansion goals of these European nations. The conflict, which broke out in August of 1914, eliminated the four great monarchial empires of Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany and Turkey. It also shifted power from Europe to the United States and less so to the Soviet Union and Japan. Campaigns took place throughout Europe, as well as in the Eastern Mediterranean, Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia and the Dardanelles. There were also naval fights in the Indian Ocean and off the Falkland Islands. German colonies were destroyed in Africa and the Far East.

The impetus for WWI was building for a long period of time; it included the competing European…. [read more]

World Music of the United Kingdom Term Paper

… ¶ … Music

Interview Report: "Martin"

Martin was born in the United Kingdom. Most of his family comes from the Midlands, around the industrial city of Birmingham. Much of Birmingham was destroyed by the German air bombs during the Blitz, and this recent history was still a potent memory for members of the previous generation, as the city was rebuilt. Martin remembers hearing many stories about the Blitz as a young child. Martin described the look of the city as quite bleak, when he was growing up, emotionally and psychologically. Most of Martin's childhood was based in Birmingham, although his family did make occasional excursion to the South of England, for seaside holidays, and more memorably and musically to London.

In London, Martin often saw…. [read more]

Jamaican Music Term Paper

… (The same dynamic obtains today in the way in which hiphop is marketed. But reggae internationally succeeded because its listeners were eager to see themselves as radicals - and so were eager to buy a form of music that was marketed to them as the voice of the revolution.

Launched on the anniversary of Marley's death the Legend campaign was aimed at a broad-based, record-buying public. The Legend album, a compilation of Marley's "greatest hits," was heavily promoted through television advertisements and video releases compiled from old film footage. (Companies like K-Tel had already proved television to be a highly lucrative medium for record marketing with their successful series of chart-hit compilation albums promoted almost exclusively through television advertising.) Island's campaign revolved around the attempt…. [read more]

British Invasion Essay

… The British Invasion").

The Beatles

Arguably the most influential band to emerge from the British Invasion was the Beatles. A generation of American teenage males strove to be like them, while a generation of teenage females wanted to be with them. During the sixties, the Beatles not only became a musical phenomenon, they also affected the styles and fashions of the decade and transformed the record industry as well. The group brought about royalties for artists and producers, revolutionized music tours, and started the pop promo film or what we know today as the music video.

When the Beatles began they started by wearing black suits and a clean cut appearance. However, their attitudes began to change as their music evolved. They wrote their own…. [read more]

European Art Music in Terms of Westernization Movement Term Paper

… Westernization -- European Art Music

How did the Westernization of the Ottoman Empire Begin?

What were the initial Western influences in the arts that made inroads into the Muslim culture during the Ottoman Empire and into the Turkish Republic? What Western ideas and strategies were the first to be recognized? In this section this paper reviews the first influences that were accepted and indeed revered in those cultures?

In Owen Wright's book Touraj Kiaras and Persian Classical Music: An Analytical Perspective, the author mentions that the leaders in the Ottoman Empire (and Egypt) had previous to the early Westernization of their culture worked to build a "bulwark against western expansionism" and Western influence. Honoring their own culture (through their arts and music and writing) had…. [read more]

Charlie Parker Music Term Paper

… These houses also normally employed a solo piano player who was called "Professor" by the girls. Jelly Roll Morton had also taken up employment as a professor and that had resulted in his being kicked out from his family. The importance of New Orleans as the center for Jazz ended when Storyville was closed down by the Navy. But, by then the spread of Jazz had started and gradually it became America's Classical Music, and finally made the long trip to Carnegie Hall. (The origins of Jazz)

While the title of creator of Jazz was claimed by Jerry Roll Morton, the different forms have their own claimants of creators. Jazz in its orchestrated form has three creator claimants - Art Hickman, Ferde Grofe and Paul…. [read more]

Folk Music the Evolution Essay

… In fact, the template for folk rock that came of age during this time, with the additional help of figures like Richie Havens, the Band, Crosby Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell and other is perhaps the influence which is most echoed in the harmonizing and instrumentation that we hear today. As to today's music, a recent article in Entertainment Weekly pointed out quite aptly that "the future of rock & roll looks a whole lot like the past. It's wearing vintage suspenders and playing the banjo. It's singing high-lonesome harmonies and rediscovering Woody Guthrie. And it was all over the Grammys this month, as some of the year's biggest bands took the stage with old-timey instruments and formal attire straight out of There Will Be…. [read more]

WWII History Making Decades WWII-Present Essay


History Making Decades WWII-Present

Many consider the end of WWII to have ushered in the modern era in global politics. One reason for this is based on WWII as an end -- the end of Nazi politics in Europe and of European politics as dominating politics on a worldwide scale. Another reason for naming WWII as the beginning of the modern era is based on WWII as another beginning -- the beginning of the Cold War, which started an era of global bipolarism, an arms struggle, and many of the scientific and military advancements that the world now takes for granted. When one considers the world of WWII and the contemporary world, it becomes clear that society has changed by leaps and bounds in…. [read more]

Elementary Music School Programs Essay

… Music programs are expensive, and so are easily judged as expendable by cash-strapped parents and school district administrators (Gestrich, 2009). Children may be expected to rent their own instruments, an option that will deny a goodly number of children from ever playing an instrument (Gestrich, 2009). If school staff manage to launch a music program in schools such as these, the program is basically boot-strapped -- which means that young aspiring musicians train their ears on inferior instruments, play in rooms without decent acoustics, and may learn to play instruments from instructors who have no experience with their particular instruments (Gestrich, 2009). A music program in a school with inadequate funding to purchase and maintain quality instruments may rely on choir, chorus, and voice programs…. [read more]

Brief Primer on the Current State of the Music Recording Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … Music Recording Industry:

Bruce Springsteen Scenario:

With the current state of the music recording industry being awkward and expected to continue changing at a furious speed, many artists are faced with several challenges when choosing appropriate business models for marketing and promotion of their music. For Bruce Springsteen, the various business models are renewing his contract with Columbia, signing a contract with Live Nation, and self-distributing his album like Radiohead. In choosing the most suitable business model, Springsteen should consider his age, his current state of successful tours, and desire to continue touring as long as he is able.

The option of choosing to extend his contract with Columbia would be categorized as a profit-sharing deal or manufacturing and distribution deal. As evident…. [read more]

Relationship of Music and Culture Term Paper

… Author Asai notes, "The taiko is a cylindrical drum with two drumheads. Each drumhead has a wide rim with up to twelve holes, through which ropes (himo) are strung. D? is the term for the drum body and wa or mimi refers to the rim" (Asai, 1999, p. 120). The drums are played with drumsticks called bachi, which are often the same basic size as the circumference of the drum. The players maintain the drums, and many of them are extremely hold. To play, they tighten the drumheads, and loosen them when they are done playing. The drums are traditionally played with the drummer on his knees, and the drummers often learn the n-mai as part of their training (Asai, 1999, p. 121).

Tebiragane --…. [read more]

Music Videos Promotional Devices Term Paper

… Even though studies into these types of issues do not look at whether a music video is promotional and persuasive they do look at the perceptions of the viewers of the videos and how they comprehend what the artist in the video is trying to get across. Individuals who have participated in these types of studies and been asked open-ended questions about a particular video and the message that it portrayed have been noted by researchers to have differences related to gender, race, and whether someone was a fan of the particular artist whose video he or she watched. Some of this information has also related sexual activity and violence to the viewing of various music videos. This shows that there is definitely a correlation…. [read more]

Role of Music in Shaping the Ages Research Paper

… It was used to demonstrate the social and psychological conflicts at a time when the United States was struggling with racism. Fight the Power was used to encourage the African-American community to stand up for their rights amidst racial segregation. The encouragement is evident in its lyrics such as "Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps." The song was primarily an attack on the personifications of the white American ideal and its discriminative culture.

Lil Wayne's Georgia Bush is a song the reflected the mood of the 2000s and rivals any anti-Vietnam song in the 1960s. Lil Wayne produced the song as a sarcastic critique and attack of President George W. Bush and his administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina. It was a representation…. [read more]

UAE the Global Village Term Paper

… To achieve a higher SOL in the near future, the global village will have to currently save more (Mankiw, 2004). Abu Dhabi plans on investing a total of Dh555 billion in the upcoming 5 years, of which, Dh320 billion will be allocated to construction, Dh120 to the development of the tourism industry, and a total of Dh80 billion on seeking to expand the natural resource sector. Furthermore, investments on hydrocarbon industries have increased as it seeks to create alternative revenues from sources independent of these natural reserves (United Arab Emirates 2007, 2007, p.81). The investment by UAE might cause some consumption hurdles at present, it is a long-term measure that is likely to lead to a brighter future for its citizens.

Free trade is being…. [read more]

Economics and the Business World Essay

… Some of the more notable of these benefits include:

The music becomes more accessible to the end consumer

The artists are promoted at lower costs than the traditional marketing channels

The streaming of music generates additional revenues for the industry and ultimately creates new employment opportunities, to support the development of the community and the economy

Streaming of music and the involvement of telecommunication firms in this domain supports the development of the field

It also allows for the customisation of the services and the better and more personalised satisfaction of the needs and wants of customers

The more active involvement of the telecommunication firms in the distribution of music generates advantages such as real time usage of the music, fewer advertisements and thus the…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Lady Gaga Popular Music Essay

… One critical noted that: here's an immense emotional intelligence behind the way she uses her voice. Almost never does she overwhelm a song with her vocal ability, recognizing instead that artistry is to be found in nuance rather than lung power" (Blauvelt).

One of the most impressive issues surrounding Lady Gaga, though, is her commitment to philanthropy and political activism. Artists of her caliber often donate to one or two causes, but Gaga pushes the envelope and seems to genuinely care about her causes. She donated the proceeds of her January 2010 concert at New York's Radio City to the Haitian Earthquake victims, she performed at a MTV Charity event for the Japanese Red Cross, and in 2012 she donated $1 million to the American…. [read more]

Tori Amos in Music Research Paper

… This is accomplished through using syncopation. The tempo remains steady with slight variations. This is appropriate given the meaning of the song. The volume of the song is considered to be soft. There are very gradual changes in the sound (using Italian terminology this is called a sonnet). The texture remains the same throughout the song with little changes occurring. The most prominent piece is in key lyrics such as fly and airplane. The mode is established in major with slight variations. This is appropriate for this piece of music. The form is following binary patterns. The mood is set as a sad to neutral think piece. The style is considered to be a ballad and is created through use of a guitar accompanied by…. [read more]

Use of Music Therapy Seminar Paper

… ¶ … Blues through History of Slavery and the Clinical Applications of Blues Form in today's therapy

History of American Slavery -- Brief Overview

In the year 1619, first African slaves were transferred to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia. They were brought here to help in the production of crops like tobacco, which were considered to be lucrative. This even marked the beginning of slavery in America, which turned out to be the biggest curse for the country. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, slavery was a common practiced all over the American colonies. Slaves, who were of African-American origin, played a great role in the development of the economic foundations of the new country. In the year 1793, the cotton gin was…. [read more]

Modernism and Modern Music Thesis

… Rock Modernism

Rock Music and the Modernist Dilemma

The end of the 19th Century brought with it a host of changes which, as driven by technology and spreading urbanization, brought the entire world under the sway of the Industrial Revolution. Factories, tenements and immigrants filled the cities of Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States, and with them came overcrowding, urban blight, aesthetic conformity and the seedling of mass consumerism. The artistic community produced an organic resistance to this social impulse that would be represented by its commitment to abstract visual forms. As early as the 1880's, the modernist movement of art, literature and design logic began to present itself as a refuge from rigid Victorian ideals of aesthetic appeal or even the definition…. [read more]

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