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WWI the Assassination of Archduke Essay

… Of course, President Wilson could not sell the war effort to an anti-war public only in terms of economic expediency. Simply telling Americans they were going to come to the aid of the British was not going to earn support, either. Wilson knew he had to appeal to the moral sentiments of the American people, and convinced the public that they were engaged in a crusade against "German militarism," (Bosco & Bosco, 2003, p. 43). Wilson was correct; but he could not yet have foreseen the real implications of German militarism in the early 20th century. In any case, American involvement in World War One spelled the death knell of the Central powers and paved the way for an angry Germany bent on revenge.

The…. [read more]

American Participation in World War II Essay


The United States entered the Second World War late, and reluctantly. In spite of the Nazi death camps, the United States remained decidedly neutral until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The bombing of Pearl Harbor may not have been the only reason why the United States entered the war, but it was a single and tremendous precipitating event that necessitated a quick and decisive solution. Entering the war had a huge impact on America's domestic, as well as global, affairs. The effects of the American entry into World War Two on world history included securing an Allied victory and paving the way for a new world order symbolized by the Cold War. Less obvious from a global perspective, but no less important to most…. [read more]

World War I, or the Great Term Paper

… World War I, or the Great War, began as a conflict in Europe, due to the military alliances, rivalries and expansion goals of these European nations. The conflict, which broke out in August of 1914, eliminated the four great monarchial empires of Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany and Turkey. It also shifted power from Europe to the United States and less so to the Soviet Union and Japan. Campaigns took place throughout Europe, as well as in the Eastern Mediterranean, Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia and the Dardanelles. There were also naval fights in the Indian Ocean and off the Falkland Islands. German colonies were destroyed in Africa and the Far East.

The impetus for WWI was building for a long period of time; it included the competing European…. [read more]

Second World War Acted as a Catalyst Essay

… Second World War acted as a catalyst for decolonisation.

The Second World War acted as a catalyst for decolonization

A mention of the British Empire creates the image of a once dominant country across the world. However, the British Empire is now a matter of history owing to several realizations that weakened the country and led to the end of the Empire. Indeed, the Second World War was a great determinant of the fate of the British Empire across the world. Britain emerged from the war totally weak and economically unstable contrary to its original position as a superpower across the world. The traditional British navy which had actually been a sign of its dominance and strength had certainly become obsolete owing to the great…. [read more]

World War I Great Britain's Failure Term Paper

… World War I

Great Britain's Failure to Use Its Navy to Its Full Effectiveness in World War I

As World War I began, Great Britain was considered the supreme power in terms of naval force. Yet, the German Navy had been upgrading enough to make it of significant British concern during the war. In particular, the use of German U-boats as a threat to both military and merchant vessels complicated Great Britain's naval choices. Though many history texts take it for granted that Britain was the stronger of the two navies, the only major naval battle (at Jutland) between the two forces resulted in heavy British losses. While the Royal Navy had both experience and opportunity to strike more forcefully at Germany by sea, they…. [read more]

World War II Economical Term Paper

… Soviet Union grew and developed without any international cooperation, trade and had to produce everything itself. Joseph Stalin proclaimed program of Industrialization which had to turn agricultural state into highly developed industrial country with strong and independent economics and mighty armed forces. This program succeeded and Soviet Union became one of the most industrialized European countries and if analyze its industrial production - he was 3rd after the U.S.A. And Germany in the world.

But Soviet economics and industry didn't stop own development and continued increasing and improving. Stalin knew that German aggression is inevitable and tried to prepare the country to the great war. He also knew that France and Britain would try not to participate in the war and let Hitler whatever he…. [read more]

Europe Faced After WWII Essay

… [3: Ibid.]

The transition of Eastern Europe from a command economy to a capitalist economy proved to be difficult for many states. "The fact that Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians and Slovenes have had for more than a thousand years permanent political, cultural and commercial interactions with German speaking neighbors certainly made the resumption of commercial ties with Germany and Austria after 1989 much easier.[footnoteRef:4]" These economies had a strong, thriving capitalist tradition before their incorporation into the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact. A far more rocky transition was experienced by poorer nations, such as Romania, and the former communist nation of Yugoslavia became completely fragmented into warring enclaves, cumulating most famously in the bloody Balkan wars. The dominance of the U.S.S.R., while oppressive, contained many age-old…. [read more]

Gender Relations in Germany: World War Two Essay

… In Berlin it was even worse, and about 110,000 women are thought to have been victims. In the east of the country, particularly in those areas near to Soviet barracks, the constant threat of attack continued until the end of 1948. In Germany as a whole almost 2 million German women are thought to have been raped in the aftermath of the war. (Lowe 54-5)

These numbers are not ordinarily included in the official casualties of the war, but Lowe makes it clear that the mass rapes that continued into 1948 were so commonplace as to be regarded as an official policy of the invading armies, and indeed one that indicated "revenge" and a "desire to dominate."

There is really no way to assess the…. [read more]

Comparing and Contrasting WWI and WWII Term Paper

… ¶ … WWI & WW2

Comparing and Contrasting WWI and WWII

World War I (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945) were the most devastating military conflicts in human history which caused untold destruction and loss of millions of lives. Although both wars were fought under distinctly different circumstances, had different causes and did not involve exactly the same foes, the two conflicts were not completely devoid of similarities. This paper compares and contrasts the two world wars from an American perspective; explains the reasons for United States' involvement in each war, and describes the legacies of the two wars on the country's economy, society, its domestic and foreign policies.

United States' Initial Neutrality in World War I

At the start of the First World War…. [read more]

World War I Development of Imperialism Term Paper

… World War I

Development of imperialism at the second half of the nineteenth century had clear features of unavoidable future war, imperialist war for colonial domination. After Berlin Congress of 1878 it became clear that unified Germany would never agree on the role of European industrial superpower without any considerable colonial possessions. In addition, there were other countries with imperial ambitions: Russian Empire, Japan in Asia and the United States in Western Hemisphere.

Until the beginning of WWI, the U.S.A. had indirect relation to European politics and European conflicts, as its major interests were concentrated in Western hemisphere. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the U.S.A. turned into regional leader and developing imperial power. American fruit companies quickly occupied Latin American markets and by…. [read more]

World War Two Term Paper

… Russia and America emerged as the new super powers of the world while Britain was relegated to a third rate power. Many Asian nations (India, Philippines, Burma, etc.) got their freedom from their colonizers. The United Nations Charter was signed on June 1945 (San Francisco) as a world peace organization to supervise international security and promotion of human rights.


We are still haunted by the legacy of the world war two and now that we are in the shadow of the war it is plainly obvious that it was one of the most foolish acts of mankind. (Self-destruction) In the history of the world the harrowing experiences of the Had Britain (as a super power) been a little more prudent and watchful over the…. [read more]

Poor Leadership in Healthcare Solutions Capstone Project

… Are They Working?

As has been reported, 70% of attempted solutions to poor leadership and its major failures have not been implemented (Walshe & Shortell, 2004). Research shows that this is because of barriers to the disclosure and investigation of these major failures. These barriers are the endemic culture of secrecy and protectionism in healthcare facilities, common in every country; fragmented knowledge about these major failures among different individuals; individual self-deception and the tendency to rationalize; simply leaving the facility without the proper disclosure; settled civil actions bound by non-disclosure agreements; and duplication of effort and the costs and the time required to disclose and investigate (Walshe & Shortell).

A Recommended Plan or Approach

A rational plan or approach to solve these major failures and…. [read more]

Poor Predictors of Fetal Alcohol Term Paper

… Of the dependent variables, head size correlated the least with drinking severity. The authors also examined interactions between a number of other factors known to affect birthweight, including nicotine and marijuana use, but accounting for these factors did not change the results.


Two contemporary studies had produced conflicting evidence on this topic and Sampson and colleagues (1994) attributed this difference to the incorrect use of multiple linear regression analysis. While the authors of the current study also reported their analysis of the data using multiple regression, their report emphasized the results of simple correlations. Their argument was that multiple regression can produce different results even if all the data and covariates are similar, because all too often covariates do not have a strong enough…. [read more]

World War Turning Point Europe Essay

… "The masses, the 600,000 Cubans without work. The 500,000 farm laborers who live in miserable shacks, the 100,000 small farmers who live and die working land that is not theirs, the 30,000 teachers and professors, so badly treated and paid; the 20,000 small businessmen weighed down by debts; the 10,000 young professional people who find themselves at a dead end. These are the people, the ones who know misfortune, and are therefore capable of fighting with limitless courage" (Rayne, no date). This quotation makes it fairly apparent that the programs and government initiatives that Castro's reign supplied immediately following its erection in 1959 were implemented to specifically for such misfortunate people, who the Cuban leader believed aided in the country's revolution. These programs then, the…. [read more]

Hunchback Oppression, Isolation and World War II Movie Review

… Hunchback

Oppression, Isolation and World War II in the Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)

In 1939, the world was a place in the immediate throes of what would become one of the deepest, darkest and deadliest periods in human history. With the escalating violence of World War II and the Holocaust, the period proved a particularly suitable contexts for the cinematic adaptation of Victory Hugo's the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Though based on a novel that was published in 1831 and revolving on a plot which occurs in the late 15th century, it is remarkable how well the film succeeds as an allegory with relevance not just to World War II but also to life in the present day. Most particularly, the themes of oppression,…. [read more]

European Economics After WWII Term Paper

… European Economics World War II

World War II was considered the biggest and costliest war in history in terms of both lives and money (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2007). In a short period of six years, approximately 50 million died in battle or as a result of concentration camps, bombings, starvation and disease. Others were displaced and left to become refugees. Billions of dollars worth of property were lost along with artistic and architectural masterpieces. The War was so vast that it involved almost every country in the world. But the only two warring sides were the Allies and the Axis. The Allies or Allied Powers were the United States, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, China and the Soviet Union. The Axis Powers…. [read more]

What Led to American Involvement in World War II Term Paper

… American involvement in World War II

What were the issues between 1939 and 1941 that led to American involvement in World War II and what were the major issues of the war? Explain.

Issues leading to U.S. involvement: The U.S. was neutral at the start of WWII in deference to the Monroe Doctrine and its public opinion. But due to its historical links with Britain, common political ideology, and close personal relationship between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, the U.S. was sympathetic to the Allied cause against the Nazis. So even before entering the war directly, the U.S. helped the Allies through a program of "cash-and-carry" which permitted allied ships that could reach the U.S. coast to carry back war material for cash.

The…. [read more]

US as a World Power Essay

… That is not to say that the U.S. would not be a great place to live, but only that the strength it has in the world and the way it is looked to for help by so many other countries would likely not be where it is today if it had seen defeat in WWII instead of being on the victorious side.

The United States has also changed greatly since the 1960s, and has become even more of a world power. One of the ways it has done this is through humanitarian efforts, and the value it places on the lives of those who are struggling in other countries. Each year, the U.S. gives billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries, and that is…. [read more]

World Religions for Many People Essay

… "To dramatically emphasize the point that refugees are people, not environmental problems, we remind readers that the refugee experience has deep religious significance. It is called Exodus; the holy family's flight to Egypt; the Hijra; the Pandavas' exile in the forest; and taking refuge in the Three Jewels. When states disparage refugees they spurn Moses and Adonai; Mary and Jesus; Mohammed and Allah; Arjuna and Krishna; Guru Rinpoche and Buddha. Protecting refugees is a sacred act" (Hein & Niazi, 2009). How each cultural tradition approaches this idea may be a reflection of underlying religious ideals.

Clearly there remains tremendous diversity in the world's religions. Globalization, rather than decreasing religious differences may actually increase differences because it increases competition over scarce resources. On the other hand,…. [read more]

World Trade Organization Research Proposal

… World Trade Organization

WTO's origins and history

World Trade Organization (WTO) is a trade organization that was created in 1995, being the successor of General Agreement of Tariffs and trade (GATT). The latter provided the rules for the system between 1948 and 1995 and during its existence evolved through seven rounds of negotiations. The last round, also known as Uruguay Round lasted from 1986 to 1994 and led to the creation of WTO. The difference between the two organizations is that GATT regulated the international trade of goods, whereas WTO regulates the international trade of services, creations and designs (e.g. intellectual property) and traded investions in addition to that for goods.

WTO currently serves two main purposes: supervize and liberalize international trade. Additionally, the organization…. [read more]

Western Civilization - World War One Essay

… Western Civilization - World War One to the Present Era

The events that lead to the outbreak of World War One are hauntingly familiar. Preexisting strife between Austria-Hungry and Serbia was sparked to fire with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austria-Hungry throne. Ferdinand's assassin was a Slavic teenager, Gavrilo Princip, a nineteen-year-old member of the terrorist organization the Black Hand (Duffy 2007, "Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 1914"). Although the Serbian government claimed that it did not officially sponsor the Black Hand's terrorist activities, and Ferdinand was no JFK, Austria Hungry saw the assassination as an opportunity to further its influence in the Balkans, a spatial region already taught with ethnic and nationalistic violence (Duffy 2007). In fact, Duffy asserts…. [read more]

Intelligence After World War II Term Paper

… intelligence after World War II and during the emergence of the Cold War. Specifically, it will discuss the changes in mission, scope, organization, resources, and technology to address perceived national security concerns in the Cold War. U.S. intelligence gathering underwent a reformation after the end of World War II. New technologies made intelligence gathering more efficient and differences with the Soviet Union and others made in even more necessary. All of this combined to make U.S. intelligence more effective, more accurate, and more powerful, a trend that continues today. The Cold War helped create the modern U.S. intelligence system, and so, in effect, the Cold War helped give the intelligence agencies the scope of power and technology they have today.

The modern intelligence gathering agencies…. [read more]

World History Development of Civilization Term Paper

… Twentieth Century History

Need opening and over all summary of this Era of conflict:

In order to understand how the world of 2005 came about, it is necessary to consider the effects of World War I and II, the Cold War, and the changes modern technological warfare has had on the political structure, the impact of nationalism, and the world of new options and opportunities for individual nations.

During the post World War I era of the 1920's and the depression of the 1930's, the west had divided into three camps: the capitalist democracies, the fascists and the authoritarian nations of central and Eastern Europe, and the communist Soviet Union. By 1941, all three camps-along with much of the rest of the world-had again been…. [read more]

Gypsies During World War II Term Paper

… Often the camps had no electricity, and little or no sanitary facilities. One of the largest of the camps was located in Salzburg, Austria, and employed the Gypsies in forced labor, such as working in a quarry or building state highways.

During this time, many of the Gypsies forced out of the cities to these camps had no way to support themselves, and ended up receiving welfare or government unemployment money. These funds were always less than were paid to German citizens, even though most of these Gypsies considered themselves German. Even if they did not receive welfare money, they had to pay rent to live in these camps. Many Gypsies also lived in private homes and apartments, and were not a part of these…. [read more]

Roman World Rome, Whose Beginning Term Paper

… One of the reasons for it was that there were always plenty of slaves to do the menial jobs. For instance, the central heating, which was common in rich people's houses, was manually constructed and installed by slaves. The principle on which central heating worked was that hot air moved through spaces under the floors and up the walls. The space was made through building the floor on top of tile; and the walls between rooms were really two walls with a gap between them (Dowling, 176). This was called a hypocaust. The hot air came from a furnace and it was the slaves' job to keep the furnace well stoked up so that the central heating worked.

Some wealthy Romans lived in villas. Villas…. [read more]

Pro-Poor Tourism: Association With Development Term Paper

… It is noted that pro-poor tourism net benefits to poor communities extend beyond economic benefits, as they cut across environmental, social, and cultural benefits (Spenceley, Habyalimana, Tusabe, & Mariza, 2010). This is because pro-poor tourism in any community or nation facilitates rapid diversification of tourism products (Torres & Janet, 2004). Communities are driven to find tourist interests, an in return tourists demand economic, and cultural, social, and environmental goods from the community (Akyeampong, 2011). Therefore, pro-poor tourism is a flexible and alternative form of creating sustainability, responsibility, and ecological emphasis over the environment, socio-cultural, and economic elements of a community (Torres & Janet, 2004). This is because tourism calls for more sustainable management of natural resources and the environment as well as stimulating the development…. [read more]

Causes of World Hunger Essay

… Global hunger is a serious world health issue. However, it is an issue that is far more complex than many people care to acknowledge. Global hunger is not caused by overpopulation, food scarcity, or even national disasters, though those factors may contribute to the hunger epidemic. Instead, global hunger can be traced to capitalistic practices including the commoditization of food, the use of agricultural land to grow profitable non-food crops, the taking of crop land for use in dam projects, and misguided foreign aid that supports increased production as a means of ending hunger. The global hunger problem can be solved, but it will not be solved using existing interventions.

Works Cited

Knight, Danielle. "It is a Myth that World Hunger is Due to Scarcity…. [read more]

World Energy Outlook 2050 Essay

… The amount of energy coming from the sun to earth can be estimated from the fact that it has been estimated that the total amount of heat that comes from sun to the earth every day is sufficient to fulfill the power demands of the whole globe for a period of eight years. Yes, it is true that in the past we didn't have the resources and technology to make use of this energy for our benefit but today we have carried out enough technological advancements to make use of all this energy that is going to waste every single day (European Renewable Energy Council EREC, 2010).

2.2 Technological Maturity's Stages

A lot of development has been carried out in the field of renewable energy…. [read more]

New Face of Development Essay

… People in North American and in Europe have enjoyed this boon for considerably longer periods of time than those in third world or in recently developed countries such as China. Therefore, the baby boom generation represents the first that will live longer as a generation, which means a greater percentage of its population will be retiring and require the care of younger people. Due to the population explosion, and the fact that many developing nations either have or are getting access to this same technology, their propensity for living longer as well (although they are younger) will mean they will have significantly more interest and hegemony in the controlling of the world's affairs. This cultural dominance, reflected in sheer numbers including the fact that only…. [read more]

Poor Marketing Examples of Good Essay

… (U.S. Data Corporation, p. 1) What most distinguishes the Edsel is its cautionary allegory for manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. Poor quality control and a failure of market research can translate into an expensive boondoggle such as the Edsel, which ended its production run only three years after its 1957 release. (U.S. Data Corporation, p. 1)

Good Marketing:

Examples of good marketing are often easier to recall simply because this is what good marketing does. For instance, like them or hate them, the Progressive Insurance commercials featuring the red-headed spokesperson Flo have obviously been successful. The recurrence of the character and campaign ad nauseum is evidence that the strategy has worked. Slightly annoying, gently humorous and readily memorable, the Progressive Insurance commercials illustrate campaign…. [read more]

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