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Cultural Memes of Educational Funding Term Paper

… Cultural Memes of Educational Funding

The objective of this work is to write a paper which will incorporate the memes concept from Dawkins and the education-funding concept from Kozol and to identify the cultural memes that would have to be altered in order for Kozol's solution to be accepted. This work will further look at an approach to funding education as a paradigm and analyze the problem as a paradigm including the education and memes paradigms embedded in the overall concept.


There is a memes existing in today's society regarding education that is deeply entrenched in American thought concerning the quality of educational provision in the United States. This memes is simply the belief that educational provision is equal to all children,…. [read more]

USA and China Term Paper

… ¶ … United States and China

The John King Fairbank book - the United States and China: Fourth Edition Enlarged - is a very well written book that covers everything about the history of China (religious, political, social) that an alert reader would want to know. The author's narrative is well crafted, which makes reading more enjoyable than some books that offer historical accounts. Indeed, for a person who is planning to attend the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (or just visit China out of curiosity), reading Fairbank's book would provide ample perspective and knowledge of this huge nation of 1.3 billion citizens.

China has not been kind to its own environment, which is not unique among nations but has caused a major ecological change to…. [read more]

Children Being Raised by Stepparents That Are Not of the Same Race or Culture Term Paper

… Children Raised by Stepparents

Of Different Race Or Culture

This work in research investigates the inherent problems that exist in families characterized by parents and stepparents of a biracial union, or of a union that is characterized by diversity in terms of ethnicity, cultural, or religious differences or the diverse households headed by lesbian or gay parents. The conceptual framework of this research is the socio-cultural theory of Tharp and the Spheres of Influence as proposed in the work of Epstein. The literature review in this work notes that there is very little subject matter in this area and this study concludes that longitudinal research is critically needed in this subject area for the purpose of gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by these…. [read more]

Social Theory Term Paper

… However, answering what this means should also be done in a historical context. The seven widely accepted features of what is considered to be the phenomenological approach have already been noted above by Wilson (2002). Phenomenology, however, began in the various philosophical reflections of an individual named Edmund Husserl back in the 1890s in Germany (Embree, 1997). Because of this, phenomenology to over 100 years old.

It began to spread before the First World War and had already made its way to Russia, Japan, and Spain by that time (Embree, 1997). In addition to this, it moved out of philosophy to a certain extent and into the realm of psychiatry (Embree, 1997). In the 1920s it began to spread rapidly and moved to France, Australia,…. [read more]

Struggle of Asian ESL Students Term Paper

… Asian ESL Students

Asian Studies

The Struggle of Asian ESL Students

The purpose of this work is to focus on the Asian ESL students, both high school and college age and the struggle which they face in adapting to the American way of learning. Examined will be the difference in cultural and family values, the difference in the teacher and students roles; the difference of respect for the instructor, tutor, or school authority; the difference in language and grammar as well as the difference in the pop culture. Finally the effect these factors have on the Asian Student will be examined and suggestions will be made based on the literature review as to what the American schools and instructors might do to lessen the burden…. [read more]

Psychosocial Adult Assessment Term Paper

… As these capacities develop and mature, emerging adults become more capable of reflecting on and influencing their internal state and environment. They also become better able to solve problems and regulate their emotions. These new skills are particularly important in personal relationships and social interactions as they improve them and the adults\' ability to handle them (Wood et al., 2018).'
Identify how power, privilege, and oppression has affected your interviewee within their development.
Generally, Asian families in the United States, e.g., Sam\'s, face several challenges and stressors. While many of the life stressors they encounter are general, quite a number are also specific to Asian Americans. The type of challenges and stressors Asian Americans face vary with length of stay in the U.S., social class,…. [read more]

Cultural Competence Culturally Competent Care Essay

… 7.

Multicultural workforce: this standard requires that the nurses shall continually push for a more multicultural workforce within the healthcare. This has widely been met within the old age care homes since the staff is usually composed of different races and even religions. This makes the patients therein feel at home with the people handling them and not biased to particular race or culture.

8. Education and training: this standard requires that the nurses be educationally prepared to meet and promote the culturally competent values and practices within their workplaces. This is a standard that is still wanting within the old age care homes. This at times makes nurses to unintentionally deprive the old people the treatment they deserve and hence there is need to…. [read more]

Environmental Psychology: Securing Its Future Essay

… external forces)

Fade = disappear in slow motion

42.3. Security the future sciences are social institutions; cannot escape politics, other forces like social issues-so there is greater demand for science to do something about environmental problems

42.3.1 Problem Oriented

-- Problems studied in ongoing real life context in which they occur

-- to understand and solve environmental problems -- concepts, principles must evolve from specific problems in the settings being studied this method is not guaranteed to be immune from same problems in laboratory research ie. One can mold and shape real-life events to fit a preconceived (a priori) model and therefore distort the events search for a cumulative body of knowledge can help provide solutions cumulative = increasing by addition humanistic social sciences try…. [read more]

New Theory -- the Black Research Paper

… Evolution assumes that organisms are driven towards greater complexity -- however, looking at many microbes, we now find that some trend towards decreasing complexity and have a net loss of complexity relative to their ancestors -- also based on environmental pressures (Morris,, 2012). The entire basis of this new theory comes from literally thousands of articles and research ranging from anthropological/sociological interpretations of Darwinism to numerous scientific studies on the topic (Lane, 2010). Other theoretical interpretations that help propel The Black Queen use the idea that rather than evolution being a smooth and linear process, it happens in quick bursts, then is relative stable for a time to allow the organism to adapt to the changes, with a repeat in the cycle. These bursts…. [read more]

Organic Evolution Essay

… Organic Evolution

Please discuss the pre-biotic conditions on planet earth. Why did it take approximately one half billion years before the earliest bacteria-like life evolved? Why did the formation of oxygen by photosynthesizers make such a difference on the planet? Specifically, why does it appear that the aerobic metabolic pathway is a mirror image of the photosynthetic pathway? What would have happened to this system if oxygen had been present on earth 4 billion years ago?

Scientists believe that about 5 million years ago, the Solar System was filled with a plethora of hot gases and dust, swirling around a hot core. They think that once the core approached about 1 million degrees, the physics and chemical properties caused the gases to coalesce, forming the…. [read more]

Wealth of Nations Book Report

… Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith, whose Wealth of Nations was published in 1776, was the father of modern economics and capitalism. He argued that the free operation of market forces was the best recipe for a flourishing and growing economy. If everyone is as free as possible to pursue his or her own self-interest, he or she will be led by an "invisible hand" to promote the welfare of society as a whole.

There are many reasons why self-interest is the most effective technique of increasing wealth in society. Within a community/society/countries, there are two main assemblies, the government and the citizens. Both assemblies play an important role in the market place, the government is there to regulate any conflicts and minimize problems and bring…. [read more]

Determinism Certain Controversies Continue to Exist Essay

… Determinism

Certain controversies continue to exist within the scholastic arenas, such as nature vs. nurture and, more recently, global warming. Another one of these ongoing debates concerns determinism, or what "determines" or drives a nation to develop in a certain way. Does a society move in a specific direction because of cultural impetus? Or does it evolve, as Marx believed, from an economic standpoint? From the economic determinism side, it is argued that production is the primary motivator for all of social, political and cultural life and even the individual's social consciousness is determined by the economic structure. Allen et al. (2007) surveyed the cultural values of select East Asian and Pacific Island nations in 1982 and then again in 2002 and found, more practically,…. [read more]

Environmental Tourism/Eco-tourism the Hotel Sector in Malaysia Dissertation

… Environmental Tourism/eco-Tourism

The Hotel Sector in Malaysia

The work of Kasim (2007) entitled: "Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang Malaysia" reports that the link between tourism businesses and their impact to the environmental are often hidden or veiled by the promotion of tourism as a 'soft' industry. It is this that perhaps best explains the reason that few studies of these driver and the associated barriers in the operation of a corporation with the environment in mind and most specifically in developing countries is often an earner of foreign exchange. Kasim's work claims to narrow the gaps and provides evidence of the specific drivers of environmentalism in the hotel sector of Penang, Malaysia.

Through use of qualitative data gathered…. [read more]

Female Genital Mutilation and Violence Against Women Thesis



Violence against Women


While the population for this study is women worldwide, since gender violence is a matter for all women, that particular focus for this research is the topic of Female Genital Mutilation. Certain cultural pockets both in Africa and the Mid-East have practiced what is know culturally as female circumcision, but also now referred to as of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), usually by those who do not practice it. There are variations as to how and who performs these surgeries; frequently they are preformed without anesthesia and by unlicensed surgical practitioners, often by midwives or other family members. It is a tradition that usually goes back many generations and its origins are often quite difficult…. [read more]

Anthropological Thought Essay

… Spencer, Herbert. 1860. The Social Organization. The Westminster Review. In Anthropological Theory: An Introductory Theory. Fourth Edition. R. McGee and Richard Warms. McGraw Hill.

The purpose of Spencer's article is to introduce the concept that social structure is similar to a living organism. It is an attempt to explain how the individual fits into society as well as how society is a result of the individual components within it. The theory presents the development of society using a living organism as an analogy to help explain the key concept.

Spencer introduced several key concepts into the analogy. The first concept is that societies are not created, but rather they grow into their adult form, much like a living organism. Spencer believed that social evolution, like…. [read more]

Sexology as Defined by Wikipedia, "Sexology Deals Term Paper

… Sexology

As defined by Wikipedia, "sexology deals with the systematic study of human sexuality. It encompasses all aspects of sexuality, including attempting to characterize normal sexuality and its variants. The modern sexology includes a multidisciplinary field which uses the techniques of fields including biology, medicine, psychology, statistics, epidemiology, pedagogies, sociology, anthropology, and sometimes criminology to bear on its subject."

In the context of the study, there emerged two serious theories that caught the attention of the many readers, including well-known writers, scholars, and other philosophers who threw their personal critics on each of the theories. These are "The General System Theory" and the "Universal Integralism" -- these are not just mere theories, but meta-theories.

The General Systems Theory was introduced by Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy…. [read more]

Child Abuse and Neglect Are the Child Protection Services Protecting Our Children Term Paper

… ¶ … child abuse from all angles to try to understand what we as a society may be doing wrong, and also what we may be doing right to help the young victims of child abuse. What part does the Child Protection Agencies play in protecting our children? Are the States laws helping or hindering the process? I will present research data, which will show the increase of child abuse from year to year. Additionally, the discussion will review the history of child abuse, tracing the changes in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and discusses the challenges that are faced today by the child protection system.

Child abuse and neglect has been a topic of discussion for many years. In recent years it…. [read more]

Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Students Term Paper

… Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Students

In today's educational environment, students who happen to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) often find it hard to cope in their learning environment. LGBT students must endure an abnormal amount of stress throughout adolescence and young adulthood. According to Khayatt (1994), it is quite normal for LGBT students to experience harassment, isolation from their social group, the feeling of marginalization, and an inability to speak openly about their sexual/gender orientation. LGBT students have developed a myriad of ways of coping with the pressures of fitting in. Some of these methods have proven to be self-destructive, however. Up to thirty percent of all teenage suicides are believed to be LGBT. When LGBT students are not doing violence to…. [read more]

Absence of Paternal Involvement and Sexual Risk Term Paper

… ¶ … Absence of Paternal Involvement and Sexual Risk Taking Behavior in Adolescent Females

Influence of Father Involvement on Child Development




Emotional Development

Social Development

Father Involvement and Female Adolescent Sexual Risk Behaviors

Measures of Father Involvement


The objective of this work is to conduct a literature review on the correlation between the absence of paternal involvement and sexual risk taking behaviors in adolescent females. This review will serve to inform the reader about the implications across the life course and will further make connections with regard to poverty, race, gender and will assess whether their things continue through adulthood and what role that social forces…. [read more]

Jimmy Carter Term Paper

… Jimmy Carter

The 39th President of the United States, James Earl ("Jimmy") Carter, Jr., (known as Jimmy Carter) was elected to the White House in 1976, having defeated the incumbent Republican President, Gerald Ford. Ford himself had not been elected President, but Ford had completed Richard Nixon's second term when Nixon resigned in 1974 as a result of the Watergate scandals. But Jimmy Carter was defeated by Republican challenger Ronald Reagan for re-election four years later. During the 1976 presidential race between Ford and Carter, Jimmy Carter stressed his strong belief in and capacity for moral leadership in particular - a quality especially appealing to American voters in the aftermath of Watergate. Jimmy Carter's moral values, a key component of his presidential leadership style, however,…. [read more]

Social Inequality in India Caste System 1450-2007 Term Paper

… Social Inequality in India; "Caste System" (1450-2007)

Social Inequality in India: the "Caste System."

Social inequality is a social aspect that is found in every nation and country in the world.

However India is unique in that it has a socially ingrained and structured system that inculcates and perpetuates differences and inequality. As one commentator states; "...nowhere else in the world has inequality been so elaborately constructed as in the Indian institution of caste." (India Caste system, ancient India Caste System)

This inequality within the society still persists to a certain extent today in some areas and, while there are many reports of the dismantling of this system of inequality, yet, "Caste has undergone significant change since independence, but it still involves hundreds of millions…. [read more]

Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment Term Paper

… ¶ … Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment


Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder

Diagnostic Criteria of BPD

Overview of Attachment Theory

Summary of Literature Reviewed


The objective of this work is to write a critical review of the literature about borderline personality disorder (BPD) from an attachment theories perspective. This work will contain references from Bowbly, Ainsworth, and Main in the discussion of secure vs. insecure attachment. Insecure attachment will then be researched regarding insecure attachment as a contributor to BPD. It should also discuss the potential benefits of viewing BPD from an attachment perspective in terms of prevention and treatment of the BPD.

Introduction…. [read more]

Mind and Body Term Paper

… Both issues are of contemporary significance, however, despite the contrast between Gibson's punchy prose, and Russell's more lyrical and theological style of narration.

However, both authors have a largely negative view of physical interference. Case's desire to live in a manipulated world of virtual reality seems to bring him little happiness, and when cut off from his supply he is like a junky deprived of a potent drug 'fix.' The Jesuit's priestly withholding of his physical self from humanity, his aspiration to find another world outside of his own in a kind of Godlike hubris, and finally his manipulation of the physical environment of the Runa seems to show the dim view Russell takes of playing God with the natural essence of the world. The…. [read more]

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